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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 30, 2015 10:00pm-12:01am EST

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er cities is a national problem. questioning of our justice system is a national problem. so he's right, they are national problems but he's wrong if he thinks that we can't solve them. because, my friends, that is precise ly precisely what we do here together as new yorkers and that's what new york has always done. new york is the state that leads and it always has. we were the first state to stand up for freedom of religion. this state passed an emancipa before abraham lincoln was even born. we passed the first housing reform to guarantee living conditions. we passed the first law
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protecting women's property rights. all of the counted. first county in the nation that allowed women to sit on jur he's. right here in albany county. [applause] . that is that is new york. while washington fights and gridlocks, we find compromise and we move forward. why? because washington defines itself by their differences and we define ourselves by our come onnality their politics divide and our politics unite. that is the difference. between albany and washington. because we have a different belief. we believe in community. we believe in the could not is. that we are all connected. we don't believe that we are all individuals on our own. we believe that there is a
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connection that bienldz us. that there is a core that connects me to you and you and you and that weaves the fabric. when one of us is raise. when one of us is lowered we are all lowered. those are not just words. that is the way we live. that is the way that we operate. lieutenant governor was talking about the snowstorm in buffalo 7 feet of snow. this was an impossible situation. it overwhelmed everything. and people from all over the states dropped everything and came to buffalo to help. and there was a national guards man and i went up to the national guardses man to shake his hand and to say thank you. he said governor i you don't remember me. we met in the north country. no need to say thank you. you came to help us when we had hurricane high irene. it was a from you can from nassau county. and i climbed up on to the
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step and i shook hands with a plow truck driver and i said how long did it take to you get here? . >> 13 hours nassau to buffalo. i said wow!. you know. we are so grateful. and he said no governor. everybody came to us when we had hurricane sandy. and everybody came and we are just repaying the favor. new york city sent up a hundred [applause] new york city mayor de blasio set up a hundred firefighters and all of the equipment. and the same thing with the fdny. i said thank you for coming. and the firefighter said after 99/11 when the entire world showed up to help us
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the new york way is one for all and all for one. and i thought you know what? it is that simple. and it comes down to that simple wisdom and the buffalo coins that we made for the people helped buffalo say exactly that. all for one and one for all. that is really the new york way. and that rally is the new york power of we. the power of we. putting the differences aside finding the come onnality and coming together that is how we have been governing. we believe that despite our differences, at the end of the day. we are one state. we are upstate, and we are down state. are one state. and we are democrats. republicans. we are one state. we are day. straight, we are one state. we are plaque, white. we are one state and that is how we govern. and that is how we come together. and that is how we forge an
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agreement. that is what makes this state so special and that is why i am so honored to be the governor of this great state because the problems are not any one region or one person. the young girl sleeping in a homeless shelter tonight is our daughter. the farmer and the southern tier who is struggling to make end meet -- that farmer is our brother. the child that lives in poverty in rochester today is our child. that is how we govern. that is how we live. as usual, the man who said this best was a new yorker. and a former governor. he was a states man and a visionary. and he was a giant. he was your friend and he was my father. and he said and i quote
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those that made our history taught usa above all things the idea of family. mutuality. benefits. for the good of all. it is an idea essential to our success. into no state or nation that chooses to ignore its troubled regions and people while watching others thrive can call itself justified. we must be the family of new york feeling one another's pain and sharing one another's blessings reasonably, equitiably honestly fairly and without regard to geography. or race. or political affiliation. my father was right then. and he is right now. that is the new york spirit. that is the new york absence that is what makes us professional special and makes us the greatest state in the nation that is the philosophy.
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that has brought us four years of balanced budgets and four years with this state to see more progress than in the past 40 years. that is the philosophy. that is going to take this state to new heights with the good work of this body. working in partnership. working together. and working with respect for all of us. we are going to make this state a better state. and pop, wherever you are and i this i that i know wherefore all of the ceremony in the big house and all of the pomp and circumstance please do not let me forget what makes new york, new york. thank you and god bless you. [applause]
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they don't have frontal lobes to reason. cause and effect. consequences of actions are not very clear to them because their frontal lobes are not at the ready. they are not as readily accessible. it is not that connections can't be may as quickly for split second decision making also don't forget a lot of the hormones are changing a lot in the body of young men and women and the brain hasn't seen these yet in life until you hit teenage years so the brain is trying to learn how to responsive to the new hormones that are rolling around and actually are locking onto receptors. so they are trying to it is trial and error. and i think that this contributes to sort of the very rollercoaster type of experience that we watch as parents. sunday night at 8:00 eastern pacific on c-span's q&a.
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newly elected governor pete ricketts delivered a state the state address where he called on president obama to an of proof the keystone excel pipeline and propose as on hecation and cutting state taxes from the state capital in lincoln, this is a half hour. our senators and distinguished guests. i present to you the governor of the great state of nebraska governor pete ricketts. [applause] thank you very much. [applause] thank you. go ahead and sit down. thank you very much i appreciate it. president foley, speaker hadley, members of the legislature, tribal
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chairman distinguished guests friends, fellow nebraska residents, congratulations once again on the commencement of the 104th nebraska legislature. i want to common you on your willingness to serve your constituents and our great state. i recognize your personal sacrifice as well as your commitment to public service which is a high and noble calling. i look forward to working together in a spirit of collaboration which is of course, the tradition of nebraska's unique nonpartisan institution. our future success did he pens on our ability to work together. i look forward to working with each and every one of you. speaker hadley, it is a pleasure to work with you. i hook forward to seeing what we can do together from
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state. congratulationses on being elected speaker. the confidence your colleagues have new speaks volumes and nebraska is grateful for your dedication. i also want to take a moment to recognize the nebraska national guard. the rolf the men and women that are truly citizen soldiers has never been more important, has never been more difficult for families and never been more dangerous. we live in a world that is dangerous and these men and women not only protect us by deploying to foreign regions but also to keep us safe here at home when we have sit ages like the tornadoes and beaver crossing. we are grateful for their service and sacrifice. and general, i think that you are here. [applause]
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[applause] nebraska is a special place. we are more than just lines on map. we are bound together by more than just our common geography. this is occult you are, away of life and it is how we treat each other with dignity respect, and civility. we have a great state built by our ancestors that made nebraska home for their children and grand children. like our ancestors before us, we have a duty to create an other than better future for our kids and grandkids and just as our ancestors beforous we have a cute to grow nebraska. i am excited to join you to take advantage of the opportunities that we have. i have been encouraged by
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the discussions. i have had with many of you about how we grow nebraska. and as citizen legislators you all bring your experiences, your life experiences to our work. i too have outside experiences. and i promise the people of nebraska to bring my business experience to work for the state. to that end, i have crafted a budget. a blueprint that flows the growth of spending provides for property tax relief and has room to make improvements in the critical areas such as h5n1 s and corrections. also funds the essential services of the state government. let me take a moment to talk about my philosophy on the cash reserve. my budget recommendation will not draw down on the reserves. however right now we have
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too much money now. my believe is that we have to work together to return more of that money to taxpayers. and remaining reserves should be only used for emergencies and critical expenses. it is easy to view a government budget as a collection of numbers and rose and columns for agencies and programs. but behind those numbers are the people's lives. we have to be mindful that every dollar is precious. that the dollars that fund our budgets are dollars that come from hard working nebraska residents. we must also be mindful that the agencies and programs are design today serve our citizens and many of them are people in need. this session we will meet we will debate. we may compromise.
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about the how we set about to fund the important services for the people that we remember represent. that is our job. we will do it with dedication, and commitment. today i am privileged to report on the condition of nebraska. it should come as no surprise that i believe that the state of the state of nebraska is strong. [applause] here in the heart land we have major military install ages. fine academic research centers. and we are at the heart of the nation's agricultural system. nebraska is on the front lines of bioterrorism and preparedness. in the university of nebraska medical center we have the medical professional that's have made national headlines with success and responsiving to the ebola outbreak. i want to recognize that the
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members of the team that are here with us today with their success and bravery. up here we have dr. johnson. kate and shly swooen. please stand. take a bow. [applause] there you are. our people every day heroes all across nebraska are the reason that the state of our state is so strong. from teachers that prepare our children for an ever changing world to the medical professionals of umc. and from the law enforcement officers and firefighters who put themselves at risk
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each and every day to our farm families that feed the world. from the volunteers that build our communities to the crews in the air force base and military families that answer the call. these nebraska residents love to serve. and they are what make our states strong. [applause] i have long said that nebraska's greatest resource is our people. and i know from personal experience that when you had hire a nebraska resident you hire somebody with a great education. a great work ethic. who is loyal. and who will help your business succeed. as i said it before. nebraska is what america is supposed to be. [applause]
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i have travel nebraska to fall city from know folk and i have listen today the people of nebraska. have i been privileged in my travels to connect with old friends like lydia brosh kurt. and jim smith i appreciate making new friends that supported me like dan hughes and john keen on my advisory committee. senator bloom feel throughout northeast nebraska and senators campbell gracious enough to meet with me to discuss the issues. and came to an event that we had with the lieutenant governor mike foley. this budget which was informed by the discussions with many of you and by the fact that i grew up here represent not only the priorities of nebraska residents but the hopes and shared future.
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i am eager to work with you on four major priorities to grow nebraska. the first is strengthening the economy and creating jobs. second reducing taxes. third easing regulatory burdens. and additionally expanding educational opportunities. all of these priorities are inner connect and reflected in my budget recommendations. now because it is so important that we boost the economic engine of our state and create jobs one of my administration's first steps was to conduct a national job search for a new director of the department of economic development. i am proud to have brenda hicks sorenson join my team. her expertise will help to us realize the untapped potential in our state. and we will be well served by her track record.
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tracking and recruiting businesses. we want the world to know that nebraska welcomes business investment. and has good jobs and great communities. brenda will help to us get that message out. creating jobs is more than just a marketing focus. or incentives we need to evaluate small business to expand and grow. we have a plan to attract business investment and business relocations. and we need to be strategic and aggressive for trade opportunities. and there is no better place next panelling the exported opportunities than with agriculture. our farmers and ranches are feeding the world. and according to ron green in the university of nebraska by 015. there will be 2 billion more people on the face of the earth. and because of the rising standards of living we will
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have to produce 100% more food. 70% of that will have to come from productivity and innovation. folks. our farmers and ranchers are the most productive innovative in the world. nebraska is number one forecast will and feed number two for ethanol production. number three and we are the fourth largest for overall agricultural production. i am looking informrd to working with senator johnson and the members of the ag commit other he on how to expand upon these successes. this budget provides additional funds for more export trade anythings in both the department of economic development and the department of agriculture and unmy administration the two departments will work more closely than ever before. job creation in part depends on the tax climate that will encouraging growth. we have a lot of work to do
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to stay competitive with the neighboring states and staying competitive is something often overlooked when we talk about jobs. we need to attract new individuals and families to nebraska. we have a great way of life. and great jobs to offer. and now we will need to highlight these and invite people to make nebraska their home up many employment is 3% in nebraska. the state chamber study said that retabling a skill workforce is one of the top concerns foreour business leaders. we have long discuss the problem of brain drain. i will tell you as a dad, i went all roads to lead back to nebraska. [applause] to do that, we will need to
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remove the obstacles. that is one reason why we must reduce taxes. a coring to one national business news network we are the third overall tax state behind only california and new york. now think about that for a second. we can do better. our high tax reality will not just hit the walls of citizens it. will create a reputation. it will discourage our businesses from new business investment and high taxes to discourage people from choosing nebraska as a place to work live and raise our family. and there is one consistent message that i have heard in every corner of the state. property tacks are too high. [applause] my budget adds 60 million
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dollars each year to the property tax contract relief fund that is nearly a 43% increase and it will create a grand total for 400 million dollars. this property tax relief will help all nebraska home owners business owners and our farms and ranchers. an example of somebody that we can help is roger brandt. a farmer from wayne county. and he is here today. roger, can you stand up please. [applause] when iment eight with roger last spring roger showed me his tax assessments from three pieces of property that he owns. and his assessments increased from 30 to 50%. on each parcel that was just in one year.
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folks that is not sustainable. that is why i also want to work with you to reduce the valuations on egg land. and i have funned a phased in approach in my budge tote reduties evaluation from 7 5% to 6 5%. now we did not get to be a high tax state overnight. we are not going to get our tacks down overnight either. but together we can take important steps to providing tax relief. i do want to take a moment to talk about our priorities. one of the most important things that we do in government is take care of the most vulnerable people in our state. we as elected officials give voice to the voiceless. and we can and we must do better. my administration is conducting a national jobs search for the new ceo for health and human services.
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[applause] thank you it i many am looking for a transformational leader inform come in and to reform that culture. the state government needs to work for the children who are in the care of the state. for the individual that's are in our facilities and rely on government services. we need occult you are in our state agencies that are people centric. the people that we help do not fit neatly into the silos real estate and use service as cross the division. we need a system that will help the entire person and help them to reach their full potential and if possible to live a life free of public assistance. [applause]
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there will always be people that will continue to need our work. and we will serve them with dignity, respect and more effectively. [applause] and better outcomes from the people, our costs will come down as well. many people that need our services will need a hand up to get back on their feet. we have to pretend the government from getting in their way. last year i met suzanne schultz. suzanne is widow and has three kids. they receive health insurance through medicaid. she works hard and is intent on teaching her children the value of a great work ethic just like her father taught her. so when her 16-year-old daughter get a job and was told that if she earned more than $6,000 a year she would
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lose her health care insurance, suzanne was infuriated and i don't blame her suzanne and her family have joined me today. they are up on the balcony. suzanne. [applause] suzanne and her children put faces on our need for common sense approach for a government that doesn't create incentives for people and families to work. [applause] next, it is time to pursue comprehensive reform in our corrections system. another department in need of cultural reform. [applause] scott grace will be joining my administration as the new
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director of the department of corrections. he brings a wealth of experience with over 32 years in the corrects system. starting out as a corrects officer he worked his way up through the ranks before moving up into management. i am confident that he will help to us chart a new course for this agency. inmates released earl other by mistake. and threaten not only the public safety but also the public's trust in their government. nobody in corrections wanted the mistakes to occur. but they did. we have got to do better. under the director we will create a culture of accountability common sense and excellence. and will seek time prove the rent tree program. we will immediately evaluate our short-term and our long-term needs and set out on a course of reform for this system. this budget leaves room to
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address the immediate needs that we have in corrections. many of you here today have worked to tackle this issue. this is no branch of government that has a corner on the market of good ideas or solutions. we have to work together executive, legislative and judicial for comprehensive reform that includes addressing sentencing good time laws and facilities management. also mental
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it turned internet businesses will expand and grow nebraska. [applause] 's another way i have taken action to drive operational excellence is a a private sector solution to create the position of chief operating officer. i have hired us marine corps army captain and the business executive with a proven track record of success in change management and process improvement.
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one more proposal, an important one. like many of you, i believe that we need to eliminate the state income taxes on our military families. [applause] i have left the room in this budget package to work with the chairman and the revenue community to give our veterans relief. chairman i know i want to thank you for your service in the u.s. air force and know that you understand how important it is to take care of our veterans. from the cruise that the air force base to the national guard we cannot thank our men and women in uniform enough and do not want to lose these treasured resources to another state. [applause] besides high taxes and lost talent business leaders say
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overregulation is a top concern. we all want clean air water, and working conditions, but we must also apply common sense of that we don't create barriers for businesses. we get our property tax bill we can see exactly how much we are paying. the cost of regulation is it a job killer on the same as governor i will stand up to the overregulation forced on us by washington ._health care mandates for employers, epa overreach, epa overreach and carbon emissions are waters in the us or the delay of the keystone pipeline washington just does not get it. [applause] 's i urge congress and pres.
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obama to swiftly approve the keystone pipeline. it would bring much needed tax revenue to nebraska counties during construction and for years to come. back here at home we want to set a good example. i will ask, agency directors to make it a priority to innovate ways to reduce regulatory burdens and delays. proper regulation protects our health and safety. overregulation delays progress and growth. we can and will do better. as we seek to create jobs slow the growth of government to reduce taxes and fight burdensome regulation we must continue to strengthen our education system. as we balance the budget we must ensure that we put a a priority on proper funding and improve educational
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outcomes. in particular, i talk a lot about vocational training. every manufacturer i have talked with said that they cannot find enough skilled labor and is a barrier for them expanding. to to address this i propose an investment and innovation my budget includes funding for a pilot program, $250,000 to form a public-private partnership to create vocational training. a great option for young people that are looking for jobs i pay jobs and are still labor force, manufacturing and agriculture. they were telling me that if you get a two-year electrician's degree at high school's and come work for them you make $22 an hour, $23 an hour stay their a year a year and pass to test any making $28 an hour. think about that.
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that's a 21 -year-old making $56,000 year plus full benefits. as the start of a great career. now, as i mentioned before we honor the service of our national guard. my budget recommendation recommendation includes an additional hundred $20,000 per year's per total of more than $488,000 of tuition assistance for these dollars of tuition assistance for these patriots who serve in our nebraska national guard. [applause] we need to help them further their education as well. as we worked together out what you to know about the culture we're fostering and my administration. everyday i want my team to ask a couple of questions how can i serve i serve the people of the basket better today and what can we be
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doing to make the best place where people want to be? well, many of us in this chamber have different political philosophies, come from different ends of the state's i know that we are united in our desire to make nebraska a better place for our communities and for our children and grandchildren. we are united in our desire to make nebraska a place where people want to be. from the native americans and nurture a rich the pioneer homesteaders to the founders of our great businesses, universities farms, and branches from our ancestors built more than just as they come with a built a community reflects the very best of america. our ancestors made sacrifices for future generations for the greater good nebraska and so too will focus on the future of nebraska. will harness the spirit of
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our ummc heroes and all the nurses and doctors across the state. call upon the dedication of our police and firefighters nebraska cities and towns harness the determination of roger grant and nebraska's veterans and call upon the hard work and aspirations of suzanne shell and her family and all the hard-working families across the breast. it will work together to buy strength acting on there behalf and grow nebraska. [applause] 's thank you all very much for what you do for our great state. god bless and have blessed the people of our great state.
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[applause] [applause] [applause] 's. [applause] >> keep track of the republican-led congress and follow its new members to its 1st session, knew session, new congress, best access on c-span, c-span2 c-span radio and >> colorado governor began his 2nd term in 2000 congress. after his swearing in the government as does the achievements of his 1st term. this this is this is 25 minutes.
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>> i will support the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of colorado and will faithfully perform the duties of the office of governor of the state of colorado to which i am about to enter so help me god. [applause] ♪ 's
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please show your appreciation for the chief justice for joining us this morning. please morning. please be seated for a moment. [applause] i i waited for ten years for this. there are 35 senators 35 senators in colorado, 65 members and one governor. the magic number is 33 18 and one. that is what it takes to get a law passed. it is my pleasure to finally introduce you to the one our government. [applause]
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>> sit down for my goodness. i took took my coat off to demonstrate you that compared to four years ago this is balmy. i want to recognize in addition to those who were just morning, many of the distinguished guests and advocates for the state that i here with us this morning. governor lamb and his wife former secretaries of state davidson and pressure supreme court justices of the senior commander vaccaro national guard, former atty. gen. john's others for john sellers for outgoing secretary of state, chairman heart units, councilwoman mary and i represent from
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norway, morocco, netherlands, canada, the 12 chairs of our inaugural committee including rick hopkin who has been a remarkably supportive organizer in front. the legislative escorts. masters of ceremony and, of course, my family, extended family friends from every corner of my life. the chances that we can get together like this are slim. i also want to recognize many of my cabinet present and past. on behalf of myself and lieutenant governor garcia's perspective and support has been so invaluable to me and to this day especially when
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it comes to our education agenda, we want to give our thanks to all of you who have gathered here today. i know it is a bit chilly but in your company we feel the warmth of and support. four years ago when i took the oath of governor i stood on the steps in reference and referenced what a wise man once told me. humility has at least two essential ingredients knowing that any aspect of your life can collapse of an instant and sincere gratitude that it is not. what i share those words in my 1st inaugural address i thought i understood the meaning. 's. i had experienced loss. is he a boy lost my father them as a young man i lost my job. during those two years out of work began and began to lose my confidence in question my self-worth. i also experienced a fair amount of success things for which to be grateful.
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while i was unemployed i watched a group up and then a few more and found success in his new life as an entrepreneur. i met a wonderful woman and we married and celebrate the birth of our son. i i was twice elected mayor of denver but during these past four years have gained a much deeper appreciation for the meaning of that wise man's words. i gained a deeper appreciation for the breadth and depth of what can collapse as the. those seemingly endless strings of wildfires the floodwaters that destroyed colorado homes, ravaged communities and took lives they were the horrific shootings. i attended more funerals during my 1st term that i had previously attended in my entire life. i watched parents week by the coffins of the children. a dear friend a man who
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personified public service was assassinated while in service to the state. and although it pales in comparison command my own home and i found ourselves. i want to thank you for your support and love as i watch you grow into a man 's. i am in awe of your maturity and your generous. you are you are an old soul and a constant source of pride for your mother and i. [applause] any one of these events would get a person to do some soul-searching. altogether and you cannot help but wonder why.
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i i found myself remembering things my mother taught me that because we experience our times we can better appreciate the good times it's. we are obliged to recognize and celebrate opportunities for joy and that each of us is responsible for helping to shape our own fate. after my father died she said that in life we often cannot control what happens to us that we can control how we respond. as mothers, as it turns out really do no best. time and again he would rush to the to the scene of unspeakable and unforeseen tragedy. i was awestruck by how coloradans chose to respond. in the chaotic aftermath of aurora, those communities with the stench and charred
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wreckage of homes was all that that remained, throughout the towns were in an instant so much was washed away and arapahoe county where your grill by the name of clara davis one moment sitting on the bench eating a chocolate chip cookie outside her school library and the next moment thing was shot by classmate i saw selflessness and heroics by 1st responders and civilians alike to put others before themselves. i i witnessed the remarkable courage and kindness of neighbors helping neighbors strangers helping strangers. i was invited into extraordinary acts of forgiveness and love. four years ago when i i stood on the steps as governor elect a knew enough to know i could never anticipate all of what is required of ago. i thought i had a pretty
10:53 pm
solid notion of what the job entails. i was wrong. on this day, as i stand before you head once again take the solemn oath to serve as your mind about the same person that i was warriors ago command in the same way colorado is not the same state it was four years ago. we not we not only endured fires, floods, and such as violence. we took almost four years ago, i was in a precarious state lagging behind most of the nation may to job growth unemployment was at 91%. the state had $1 billion deficit and we were able to put only 2% of 2 percent of our state funds in an emergency reserve's. they desperately needed improvement.
10:54 pm
he gazed along, boiling water over water rights. cut severely. oil and gas industry at the table trying to find common ground. same-sex couples were denied the same rights to life, liberty, and the and the pursuit of happiness that heterosexual married couples enjoy. now a presence is in stark contrast to the past. despite the unexpected challenges and heartbreaking events according to any number of independent rankings colorado is one of the top state in the nation when it comes to starting a business but overall economic growth and economic opportunity. [applause] 's we cut unemployment by more than half of what it
10:55 pm
was. our budget is now balanced and we have 6.5% 6.5 percent of general fund dollars dedicated to the emergency reserve. we we have expanded lanes on both sides of the twin tunnels the 1st expansion, the 1st major improvement project between the analysis the purpose of 50 years ago. [applause] we were informed of the state constitution and now have the opportunity to recruit the best talent and instituted only system to redtape and western slope moving forward together in managing our state's most precious resource.
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we brokered agreements on rules to disclose the content's rules they go a long way to eliminating methane gas emissions. at long last same-sex marriages are legal. it's it is placed in the model state. much of colorado's economic success has been due to the risk-taking and investment of colorado's business community and the hard work of people throughout the state. our state's economic development strategies and our collaboration with the private sector. it's served almost all of my
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1st term as executive director of the office of economic development as often happens with the 1st term ends in the 2nd begins some cabinet members transition to new lives of there own. a couple weeks ago on his last day on the job he sent out an e-mail to staff and in it he shared thoughts. he wrote my grandfather builders. it's one of the treasures pastor my grandfather to my father 1923 book entitled avails carpenter hildegard. the book begins with a quote when we build let us think that we build forever. let it not be for present
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use. let it be such work. we should keep that in mind as we embark on the next four years and continued. many opportunities for performance. we also face many challenges such challenges we cannot foresee. others we no are living. chief among them is our budgets, financial. the state constitution mandates that we increase our expenditures and simultaneously cut taxes. that doesn't sound like it makes much sense because it doesn't. nothing can grow and shrink at the same time. however,. however, it is also true that careful pruning can allow quicker and stronger, more directed graph.
10:59 pm
and and as we work to resolve this inherent conflict with must must constantly ask ourselves what exactly we are proposing to build to borrow a phrase it is something for our present data like or something that we will to serve future generations and coloradans. so what we will be built next? we will continue to build a colorado were economic opportunity installed in every corner. the colorado where entrepreneurs flock to start businesses in the long-term unemployed can get back in the game. just last week we launched an initiative to pull together resources from several departments with a single line of objectives to assess weight 7,000
11:00 pm
coloradans of our long-term unemployed's. many of these people are assets eager to be harnessed, your to have a chance to earn there way and redefine themselves and succeed. we will continue to build a colorado with the best managed government were the foundation of our budget is stronger for generations to come to the healthiest in the country where we think holistically about the health of our citizens and our struggle. cost-effective care and have the best. a colorado where we continue to balance our treasured natural spin to the natural splendor with their industry and government being held to the highest standards and work together to protect,
11:01 pm
conserve, and investor more. a colorado where all of our children have access to a first-rate education regardless of zip code. funding funding for higher education is transparent fair and gets results. i colorado with safe and livable communities that are free from discrimination and promote equality. the state, like our country, was built by immigrants. a colorado where infrastructure development supports the needs of our growing state population. we will pursue a strategy to add capacity and on i 25 from wyoming to new mexico and continue to build this colorado together forging alliances among the private sector the public sector command our nonprofit community recognizing that colorado can only reach its
11:02 pm
full potential with all coloradans reaching their full potential. now, our lives change in some ways. here is where they have not. i i remain a relentless, some would say incorrigible optimist. i i believe there is no margin in making enemies. i believe that if we are willing to compromise and collaborate on what may seem like an imperfect solution it is far better than if we claim to -- playing too entrenched positions and work against one another in pursuit of different allegedly perfect solutions. progress, even if incremental is better than gridlock. people are happiest when they are helping others. in fact, today we're now seeing now seeing the random acts of kindness campaign
11:03 pm
from our hope and always a coloradans will perform 10,000 random acts of kindness between now and july 14. i believe that no party party, no person, no one individual has all the answers. i will always give great weight to the facts and believe i must consult my heart, my conscience, and i will always look for the solution that is the greatest benefit for the most coloradans. i tend to believe that trust is born of shared experience, and in a a shared belief that every one of those matters. i am grateful and honored that i have learned to trust we have been through a lot together, overcome a lot together and together we we will continue to build a colorado not just for our
11:04 pm
present day use in the light but one that gives every coloradans a fair chance of prosperity, opportunity, and joy for decades to come. one one other way is my belief colorado is a place that we will be defined more by its future that is passed another another thing i believe is that future begins the day and i am eager and honored to get on with the. god bless you all, plus colorado. [applause] [applause]
11:05 pm
[applause] >> c are some of our featured programs for this weekend on the c-span networks
11:06 pm
in his 1st state of the state address bill walker talked about the state's state's shortfall for by the recent drop in oil prices. his 40 minute speech comes to us courtesy of kgo tv.
11:07 pm
>> thank you. thank you very much. president kevin meyer, speaker, lieutenant governor members of the legislature members of the next my fellow alaskans it is in order to stand before you. i am humbled to serve alaska is your government and you have my pledge that i will always put alaska 1st. i will forever be ready to work with anyone shares this value. tonight. tonight i deliver the state of the state address. this is a rare privilege to which i have so much to my family. i want to begin by recognizing my 1st lady of
11:08 pm
37 years and now alaska's 1st lady ms. donna walker. [applause] [applause] has as all of you who have met her know she is one amazing, smart lady who truly has a servant's heart. i want to introduce two of our four children lindsay and jordan walker. [applause] next, i want to recognize my friend and alaska's lieutenant-governor. [applause]
11:09 pm
and i i also want to recognize his bride of 42 years. [applause] died and i treasure our with you both and with your entire large family i also want to thank the cultures of our transition team. [applause] i want to thank them for all their hard work. hundreds of alaskans
11:10 pm
contributed to our transition process. alaska is better for it. lieutenant-governor and i express i express our profound gratitude. thank you. thank you. i am committed to carrying forward the vision of a collaborative approach to solving alaska's problems. now that we are in office byron and i made a few changes. traditionally lieutenant-governor's office is at the far end of the 3rd floor and now he has an office about 6 feet from my own. he has a standing invitation. my calendar is open command he has a a standing invitation to attend every meeting that i have. i have a better reading become of that. i thank you very much. ..
11:11 pm
>> >> not on short-term political expedience. it is our obligation to make sure all alaskans experience the opportunity this state provides. our challenge is made we cannot afford zero some politics. this administration has put a premium on solutions and strong ideas regardless of forum where they come. being from alaska transcends party affiliation.
11:12 pm
as my friend says no one political party has a monopoly on a good ideas. i speak for everyone in this room when a similar accord to working together with the federal delegation. we rotor to attend the swearing in earlier this month for travel also spoke with senator murkowski and congress may and young and we pledged to work together to make the most of our god-given resources and gas, at long last responsibly access saying to reserves of amr anwr. we must is we on time. members of this legislation i am honored to stand before
11:13 pm
you. i look forward to working together to overcome the challenges before us. the men and women of this river no stranger to adversity. seven to have beaten cancer or no poverty or have overcome tremendous challenges in life. educators come of lawyers, of farmers and veterans and contractors and health care providers providers, pilots, engineers providers, pilots, engineers , accountants and even their reindeer herder. with this is then shared love for our state and people and a desire to serve and give back to make a difference. the opportunity this sacred obligation over the next four years to and the alaska better than we received and to secure the blessings of future generations.
11:14 pm
opportunity is what inspires alaska. the desire to get up to put in a good day's work to build a better future. there are those of us here by birth or by choice. but your family has been here five years are five generations or 5 million riyal alaskans. we're descendants of adventures, retrievers, and the survivors those two will except to know for a dancer and to have an opportunity for those who sought colder temperatures. some of us are descendants of resource will a brazilian people deeply rooted to
11:15 pm
prove the bounty of those turning bones into art and water into electricity. this is who we are alaskans alaskans, there is power in who we are and where we live. and gives us great hope for the future despite the challenges that he and. -- at hand. i will present the state of the budget alaska is experiencing a significant drop of revenue. the price of oil has dropped more than to 2 percent over six months this moves us from a $7 million per day deficit six months ago to a $10 million per day deficit today. is unsustainable and unacceptable. we can and will do better.
11:16 pm
with the recessions of the 1980's to date 500,000 barrels per day air flying through the pipeline the impact of low oil prices has intensified by production in today facing three par-5 billion dollar deficit from savings, some may call this a crisis psychology challenge and opportunity. we have an opportunity to make a constructive changes the challenge of a traditional way to do business. prior to the 64 earthquake my family has the only home building business in valdez when the earthquake struck it devastated the committee that we had to relocate the entire town. as a result nathalie didn't lose all materials and tools will be faced a down period.
11:17 pm
we could not practice their trade we could not build in the old town in the new was not ready for construction. but we never stopped looking for word. our focus was fixed to future prosperity. we had to continue on to do things differently and be creative for career had to pull together as a family and make sacrifices. lots of sacrifices. weld there are no houses to be built to financially survive we ceased the opportunity in the walker family became janitors. our hard work paid off. when the new town was ready be able to remove the stem by houses in the old town and have them moved on to foundations and be sold. however when we did it move
11:18 pm
the house says he had to adjust to became house movers. this is when learned from my parents. don't panic when times are tough. make a play and. stick to it, stay focused focused, stay positive and get to work. now is not the time to sound the alarm but to pull together to make a plan plan, sharpen the focus to get to work. we have the tools we have the ingenuity, we have the team and we will work their way out to build an even stronger alaska. [applause] on december 26 i took immediate action as administrative orders that
11:19 pm
all they get projects stand down until we assess the overall cost of benefits to the state. i think the leadership of both to assist with the helpful suggestions regarding the state's financial situation. we have reached out to all alaskans to solicit input from the budget situation as well and we have received thousands of responses. we have been naskhi university of alaska campuses to look at suggestions mustapha tells me this is called crowd sourcing. [laughter] i just called it reaching out to alaskans. >> one of the highest priorities of might administration the most energy rich states in the nation in god has blessed us
11:20 pm
with almost unlimited resources. so many of my fellow alaskans wake up in a cold house says i did it roll alaska. if it was a country we would be among the top eight energy producers in the world. we can and must do better. this administration has made it a priority to reduce energy consumption with public buildings including schools increasing energy efficiency to better be compensated on services provided. when it comes to public buildings and schools wasted energy is government waste. every girl ring economy in the world has one thing he cop -- and, which is low cost energy. this administration will not rest and telesco is squarely
11:21 pm
on track to become the economic powerhouse to diversify our economy to five this legislature has done good work over the past few years from widely incentivizing to recognize the importance of the gas line. your the additional tests made a difference. 37n years ago donna and i cheered a antaeus in the streets with hundreds of alaskans at the first barrel of oil revived in valdez. a few months later we were married and i began working on a large volume gas line. velazquez it is time to
11:22 pm
build the gas line to liquefied natural gas to the world markets. [applause] under my administration and we will finally begin building the pipeline to tide water. i have waited 37 years to say that. [laughter] under this administration we will begin building the gas line at to tidewater. [applause] it will be done to a maximum extent allowed under the law. and will comply with mandates that the resources be developed for maximum use and benefit. i was honored to have the major japanese energy consortium travel last month
11:23 pm
for inauguration. i have made first official meeting as your governor about 10 days later they returned with the memo of understanding. since citing that buyers as contacted me expressing interest on the way to church on christmas eve fire received a call from a major japanese company. i took a call. the market is responding and we know alaska is time to engaged ever gets to diversify and create long-term fiscal stability and job growth. it is beyond time to complete what those have started on this political project. [applause]
11:24 pm
>> it is also long past time for last fed to focus on value-added job opportunities with resources. that is also a constitutional mandate. as import we support others as a colony but one that is said finished product that is the economy. lng is a finished product process fish with the rail and highway infrastructure available there should be rephrased:dash refining products already this affordable energy her gore real great example is right here in juneau. in 1986 to entrepreneurs to
11:25 pm
invest 80 people to invest $5,000 each to start what is now the largest brewery in alaska. it employs 70 full-time workers also for container is a day across alaska to become of leader by developing innovative technology to reduce tiso consumption by 70 percent. we have the duty to future generations to make the most of our resources with fiat added projects. to utilize alaskas water a manager will be to do with the same ingenuity to oil, natural gas, timber and mineral resources.
11:26 pm
and perhaps the greatest source is the allure of alaska is self that draws to a million visitors every year. the tourism industry creates a loss 50,000 jobs and has an economic impact of $4 billion each year. this is a healthy industry with a dynamic partnership between private enterprise and state and local government and industry that has potential of limitless growth to our economic well-being. this evening there are tens of thousands of alaskans who could be covered at no cost. these are mothers and fathers or sons and daughters who will go to bed and with fear that despite the best efforts one injury
11:27 pm
away from losing everything. that is wrong. we will put an end to that on my watch. [applause] and began taking steps to except the 100 percent federal funded medicaid expansion in a first day in office. many state medicaid expansion is not just for the health of our citizens but our economy. it is estimated this could create as many as 4,000 new health care jobs in alaska. as a commissioner of health and human services we have begun the process to thousands of friends and
11:28 pm
neighbors they queue for all your hard work in this area commissioner. [applause] >> also as a top party of my administration the epidemic of rape or sexual assaults must end. we although the numbers but even one case is one too many. lost with facts and figures are the victims themselves women or children or families torn apart and each of us with the well-being of the last his family is especially our children is something each of you care about deeply and in 2009 working as a case worker for children's services she saw
11:29 pm
first hand the heartbreaking neglect and abuse being suffered by the most reliable population. velazquez children. agreeing to serve as honorary chair of the children's trust organization to provide solutions to prevent neglect for art ask my commissioners to evade the pack to fight the epidemic. i will also ask the state and local officials to help develop community based solutions to continue to work alongside the agencies in these areas to recreate a solid action plan. are also asked this legislature make alaska of the next day to pass this into law. [applause]
11:30 pm
this is the bill to enable our schools to implement a proven age appropriate program members of the legislature if you bring this to my desk and i will sign it. [applause] >> we will take an important step for our precious alaskans. we think the men and women who would serve with honor and integrity. you and have made it the commitment to our state in the short on your services tomorrow the attorney general will they and the independent special investigator to examine what went wrong with the alaska air national guard. that investigator will have
11:31 pm
full access to all paper and electronic evidence to get to the bottom of sexual assault allegations misconduct and cover-up. as commander-in-chief let me assure you that perpetrators will be brought to justice and face incarceration or both 35 i also want to thank the men and women of law enforcement who put their lives at risk every day to protect us. and with the two the number killed in the line of duty our thoughts employers are with the families and those families of other law enforcement officials of servicemen and women please
11:32 pm
join me to honor the families of sargent johnson in true for rich to graciously accepted our invitation to be with us this evening. [applause] with military and law-enforcement family size before all alaska 54 your sacrifice your fathers and husbands and mothers and daughters are the heroes the project freedoms to keep us safe. please join me once again to
11:33 pm
honor all men and women in uniform for the sacrifices and service. [applause] turning to education resurveys in the largest budget deficit in alaska's history to get on track we must make difficult decisions. sometimes we have to make sacrifices. we will protect education funding from the state fiscal situation to the greatest extent possible. we will continue to invest in education as it is the highest rate of not when oil was over $100 a barrel.
11:34 pm
it brings about a new day in alaska of realist respond carefully so i asked educators to ba reserves fall i told the educators and the highest regard to repress principals and administrators to provide for the needs of schools statewide. it is a mandated responsibility i have not and i will not forget that. the days of resources of the work force must come to london to. alaskans are the hardest working people in though world let's make sure they get the jobs of today and tomorrow. [applause]
11:35 pm
we do that by being creative teachers and administrators thinking outside the box. i began my education while the school facilities were rustic. i quality of education is what i remember so much. each and every teacher taking on the high calling church caterer children with improvement in our schools rhaetian also celebrated achievements. in nevada last month that one of the toughest wrestling tournament in the country to earn a the tournament's outstanding wrestler award. [applause] >> josh is the first all-american athletes and
11:36 pm
was accepted to the naval academy. this spring capturing a silver medal at a competition from teams around the world. reserves as a reminder has the talent and drive to use exceeded is up to us to provide the opportunity to do so. we need to increase its electronics in alaska and to for those who choose college alaska is fortunate to have great universities across the state. it is time to develop a different relationship. too often we reach out to
11:37 pm
give the same or better analysis could be purchased here or in the private sector. arguably the greatest knowledge of studies can be found at the university of alaska burbank. the research institute here shows the leading authority of fisheries management. with the trading activities. in the competitive of the alaska receive your industry to meet the workforce needs for. last week i held our first cabinet meeting renamed the conference room to the cabinet room and will use extensively as the cabinet. at my invitation the
11:38 pm
university of alaska president has a standing invitation to be represented is in cabinet meetings. to be sure referral a harness the infrastructure and financial resources. lasso want to thank this legislature for all you have done on the critical issue of policy for the next two years our nation and shares the arctic council. but not alaska without inez states we would not be a nation at all for this reason of the estimated 20 readings most are held here in alaska i have established a cabinet level position and have named craig to the post he has previously served as a permanent member of the
11:39 pm
council of to be a vigorous advocate as the council addresses transportation navigation in travel issues and climate change and public and private partnerships. given current oil prices there is discussion about the challenges here in alaska for gore don't dispute the numbers but to those to say alaskas finest-- are behind us i say they're looking in the wrong direction. before we had money we had gets. [laughter] alaska has trillions of dollars of value drafted our water and underground. i have twice been to washington d.c. to meet at the highest level to discuss
11:40 pm
infrastructure rand rate of the tory damage or what we need to develop our resources. the prospects are nearly limitless but we cannot keep up the same fight and expect a different result. the facts are on our side. we can and will -- will use them. and forge a path for word. there also under our votes. said to be a crucial sector every it poaches a small family business to keep books -- on the deck for our high quality products.
11:41 pm
so solid investments they continue to make in communities. michael is to continue to further develop these resources for the we will go to alaska time frame to follow the mandate for the maximum benefit to alaska. but to me this means having them do the work i have been a fierce advocate a want them to commute to but not from mississippi. [applause] and here in alaska not houston texas. [laughter] [applause] it will be a priority of this administration to buy alaska rand possible.
11:42 pm
or just about anything else i urge all alaskans to do the same. with those commodities that we export the most is our money is something we can all do for businesses and personal lives. jamaica purchase of a state we and though local multiplier effect. think about which business we make donations and contributions. those in the home town that is part of what alaska first means. and we consume fat percentage today those under 5%. our administration has a
11:43 pm
renewed commitment to provide economic needs of alaskans. we should also be working our vegetables grown in the valley and elsewhere in the state. our characters are eight times sweeter than those in california? if you spent two summers at the state fair you learn this. [laughter] alaskans there are challenges ahead but so many of the significant call the servants come in the face of diversity when we have worked together with no agenda but to strengthen and prosper our state her gore remember alaskans reaching out to fight for statehood to build and need after the earthquake and as of a teenager driving to burbank
11:44 pm
helping friends of the flood and whether it is a fuel shortage gore fires or the yukon the threat of a military base closures we rising and survive as one as we support all alaskans. [applause] when we build each other up and work together nothing can shake us. we persevere and dare to achieve i urge all alaskans to be cognizant and like the earthquake to not let herself become overwhelmed of the enormity and. let us understand the work that must be done to create
11:45 pm
a prosperous future. to the members of this esteemed body but this is not going to consume less. it is hard to put these into practice but the public is looking to take action and we must deliver. just like degeneration in before us we must on seek the republican answer or the democratic cancer but the right answer for alaska's. [applause] it will be a tough and remain not always agree, but i am confident we will achieve the best outcome for alaskans.
11:46 pm
but on the bottom line honor the legacy of our past as we create opportunity for those who look north to the future. as a late senator ted stevens said do what's best for alaska and that is exactly what we will do. may god bless you and the state of alaska's. [applause]
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
>> we will call the meeting to order with u.s. commission on civil rights ruled by to welcome everyone who is with us today or testifying were members of the audience for those joining us with the audio link or live streaming on one of the civil-rights topics. this is just trying to make our work more transparent the hope to use technology to allow americans and two-room use technology skills and capabilities.
11:49 pm
to date we are conducting as well as the condition that the borders with the new vice chair as a last the commissioners. and also joining us by phone. but the purpose is to advocate equal protection concerns with immigration and customs enforcement over the treatment of detainees in detention centers across the country better being held under federal law. experts you will see will talk to us about those issues they face from a government perspective as well as the ngo perspective
11:50 pm
and other activists have information to share with us from a personal perspective by want to reiterate tumor colleagues for approving this hearing. and has been an important to leave looking and immigration starting 1980 with our report on the tarnished golden door. in 2003 looking at the civil rights of migrant communities and the advisory is committed to ensuring all immigrants have rights and forced. undermined chairmanship to say that this is not the first time we have addressed civil rights and immigration. the first time of the field
11:51 pm
hearing for those that were in favor of the enforcement laws from alabama or south carolina, georgia to talk not only to the advocates but those who were proposing these laws to find the issue that they have discrimination on hate crime and bullying and lack of access to educational opportunities. the report will, that fiscal year. on the occasion of the refugee children expressing concerns to be afforded to these children also based on allegations by the justice center and the aclu detailing allegations with
11:52 pm
deferred action and executive faction a majority of the commission commended him for no one and that would affect the civil rights for the next family is a and finally to be very active on this issue to issue a report in december on the implications of comprehensive immigration reform to the immigrant communities of the illinois. this hearing today is extremely important in our history to examine issues of civil rights and this is a particularly important topic twoonie wealthy individuals who are in custody are as diverse as the overall from which they come. many of them are latinos as the first latino chair i
11:53 pm
feel a compress -- a personal commitment patras' the nation builds upon immigrants from a family member coming from somewhere else we have a commitment to freedom that is liberty to ensure when individuals are in care and custody to the best of our ability reinsurers civil-rights is in force. we cannot allow that to be outsourced we know in the prison system is contracted out that it doesn't allow the government or people to outsource or contract out the commitment how to use satellite ashab this is an issue that affects all americans and as we proceed into daylight the things those who are participating to have a robust and thorough discussion to be mindful of the opportunities
11:54 pm
to explore innovation and all to the present to the president of right and duty and obligation how we. 2fu
11:55 pm
>> >> spotlights the deed for the government agencies to see who was detained and you can have an alternative behalf particularly with women's children and families and has a greater urgency for the government to do everything it can to oversee the facilities of
11:56 pm
the conditions are consistent with international human-rights standards and day highest values of compassion as americans and i would like to thank everyone who will testify today as well as those who are willing to submit a written testimony to the web site also like to take the hard-working staff for their excellent preparation of today's hearing even though i cannot ask questions i did read everything. unfortunately because of federal rules that have to recuse myself because of a relatively recent work on behalf of human rights groups working to prevent the tension and prior to becoming a commissioner last july when i was appointed by president obama. so we do look forward to hear everyone's testimony about such a great issue facing our nation.
11:57 pm
thank you. >> today's briefing will feature 14 distinguished speakers he will give you their points of view and we have asked each beaker to break them up into four different panels and guidelines and standards will be reviewed. that has private detention facilities and panel's three will touch on legal challenges and to conclude with the civil rights associated ihd chen centers. then the panelists will have seven minutes then to maximize time please me brief including commissioners. there is a system of warning
11:58 pm
lights. tomb minutes remaining you see the yellow light so then you will see that happen when the red light hits you have to stop there trying to provide as much time as possible for you will abide by that. >> finally the record of this hearing will remain open 30 days if members of the public would like to submit materials they consented u.s. commission a civil-rights. to send them 1331 pennsylvania ave washington dc touche '04 25 or public comments at you us pcr and
11:59 pm
with those housekeeping details out of the way the first panel is the director of office of civil rights from department of romance security. the second panelist is mr. jones the executive director for the diversity office at customs and border protection and. the third panelist is a principal designer of the refugee settlement act to permit of health and human services and then it the assistant director for policy and planning at customs enforcement at the u.s. department of romance security. . .
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