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tv   After Words  CSPAN  August 17, 2014 9:04pm-10:01pm EDT

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general and part of their preoccupation is the idea that the liberal media is insufficiently critical of the clintons and part of that is in your book people are reluctant to talk about clinton inc.. >> guest: this is the conundrum. what they are saying now is for political gain but as i was reporting the bug i was struck by how many republicans had only nice things to say about those bill and hillary and how they have this systematic approach. bill clinton obviously is mp tried republicans, not democrats. they realize when they lose the white house that their problem is with republicans, not democrats. so he calls up all of these republicans and has these late night phone calls with newt gingrich and whenever he sees one united states senator he says great job on tv last sunday. just a small compliment that are meaningful to these people and
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on a very human level he wins over all of his enemies from the former congressman that helped lead to the impeachment and he lost every election largely and they exchanged letters. i think that one issue is that republicans have been won over by bill and hillary clinton. meanwhile hillary is in the senate after this time after leaving the white house and hillary is incredibly nice to people like john mccain and lindsey graham and staunch republicans. it's softened their image and hillary clinton's image and i think that is the key to this understanding of how they came back as the republican part of this. so when i'm speaking to them they are only saying nice things even if we are not going to credit to these peopl these peog nasty things about the clintons they have warm feelings and i think it is a credit to the
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human interaction and the understanding of human nature that humans in a way are complex and can be won over rather easily when a powerful man like bill clinton gives you a compliment you would give him more favorability than you did before hand and so 15 years of doing this has paid off and i would also argue as i did in the book that in 2008, the comeback had been so sufficient with the conservatives and republicans that the problem was never with conservatives and republicans. the problem is that she hadn't won over democrats. they didn't realize that the democrats were disappointed that bill clinton as president wasn't the transformational liberal president they had envisioned that he couldn't be the ronald reagan that they wanted him to be that instead he serves at a time with relative peace and prosperity some due to his own governing and good fortune but nonetheless it's this problem
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with democrats that they run into and i think that is one of the reasons she goes into the state department and it's one of the reasons over the last five years they've been focusing on democrats and a little less so on republicans. >> host: one i think it is the publisher of the paper remember he was one of the prime antagonists during the clinton presidency with all kinds of conspiracy theories and the like but when he gets sick what happens? >> guest: as you suggest he was the right-wing can here see if there was such a thing he is funding these attacks on the clintons in the '90s and he is a orange anti-clinton conservative in the way that they are painted now. he receives a letter of outreach from bill clinton himself.
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i hope that you hang in there. i'm praying for you. sincerely, bill and i think that is remarkable. >> host: that illustrates your point and also in the book you talk about how bill clinton reaches out in the 2008 to john mccain as mccain is running against democrat barack obama. >> guest: this is in the general election hillary has already lost and barack obama is in the heat of the campaign against john mccain. mccain is receiving phone calls from none other than bill clinton and they are talking about the state of the race and what appeared to be code american voters want to hear at a time like this. they are talking about all sorts of things regarding the campaign and i asked senator mccain because i interviewed him in his office and i said it sounds a lot like he was giving you
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advice. he said advice may be a little too far but nonetheless it is clear when he describes it that it sounds exactly like advice and that he is a campaign consultant and that i think shows how the clintons no matter what happens they are always looking out for themselves no matter what their fortune is or what's going on they want to secure their place in history. they want to secure their place for the next election whatever that might be. >> host: you actually say contrary bill clinton is the cold calculating money and hillary clinton you describe as a warm personable charming figure. >> host: >> guest: i grew up listening to them at npr and i didn't
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really get to know them until reporting this bug and i was shocked the people that knew them the best suggested that the general perception of them was wrong and that it was the opposite of the reality. so bill clinton is this gregarious person great to hang out with and of course you want to have a beer with him and things like that and hillary clinton is a unapproachable woman that people wh but peoplem and people who like them have the opposite. bill clinton is a politician who is constantly seeking his own place in his own legacy and he is constantly he doesn't have any friends, any long-term trends. he had some better benefits transactional with having the relationship with bill clinton that any sort of friends that come in and out of his wife hillary meanwhile has real friends and is considered
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likable. they actually say that she is warm and funny although funny is i guess somewhat of a subjective term. >> host: everybody said at the start we are in the summer of 2014 and hillary clinton's political start seems to be rising at the moment. conservatives especially the conservative talkshow type of people that are hell on wheels bound to bring her down before she becomes this titanic wave you have to read daniel halper's book he says next summer and all that. so are the conservatives going to be disappointed that you do not portray her as the wicked witch? >> guest: i can't speak for conservatives that i would speak for myself and i wrote what i eat the leav leave is an honest account of the last 15 years. there is some good and some bad point is these are more complex and nuanced people than the partisans might suggest and i think any ideological staunch
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liberal might not like parts of my book and likewise some conservatives might be a little disappointed in some parts of my book that i think the point is that this is an accurate portrayal of who they are as far i can tell and i think it is getting a good reception and i am surprised people seem to like it and seem to appreciate that when you take a more nuanced approach to these people you can understand them better and if the goal is to defeat her in the next election maybe it is helpful to actually learn about her a little bit and better to have a sense of who she is and understand her in that way then this concoction -- >> host: we live in highly partisan times and what i do for a living is political politics. anybody picking up the book especially on the right is going to say what is the dirt on
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hillary select me suggest some -- >> guest: don't get me wrong there is plenty. >> guest: why don't you tell me what you think is the dirt in clinton inc.. >> guest: bill clinton and mccain potentially giving him a way to attack barack obama the back story would be that if obama loses it opens the door much quickly. >> guest: i think another element is hillary clinton as i talked to one law school friend said she was an enthusiastic pot smoker in law school. that itself might not be such a big deal. we know that bill clinton smoked and that barack obama has.
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we know other presidents have done it and it may not be a big deal except for a month ago she goes on the network and says that she has never. so i think that story shows she is not always telling the truth. she plays the part of a politician because she is a sort of nice warm person that needs she's not a natural politician. she can't shake hands and win people over the way bill clinton does and so then she pretends to be a politician and she ends up lying sometimes because she is saying what she thinks people want to hear and half the truth. meanwhile when she does tell the truth couple were among the go at the start of the book for she goes on tv and says she left the white house she was broke. she's telling the truth. the problem is she sounds nuts because nobody is feeling sorry
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for her who also $12 million -- he signed a book deal before leaving the white house and they made $40 million about $40 million in books alone. 110 million speeches alone. they've made all this money. why are we supposed to feel sorry for her? so i think that conundrum she isn't really able to tell the truth and because when she knows she sounds awful it forces her to lie about certain things i think that is a problem she has two contend with and i don't think that is me i think that's her. >> host: that's fine although it's interesting that she tells the truth, she was broke. give me another article of dirt. >> guest: i don't know. there are some revelations for instance i talk about chelsea's role in the clinton inc. and as an emerging force. i told the story of a couple of the aides to president clinton and one to hillary clinton starting at a consulting
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company. they are starting this consulting company and they decide to have a meeting with bill clinton, chelsea clinton, the husband and the two aides. something in that meeting she asked for an equity stake in that meeting. they said no we are not going to do that. your mother is the secretary of state. this is inappropriate and we are not going to be doing this. i think that with that story shows and by the way, they do longer are close to president clinton, no longer close to hillary clinton. the relationships have been essentially severed. i think what it shows is that there is a new force in the clinton world and there is a loyalty because there is knowledge that nobody is loyal. the only people that are loyal to each other or the clintons themselves. there are only three people who cannot be released to the replaced. everybody else is replaceable. if you cross one of them, that's it.
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you could lose your standing despite spending a decade and a half. that doesn't matter so i think why you let us not a silver bullet it isn't meant to be. it's to portray where they are right now and they have a real problem. people are talking to me because they know that their place is not secure because they know that nobody's place is secure and so i decided a problem they have in their company and as they seek to move it towards the 2016 election they have to contend with this in some kind of way which i'm not really sure they can do. >> host: here is the dirt that i saw. for example, talking about clinton inc. and about the foundations, one of the ways in which they raise money is the clinton global initiative. and the story is told here that
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it's not only about the clinton global initiative inviting the readers and the very wealthy to have access to president clinton and mrs. clinton that you have a situation where the fbi director is saying he needs help and when the word comes back you have to have the president asked for access key sends the word along but then later the president doesn't ask where helps in solving some of those mysteries surrounding 9/11 but instead asking for money for clinton inc.. >> guest: she's the fbi director that needed to take a sample from the president of the united states, never before heard of. that is a good question. i don't know the answer. i think it is a ten year appointment.
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i don't know the answer but maybe he did. he must have. but regardless, he takes his job very seriously. they want to give him a pass and say come and go at will and he says i'm not doing any of that. i'm going to have -- i don't want direct access to the white house. every time i come in and out i am not doing anybody any special favors i'm trying to do my job the best of my ability. so automatically from the get-go he starts off with a contentious relationship with bill clinton and it's made worse because he is pursuing these scandals like whitewater and all these scandals that sort of angles the clinton administration and so by the time he wants to ask for something, bill clinton isn't going to do him any favors.
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so he is at the towers and the bombing occurred and they are investigating it. the suspects are being held by the officials and he needs a bill clinton to talk to the officials and make sure that they can cooperate with them and have access to the suspects. so they have this sort of all the groundwork for the meeting is lead out. the deputies on each level. they know that this conversation is going to take place and by now this is the end of the clinton administration. bill clinton in this private meeting doesn't bring up the towers. he brings up a donation to his own foundation which he secures so he would have had the get-go and the ability for them to say go ahead and investigate, you know, go ahead and we are willing to cooperate and give you access to these suspects and
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stifled because clinton himself just won't make the act. i think he got about ten or $20 million. >> host: so you suggested that bill clinton is still behaving recklessly with regard to his attitudes and sexual interactions with a woman i think that the name is julie or something like this. what do you know? >> guest: a lesson on recklessness can be learned from bill clinton. he is reckless for his entire political life and i think that it's reckless that gets him to the white house an in the first place. we talk about shane earlier and i think the recklessness is required by any politician because you need to stand up and try to win people over and it's kind of the stakes are so high and you can't humiliate yourself
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on such a grand scale that any politician needs to be reckless to some degree but bill clinton takes it to the extreme on whatever he does so his recklessness is something that arkansas and the presidential campaign and it obviously hurts -- >> host: we are talking about sex here. but i mean it on many sort of different levels. >> host: what do you mean by that? >> guest: it's that he would do stuff like in the oval offi office. it's not justify philandering it's the reckless -- it's that he would take such risk at certain times where it could really come back to her cube and this is someone that understands politics and how these manifest themselves. >> host: now you think he's
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still having the affairs and how do you know this? is there evidence or >> guest: the book is well vetted by the lawyers. this isn't just a supposition. in the 2008 campaign, his aides advised him to not bring a mistress on the campaign trail. they didn't think it would be good politics for a spouse to bring a mistress on the campaign trail and in the discussion he decided not to do it but normally he is fairly indiscreet and normally this is a common occurrence for president clinton. one of the aides told me that he is a political genius and like all whether you are an artist or whatnot you have a flaw but for him it is women and so i think that about sums it up.
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>> host: but you're saying there is one that he has a relationship with. >> guest: in the book i'm talking about one but more broadly. >> host: what did you learn about mrs. clinton's reaction to this? >> guest: the general consensus is that she probably doesn't know and almost certainly doesn't want to know hillary clinton realizes that bill clinton has a flaw. she has been humiliated on the national stage. she understands how he works and operates and if she doesn't want to know the details and so the way the clinton world works is he has his own column and his own staff and secret service detail that's completely separate from hillary clinton who has her own chief of staff and has her own sort of see its
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surface detail. chelsea clinton a little smaller has her own staff and her own column. so there is separation to keep the news separate and to keep these people separate. secret service can communicate back and forth and they know when somebody's coming and going. you don't have to worry about someone dropping in on you which is less likely with the secret service driving you around and that's basically how it is with clinton inc.. >> host: i think you are referring to the monica files. they are finals i obtained for this and they are essentially a detailed list of the various media files and requests but there's also the file that her representatives had they wanted
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to use that she wouldn't let them so the point of the story is not to suggest that but to suggest that they had each on-chip i/o they could have used against bill clinton that monica lewinsky was to in love with bill clinton to want to work against him and she was naïve to try to hurt him in that way. so they could have thrown out -- postcode you think it's true? >> guest: it has been reported on before. it has appeared in other books at least they believed it was true. certainly they believed it could be very damaging but she wouldn't pull the trigger. she didn't want to engage him in that way and i think that sort of shows how and this is one scene throughout the book they have been very -- they've benefited greatly by who their enemies are.
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they've also benefited greatly on who the people that have been sort of embarrassed by them are. monica lewinsky is a great example of this. she was a young intern. she was engaged in an affair in the white house with president clinton but when it all blew up in her face and win it all became public knowledge, she didn't seek to try to hurt him or to try to destroy bill clinton to stop alito despite the fact they are working against her and try to destroy her. so that is the point of that story. to put it into the context of monica lewinsky has this arsenal but then they decided not to fire on it because the way she was and they have always benefited. >> host: even recently in "vanity fair" she didn't fire at the clintons at all. let's move on about mrs. clint
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mrs. clinton. i guess you could start with the recent talk about the head injury people suggesting she suffered on this. i don't see any evidence on that but you suggested that either it could be she might have had a stroke or more seriously that she may have been drinking and falling down. >> guest: two things. one, when i was reporting this book would always say what is the reason she might not run in 2016? the number one reason was held. everyone thinks that is an issue and she is almost 70. it's not crazy about an issue for john mccain and for any president even ronald reagan but he was able to sort of turn it into his favor. i think that he -- the point is it is an issue because people want to have faith in their
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commander-in-chief but they are up to the past and it's not just an issue for critics like karl rove would like other people who've talked about it. it is her own people that recognize her health might not be what it is the most commonality that i kept hearing was stroke. her health records are not public yet she will probably have to release them at some point that even bill clinton said she needed six months to recover it was such a big problem. >> host: was it related to drinking? >> guest: no, the point about drinking is not about drinking. that has been characterized. i quoted one as commenting that perhaps it was about drinking so the point is actually to show how as i said they've benefited greatly by who their adversaries are and this is a perfect example because it shows how they will take one kernel of
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truth being that there were jokes that she drinks were there were pictures of her partying with her staff and barack obama made a joke about her touching and things like that so the point was to show these republicans getting to why you'll buy it and then they they would'vtheywould've counted ford a series of evidence to support it. so the point was not that she was drinking but that people believe that they were automatically wanted to jump to that she was so that's what i tried to do that -- >> host: it comes across as this possibility that she was drunk and hit her head but then let me say another piece of dirt with regards to her is her relationship with vince foster and of course we've seen in the tabloids the recent suggestion that chelsea isn't even a child
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of bill clinton but now you have here a very close intimate relationship between -- >> guest: she will have to answer for the things that come about. my people swear to me that she had a relationship. they saw them kissing or whatever. and by the way it's been in other books also. that has been reported on for the last 20 years. i don't necessarily believe it. the point was to show i know for a fact i was told these things have been so the point was to show that these are issues of she has to contend with because all of these rumors constantly swarming around her. i'm not perpetuating the rumors i am just showing that they exist that she would have to deal with. her eckerd is --
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>> host: given who you are what is the truth? >> guest: in terms of the reporting what have you been able to confirm with either both vince foster and of course foster on a much larger scale connects to the side and everybody is wondering what happened. they talk about how it wasn't common to be so close to each other and things like that. i don't know. i mean come it doesn't seem in character but it's constantly described to her. are you supposed to just discount it automatically
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because the sources are telling you these things were you supposed to say -- it is a contention when you write books like this or try to frame these people and understand who they are you coming across things that are sometimes unbelievable and you don't believe them right away. you try to do your diligence and that's what i've done. i'm not saying that they've done anything they haven't done. i'm saying is people will ask questions about these things which is slightly different. >> host: in another episode and this is involving mrs. clinton and bill clinton you have been putting pressure on a reporter david shuster. what happened here? >> guest: david shuster in 2008 is a liberal talking head on the liberal network msnbc. he is somewhat critical of the clintons and just like basically everybody else on the network with chris matthews and whatnot
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but david shuster is hosting or guest hosting for somebody one night and he asks guests to question and says -- the question is about chelsea clinton and her involvement in the campaign and he wants to know and she's calling superdelegates trying to get them on board to support the campaign, her mother's campaign over barack obama's campaign and the question that arises is david shuster asks his guests is she being pimped out by the appearance for their own benefit are they coming do know, that for -- >> host: by having her make calls. >> host: >> guest: that is the question that he asked. the clintons are furious and
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offended. hillary was said to be crying when she hears about this. that is what they told me. so david shuster doesn't think much of it he doesn't think it is a bad thing and he eventually gets called into talk to the suits at msnbc because they are hearing complaints about it so she decides he will apologize and he goes on tv and apologiz apologizes. apparently that is not enough to satisfy the clintons. they are still upset that he's on tv. he tries to convince msnbc that hillary clinton is just using him in his head and in his example as a way to better her campaign and show that she's a victim because there is various polling that shows that when she is a victim she does while. monica lewinsky was great for the members so that sort of thing so he's training to meet this argument internally at
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msnbc and they are not really hearing anything about it and hillary clinton meanwhile is threatening to cancel the debate at msnbc that they were scheduled to hold in a couple of weeks. msnbc doesn't do well in the ratings and they know that they need this debate so shuster is in trouble. also what's happening is david shuster is getting complained about to the msnbc parent companies. their parent companies ge, general electric so the board members are receiving phone calls from clinton or clinton inc. and they are saying you have to get him off the air. you have to do something about it. they call the ceo and the president of msnbc and say why do you have him on their calling chelsea clinton a prostitute? why he is one of my journalists calling her a prostitute? now, you work at a news station.
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you hear complaints i'm sure for things you say on tv probably every single day but not many people that complain go directly to the top you're not just talking about the ceo of fox. you're talking about the ceo of whoever the parent company is. nobody's going to rupert murdoch to complain about what some talking head is saying that that's what is happening here so he's giving a two-week paid suspension from the network and get hurts his career and he no longer works at msnbc and partly it is attributed to that cause it hurt his standing at the network. >> host: so this is a powerful couple obviously with lots of connections, the former president and first lady and secretary of state, but the picture that you are painting is
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one of involvement with the money so let's go back to the clinton inc. part. i said before 214 million last year was the wealth of the clinton foundation. how much are they worth? >> guest: that is a tough question to pin down. this is what we know. we know that they have paid about $40 million from books. he writes a 15 million-dollar book, she writes an 8 million-dollar in 1,014,000,000-dollar book and he's written a couple others and was paid quite handsomely for those as well so they've made at least 40 million off of the books. we know based on reports they've made $110 million on speeches. some of his speeches come in at $750,000 that is good work. we know that is about $150 million they own two homes that are not worth anything like
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that. they are worth around $5 million apiece and we know that there are other consulting fees that are paid to them so i think a reasonable estimation is about $150 million. that's their personal wealth separate from clinton inc.? >> guest: that's correct. i mean with the book is basically you can't really separate everything because it is all combined together but it is not in the foundation banking account. that would be in their own. >> host: that is 150 in their own bank account and then 214 or so in the foundation they did count. >> guest: something like that. i think they actually have even more than that. it's a lot. you're talking about a multimillion dollar organization and people who believe the white house not only are they broke that i talked to an aide that
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went with them from house to house as they were looking to buy homes so that hillary could run for the senate in new york and they said she was amazed when they walked into an old 70s home that they they loved the rug and ornamented start. they haven't lived in their own house since the 70s. they had been on the public dime for that many years almost two decades for the short stint when he lost reelection in the early '80s as governor. not only would a poor bu were ty didn't really understand how people lived. they lived in this double for so long they had secret service, they still do in a way they never really left the bubble but it's weird ea was struck by how embarrassed she was area don't complement of these things about the reporters they don't want to hear that so it shows how they
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were stuck in a time capsule and they had to fight their way out. but it also shows that public service pays. it can pay extraordinarily well and be incredibly lucrative. if you want to be rich don't go into business, go into politics. become the next president of the united states and you can become a millionaire thanks to people like the clintons who have redefined the way politics works. >> host: let's look at another angle that you described in the book which is all of the people who served the clintons. you mentioned three i think prematurely james carville, paul, rahm emanuel now the mayor of chicago and then in the secondary road you have people like maggie williams and cheryl mills and lanny davis. one thing about this is you talked about how the key
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lieutenants had been pushed out. bill richardson and george stephanopoulos why don't you tell those stories? >> guest: he was the communication structure and -- postcodes a host of good morning america. >> guest: the good morning america host. he has his rise in politics and he wrote what is a good memoir and it gives you a flavor unlike most of the memoirs it is actually good and i think fairly honest and fairly revealing about the inner workings of the clinton health -- clinton white house but it didn't do much because he was mortified and in their guest that he would write something like this and reveal that the white house was enormously chaotic and they feared the eruption. dick morris the way
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stephanopoulos says that they would leave for the day having agreed to the plan or some sort of a strategy for the campaign and they would come back and bill clinton would have said okay this is what we are doing and say something in the opposite. and he's like what happened there? what went on and it would turn out that bill clinton was talking to dick morris and they were having private phone conversations of which stephanopoulos was not a part of. i don't think stephanopoulos appreciated it. he wrote that in his book and that. and i told that the horse race track and he is in front of a big group of people, some republicans but not all. i think bon jovi was mayor and the governor of maryland and a number of others.
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she is bringing gennifer flowers so that he can knock stephanopoulos in front of all these people and make them look like a fool. so he says that stephanopoulos -- he bought on the floor in a fetal position and basically started crying and bill clinton is telling this story and everyone is just how is he just throwing his eight under the bus like that? and because he didn't like it and he took it out on him and he made sure because bill clinton wants to be loved by everybody except people who cross. >> host: there was a union and stephanopoulos is not invited. and then with richardson and it's also the case richardson is quoted in the book by saying he doesn't feel like he would ever gain it back. >> guest: bill richardson is the governor of new mexico or he
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was in the cabinet into two positions, the energy secretary and un ambassador. but he becomes the governor of mexico and he runs in 2008, but that doesn't do so well. he doesn't resonate for many reasons. but for his own reasons he doesn't resonate well with voters and he's soon out of the race. he is a hispanic governor of new mexico so clinton assumes he can win him over and he can endorse hillary because this is in the battle for barack obama, between barack obama and hillary clinton. i think that richardson -- bill clinton goes out to new mexico to watch the super bowl and he's going to put the ask on come you're not going to leave without an endorsement but he doesn't budgie and he decides later to endorse barack obama and he isn't won over by hillary
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clinton. i think it's that he basically looks at the poll numbers and realizes that she isn't going to win and he would rather throw his lot in with the winner and loser. calculations like that are made in politics. richardson explains himself and, you know, he is -- the clintons are not happy with him and they go after him in public and they -- it is a remarkable story. >> host: if you are part of a conservative concern about hillary as a powerful force coming for 2016 and you write we the book and say okay now i have these pieces potentially of the perspective on her about that task, but as i said this comes in the summer when people are saying there are all of these books and everyone is trying to attack hillary. the most famous now is this book of the blood feud and clients
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besides the. >> guest: i haven't read it but i don't want to comment on books i have not read. i've seen some press reports and i don't know anything about it other than what's out there. i don't have any deep insight to that but i can tell you about her book because she also came out with a book and hers is what i call a 600 page press release. it's $35 you can go read her take on what she wants you to think of her. i don't think it's a very accurate picture of who she is. it's not that, you know, it's not that it's worked over by such a team to get her any problems in the future. it's just a boring book and i think that many of the reviewer's have agreed with me. so, i think that while there are a number of books i think that there is hillary clinton's book which is a 600 page press
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release and there is also another of a previously that came out in february that was also about hillary clinton's time but that was written by a former staffer at the democratic national party so i think if you want to read the more interesting and sometimes critical but sometimes more nuanced books i would turn to mine i think it is an interesting book and i'm excited about it. do you think that your book would disqualify her? >> guest: i never wrote it to bring her down. the title is i think revealing in that way. this is a book that shows who she is, what they have been up to and perhaps where they are
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headed in the pitfalls that might lie ahead. i talked to senators and the cabinet members and i talked to the democratic and republican presidents. i talked to congressman. i talked to the critics and friends. i talked to as many people as i could and i try to tell their stories about the clintons and how this is not the sort of just me reading press reports and putting it together. what does it mean then talking about the inner circle of lieutenant of clinton world going into the campaign what can we expect? >> host: it sounds like it is very clinton's 26 campaign.
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how do these relate? at one point you are talking about for example chelsea clinton as the campaign manager. she is now at the point she can run the campaign became trusted? >> guest: i tried to describe it like this. you have a family business. we know how the family businesses tend to work. they tend to be in charge by the family and everybody else is sort of artillery. you are always there and you are always in charge. when a daughter or son comes into a family business, they are allowed usually answer to be in this case to toby aids or the staff member how to work, how the work should be done. because of her own ambitions and her own, she is a destructive
9:51 pm
force in clinton inc. and that is something they are trying to contend with because it is complex but basically her parents are not able to say no to her. her parents are -- chelsea is the one thing they've been true to their whole life. they love her dearly and obviously they have adored her daughter so when she comes in and she starts demanding things they are not able to say no. it is a more complicated relationship. it is a father daughter relationship where the father has been caught previously cheating on the mother. i think that creates a guilt complex within the father to where he can't say no to her and likewise i think hillary has a guilt complex within her to where she feels guilty that she wasn't always there raising chelsea clinton and it manifests itself in a way that she is not able to say no although she is
9:52 pm
apparently able to and i think that is a sort of remarkable situation where you have this third emerging ceo and what it means for the 26 campaign i contend is that she is effectively going to be in charge because she would have just as much say as the candidate because if you are the campaign manager and chelsea clinton calls you and says we want you to do this or upgrade to say is this coming from you or your mom you are just going to do it that makes her effectively in charge. so that doesn't bode well for her campaign because she doesn't know what she's doing and she doesn't have the experience. running the campaign as hard and you are basically creating a multimillion dollar organization separate from content clinton inc. that spans 50 states and that is hectic and fast-moving
9:53 pm
and she's never done anything like that. there is no sign that she would be good at it to be effectively in charge and it could be detrimental for the 2016. >> host: if she is going to be having a baby i would think that is something that would also preoccupy her during this period. >> guest: i don't know how that would work exactly. but this is a concern that i discovered. this is the concern from the aids that have a handle on how things operate in the clinton and world. surworld. sure the pregnancy might change things or some of the dynamics obviously. but i ensure that things will work out. there are women who raise children and work and so i don't think why chelsea wouldn't be one herself. i think she would be just fine.
9:54 pm
>> host: all this talk about the clintons and the idea that it is a partnership as well as a marriage and clinton inc. and the power seeking and all the rest, there is a moment where you are talking to joe lieberman and they say he is overhearing conversation but then two of them -- >> host: they call each other sweetheart. >> guest: yes and they are very tender to each other. one of the questions that is frequently asked is there love in a relationship and yes there is a lot in that relationship. it's ultimately a business partnership. i said the same thing. he's famously unfaithful to her, and yet she is -- she stands by her man constantly. how does that work ask he said it like this.
9:55 pm
they both look the same thing. hillary clinton loves and adores bill clinton. she thinks the world of hemp and bill clinton loves bill clinton and thinks the world. [laughter] i think that is probably how that's pretty much works. >> host: you are the editor at the online weekly standard and so the question would be as part of the conservative media in america people looking at the buck do you think there is a case with bill helper it doesn't disqualify her but -- >> guest: that is not the case that i'm making. i don't know whether after reading this book somebody might decide they could ever vote for hillary clinton or the opposite. people are smart enough to make their own decision as to who they should vote for and things like that and i don't want to go
9:56 pm
around telling people who to vote for. my intention is that this is an amazing story from matches to where they are today and that's what i'm trying to tell is this amazing story. so it's not -- people will conclude with a walk to conclude. i can't control that. but what i can control and this is the story that i told. >> host: you are not a clinton hater. >> guest: i am a young guy and as you can see i grew up reading and my parents "new york times" subscription to "newsweek" and i grew up -- in the car on my way to school my mother would have on npr and that's how i learned about the clintons. i am not -- that isn't how i approach the book at all. i approach it as a reporter
9:57 pm
looking for a story trying to figure out what happened and try to talk with story. obviously i'm conservative. i work at the weekly standard and i cannot this from the center-right i make the case that that was an advantage in covering the subject and certainly not a disadvantage because while people -- when i reached out to people, they knew where i was coming from first of all. every reporter has a bias. i've told you mine. you know where i'm coming from. it's also an advantage in that i think a lot of reporters write with a concern about access. whether it is congress or the clintons were any topic whether it is business you write with a concern to access because if you write to something that is too critical of your subject, that's it. you're not going to get another interview with them. that's it. it will make your job a lot
9:58 pm
harder. so i think that with me it's not as though i had to worry about my invitation to the holiday party at the white house. i didn't think that was ever going to come from the clinton white house and i'm sure it won't and that's okay. i can live with that but i think other reporters are concerned about it and i think it reflects their reporting in a negative way. >> host: he called you at one point and you didn't get access to mrs. clinton. >> guest: i'm not going to say who i spoke to. >> host: there is a plus ability you spoke directly with mrs. clinton. >> guest: i'm not going to say who i spoke with about i spoke to a lot of people. this is one of the questions i raised at the beginning of the book and i think it takes to tae whole book to answer why wouldn't somebody talk to me. here i am conservative but in
9:59 pm
some ways it has borne out certain criticisms and in some ways it hasn't. why would somebody talk to me and the short answer is basically because there is a lot of disloyalty in the clinton world because it's no longer exists. there is no loyalty anymore. and alternately, that is bad for it and it shows the weakness of issues that they are all in it for themselves and eventually they have to realize they have to -- some have begun to realize that they benefit themselves and not the greater corporation. >> host: going beyond this book he essentially wins in 2016. >> guest: maybe it is 50/50. you started the segment by talking about the phone numbers and the numbers are getting quite well. go talk to president rudy
10:00 pm
giuliani and ask him about the numbers early on and talk to president gary hart. .. >>


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