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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Isakson on Deadly Tornadoes in Alabama Georgia  CSPAN  March 4, 2019 7:58pm-8:01pm EST

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my fellow alabamians. they are an amazing citizen. amazing people from one endhe of the state to the other.ot they see tragedy but build on that tragedy and they always never lose hope. even though an event like this can be incredibly difficult, i've seen the results of the people of alabama and i know we will be able to rise and rebuild. thank you. >> last night in georgia and alabama the worst winter they've ever got in history, if we go through alabama skilled last night, the homes were wiped out, we had 23 in alabama. it continues to rise, tragedies are having in the southeast. if you weeks in the disaster
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bill, some of the agriculture money in the last few years, i just want on the behalf of georgia people, we are having a tough time. it's theou most difficult time they can possibly be. we are going too ask the senate to work with us on provisions that will be sent to bring back the farms in georgia and alabama and sacramento. we also say a player, prayer for those who live in the southeast and those who live in ground zero for these disasters. we want to know all the people in alabama, our prayers are with them. i yield back my time thank you. >> coming up tonight, indicators
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features tender don and congress and bob. the key republicans on the medications and technology subcommittees. remarks by labor secretary alex, white house counsel in conway and others have been national association county legislative conference. an american legion, the american humanist association. ... c-span was graded as a public service by america's table television company and today we bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house


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