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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2017 9:26am-9:32am EDT

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interviewed by new york times investigative reporter eric lifted. >> when you have one corporate front group pending 700 alien dollars plus in the last election, and threatening planning to to spend $400 million in the next election and in the midterms, that's just a huge footprint and there's a lot more going on behind it. >> the second piece of that has been kind of ringing home the long term efforts of the republican party to put so-called business friendly judges in the court. so the courts have become increasingly hostile to regular folks and increasingly interested in protecting corporations. >> watch afterwards tonight at nine eastern on tv. >> so about seven years ago i wrote my first book and i was so excited. i spent all this time thinking of the title and the
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title i came up with was what is health? because to me it was a key question. i didn't know what health was, was it how you look, how you feel, how long you live, how well you live? what was health mark how do you optimize on a parameter, we don't have a parameter on which to optimize. i sent it to the publisher and a week later the publisher called and said david, these jobs just call and change the title of your book. and i said he did what? i called up and i said what are you doing? he says david, you can't but the word help in the title, it's a bad word in our country. as soon as you say health, people eyes glaze over. to like chewing cardboard. when you say health, people think of brussels sprouts. >> he said you need something optimistic area declarative. and he came up with the title the end of illness. so this is what steve was
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alluding to, this quote from mark twain, the only way you keep your health is it what you don't want, drink what you don't like and drink what you'd rather not. >> i will show you today that's not the case. i'm going to offend some of you. i'm going to take away things you've been leaning on and show you there's little data behind them. i'm going to push you but these are my opinions. these are data. and i'm going to show you the data about the things we do and where i think we should be going going forward. so you know, our country is about being bigger and better. >> so if i take a seven-year-old and i give him a shot of growth hormone, a month later the friends are going to come up and go look, you look like 1 million bucks, you look 10 years younger, it works. it makes you look better, makes you feel a little bit better. on average it takes 16 years off your life. you look better today. >> so the question is what is your metric?
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>> you want to look good today or do you want to play with your grandchildren tomorrow? there's a population in ecuador that are short stature and they have a mutation of the growth hormone receptor, there's almost no cancer and no diabetes in that population. we tried to be bigger. and so the key thing is identifying each of you what you want your goal to be. so the other big topic is things like testosterone, we hear on the radio every day so in the largest study done, looking at people with low-key giving them testosterone, they found something interesting. when they did that, no increase in muscle mass, libido, the increase but dramatic increase in cardiovascular men. and by the way, a definite side effect for a drug. so again, i challenge you is
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whenever you do something and that's going to be the resounding message over and over is asked why. and to say where is the data. and what we are doing. because testosterone for low-key, there were over 200 million prescriptions written last year for it. >> watch this and other programs online at >> today, chico is decidedly a universal town so it's very attracted, relatively small, it's about 90,000 people. in chico here. the university really didn't become a major employer here and foundation of the town, the economy until about 1960. prior to that it was an agricultural town, the agricultural food processing count was canneries and flour mills and other food processing industries.
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and so it makes chico something of a special place i think in northern california. >> welcome to chico california on book tv. with the help of our comcast cable partners, for about the next hour we travel to talk with local authors and we explore both history of chico and a wide variety of topics covered in the author's book. the first is about the system of blended sentencing in texas and its effects on the juvenile youthoffenders. >> i wrote my book "sex, drugs and rock and roll: the rise of america's 1960's counterculture" . my book focuses on kind of the whole of americanbohemia , and i go back and talk about early progenitors and talk about figures like edgar allen poe and walt whitman. >> i talk about members of the liberal left and the early 20th century,john reed , his client. i talk about


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