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tv   Jackie Gingrich Cushman Our Broken America  CSPAN  October 26, 2019 4:50pm-5:01pm EDT

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horrible places, there's a reason they want to come here, let's be grateful for that. >> amen. >> we have a great structure, we believe in god and god gave us rights and we loaned them to government, that's amazing, be grateful for that. i had nothing to do with that, i was just born here. be grateful we have a place with we have free speech, yes, they are trying to ken sorry -- censor it, that's fine, because we have free speech we need to use it, not to yell to the other side but articulate more clearly why we are the better party. [applause] >> wing we win best when we win with clear communication, exchaining to people why we are the better choice, understanding what we can bring to them.
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we should be grateful that we have an opposite party that makes us more clearly communicate because we need to do the work, if you think about sports i'm avid tennis player, i'm not very good but i love it and i love to have competition because it makes me work, it makes me think and that's where we are. we have to work and we have to think and we have to communicate better. secondly, i want you to think about our national narrative, again, the optimistic versus negative, right, optimistic, pessimistic, the left has full-on terrible narrative how terrible the country is, i'm not saying we are a perfect nation, do not say, we are not a perfect nation but do i beef we are the best nation. i also believe if we constantly tear ourselves down we will never be able to move forward.
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i think we have an entire generation of people who we have told they can't be successful and unfortunately they have begun to believe it and i think it's a travesty and i think we have to change it, we must confront the national narrative and communicate to people that you can be successful and must continue to communicate how great we are as a nation and how great we can be together i think to do anything of else of that is quite frankly unacceptable and must continue to be positive on our country, not saying we are perfect but positive and move forward. the last thing is the biggest challenge, challenge you anyway because i do this. i've spent the last 20 years, i was in corporate america, i worked in corporate finance. i ran a division, $3 billion under me and after our second child quite frankly i was traveling so much i didn't want to do that, i wanted to be home with the kids. i spent time working part time, i've consulted, i'm on several boards and i've been heavily involved in the community.
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and what i found is that when you work with people, when you find a problem that you care about, i don't care what the problem is, for me it's homelessness, environment, financial literacy, whatever you care about, it could be the art museum, garden club, health care, whatever you care about and you spend time with whoever cares about that same thing and you work together and you make progress and you don't know if they're a democrat or a republican and i tell you what they'll be democrats on the team and you will change their mind because you will see you caring about people and you will see them caring and we can't pretend and have to be in community with
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people even people we don't like because quite frankly we should be by ourselves at home which really isn't a good choice. so i think a little intellectual humility to know that we may have a lot of the things right but not everything right, to know that we need to be part of big system that doesn't always work well but works better than anywhere else in the world and to understand that every time we are out in public that we reflect not only ourselves and our country but also if we are a republican, republican values and our brands, reach out to people and if they yell at you, let me tell you, i've been yelled at so many times i can't -- i have been yelled out when i'm trying to check out at a store and they start yelling at me because of my father and i finally, frankly i would get upset about it and i finally decided to smile. if it makes them better to yell at me, maybe that's my job for the day.
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i don't know. but what i do know if i yell right back at me, you know what they are going to do, she is nasty, what does that do, that doesn't do anything? so my challenge to you is, go out, get involved, be pleasant especially when yelled at and remember that together i know that our country has a great future. >> jackie begin glitch cushman's talk will air tonight, check program guide or for more information. >> recently at an event hosted by the brooklyn public library, aclu's executive director anthony romero interviewed contractor edward snowden about his thoughts on privacy rights and the u.s. government massle
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-- mass surveillance program. >> first off, it presumes that you need to have something to hide to have a right to privacy but saying you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is saying that you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say or freedom of religion because you don't believe in god, not only do i not need protection now but i never will, you are harming everyone else because you are basically misunderstanding that to have an individual right you have to defend it for the collective. rights don't exist to benefit the majority, the majority doesn't need rights, the majority set it is rules, protect minority from the majority. and so we need to protect the rights of those who do have something to hide and the hide isn't criminal, the hide isn't dangerous, the whole point of a privacy right is that you don't
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need something to hide to benefit from it, you don't need to justify a right or it isn't a right, it's a privilege, instead it is the government, it is the state, it is the corporation, it is the intruder who needs to justify their violation of the right, their intrusion into your space, their intrusion into your life. privacy is simply the thing that we used to call liberty. >> right. >> it is the unviolated space into which the private forces are not supposed to enter. it is the space that is retained for the people and at the same time we have all of the officials saying, well, privacy is dead, why do you care? if privacy is dead -- >> type edward snowden or the title of his book permanent
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record into the search box which you will find at the top of the page. >> current nonfiction books, according to new york times topping the list msnbc's rachel maddow argue that is the oil and gas industry has weakened democracies around the world in blowout, next it's talking to strangers, new yorker staff writer malcolm gladwell's examination, fox news greg jaret offers thoughts in mueller investigation in witch hunt, followed by the united states of trump bill o'reilly's look of life and career of president trump. and wrapping up a look at some of the best selling nonfiction books is the books of gutsy women, some of the authors have appeared on book tv and you can watch them online at
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>> here is a look at some of the events book tv already covering this week. harvard university professor elizabeth cohen will look at policy and post world war ii through the work of urban planner edward and tuesday bookstore in austin, texas, settling of the american west. on thursday at barnes & noble in new york city journalist pamela will argue that workplace diversity initiatives have largely failed and then on friday we will be on the west coast at roman bookstore in pasadena, california, debate of baldwin and buckley over the civil rights movement. all of these events are open to the pun lick, if you're in attendance take a picture and tag us at book tv on twitter, facebook or instagram.
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[inaudible conversations] >> and now live from the texas book festival a look at silicon valley. [inaudible conversations] .. .. very honored to be the moderator today and i'm here with isaac from "the news york times." unfortunately as many of you may have guessed, ben mezrich is not here today the author


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