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tv   Book Discussion on Rising to the Challenge  CSPAN  June 7, 2015 11:03pm-11:48pm EDT

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>> thank you for that standing ovation. it's a great pleasure to be joined by carly fiorina. let me first welcome you back to the second day of this conference where we welcome those of you from colorado joining us here as well. we had a wonderful day and i want to thank you for the perfect hospitality. we couldn't have found a better place to have the conference and thank you all for coming and being such an interesting aspect participant. yesterday we discussed about foreign policy, domestic policy candidate and now we have a presidential candidate with us today. [applause]
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we invited her before she was a presidential candidate. i do want to say how grateful i am for going out of her way today. she has a very busy schedule with a big event in iowa later today so i want to thank her for going through the extra trouble. [applause] we are happy to have c-span with us today. booktv showing this discussion.
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without further ado. we don't endorse candidates at the weekly standard that we do like some better than others. >> in your new book rising to the challenge you make a distinction between people with political experience and expertise and people who have business experience and expertise going back to your comment and the 2008 presidential race when you were asked whether sarah palen could run a large corporation that you did and you said no because there was a different type of training expertise and others in
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politics. but your experience is in business and your expertise. how does that qualify. >> all of us were interested in politics and we think a lot about what it takes to win the job of president of the united states but it's also worth considering what it takes to do the job. i think we are at a pivotal point. to do the job requires an understanding of how the economy works. i started out as a secretary so i do understand the economy from multiple angles and it requires an understanding of how the world works.
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maybe with a possible exception but i didn't do photo ops. i did business around the world for many decades and i sat this close to vladimir putin and chinese leadership. it requires an understanding of how the bureaucracies work because the government is one giant bureaucracy now and it takes an understanding of how technology works and it's a tool to reengage people in the process of their government and finally it takes an understanding of decision making which is making a tough call for which you're prepared to be held accountable. i have all of those qualifications and yet it is true i think ours was intended
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to be a citizen government. [applause] >> your new book is that human potential that every individual has is being supported partly by government. what would you do to unleash the human potential everyone has. >> everyone has potential usually far more than they realize. my mother told me what you are is god's gift to you. and our founders built a nation based on the insight everyone has god-given gifts and they founded the nation on the radical idea that everyone should have their potential potential fulfilled and that comes from god and shouldn't be taken away.
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that's what they meant by life liberty and the pursuit of happiness so what we see today is the potential of the nation crushed by the weight of the government tangled up. i see people in tough circumstances who want to move ahead but they can't because we make it so hard to disentangle their lives. we are destroying more businesses more specifically small and family-owned like i started out. it's because our government has gotten so complicated and so corrupt that the end of the big can handle it and so if you want to level the playing field away from the powerful and the words
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small and powerless you have to simplify government dramatically and we have to start with basic things. we don't have a clue where our money is being spent at every agency has gotten bigger for 40 plus years and as they get bigger they get more impact so i think we actually have to go to a pay for performance system. rather than the scandal hit to be able to fire the top seniors at the va and we have an interesting opportunity. [applause] we have an interesting opportunity coming up with tens of thousands getting ready to retire from the federal government and we shouldn't replace a single one of them.
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we need to reimagine government starting with our government being too powerful and we need to simplify. >> it was reduced by 1 million people the number of government employees over the last five years. that's almost unimaginable to me. >> but it shouldn't be. ronald reagan is a hero to us all that margaret thatcher as david cameron did took over the government at the time when truly the shape needed to be
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turned into the nation is at a pivotal point right now. we cannot have hillary clinton in the white house after eight years of barack obama because this complexity will get worse and worse but it's also true that we haven't fundamentally reduced to simplify government in decades under republicans and democrats and things get to the point you can't bring them back so this reduction i don't know why we don't talk about the revenue shall tax reform we ought to be focused on the revenue reducing. >> margaret thatcher known as the iron lady also said the problem with socialism is that eventually it runs out of money. is that true with liberalism? >> the good news is here as the
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other here's the other truth about liberalism as composed to conservatism. i know you know everyone has god-given gifts and potential and the highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential of others and it will be to unlock the potential of the nation. liberals liberals don't believe everybody has god-given gifts. i also think that the good news here is every problem we have is solvable. out-of-control debt and deficits is one side of the coin is depressed economic growth if we lift the weight of the government office economy we will grow faster so by reducing
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the power of government by reducing the complexity of government we not only reduce the deficits but we lift a weight off of small business creation or families trying to get ahead or people saying i don't want to be in this web of dependents all my life i want to move forward and build a life of dignity and purpose and meaning which all people want. >> one conclusion i've come to is that every candidate is actually running for president and that they'll have a scenario of how are they going to get to the primary from the caucus and wind up being the republican nominee in your case what is the scenario? >> i'm not someone i am not someone that's been in politics all my life and so a lot of people don't know me. i looked at the poll recently that said 58% of the american
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people have never heard of me so i have a lot of work to do making sure people know who i am and what i stand for and how i would approach this job. i also think that it's one of the reasons why from the time i launched my campaign last monday so a little less than two weeks ago. i answered 300 on the record questions. hillary clinton has answered eight since april 12. i will continue to answer questions with correct answers. >> the first comes along will be august 15.
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>> of course you want to be one. what is the answer here in having that debate that all the candidates can see? my colleague proposed they could have two debates. how important are those early debates for you? >> for me they are very important because it's an opportunity people to focus on the candidates into someone that doesn't have the e-mail list built up in the political process those are especially important.
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>> i don't know how it is going to be orchestrated. one of the things i've noticed is a member of women in journalism seem to be upset by your candidacy. she said she was offended by your candidacy. what's going on here back >> i get asked a lot in my challenging hillary clinton and her track record and transparency because i am a woman. i'm not i am not challenging her track record because i'm a woman. i'm challenging her track record because i come from the world where they count.
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[applause] i come from a world where your title matters for about five minutes and then people want to know what are you doing with your title. i was held accountable for everything i said to every investor. i could go to jail if we reported results that turned out not to be true. wouldn't that be amazing if we hold politicians to that standard? i had a political reporter say to me you are not used to having your word scrutinized. have you ever been on an investor conference call? the point is i challenge hillary clinton because she is running to become president of the united states and despite her titles she doesn't have a track record of account which meant.
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she's running for the presidency of the united states and is not transparent so she has demonstrated over and over again whether it is benghazi or the server in her basement or the foreign governments donating she's demonstrated over and over again that she is not trustworthy. my challenges are legitimate and if i offend some liberal women i am sorry. [applause] >> speaking of liberal women, you were interviewed by katie couric recently and she seemed to have a problem understanding your position on abortion. you stated it and then she would ask your position and this happened repeatedly. what is your position and what was her difficulty?
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>> iem pro-life. i ran for the senate in california as a proud pro-life conservative. [applause] you don't run in california like that unless you mean it. i remember being asked after i won the primary it was a three-way primary. i won with 57% of the vote. nobody gave me a prayer when i started i started it both literally because i just finished cancer treatment. anyway i won with 57% of the vote and had a donor donor say to me now you're going to modify your position on life and you can move to the middle now and i said actually i'm pro-life and they said you can't be you are an for an mit graduate. [laughter] and i think there is a notion that if you're smart you must be liberal.
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if you're smart you must be pro-choice. i respect not everyone agrees with me on this but i went on to explain science tells us that dna is the same as the day you die. science is proving us right every day. i understand and accept and respect not everyone agrees with me but i also know and what i tried to explain is let's talk about extreme. the party platform is any abortion come anytime for any reason at any point in a pregnancy right up until the last minute if policy summarized as it's not a life until it is to the hospital. how do you be feel about that? that's extreme and when i say how do you feel about the fact a 13-year-old girl needs her mother's permission to to go to a tanning salon but not to get
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an abortion how do you feel about that, that a tattoo parlor is more infected and regulated than an abortion clinic? the american people found common ground on this issue and it is abortion for any any reasonable after five months is a problem which is why i expect the democrats will have a difficult time fighting back against the act which just passed the house and is now going to be debated in the senate. [applause] >> nicole wallace had worked for the campaign in 2008, she had a criticism, she had a comment about the view that you shouldn't spend a lot of time criticizing hillary clinton and i think that her suggestion is
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that what pigeonhole you as a candidate. this is something that you haven't been overly worried about. >> first having answered 375 on the record questions i've answered on every conceivable subject the veterans administration. everything. as it affects certain people focus only on one aspect of what i'm talking about is their prerogative but i'm certainly not a one note candidate. but i will say again criticism of the track record is anti-yearly legitimate. she wants to be president of the united states and she may be continuing to hide from the media about as someone who wants to be the nominee and stand across from her on the stage i
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think it's incumbent upon me to challenge her and i also think that this is a reminder that in order to win in 2016 we need a nominee that can throw a punch. [applause] >> are you suggesting you punch above your weight? >> i can take a punch and throw a punch and i started out as the secretary. i've been underestimated all my life but i will tell you what we should not expect the media to hold pillory clinton accountable. the only way we are going to her accountable for her actions or lack of track record or transparency about who she is
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and what she will do as president is to have a nominee that will throw the punches all day long. it's the only way we are going to win this fight. >> crony capitalism. this is something you talked about a lot in the broad dimension then just who gets help on the export import bank. talk about your view of crony capitalism and why and how it's affecting the country. >> crony capitalism is alive and well and has been building for a long time. i was the chief executive of the 90 billion-dollar company. if i didn't like a regulation or tax code or i didn't understand i could hire your armies of
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lawyers and accountants and lobbyists that the real estate firm i started out in what the family-owned auto body shop that my husband started out they can't handle it. be complexity is to tilt the playing field in favor of the powerful, the wealthy, the well-connected. the more complicated something is, the more corrupt, the less the small and powerless can handle it and that is why now you see for the first time in history we are destroying more business than we are creating. we are destroying small businesses. the agencies in the financial
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system, not a single bit of reform has occurred. instead we have another bureaucracy and another tens of thousands of pages and the consequence of that is it became five and then 3,000 community banks have gone out of business. who helped write obamacare clicks the drug companies. who helped write the wall street banks to make sure that they understood how the rules were going to affect them? big companies interact with big government so if we want less crony capitalism we need to simplify government and reduce its power. the only way to level the playing field is to simplify. [applause] the 70,000 page tax code by the
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way it is now 70000 pages long. so if you are wealthy and well-connect can hire people to get you through that device had so many come up to me and say my accountant told me they can't finish my taxes and no one will answer their question. that is a problem. >> that the irs says we don't have enough money. remember they stopped taking calls from people calling in for help on their taxes. it seems like every government agency whenever they are caught in a problem with the va they always say not our fault we just need more money. >> it is the nature of bureaucracies.
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whether it is in business or charity they get stuck in the status quo and they don't know how to solve anything without asking for more money. that's why every government agency has gotten more money for 40 years. but the truth is if you want to solve a problem in a bureaucracy, you don't get more money, you give it less money and ask people to start prioritizing how they spend money and you have a set of goals and consequences. i know the government isn't like business but if we aren't objective about it we've given every single government agency regardless of their performance more money every year. there is no consequence for nonperformance. you can sit and watch pornography every day in a government job and earn the same in benefits as someone trying to do a good job. agencies don't serve the citizens that paper done and somehow we have come to settle
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for this. we should quit talking about revenue neutral tax reform and get on about the business of reducing tax reform because the government spends too much revenue. >> you talked about a political class in america that is heavy in washington and elsewhere as well that leaves the impression they are the smart ones that know how to run government, how to spend your tax money and the rest of us don't. it also includes a lot of republicans. imagine for a moment doing the same thing your whole life.
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we have a lot of politicians are fine public servants but a lot of people in the business of politics and government have done nothing else but the business of politics and government and so it's a little bit like fish swim in water but they don't know it's water. managers are people who do the best they can and if you've been in a system for your life you don't challenge the system anymore. a leader's job is to challenge the status quo. over 80% of the american people come over 80% of the american people believe that there is now a professional political class. it's a nonpartisan feeling on their part that operates against their interests and they are not far off because again our founders intended this to be a citizen government.
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it's what you buy a by, for and of the people mean. when did we decide only politicians can run for public office? dimensioned understanding technology is so important it is a tool that can be used to reimagine government but it's also a tool that can be used to reengage people in the process of their government and has a simple example people feel pretty strongly where money should be spent. i would go into the oval office and have an address and ask them to take up a smartphone. instead of voting for the last season of dancing with the stars or american idol i would like you to vote on the following question. do you think we should know where our money is being spent and i think we could get an
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answer and it would've put pressure would put pressure on the political process. >> you grew up in the stanford campus and ran for the senate in 2010. california has a high poverty rate seems to be spawning immigrants to other states faster than any other state. what in the world is the matter with california? [applause] first i have to correct you slightly. we moved back when i became the chief executive.
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we are celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary tomorrow as a matter of fact. here's what's wrong with california. liberal policies hillary clinton and barack obama are trying to spread throughout the united states. it's liberal policy; he does california now it is california now have the highest poverty rate in the nation they also have the highest income inequality and the highest poverty rates in the nation. you know that back or culture is now being destroyed in california not because we have another drought but california has had droughts for centuries.
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the reason it's being destroyed by this drought is because liberals and environmental policies prevented the building so 70% of the rainfall washes out and then they said farmers get 10% of what they need. i've been to these committees where it's up to 40% where there are acres of land that is now a dust bowl because of policies that are pursued by liberal politicians and i for 1 a.m. in salted when president obama goes out to california for the food bank. people do not want a food bank they want a job.
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>> taxes. >> it tells people they are actually going to save some money but tinkering with the tax code needs people to believe they are not going to get their tax bill cut. where do you stand? >> we have a 70,000 page tax code if ever there was a lead for leadership of management at the tax code. the truth is we have to
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radically simplify the tax code. my young design principle by the way to execute real change you have to have a destination in mind. we are not going to replace those in the federal government. my principal in the tax code would be close every loophole because it's only then we can get to something really simple so first they should be reducing the second to nothing to reduce the complexity of the tax code. we have to get them back to the place where anyone can understand it because then we are favoring those that hire others to help them understand it. it's packed with leaders in
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america have you admired most? >> one of the leaders is senator tom coburn and the reason i have admiration for him is that he has never been afraid to challenge the status quo so every year he publishes details with hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars of fraud waste, abuse and corruption in the government budget and what is so disappointing is nothing happens. we know where this stuff is and where we should go first. it's just we don't have leadership to go there first so
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i hope you will be about and probably some this issue for many years to come. [applause] we have republicans in charge in the house and senate. why can't they get the blueprint that's been put out year after year and in fact some of it? >> i think it is one of the reasons why people feel as though there is a political class that does not operate in their interest i spent a lot of time on all kinds of issues and i truly believe that there is a deep disquiet in this country. people feel as though we are losing something. they feel that we are losing the possibility to influence their
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government. its job is to challenge the status quo to unlock potential in others to make the influence is stronger out of the world. that seems to be the policy to have america play a different role because he may feel it's not always been a good one. nowhere is leadership more needed a van in the world. when america isn't leading the
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world is a dangerous and tragic place. [applause] president barack obama has continuously presented the american people with a false choice if you don't agree with me the only option is to march off to war. remember describing bishara lessard as a positive reformer. there are things that are totally within our control that would make it very clear to the adversaries. anyone that has made this band knows he's not going to be dissuaded by the reset button. there are things we need to do
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to push back against him and until the duty will keep going so far things we can do that are within our control we can rebuild the fleet and we should conduct regular military exercises in the baltic state and speed up their inclusion and armed the ukrainians and do every one of those things. [applause] there are things we can do to help our allies but we are not doing them. you may remember he was in this country and what did he do? he executed and started bombing, contract that authority clinton's response to benghazi. can you imagine what our
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adversaries thought when the secretary of state says this isn't what it's about. he was here because he was asking us for bomb and material. we haven't provided it. we shouldn't do any of those things. and i've never negotiated a nuclear deal but i've negotiated a lot of deals. number one know what your goals are and unless and until you don't find a deal that we haven't achieved a single one of president obama's goals. number two walk away from the table. we've never been willing to walk away from the table.
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this president went into the rose garden and celebrated so what did they say? we've got him. let's go spend the next two months making this deal better for us and worse for them. we have a lot of control over how much money flows through the financial system until they permit the unfettered inspections of every nuclear facility. there are two phone calls i would make him the number one in the oval office so that he is reinsurer. [applause] it's not only that he has to be reassured that we can stand with him and make sure that we are not confused about who is on the
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side of right the legitimate elected state to defend its citizens were a terrorist organization. it's not just that we need to reassure that every other allied is watching how we treat israel because when we treat the strongest ally as were as the state in israel others conclude they cannot count on us and the second phone call i would make is to the supreme leader of iran. he would get the message and its new game new circumstances and financial penalties going on. [applause]
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you've been campaigning since the beginning of the year. what have you learned from -- you worked for john mccain in 2008. what have you learned from being a candidate >> i build a ground game to try to push back the nonsense we get on the democratic party and who gets engaged in the political process. there's a lot of people who've disengaged from the political process. it's the flipside of this fear in the political class that we
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are losing our ability to influence the government. but the deeply care. people are concerned about the future of the nation and concerned that their new wives are discerned. they know the world is a more dangerous place and they want straight talk about real issues. people want to have conversations and of course politics and the policies that pursue dano that this is a complicated and dangerous world but they


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