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tv   Senator Majority Leader Mc Connell on Affordable Care Act Replacement Bill  CSPAN  July 26, 2017 1:50am-1:59am EDT

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>> here's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell before the votes begin on healthcare. this also includes an introduction from protesters in the senate gallery.
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>> seven years ago, democrats imposed obamacare on our country. they said costs would go down. costs skyrocketed. basic choice would go up. choice plummeted. now it is years long towards a total collapse and an inevitable conclusion that will hurt even more americans on the way down. this is the obamacare status quo. we had to accept it for a long time that we don't have to accept it any longer. the american people elected a house with a vision of a better
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way on healthcare, then the senate and president. now having been given the responsibility we have the duty to act. the president is ready. the house passed legislation today it is the senate's turn that starts with a boat people take momentarily. the critical first step in that process, the motion to proceed. it's whether this can proceed at all and whether we will take itr up. det
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this was a huge commitment to the american people and it determines whether senators of both parties can offer their amendment and ideas on healthcare. i told the people in my state over this. i would've voted to move beyond obamacare and that's what i'm going to do today by voting yes and i would urge my colleagues to do so. we've already shown its possible to put legislation on the desk that moves beyond obamacare in its years of failure. president obama vetoed what we passed before and president
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trump will pass with the signing this time. thank you for what they've done already. they work with us every step of the way and they like us know the consequences of failing to act tha but we cannot let the mt slip by. we talked about this too long and wrestled with this issue. people expect us to begin this debate to have the courage to tackle the tough issue. they didn't send us here just to do the easy stuff. they expect us to tackle the big
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problems but we can't get an. outcome without a debate and that is what the motion to proceed is all about. many on this side of the aisle waited for this opportunity and probably thought that it would i' never come. i was a little surprised by the election last year but it comes with great opportunities to do things we thought were never possible so all we have to do today is have the courage to begin the debate with an open amendment process and let the voting take us where it is so that is what is before us. well we begin the debate on one
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of the most important issues confronting america today and it is my hope that the answer will be yes. i ask unanimous consent following the vote senator mccain will be recognized to speak for up to 15 minutes into the time of count on hr 1628. p >> without objection. >> removed to proceed to 120, hr 1628. >> the clerk will report. >> the motion to proceed hr 1628 an act to provide reconciliation pursuant to title two of the concurrent resolution on the y budget for fiscal year 2017.
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[protestors chanting] order in the chamber, please. >> [protestors chanting] [protestors chanting]
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[protestors chanting] the president thanked senator mccain writing thank you for coming to dc for such a vital vote, congrats to all the republicans we can deliver great health care to all americans. the senior senator from arizona is recognized. >> thank you mr. president. i've stood here many times and addressed many presidingi've bee officers. i've sat in a chair but that is


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