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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  March 1, 2015 7:36am-7:46am EST

7:36 am >> in 2008 i got a call from dexter was a very well known war correspondent, and he was a very good friend and would work together very expensively -- extensively in iraq and afghanistan. he called me up and he said hey man, and he talked to everyone with the exact same time whether it's the taliban, become his girlfriend, doesn't matter. he doesn't matter. because the company says hey man, i've got a great assignment. he said, well it's on the talibanization of pakistan. and i remember my husband who was not yet my husband was sitting next to me and he just rolled his eyes and he's like you are not going to be the taliban. i didn't answer. said dexter went to pakistan, and he spent months trying to line up access. and the thing about south asia and the thing about pashto culture, it's a tribal culture is when they bite you in to meet
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them, they will protect you with their lives. so we knew that if tax was able to line this up and invited us in, we would be relatively safe. the one thing we had to worry about was in order to reach the commander he was negotiating with, we had to cross through to other commanders territory. so we got them in mission at the night before we were supposed to leave, we get a phone call from the commanders guys and they said to welcome to come tomorrow at the one thing you cannot do is bring a woman. and subtext and i look at each other and said we said, we are not separated from the way. so our translator who had close ties to the taliban, he said you know, what are we going to do? they said don't bring a woman. we said you have to figure it out because i'm going. and so the next morning he showed a very early and he said, i know, we will say you are mr. dexter's wife and he can't leave his wife alone in a strange city and you must come.
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so we said fine. we just all up and i was completely covered. you couldn't see an ounce of my skin. we got in the car and we go there, and when we arrived at the house, and then go inside and ask permission for me to commend. it's very awkward to bring a woman into the situation because most of these men have never even spoken to are met with a woman who is not either wife or a blood relative. and so i was given permission to come in and i sort of stumbled in and i could barely see. and it was a very small room full of about 20 15 to 20 taliban fighters, and they all had the guns and rockets and weapons and they were just sort of lounging around. and i sat down and dexter said, thank you for letting my wife come. this is my wife. by the way my wife has a camera, you might issue takes some photos? >> you can watch this and other
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programs online at >> each year the chief of staff of the air force assembles a list of books he recommends for servicemen and women. here's the 2015 list.
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>> and that's a look at the air force chief of staff's book list. >> here's a look at some of the upcoming book fairs and festivals happening around the country.
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let us know about book fairs and special in your area and we we happy to add into our lives. e-mail us at >> any of you have done research, especially graduate level research, know that it's very slow and i found myself struggling with the equipment and vacuum bombs and so the progress was incremental at best. writer in the time so it was very dear to me developed a severe case of lupus -- right around that time. in an effort to help her i ended up going to support group meetings and talking to doctors come and just gradually got more interested in medicine as a way to help her but also what was i thinking he was how much was
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uncharted in medicine, how little was known about, for example, lupus or chronic diseases in general. being a physicist i had this idea that if i dug deeply enough i could figure things out for her. but it became very clear that medicine is really is a science of incredible uncertainty. and is largely uncharted. that was appealing to the scientist in me but the biggest appeal was that you know i started these medicine as a way to help people. i know it sounds a little naïve but it was really, the biggest motivating factor for me was. at the time when i was were
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toward the end of graduate school i just don't want to get out of the ivory tower. i wanted to be with people. i wanted to interact with my fellow human beings, and i remember my brother who is a doctor, he's a cardiologist, go but he was in residency at the time and he visited me once in a sort of walked around my lap and i showed them the laser and all the cool stuff i was doing but an exorbitant meanies like, you know this is such an ivory tower. and i remember thinking, you know it was the worst thing he could say to me at that moment because it just really stimulated me to make a big change. so i ended up finishing my ph.d and i applied to medical
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school. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> and you are watching booktv onon c-span2. here's our primetime lineup for tonight. >> historian richard norton
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smith recounts the life and political career of nelson rockefeller. the author recalls rockefellers upbringing. he was the grandson of oil tycoon john d. rockefeller. his four terms as governor of new york and is national political ambitions which result as a tenured for vice president in 1900 country. >> good evening. i'm tom putnam, the rector of the john f. kennedy person shall ever in museum and behalf of the co gothic and delivery foundation of all my library foundation collects, i think you for coming to welcome all those watching on c-span, and acknowledge the generous underwriters of the kennedy library forum lead sponsor bank of america, raytheon, boston capital, the boston foundation and our media partners, "the


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