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Charles Schumer
  Minority Leader Schumer Senate Democrats Hold News Conference on Police...  CSPAN  June 24, 2020 6:48pm-7:04pm EDT

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historian, author of over a dozen books including the rights brothers. emergent spirit, as most recent the pioneers. much saturday july 11th, as a feature commentator author and sounder engine founder of the national review. bench watch book tv, all summer on "c-span2". today the senate held about to begin debate on police reform legislation introduced by south carolina senator tim scott pretty they needed 60 votes to start debate but the vote failed 55 to 45 with most democratic senators opposing the bill. below show you minority chuck schumer's briefing shortly after the vote ended. >> thank you all for coming. i want to thank senators durbin and booker and harris for joining me today.
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the senate democrats, just as a very clear signal that the senate republican justice act lacks the substance and the strong desperately needed reforms to stop police brutality. against the black americans. it was woefully inadequate and it never would've passed. emma, provided no path to improvement. it was going to lose. many he put it together, and the more cynical among us would say that is why he did it. we were overwhelmingly supported by the entire civil rights community. i have a letter here, signed by 136 civil rights organizations. i want to review how they characterize the bill the leader mcconnell put on the floor.
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this bill woefully falls short of the comprehensive performance needed to address the current policing crisis and achieve meaningful law enforcement accountability. it is it deeply romantic to make this moment with a incremental approach that offers more funding to police and few policy to effectively address the constant loss of black lives at the hands of police. therefore urge you to oppose the justice act and vote no on the motion to proceed. so leader mcconnell would like you to think that these democrats, the playing games. these are civil rights groups. they have been fighting for these things for decades. they say do the right thing which currently leader mcconnell didn't. those american strong words from ben comp, the attorney for the families of george floyd and breonna taylor and michael brown and others.
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when leader mcconnell scheduled the vote, and at the into a cul-de-sac, a dead-end of which led to the work. this claim that he wanted a bipartisan bill, was the fact that there was no democratic input into either the bill for the procedure. none. mr. mcconnell, bipartisan means what it says, you work with both parties. you know for the will together herself and declare with the procedure is none say you have a bipartisan bill. in many don't work in a bipartisan way, you will inevitably fail. but all is not lost. there is a way forward. the end of the road because now, leader mcconnell can do just what we asked him to do. put together a group of democrats and republicans, come up with a bipartisan bill, putting on the floor, allowing
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for amendments in the milk and pass in the senate. we know the leader mcconnell is voted in turn motivated. he says a bipartisan 40 groups pretty since the through committees. and with democrats and republicans and sponsors. are the senate republicans interested in passing legislation or are they only interested in saying they tried. so they can throw up their hands. in one of the things that constrain our republican friends is obedience to donald trump. yesterday donald trump issued racist statements . yesterday he said we should venerate the statute of confederate for soldiers who fought against the union fought for slavery. how can we pass a bill when they want to please donald trump. we cannot. but we are serious.
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not only are we serious, millions who march in the streets are serious. they will continue to emerge. we will continue to fight. my prediction is that sooner than you think, you will find it a better bill on the floor with a better procedure that is a decent chance of passing in the house. we think the pressure from the republicans will be large and enormous. thinking of marching, they do not desire of the american people will continue to be made clear. i think republicans. americans of all ages, can come together in a righteous course, calling for change, as they have in big cities and small towns in america, then the senate democrats and republicans can do the same. we very much want to freeze i
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believe, this chamber can do the right thing contracted bipartisan filth together. we have done it before and we can do it again. i yelled. once i get all of my papers in order. >> we just witnessed on the floor in the united states senate should come to my surprise pretty this is senate according to mitch mcconnell, what we have seen now, is been repeated in the past. is the senate as he understands as he needs it. how good of a model is under our constitution, this last februars and replicable republicans and independents said the letter in saying we were not meeting our constitutional possibilities. does this not sound like what we have been doing at this moment. from these former senators says,
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our concern is that the legislative process is no longer working in the senate. several factors may be senate committees of lawsuits possibility for writing legislation. rules allowing extended debate and featuring in the predicting minorities have been abused the filibustering culture of shutdown the senate floor. it is now commonly seven take 60 votes to pass anything the senate. this is new and obstructionist. that is the senate according to mitch mcconnell. when he offered us was not bipartisan bill. constructed in a committee with incidentally, he appoints the majority to, brought in the form the duly debated and open for amendments. no . is a take it or leave it motion. no promises as to what would follow from that. we know what would follow, very little progress. i've been engaged and involved in some efforts around here that have made a difference. in every single one of them, there's been a bipartisan beginning. whether we are talking about immigration reform or criminal
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justice reform, it starts the bipartisanship. if you need 60 votes, you need both parties. in the means both parties have to buy into it from the beginning. that is the part of the mcconnell left out. perhaps intentionally. but to me, the need is still there from phyllis .-ellipsis effective this delay is taken place in her efforts to bring justice to america. is the story of justice in america. there are always dealt lacing challenges and and always disappointments. and the ultimate victor is going to be the person who can enter those and continue to focus on the real goal, the real price. our price is right to this country, the dream founding fathers promised us. nation was justice for all. the old people marching the street, black white and brown are all sending the message to us as one looks pretty good to work and remove the shadow of racism from our lives and the lives of our children. we can't let the situation delay
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is in anyway. they got to continue to press forward. >> on think the senate democrats for the level not participating and not cooperating with what was mitch mcconnell's attempt to lead us into a cul-de-sac. they listen to it and then 20 comes to the issue of placing reform in an issue that so many americans in all 50 states, one in demanding that we do something real something substantive about . mission portal spent himself in superior reaper. the moment we are going to see, week one to allow him to kill any hope of getting a mill on the floor that will actually create forms in america, republicans and didn't press want. this is a test of this moment. and i for one string of my colleagues in making the same
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place that we did yesterday. it is time for us to stop the partisan attempts to turn the page and to stay on this issue and to do the work, to come together and make sure that we deliver the kind of reform injustice this nation has been seeking. the civil rights activists, people going back all the way from jim crow, to reconstruction. in two even in the aftermath of slavery. looking for justice in america. into the activists. state cabinet. everything we're doing right now has been giving strength because of your demands for justice. and i hope the pressure stays. i hope that all 50 states, hundreds of thousands of americans will continue to pressure because the simply great abolitionists, there's no struggle there will be no progress berlinski but the struggle. let's keep pushing. i believe this is not an end,
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that if we continue to fight him this would be a moment of beginning what we actually get the work done here in the senate. >> i want to thank all of our colleagues for their work today. not to follow him into a political trap. to not take crumbs on the table. and when there is a hunger in america as real solutions to the very real problem. i think it is of note that there is a great diversity within our practice, the democratic caucus. geographic diversity of priority issues but there was incredible consensus around this issue friend and so i also will say to those who asked, did you miss a moment. this is part of the movement. there is a cliff and it played here . in that movement did not just the start. that movement started before an
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active and play during the beating of rodney king. we are part of a movement that started a long time ago. this movement will not be
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redlines, we don't draw redlines. up the bill would like to see past. so i couldn't hear you ma'am. >> earlier today there is a confusion. >> i think so mitch mcconnell has webb tried to bully us around. he thanks he can get his way. so all this year end laster when he tried on a major issue, our caucus held together. each time he came back whether it was the last three covid bills, and there are many met the other instances. i believe they see the handwriting on the wall. they see with the american people feel. probably will succeed in passing a bill but they know
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they won't that falls on mcconnell's shoulders. he knows how to pass a bill, he set up something here he is to blame befalls on mcconnell shoulders for not being a straight shooter on this one. i think now there is a real chance that he failed at his gambit the people in his caucus and more importantly the people in america will put pressure, political pressure moral pressure every kind of pressure on him and he may come back and say let's negotiate a good bill. that's our hope, our prayer, what we will work for. so was the reaction for speaker pelosi saying they're getting away for murder? select nancy pelosi will answer that question herself and what she said is fine with me. >> want to follow-up on sarah's question. do you think it is still possible we could see a police
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reform bill yet this year? >> think there's a better chance than you think prayed the kids are in the streets the adults are in the streets, american goes moral -- we are a moral country fundamentally we get off-track all the time. we often rise to the occasion. i think the senate can as long as mitch mcconnell sees the light. yes? relate what you're going to do next today are you going to reach out to majority leader mcconnell? >> we are certainly going to try to talk -- many of us will talk with her publican colleagues on the path forward. thank you everybody. [background noises] >> at the same time of minority leadership mers news conference