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had an obligation to the truth and is of the narrative switch and that this was an isolated incidents that was taken care of but those of us who were there again had a duty to speak out i did not use the word torture at this point we were still struggling with the enhanced interrogation and use of tactics that was mailed experience i was struggling with that was the discussion american people needed to have where now i recognize clearly that is torture and that is enhanced interrogations. but i didn't want to write a policy book because i did
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not know all lots of things but more importantly i wanted to tell my story and explain my role. not to justify or even to condemn those involved but to be as honest as i possibly could [inaudible conversations] >> i am here with scott farris and author of "inga" who was "inga"? >> in 1931 she was an actress, ballerina, anthropo logist, explore, concert pianist, hollywood gossip columnist comiskey -- screenwriter paul also the
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great love of jfk and they wanted to marry each other but she was a suspected not to spy issue is merry to second husband. >> you believe that is inaccurate accusations as a suspected nazi spy? >> 1200 page fbi file i would say all ultimately was concluded she was not a spy but she was considered the prime suspect with the entire as being not network based on circumstantial evidence but even hoover himself was convinced and president roosevelt even intervene to and have her phone tapped and her male opened in department budget was remarkable. >> un the author of two other things -- books what
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do think the legacy will be of the obama administration and how has this past election cycle affected the united states? >> his legacy will be did establish of the years as the first african-american president to be historical but the most important thing is what he did following the great financial crisis, most americans are not aware we came to have the great depression and the other great accomplishment was probably obamacare but is that the steppingstone to other health care reform to build upon medicare with single payer or will that be repealed? if that is repealed the maybe the legacy would be less but only time will tell it is hard to tell. harry truman left is one of the most unpopular politicians 20 years later now considered one of the
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great presidents. time will tell but historically significant figure. >> how old do think this election cycle has affected america? >> obviously mr. trump is not anyone like we had an of office. everybody can see their elected office before or general. said he is the different types of president with a different type of background is hard to say. i wrote about presidential candidates and their impact that like mr. obama because the first woman to be the nominee it is historic but it is an open question that
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could lead into the era of america that is good or bad with her campaign was not successful to allow trump to come into office but did she change the democratic party? that is hard to say. looking under senator sanders the cannot be told immediately they need some time to get some perspective and as of losing presidential candidate at the time with complete disasters now 50 years later we see barry goldwater transform the republican party so will take a few decades before we know exactly of of legacy. >> was barred door interest that made one to write this book quite. >> [inaudible] straight out of the alfred hitchcock with a glamorous
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women and all sorts of things a little corner the they are familiar well if but the book argues that "inga" was responsible for john kennedy to become president as anybody we think of him as handsome man destined to be president but he was the young officer in naval intelligence skinny and gawky and disheveled let's a terrible inferiority complex. but first of all, "inga" boosted his confidence she was around the role she knew adolf hitler and the king and queen of denmark can convince john kennedy of everything it took to be president was superior she encouraged jack to go to his father to tell him what he wanted to me m life. they didn't know he had any political aspirations or if
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he had any talent he stood up to his father to get the support he with later need to become president and then the affair was scandalous he was nearly court-martialed out of the navy and officer of naval intelligence dating a suspected nazi spy. said he was transferred to combat in the south pacific where he became a war hero and at that time he thought his career was over because that would be a disaster for his career when he came back "inga" realized it was heroic and wrote the story that was the template for all future stories that portrayed him as a war hero than that was the debate for the kennedy political biographies all the years in the white house
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. >> sending humans into space takes the powerful imagination to believe it is possible to land humans on the moon to bring back
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safely but one of humanity's greatest benchers have been time right here in hampton virginia. that a black woman could do the calculations to get them there that may have taken more imagination to come to fruition but that happened as well as we know as kathryn johnson for the work she did on the mercury in the apollo missions for john glenn ground breaking flight 1962. people round the united states and around the world came to work at langley alongside people of all backgrounds and they achieve things that even today we have to stop and marvel. is this incredible when you take the best minds among us and allow the imagination to run free.
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such as the nation to the periods of the other stories of world war two how to transform our city and society, the hope of the civil-rights movement in the great strides alban then have made socially and economically over the course of the 20th century levision fors readers. to do >> host: and now we are joined >>host: rejoined by cyd zeigler his book is called "fair play" how lgbt athletes are claiming their rightful place in sports" here is the cover, first of all your the co-de


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