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tv   Martin O Malley Remarks at First in the West Caucus Dinner  CSPAN  January 7, 2016 8:26pm-8:54pm EST

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are we going to be defined by fear and resentment or about -- or by what presently can call the better angels of our -- as your present i will be the first line of defense against the dangers we face. i will always have your back but i can't do it without you. i need you and you have a real responsibility because you are the first line of defense. when you caucus on february 20 it's up to you to choose the right person to stand up to the republicans, protect everything we have achieved, keep america moving forward. please join me, help me fight for you, deliver for you, protect you and make america all we know it can be. thank you and goodnight. [applause] thank you. [applause] ♪
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♪ [applause] >> it's good to see you guys. thank you very much. it is wonderful to be here in nevada. how is everybody doing tonight? [applause] are we democrats fired up, ready to go? it is wonderful to be here with all of you and i also want to thank harry reid for his outstanding leadership of our nation. senator reid thank you for everything you do. [applause] my name is martin o'malley. i am the former mayor of alt-a more and the former governor of maryland. i am a lifelong democrat and i'm running for president of the united states. i intend to win and i need your
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help. [applause] i am honored to be on this stage with fine candidates like hillary clinton and senator sanders and all of us joining with you in finding a better way forward for our country. my experience though is different than my other two competitors. i'm not a former united states senator oren former congressperson that i have learned how to bring people together to accomplish difficult things. i'm not an adviser but i have put together some terrific tasks of talented and diverse men and women who know how to get rings done. my experience is as executive, a mayor and the governor bringing people together, getting things done. what sort of thing is? , not words.
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the first date in the union to pass a living wage, raising the minimum wage, investing more in public education rather than making our public schools number one in america five years in a row. these are actions, not words. four years in a row without a penny increase to college tuition, investing more in our infrastructure, making my state number one in innovation and entrepreneurship, passing the climate change bill and taking actions like these, driver's licenses and passing the d.r.e.a.m. act in maryland. [applause] passing marriage equality, repealing the death penalty and passing comprehensive gun safety legislation, actions, not words. [applause] look, i know that sometimes it's easy to become discouraged about
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the gridlock and our national politics by the division and polarization of our nations deliberative body and when that happens to you i want to urge you to do as i do and that is if you want to know where our country is headed talk to young americans under 30, because you will rarely find among them young americans who denied that climate change is real or think that their nation shouldn't do something about it. you rarely find among them people who want to slam america store in the face of refugee families facing genocide. and you rarely find among them young americans who want to deny rights to couples and all of this tells me that we are actually moving to much more connected much more compassionate and much more generous place. we have only the needed new
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leadership to call forward the goodness within us to move our country forward. so nevada, i am here to challenge you, to challenge you to point the way forward for our country at a time when it seems like the money is taken over our politics here in the nevada caucuses, every individual still matters, don't they? [applause] so i want to share some thoughts with you tonight about our country about where we need to head and the actions we need to take to move us forward. one of the most important lessons i learned about our country and about the american dream, i learned when i was 17 when i was working in a restaurant and i saw this new american immigrant man. his name was mcgill and without him that restaurant would not function. he was there early to open up
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the place busing tables. i watched him working tirelessly night after night, the heart and soul of the place and at the end of one long night i remember asking him i said miguel, how was it that you worked so hard and instead of answering me how, he told me why. three very powerful words. he said for my dadar. [applause] you see you and i are part of a self creating mystery called the united states of america. at the heart of it is a very real and hungry thing and that is those among among us and between us but say in our country you start where you start but for your own hard work
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you should be able to get ahead and give your children and grandchildren a healthier and better future. my wife katie and i have for terrific kids, grace, tara and william and jack and my oldest daughter is a first grade teacher in her third year at carter elementary school in baltimore city. any teachers in the audience hear? [applause] several months ago after her dad had announced -- she returned to her first grade class 100% african-american kids true story a little girl tapped her on the shoulder and she said ms. o'malley i'm not sure about this idea of your father running for president. because quite frankly i kind of like barack obama. a lot of buzz like barack obama,
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right? [applause] eight years ago when our nation was on the verge of being plunged into a second rate -- by the unchecked greed of wall street we brought forward as the party a new leader and barack obama to move our country forward and that's exactly what he's done. get this, some of the month in a row of positive month over month job growth, that's the new leadership that our country needed. and now it's up to us, and now it is up to us. we must build upon president obama's legacy or surely we will backslide into a very bad detour what am i talking about? forget about a hidden agenda. the republican candidates for president openly promised to take us backwards. they will undo every single thing that we have accomplished in these last a difficult years.
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i look at their field of candidates and i shake my head. i would like to say donald trump is the most outrageous and unqualified person ever to run for president but really, that's not fair to ted cruz. [applause] nevada democrats we must win this election and they must fight for the future of our country depends on it. [applause] because those guys can have their fears and those guys can have their anger but i know there was more that unites us than divides us and there's nothing so divided about our nation's politics the new leadership and our love for one another cannot heal. this is what we can agree on. no american family who works harder plays by the rules should ever have to raise their children in poverty.
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[applause] but unfortunately some billionaires would disagree with that. donald trump has said and i quote wages are too high. american wages are too high? i will tell you what donald, i will tell you what's too high, college tuition and the united states of america is too high. the cost of childcare, that's too high. the number of americans living in poverty is too high. donald trump opinion of himself, that's too high. [applause] now know, donald trump, donald trump, donald trump. actually donald wages in america are too low.
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the hard truth of our times my fellow democrats is we need to own if we are going to win this general election is this. this is the hard truth we need to own and we need to acknowledge in order to fix fixt and have credibility with our neighbors. today because of bad trickle down choices of the last 30 years before president obama 70% of us are earning the same or less than they were 12 years ago and that's the first time that has happened on the side of world war ii. it's not the way her country is supposed to work. that's not the way our economy is supposed to work. yes, we have come a long way over these last eight years but we have urgent work to do and while this eagle flies best when both his left and right wings are actually working the truth of our time is only the democratic party the party of roosevelt the party of kennedy, the party of barack obama will make our economy work again and make wages go up for all americans.
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the formula of our success is that in every generation we square shoulders to the challenges. we make our country strong and we take actions, not words but actions to include more people more fully in the economic social and political life of our nation. therefore with the leadership we must raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour however we can and wherever we can. [applause] pay overtime pay for overtime work and make it easier for people to join labor unions and bargain collectively for better wages for all of us. [applause] equal pay for equal work for men and women and paid family leave in the united states of america. these are the choices that move us forward. and instead of scrapping or
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privatizing social security i have put forward a plan to actually expand social security and increase average payouts to americans and social security. we wanted get wages to go up rather than down? then let us do with her grandparents and her parents did before us. let's get 11 million of our neighbors out of the show underground shadow economy by a passing conference of immigration reform at the pathway to citizenship for all. [applause] these are among the strategic goals i put forward in the course of this campaign for moving our country forward in the difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline something i've also learned as a mayor and governor the governor. i put forward a plan now to move us to make debt-free college a reality within next five years. it was forward a plan and i have
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the backbone to stand up to the bullies of wall street so wall street can never wreck made sure to come and what does it mean? that means reinstituting a modern version of glass-steagall and doing it today. [applause] making national service a universal option for every american kid eradicating childhood hunger in the next five years. these are the ambitions that are worthy of the great people and another one of those goals is to cut in half the number of americans who die from guns and gun violence in the united states. [applause] a few days ago, a few days ago president obama stood by people who have been devastated and shattered by gunfire and that he spoke to the nation.
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he spoke to all of us as people. what did he offer? he offered his reason and compassion and common sense to stem the scourge of gun deaths. the president's executive actions will expand background checks, something by the way which is supported by nine out of 10 americans, nine out of 10 democrats, nine out of 10 independents and nine out of 10 republicans. and what was the sickening response by ted cruz? ted cruz responded with a doctored photo depicting our president as the naziesque show with -- soldier coming for america's guns. have you no shame ted cruz? have you no shame? ted cruz actually said that the answer to gun violence is more guns. senator the answer to cancer is
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not more cancer. the answer to poverty is not more poverty and the answer to gun violence isn't more guns. [applause] in my own state after the slaughter of those innocent kids in that classroom in connecticut i brought her people together to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation including a ban on combat assault weapons and you know what? we didn't interrupt a single hunters hunting privileges or hunting licenses. in fact i have never met a self-respecting hunter who needed an ar-15 to down a dear, have you? [applause] with new leadership in washington we can save american lives. universal background checks holding gunmakers and gun sellers responsible when they are -- when they armed criminals because one american life is
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worth more than all of the gun sales in america. another keep part of our success as americans is we don't run from our challenges, we don't hide from them, we face them square on. climate change is the greatest business opportunity to come to the ic to 100 years the money to make this opportunity hours. i am the first candidate for president and let us not hope the last to put forward a plan to move america to a 100% clean electric energy grid by 2050 and create 5 million jobs along the way. [applause] and make no mistake about it a clean energy future is the future with more jobs and more prosperity, not less and yet here in nevada, here in nevada that cleaner more prosperous energy that's under attack, you
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guys have made such tremendous strides. you have made your statement number one and solar power but now look what has happened. instead of celebrating that accomplishment and building on it and showing the way forward your public utilities commission has proposed outrageous new fees on everyone with a solar panel. get this, homeowners, schools with solar panels creating clean green energy will now an effect be paying to subsidize coal-fired plants. after creating thousands of jobs and solar panels sales and installations get this, solar city has closed up shop here in nevada. this day was trying to sabotage solar energy. we can afford to sabotage our children's future and a longer. we did not land a man on the
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mend but then all-of-the-above strategy. it was an engineering strategy and so too is the imperative of america's clean energy future. we are the most innovative nation of problem solvers the world has ever seen and with new leadership we can rise to this challenge of our time and make a clean energy future americans opportunity for a new future. don't you agree? [applause] because our diversity is our strength, and we are a nation of nations, america is made stronger in every generation by the arrival of new american immigrants. my own great grandparents were immigrants. half of them german half of them irish are their first language might have been english but the hopes and dreams they have three kids and grandkids were purely
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american. today in our country there are voices in politics today, loud forces with division, voices of fear, voices who would question our common humanity, demagoguery's who incite hate and try to pit us against one another. i have news for them. babies do not come shaped as anchors and there's no such thing as an illegal person. we are all in this together. [applause] we are all in this together and almost all of our people have come here over land, overseas to come to our country. we are a nation of immigrants, guests and we wouldn't be a nation otherwise and i will tell you this, if you ever want to talk to someone who believes in america and believes in the american dream, talk to a new
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american immigrant who has wristed off to come here. [applause] but it's going to take new leadership to break 35 years of gridlock in washington on this issue. this is not merely a constituent issue. this is an issue about who we are as a people, they sort of economy would build and country would give her children and with new leadership in washington we can provide immediate relief to the millions of the american dreams of new americans whose hopes and dreams have been -- time and time again because of deadlock in congress. it is a national disgrace, a national disgrace that we now is a nation maintain the largest system of immigrant detention camps of any nation on the planet and with new leadership we must shut them down. [applause] and we must also shred those government contracts for
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for-profit prisons, a shameful policy in our country. [applause] in the last few days, over christmas immigration officials launched here in our own nation nationwide deportation regulations at christmas. jesus himself was a refugee child fleeing death gangs at christmas. these nationwide deportation regulations are not terrorizing hundreds of families waking them up at dawn. some of the deportees as young as four years old. and sending them back to the hands of death camps. this is not consistent with who
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we are as a nation. [applause] we don't make america stronger at breaking families up. we need to stop ripping families apart and once and for all put an end to the mindless deportation policies. the answer is not to deport mothers and children who walks thousands of miles to ask the people of the united states for refuge. the answers to join in a new alliance for american progress here in our own hemisphere to push back against the drug traffickers and those who would seek to destabilize and terrorize whole nations of central america. the answer is for us to extend protected status to those who have fled from guatemala and honduras and el salvador. this is in keeping with our character as a nation. we must show with actions, not words that we will lead our
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hemisphere by the actions we take here, actions of compassion and humanity in the way we confront terror and the ongoing threat of willful terror and our homeland is not by surrendering former american freedoms and american values but by actually holding true to them. the violent genocide leaders known as isis must be confronted and destroyed. we must lead this effort and we must lead by building a broad coalition. the u.n. security council unanimously should have called for member states to redouble action against iselin take all necessary measures. the united states must take the lead in making the security council resolution real, to lead a concerted effort to destroy the operation of compact -- capacity vices. governors have -- not by scapegoating americans were pitting us against one another but they bring us together and
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that's what we must do today. real leadership always triumphs over fear and even though donald trump tells the nation that he would and american muslims from travel and entering our country we know that path does not lead to the future of our country. he says we should be monitoring religious services and we should start some sort of registry, some sort of registry of american citizens based on their faith. beginning first with american muslims. who's next? catholics? trade e. nunes? artis? donald trump when you launch your registry of americans who oppose your fascist ideas, you can start with me. [applause] for this much i know, we will never surrender what it means to be an american on the heels of
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demagogues like donald trump, will we? the enduring symbol of our nation is not a barb wired fence, is the statue of liberty and we need to act like that. [applause] it is my friends and this ear decision that data has a historical role to play in crafting the outcome of this race. nevada has a role to play and bending the arc of history forward. sometimes there are people who say to me governor o'malley you have a tough fight. you know what? i kind of like a tough fight. i have always been drawn to tough fights. i didn't run for mayor of baltimore because things were going great in our city in 1999. i didn't leave my state through these last eight years in easy economic times but i fought to
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save every house and every job i could and for those who sometimes say to me you face a tough fight on the fact that mnsa you know what a lot of people say you face a tough fight to being able to give your children and grandchildren better future than what your parents gave to you. i think the toughness of the fight might be the way that -- are telling us we are fighting for something worth saving. our children's futures were saving. the american dream is worth saving. our country is worth saving and this planet is worth saving. that is why i am running for president of the united states. i need your help and i'm asking you to choose new leadership to move our country forward. may god bless but people of nevada and may god bless the people of united america and our journey forward together. thank you all very, very much. [applause] ♪


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