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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 12, 2016 4:10am-5:09am EDT

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the legislation representing the state of north carolina, and you as attorney general refused to fight obamacare because you thought it would be fantastic for the united states of america. it has been a total failure. if you talk to any middle-class businessperson, if you talk to any family right now -- you have had a nice set up with health insurance through the state of north carolina for 26 years. your own state plan is free. you talk to someone with obamacare -- my gosh, it will cost you $20,000 to $30,000 a year. you have gotten to use to the government health insurance that you are guaranteed until you are 65. if you feel so good about obamacare, get on it and get off the state plan we have right now. roy cooper: it is incredible to me that with this policy are ready set at the federal level that the governor cannot accept the billions in tax money we have already paid -- this is our tax money -- that could come back to north carolina and
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ensure hundreds of thousands of people and take pressure off the small businesses, take pressure off private employers who see a benefit. the other states who have done this have seen a benefit and their insurance premiums, but governor mccrory has got to put the ideology, continue to talk --ut it roy cooper: it's ok ---- gov. pat mccrory: it's ok to admit it's a failure. we are expanding medicaid services. -- the services to those people who cannot help themselves. i want to emphasize helping those who can't help themselves. i personally met with president obama in the white house and the oval and encouraged him to work with us to allow us to have a north carolina plan, not a washington, d.c. plan. i'm extremely sad right now that blue cross and blue shield is the only -- chuck todd: your time is up, i
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will give you 30. roy cooper: we can make a north carolina plan. we can expand medicaid in a north carolina way. that opportunity is there, and for him to say you are not giving health insurance to people who need it, this is the perfect opportunity with a tax money that whenever he paid. he continues to say no because of ideology. gov. pat mccrory: you are not going to get on obamacare, you are going to keep your government plan you have enjoyed for 26 years. chuck todd: answer the medicaid question, why won't you extend it? gov. pat mccrory: we don't know what the cost would be to taxpayers of north carolina. i think it is irresponsible to enter into something not knowing the cost. right now, wall street journals are showing all states that he mentioned, the cost are greater than ever anticipated. a $525 million missed forecast on medicaid spending from the for do -- from
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the perdue administration, and we had to fix that. chuck todd: let me get one more topic in here. i think we got an idea where you stand on expanding medicaid. i want to go to voter id. mr. mccrory, a federal court in august said the voter id law targeted "african americans almost surgical precision." it has been thrown out. you regret signing the bill? gov. pat mccrory: absolutely not. one thing i would like to consummate the attorney general on is one thing he did years ago regarding sudafed. we both agree on the issue of drug addiction. he passed a law requiring id when you get sudafed. if id is good enough for sudafed, i think it is good enough for the people of north carolina to vote. anyone who thinks, with tens of millions of dollars on the ground, if you do not think there is a potential for voter fraud, you are digging your head in the sand.
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in the history of united states in chicago, west virginia, texas, voter fraud occurs, and we need to do everything we can to make sure it does not happen. if you don't look for, you are not going to find it. roy cooper: the governor knows that this legislation was much broader than a voter id law. this was the strictest in the country. it had to do with early voting, that use of registration -- the ease of registration. when the panel in the fourth circuit said this law intentionally discriminates against minorities and students, it was time to stop, but governor mccrory continues to use taxpayer money to pay for attorneys to continue to appeal this. of course, he lost. it is shameful for the governor to keep pushing this legislation. it is wrong for our state. chuck todd: you are both going to get more time here in a
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minute for your closing statements. that concludes all of my questions. youroth get 90 seconds for closing statement. mr. cooper, by virtue of a coin toss, you will be first. roy cooper: thank you, check --chuck. thank you to the broadcasters. thank you to governor mccrory. thank you to my wife and family for here today and to all of you watching the debate at home. let's all member to keep working and helped the flood victims. even know we disagree on a lot of things, we agree we have got to pull together to help them. some of them are in nash county where i grew up, and i have always been proud to call north carolina home, and i still am. over the last two years, some things have changed that we have heard about during this debate. for decades, you could travel across this country and tell people you are from north
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carolina, and the questions would be about our great universities, technology, mountains, beaches. now the question is, what in the world is going on in north carolina? we can fix that. the first thing we got to do is recognize the problems that we face. we have to make education a priority. 41st in the nation is not good enough. we need to get to at least the national average. and we need good jobs, governor. a governor who will work to bring better paying jobs to our state instead of driving them away with discriminatory laws like house bill 2. and we need a governor who is going to work to restore north carolina's great reputation, and i plan to do that. thank you so much. god bless you. gov. pat mccrory: i concur that our prayers are with everyone tonight. i'm going right back to the operations center to work with our team members, and our prayers are with people tonight especially in kinston and rocky
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mount and greenville, up and down the tar river. this is going to be a tough next 72 hours. i would like to thank roy cooper for running for governor. it takes courage for the family do this. with my family and my wife, it is an extremely hard thing to do. only a politician like roy cooper would consider record job ,ncreases, record tax increases record job creation and record teacher pay raises as a failure. this is leadership like we have never seen in three and a half years. it is leadership that we need to continue in north carolina. we cannot go back to the leadership of easily and purdue and cooper. we do live in the best state in united states of america. i thank you both for a very civil debate, by the way. it is now up to the voters, and it is up to you. don't forget to vote. this public service program was rock you by the north carolina association of broadcasters educational foundation.
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i think them for the privilege of moderating. i'm chuck todd from nbc news. thank you for watching. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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