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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 28, 2014 4:00pm-6:01pm EST

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[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: this fundamental objective freedom has taken the three months for the stability of the country. the european union must support ukraine. the union must support the political transition process. there needs to be serious consideration of the extension of the policy and a statement of
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freedom and independence, sovereignty, integration and territorial integrity and if there needs to be a response to the dramatic call that we had last month in kiev in the economic problems the european union must lead an international conference together with the united states and russia international fund and to canada and others and in conclusion has to bet on the peace dividend and ukraine whose citizens have shown an example to us all. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: what happened
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in ukraine is a step further democracy. now there is a discussion about the legitimacy of what happened and yanukovych has so much blood on his hands to lea leave the country and anyway he left the kiev in the midst of a crisis. i want to thank the european union because let's be very clear the foreign ministers who negotiated on behalf of the european union contributed not only to the end of the violent killing that contributed to the strong sufficient european union inside ukraine and for the changes because it shows the weakness of president yanukovych. now the situation and i want to honor all of the people who
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really want to stay until they are sure that things will improve because once already we had of the revolution may be in the two revolutions we had and they said because politicians rather pu pulled up the cells instead of the people like citizens of ukraine. to help overcome these politically arguing among themselves. why do we change the language law concerning the minority language that's not useful, it is against the european spirit. and let's not go into revenge. justice can be spoken according to the international legal rules
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because it cannot be without justice what happens. ttoko 80 or 90 people cannot hae the result that no justice has been done but it must be impartial. there must be a new parliament and growing into the next phase of ukraine into starting the new engagement in ukraine. let's be very honest. at the end of the road membership must be possible because that is according to the treaties but now that we can fulfill to tell them they have to do their job and they have to reform the countries. they have to fight against corruption and against the structures. this is what they have to do and
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we have to help them. this is our obligation to fully support them. so yes, we need reforms. what we can do and should do him a think about the liberalizati liberalization. it should be really implemented. let's ask the commission to make an assessment of it as possible if and when we can go to the next step to give the citizens a message concerning their future in the european union it will be a process step-by-step. from today until tomorrow, but the process has to start now togetheouttogether with the eurd the politicians which is absolutely necessary. but returned tlet me turn to tht about russia. there are two ways to respect even if we don't like it and i can imagine they don't like it especially putin because they
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would think about changes in their own country but mr. putin wouldn't like it. but you should accept what is the reality. everything in the ukraine now if it endangers the territorial integrity, at the end of the day you may not only lose some oligarchs, but the citizens, the population of ukraine, and we should make it very clear we stick to the territorial integrity and including the protection of those that are there and want to stay in ukraine and built up the new country. so in that sense we appealed to russia and so mr. putin is -- we should restore the troops because do you really threatened to march and it would be a disaster. in the past other activities of the military instead of sending
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the troops with whom you can discuss, then they have discussed together with the european union how we can help financially. so it's up for russia to decide if they want to be friends or if they want to destroy the integrity of the country. my appealed to russia is turned back, think about it and try to be friends with ukraine and above only with some oligarchs. thank you. [applause] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: more than 80 people lost their lives last week and you can say that each of these people wanted to have a different ukraine.
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when i was there we didn't want to ukraine to go to the well for the east and they want another ukraine but most people want to live in the country in a normal free and democratic country and that's the problem. it is not free. it is not democratic and it is certainly not a country without correctiocorruption. corruption curbs that part of the problem and that is the main problem that has to be solved. some people are saying it is a geopolitical problem. no it wasn't e.g. a lot geopolitical protest, it was against those that are ruling in the country. it was a protest against those that are in power to the oligarchs, the production that
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is a daily part of the life of every citizen in ukraine. the second point is the role of the union. union. okay finally, mr. commissioner, we decided to launch this but let's be honest, we could have done this before. as the parliament has asked for already by the end of january and a resolution on the sixth of february we said it's time now to have a number at least to prepare them so to get a signal to the rulers in ukraine that things have to change, but okay let's not be too critical. at the end they played an important role. the announcement of these decisions of sanctions was a game changer together with the fact that 12 members of the parties of the regions went to the democratic opposition and changed the majority in a few minutes and in a few hours.
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so we can play as a european union a decisive role. we can do it without sanctions and a common action. and then my third point is we need a common credible strategy for the future. there's the conference which was already mentioned, and i think that is necessary that the commission is preparing an emergency macro financial system because we cannot wait for the donor conference to do something in the next days and the next week. i think we need to also not only have a cessation agreement, but to announce that agreement with some facilitation and liberalization and not for the groups or the oligarchs but for ordinary citizens, for students, for scientists who can use that. we need that third part of the strategy to prepare.
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let's be honest. it's a huge start to be sure but it is transferred in a democratic election. it was never democratic in ukraine. the way they are giving the seat to people in the parliament is that the candidates are in contact with an oligarchs and the electoral campaign of the candidate and later that's the way that it's working today in the political system, and we have to change that. we can help them and we have to do it now. it's not two days before the election that we can change ukraine in a democratic society. it is now with the council of europe, and finally i think we have to do something that we have to take a responsibility and a strategy to fight
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correction because it is the main problem. everything is corrupt if you want the services you have to pay. if you want to be nominated in the public services, you have to pay. every service has to be paid additionally with the base on corruption, and we have to play a role in this initialing with expertise how we can do it in another way and sort of take all responsibility because much of the money used by the oligarchs is coming on accounts in european banks and maybe also we have a responsibility against that. thank you. [applause] >> [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: [inaudible]
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: have no fear of bad repression and the consequences are there for all of us to see. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: and they have shown courage in the european union and have the opportunity to support this movement. it is a movement of dignity and aspiration and an opportunity for us to get a better before. the trust shows that they aspire to european values. we need to make it clear to russians and tw to the others -t is their decision and europeans have to be clear about this. it is high time that we realize
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we are not dependent on russia -- the [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: it's important that we avoid [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: they could have our friendship and commitment and it's also important that they value the reform to the progress and that country. we certainly failed to support the country therefore we need to make available our assistance and support and put our money where our mouth is and repression. is a wonderful country with
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freedom. i would say to you i don't think we are going to get another chance. thank you. [applause] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: waking up to the new hope into participating in the european parliament for ukraine and the european people is important for us, for political europe. we are knocking on the european tour by ukraine to say clearly that in the future, in some future that there is room for ukraine and the european union and we have to move forward.
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we shouldn't be afraid of the evening and the composition of the new government for the european government we know there is a politician who will be part of the government and the people in favor of europe as the government and the partnership agreement with european union's and therefore we have to get the vote of confidence to the new government that will be announced. they wanted to go to the west, not to the east and it is pretty clear we had clashes, said today we should say clearly that we, the european union were not in favor of this country that ukraine to remain as it is right now. the commissioner says that russia can't help.
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he acted like copperfield taking a rabbit out of his hat. we don't know magic. [inaudible] into the european government we should go in this area. we should give them hope and be hopeful in the future they will be able to travel in the area and maybe we do not need as much of the plan that we need the european union and we should give it to the ukrainians. thank you. back
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>> [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: commissioner we in parliament to deliver a -- the economy still hasn't recovered and unemployment is about 10%. the minimum age is below 12. [speaking in native tongue]
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there would be the change but the concept about the interest of the constitutional reform and there needs to be a renewal of the whole democratic system in the policy. territorial security has to be controlled. yanukovych parliament has to get people's money back.
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[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: it needs to be clear and transparent. we need to be sure money doesn't flow into the hands of the only -- only oligarchs as it has. the [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: let us not waste this chance. >> [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: we have been witnessing an optimistic tragedy that is still to be performed.
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presently i'm a ukraine has three major challenges. avoid anarchy, avoid economic bankruptcy, avoided the state partition. all other priorities no matter how justified and legitimate should be considered of secondary importance. the united needs a united states of society able to mobilize its resources in support of the nation agenda. therefore now is the time for the reconciliation and inclusion and not for the reason illustration. just as it should be made in the courts and not in the state. novelty unfortunately respect romania my country for the way that it's authoritarian leader was executed. they shouldn't repeat this mistake but still borders the contents of my competitors. but what couldn't start the justice of that act to precipitate the retaliation. they have overcome the threats
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they face. to prevent the european union should first be together with the united states and others to offer the financial package for the economic stabilization and transformation. second, together with russia with a true partnership based on the harmonization of the vital interest including those related to their common neighborhood bringing it to an end of the geo-strategy context that brought hardships to russians and georgia. certainly the cry and eligibility for the membership in an appropriate time after the preparation. my last remark if i may, with all due respect to the german diplomacy, as a romanian european i would feel better if these actions were taken on the issue of the self, and interest is pursued by our foreign
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minister and european institutions and modify the national minister from selected states. thank you very much. >> [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: we have seen with our own eyes how people were standing up against the regime because they wanted a free election and we have seen the various waves of violence perpetrated by the state against the people who were standing up
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for the cause of the rule of law, who wanted to get rid of arbitrary justice. and we have seen how the european values and the rule of law and democracy are the aspiration of these people. and we have seen how the regime can be called on to the count for breaching the spindle poles and how it is possible for the new ukraine thre to emerge withe support of the international community. the leaders of the opposition have shown unbelievable courage and we pay tribute to them for signing the agreement for realizing that together with the sanctions and the threats and violence, there was enough substance to their protest to overthrow the regime. it is a sensual but we support the country now to establish stable institutions and to ensure that the presidential
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elections take place freely and fairly and to make sure that there is a proper wall in place with the support of these and the commission. we have to give as much assistance as possible. and this is why it is important that we put in place any procedures that we can as rapidly as possible, commissioner, because we need to give this country every support we can and avoid it from becoming bankrupt. we have to hope that russia will also show a responsible attitude. we have to get our support to the country through many different channels. and we have got to avoid giving anybody in al levine for an inappropriate approach, and inappropriate behavior. we have to ensure that there is no economic extortion, that there is no blackmail and we have to establish a trade that european union and that thereby
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we can contribute to establishing an effective and prosperous ukraine which would also be in the interest of russia. it's a prospect of the closer involvement in the end and is something which is to be in article 49. and i think that although it is a very long path to the future, the government has to be connected to the reform and in order to do that it is going to need a lot of financial support in order to strengthen its economy and to establish a stable country politically. this is an ultimate goal. we need to give them the support it needs to achieve that. thank you. >> the reason there are two cards before you. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: thank you, president. i would like to ask the honorable member, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee what does he think about the abolishment of the language law that the ukrainian government did? was this obligation the minority that had been living there for 200 years is a product of its rights? do you think that this is a pro- european step forward? because i wouldn't agree with you. [applause] >> you should look more closely at the legislation. it says that russia is the second national language, but in our resolution we make it clear that the minority language should be treated according to the rules of the council of europe. therefore as it states this is a
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position which is to be reconciled with the position in the ukraine to achieve the country which is free and under the rule of law we don't wish to get involved. thank you. >> i would like to ask you to think about two proposals. i think it is understandable that an international committee has inquired the individual responsibilities that killed 80 ukrainians in trying to affect a democracy. the change in power isn't enough of a sanction and i would like to invite the european parliament to receive the future of the government of ukraine is one of the upcoming sessions.
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once the government has been appointed as on both sides to have, so what do you think about that? >> the delegation of the european parliament including the colleagues were involved in meetings last week with these representatives of the council and representatives of the institutions and the president at the time, and we will continue with these discussions. we will certainly accept invitations if we think it is possible to meet with these people, and we have always taken the view that we should be involved in discussions with all parties because we are in favor of an inclusive process, which will make a genuine contribution to establishing a stable future for the country. that is the author that we are
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making and that is the author we hope the country will take up and get an endorsement from that for the european parliament. >> thank you very much. >> the evidence of the last few days, open up a huge opportunity for ukraine. in opportunity, the chance to build a free, stable, inclusive and prosperous country. of course it won't be easy. what is needed to have a stable and inclusive government where all the forces work together and returned to the opposition up until now the nature forces and i think the people who voted for the party of the region should be included.
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the country needs stability in the first few days and weeks into the economic issues will have to be looked at. if not, there will be a collapse. what is needed in my view is a short term credit for the country. we were told that the country but neewould need something like $4 billion. but not only that, with the countrwhat thecountry needs ande we should help. it's to prepare abm program. i think the eu should participate because it is a member of the imf it should also be done with the assistance of imf. the donors conference was mentioned. that is exactly the way that we should go. the problems are huge. neither the eu or the single member states were ukraine can deal with those issues by itself
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so we need a broad community. if you look at the situation 70% of ukrainians never visited a single country of the european union. i think we have to change that. it would be good for the ukrainians and it is our duty to step-by-step lets get rid of the visa issues and finally, the association agreement if that's the way that we should also give ukrainukraine perspective accoro the article 49. thank you, president. >> [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: thank you ve >> [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: thank you very much. i would like to appreciate those people that do not accept
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realities. they didn't accept the reality that the soviets would be there forever. and many said no we want stability. those people are dangerous people, they were courageous and now there is a second way in ukraine. the people didn't accept the reality. they were courageous. many of them were killed. and what we were able to do was to side with them from all political parties in the european parliament to be there at this decisive moment when history was in the making. they were and are courageous. from all parts of life, from all political groups we met people
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who wanted to change and live in a free country. and again happily they did not accept the realities in an economically financial weight together with the imf and making democracy work. we are not prepared and we would have liked to engage in the whole membership issue but what we can do to associate with them, and again they are courageous people who need to support and let's hope that it will be a third wave of freedom in eastern europe. thank you very much. >> an update from the associated press on the situation in
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ukraine. secretary of state john kerry has called the russian foreign minister to express concerns. after report of pro- russian groups seizing control of two airports in ukraine's crimea region. they are urging russia against action that might be misinterpreted as a violation of ukraine's sovereignty. white house press secretary jay carney responded during today's briefing. >> secretary kerry said today the u.s. is watching the activity and that it might be, quote, crossing a line. is that the administration to also be very careful in making judgments out about that. what have they done to cross the flying? >> again, we are watching to see as the secretary said, whether or not russia is doing anything that might be crossing the line in any way. we strongly support the territorial integrity and sovereignty and we expect other nations to do the same.
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reports of russian intervention in crimea are of deep concern to the united states as secretary kerry said ambassador rice. intervention would be a grave mistake. these reports are also inconsistent with the previous statements to the united states but ukraine rather than russia would respect the territorial integrity of ukraine and they are inconsistent with the obligation of russia reaffirmed in the budapest memorandum. we called to respect the international obligations made under the un charter to refrain from the threat or the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state to avoid steps that could be misinterpreted or leave between this population at this delicate time. >> president obama is in washington spending the afternoon hosting a student film festival at the white house. coming up at 4:45 eastern time
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president is set to speak at the democratic committee's annual meeting being held at the capital hilton. you can watch coverage over on c-span. just like they continue to decline, deaths from alzheimer's have increased almost 70% last 1oflast 15 years. over 5 million americans have alzheimer's and at this rate in 35 years 16 million will have the disease.
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the third reason i'm here, simply, is to show people that they are not alone. so few people share their personal stories and have something to relate to. i know that if me and my wife saw someone like me talking about this it would probably make us feel a little less alone. americans whisper the word alzheimer's because the government whispers the word alzheimer's. although a whisper is better than the silence of the alzheimer's community facing for decades, it's still not enough. it needs to be yelled and screamed to the point tha that i finally get the attention and funding that it deserves and needs. i dream of today with my charity is no longer necessary and i can go back to being the lazy, self-involved and child i was meant to be. people look to their government for help, and i ask that when it comes to alzheimer's disease you continue to take steps to divide more.
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conservative activists gathered on thursday to mark the fifth anniversary of the tea party movement. the event was organized by the keeper he patriots. speakers during this portion of the event included congressman steve king of iowa, while brother of idaho and matt salmon of arizona. this is one hour and 15 minutes. ♪ [applause]
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thank you all very much. that's a wonderful welcome here on a terrific morning for us to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the beginning of the tea party and that h the kee patriots in particular. and i will tell you in my ears in the public arena, we have always needed to have the grassroots rise up to save america from the left. [applause] and you are doing it. just think back in those years going back to roughly 2010 i watch what happened when nancy pelosi became the speaker of the house. and i'm sitting there doing all i can try to roll the rock uphill, punchin punching away ag to hold the constitution together into free enterprise together in a wa free enterprise together and way of life together and peace over peace after the top of us. they've rolled cap and trade over the top of us before they brought obamacare because it
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didn't get through the senate because of what used to be known as the filibuster and a supermajority required before harry reid told the trigger on the nuclear option and by the way nobody exploded in the senate. >> but they were all cap and trade over the top and because it's been blocked legislatively by you that we have barack obama deciding that he needs the constitutional authority to make up the law on his own. and to direct the executive branch to do whatever they decide to do to impose the left agenda on us, and i have long spoken about the constitutional violations. but here is the one that is the starkest. when barack obama stepped up to the podium after he had taken a beating from the religious community because there was a requirement in obamacare that they provide contraceptives into sterilizations even through the church organizations and barack
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obama took a two-week beating from th the organizations and tn he stepped up to the podium like this and said now i'm going to make an accommodation to the religious organizations, now i'm going to require insurance companies to provide these things for free. he said for free. he said it twice. as we went back and looked at the rules written by kathleen sebelius. the only thing that changed was barack obama had spoken. and the insurance companies lined up to do his bidding as if he were king. the imperial presidency has emerged into some of that in spite of what you have done. but i want to take you back though to that of 2010 perco in time when nancy pelosi walked through a lot of you. i know there were people in the room that stood there and saw this with your eyes when she carried the big mac and apple through and had her within each cake moments to glorify how they were going to use the big apple to impose the will of the leftist on the three people of
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america and the unconstitutional fashion and they did that. but they did it over the largest uprising of people that i have seen in my lifetime and that you. coming to this capitol building. and i were member walking down the steps a day that we saw the obamacare build come out and having the conversation would we do, how do we save this? we call the american people to come to the capital, surround the capital, don't let anybody in, don't let anybody out, just fill the place up. you did something that has never been done before. actually surrounded the capital. all the way around the capital. there wasn't a demonstration here or there. you've circled the capital. [applause] and it wasn't just a human chain reaching as far as we could to each other. they were like a huge human doughnuts with people stood in the corner left to go and there's no picture of that because there is no air cover
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over the top. you can't fly a helicopter over there and take a picture but you stood up to defend america and used it up to defend america against cap and trade, t.a.r.p., obamacare and what happens? the president sends the irs after you. and he says there's not a smidgen of corruption involved in this. there is not a smidgen of constitutional authority that this actually exercises. he is outside of the bounds and we have to pull that down. we have a battle ahead of us. [applause] we are far from done. the tea party gets the blame for everything. i'm fine with that. it's a pretty good sign we are doing ththat weare doing the rig together. [applause] but remember this we are about restoring the constitution and we will do this with public demonstration in the electoral process into the grassroots all the way up to the next president
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of the unitepresidentof the uni. we are going to restore constitutional rights in america and we are going to reaffirm it means what it says it is not what someone wanted to say we are going to restore the american dream and identify for little babies yet to be born the american exceptionalism. we are going to identif identift because if we do not believe in our hearts if we don't believe in this and know this as a part of our civilization, they will define it is a promise. so it is our children is where the future is. they need to know our founding fathers meant what they said. the words in the declaration and in the constitution and the law by the way mr. president, they mean what they say. and we cannot let them define them away. we have to step up because we are with us. we owe this to the people that attended the republic over to us to preserve, protect and defend it and hand it to the next generation. they formed it out of the ideas
4:50 pm
of the rights that came from god and argued. all we have to do is preserve and protect and defend it and hand it to the next generation in a better condition than the way that we found it. that's the american dream. we are going to realize it and we are going to serve this with the most patriotic motivation, and we are going to serve with joy. if you can serve with joy they can never defeat you. [applause] they are never going to defeat the tea party. we are stronger than ever before and anchored in the constitution and limited government and free enterprise and strong families. we are anchored in western civilization, which is the foundation for these things that we bb then.
4:51 pm
so, let's go out there and continue this effort in our homes in th and cities and churs and schools and the workplace and our families. god bless america. let's see that together. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome congressman raul labrador from idaho. [applause] >> good morning. it is an honor for me to beer. be here. i wouldn't be here if it were not for the teen party.
4:52 pm
[applause] four years ago i ran for office, and the establishment decided that i wasn't the right candidate for idaho. they decided that they wanted somebody else to be the congressman for idaho. we had a democrat in office and we knew that he was beatable and apparently that person wasn't me. and i had a bunch of people out there who decided that they wanted me to be their representative and there were people like you who wanted to bring back america to what america used to be. they wanted the strength, the energy, the excitement that most of us had to be americans. so in idaho they decided this tea party patriots are so racist, they decided that they wanted a puerto rican bor mormoo
4:53 pm
be their congressman. [applause] and they worked so hard for me but in my primary i was outspent 5-1. they couldn't raise the money that they could raise the forces to these the establishment. and i won the race by nine points. [applause] when the preferred candidate of the establishment lost, they decided that they were okay. the establishment decided that they didn't want me to be here in washington so they were not going to help me in my race and they decided to move on to other races. the tea party and many of you in idaho decided that they wanted me to win. so i got outspent 6-1 in my
4:54 pm
general election and guess what i won that race by ten points. [applause] you can and have made a difference in the united states. and it's important that you get together and do make a difference again in 2014. because we need to take the country back and we need to remind america what the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers, of our grandparents and parents used to be. we want a nation where once again a boy that was born in puerto rico can aspire to go to college, to go to law school, to own a business that can do that without having to need to have the government to depend on.
4:55 pm
[applause] and of that young boy he can move to idaho and decide he wants to run for office because he wants to make america once again what it used to be. give the opportunity to grow and expand and become great in the united states and abroad for a state legislative seat and when did he can then decide that he wants to go to congress and he decides that in his state where there is less bad 1% and less than 9% the majority of the states would send them to congress. [applause]
4:56 pm
not because he fits the particular class or the particular idea of what a person should look like or should sound like better because he believes in the value that have made america great. [applause] and it's because of you when the tea party decided to get behind the candidacy and many other groups. what i called the older coalition where the social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, tea party groups, activists, the silent majority that's out there that we have talked about for many years are calling it now that he party buy where we have many other things. it's when all those groups get together and they decided they could actually wind and send people to washington, d.c. that want to make a difference. i didn't come here to make friends. i came here to save this republic and save this nation.
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[applause] so i need you to get engaged, i need you to get active, and with your help iab leave the 2014 will be bigger than 2010. [applause] thank you very much and god bless america. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the cohost of the radio, george rodriguez. ♪ >> good morning my friends. i am fighting off an allergy i
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think. they are trying to silence us. five years ago, my friends, the founding of the tea party movement came to texas, and it's stronger than ever. particularly in south texas. what's curious to many political pundits is that we attract hispanics into the movement in south texas and there are several reasons. first of all, contrary to what many liberals believe, not all hispanics are the same. [applause] you just heard from a puerto rican. here i am a mexican-american. there are cubans, central americans, and even within the large group of mexico there are
4:59 pm
mexicans that have been here like my family for generations, since before texas was texas. and then there are those that just crossed the border illegally and, you know. all of them have a different perspective on american politi politics. second, many hispanics are continuing particularly the emigrants, they continue to be attracted to the faith-based family values that we espoused and that makes a fertile ground for recruiting them. third and very important is the outreach that we do. for example, we do trench work. over at the gop they hire professionals, professional hispanics. okay? [laughter]
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i'm sorry. they hire professional hispani hispanics. and in an example about the difference, first let me give you an example in san antonio we have a recall that we ar but weg on against a liberal city councilman and there was a grassroots effort led by the faith-based groups and tea party folks and they go door-to-door talking to people and having a great success. on the other hand the gop candidate for the lieutenant governor jerry patterson and a professionally made a video that he is sending out to hispanics. now who do you think is going to be more successful? ..
5:01 pm
>> just care about immigration. it and i feel of that is just another form of liberal reverse discrimination, racism. that is what that is. i personally have worked very hard in south texas to show that conservatives amenity party --
5:02 pm
party have of brown base. the spanish be eumaeus pacific illiberal now works regularly referred to us, conservative, tea party folks as anti-immigrant. in reality we are anti. the future group of american citizens. that is what they're doing, misleading. and rather than helping them to assimilate, they are polarizing them. maybe they want to maintain a captured spanish-speaking audiences. i don't know. but they definitely are promoting their own liberal
5:03 pm
agenda, messages. conservative, my friends, conservatives need folks like rush limbaugh, sean handy, and others to challenge the liberals in spanish and as with the mainstream media in south texas, we have endeavored to speak out on national tv we must be heard, my friends, and the spanish language as well as in the english language. they must see that it is not just a bunch of old white man. i was born, my friend. i was born in public housing. my parents were self-taught. they taught us that while there may be many reasons to cry and sometimes surrender, there are always many more reasons to laugh and succeed. as though we spoke in spanish at home and eat tortillas we were
5:04 pm
always american first. it. [applause] levels and the gop need to accept the fact that the tea party movement is not going away and they must also realize the grassroots hispanics like myself are true believers who will work to save our nation, like a professional hispanics and consultants who need to be paid to get the vote up. taxes, my friends bobby have many tea party hispanics who are americans first. san antonio. then, of course, my very good friend and champion of conservative causes, senator ted crews. [applause]
5:05 pm
did was elected the appearance he was hispanic or because he was an american. i am proud to be of mexican descent, but i am much more prone to be an american. come bless america. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome organizer of the washington blue print, with the heart's load. >> i am from seattle. what is seattle known for? that is actually a good answer. a rain. we are known for starbucks know
5:06 pm
the seattle seahawks. what else is seattle known for? an incubator of national movements and trends. people think washington state is the blue, but it is not. it is purple. three years ago are read the book called the colorado blue print. some of you may be familiar with it. it is about four individuals put a plan together to change color of from red to blue. and sure you're thinking now, why is he so excited but this? well, because we can do that here. the washington state blueprint. when looking at the immense task of how to turn washington state red, and john f. kennedy had a ." the american by nature is optimistic away experimental,
5:07 pm
and inventor and builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly. this is about the american dream, or dream, and how our dream is protected and local activists can work together to turn a blue state purple. how did we do this? first, we surrounded ourselves with people who have a deep understanding and the political process. by deep understanding and being immersed. the fourth example, we knew we had to have the call row of washington state of our team, but you also need people just as skilled in the areas such as organization structure. in organization that runs efficiently, like a business. for example, the executive the ran the 757 program was a perfect fit. and he was on our team. some of you know dan would.
5:08 pm
second, the coalition, coalitions are nearly unstoppable. we sent out with patients, the lessons, and bob and love to form this coalition. to name a few, the washington state dairy federation, the freedom foundation, tea party patriots, and local groups from all across the state, from lewis and clark to party to the tea party patriots. the second amendment foundation, the washington state farm bureau and campaign for liberty ron paul groups, all of us banded together to work hand in hand for the first time in 35 years with one common goal. the goal of changing the state senate and house to a fiscal conservative. we all agreed to leave our egos and the origins of the door.
5:09 pm
a third factor -- [applause] the third factor is targeting, selecting the targeted districts to of get them is critical. we identified seven districts where a conservative can give it lost a race election. in some cases a spread of 400 to 800 votes for 35 years. no, what do you do once you have your district? you must make sure your candidate can win. do they have a campaign manager? do they have a written campaign plan? have they taken as sylvie with their iphone for the voters' guide? voters guide to look sketchy. you know, make sure that the guy is not a moron.
5:10 pm
as election season started we put the plan into motion. some of you flew in from alabama , georgia, mississippi, tennessee to walk with those. that made a huge difference and was very special to us that you will flynn. and we asked the organizers from the wisconsin governor walker effort to run the ground game. we could not have done it without the. it was truly a team effort. then began fanning out walking -- knocking on thousands of doors, in meeting voters, henley at information of which can did was fiscally conservative. along with the walking came the training. or on the most respected conservative operations in washington state was busy training hundreds of grassroots activists along with campaign staff and candidates.
5:11 pm
the washington state blueprint was in motion. fast forward to election night. we sat and watched the disheartening news streaming in from the east coast, but as the night wore on and they come later it seemed as though one bright light started shining in the night of disappointment and despair. washington state results started trickling in. the celebration started to unfold as it became clear that the fiscal conservatives have taken control of washington state senate for the first time in 35 years. [applause] one first step that movie washington from blue to red, and one step closer to spreading this to all 50 states this cannot be just about one state. it is about our country.
5:12 pm
this is how we finish the story the fight for freedom and fiscal responsibility. the american dream. this project, this machine is capable of running in all 50 state starting everything from city council, local races to purple and even blue states. the next chapter is now ready to be written. the blueprint is red. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome president and founder catherine in o'brien. [applause] >> thank you.
5:13 pm
thank you. thank you. it is a pleasure and an honor to be here this morning. humbling really. a quick show of hands, how many of the previous five years ago had any political experience -- let me ask it a different way. and many of you never had any political experience before five years ago? one and the world are we doing? you know, and i came five years ago to the first tea party patriot really here in washington d.c. quick show of hands, how many of you were there? wasn't that something. i did not know what to expect. ahead comes completely unprepared. i didn't see anybody else that looked like a patriot.
5:14 pm
and i thought, i have really -- you know, my husband already taught at lost my mind. i knew i was potentially going to be in ge the whole lotta crow when i got no. when i prepared to go to the rally the morning and looked out of my window to fund this is not part of my prepared comments, but i'm swept up in the. and mcdonnell my window and saw this see of red, white, and blue shirts walking down into what became just a current that led to long the capitol, millions. ladies and gentlemen, that does not happen but by the hand of god. we are to fund we have been called here for a very high purpose. we could have been born at any time, we have been chosen to be born that this time because we
5:15 pm
have a job to do. the me tell you, if the american dream is to be preserved and will be because citizens are willing to take a stand and preserved ideals that transcend politics. it is not -- [applause] it is not about republican and democrat because we need to parties, debate, open discourse. that is healthy. what has changed is that we used have this common center. please to have a common center where we believe in the ideas of freedom and opportunity and faith. somewhere along the way we lost that juror number. that is what we need to find our way back to. a first up in 2009 when i started an organization called truth of vote with china about would be a great uniting effort. it has been.
5:16 pm
unifying camps in different ways it has been interesting to watch i always assumed that everyone would be in favor of election integrity. how can you be against free and fair elections? if you are against fair elections then what are you for? i will leave that to your imagination, but what i will say is that as our reached increased so did the number of alphabet soup agencies of the federal government that found their way to my doorstep, including the irs and the fbi and the osha. the bureau of out of tobacco and firearms. at last count in the past three years there have been 25 plus on its our investigations or inquiries into my personal business. now this morning, as many of you know, i'm sure, the co-founder of the tea party patriots is
5:17 pm
testified before congress on the same types of virus abuse and targeting the and this administration is now looking to legalize, codify. we started a website. i have a call to action for you this morning. we started the website, we will not be silenced. let me break this out for you quickly. the irs has attempted to write into law regulations that will so stifle political speech that it will change unalterably the landscape of nonprofit organizations, many of which are of the type that you belong to year in this room. standard levels of voter education and engagement will be made illegal in these regulations if they are allowed to pass. but they're is a window of time
5:18 pm
for citizen comment, and that window and is tonight at midnight, tonight at midnight. if you go to we will not be silent you can leave your comment for the irs. at last count there were over 100,000 comments already in. let me tell you why this is important. it is a process. thank god we are still a country of law. and in law is a requirement that every comment be addressed. 100,000 comments is going to take an awful lot of time. maybe in that time saner heads will prevail. things might change. maybe we will have a midterm election. we can stop some of this nonsense. if we don't, and if you don't stand up it is not going to stop it will not stop. ladies and gentlemen, this american dream is worth
5:19 pm
attending a four. thank you. [applause] so i think you for everything they do in this room. believe me, things that many people would never believe have to happen just to preserve the right to free speech and to preserve our constitution, preserve the dream for our children. thank you on behalf of my family and my children for what you do. god bless each and every one of the. and bless america. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome steven tucker. ♪ >> good morning. thank you all for coming.
5:20 pm
the great one marc levin just signed my butt. i'm not letting go of it until i leave this stage. he is coming up pretty soon. for many, many months before the passage of the patient protection and unaffordable care act we were told by our friends on the left of which i have zero that we had to pass this law to solve the issue of pre-existing condition. they were also told the 45,000 people were dying in the street. is that true? no? of course it is not true. we know people and not dying in the street. the mercy medical treatment and leave act passed under president ronald reagan. they must treat you regardless of your ability to pay. but was president obama speaking
5:21 pm
truthfully when he said that if you are denied for health insurance in the individual market when there is no protection against preexisting conditions does that mean the you're left with no options? no. who is responsible for pre-existing conditions. where did they come from? well, as is the case with most of our problems, it comes from here in washington d.c. you see, back in 1996 a bipartisan group of legislators got together and rowlock called pippa. and most of us here of the word help the we think of one thing, privacy. but they're is a far more important cause, and it is the letter that is responsible for the third word which is portability. portability allows one to port one's coverage from an employer sponsored plan to another employer sponsored plan as long as they find a new job and provide coverage within 63 days. that is called have portability.
5:22 pm
if any employer ever looked you up and down and said, you could lose a few pounds, how many indications do you take. it is illegal. because of laws which protect 90 percent of the american insured. on the federal government wrote this lot is drop the ball and extended no affordability protection from those of us in the individual market that by our own health insurance, 10 percent for the american insured. today it is 14 million americans. those people prior to obamacare could be denied for coverage for pre-existing conditions. do we need obamacare gasol the problem? doing need to spend $2 trillion over the next in years and still leaves 31 people -- 31 million people uninsured? we did not. the state stepped up and started their own solutions. we had infrastructure built.
5:23 pm
in 35 states before obamacare was ever heard of there was state high-risk health-insurance in the people's republic of illinois we have one call i check. if you are denied in the individual market for many carrier each insurance company that operates in an illinois has to go percentage of the profit to a pool of money. we will manage that money. here are denied for many carrier you come to us and we will ensure you regardless of your pre-existing conditions in you will carry a blue cross blue shield of illinois card. so we did not need obamacare to solve the issue of pre-existing conditions. in other states had guaranteed individual mandates. each insurer had to offer once a year during an open enrollment. there is another important
5:24 pm
clause, section 2742 which prohibits any health insurer in this nation from dropping your coverage when you are sick or raising your premiums when you're sick. i found this out years ago as a health insurance broker. outright. ammon evil health insurance broker. so it is a clause that is ironclad. i found this out and watched the meighen kelly show. his name was bill elliott. he told her to his insurance company was dropping his coverage in the middle of cancer treatment, raising his deductible from a thousand to 1500, and is premium from 189 a month up to $1,500 a month. and is deductible to almost a 10,000. her reach out to him and said i wanted to know the president has been lying to the american people for years.
5:25 pm
it is illegal under federal law. only to contact governor nick e. haley in south carolina. she is one of last. he did. he printed out section 2472 off of my block, a shameless plug, and i get a message three days later and it says, i can't believe it, the insurance company called me. you were right. i can keep my policy. [applause] and three weeks later one he to know that bill is now in a foreign mission. wisely because he can keep his health insurance policy. and what does he get for speaking of? a letter from the irs. that is right. on thanksgiving day, the same day that i got my letter. that's right.
5:26 pm
and when you to understand and we should never be afraid from this tyrannical lawless regime of living in a. you never know when you actually might save someone's life. thank you for listening. [applause] >> ladies in june, please welcome congressman matt cement. ♪ ♪ >> well, i am one of those few people in congress that we call a retrained. remember the contract with america. and i was one of the few people that actually made a pledge and kept it. i think there were a light 100
5:27 pm
of us that made the pledge. five of us kept our word and went home, but that is the way things go in washington d.c. when i was in congress before i was stunned as one of the bad boys of the republican party. there were 11 of us. i think it was kind of a precursor to the tea party. they were the tea party before the tea party was cool. there were 11 of us constantly having to not only fight bill clinton was the president but fight against some of the things that our leaders were doing. we did not come back to be some mind the slumming. we actually came back with values, to get government spending down, live within our means committee of fair taxes that don't ruin businesses. and we actually believe the things that the republican party had been singing. they call this the bad boy
5:28 pm
republicans. now to be for two as the tea party patriot it makes my wife a lot easier. she did not like the bad boy republican thing. amelie to know what brought me back. i left for 12 years. when i left i never thought i would come back to congress again. when i left the in actually balance the budget for the first time in 40 years. not only do they balance the budget billion at june june $47 billion surplus. when i fast forward, and none of it for 12 years. i see what happens in 2010, glorious patriots standing up and fighting in against the most tyrannical president of we ever had in the history of america. and my juices start flowing. d'agata energized.
5:29 pm
these patriots are on the march. and so in 2012i decided to come back and run again. i believe with all my heart that this movement is growing. you have heard from pokes out there, we refer to the mainstream mainstream media, but the fact is that they try to put out the habitue for the tea party. it is growing in strength and. love was in congress there were 11 of us in the house side. there are and how for humans. and when i first came there was nobody really had was carrying the banner. nobody. now we have a 67, and it's only going to grow after this next election. want to talk about the eddy that we get labeled with almost all the time, extremist. what to remind you that the
5:30 pm
father of conservative politics in this country said this, extremism and defense of liberty is no vice. [applause] ..
5:31 pm
k-kilo on the border during fast and furious. [applause] finding justice for ambassador stevens who was murdered in benghazi. [applause] the phrase when the going gets tough the tough get going i would stand shoulder to shoulder with you patriots any day of the week and to fight side-by-side until we take our country back and get our freedom back. thank you. [applause] 18 years ago when i first came
5:32 pm
to congress as the father of four children. now i'm a grandfather of six grandchildren and a look into their eyes and faces and it makes me want to weep. what kind of country or legacy are we going to leave them. what we are doing today is spending the way your future is so immoral it's like your parents getting an all expense trip around the world at the finest hotel in first-class airlines and then putting it on a credit card morning. we need to get it and fight for our country. [applause] that makes the establishment folks cringe a little bit and it makes them uncomfortable, then boo hoo hoo. [applause]
5:33 pm
abraham lincoln once said if america were defeated it would end beat the -- be for him witht it would be from within. let's take our country back. i'm proud to be a key party republican and represent you. god bless you and god bless america. [applause] ♪ ladies and gentlemen please welcome the tea party patriot state coordinator. ♪ >> thank you. people are saying that the american dream is dead.
5:34 pm
however, he believed the vision that our founders had for this nation is alive in the heart and mind of most americans. never before in history has any group of people enjoyed freedom and liberty as we have here in america. [applause] many of you gathered here today like me keep party before there was a key party movement. i became part of the tea party because it fit in with the natural flow of my compassion and love for our great nation. [applause] i served in the u.s. air force airing the vietnam war. [applause]
5:35 pm
i saw the disrespect shown to those combination returning to home they returned home from a war to a citizenry that showed anger and disrespect towards them. 30 years later while driving one day i heard glenn beck say he wished -- .-full-stop he wished he could find a way to reach the troops during the rally for america event. the communication and exchange during the rallies between the troops, in iraq, afghanistan, europe and here at home. but he said it would be too expensive. that was back in 2003.
5:36 pm
there was no skype kind of facebook, cell phone bills were very expensive. i am a radio operator. [applause] i had an idea of how it could be done. they laughed at my idea and hung up, but shortly did return my call and wanted to know more. one of the largest in the nation at the time. i introduced the amateur radio communications to the events and we chatted live with the military during the rally. [applause] we had a mom in the crowd who
5:37 pm
began a conversation with the soldier. to her surprise, that soldier turned out to be her son. it was very emotional. as a result of that was excessive, i was invited back in west virginia and then went on to organize a series on my own over the next ten years in my community and worldwide called amateur radio appreciation day. i was invited to breakfast with president george bush on the white house south lawn all because i had an idea and i took action. [applause] that's what i mean by being tea party before there was a tea party.
5:38 pm
but for the tea party move began i got a call from the philippines. asking me to organize the rally in my city. i rose to the challenge even though the local media said that i would fail. they printed a local story in the newspaper saying this man will need a would've loved this off. they said that no one attend a rally that was led by a black man. i had two weeks to prove them wrong. this man looked another black man, alan keyes as the keynote speaker. [applause] we had one of the largest crowds in the nation at its key party event organized by a black man and keynoted by another.
5:39 pm
[applause] anything is possible if you are actively pursuing your american dream. but fundamental to the party movement. remember all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. a former congressman from oklahoma also a black man said when it comes to the american dream, no one has a corner on the mark. all of us have an equal chance to share in the dream. so i encourage you to stay the course because our voices make a difference. i like to think mine have. curse you your dreams and don't
5:40 pm
ever think that one person is not important. stay united, continue to stand up for what you need. god bless you and god bless america and god bless our men and women who served in the armed forces of the united states of america. [applause] i will leave you with my personal model. freedom and liberty, use them or lose them. [applause] ♪ please welcome jeffrey. ♪
5:41 pm
' ma >> thank you very much for having me and most importantly thank you for everything that you do. the obama administration made a point of calling its credit among other things extortionists and terrorists, so you could be a nicer group and i am happy to be here. i call you the heirs of ronald reagan. [applause] the tea party has been very clear right from the spontaneous beginning you were deeply concerned with the fiscally irresponsible actions of the federal government and the misguided stimulus spending, the bailout of the takeover of the private industry your goals were as clear. improve america through the support for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally
5:42 pm
limited government and free-market economic policies. and for believing in liberty and fiscal sanity, you were demonized right from the very beginning. it was astonishing if unsurprising to watch the part of abuse directed at the tea party. i can tell you this kind of abuse was directed at ronald reagan for believing exactly the same kind of thing. he was called evil by house speaker o'neill. a president who was cooled and mean and cruel and of course ronald reagan was inevitably called a racist. this is in fact what the american left does when they are losing the argument. the tea party is racist, really? perhaps it is time to point out that this charge of racism from the left comes from members of the political party that has proudly stood for -- and i want
5:43 pm
to be specific here six platforms that support slavery. they opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment to the constitution that success wiped out slavery and gave legal rights and voting to americans. they supported segregation actively or by silent in the platforms and opposed anti-lynching law specifically supported by the republican party and the platforms and they didn't just support the ku klux klan, they were the ku klux klan. regularly electing the members in the united states senate, the house of representatives and the governorships were not putting a clan member on the court in the united states. these are people with a long and wretched political history of depending on every scheme imaginable then and now the judges their fellow americans by skin color and they have the
5:44 pm
nerve to call the tea party racist? is more than past time to call them out. [applause] and told the party of the segregation lynching the ku klux klan the racial quotas to quit judging their fellow americans by skin color and get back to the business of getting this country on the road to fiscal health and economic growth. [applause] you have also received criticism from establishment republicans. they once scorned ronald reagan and no one knows this better than our friends. i can't say enough to bring the constitution and founding principles to the nation and the
5:45 pm
oath o that sense of gratitude. [applause] marc anbark and ronald reagan's biographer certainly remember as i do that in march of 1980 as governor ronald reagan was on his way to winning the nomination for president, the former president gerald ford went to "the new york times" to save governor ronald reagan the kind of things are se said at te tea party today. ronald reagan said president ford was too extreme. he was a sore loser, and i'm quoting here a very conservative republican can't win a national election. as you may recall, he had lost to jimmy carter for years earlier. not only beat jimmy carter in the course eight landslide in 1980, four years later he won by
5:46 pm
49 votes, 49 state. [laughter] which brings me to president ronald reagan and his friend margaret thatcher. there's a reason he won in to landslide and margaret thatcher was the longest-serving grandmaster winning three elections in a row. most believe with the tea party in joining a line in the sand that clearly separates right from left. that is not only the keys to victory they were right about this and the establishment was wrong. they were first to the establishment of republicans of the type of the tea party does battle with everyday as the order of republicans. mrs. thatcher summoned the school system and called her establishment conservatives. both believed that the politics
5:47 pm
of what ronald reagan called the order and this is thatcher sustained as the consensus politics were roadmaps and in fact once suspect if there had been a tea part key party and wn mrs. thatcher would have been the leader and she said that the politics that she believed were repeated defeat for the conservative party in great britain, and i'm quoting here that the old testament process didn't allow into the highway saying i want consensus. they say this is my faith, this is my vision, this is i believe. fight for it and that they will be ours. so as you go about your key party challenge this year for the republican establishment, the order of republicans, whether it's here on capitol hill or across the land, i would urge you to take the understanding of ronald reagan that there was a time for
5:48 pm
choosing t and take to heart the words of margaret thatcher. go out into the highways of america and make it plain as ronald reagan did. this is my faith and my vision and this is what the tea party passionately believes. go out, practice it, fight for it and the day will be yours. thank you very much. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome "the new york times" best-selling author and host of the marc levin show, marc levin. ♪
5:49 pm
♪ [applause] >> thank you very much. what's all this for? [laughter] happy anniversary. [cheering] it is an honor to be with you. you're an inspiration to me and millions of others. the fact is today we live under a long list president and congress and all powerful sucking court. the federal consume federal con% of the entire economy and gobbles up the whole industries. we are $17.3 trillion in the fiscal operating debt. we over $100 trillion in
5:50 pm
unfunded liabilities area there's not enough money on the planet earth to pay that back. and the overall debt when it's all combined gross by five to seven to $8 a year. and this president proclaims the hero of hysteria is over. the largest creditor and debtor and lender and employer and the consumer and contractor grantor and property owner, tenant, insurer, health care provider and attention given to her. so much for limited government. it unleashes thousands of regulations and rules every single year over the course of a decade. it fills nearly 1 million pages in the. we are being devoured by the very government that is supposed to serve us.
5:51 pm
the centralization and concentration of power is now moving at breakneck speed as the constitutions firewalls have been breached. and i don't need a liberal professor from washington to tell me what's going on either. [applause] although we welcome them. the tea party movement is the only thing left that stands between what remains of our republic and the tierney of runaway government, and i say this from the bottom of my heart and soul and i think you. you are the citizens from all walks of life and every corner of the country who possess the spirit and enthusiasm of the founding fathers, proclaimed the principles of individual liberty and unalienable rights as set forth in our declaration and
5:52 pm
insist on the federal government's compliance with the constitutions limit. you are instantly aware of the peril of the moment and all that is at stake. and for this you are smeared and attacked by the ruling class. democrats and republicans alike by the media to "the wall street journal" and countless others who are dragging this nation into the abyss and i know that at times you wonder if we will be able to reverse the course. you wonder if it's all worth it. you wonder if you should live quiet lives among family and attend to your own needs but i also know that you are americans and you cannot be and will not be silent while a relative handful of self-aggrandizing mastermind to lord over you and
5:53 pm
your fellow citizens. you will not allow your country to ail. [applause] with me remind you december 23, 1776 when it looked like the american revolution was lost, what was left of general george washington's continental army gathered for what the history books would describe as the battle of trenton. before those men boarded rickety boats on the bonding course across the frozen delaware river, one that has no winter night, they began to read out loud from thomas payne's the american crisis. and they repeated these words. this became their motto. these are the times that try
5:54 pm
men's souls, the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of his country. but he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. tierney might help is not easily conquered. yet we have this consolation with us that the heart of the conflict of the more glorious the triumph, and a triumph we must and will. now my friend jeffrey, both of us worked in the reagan administration so we are fond of quoting ronald reagan and he was fond of quoting thomas paine. those exact words i read to you and he would recite an. an. campaign stop after a campaign stop that or he's running in the republican primaries were in the general election. ronald reagan wasn't a part of the establishment. he was an outsider, and like you
5:55 pm
and so many others throughout history the courage to stand up and be counted. also like you reagan and the supporters are disparaged and dismissed by the same ruling class and i will give you a few examples. george will, 1974. reagan is 63 and he looks at. his hair is free of gray that around the neck he looks like an old man and he's never demonstrated national appeal. his hard-core support today consists merely of the common cause the conservatives who thought the 1960s goldwater campaign was fun as there is reason to doubt that he is well suited to appeal to the elect are at that produced a democratic landslide. george will.
5:56 pm
chuck percy the former senator from illinois. a reagan nomination and defeat likely to follow could signal the beginning of the party as an effective force in american life. he said he is far out of the mainstream. what is this mainstream anyway? [laughter] i used to think it was the constitution. i used to think it was free-market and it is private we property rights. apparently that is now right wing. [applause] john rhodes who would become the republican leader of the always in the minority republicans in the house this time said as soon as ronald reagan gets away from the campaign slogans is in trouble. nelson rockefeller who leads the current republican party i think
5:57 pm
more and republican governors in terms of the run that no major american party could long endure by directing its appeal to a narrow minority. it will not serve the nation to have the major parties polarized at ideological extremes. this does not sound familiar to you ask >> there's so many of these i could go on all day. [laughter] [applause] i have a radio show to do and a president to attack so i can't stay long. [applause] what the end of this one-hour friends of "the wall street journal" editorial page in 1979 "the wall street journal" wrote
5:58 pm
for political packaging we do not need to turn to a six edt-year-old man -- 68-year-old man. maybe they will write on the packaging we don't need to write to a 68-year-old woman who would be hillary clinton. [laughter] [applause] but i digress. as you heard from my friend, gerald ford went on to lose to a very weak democratic candidate named jimmy carter. ronald reagan went on to win in 1980, 84, two of the biggest american landslides in history. the popular vote i would remind karl rove at the electoral college. [applause]
5:59 pm
having campaigned personally in 1970s and 80 i 80 i want you to listen to me. i feel certain he would be enormously proud of you. in fact he would have been thrilled to stand before you write here and thank you for all you're doing and all you've done and congressional a.q. on this fifth tea party movement. i think it's appropriate to end my comments with a true wisdom from president ronald reagan which is the last paragraph in my book liberty and tierney, which most of you have heard by now. but i'm going to repeat it anyway. for those of you that haven't. reagan wrote and said this many times. freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. it must be fought for, protected
6:00 pm
and handed on for them to do the same. for one day we will spend hours on a years time our children and our children's children what it was once like in the united states when men were free. ..


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