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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  May 19, 2014 1:51am-2:01am EDT

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this young man unfortunately really did suffer that fate and was fired from where he was teaching at that time in boltzmann they went abroad to teach english as a second language there. some people really regretted the way that had played out that perhaps to give leniency from church says prospective they wanted to protect themselves from copyright violation. i was not down on the professor but a lesson to give credit where it is due in real though that artists and writers have always borrow from one another. this was so egregious how does a ph.d. make that mistake? is there something missing how they are educated?
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but the column was the opportunity to ruminate. my conclusion is the ivory tower is not without its tensions and if you violate plagiarism that could give you booted out and is a very serious thing. something as i could write easily in an hour. especially if i was over in my mind to think about different directions of which to approach it but the average time for the column was an hour in the half that i would turn over and so i have often very fortunate there. whatever it would take me to read the books some of means the in in that i have to have a strong sense or feeling and i think in a
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columnist can relate to this. it is a struggle because you don't feel that strongly about a book for an issue. but those tended the defense is something i was more passionate about for instance the massachusetts prep school that got rid of all the of printed books went to an all digital format. while this is the first library that has done this and it is a cultural marker. it was very easy to put on paper. but it got a lot of press at the time because it was a first library to abandon box. the headmaster said something when i see both sides the outdated technology.
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i went on to interview people that was there with a reaction of citizens and loggers but if the kids there did not open books they were digital natives. it was all on line with darrell votes in the amazon kindle. said these books went to much more privileged schools soared given away to faculty but this is troubling because what if the power goes out? with the cappuccino machine or something explodes over what the overlord says we think mice and men is not opprobrious the we will not allow it to it brought up troubling ramifications. but it does seem permanent but it is not a bad
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technology can still coffee or carry it anywhere or drop it it is still a good technology i just thought we were throwing that away because of the light -- the latest bright troy that could be obsolete in the future. but these were the kinds of things happening with that digital revolutionary front i tried to pay a lot of attention to. >> one of the great things to be a book editor people would see it and talk to me about what they were reading. i have just the broad sense of people are reading. initially i don't think it'll occurred to me who might read the column. of but i was truly astonished when truck drivers garbage truck drivers immerse his teachers senators, it jeff
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sessions, bankers come university presidents, janitors from all walks of life people through the course of their day would share what they were greedy or thinking. and of course, some books everybody was greedy in the division she covered -- does the thank you code over to -- or the purpose striven life but do get that peek into the intellectual life. they said to do the books page every day before my wife a and i go to bet we listen to these tapes of the democracy for 45 minutes. how what i have never known
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that? they just look like they were out for dinner and what a privilege to learn about that. but young writers would tell me the same thing. but because it is a private interior thing we're not always aware. i know numbers for serious reading are in decline with every survey but i do have hope. i do sync publishing hopefully will stabilize. i was worried that everybody was in a panic and e-books were the new thing but the technology is not just quite there yet. books still have a lot of good vintages. in any way over 25 or 30
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will say a love the feel of a book for that tactile sensation night a year young people say that because they are digital natives but if they migrate to use the page remains to be seen. but books will be with us for a long time in one form or another. >> this program shows graphic images of lynching. if it will be one of hour. [applause]
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>> good afternoon the presentation end to day is dedicated to do too intellectual workers and activists. and i dlls bills barnett. this afternoon it is my great pleasure to introduce dr. mitchell. a literary historian and cultural critic. for research centers on racial violence in u.s. literature and contemporary culture and black drama and performance. in doing research with these topics i see dr. mitchell's role as one in our society.
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said there is a masquerade from time to time the ancestors are worshiped him the personnel services the interpreter to the people is she. . .


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