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tv   Interview Susan Ferrechio  CSPAN  October 26, 2019 4:00am-4:11am EDT

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he's harvest all the crop that he could. the lord has now called elijah home to give his humble faithful servant. he now calls on us to continue his work and his other young boys and girls in baltimore, across maryland, across united states and around the world i do have a chance to grow and flourish. we will honor him. we will remember him that is what he would hope for. may god bless the very honorable elijah cummings and may god bless the city in the state in this nation that he event.
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>> good afternoon everyone. i want to welcome you all to today's meeting on u.s. turkish relations, the shifting nation unto alex. i'm currently the director of the international security director at george mason university. it's a great pleasure to reside over today's discussion on a topic i think is particularly compelling.


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