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tv   Washington Journal Jessica Taylor  CSPAN  October 7, 2020 1:13am-1:58am EDT

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>> "washington journal" continues. the: we take a look at battle for control of the senate. we are joined by jessica >> just four weeks to go until election day 2020 we take a look at the battle of control of the senate joined by jessica taylor t it will take four seats for democrats to take the senate free if they also take the white house in
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july we said democrats had a so light on - - a slight edge that has grown and with those tumultuous weeks with that disastrous paid for president trump that turned off a lot of orders we've seen that reflected a national pollsal joe biden results 15 or 16 and republican strategist i have been talking to yesterday working in the races they say the numbers are bad everywhere there's a lot of pessimism because it is four weeks from
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election day there's not a lot of time to turn things around when people are alreadywh votin. soin it is slightly greater i think it really is four seats because what they are most likely to lose his alabama with doug jones that leaves them negative one and then they need for seats arizona colorado maine and north carolina although there are scandals there but they have expanded the battlefield now with ten seats considered repetitive you can see the super pacu spending with the senate leadership fund is
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spending in places like kansas and south carolina that's where it tells you how bad things are for republicans everywhere. >> you use the term tumultuous week and also north carolina what has been happening and that key race for the tom tellis seat. >> on friday that was the news with president trump and first lady covid a diagnosis. later on that evening the republican incumbent tillis also tested virus on - - positive snowiest to quarantine he also sits on the senate judiciary committee that will begin hearing the confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett supposed to begin october 12th.
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so if that wasn't enough but then a scandal that broke with the democratic nominee where he sent illicit text to a woman that was not his wife so get out bad news friday night was the best time to do it but this is on the front page of the charlotte observer he canceled out a form last night he was supposed to be at so we haven't seen him in public since then and this is that north carolina was the tipping point for the democrats to win the majority how much does the scandal affect that? rehab is in the quality poll coming out since then. there is a big question is
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there more to drop? more than just texting or is there an affair? some seem to suggest he was talking about 100 days out so while he was campaigning. and then the possibility of a court-martial the wife of this woman who was also in the military and those repercussions could come into play as well. this is a headache no party once just weeks away from. the election so that throws a lot of uncertainty into the race but the good news for democrats is they still have multiple seats that are very much in play the other process is iowa joni ernst and david
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perdue where lindsey graham's finds himself in a very tough race there are more seats because they expanded the battlefield so if something happens in north carolina and then the scandals move it is a nationalized selection with that backlash against republicans go to court if you want to be keeping track of those race readings it's a very easy chart there to see how they rank these want to give
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viewers the numbers to call and if they have of the senate battlefield now is a good time to call in. >> you are beginning to talk about the senate judiciary committee were amy coney barrett will have her hearings republicans moving forward next week is the seeing the democrat in that race over the weekend they held a debate and an issue was the supreme court nomination and here is a little bit from the south carolina debate. >> sometimes that is like playing monopoly with my son you change the rules every time. you said use my words against me and you said it after the
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kavanaugh hearings not before and your words and your promise was to be considered or approved in the last year of the electio election. a man is is only as good as his word so how good is your word when you made a promise to the american people? to those in south carolina you would not be doing what they are doing right now that's a problem that i have the greatest thing you could do as a public servant is betray the trust that you took an oathth to serve so now just be a man and say i change my mind i'll do something else but don't go back and blame it on somebody else a flip-flop about somebody else.
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>> i said we'll see what the market will bear because the president has the constitutional authority to do and here's what i can say about judges when president obama was judges one - - i voted for two people would not have chosen to watch the democratic party tried to destroy one conservative judge after another mr. harrison incurs a filibuster the first partisan in the history of the united states he chewed on the destruction of brett kavanaugh amy coney barrett is highly qualified the president has every right to do this if you are counting on mr. harrison ever vote for a conservative judge are making a mistake you can count on me for conservativea judges. >> you have that race in the
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republican category did this debate make a difference? >> i think it did it is the first chance the voters got to see the two men up against each other and another interesting note you may have seen on the video that jamie harrison brought his own plexiglas screen because lindsey graham had met with senators that had tested positive recently. he tested negative but even if you have been exposed to someone with the virus you are recommended to quarantine. and then to take extra these are the same we now see in the vice presidential debate on wednesda wednesday. jamie harrison has an inspiring story coming from poverty from south carolina and orangeburg going to yale and raised by a single teen
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mother and his grandparent and it hasn't gone down and last week he was over $7 million on tv ads one of the biggest fundraisers for democrats and lindsey graham has clearly because last week he was going on fox news begging for money and you see in the clip where he is switching his position i think lindsey graham is one of the most fascinating politicians outas there because he had a very short-lived run for the presidency in 2016 and called president trump a religious bigot that is race baiting now one of his closestis allies. he has undergone a major evolution the past few years. always conservatives in south carolina were skeptical
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machining immigration reform and part of the gang of eight and now he is trumps ally and now underperforming with republicans now the face of the confirmation hearings for judge barrett helps to solidify his standing. almost every question and that debate he would turn back about judges in the supreme court. >> and harrison wanted to focus on coronavirus and what he could do to fix it. it was not supposed to be as competitive and a lot of that is credit to the strong campaign jamie j harrison with the state party chairman in south carolina and used to
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work for jim clyburn of course south carolina has a fraught racial history and south carolina is the first state to havewo two black senators the place where the civil war started. >> what do you want to talk about this morning? >> keep calling and we will start with david out of philadelphia. good morning. >> my question and topic is generally about the travel ban in particular i know republican members of the senate and donald trump has been tagging joe biden to say
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the president was xenophobic to institute that travel ban and i believe that has been determined that's false you just said that lindsey graham has called president trump zero phobic based off of his record with the muslim ban and things of that sort and it wasn't specifically for the travel ban instituted at the beginning of the year and also. >> so also this issue of handling the coronavirus is an issue with these campaign. >> absolutely it has overshadowed everything and it has attended campaigning as we know it they have had to
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transform into online ventures now we see candidates going out more a lot of republicans unfortunately taking a partisan divide a lot of the republican candidates out there not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing while democrats have been careful on that issue and certainly some are taking precautions but a lot of those with that unfortunate connotations set by the top down by the president and yes like to point to the travel ban but it is more than that. and one of the senators that is very vulnerable is georgena us senator she was appointed to the seat at the beginning of the year. ironically appointed over the white housed objections to
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appeal to suburban women which is a growing and changing atlanta suburb to become the republican achilles' heel everywhere as districts are house democrats took back the house and now that is the path to take back the senate. georgia has two places the cycle. but in a special election which is a jungle primary that will happen on election day. twenty-one candidates appear on the ballot regardless of party of it would be a january h run off so depending on how these other senate races shake out that could be a majority maker she's been having to run so far to the right that she's also challenged by the right with a ranking member on the house judiciary committee one
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of the presidents staunchest offenders and she came out this weekend after trump was diagnosed and blamed this on china repeatedly but most americans we see joe biden has the advantage on handling the coronavirus. because yes it may have come from their but once it was here in america we did not see leadership from the top of how to implement the testing and proper procedures like doctor fauci as we hear about the virus pushing for a mask and social distancing and also to open things up quickly leading to a resurgence in many places. we are still seeing republicans one of the biggest things that not only hurts the
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president. host: you talk about alabama and the seats of jones they are and republicans picking up seats good morning on the republican line. >>caller: thank you for taking my call. yes he spoke very clearly about what i had said when i called in. i don't know if ms. taylor is partisan and it is okay if she is but it's not just her other facets of the media say they are republicans they are challenged in behind in thee polls. and i have always wondered if they go down evenly there are democratic challengers or senators that are challenged in behind in the polls.
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i would like for her to speak on that. >> talk about what you do. >> a lot depends on which senators are up. one third of the senate is up they have six year terms and for instance in 2018 last cycle mostly democrats were defending states and republican territories. even though they have a very successful midterm they lost states and democratic senators in indiana and north dakota. so again they were defending democrats in red states. it's really the opposite this time around they have almost doubled the number since the 23 republican seats compared to 12 for democrats. a lot of those states, those
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that are republican incumbents that president trump lost that's cory gardner in colorado that's probably the most vulnerable and we reach him as leaning democrat to former democratic governor or chicken liver and then the toughest race of her career - - hicken looper but then there is that added rainbow because they have to make choice voting so she's not getting the majority then they go to who ranked someone second and then there is a third-party candidates that could complicate things and if we look at the sheer money spent there are only two republicans imagine alabama doug jones
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that one the special election lein 2017 and former attorney general jeff sessions and in a very close election with those sexual conduct and then the other offenses of opportunity in michigan the state that president trump one and 2016 running against john james was an african-american veteran so that's the state at this point but we are nonpartisan the most respected publications out there and we talked to both republican and democratic strategist looking at pulling
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and what we see privately from republicans alsons shows very dire straits. in 2014 when republicans flipped the senate it just depends on the climate and if joe biden wins this year than the first midterm election in 2022 typically we see i income the presidents lose seats in first midterm election and then which seats are up and then authority turning out to be a difficult year for republicans they drew some very difficult seats and these are senators first elected in 2014 which is one of the best republican years for them in recent memory and the last time they flipped senate control. >> the cook political report
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you can find jessica taylor on twitter our discussion about south carolina and lindsey graham karen buchanan rights and there are republicans i know not supporting graham they don't care about the citizens of south carolina it is sickening is what she writes that the debate performance was weak and with the independent thinks of, those comments. >> of course i call in on the independent line i'm looking forward to seeing the constitution party but now going back to graham and harrison who clearly i know where his funding is coming from that's a big question. but i will say this down in south carolina on the coast of
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those demographics changing over the years more and more people are voting v blue cunningham has one in the house even in the presidential race in charleston county we go blue however when you move away from the coast people are deeply concerned about abortion and pro-life and, military and immigration and economy and veterans affairs. once you start moving up state they become much more important. lindsay is scared he acts like he is deeply concerned. every time i turn on the tv jamie's face pops up i don't even like network television but looking at youtube he is getting a lot of money from somewhere i don't know where but he's giving lindsay a good run for his mone money.
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>> democrats have built a behemoth fundraising effort online and with justice ginsburg death on the 18th in the hours following that i believe there is about 72 hours later there were $200 million that was brought in through act blue given to those candidates and republicans really struggled to have the alternative to catch up with our online money and a lot of republicans relay on one - - rely on fundraisers and that has been curtailed in the case of covid they have a platform they recently debuted but now to catch up so it is coming in from out of theta state and lindsey graham has become a very partisan figure
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that he is everywhere with the president on fox news aev lot also one other thing the caller said that the upstate being morehe conservative i went to college there. it is an area that is changing it is becoming more suburban and higher educated with white college educated women those of the people jamie harrison needs to pick off. yes there are still very conservative pockets so there are a lot of social concerns. but there are a lot of women especially frustrated with trump and those antics and we saw that on display in last week's debate and with graham
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being so closely aligned and the flip-flop that he made to confirm judges with the timeline and with the focus groups we talk to people, that is coming up. the upstate is changing and charleston is the first district and the more democratic area or the swing district that's trending toward democrats and then your county right along the border those are places you can pick up a votes and while south carolina doesn't have as many urban centers there are pockets that i do think are changing and people moving in from out of state and south carolina is a changing state.
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host: a republican from florida thank you for holding. >>caller: i call the republican line i'm more of an independent but since obama was in office to see this come off spiritual or religious however i have not learned from the republicans how a person is to react in these times so i'm just wondering why is this coming out so spiritual but no advice on how to live together or be a better person and since trump is an office is going downhill. i am not educated but having a hard time listening to c-span there is so much misinformation and it's
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difficult to watch c-span now. host: how would you change things? do not want to hear from caller callers? >> they don't fact check the callers for the sake of it is a big deal and i got over it. .et some information you try to pull up things that counteract the things that they say but the misinformation is so horrible a person of any understanding in education would not want to listen to this. host: do you think misinformation is worse today been?t has ever >> i have been in the ichabod situation with drug abuse and present and i have woke up. those people that always have the same jobs, very consistent but not growing spiritually at all and i think donald trump
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has come in to take this and made the country into his own party and it's disheartening. host: ralph in florida this morning now from virginia we have jeff who is a democrat how much attention are you paying to the race in virginia? >> not too much. mark warner has had a couple of debates already and we are solidly blue but i do have a couple of questions for thehe guest. number one is ticket splitting use the polls like one is up against max ali so how much you expect especially in races like arizona or north carolina or montana?
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and then my other question is for the electorate on election night what senate race is a major upset to shock and surprise probably the republican party if you look at the way that things are trending? see where the fundraising is and the energy and then obviously south carolina which harrison and then one final comment come i have to agree with the last caller regarding the callers this morning. the president is a super spreader not only covid bit of misinformation and is sad toly se see. host: which we like to take. >> let me talk about ticket splitting this is something we use to see happen far more
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often going back and post modern watergate politics the president of one nominee and the other party but it is almost evaporated now and in 2016 every single senate race went the same way as the presidential results in s that state. that is a little ominous for states especially like arizona and colorado to see biden leading trump by varying margins and it's very bad news for susan collins and maine. north carolina is much closer and that could be swayed by thee presidential election and to see on the scandals happening there we are not sure how that will affect it but tom tillis is running behind andom t president trump s
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saying the supreme court vacancies sits on the judiciaryot committee. and then to say they would confirm president trump even before we had a nominee named and martha make sally running behind trump in that state. she's interesting to watch. also appointed this is a special election to fill the remainder of the john mccain seat and then has to run again in 2022 she was appointed after losing to kyrsten sinema and she had very high negatives after the race most if they run a hard race they have six years to recover she virtually had done because then the race began immediately and mark kelly the former astronaut and former
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cap congresswoman gabrielle gifford who was shot in 2011 have been gun control advocates. she has consistently run behind him and that's a very difficult race. mentioning montana that democrats have convinced to run there and this will not be a 2020 margin it does have more of a history of electing senators of the other party and john tester was reelected so i think they areop hoping that could move the other way but i still think president trump will win montana so that is good move on - - good news if 2016 holds but that is something to watch for. georgia is now a swing state.
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and the other question were the possible upsets. want to keep the ion is kansas and alaska. roberts is retiring and they have had a better primary fight and in the shock about voter fraud that has not been proven
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receivedvan mcmullen 22% of the vote.
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ifonder if that is going -- you think those types of votes might go to joe biden that would have maybe gone to hillary clinton in 2016. host: thanks for the questions. guest: let me talk about georgia. this is an all party primary where all they all run on the ballot if no candidate gets 50 percent it goes to the run off. at this point cap first in several polls to recently come out and is a pastor of course was martin luther king junior's church and endorsed by stacy abrams and i think at this point she has a lot of her own money to spend she is
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a multimillionaire and i think at this point them at the most likely to be the second person in the runoff there were controversies over some stock trades made right as the pandemic was hitting but she whether that. collins doesn't have a lot of money and that's was hurting him he started to spend on tv mid august we saw the numbers rise so this point i put him in the runoff so there is some frustration with democrats because there are twowo others pushing to step aside so they can consolidate and i think it's a longshot but 50 percent are sure he will run off and that worst-case scenario and if collins also advances so the other two major democrats in the race are matt lieberman
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and son of joe lieberman he's getting a lot of name identification because people follow that name and that also the african-american both carpooling very low single digits but those are points he would liked to have the other question was about utah. for looking at a presidential race it has been really study actually the past few months we have steadily seen about a seven or eight-point lead with real clear politics over president trump mentioned earlier we have seen two reputable polls come out with
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the nbc wall street journal poll to show a 12-pointt margin or 14.lead that shows a 16-point lead. you are rate utah is a week stay with a lot of mormon voters that were skeptical of him but i still think it's a state he will win because if we are looking at that big he will hit is 2016 margins but i still think he will carry a state like utah. >> over the next four weeks a good site to bookmark following what's happening in the races cook a little we do is appreciate your time thank you very much. >> thank you for having me
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when the dust settles it will be for more liberal or conservative or white or blue or republican or democrat. the choices whether america remains america. >> as joe biden has said it's about the soul of our nation. and what we stand for. and most importantly who we want to be.


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