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tv   Jennifer Shutt  CSPAN  October 17, 2017 9:57pm-10:05pm EDT

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votes for the next few days? the senate budget resolution is typically at the topline spending level for the next year, but this year is also going to include the reconciliation instructions
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which allow senate republicans to move forward with their tax bill without any democrats on board and so, today around noon it starts to 50 hour clock >>
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>> it sounds like senator rand paul bilbies a note at this point in time. he is on happy with the discussion that is separate from the budget resolution with discretionary spending. senator mccain wants to increase spending and rand paul wants them to continue with the spending cap based on 2011 he had a press called he also wants reconciliation to allow for health care to allow them to overhaul entitlement programs and then said that budget is stay where it is
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that this sounds like what is in their stays in there purpura sounds like republicans are okay with him voting no. >> with baby needed for any tie-breaking votes?. >> where that level of support exist that could potentially be needed but we don't know which of those amendments would be brought up. that remains to be seen on the final budget resolution. >> so which other senator do we keep our eye on? and what amendments catch your eye?. >> the of moderate house republicans seem to be on board we heard from senator collins she is a yes others
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want more policy details but it sounds like senator mccain and senator graham is say yes but they do want some definition on defense spending. we know that democrats will go after republicans but in addition to reconciliation there is also the energy committee in a house in the senate to open the arctic national wildlife refuge we expect them to offer amendments to prevent that but at this point time if they stay united on that reconciliation they should be able to knock down attempts. we are not really sure if it is predominantly democratic amendments we don't expect
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any to be offered from the republican but time will tell. >> with the energy committee with the budget resolution that is for budget savings what is the purpose? is it tied into oil-drilling?. >> it is a reconciliation process. 1 billion in savings with the committee's to open up the national wildlife refuge and that revenues to increase by $1 billion or more over the next decade. >> as as it comes to oil end
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gas that one senator has wanted for a long time. >> your twitter handle is 89 thanks for your time jennifer shutt "washington jour"
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continues. continues. . t


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