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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  November 1, 2015 8:38pm-8:46pm EST

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her right a particular note to night. [laughter] >> where will you physically be? >> over there. [inaudible conversations]
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>> i was covering the serious crisis in december december 2011 before of their original presents i got to know the opposition that when they became the armed rebellion, i started to do a lot of reporting from the syrian and turkish border to meet with rebels because southern turkey was the barracks of the revolution of the rebellion but the summer of 2012 was ramadan the with with a free syrian army convoy with the northeastern quarter and was
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liberated and spent the night in the town and stayed with the family, the owner of the house was a syrian rebel, i spent the night there with other journalists and it was extra kerry because i had seen firsthand , you can open "the new york times" or sees cnn to see the images broadcast but you really have to do see it for yourself to see the driving force. it was amazing at night they would put down there guns to pick up clubs and garbage bags to pick up the rubble of the street because the government was bombarding the civilian infrastructure they targeted the hospitals so many activists civilians or rebels that were injured or wounded could not be treated at was extraordinary.
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they were treating pro-government and militiamen fighters equally. i saw that with my own eyes but fibers six months later that tape -- the town and i stayed in had completely been taken over now controlled by says the family i stayed with fled the country and i watched in realtime a generation with day reproval totalitarian government and with what it seemed to overthrow.
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so with that eastern prob parents of syria - - province of syria. it is a traffic point so it has a relationship to be the of war as the dell paso if you know, the mexican drug cartel. to have a very extended family network. so for the purposes of doing this book so to understand the nature of an enemy so we have these interviews with a lot of fighters how is it a 16 year-old boy so what is
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that driving mechanism? the purpose of writing the book and by the last year graphical calculus indicted a lot of media june 2014. and where do they come from? it sounded like the most absurd question i have never heard. end of the viet cong established the third but
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they are in scrutable. isis was al qaeda. up until now they have been a primary target. so they just changed there brady and marketing and strategy. in the sophisticated ma manner it is through the work of history there a terrorist organization that went into iraq after the polish did in afghanistan. but then to set up this organization after a series of spectacular terror attacks.
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so face it and to fly into the building to try a to humiliate eddied have a civilized countries. it has very "in-depth" reporting. >> joining us on booktv is steven watts. what to do for a living? >> guest: a professor of history at the university of missouri i teach cultural and intellectual history. >> host: your also an author how you pick you


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