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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  March 28, 2015 9:04am-9:16am EDT

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in terms of symbolism for isis to have this horrifying historically used to be controlled by muslims, used to be a center for a lot of movement in some history. it appears to lot of people and isis cannot live with them. >> thank you very much. our time is up. [applause] >> hassan plus these for you. [inaudible conversations]
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>> booktv is on twitter and facebook and we want to hear from you. tweet us or post a comment on our facebook page >> he was offered a position at the end of the summer the middle east desk of the national student association for which he had zero preparation. we went off to another congress, the office moved to washington, we move to washington. was thrilling. i went back to school. in october one evening two people who identified themselves as former nsa officials. after dinner we were driven somewhere in northwest washington, it was pitch black,
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to a house, the phone rain. one of the two men picked up the phone and turned to my husband and said i had an errant to run, come with me, leaving behind with the second person. we went into the sun room and he said to me your husband is doing work of great importance to the united states government. we would like -- i would like to tell you more about the nature of that work, but before i do i need you to sign this document. i was recovering from pneumonia but we didn't know how to cancel the appointment so i was so feverish but i am the daughter of several lawyers and i know i am supposed to read fine print only it was so fine i jumped off the page but at that point an important point is i have no reason to distrust the united
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states government. as quaint as that may sound. in 1965. no reason. nor did i have any idea what he was going to say so i signed and i remember words of this. he said the united states government has to support france and its war against the algerian revolutionaries, but it behooves us to get to know the algerian revolutionaries, future leaders, this is part of what he is doing. i didn't have a clue why the united states had to support friends. i didn't know there were algerian revolutionaries but the most important thing at that moment i retained was the word behooves. every time i heard the word be who for the rest of my life the hair on the back of my head would stand up. so he explained, he was deputy director of the cia covert
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action the man who had taken my husband out on a phony errant was the director of covert action, i don't have words to describe how stunning revelations this one's. i didn't work for nsa. i didn't have any responsibilities that my husband suddenly had a case officer. code name and reporting requirements. >> what was his codename? >> his codename was -- his case office's codename was it palace. his codename was not clear, from here. >> he had to sign these. >> he had undergone the same
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ritual the same week war so. they always, they took the why is out to the same ritual because they worried about pillow talk. they didn't want to leave the wives covered if it were. >> you and watch this and other programs online at >> here is a look at some books being published this week. former new york city police commissioner bernard kerrimac shares the story of his fall from grace and explains how his time in prison changed his view of the american justice system. gary scott smith look at religion has influence lives and policies of presidents in religion in the oval office.
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>> look for these titles in bookstores this coming week and watch for the authors in the near future on booktv. >> you are watching booktv and c-span2. nonfiction books and authors every weekend booktv, television for serious readers. >> we bring you coverage of the 20th annual virginia festival of books with panels on vietnam, politics, corruption and the climate. on afterwards peter wallace and argues government housing policies caused the 2008 financial crisis.
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eric stackhillsback discusses isis and geoffrey sax on achieving a sustainable energy goal and grow more fair and a report on two decades of academic fraud at the university of north carolina. for complete television schedule visit booktv 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors, television for serious readers. >> here is a look at the upcoming book fares and festivals happening around the country. this weekend the city of new orleans is hosting the tennessee williams literary festival. nick, the san antonio book festival will take place on the eleventh of april. look for some of this festival's programs to air on booktv in the following week. on april 18th and nineteenth booktv will be live from the university of southern california for the 20th and
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inversely los angeles festival of books. on april 25th the annapolis book festival will be hosted by the key school in annapolis md.. let us know about book fairs and festivals in your ariane and we will add them to our list. e-mail us at >> we have turned the civil rights era into a morality tale in which of course all good people were for it and that is why it triumphed and transformed the country and that is why we don't have to deal with it any more. but that is not how the participants in the civil rights movement saw themselves. they saw themselves as courageously but perhaps also in a way that was foolhardy risking everything, not just their bodies and thus often their jobs. the mortgages on their homes
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that could easily be foreclosed upon by local banks, the futures of their children they saw themselves risking everything for profound social change and they were deeply optimistic in the way the pain-free people can be fitted you just do this, if you just find, things can get better but they were profoundly pragmatic about what was happening to them, violence was indicative of a broad social opposition to the change they were trying to promote. i think in that context they would have been astounded to see an african-american president 50 years later, not surprised to see continuing resistance to the voting rights act. but perhaps most tellingly and most abiding lead they might have been disappointed with that african-american president. i think they would have understood the incredible accomplishment, the incredible symbolism of his election that they might have been disappointed that obama didn't
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bring this sort of first courage of change to the presidency. he didn't see himself in a period in which he was really optimistically but perhaps foolhardy pushing profound social change. instead, very soon after he was elected he pivoted and he began to retreat from race and also from the liberalism. this is how it connects to dog whistle politics. barack obama is the very very sophisticated thinker about how race works. very sophisticated understanding. and he understands that over the last 50 years conservatives have linked liberalism to raise with the basic narrative that says liberalism is about to give aways to minorities, demonize minorities, distress liberalism vote against it. now we have a black democrat who is also going to be a liberal. he was going to be the perfect
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storm. i will be a black democrat but i am going to distance myself from minorities and distance myself from liberals and that way i can be above the fray and not polarized the conversation. not realizing to stay above the fray would be ineffectual in changing the basic direction of his country which is toward increased racial polarization, increase resentment toward government and increased handover of government to the very rich. that is the process that frankly i think he saw but refused to intervene in sell i think we have this period of six seven years into this presidency and is only now, and barack obama had some sense that could be a change agent trying to surface. i wish we had this obama back in


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