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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 5, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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when we first got over there we were getting 100 tons of mail a day. by christmas we were getting 400 tons of mail a day from people all over this country, and indeed all over the world, who were saying, "hey, as long as you're there, we support you. we don't blame you for this war." c-span: here's what the book looks like. "it doesn't take a hero" is the title. gen. norman schwarzkopf, the author, thank you for joining us. >> guest: thank you very much. i enjoyed being here. ..
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[cheers and applause] >> let me point out there clapping for you. it was louder when she came out. with the introduction. >> the deal. the president and mrs. bush are not here tonight battle fleet he will still be there. >> i wore pants per car was not going to. >> host: we are honored to be here together to talk about the new book "not cool" how we met then we will get a chance to take pictures. >> somebody has friends.
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[laughter] barge and a special? >> somebody is jealous. [laughter] i get you are happy to see data. >> the main star attraction could not be here tonight. jennifer is home in new york city. do you love jasper? [laughter] >> you do realize jasper is not a real dog? the only way he can get on tv. >> what ever happened to caspar? >> she kept talking about the dog jaspers a lie that i would get my own dog caspar i would say kasper is better in debt was driving you crazy but there was an unfortunate accident but he tasted delicious. [laughter] let me kick things off with
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the most important topic of the night. me. [laughter] did you know, i was the george w. bush press secretary. did you know, that? >> you never brought that up simic just walked off the street. [laughter] but i thought we would tell people because we get along so well i call him the brother that i never wanted but we had not met and tell the debris did the pilot. >> that is not true. that shows you how memorable that i am but i actually met you at three or four months prior i was walking in the halls of fox and i said look there is data per reno. she had that look like i am
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dana parino. [laughter] it is so hard to me me. every betty said it is dana parino. i said how are you? i said i am greg gutfeld you should do read i. [laughter] like she's smelled something awful. she gave me the look that is probably the last time i will talk to you she shook my hand then months later. >> we were called out of the blue. >> i suggested you. [laughter] >> originally there was a show called the one and it was me. [laughter] >> that is the great one o'reilly.
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>> i am not having it. i suggested dana parino to call it the one and a half. i wanted it to be called the 10 and it would be me and bob. [laughter] i will not explain that joke. senate you had a chance to tour the bush library i think you should tell the people your thoughts? >> i don't have very many to compare it to. had the ben to libraries lately? they are horrible. this is great. but the bush library is amazing it gave me incredible ideas for my on presidential library that will be in about 2042.
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abutted is amazing. it is an important sign when you are walking through how the world has changed since then 11. that is what hits me because i am thinking this is september 10th in a and this is september 11th. everything after simic it was fun and to take you to the oval office. >> it is an exact replica i felt the power. i ordered a pizza ben that is what happens. >> if the piece is 30 minutes late do i get it for free? >> last night you were at another presidential library. >> there reagan library. >> at one time you ate his dinner? democrat my first job out of
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college at the "american spectator" as the staff assistant your job entails doing whatever the owner wants you to do. pick up devices at the pharmacy, wash his car, a onetime he said you want to see up late? hamlet? i said sure i had no idea i was the driver. said he had president reagan over. i guess a couple nights a year he would come visit and one of them was my boss at the "american spectator." i was not invited but i was to go though lawn and wash the windows of the house to get ready. to the process i said you think i could stick around? he said sure a and i could stick around while president reagan was there.
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because it is very surreal you are on a house with a normal blocking in the motorcade pulled up and it is mind blowing like a centipede in a christmas tree. you want to tell somebody than there is president reagan he was a decoy drinking behind me of a screwdriver eric your instinct is you think it is somebody with a mask. [laughter] but decoy of the decoy. so i had a chance to say something i said blob blob of. [laughter] i was in the kitchen with secret service then when he left he left almost all of his dinner so i thought i will eat the president's dinner. [laughter] which i did civic you
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thought it would give you power or grow taller? [laughter] >> that was an end -- unnecessary. >> you do realize i am taller than her? it is true. i tell people this is not dana parino. >>. >> guest: to show once and for all? there is proof? i will be fair. hold on. [laughter] there. now we have settled back. give people background as to how did greg gutfeld become greg gutfeld? i would really like you to talk about how your mom who hopefully is watching this
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on c-span you will see her in one week. i have learned this from you how much you care about your mom and from what i know about her what amazing mom she was she recognized her uniqueness and talent to help feed those by buying copies of mad magazine. [laughter] >> there was always a writing contest like in first and second grade and she got me into writing to enter the contest i don't even know where they were from but i would do them to right the short stories and she encouraged that. plus she sought i was physically incapable of sports. [laughter] so maybe not about the riots but she did not want to be
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humiliated by her son who was not coordinated. but she bought the magazine said change my life. when you first get mad magazine decide to be in the '70s it was the first thing that spoke to you as a real person that said we a understand the adult world is weird. mad magazine introduced me to politics, a satire testa weird little world that has a got older my mom picked up national lampoon. that was edited by p.j. or work -- zero rourke there was pictures of naked women i said why? he said that was the only
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way we could beat women. [laughter] it was such a funny magazine that was the precursor to the of late '70s and comedies like an all house and vacation in it was so brutally honest before political correctness p.j. went on to right to others like the republican party reptile that is life changing that you cannot be republican and you cannot have fun you have to be against the stereotype not from an animal house but those magazines framed my life and made me want to right. >> host: actually was a magazine that changed your perspective that berkeley because that is when you founded the "american
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spectator." >> al was a liberal put -- i was a liberal pretty much that was a romanticized view of the world. why can't we all get along? people who have money are mean. all republicans are bad parenting evil parents. that is the way the world was that is what they believe everybody is evil but the. i was collecting signatures in high school for the nuclear freeze not to allow nuclear weapons in california i did that for extra credit because that is what you could do. the teacher would give you extra credit for a cause and i did it. i just thought that is the way though world was there were protest where people would be screaming at you
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just because you were a white kid they would just call you names. a friend called -- was carrying "the american spectator" said there is a whole other world out there an alternative view that makes sense. two years later i started to work their and the lesson there is state any position treated its $70 every two weeks. i had no money but it did not matter i did not care in what capacity. would have cleaned the toilets. maybe i did and i don't remember. [laughter] >> host: then you worked for a lot of magazines. if they could just pick out one story that every job he has ever had he has been
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fired from at some point. [laughter] just pick one story why you got fired. [laughter] >> it is pretty easy because it is midget's or little people i should say in deference to you. [laughter] with designs to create a public-relations i thought it was stupid they asked me to speak then i said you are hopeless that i thought that was stupid because i could have said that offstage i said i want to be on base and we already filled your spot they filled it with "maxim" magazine i thought what could i do? i thought the little people the great thing about new york you can call up and order anything.
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[laughter] i ordered and three a little people. i had a friend who works at a burlesque show he can get anything so can i borrow three of your guys? so i called to reserve seats at this conference and the three little guys were in there with clipboards and had this all phones on vibrate. so when the conference started the editor-in-chief of glamour and oprah is magazine, "rolling stone" and the editor-in-chief of glamour their phones would ring on vibrate everybody thought what is going on? i forgot to add each little person was dressed as a character one was a gangster another was a british socialite.
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[laughter] and another was the puppy a rescinding it all these parts. [laughter] finally they said can you please turn off your phone? he said you are saying that because i am short. [laughter] she said no. i'm short i was not there but i had a person they're watching fold thing they said the great thing about this i call it that people think they are so much smarter then you it is good to subvert them so i created does is it ended up at "the new york post" and "new york times" that was ever illustrated the important point of political correctness there was something going on in the audience that no one pointed to redress one woman said can we say something is happening here?
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there are three little people? i did not know there was one. [laughter] and nobody would say anything they were scared to be politically incorrect so they were escorted out and i was promoted out of my job. [laughter] they've made up a title. director of brand development that is called please get away from our product and even sent me to california paid for the transfer of might apartment they paid to get me away. >> that is a great transition to your new book that just came out last week called "not cool" i had a chance to read this list leaf on the floor of my office i worked with you on the joy of hate and as your
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sixth i think it is your best. >> i mean that -- they accuse. >> i mean that sincerely. >> ironclad you said that. it is now on "the new york times" best-seller list. [applause] >> then to give you some room to run what are you trying to get across? >> when you write a book he start to notice the trends why are people making stupid decisions? because they want to be light or liked special people you want to be seen as cool because it sounded too are for that program.
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the whole idea is you want to be cool and who decides? i called them the eight hipster but they are the progressives and if david is a product of common sense is stupid. it is irrelevant and antiquated and old-fashioned white john mccain not barack obama. said you have a war hero roy the would agree or not it's a young african-american that is new. it is a value neutral term neither good nor bad that is why it is bad weather it is experimenting with drugs or engaging in any kind of risky behavior. so in my mind infiltrates all parts so dealing with
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peer pressure but also politics how people view the military as a symbol of american exceptional with some. is bad and not cool to be in the military even though for a pacifist to exist people have to be willing to die for but the to sad things they're under the predictable of the rebellion they all agree with the same thing. [laughter] and they have nothing to replace it with when they don't like something they never have the alternative. really it is just destruction why they've romance is evil in movies and television why "rolling stone" puts it on the cover of their magazine for crime make this point in the book how cool is it with
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entertainment pushed upon us? of the bombing occurred in the offices of rulings stone magazine would they put the bomber on the cover? of course, not. they would show the building but because they are detached from the suffering they put him on the cover. in anthony wrote the article how bad it was he did the bombing but i had a list of adjectives like they were describing justin bieber and shows they took evil in the prison of cool that he was no different in one direction dash trying to think like an outcast from the jonahs brothers. darkness is cool that is a microcosm of the book that makes him look cool he has a
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chance to go on twitter groups support him. i don't think they care the same thing with the cop killer the fact that i know his name this is the opposite you google his name but the first one who killed the philadelphia police officer. >> host: what about jim carey? >> not the gardiner there probably is because there was a horrible done tragedy in connecticut decided to put out a video that makes fun of gun owners and basically completely humiliates the memory of charlton heston to cannot fight back because he is dead antiquates owning guns
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to be the emasculated castrated male of the he would need a gun. it is heavy-handed and stupid and i called him on that. there is not a single fact in any of your arguments and you are a coward going after a man who was dead 20 times the character that you are. that's is weak but it is an easy battle for him because if you were in hollywood you can be against guns unless you use them in a movie. so he wrote a nasty letter to fox news he would sue it was gratifying. then he apologized. i believe celebrities are stuck in the protracted adolescence because they spend so much time on themselves they don't see
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the outside world until they have time so whatever their plant -- political views or adolescent. guns are bad. but felons will go to a house that is formed because they don't want to die. studies show that. that is common sense. >> host: you write about free radicals. what is a free radical? to make you should not to be one they resist the desire to be liked. visa the people who are truly cool their good people resist the desire to be light and operate by a code. when you get into bribery you had no idea what to make of him he was like crazy but then you realize waikiki and together he operated on a code everything made sense
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and does not care whether people think but for the free radical days to have a sense of humor about life. it is very easy to get angry at the last invented faked outrage so you have to be a happy warrior. [applause] especially now. parts of that free radical you cannot just be correct but correct a lot of people in the conservative party they cannot persuade the young people but that is what we need right now people who are persuasively correct you can go on shows to hold their own. >> host: speaking of a great show and a free radical in the book is roger ailes of fox news who hired
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you after you were fired from your last job. >> i know. >> host: there may be five "red eye" finance but it is a cool show from my perspective so maybe it is not cool? [laughter] >> the least coolest show show, all lots of stuff on tv and magazines are made for other people in the media. a woman's magazine written by a women's editor for other women's editors that is why when the normal woman picks up the magazine. >> i get so bad. >> academicians magazines the men's magazines are written for female editors to leave on the cocktail table for their boyfriend. it is not read. there are whole networks
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based on this idea that what "red eye" is, a tv show for everybody else. there is no pretension everything else is true. are there fans of "red eye" here? [cheers and applause] the guest cool keeps getting smaller smaller. it is hard to find people who were honest on television it is great with somebody with the code they usually end up bond "red eye" people describe it as the sand which that you make you are about to bite into a bet realize the cap is in the sand which. >> host: what about the
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ratings? train wreck sometimes for one month we will be to everything at cnn 3:00 a.m. will be to the 8:00 show. [laughter] >> almost three years ago another show was added to your schedule talk about that. [applause] >> host: in your opinion is the five coup will? >> i refuse to use those words. it is good or bad. it is good because it is real. when the five started there are tv blocks written by media hacks who love to predict what will succeed or fail but i remember on our anniversary of the show i think i read fallen i just
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cannot see how this will last at least six weeks. so on the two-year anniversary i read that and the guy said that is obsessive he would remember that. [laughter] so it is my fault that i prove you wrong? that is the media pack. know where you can win. but on other tv shows of people working at other shows that is all they have seen. with this impress anderson cooper? or rachel maddow? for the five we see beyond that the five blocks beyond their peers. we don't care just the audience having a good time.
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that is why the five works because the chemistry is real is unpredictable we're not interested to impress anybody. >> we don't even talk to each other before 4:00 p.m. >> we cannot stand each other. [applause] you laugh but we cannot look at each other in the eyes down balls. [laughter] -- down galway. but you do realize she sits on to a palos. >> one is very special and has a little unicorn now it is like my good luck charm i have to have that palo. >> god knows where that fellow has ben. [laughter] people send us when you meet fans on the five and "red
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eye" when i was on book tour last year the bus was filled with gifts and mementos the bus driver said white you ask people? >> we said we have never asked for anything we are a show where people come to bring us things. >> one-woman going through chemotherapy had a pitcher of jasper. [laughter] >> like up painting in the haunted house where dana perino is with her dog then use where it is looking at you. [laughter] >> it is very good of jasper but not me. >> you were evil. [laughter] it is funny because it is in "red eye" office we don't even want to touch at we are
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afraid if we put our here and on its it will turn to dust or we will start melting. >> i have to ask for the favorite character of the five for many different reasons you love to hate him or hate to love him. it is bob beckel. [applause] [applause] bob beckel. >> i cannot said net him but when i was working for the spectator he seemed a very scary. and i was a conservative slidell icahn in any way he was there with jesse jackson. then 20 years later i am working with him he is a teddy bear genuinely.
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i think clearly he has a big part i think medically it is called in large. [laughter] i hope everything is okay with him. >> sometimes you get in fights with him. >> israel. of the show we go at it because, you know, what is funny? you cannot argue with somebody you don't like because it is not worth it. if you don't have chemistry or a report it just feels awkward because you can go at each other's throats when the cameras go off because it is completely forgotten. >> host: and he has a short memory. [laughter] i had a big blow up with him
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i lost my temper and i was not proud. i felt so bad the next day i brought him chocolate's. he said what is this for? [laughter] >> you have to test that. just say no rush on the $500. don't worry about that. i will just go to the atm now. >> host: i will tell you a great story about bob that they don't know. in the middle of one of our horrible snowstorms this winter he got a call from the central office 8:30 p.m. the ice was coming down the only has cowboy boots so the next day i bought him of a pair of uggs. about these guys that brought the guardia space --
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and were new to aa because there are worried about them being tempted with temptation spinet may be that is assigned to start drinking. >> host: not for them. they knew to call the a a office of the one person who would get up off the couch to go out to the board yet to host the aa meeting that is what he did that night to the reason we know about it is because he had fallen on ice that night but he would not let them be without their leading. [applause] meeting even though i'd like you i could talk to all mike and i have to wrap it up. there are microphones on either side. the last question we are
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approaching graduation the lot of young people here who care about their children if you could recommend some authors are writers that they should look for or read or recommend? a lot of things on campus like "american spectator" you will not be candid when you are on campus. you have to go out to find the weekly standard or "national review." not only are you a fabulous writer but also will read. >> i made a list. greg gutfeld. [laughter] gregory.
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[laughter] were kids and just words differently these days. of blogging and i think is great for conservative thought a and it is very funny. it is a great place for people to get a perspective on things. i am a big fan of mark stein i am sure that you are. he is also funny. it is important to find people and mark stein is like that. an interesting character if you watch "red eye" he is not to pollute but he could change the 18 year-old wife gavin. [applause] i think he writes the tacky
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blogging? he is a crazy person covered in tattoos but a modern conservative and hysterical. but matt from "the weekly standard" is a great young writer and andrew ferguson from "the weekly standard" is great as well. you cannot go wrong with charles crowd ever. [applause] i just like to say his name. into my office now. what is the captain? we need your badge. i could create any show of around him. [laughter] i probably have. "national review" the pitiful user of words and
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like we kevin williamson but she's cents articles to me every morning to read. it is great because they do read these but florence king is a great writer. my favorite picture writers the author who writes pot boilers the killer inside me and writes about the evil. if you are into philosophy see i've made a real this. get them started to read the libertarian magazine that looks very boring. did i leave anybody out? >> host: that is good. >> george his writing
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confuses me he uses words i have never heard of. [laughter] then i have to keep repeating his sentences. do you do that? is it just me? i think he does that on purpose 70 operates on another level. 750 words this could take them three hours. [laughter] >> now with special report darr at the same table. >> they glare at each other like professional wrestlers. who is smarter? lead america decide greg gutfeld author of "not cool" [cheers and applause] >> this is your chance and ask us whenever you want.
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>> and nobody wants to be the first. they always want to be the third. >> what do you think is the best approach to changing the not cool five -- vibe. >> you were. with the facts if you have a friend that constantly talks about global warming instead of saying it is stupid get a little get the facts than respond with humor. that is what we do every day with the five. i tried to create of metaphor to describe it
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otherwise protected -- pretend you were drunk. [laughter] if you cannot think of something then invasion yourself after four beers you always have an opinion. >> last week you talk about how you come up with your book subjects on the independence. with the joy of hate that led you straight into "not cool"? >> when i was doing a speech at the reagan library i had written the speech and realize half of it was about the desire for acceptance why were people so worried about being politically correct? they were fearful of rejection everybody wants to be liked. nobody wants to be on the other side of the velvet rope and political correctness is that coercive threat you fool will be
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smeared if you do not believe that how the internet has democratized so if you are politically incorrect you could be ruined forever because it is so easy to do with on the web. that is the desire to be cool creates this fake fur aside. >> host: so why can liberal say something a rages in favor mouflon but conservatives have every negative connotation? >> who is the referee? the media and the referee alone by the other side. the media at academic industrial complex. in the '70s it was military but this is far worse and all comes from the big giant still the people better liberal are professionals or
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get into media. that is why they are as predictable as marbles because they are all the same. you can get away with is saying something completely disgusted on the left but on the right you have a target on your back. >> host: as a free radical you are willing to have a target. >> i finished the book yesterday. you made a comment about you're distain for people who place their identity over their achievement. but how did you and gavin ever crossed paths? i would love to hear your biography and bob beckel biography. [laughter] >> host: how did you cross paths? >> he created one of the crudest magazines you will
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ever see your it in your life i will even tell you. >> he even told me not to look at it. >> but it was successful he created the modern hipster. lucy people and that is gavin. when i found out he was a conservative i thought i have to have him on "red eye" and he was hysterical he does not care about anything. of pro-life catholic with three kids but looks like the most decadent hell's angel. [laughter] frightening. the most politically incorrect thank. >> i love to be on "red eye" with him spee mckee plays his liberal brother on "red eye"
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he has the great stone. [laughter] >> edward be interested to hear your observations regarding northwestern university football players to become paid employees as opposed to a student athletes? that such universities have a liberal outlook now with seems there on the other side of the korean -- going. >> how could it be any worse? [laughter] maybe that will teach them to be a capitalist there could not be anything worse in college than what is going on in the classroom is not so much about money but character that is the problem i have a chapter in "not cool."
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i am talking about sports. [laughter] that it was okay to be an athlete prior. but used to be enough to play a sport debt now you have to be somebody special. the blank one dash bling. because that is the pop culture into the world and i think is polluting it. >> with the offbeat question i've been a huge fan of "the five" what you do during the commercial breaks? i have an idea you should be pay-per-view to watch during that commercial so we can hear you talk. >> it has occurred to me one way to raise money is to
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auction off and availability to see what happens during the commercial breaks because sons -- sometimes it is funnier. one example we will finish a heated argument about global warming then bob will just stop and -- as start warda one dash laughing then say did you believe anything you said? sometimes he just smiles. our producer is here. give him a he and. [applause] he worked for o'reilly then came to our show he is smart when he works with the director and the control room you can see things off-camera over here they are poking at each other and sometimes we are really
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angry then there is silence for a while. other times we think what is in the next block but usually it is pretty hilarious. >> what i do almost immediately is get on my phone to look on twitter to see what jokes work to. [laughter] for me twitter is a video game. for your brain to say this to see what comes back to try to beat blast score. [laughter] >> host: that is so true. [laughter] i got 500 tweets but i prepare for the show half of this stuff is off the cuff the other stuff i better get this lighting in. how did it work? then i am very happy. >> host: if you don't you
7:52 pm
are like a wounded poppy. >> how did that not work? >> host: then use old that was a really good joke. why didn't anybody get it? finigan gets me so increased really. how did that not work? then i will use it again. >> host: another thing that you do every day with the commercial breaks. >> it is obsessive compulsive i think about my food. i don't know why. we tape "red eye" around 815 then i start to think what ; to eat? chinese? i don't even know i am doing it. [laughter] reds? ♪ chipolte across the street
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uggs guacamole spec we think it's hilarious but who knows it would do well. >> it is completely unconscious and i do it every single day. it is weird. i don't know why but it shows as an animal how robotic you are you were not even aware. >> it has been great to see your personal and social evolution over the last couple of years dana perino. greg gutfeld, it seems the success of "red eye" has led to possibly "the five" anthony be even poillon new show as well as many guests becoming mainstream where your comments on that?
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>> i will work backwards. [laughter] agnews was one of the greatest ideas i ever had. [laughter] it my life. wouldn't it be hilarious if i read the news well somebody's doing exercises you can exercise along while i do the news. that is a network. [laughter] bought the problem losses some people did not agree. i will not say who it was these are newscasters you cannot use them for these things.
7:55 pm
we have to figure out of food we use. but before that, what? it was the creation of finance. we never did that in our lives. it is something on. >> host: data will live in is on the edge. good. but i never said she was over there. i don't like the term but i understand the term. [laughter] about gas, "red eye" is like a league for interesting people. [laughter] that is how i got to fox was
7:56 pm
from "red eye" not india just on fox news but with their own tv shows elsewhere better now too big to come back to do "red eye." i will not say their names but we're always on the lookout for interesting and funny people. >> host: if you give any of the authors that he recommended help your parents or grandparents record "red eye" it is the funniest thing by far i would give the last question to you. it appears that i am short. >> we know the struggle. every darr wake up and i am short. [laughter] you will receive a special shirt i don't know. >> we have abeyant here --
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they're trying to ban plastic bags here in dallas and you had written about that. a wish your book was out one week earlier. >> it is death for the greater good. the great thing about plastic begs people locally in the cloth begs i cannot remember the percentage but it increases the risk of death. people die from food board illnesses because the bags are dirty. it is that simple. but you cannot have plastic bags anymore because it will choke a seagull. had easiness the goalie? they are rats with wings. very anti-social.
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[laughter] >> host: for me to be here at the bush center meant all lot to me and the president and mrs. bush changed my life to give me the opportunity for our love this library. was glad to be on the show today the only way to get better if jasper was laying down and he played a set. [laughter] >> good to see you are not assessed. i want 2.0 greg gutfeld wife is here and she puts up with him more than i do. [applause] she will join him for the book tour continuing tomorrow but this is a wonderful spot. give him the last round of
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applause. [applause] >> i said this before when you are shorts every ovation is a standing ovation. [laughter] . .
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