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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 23, 2015 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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.. >> to support infrastructure and talked about the state's economy and the state of the education.
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this is curtourtesyurtourtesy of public broadcasting. >> lt. governor cagle, speaker ralston, president pro tem shafer, speaker pro tem jones, members of the general assembly, constitutional officers, members of the judiciary, members of the consular corps, my fellow georgians: today marks the fifth year that i have reported to you, the people's representatives, on the state of our state. this is our annual checkup exam on the body politic, where we measure our vitals, celebrate areas of great health and seek cures for what ails us. in each succeeding year, we've seen the green shoots of our economy grow a little taller.
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each year, we've seen more georgians return to work or get their first job. each year, we've seen hundreds of more businesses open or relocate here. each year, steady revenue growth has allowed us to slowly mend the ravages wrought by the great recession. now, our economy is seeing positive growth with thousands of new jobs added every month. we're seeing the tell-tale signs of cranes and bulldozers humming on newly cleared land. we're seeing home values recover and georgia families rebuild their savings. and georgia has been named the no. 1 place in the nation in which to do business by several
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major rating agencies and has repeated that designation by one of them already. in short, i'm here to report to you today that the state of our state is strong, and getting stronger every day. [applause] but for every milestone we reach, for every victory we attain, for every improvement we achieve, new challenges await. certainly, there are those who focus only on the negative, zeroed in on areas where we should do better. they downplay any progress as “not good enough.” to them i say: celebrating our progress puts our challenges in perspective and reminds us that
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together we can achieve greatness. our shortcomings don't go unacknowledged. they're simply what we're going to address next. when focused only on the negative, the job before us can seem overwhelming. these feelings are not new to our generation. atop president kennedy's desk sat a fisherman's prayer: “oh, god, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small. ” when confronting the challenges of 10 million people - challenges that can appear insurmountable - it's easy to feel that the tools we've been given aren't up to the task. when it comes to our constituents' needs in education, health care, transportation and public safety, the sea seems so great
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and our boat so small. we may have 10 million challenges, but we also have 10 million oars. in the turbulent waters of recession and recovery, we have rowed steadily forward. the synchronized beat of unified oars has reset the rhythm of our economy. georgians have spoken clearly that the conservative principles, which have guided our decisions, the very ones that have brought us out of the recession, must continue to guide our future growth. these include keeping our government small, prioritizing and balancing our budget, and emphasizing a strong business climate. state government cannot address the legitimate needs of our citizens without adequate revenue. last year we based our budget on an anticipated revenue growth of 3.4 percent. that was in keeping with our
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pattern of conservative budgeting. so when fiscal year 2014 ended, our actual revenue was 4.8 percent. that differential between what we spent and what we collected is deposited into our rainy day fund. every budget cycle since i have been governor we have added to that fund so that it has increased by 643 percent since i took office. [applause] annual revenue growth, coupled with conservative spending and a growing rainy day fund are positive evidence that georgia is better today than it was last
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year. since i took office, over 319,000 new private sector jobs have been created in georgia with nearly 93,000 of those coming in the past twelve months. the announcement last week that mercedes-benz usa is moving its north american headquarters to georgia is further evidence that our state will continue to be a leader in job creation. [applause] with job growth comes population growth. georgia is now the eighth most populous state in the nation, moving from the number 10 position in just four years. people don't move to a state unless it provides them with opportunities. the mercedes slogan is “the best or nothing. ” the company that accepts nothing but the best chose georgia i'll take that. and in the near future, porsche north america will open their
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headquarters near the atlanta airport. but let's not forget our first major automotive manufacturer in modern times, kia, which employs some 3,000 georgians and whose supplier base continues to expand in our state. kia's example told the world that we have the quality workforce and business environment needed to thrive in the automotive industry. kia officials remind me often that their west point georgia plant produces the highest quality vehicle in their worldwide chain. furthermore, home prices are up [applause]
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in the past year and up significantly since 2011, an example of the resurgence of this sector and confidence in the market. construction, manufacturing and other key georgia industries continue to rebound. and as georgians experience growth in their incomes, this leaves more money for the types of things our fellow citizens want to be doing, rather than just the essentials. virtually every reliable indicator points to one thing, a growing economy. and to those of you who have been paying attention, you will notice that the unemployment rate, the prodigal son of indicators, is even falling back in line. [applause]
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for those who were too long unemployed or underemployed, for their relatives who watched them struggle to get hired, and for the georgians who understand that a working economy is an economy in which people work, we are making a difference. the ocean of need is vast, but shrinking, and we will continue to close the distance between where we are and where we wish to be. still, need does exist. over 19,000 students dropped out between grades nine and 12 over the past school year. that is far too many. neither georgia nor these young people can afford the disparaging effects that typically result when someone leaves high school prematurely. this is why over the next few
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years we intend to take a comprehensive look at how we can make k-12 education more accessible and more effective. a child that does not graduate from high school is that much less prepared for the workforce, that much less prepared for college and that much more prepared for a life behind bars. i am establishing an education reform commission to study a number of questions regarding our education system, such as increasing access to georgia's world class early learning programs, recruiting and retaining high quality teachers in our classrooms, and expanding school options for georgia's families. this group, which will be composed of legislators, educators and a variety of other stakeholders, will recommend potential improvements to me by august 1 of this year.
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i fully anticipate this process to be as successful as the one involving our justice reforms after which it was modeled. in addition, a subset of this group will examine the most appropriate ways to modernize our qbe funding formula from the 1980s. this model is older than every student in our classrooms and some of their parents. just as most of us wouldn't dress our children in parachute pants and jelly shoes and we wouldn't teach them about computers on a commodore 64, neither should we educate them under a 1980s funding formula. our students are now using ipads and androids.
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why tie them to a desk when technology can take them to the moon and back? this undertaking will require detailed work. my vision is to create a formula driven by student need that provides local school and district leaders with real control and flexibility. it is our hope that funding changes based on the commission's recommendations will go into effect as early as the 2016-2017 school year. while we must certainly address the outdated funding formula, education still remains a top priority in our budgets. this year's budget coupled with my proposal for next year's budget represents an infusion of over one billion additional dollars for k-12 education. working together, we have devoted the largest percentage of the state budget to k-12
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education of any governor and general assembly in the last 50 years. [applause] now, the focus is on turning those dollars into academic progress. i look forward to working with all of you to accomplish that goal. however, no matter how well we fund education, the fact of the matter is that far too many students are trapped in a failing georgia school.
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roughly 23 percent of schools have received either a d or an f, which constitutes a failing grade, for the past three consecutive years. when the system fails, our children have little chance of succeeding. new options can enrich lives, brighten futures and rekindle hope. three years ago, the legislators here called for and the voters of this state overwhelmingly approved the charter school amendment. i have good news: it's making a positive difference. this year, i am asking you to continue the trend of restoring hope and opportunity to areas of our state that could use a helping hand. i am proposing a constitutional amendment to establish an opportunity school district. it would authorize the state to step in to help rejuvenate failing public schools and
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rescue children languishing in them. this model has already been used successfully in other states. my office has been in contact with a student from new orleans, who tells us he could not read until he was 12. now, because of the recovery school district in new orleans, troy simon is going to bard college in new york, where he intends to earn a degree in american literature. his life has changed. there is perhaps no sweeter irony - the young man who couldn't read at all may one day teach others to read, and read well. [applause] there are many excuses that will be offered for why schools are failing_ the students come from families in poverty, their parents are dysfunctional, they
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don't care because they have no hope. let's stop making excuses_ if we want to break the cycle of poverty, let's educate those children so that they have the skills to escape poverty, if we want to interrupt the cycle of dysfunctional families, let's educate the children in those homes so that their families of the future will return to normalcy; if we want our young people to have hope, let's give them the greatest beacon of hope we can confer on them_ a quality education that leads to a good job, a stable family and the stairway to the future. [applause] there will be those who will argue that the problem of failing schools can be solved by spending more money. they ignore the fact that many of our failing schools already spend far more money per child
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than the state average. the problem is not money. more money without fundamental changes in the delivery system will not alter the results; it will only make state and local taxpayers greater enablers of chronic failure. [applause] if we take this step, more students will be able to gain employment or go to college when they graduate, more employers will be satisfied with our state's workforce, and more of their colleagues might just decide to locate in our state. above all, students and parents will relinquish the burden of having nowhere to go to get a proper education, something no family should have to experience in the first place. liberals cannot defend leaving a
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child trapped in a failing school that sentences them to a life in poverty. conservatives like me cannot argue that each child in georgia already has the same opportunity to succeed and compete on his or her own merits. we have a moral duty to help these children who can't help themselves. [applause] the sea is great and the boat is small, but the boat must not have first and second class seating. i am calling on you to do your part this session to get this referendum on the ballot so that georgians can assure that a
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child's hopes of success aren't determined by his or her zip code. our places of learning should be where a child learns triumph, not defeat. we have experienced triumphs in our criminal justice system, where we have tamed some rough seas. working with those of you here and others throughout this state, we have enhanced safety and nurtured second chances. we have combined taxpayer savings with personal salvation. in return, our reforms are closing the revolving door that has led too many georgians back into our prison system. crime may not pay, but stopping it does. [applause] i have already shared with you
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just last month and in the inaugural address the promising results of some of our efforts. my budget this year will reflect our commitment to these important reforms. the next step we are taking to improve our delivery of justice will further make georgia a leader in this area. on many occasions, one troubled family or neighborhood will deal with multiple agencies, from pardons and parole to dfcs to the department of juvenile justice to the department of corrections. under current policy, these agencies often don't coordinate effectively on these cases. this fails to bring a holistic approach to the needs at hand, and it doesn't deliver services efficiently. for this reason, i am proposing to create the department of community supervision to eliminate redundancy and enhance
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communication between these related groups. this new agency will pull from the relevant existing portions of corrections, juvenile justice and pardons and paroles. while the division of family and children services will not contribute to the agency itself, we will be including the director of dfcs on the board of community supervision to facilitate the transfer of appropriate information. recently we have seen tremendous growth in the number of child welfare investigations, due in part to our 24-hour call center. this is why we will continue to fund additional resources to meet this unfortunate need, including support for 278 additional caseworkers. in addition, the child welfare reform council, which i created in 2014, has released its review
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of the division of family and children's services. to address some of their recommendations, i am proposing in my budget this year that we fund several upgrades. these include beginning a mentor program for supervisors, providing for greater career and salary growth potential, promoting the safety and resources available to caseworkers, and improving the recruitment and training of foster parents. by caring for our caseworkers, we can better care for our children in need. [applause] i am happy to say the council will continue its work in the upcoming year. one of our most vulnerable populations is our children who are suffering from seizures. last year, we set in motion trials at our state medical school to test the possibility
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of using cannabis oil to treat severe seizures of those young people in a safe and nonintoxicating way. those trials involving georgia's children have already begun and will continue to expand. this year i hope to sign legislation to decriminalize cannabis oil in georgia so that families who need it and who obtain it legally will not be prosecuted for possession of it. [applause] let me be clear, i do not support the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. we're focused narrowly on an oil that contains fractional amounts of thc - the chemical in marijuana that intoxicates a user. we want to find a pathway to bring our children home from colorado without becoming colorado. we still face the significant - and more complicated - issue of
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access. that's why, in addition to decriminalization, i'm proposing a study committee to research a proper role for the state of georgia in the ongoing debates about the types of medical conditions that can benefit from this product, and how we can best address this in a logical and controlled manner. i know, for many families, time is of the essence. i want us to answer the question of access as quickly as we possibly can while going through the proper steps to ensure safety and compliance with federal laws. there's broad agreement we must do something and that we can do something.
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let's also agree that we must do it right. even a small boat conquering the sea must dock every once in a while. we must therefore ensure that our network of bridges, roads and other vital infrastructure are well maintained and that the increasing transportation needs of our population are met. so, let me present to you our options. since only three regions in the state invested in plan a, a regional one-percent sales tax for designated infrastructure projects, we acted to implement plan b, which includes reprioritized funding and a focus on the most essential projects that will target our
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most congested areas. for example, we are constructing new capacity express lanes along large stretches of i-75 and 575. we are also extending the managed lanes on i-85. over the next four years, we will open to traffic more than $1.1 billion dollars' worth of new, reliable interstate lanes in metro atlanta, the largest interstate expansion since the 1980s. we are making further progress in the form of our i-285/ga-400 interchange, which will ease congestion for hundreds of thousands of travelers each day. let us not forget those things we have already accomplished, including the removal of the tolls on ga 400 and the opening of the i-85/ga 400 connector ramps, which many in our state
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are already using. and of course, we continue to construct the jimmy deloach parkway extension, the fall line freeway and other road improvements connecting south georgia cities. at the same time, other important projects lack the funding necessary to proceed. this brings me to our next option. plan c_a transportation plan to which this general assembly and i can agree that would address the ongoing needs of maintenance and repair, as well as freight corridor and other transportation improvements. i believe this is something that can and should be accomplished. a need does exist. the excise tax, which is a per gallon flat fee, has remained
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the same since 1971. that's 44 years. in that time, the fuel efficiency for the average vehicle has almost doubled, which means the amount of excise tax collected for each mile driven has roughly been cut in half. and the federal government has mandated new standards that would again double the miles per gallon for the average vehicle over the next 10 years, meaning that the amount of excise tax collected for every mile traveled will continue to shrink every year. and that doesn't even account for inflation. in 2014 dollars, we collected approximately 17 percent less in state motor fuel funds per capita for transportation than we did a quarter of a century ago, in part because of greater fuel efficiency. at the same time, we now have
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millions more people travelling on our roads. according to industry experts, simply maintaining what we currently have on our roadways requires a minimum of hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue each year. some industry experts even suggest it's more than $1 billion a year. over the years, we have added more highway to monitor, patrol and repair. in addition, our state has seen significantly more freight on our roadways, with more and more goods and raw materials entering through the port of savannah. we're already the second busiest container port on the east coast, and we're getting busier. it's estimated that truck traffic out of the port will increase by 50 percent in less than 10 years. we have to be ready to meet that
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need. without plan c, a new strategy for transportation investment, we will be forced to go to plan d, which is to do nothing. if that is our plan, then our roads will slowly slip into disrepair, the safety of our citizens will be jeopardized, and our economy will be stagnated by increased congestion. that is unacceptable. we are currently operating at a rate that requires over 50 years to resurface every state road in georgia. if your road is paved when you graduate high school, by the time it is paved again you will
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be eligible for social security. we must increase the percentage of roads being resurfaced annually. with only current funding levels, new capital projects will have to wait as we tend to our existing transportation network. if we do nothing, we would continue to have to depend on the federal government, whose transportation funds are also dwindling. if we should choose not to maintain and improve our infrastructure, economic development would stall, companies would be unable to conduct their business efficiently, commuters would waste more time and gas sitting in traffic, and no one would be satisfied. for those of you who believe as i do that there are certain powers left to the states and
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their citizens_a principal set forth in our nation's 10th amendment_here is one way we can put our belief into practice. if we become less dependent on federal revenue for our transportation projects in georgia, we will avoid the regulations and extra costs associated with federal involvement; we will get more for our money in new roads; and it will be one of the best signals that the state of georgia is willing to spend our money to solve our problems. four years ago, we decided that our state needed to develop its own reservoirs to be less dependent on federal water resources. maybe it's time we apply that same logic to transportation. we must maintain and improve our roads and bridges; we must provide congestion relief; and we must prepare for more freight
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and more businesses. we can debate how much it will cost to do something; but let us not forget how much it will cost to do nothing. i do not believe that we georgians will choose to do nothing. we know the problems; let's now resolve to agree on the solutions. that's the outlook we must embrace as we tackle all of the challenges we have discussed today. the sea is indeed vast, but our ten million oars row onward. let us as the leaders of this state demonstrate that we can row together in sequence so that our boat will move steadily forward on a charted course of progress, with the shoreline of promise and prosperity on the horizon. i pray for wisdom for all of us
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as we carry out the public's trust, so that we can give georgians a state that's even better tomorrow than it is today. may god bless you and may god continue to bless the state of georgia. [applause] >> governor deal was out of the country at an undisclosed location. the deputy chief of staff for communications confirmed via twitter the governor was in the uk for an economic development trip. the united kingdom ranked fourth among foreign trade partners for the state of georgia.
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now to maryland where governor elect larry hogan was sworn in was the state's 62nd governor. in his address, governor hogan talked about fiscal responsibility for tax fairness. he is introduced by new jersey governor chris christie. this is 20 minutes. >> it is an honor for me to be here today. i want to thank my friend governor hogan his wife and the rest of their wonderful family for allowing me to share this day with all of you. it is a huge day for their family and a great day for the state of maryland. [applause]
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>> when i look at the state of maryland from the state of new jersey all i see is potential. i see the beaches and the mountains and a place with natural resources that most other states only dream of having access to. i mean ration, we do but others can only dream of. i see the hardest working, best educated people in the nation who are filled with a desire to build a better life for themselves, their family and their children. i see a man in governor larry hogan who is ready, willing and able to lead this state into a bright new future. [applause] >> a future where the people of maryland get to keep more of what they learn. a future where maryland and its
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people are free to live up to its unlimited potential. as you know governor hogan is willing to do the hard work it is going to take to make maryland the best state it can be. he doesn't claim to have all of the answers. but i know he knows how to bring people together because he has been doing it his whole life. let me tell you why i like larry. i like him because he stands up strongly for his principles. i like him because he is blunt and direct. and he says what he believes. [applause] >> he also knows his job is to get things done for maryland because that is what maryland needs the most. as long as you stick to principles i do believe
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compromise and consensus are not dirty words. you will need someone to bring the people together and someone who is not afraid to be known as bipartisan. that is the kind of person you have in governor hogan. it is going to take everyone working for a common purpose to make maryland the best state it can be. the previous governors have set a great example of what can be done with the strength of ideas and i know they will continue to do that well into the future. i have ever confidence that maryland is in good hands. i look forward to come back here four years from today to watch governor hogan get sworn in to his second term as the other than of governor maryland. ladies and gentlemen, it is high
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honor, and great privilege to introduce to you my friend and your friend the governor of the state of maryland governor larry hogan. [applause] >> they said it would be a cold day in hell before we elected a republican governor. thank you all. thank you very much. >> governor christie, thank you for being here, thanks for your tremendous support, and for that very kind introduction. to my wife, yumi, my daughters and my entire family, please know that it is because of your incredible love and support that i am able to stand here today.
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[applause] i am privileged and proud to have lt. governor boyd rutherford by my side. he has been more than a running mate. he is a friend. i am honored to serve with him. [applause] governor o'malley, thank you for your gracious cooperation during the transition and for your years of public service. [applause] lt. governor brown, thank you for your service, not only to the state, but to our nation. [applause] lrelated larry hogan inauguration coverage politics larry hogan inauguration to my good friends governor ehrlich and lt. governor steele, thank you for your leadership.
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it was an honor to serve in your administration. governor hughes and governor mandel, thank you for all you have done for maryland. senate president miller, speaker busch, and members of the maryland general assembly, we have great challenges ahead of us, but i look forward to working together with each and every one of you. comptroller franchot, treasurer kopp, and attorney general frosh, chief judge barbera and the other members of the judiciary, senators mikulski and cardin and members of our congressional delegation, and all the local elected officials and other dignitaries, thank you all for being here for this historic occasion. [applause] most importantly, i want to thank the citizens from all across our state, who put aside party politics and who came together and voted to change maryland for the better.
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i'm grateful, because i know something about putting aside partisanship in order to do the right thing. ccomments i was impressed by governor i have been a resident of maryland since march 1952 when at 19 years old i was an immigrant from verviers, belgium i am known as the architect of the presidential debates, a proposal i first made in l956 with. forty years ago, a maryland congressman, a republican, sat on the house judiciary committee during watergate, and the entire world was watching. would this man be willing to buck his own party, his own president, to do what he thought was right for the country? despite tremendous pressure, this statesman put aside partisanship and made the tough decision, and became the first republican to come out for the impeachment of president nixon. that man was my dad, former congressman lawrence j. hogan, sr. , who is here with us today.
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[applause] he put aside party politics and his own personal considerations in order to do the right thing for the nation. he taught me more about -- i am going to get emotional now -- integrity in one day than most men learn in a lifetime, and i am so proud to be his son. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, today, we are gathered in front of our beautiful state house, which has been in service since 1772. a few steps from where i'm standing is where general george washington resigned his commission. two hundred and thirty one years ago, the revolutionary war ended right here, inside this state house, with the ratification of the treaty of paris in 1784.
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and just a few miles away from here, when the future of a fledgling nation was in doubt, francis scott key penned the star spangled banner during the war of 1812. for maryland, and for our nation, this is a place where great things begin, and where great things are accomplished. [applause] today, against this historic and majestic backdrop, maryland once again starts a new chapter in our long, proud history. today's inauguration marks a new beginning for maryland, and the limitless possibilities before us. i am a lifelong marylander who loves this state. every great experience, every great memory, every great moment i have ever had in my life, has happened right here, in maryland.
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it is such an incredible honor to be standing before you today as the 62nd governor of the great state of maryland. [applause] >> i am truly humbled and deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve my fellow marylanders, and i vow to work tirelessly every single day to prove worthy of this great honor that you have granted me. today, we celebrate a new beginning for maryland, remembering our past, while striving for a better and more promising future. the question isn't whether maryland is a great state. the question is: what will we do, all of us, to reinvigorate this great state that we all love? what will we do to ensure that our future is better than our present or our past?
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i believe that the time has come to cast aside the status quo, and to come together to build a better future for our state and all our citizens. we must set the bar higher, and create a bolder vision of the future. let's create a maryland that is thriving, growing, innovating, and is responsive to the needs of all its citizens. let's strive to make maryland the best place in america to work, raise a family, start a business, and even to retire. let us renew our sense of optimism, and make maryland a place of unlimited promise. together, let's make maryland a
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place that we can all be proud of again. today, i am reminded of those brave marylanders who first came to this land seeking freedom and opportunity when they landed in st. mary's city in 1634. while the challenges facing us today are different, i know that the courage and the spirit of marylanders is the same. we seek the freedom to compete without the undue burden of high taxes and bureaucratic regulations, which make us less competitive. we seek opportunities to build better communities, better businesses, and better lives for ourselves, our children, and our children's children. and most of all, we cherish both the freedom and opportunity to decide our future. and today, we celebrate that freedom and opportunity. what i envision for maryland is
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not just an economic and fiscal recovery, but a rebirth of our spirit, and a renewed commitment to our common purpose. the citizens of maryland expect great things from us, and they deserve great things from us. too often, we see wedge politics and petty rhetoric used to belittle our adversaries and inflame partisan divisions. but i believe that maryland is better than this. our history proves that we are better than this. it is only when the partisan shouting stops that we can hear each other's voices and concerns. i am prepared to create an environment of trust and cooperation, where the best ideas rise to the top based upon their merit, regardless of which side of the political debate they come from. no problem faces us that hard work, honesty, and courage
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cannot solve if we work together. ladies and gentlemen, we can improve the tone in annapolis, and we will. [applause] and we can move toward a common-sense, solutions-based government. the problems we face are great, but so is our resolve to fix them. president kennedy once said, "let us not seek the republican answer, or the democratic answer, but the right answer. "in that spirit, let us sit down together and come up with real, bipartisan, common sense solutions to the serious problems that face us. that's what the people of maryland voted for, it's what they want, and it's what they deserve. the history of our great state is rich and deep, and our commitment to freedom and
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justice has always been our strength. in 1649, the maryland toleration act, one of the first laws that granted different faiths the right to freely worship, was enacted. since then, over the many years, maryland has blossomed into a state wonderfully defined by our vibrant culture of racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. in our hearts, marylanders are hard-wired for inclusiveness. it's who we are, it's our founding principle, it's part of our identity, and it is our greatest strength. our culture of tolerance and mutual respect must also extend to those with whom we happen to differ on politics. today is not the beginning of an era of divided government. today is the beginning of a new spirit of bipartisan cooperation in annapolis. there is so much that unites us:
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[applause] a love of our state, a commitment to fairness, and a desire to be economically strong and successful. and to those who would divide us, or drive us to the extremes of either political party, i remind you that maryland has been called "a state of middle temperament. "our politics need that middle temperament as well. the politics that have divided our nation need not divide our state. [applause] comments i was impressed by governor hogan inaugural speech. i have been a resident of
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in the days ahead, i ask all marylanders to seek that middle ground, where we can all stand together. i recognize that the events of 2014 stirred strong feelings throughout the nation. but in keeping with the moderate tradition of maryland, we expressed our passions in a positive, open, respectful, and civil way, as concerned neighbors. it's one of the many reasons i am proud to be a marylander. our greatest challenge has always been reaching the high expectations set for us by our founders. that is why we will always keep trying, always keep growing, and why we shall never fail. in the end, it isn't about politics; it's about citizenship, and the ability to understand the difference - that is what it means to be a marylander. maryland's greatness is in her goodness. partisanship should never denigrate the unique legacy entrusted to us by our founders. to all my friends across the aisle, i assure you that partisanship will never play a role in my decision-making. everything we do will be guided by four common-sense principles. first: fiscal responsibility.
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our state government must provide essential services, yet still live within its means. we must run our state government more efficiently and more cost effectively. second: economic growth. maryland has an educated workforce, world-class universities and colleges, great community colleges, and public schools. we have our beautiful chesapeake bay, the port of baltimore, and a great location in the heart of the mid-atlantic region. we must leverage these amazing assets to transform maryland into a place where businesses can flourish and create more jobs and opportunities for our citizens. starting today let me say loudly and clearly: maryland is open for business. [applause] third: reform. we must improve our state
8:55 pm
government's ability to be more responsive to, and to better serve and represent all of our citizens. fourth: fairness. we must restore a sense of fairness and balance for maryland's hardworking and beleaguered taxpayers, in order to rebuild our forgotten middle class. we must get the state government off our backs, and out of our pockets, so that we can grow the private sector, put people back to work, and turn our economy around. ladies and gentlemen, we can [applause] accomplish these things, and together we will. this is our chance to build a government that works for the people, and not the other way around. to accomplish these objectives will require leadership. i'm not talking about any one leader. it will take many, all of us,
8:56 pm
working together, rolling up our sleeves, acting with mutual respect, and doing our jobs for the people of maryland. it will require listening, education, and bold actions. and it will take the courage to do things differently. a commitment to doing things differently will be challenging. but it will be worth it. we're worth it. and more importantly, maryland is worth it. [applause] one hundred years from now, i want marylanders to say, "this was when maryland's renaissance began. "ladies and gentlemen, i stand before you today, full of hope, hope for our great state, hope for our people, and hope for our future. i want maryland's future, to be brighter than it's present, and
8:57 pm
brighter than it's past. it can be, and it will be. before my father cast his vote on the impeachment committee, 40 years ago, he quoted president lincoln, who said, "we cannot escape history. " and, we cannot escape our future - it's out there, waiting for us. let us show our fellow marylanders that government can work, that we can work together, that change is possible, and that maryland can live up to the promise of our founders. let us always act worthy of the great task entrusted to us, to renew and advance our great state. let us appeal to the better angels of our nature so that we can achieve the great and shining promise of maryland.
8:58 pm
ladies and gentlemen, we can change maryland for the better. and together, we will. thank you, god bless you, and may god bless the great state of maryland. >> here are a few of the comments we have received on the state of the union address. >> i am very excited by the president's state of the union address. i would have like today heard him talk a bit more about job security now that unemployment has gone down. i would like to hear you know, what policies are going to be in place to tell people to hold on to the jobs they have. and people finding it is difficult to find work. ...
8:59 pm
a. >> i think we have to be cautious and injudicious on how we throw that money out. not just from a budgetary standpoint but what it does or doesn't do for the reset recipient. >> the senator from iowa said you don't need to come to wealth and privilege to understand what is right for this country. i just wanted to let everyone know that i'm a first-generation
9:00 pm
american. so i do understand what it means to build from nothing to come to something that you can be proud of. we need to let go of old ways of thinking and embrace where we are as a country today. as well as where we are going we need to continue to salute the truth and sacrifices and embrace where our future is headed. but i also want to say that we have so much ahead of us and history has proven that we can be judgmental of our leaders and history proves that differently. i hope in the next two years we can keep the focus and hold tight to the values despite party lines to continue to grow this country and future generations. >> continue to let us know what you think about the programs you're watching at 202 is asked to 63400 els or send us a
9:01 pm
tweet. join the conversation like us on facebook and follow some twitter. >> this saturday, live coverage of the iowa freedom summit begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern from des moines. this includes potential 2016 presidential candidates, rick perry, scott walker, and chris christie. former governor mike huckabee. businessman donald trump and doctor ben carson, as well as 2008 bytes presidential nominee sarah palin. the iowa freedom summit this saturday on c-span, c-span radio and >> tom wolfe was sworn in as pennsylvania's 47th governor. the only democrat successful in succeeding a republican governor in the november election. the ceremony took place in harrisburg and it is 20 minutes.
9:02 pm
[applause] [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> now to administer the oath of office from york pennsylvania judge penny blackwell. [applause] [applause] >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i tom wolf. >> i tom wolf. >> do solemnly swear that i will support come at obey and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of this commonwealth
9:03 pm
and i will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity. congratulations. >> thank you. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] >> rate is in supplement, the 47th governor of pennsylvania, tom wolf. [cheers] [applause] >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much. >> the chief justice governor corbett, governor rendell, lieutenant governor governor schweitzer, everyone who is
9:04 pm
here the speaker. all the leaders and members of the judiciary committee, leaders and members of the general assembly and family and friends and above all my fellow pennsylvanians. i am so able to so many people that i want to start by thanking the governor the governor of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. and next i would like to think my best friend and wife of nearly 40 years the love of my life and my best friend. [applause] >> without her incredible love and support i would not be standing before you today. i would also like to thank my
9:05 pm
two daughters sarah and katie. [applause] >> let me say a special thanks to the speaker for reminding us when he was sworn in as speaker of the house that we cannot take this lightly we cannot take lightly the great history of democracy of which we are a part and encouraging having said that all members of the legislature to meet with people across the aisle. that is important. [applause] and i also want to thank the chief justice for his observation when he was sworn in. he says any disagreements that we may have are creatures of our aspirations to value liberty as well as order and fairness as well as liberty. more than anything i want to thank all the pennsylvanians who
9:06 pm
worked so hard to get me here. [applause] >> thank you very much. [applause] so today is what you did is take a chance to vote for a different kind of leader. for those of you out there that didn't vote to me, i hope that i'm able to give you a chance over the next four years to believe. because i am an unconventional leader and i am going to be an unconventional governor. perhaps the first one that ever managed hardware store and operated a forklift, ran a business, volunteered in the peace corps. during my campaign i pledge to be a different kind of governor and i will keep that promise. [applause] because what you need today is
9:07 pm
leaders that are listening to each other and learning from each other this age and this time demands nothing less. and the world hasn't seen this much change happen this since we were from farms to factories in the last century. for those who are ready for that change, this new era is creating opportunities that our ancestors could never of drugged out. if you travel across our state you realize that many of our fellow citizens haven't yet found their place in this new world. and it that includes rural counties, inner cities, across the commonwealth is the same.
9:08 pm
we need to start this business and run this economy and now we are not so sure. we need new skills and we need to compete in a holy way. and the industries that we rely upon are struggling to survive. paychecks are not keeping up and ordinary families cannot longer afford college or higher education. when we look to our leaders for answers, we have been disappointed and frustrated to the point where we feel cynical about our government. i ran for governor because i refused to be part of the first-generation of pennsylvanians.
9:09 pm
i ran for governor because i can get the stayed on track and remember who we are, like you, i have been proud to be many things in my life and above all i'm proud to be a pennsylvanians. and i'm proud that i was raised here and that is why i want to restore the with the pennsylvania is not just another place or state. and pennsylvania is an idea that all things are possible. it is that idea that brought him here built on a foundation unique in the world of tolerance and inclusion. the whole experience where religious minorities can worship god as they see fit.
9:10 pm
it is the idea that on one summer day in philadelphia, 56 patriots could sign an extraordinary declaration that would create a remarkable new country. it is the idea that we can create new things and pennsylvania was the state to give america its first daily newspaper and its first stock exchange its first commercial oil well and for his computer and its first art museum. amazing, it is amazing. we have always pursued the idea is that all things are possible with boldness encouraged and i refuse to believe that we are any less innovative or entrepreneurial or committed to building a better future today than our ancestors were yesterday. [applause] >> to create new opportunities we need to be bold. we need to work together and get started. we have to respect each other's
9:11 pm
ideas. we have to respect each others' i'll use. we have to believe that none of us alone have all the answers but together we can find an approach that works. that's what i've done throughout my career, working with all kinds of people. to turn business around i had to get everyone to buy into one mission. i had to get everyone to buy into the powerful idea that in that context all things are possible. and i am going to bring that same mindset to the leadership position i'm taking on today. so how do we do it? how do we get pennsylvania back on track ordinary pennsylvanians? how do we help the people of our state make their lives better? i laid out a plan during the campaign to get pennsylvania a fresh start. we will debate those ideas, i know in the days and months and years to come. and i wanted to know that for the next four years my administration will be dedicated to three simple things.
9:12 pm
first jobs that pay schools that teach and third, a government that works. [applause] [cheers] >> that is what the tom wolf administration is going to be about. getting pennsylvania back on track means that we are going to have to start with jobs that pay. as a business owner i know that the free market requires a constructive partner. a partner in government. that means that our government should not do everything. but it cannot do nothing either. that was a double negative i know that i said that. one thing it can do is make smart strategic investments and public goods. investments in education, health transportation and the structure, things that set the table for robust private sector growth. another thing it can do is create the conditions necessary to bring manufacturing jobs back to our state and that is what i
9:13 pm
did at my job and that is what i plan to do here. in pennsylvania we are blessed with an abundance of natural resources like gas timber and coal sun and wind fresh water and open spaces. agricultural land, beautiful scenery and an opportune locations makes us the keystone state. to fill this potential we must take full and absolutely responsible advantage of these resources. to the protesters here today, i say that please help me develop these opportunities in a way that is clean safe and sustainable. [applause] >> thank you. if we want to be a state where the next generation can envision a bright future, pennsylvania has to offer a level playing field where all entrepreneurs can be confident that their risks will be fairly rewarded. the companies and countries that are thriving in today's global
9:14 pm
economy that are committed to diversity and inclusiveness and fairness. all of pennsylvania's families deserve those same opportunities no matter what their race or sexual orientation, who they are or where they started life. [applause] and that is important. my company has a profit sharing plan because i believe that everybody working for me deserves a chance to share in the benefits of their hard work. and it makes my company a lot more better and successful. being inclusive, being fair and paying good wages, those are not just the right things to do but also the smart things to do. acting smartly is how we will grow this economy. that is first. second getting pennsylvania back on track also means that we need schools that teach and provide all of our young people with the skills that they need
9:15 pm
to find good jobs and compete in the global economy. [applause] >> in this limited government free-market system our collective future depends on the next generation in our state will never be as strong as it needs to be is some schools have all the resources they need while others are cutting football to keep the lights on nothing is more essential than working together to make sure that every child in pennsylvania has access to early apprenticeships we must strive to provide our kids and education that is both affordable and second to none. schools will be our highest
9:16 pm
priority. and that means creating a government that works we have to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and we have to be stewards of a grand democratic tradition. what we need is a government that is more efficient and less wasteful. but we also need a government that is responsive to the concerns and needs of the people that it serves. by all means. [applause] >> let's get rid of the things that make no sense. outdated laws, silly regulations and let's focus on leveling the playing field and making sure that all pennsylvanians have a chance to get ahead. let's work to put the interest of hard-working families ahead of special interests. and that includes a shrinking middle class, stagnant wages,
9:17 pm
there's no bigger challenges. but america went through a bigger transformation it led us through the industrial revolution and we have led them and we can lead today. but it's going to take everyone of us working together to create a better future. and our experience has made us cynical and we cannot allow them to deflate our democratic spirit or destroy our capacity for self-governance. over the last three centuries every generation has been called upon to write a new chapter to carry the idea of pennsylvania forward. now it is our turn. as your governor i will do everything in my power to make hensel dana a place where jobs
9:18 pm
pay and schools teach and government works and where every pennsylvanian can believe in the fundamental notion that our democracy works. [applause] >> i hope everyone will join us in this effort. it's up to all of the citizens of pennsylvania to reclaim the government. i am asking for your ideas and your hard work because i know if we come together with age sense of shared purpose we can build a better future that we all deserve as pennsylvanians and let's get started. may god bless the commonwealth of pennsylvania. thank you very much. [applause]
9:19 pm
[applause] [cheers] [applause] >> new mexico governor susana martinez gave her state of the state address in the state capital in santa fe wish you spoke about higher pay for new teachers and funding for highways and job training. she was first elected in 2010 becoming the state's first female governor. she was reelected to a second term in november and this is courtesy of the new mexico public broadcast. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> lieutenant governor, senate
9:20 pm
president, our new house speaker, democratic and republican leaders, esteemed members of the new mexico legislature, honorable members of the judiciary tribal governors former governor pete domenici, the states for settlement -- first gentleman my husband and the lieutenant governor. to all of my fellow new mexicans, it is an honor to join you for the annual state of the state address and open this legislative session. and we have to make a better and stronger future for our children. and everything we do this session, we need to focus on how
9:21 pm
it impacts the children of new mexico, how it improves their safety and well-being today and how we ensure that they have a future without limits as they chase their dreams of tomorrow. quite simply there is no greater calling for those of us in this chamber and that means continuing to improve our schools so that every child receives a quality education and it means creating a diverse economy and new jobs in all sorts of industries. and it means coming together to tackle the devastating impact of child abuse and neglect. [applause] [applause] >> my friends, i am grateful and blessed to have been reelected as your governor. i am humbled by the strong
9:22 pm
support that we received statewide, from albuquerque to las vegas. yes, republicans in particular had a strong showing on election night, with the support of tax reform and education reform and the defenders of the status quo. consequently, there is a new republican majority in the state house. [applause] >> congratulations to each new member and cheerleaders. [applause] >> as i said in my inaugural address voters did not choose
9:23 pm
one party over another in november, i firmly believe that they chose progress over politics. to move forward. that is my commitment to working together with republicans and democrats to make new mexico an even better place to live and their children and their grandchildren. let's build the foundation we have laid over the last five years because we have accomplished a great deal together. [applause] >> you know, the largest deficit in state history, putting us back in order, we took ourselves out from an unworkable federal education law allowing us more local control.
9:24 pm
we now have more and better information about how the schools are performing than ever before. we want to make things more patient centered and expand to provide health coverage to 185,000 more new mexicans citizens. [applause] >> we should be proud of the bipartisan achievements, as we look ahead know this. that i will not mark time. and i ask that you make the very same commitment. i ask in every decision we will choose courage over comfort changeover stagnation and perform over the status quo. the courageous route paved with policies that will outlast each
9:25 pm
of us and fundamentally improve new mexico. [applause] >> the greatest challenge is making new mexico more competitive economically and less reliant upon federal spending. it is about charting our own course and creating an economy as diverse as our great state. so that her children and grandchildren can find good paying jobs right here in new mexico when they finish school. we have worked towards this in a bipartisan way we have the business tax rate cut by 22%. more than triple the size of the fund to attract companies. invested in job training to help
9:26 pm
small businesses, focusing our tourism dollars behind smart advertising and a record-breaking new mexico to campaign. on our watch exports to mexico are at an all-time high. we have been ranked number one in the nation in export growth. [applause] our border is thriving, new mexico is poised to become key trade between the united states and mexico and central america and south america, is improved from third worst in the region for tax rate to the best in the west. [applause] and even more promising over the
9:27 pm
past year we stated 14,000 jobs and are private sector grew at 2.4%, putting us in a state-by-state ranking all the way to the 15th fastest private growing sector in the country. [applause] and over the last year we have seen new mexico companies expand their workforce as we also love new companies from around the world. a few of these small businesses have joined us today companies like family of run manufacturers that recently added 150 new employees over the last few years. this includes kyle rose and jenny baxter. thank you for being here.
9:28 pm
[applause] >> and buy a new mexico company that started in 1982 with employees that continued growing do business throughout the world, mitch and jackie, you do great work and we thank you for being here as well. for the technical products, a california company that moved its headquarters just last year. just like flagship food groups, two other california company is better bringing jobs here. dhs said publicly that it was our newly competitive business environment and what you all helped to create that led them
9:29 pm
to make such a dramatic move we noted that they could have chosen to do business anywhere in the country, yet they chose us. [applause] [applause] >> we thank you for moving our company to new mexico because you will never regret it. [applause] >> whether it is these or the dozens of other companies that have committed to growing or relocating and no new mexico and last year they are proved that we can compete and we do not have to rely upon washington to dictate our future. there is obviously much more to be done and important work that begins in earnest this legislative session.
9:30 pm
first, i believe that small businesses drive our economy. they need a level playing field to compete with big corporations. i come from a family of small business owners and we have seen it. we should partner and provide additional funding for the successful job training programs for the state pays a portion of the salary of new employees hired in new mexico while they are being trained. we should invest more in main street districts particularly in the rural areas. we have seen hundreds of new small businesses start or grow in the past few years. i am proposing targeted tax relief for small business owners to reduce the income tax durden on small business owners during the early stages while they are
9:31 pm
hiring new employees and getting off the ground. let's go our small businesses, take great risks, and they deserve our support. [applause] >> so while you drive your new mexico, we must compete to bring new jobs to our state from elsewhere. recently the executives of the major national company told me that we have never even considered new mexico. always looking right past her. someone told me we wouldn't believe what is happening there and that we should take a second look. so we did. and we could not believe what we found. my friends, the word is getting
9:32 pm
out, but there are several things that we can do to turn up the volume. and that is why i am proposing a 50 million-dollar fund for economic development projects right here in new mexico. [applause] >> we can also provide specific incentives for those that moved to new mexico and we can enact other common sense measures this year that will not cost the state government a single dime but would save new mexicans money and make them a more attractive place to do business. for example i firmly leave that every person should be allowed to choose for themselves whether they want to join a union or contribute to one.
9:33 pm
[applause] [applause] >> this is not a complicated concept. it really isn't. most people agree. if they want to join a union, then they will that it is fundamentally wrong to require membership or take money from the paychecks of our workers in order to get a job. for these workers, this is gas money, rent, or a car payment studies have shown that they are allowed to make this choice for themselves and have higher employment levels and companies
9:34 pm
more often because of this policy. it is time that we protect the paycheck of new mexico workers and it is long overdue. [applause]
9:35 pm
angel investors in high tech startup companies all over the state. helping small businesses grow attracting companies and jobs from elsewhere and making new mexico a high tech job how you create a more diverse economy and the stronger private sector. [applause] of course we also need to build a stronger a stronger foundation for economic growth, in particular better infrastructure and the talented workforce. last year i am proud that we came together to support 89 million in new water infrastructure in new mexico
9:36 pm
now however we must turn our attention to our aging highway infrastructure to roads that are unsafe, failing impeding economic growth. we have seen what happens only work together to address major highway problems. just a few weeks ago what did we do? we opened the interchange. it was funded in part with state money to leverage federal and local dollars. it was a true partnership. we can complete large projects of similar magnitude in every corner of the state. i propose that we allocate $180 million of infrastructure money over the next three years for major highway construction projects across new mexico. [applause]
9:37 pm
even more critical to building a strong foundation for our economy is our workforce. are they well educated? can they read? to the graduate? are they capable of holding the jobs of tomorrow? because if they are, all of these things are employable. there is no question they we will be able to create a brighter a brighter future for themselves and their families, no question. no question they can fulfill the desire in each of us to see our kids have it better than we did. i firmly believe that education is the road that will lead out of poverty for
9:38 pm
each new mexico child for each struggling family and for our state as a whole. [applause] why do i believe that? because education is what plants the seed of wonder curiosity excitement. it points into opportunities. inspires dreams about careers and better days, gives them hope. today's circumstances do not have to be tomorrow's circumstances. if we agree education is that powerful capable of lifting the child's spirit.
9:39 pm
no space economy a quality education is what we must ensure every mexico child receives. [applause] we see failing schools we must turn them around, have the courage to intervene. don't take the route and simply hold the school improve on its own someday. a poor district were english tends to be the 2nd language where district leaders and teachers could have made excuses for decades of poor performance but they didn't. courage is saying no more
9:40 pm
excuses. every child can learn. [applause] they took a district that had only one a school for years ago to five today nine back then 20 right now. with the courage of a known country schoolteacher to sign himself and our teachers up for intensive school turnaround program commodities school. she would not not settle for that, and it has paid off. today they have a be with more kids on grade level in reading and math.
9:41 pm
alongside teacher stephanie cabrera and jeremy sanchez all i can say is congratulations. [applause] now that is progress. that is what it we will take. school by school we can turn education around. to improve to improve the schools we must empower struggling teachers and principals to my give them proven tools and strategy. last last year we started the principal pursuing excellence program. repaired principals who students were doing well with those students who were struggling and help them engage in an active mentoring relationship. one year later over 50% 50 percent of the participating schools increased at least one letter grade. the superintendent says it
9:42 pm
is making a difference in his district and two of his principles are here to attest to that. both of whom have the courage to take part and whose schools have seen great growth in their kids and in their grade school. congratulations. [applause] 's thank you for your willingness to help one another and help our kids. this year we should fund and implement a similar program but for teachers. their exemplary teachers were struggling ones and in doing so we can make big gains. classroom by classroom and school bus school.
9:43 pm
and if education is the most powerful tool in the life of a child we should honor and reward our best teachers and intervene quickly to help those in need it. but we must choose courage over comfort the status quo is comfortable. each teacher paid the same, every evaluation identical with the misguided belief that all teachers should be labeled as meeting competency when we know better. those are comfortable notions. they they do not center on the one question we should be asking above all others when it comes to education. are our children learning? that is the question. if that is the central question then there is no doubt we
9:44 pm
would and brace reform. yes, we are evaluating teachers and a more meaningful way than ever before. i understand that change can be difficult and challenging. i get it. but we continue to listen to ways in which we can improve and make the process better. i will meet anyone halfway so long as our children learning is the only road in front of us. we also continue to look for ways to better support our teachers because we no how important their workers. for example teachers tell me two things most often the starting teachers are not paid enough and that they should not have to spend their own money from there own pockets on school supplies in the classrooms. i could not agree more. that is why i am proposing
9:45 pm
to raise starting teachers salaries by an additional $2,000 per year to help us recruit and retain more good teachers. [applause] and to help teachers who are having to pay from classroom materials out-of-pocket we should provide every new mexico teacher with a preloaded $100 debit card for the purchase of classroom supplies so that they don't take it out of there own pocket. also recognize a difficult it can be to recruit certain types of teachers, bilingual, special ed math science.
9:46 pm
let's offer two-year stipends to these type of teachers at they are willing to teach in schools or districts where recruitment retention has been challenge. and now adjunct teachers enter high schools to teach certain difficult subjects. scientists from los alamos or sandia teaching one or two chemistry classes well-trained researchers teaching geometry for calculus. if our goal is to provide our kids with the best instruction possible these are opportunities that we cannot pass up. [applause] let me say this. if education is the key to a brighter future for our children that we must have the courage to demand that our kids are in their seats
9:47 pm
and are learning. truancy is a cancer cancer in our school. today's habitual ritual and kids are indeed tomorrow's dropout students. it is our collective problem and we no who the atlas kid's hapless kids are. teachers say they can spot them a mile away. behavior issues, lack of interest in schools and their peers. so i propose the district with high truancy problems come to the state with local plans to stop it which middle schools could really benefit from having social workers on campus to interact with at risk kids and in the high school that stand by these middle schools as higher dropout prevention coaches whose sole purpose is to see these kids receive a diploma. of course despite our best efforts some young people we
9:48 pm
will not get the message until we have the courage to be tougher. to that end we should pass legislation that would not allow habitual nature and students to obtain or keep the drivers license. [applause] ask yourself this, how this, how did many troubled students end up that way? i am interested in school dropping out perhaps engaging in criminal activity achieving far lower than the potential. as a prosecutor for 25 years as someone who has listened to the stories of teachers, chances are it is because they can't read very
9:49 pm
well. they fell behind early could not read a children's book. words have bigger chapters got longer, subjects that harder passed along. asked to read out loud in class, no way. too embarrassed. homework can't read it stop trying. tired of failing. i am struggling becomes i'll never understand which becomes am not smart. i'm done trying. when children cannot read and yet they are passed along anyway we do them no favors. he discourage them frustrate them, hurt their chances for success in life
9:50 pm
may hamper their ability to get a good a good job. my friends, that does not build self-esteem and a child. we have condoned this for far too long. taken the easy way out. maybe comfortable decision. courage. it takes courage to do the right thing. now is the time. this is the moment when we stopped being complicit in this practice. we must stop passing our children from one grade to the next when they cannot read. we have more than doubled pre-k funding, pre- k funding command i am proposing more this year. we made it a permanent program allowing 18,000 18,000 struggling readers to take advantage of summer
9:51 pm
tutoring. i know it starts early. i know that. i know it has to start early. intervention starting at kindergarten to get children help so that retaining them was not necessary. the signal is the devastating negative ripple of fact. impact their ability to learn and succeed making it harder for teachers in later grades to bring them up to speed command it makes it harder for businesses to find a qualified workforce that they need. let's choose progress. not politics. [applause]
9:52 pm
now it is true, we are making gains. hispanic kids and low income students are among the leaders in the nation when it comes to advanced placement success. our lowest performing students are making progress we have not seen before. we before. they are seeing glimpses of what happens on which is reform. let's put our students 1st and ultimately we can create families and a stronger new mexico workforce. isn't that what we want? isn't that what they demand? there are other questions at businesses asked also when deciding where to locate and whether to expand beyond
9:53 pm
whether the state finances are in order, whether the state tax policies are fair fair whether our education system is preparing an adequate workforce. it seems like do we get a fair shake? is the playing field level? i am proud of what we have done to increase confidence and state government. after all four years ago that confidence was shaken to its core. corrupt contractors are not allowed to do business with the state any longer. judges cannot take away the pensions of corrupt officials, and we have recovered over 29 million in taxpayer money.
9:54 pm
there is more to do. for example, those convicted of public corruption should be immediately removed from office office not be allowed to stay on the job and collect a paycheck command as we have done with appointees in my administration, legislators should not be able to serve in government one day and then lobby that very same government the next day. [applause] and while we are at it let's adopt a few other just common sense reforms. if a worker gets injured on the job while drunk or high he or she should not be allowed to see workers compensation benefits. [applause]
9:55 pm
and partisan elections should have no place in this election of our judges. these these are basic reforms, and by enacting and we can show the outside world that government in new mexico just makes sense. [applause] of course it is also critical that our communities are safe. for our kids to have a bright future and must be safe and secure. in past years we strengthen sex offender registration and close the loophole that allowed out-of-state sex offenders to come here undetected. led to an incredible 88 percent increase in dna matches connecting people who are committing a broader
9:56 pm
range of felonies to previously unsolved crimes 135 burglaries, 21 sex offenses. those are laws being saved and more justice for victims. now in addition, our call related fatalities on roadways in 2013 were at an all-time low and that is encouraging. after all, as our campaign emphasizes command is the responsibility of each of us in our own way and in a variety of ways to stop drunk driving in our state. but still we see too many tragedies too many lives
9:57 pm
lost at the hands of drunk drivers. this session we need to crack down on repeat offenders, the ones who truly don't get it and we need to increase penalties for those who recklessly toss the keys to someone whose who's license has been suspended due to a dwi conviction. there are other measures we can adopt. child abuse offenders should be required to serve 85 percent of there prison sentence no matter what. the people we represent have demanded it is time to repeal the dangers law that gives drivers license to
9:58 pm
illegal immigrants who come here from around the world. [applause] i have dedicated my life to fighting for kids and fighting to hold those who hurt them accountable. i have seen the devastating effects of child abuse firsthand. over the next four years we must redouble our efforts to stop child abuse in new mexico. we can start with commonsense initiatives. create a seven new child advocacy centers with police officers and caseworkers to investigate the same abuse
9:59 pm
work in the same building. building. because preventing child abuse is a team effort as is investigating it. we should hire more family support workers who focus specifically on helping those families who have had several referrals for abuse and neglect issues. routine checks on on the family regular guidance and counseling. we will also have the technology in place to finally allow police officers access to the history of the family when they are dispatched to a child abuse incident. that would be in their hands. to better recruit and retain caseworkers and state government i propose establishing a knew loan repayment program for the
10:00 pm
state pays a portion of our caseworkers to the bones in for their service. [applause] the job of the caseworker is incredibly difficult. difficult. it is why we have such high turnover. we have already raised the average caseworker pay by 10 percent and this initiative is the next step. we should also close the many loopholes and correct the deficiencies in our current child abuse law. for example when caseworkers are called to a home they should be able to prescribe counseling or therapy services and mandate that the parent for other caretakers take part. [applause] additionally, every single person in our state every single person in our state


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