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tv   Senator Mc Cain on Defense Programs  CSPAN  September 12, 2017 9:49am-10:01am EDT

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continuing debate on the defense programs and policy bill. they will be recessing at 12:30 for party lunches and returning at 215 thymic eastern and return on an executive nomination. you can watch the house live on c-span and the sin of five right here on c-span2. before the senate dabbles it will take a look at some of the debates so far on the defense authorization bill. this is some yesterday armed services committee meeting which was chaired by john mccain. worship as much of this as we can before the senate dabbles in. commemo >> mr. president, today our nation commemorates the 16thvesf anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took the lives of thousands of innocent americans. we all join in solemn remembrance of the victims, and our hearts go out to the families. begin september 11 is a fading day foo the senate to begin consideration of the defense authorization bill. the anniversary of those horrific terrorist attacks should serve as reminder of the
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reason why brave young americans are currently deployed around the world fighting on behalf of freedom. i urge my colleagues to keep int mind the meaning of this day throughout the consideration of this important legislation which will provide our many women in uniform the resources, equipment, and supplies and support that they need to keep our nation safe. i'd like to extend my appreciation to the majority leader for his willingness to move expeditiously to the national defense authorization act for fiscal year 2018, and for his leadership. i would also like to thank arme, service committee ranking member, the senator from rhode island, for his hard work on the ndaa. i have been appreciative of the thoughtfulness bipartisan spirit with which he approaches national security issues. the fact is ndaa is a piece of legislation in which this body
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and members on both sides of the aisle can and should take enormous pride. not only does this legislation fight our men and women in uniform with the resources theyn need, and deserve, it's a product of an open and bipartisan process that represents the best of the u.s. senate. senate armed services committee has the fy '18 ndaa unanimously by about 27 to zero. i repeat, the defense authorization bill was passed by unanimous vote of 27-0. that means all 14 republicans, members commend the 13 democratic members of the committee voted in favor of this legislation. during the markup the committee considered and adopted 277 amendments that were offered by both republicans and democrats. now we hope to consider legislation on the floor under an open amendment process that
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will allow all senators to have their voices heard. this process, which is exactly a legislation is supposed to make its way through the senate, has become disappointingly rare. for too long partisanship and politics have triumphed over sensible and policy. this legislation is an opportunity for us to reverse that trend and restore regular order in the united states senate. the need for this legislation is self apparent to anyone paying attention to today's world. global terrorist networks, increasing great competition with russia and china, maligned irene influence spreading across the middle east, a north korean dictator racing to acquire missiles and hit the united states with nuclear weapons, the threats to our national security have not been more complex or daunting than at any time in tho
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past seven decades. we must also remember that we are a nation of brave young men and women deployed in afghanistan, iraq and around the world. th ndaa is a legislation that will deliver our armed forces resources, equipment and training they need to meet the increasingly complex challenges of today's world. and will begin the process of rebuilding our military after years of devastating defense cuts now, let me point out what happens as a result of these mindless defense cuts, whichsc every military leader has described as devastating to our ability to defend this nation. let me just remind you a hard truths. the of her military is eroding. we saw disturbing evidence of this round over the summer as 42 servicemembers tragically perished in accidents during
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routine, i emphasize routine, training operations.7, on june 17, seven sailors were killed when the u.s. as fitzgerald collided with a container ship off the coast of japan. on july 10, a marine kc 130 crash in mississippi, killed all 16 troops on board. on august 21, ten sailors perished when the uss mccain collided with a tanker nearust singapore. on august 25, an army black hawk helicopter went missing during l training mission off the coast of yemen and one soldier died. just last week in nevada to air force a-10 aircraft crashed into each thagod the pilots were safely ejected by the claims -- the planes were lost at a cost of over $100 million. the two pacific fleet naval, collation ship repairs or as they do cost more than a half a billion dollars.
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the lives lost in each of these incidents is priceless. over the past three years, a total of 185 many women in uniform have been killedame noncombat accidents during the n same time, 44 servicemembers were killed in combat. the bottom line is, we're a killing more our own people in training that our enemies are in combat. and that did not happen by accident. it is a problem caused by this mindless sequestration. and a lack, frankly, of appreciation of members of this body and the other one of what the needs are of the many women who are serving in. it's about time we started listening to our military leadership who are saying if we don't change what we're doing in the last, next five years, our enemies will catch up. our adversaries will catch up with us. this legislation authorizes base
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defense budget together with the other request with 8 billion of other defense activities, supports a toll defense budget $640 billion in funding for the department of defense and the nationals could programs in thea department of energy. the legislation also authorizesc $60 billion for overseas contingency operations, in totae this f topline of $700 billion. this funding is critical to begin addressing the readiness shortfall and modernization crisis caused by the self-inflicted wounds of the budget control act known as sequestration, and repeated continuing resolutions. we need to look no forward in recent headlines as i mentioned of fatal accidents during routine training operations were evidence of the deteriorated state of our military. these ship collisions and aviation accidents are taking
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lives of our servicemembers at an alarming rate. killed in fact, in the last three years we have killed four times as many of our own soldiers in peacetime training operations that our enemies have in combat. while there's plenty of responsibility to go around, we cannot ignore congress his role. years of budget cuts have force her military to try to do too much with too little. meanwhile our adversaries are investing heavily in the own militaries and developing future warfare capabilities intended to erode our military advantage. simply put, we cannot wait any longer to recapitalize ourr forces and restore our capabilities. another important aspect of the ndaa is that builds on reforms recent reo by continuing important effortsn from the organized by the defense,. >> innovation and defense
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technology and improved defense acquisition and business operations, the ndaa seeks to strengthen accountability and streamline the process of. getting our war fighters what they need to succeed. at the same time, it prioritizes accountability from the department and demands the best use of every taxpayer dollar. the ndaa will also improve the quality of life of our men and women in uniform and those who support them. the legislation authorizes a 2.1% pay raise for our troops. it improves military family readiness and supports the civilians and contractors who work together with our armed forces to achieve the mission. finally, the ndaa provides necessary assistance for our allies and partners around the world who are dedicated to advancing the cause of freedom, deterring the aggression of ourf adversaries and defeating the scourge of terrorism.
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these are the reasons why this legislation is more vital than ever. congress most important constitutional responsibility is providing for the commone autho defense, the consideration of the national defense authorization act each year is one of the ways that we live up to that duty. now, mr. president, i guess we are going to have cloture on hav this bill. we don't need it. we shouldn't have to have it. we should move immediately to this legislation. those who want speed if we believe last few minutes of these remarks by senator mccain as the ascent is about to gavel and to get the day started. quick reminder you can see all of the speech online at just type senator mccain in the video search bar. live now to the u.s. senate as lawmakers today preparing to work for a second on the defense programs and policy bill. apheresis is expected between 12:30-2:15 eastern today for
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party caucus lunches for the senate will be back to vote on an executive nomination when the return in the afternoon. a vote expected to take place at about 2:35 p.m. eastern. live now to u.s. senate here on c-span2. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. th c


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