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  Housing and Urban Development Secretary Swearing-in Ceremony  CSPAN  March 3, 2017 1:35am-1:46am EST

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[inaudible conversations] ben carson was confirmed in a senate with a vote of 51 to be secretary of housing and urban development. mike pence officiated the
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ceremony at the white house. >> on behalf of the president of the united states of america is my privilege to administrate the oath of office today. 17th secretary of housing and urban development doctor ben carson. [applause] we are joined this evening by his much better half, his charming half and at the dedication to the united states of america. candy carson, thank you for being with us today. also we are joined by his son as well as his daughter-in-law and the showstopper for the swearing-in, his beautiful
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granddaughter. we are also honored to be joined, i know doctor carson is by senator ted cruz and governor rick perry will be busy in a service of his own. born and raised in the inner city of detroit, doctor carson use all first-hand how too many americans can be trapped in poverty and despair and communities that are crumbling, families fracturing and their hope for a better future. you were fortunate to have a mother who prayed for you and gave yo you the push that you needed to climb the ladder of opportunity and give you quiet indeed. you're inspiring life story is known all across the country if not the world.
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your work as a surgeon at john hopkins hospital has been proved and saved the lives of many and inspired the nation. we are also pleased to be joined as a tribute to you by the chairman at johns hopkins hospital with us today. [applause] doctor carson coming your story and that of your family is quintessentially an american story. it's a story of the american dream and about overcoming, a story about character and perseverance. it is the story and those qualities that make you uniquely qualified to serve as the secretary of housing and urban development for the people in the united states of america. president trump and i are confident that your fashion, care and convictions will serve you well in this new role and
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confident that he will lead thee agency with great distinction and integrity with doors of opportunity and meeting the needs of many of the most older couple in this country. we are also very confident as you have done throughout this country but from this new position, you will inspire hope and encourage more americans particularly young americans to seize their dreams, to live their dreams and to live a more prosperous future. so on behalf of president trump, it is my privilege to administer the oath of office. place your left hand on the bible and raise your right hand and repeat after me. i benjamin carson do solemnly swear i will support and defend the constitution of the united
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states against all enemies foreign and domestic. i will bear full faith and allegiance, that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which i am about to enter so help me god. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [applause] ladies and gentlemen, the 17th secretary of housing and urban development doctor carson. [applause] thank you so much for that
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wonderful introduction and for your sacrifice to this country. i want to thank president trump for his confidence in me and the american people. my entire professional life has been built around trying to get people a second chance at life and a quality of life. throughout my own campaign it was wonderful seeing so many of my patients. right now our country is the patient and it's not a democrat or republican patient, it is an american patient come and we have a duty to use the gifts god has given to all of us in order to heal the patient. i think we have the ability to do that and i look forward to working with everyone to get that done. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations]
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a former lobbyist for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. >> i heard rumors about the lifestyle for a while so i sort of wanted to wait and see if
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anything else became public about him and plan a year later i started looking into his life and his campaign donations and spending and what made him one of the top lobbyists. >> eight eastern on c-span q-and-a. today the acting head of the transportation security administration testified about allegations that the tsa retaliated against whistleblowers. committee members accused the tsa is not cooperating with an investigation by the office of special counsel. we will also hear from homeland security inspector general and the head of the office of special counsel. congressman jason chafe its chairs the oversight committee.