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tv   Scott Farris on Inga  CSPAN  January 8, 2017 10:22am-10:30am EST

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states, indeed from around the world, came to work at langley. these women worked alongside people of all backgrounds, and they achieved together things that even today 47 years later we have to stop and marble. it's incredible what is possible when you take the best minds among us and allow their imaginations to run free. so the narrative figures as told through the eyes of the four african-american women with a mission to use the stories of their lives to tell a series of other stories. world war ii, how transformed our city and our society. as the anxious days of the cold war, of the hope in the conflict by the civil rights movement, and of the great strides that all women have made, legally, socially and economically over the course of the 20th century. >> that's a look at some of this
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years notable books according to publishers weekly. booktv has covered many of these authors. >> i'm here with scott farris was the author of "inga: kennedy's great love, hitler's perfect beauty, and j. edgar hoover's prime suspect." who was inge? >> guest: she was miss denmark in 1931 but she was much, much more than that. she was an actress, alabama, a concert pianist, concert pianist, an anthropologist, explore. and washington columnist, a screenwriter for mgm and editor at "harper's bazaar" but mostly she was a great love of john f. kennedy his life and they desperately wanted to marry. it was not a fling. i was a romance but there were two problems. she was a suspected nazi spy and still married to her husband. >> host: deeply that is accurate of her being a suspected nazi spy? >> guest: there's a 1200 page
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fbi file and i would say ultimately it was concluded she was not a spy. interestingly for several much is considered the prime suspect, like the key to the entire nazi spy espionage and use all based on circumstantial evidence. interestingly when j. edgar hoover himself was convinced she was not a spy, president roosevelt personally intervene and directed him to continue the observation and continue to be however understand and her phone tab, her mail opened. it was a remarkable thing. >> host: you are the also two other books, candy and reagan, and almost president. what do you think the legacy will be of president obama is administration and how do you think this past election cycle has affected the united states? >> guest: president obama is legacy will be determined over the coming years. as our first african-american president is legacy pretty secure in that as a historical figure. the most important thing you did
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is probably what he did following the great financial crisis of 2008-2009. most americans are not aware how close we came to not having a great recession but a great depression. history will be kind to him on that. the other great accomplishment was probably obamacare and the question is, is that a stepping stone to other healthcare reform people will view as a pivotal moment of the con medic and moving on to make a single-payer health system or will he get repealed? if it is repealed by the republicans and made his legacy will be left and would be but only time will tell. it's hard to tell with presidency. harry truman left office as one of the most unpopular politicians in america and 20 20 years later he was considered to be one of her near great president or our great president. time will tell what is legacy is but historically significant figure and we'll see how that goes. >> host: in terms of this last election cycle how do think it has affected america?
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>> guest: mr. trump is unlike anybody we've ever had in the white house. every other previous present as either held elected office before the admin a general in the army. mr. trump has been neither so he's a different type of president with a different type of background. hard to say what's going to happen. i wrote about losing presidential candidates and their impact on history. the question is what will mrs. clinton's legacy be? like president obama, because she is a first woman to be the nominee of the major party, she's historically significant. the question is whether, what did her campaign to? it's an open question. if she leads to certain trumpism, which is really good about it back, people say that was important and her campaign was not successful and allowed president trump to come to office. but did she change the democratic party? it's hard to say. she may been the last centrist democrat for a while. they look to move to the left under senator sanders influence but again these things can't be
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told immediately. that's for journalists to do. historians need some time to get perspective and there been losing presidential candidates at the time, barry goldwater and george mcgovern. they were complete disasters. now from the perspective of 50 years we see very goldwater transform the republican party and george mcgovern transform the democratic party. it will take a few decades before we know what mrs. clinton's legacy is as well as president trump's. >> host: going back to your current book, "inga," what was it that made you want to write this book? >> guest: it's an unbelievable story. it straight out 11 albert hitchcock movie with secret agents and spies in espionage and glamorous women in stem for dolls and all sorts of things. it's eloquent of the history of the president kennedy that it don't think most people are familiar with. the book argues inga was in many ways as responsible for john camjohnkennedy becoming presents anybody. we think of john kennedy this
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handsome man who is destined to be president but when inga and he ha had the romance you as a young officer and office of naval intelligence. he was skinny, cocky, disheveled and most important he had a terrible inferiority complex compared to his older brother. inga did a number of things. she bolstered his confidence. she knew adolf hitler. she knew the president of france. she knew the king and queen of denmark. she convinced john kennedy yet everything it took to be present and was superior to his brother. she encouraged jack kennedy to go to his what he wanted to be in life. the kennedy family did not jack at the time at any political aspirations and didn't think he had any political talent. income managed him to stand up to his father and get the support he would need to become president. because their affair was so scandalous, president kennedy was nearly court-martialed out of the navy. here he is an office of naval intelligence and is dating a suspected spy.
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he was nearly court-martialed. instead of a transfer. he ended up in combat in the south pacific where he became a war hero when his boat was sunk. at that time jack kennedy thought his career was over because he thought thinking that that would be a disaster for his career. when he came back stateside he sat down with a reporter named inga who realize in fact he was very a role. she wrote the story that was a temple for all future stories about john kennedy and the pt-109 that portrayed him as a war hero and not a failure. >> here's a look at some books that are being published this week.


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