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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 20, 2013 11:00pm-1:01am EST

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republicans against some of the more radical members. this is the first case. it was actually driven locally. may happen at a national level. we have seen the challenge from incumbents coming to the right. you will see challenges coming from the center-right. the outcome will be a particularly pivotal one in whether we begin to see a counterpart to corporate growth of hoping that takes on more radical members and begins to support problem solvers who get challenged by those who do not like the actions that are compromises. the next debate, raising the debt ceiling. sandy lovevin has this tweet --
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do you think harry reid has promised a vote on unemployment insurance -- harry reid has promised a vote on unemployment insurance. does that become part of the debt ceiling debate and should it? that ist should, but not what republicans have in mind as a ransom. democrats are really adamant about it. many feel they gave up the best opportunity. remember, when unemployment has remained this high at seven percent when we have had this extent of long-term unemployment, we have always had extensionsion -- an of the federal program. see congressd to not act on this.
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getink we conceivably could the support to override a filibuster in the senate. it ifn boehner could pass you brought it to the floor, but it will be very tough getting him to do so. guest: there is a larger element to this. the budget deal used all of the so-called low hanging fruit of raising revenues without calling them taxes. there is only one thing left, and it has been used all couple times. we always fall back on it, revenue from spec from auctions. entertains we will extending unemployment if you find a way to pay for it. what we have also seen in the budget deal is the criticism that has come over the $6 billion, a small portion of what they did overall run military pensions.
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the democrat from new hampshire has been particularly adamant on this front. when her colleagues and i think we can compensate for that, how about closing corporate loopholes, there was no caveat to be found anywhere. they do not want to move in that direction that is taxes. now, we have john mccain say even the top the lee terry brass say we have to find a way to rein in the larger pension costs. even a larger brass say we have to find a way to bring in the larger pension costs. we are still going to run out of easy ways of finding compensatory ways of doing it. that is the dilemma. if we use the spectrum auction revenues for unemployment, there is not such left in the cabinet come other than turning to tax loopholes.
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on the next "washington earlier today president obama healed news conference to talk about some of the issues his administration addressed in the last year. the press conference came shortly before the president and
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his family departed for hawaii where they'll be spending the christmas holliday. here is some of what was said. >> there was is no doubt that when it came to the health care rollout, even though i was meeting every other week or every three weeks with folks and emphasizing how important it was that consumers had a good experience and easy experience in getting the information they need and knowing what the choices and options were for them to be able to get high-quality, asphordble health care. the fact is it didn't happen. in the first month, in the first six weeks in a way that was acceptable. since i'm in charge, obviously we screwed it up. part as i've said before had to deal with how it's done almost
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predates this year. part of, obviously, chose to with -- has to do with the fact there were not clear enough lines of authority in term who was in charge of the technology and cracking the whip on the contractors. there's a bunch of things we've been taking look at. i'm going to be making appropriate adjustments once we get through this year. we've gotten through the initial surge of people who have been signing up, but, you know, having said all of that, bottom line also is that we've got several million people are going to have health care that works, and it's not that i don't engage in a lot of self-reflection here. i beat myself up even worse than you or ed henry does on any given day. [laughter] i have to wake up in the morning
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to make sure that i do better the next day, and that we keep moving forward. and when i look at the landscape for next year what i say to myself is we're poised to do good things. the economy is stronger than it has been in a long time. you can see more from the president's news conference later in our programming schedule on c-span. you can also watch it any time online at
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next russian president delivers his annual state of the nation address to the federal assembly in moscow. in the hour-long speech. he talked about a number of domestic and foreign policy issues including the evolving political situation in ukraine. this address came nearly one week before rush announced a $15 billion deal that would prevent ukraine from defaulting on the debt. valid my putin. ♪ ♪ >> translator: dear citizens of russia, the members of the council of the federation, members of the state, the president's address to the federal assembly is a requirement in the russian
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constitution. the constitution that is working 20 years today. my congratulations to you, what is a significant feat for both our society and our state. of course, i also congratulate you on the 20th anniversary of the federal assembly, which is the parliament of russia that was created in accordance with the fundamental law of the land. the constitution has brought together two fundamental priorities. the highest of the right, freedom, of the individual and a strong feat emphasizes the mutual obligation to respect and protect one another. i'm positive that the constitutional framework must be substantial and this, above all, applies to the chapter of the constitution. one that define the right and freedom of the individual and sttle. these provisions of the fundamental law are -- [inaudible]
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the constitutional process should not be seen as are possible and sometimes necessary. as you know, there are plans to make amendment to the constitution whereupon the supreme court and the highest of the court will be consolidated. often, these courts interpret many laws differently and sometimes quite differently and make different diswrument on similar cases. and sometimes on the same cases as a result who is legal uncertainty sometimes injustice which reflects on people. think about the con sol indication of the court will turn -- in to a single framework; therefore, will strengthen the guarantee that the equality of all before all will be
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guaranteed. the constitution presents the key national identification ideas. the meaning of the constitutional provision of the welfare states. was in the mutual responsibility of the state, society of business, and individual. we must support the aspiration and aspiration of the citizen and representative of public and professional association and political parties, and the [inaudible] to participate in the life of this country. indeed, we must support citizen engagements so people will have a real opportunity to take part in managing their municipality or city in dealing with the everyday issues. unfortunately there are many issues here in the system of local government and the scope of responsibility and the
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resources [inaudible] as you well know are not balanced. that's often resulted in -- [inaudible] its powers in the area of education public health and have been developed the region. structured in such a way that every individual can touch in this regard
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that allowed russia to make a breakthrough and find [inaudible] to conduct large progressive reforms. including the reform by [inaudible] and the organization of industry during world war i. of course, we are all interested in that through the mechanism of elections well prepared of vicious and professional individuals to the constitutions of power. that's why we continue to work on the political competition
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improving political institutions and creating an environment that is open and -- the recent elections have shown that [inaudible] the country is less bureaucracyized. and results are less much predictable. i believe -- municipal and legislature and laid down the great foundation for the future of the general election campaign. i'm sure they will be strong competitors for political old-timers. modern russia means a broad public debate. one thing about practical results were public initiative become part and parcel -- and society oversees the execution. i believe all are key government officials as strategic plans should go through -- [inaudible] of the participation of nongovernmental organization and
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other institutes of civil society. public council might be set up at the federal and regional body of the executive. of course they may exist in some of the -- and what is important is that they must not be a formal kind of deck correlative entity. they should act as experts and be active participates in the system that is fighting corruption. so that a public framework for such citizens be created. i'm asking the chamber of the council of human rights and other organizations to actively contribute to the role on public oversight. which is one of the priorities. the state should be supporting human rights organizations. we hope that such organizations will be free of pursuing political agenda and there will
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be focusing as much as possible on the interest and problems faced by the individual. in this regard through the civic chamber should become a form where the interest and the professional and social -- [inaudible] will be expressed. there should be more professionals there. i believe they should account for at least half the member of the chamber. [applause] take in to account issues and challenges they face on a scale. an important subject that requires a public debate is [inaudible] this is where many of our problems of socioeconomic and territorial development are concentrated.
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including corruption and flaws in the operation of the government institutions. and of course, setback in the education and cultural policy which often leads to a distorted understanding of the truth [inaudible] tensions. and this is something that is not provoke represents of certain ethic groups. these are individuals -- [inaudible] or others in is some kind of an immoral national comprises of certain natives of certain southern part of russia that cut themselves loose and corrupt [inaudible] who provide protection for ethnic mafia. we must meet this challenge together. we must protect interethic peace and therefore the community of our society and unity and integrity of the russian state. [applause] dear colleagues, in the may 2012
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[inaudible] specific issues were identified that were designed to ensure dynamic development of the complete areas. essentially those provided a single program of action. accumulating the desire ands a i rare of people toward a better life. oftentimes, one hears that there are not enough resources and funds to prevent all of those plans and goals to bring the bar down to simplifying the taivelg. dear colleagues, i'm now embarking on an important and responsible subject. i do not believe -- [inaudible] we know very well that the economic situation may change and it is changing. but the is not an excuse for revising our goals. one institute actually -- [inaudible] solutions and to set budget and other priorities properly.
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i suggest that government programs be brought up to speed within the next two years. the budget all levels should be switched to problematic principle. it doesn't mean that everything should be -- it means that every executive should be made perm personally responsible for achieving result. resources should be used to achieve sub standard changes in specific sector of industry. thus we're increasing salary in education and public health so the work of teachers and physicians will become prepretentious once again and bring in quality -- [inaudible] however, as we agreed, this should not be achieved only through budget -- but due to reform that are intended to increase defectiveness and most important the quality of services in the social area. but we will see how the school's
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universities, hospitals, and outpatient clinics are working better and better. therefore, as salaries are increased, which of course must be done, an entire set of other issues needs to be implemented. so that all the goals will be achieved. [inaudible] such as [inaudible]
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of course we will not reach the goal set if we keep working like this. as a result individuals those who -- [inaudible] any regular changes we have been allocateing -- quality will not increase. [inaudible] and this is what is happening. and this is what i want the federal authorities and the executive of the russian convention to pay attention to. an important task coming forward to create an system of the quality of social services. this will help link their financing to the results of their -- [inaudible] more effectively optimize the budget of work. there was a need for direct action legislation that will determine the approach of standards and criteria swems the
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only division of all the level of authority it will be adopted. we've been able to do a lot to improve the public health system. for now fewer death as a result of card vas already life expectancy increases. not even close to the ray shoo we have established by ourselves. the basic question is that affecting a real transition to the insurance-based principle in public health. the goal is such that the insurance principle are so that the individuals will be responsible for their own health so there will be financial
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incentive for people to engage in a healthy lifestyle where insurance company would be interested in medical establishments provided quality services. they would monitor this and -- the operations from the financial perspective so patients will have an opportunity choose the medical establishments according to the -- -- [inaudible] the system of mandatory million insurance should -- to the fullest degree financially secure government guarantees for free medical assistance. and patients must be able to know what kind of assistance they are entitled to -- the principle based on which their work -- [inaudible] 2015 all children and teenagers must annually undergo medical checkup. the same for adult except only once every three years.
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clearly during the medical checkup, the number of identified ailment will increase at the need for high-tech -- federal center that exist in the [inaudible] also created a new program work of such center that are capable of providing medical assistance at the most advanced level. the next two years we must create an environment so 50% of the high-tech surgeries will take place. and now it's -- [inaudible] we must not lag behind the national trend. [inaudible]
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implement treatment technology based on bio and genetic engineers on decoding the human genome. indeed it will be a revolution in medicine. i believe that the public health -- [inaudible] russian academy of sciences must place priority on fundamental and applied research in the medical area. the role of the professional commune any managing the -- [inaudible] must be in a serious manner. i know, the ideas have been articulated and there was support in the area. i'm asking people in the health ministry to work with the associations of medical personnel to provide specific proposals. think about traditions of charity should be reinstated. i suggest sitting up a system of volunteers in russia. i believe volunteers will spend a few years working in medical establishment must be given an advantage as they enroll in medical schools. [laughter] dear colleagues, the incoming
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2014 has been declared the year of culture in russia. it's intended to become a year of [inaudible] and coming back to our cultural root to the matter of -- [inaudible] and morality. with are all aware of the unifying role of culture, history, and the russian language and given this, we must -- [inaudible] including in the education area in schools that teach which is important. but schools that build character. build character of citizens of a country that have made itself values -- [inaudible] starting next academic year.
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oppositions will be taken in to count as they enroll along with the uniform state exam. the professional growth of the teachers. i'm asking that a complex program be prepared to update for the school. i know, that the education ministry is already doing it including the development of a system of continue corporation and improving the qualifications of teachers. there's yet another problem that potential. even now there are two shifts. the russian schools and the cities almost 50%. the number of school children will increase by a million. i'm now speaking to the government and federal assembly and regional authority.
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the school must be evaluated and the solutions must be found including cirnt garden must be built in a whrai they can be used as preschool establishment. it must not result in more expansive cinder garten project. as a possible scenario they could be built under the same program and the same building regard local authority. we must understand the scope of the challenge. we can't brush it aside. if it has a drastic importance for the country and requires such a shape, think about the federal assistance will have to come in. [applause] and of course, we must continue to build up the infrastructure of a mass scale sport activity for children and teenagers.
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everything must be done to enhance the press teeing of an active lifestyle. this is the main idea of the successful university i'm sure the olympics and the soccer championship at the winter university game will be held at the high level. dear colleagues, according to the latest statistics in january through october of 2013, russia recorded a natural increase in the population. this is the first time that this has happened since 1991 inspect is great news! [applause] it exceeded death rate in almost half the -- and of the russian generation virnlly everywhere and in most region of the far east of the
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birthrate is higher than the average in russia. another thing -- made so [inaudible] one of the best birthrate. national in the late '80s and it coincided with a peek of housing structure. so today the housing must once again become one of the key factor of democratic development. implement the program of build ago fordable housing before the end of 2017. the plan is to build at least an additional 25 --
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[inaudible] number. more on technology makes it possible to build a lot of housing relatively inexpensively and with good quality.
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[inaudible] must be created to dream with this issue. i know the federal government is preparing proposal to streamline internet trade. it could be one of the source of fund for resulting the utility infrastructure. i suggest it -- [inaudible] and finally the must be sent in order have not been you fied. i'm asking to come up with a
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single exhaustive list of permit for the construction to reduce the amount of time required for the procedure and to do it before the end of 2014. [applause] [inaudible] why it hasn't been resulted now. it's a highly corrupt area. that's with the problem lies. dear colleagues, we thans the basic edition for dealing with social development issues is the presumption of a stable economic growth. essentially i'm transitioning to the core of all of our work. this, of course, we're experiencing the consequences of the global crisis. however, it must be said directly that the key reason for the slowdown is part domestic. they are not external. as far as the gdp russia is in
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the world top five economy. as far as productivity, we lag behind the international leaders bay factor of two or three. and this gap must be overcomes asap. everybody knows what they are. it's high quality of professional education, a flexible labor market, a favorableble investment climate. i'm instructing -- [inaudible] fundamental research and program where -- i see this effort as a national goal. [inaudible] the leader of all represented in
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the parliament during the meetings in the framework of preparation for today's function. submitted the proposal as far as participation in this nation elevation. he voted for the role in which the russian research -- suggest all action of the parliament sent the representative to the trustee fund of the russian research fund. as far as research, this effort must be focus on the basis of technology -- [inaudible] i suggest [inaudible] the funds of the relevant targeted programs. above all, the program research and develop and priority area of the build up of the research and technology conflict.
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so value-added by intelligent you know property being created in russia only accounted for 1% of the gdp. which is little. in the u.s. it's 4%. [inaudible] therefore political platform should target specific results. we must create a dmesk demand for high technology. this is an important circumstance. and for these purpose, the system government procurement and investment -- must be used. we are talking about huge amounts of money. [inaudible] also it should be made outside the institutions.
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they have to be retargeted. the economy needs to be all ineffective as system of technical and environmental regulation should be created and set up to operate flawlessly. it's a complex and sensitive issue of our economy. think about the government [inaudible] they will pressure this properly. i suggest a statistical evaluation of economic
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industries is created so to have an objective portrayed of our competitiveness. it takes other 20 days in south korea. eight all of these things need to be taken in to account and the program as far as export support. i'm asking the government with the agency for strategic initiative to -- [inaudible] it must goen with the professional involvement with
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the community. i suggest the national council on professional skills be set up. not under some kind of an agency but truly independent authority. [inaudible] the pack act of the professional standards. i'm asking the colleague from the business community and the sobers i have referred to not avoid doing the work. this is the restoration of a professional -- during school education
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[inaudible] [applause] i would like to say a few words about the higher education. the quality must match the demand. i believe if we are to operate the system of higher education, we need to take advantage of the potential education establishment so there a chance in demand at the labor market and the economic society will stef directly depend on the
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conditions of the environment provided and the services provided. i'm asking the ministry of education science and to oversee the situation. and i want the president of the universities to pay attention to this. because soon the outcome will be that the finance ministry will take in to account the revenue and will reduce the relevant issues. you will see that it will -- education and the establishment themselves will suffer as a result. [inaudible]
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international influence. all should enable talented young people to enroll at russia's higher education establishment and also laws need to be passed asap to boost long distant education. [inaudible] mostly targeting russians and citizen improving professional
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education must remember that the labor market is becoming increasingly flexible and the individuals must be able to recreate and -- given the goal of territorial development. and business community information support -- [inaudible] including creation of a federal vacancy data base so everybody can see what part of the can find a good job in. and large set of solutions is needed. i'm asking be devised and -- [inaudible] housing along with the -- [inaudible] as soon as possible. an important goal is to and the
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business. which has been growing well as a result we have been able to provide ourselves with a domestic [inaudible] and thank you to the citizens to the less dent of the world areas for this work and for -- results. now we have to make sure that people can stay in rural areas so they can rely on a modern and comfortable structure. i'm asking the special attention be given to changes in the government's program for developing the business.
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[inaudible] [applause] probably not all the governments are employing but i have to tell you that tomorrow it will result in additional revenues for the treasury of the region and municipalities. these are new companies. they don't exist as yet and therefore they will not be any missing budget revenue until we create another country. if we crete an environment such revenue will appear. in addition, it should be an opportunity goifn small businesses and individuals to pay taxes and insurance contributions based on the one window of principle in a different [inaudible] this is for labor migration.
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it creates -- [inaudible] social area provoke national conflict and makes for for a worse criminal situation. we need streamline the hiring of foreigners who come to russia on a nonvisa basis and increase responsibility for employers to use the labor for employees. of course to live in russia and take advantage of the health system and education system. they must pay taxes. of course, we have a difficult challenge to meet. we cannot -- special relationship with the soviet union. it needs to be set in order. changes need to be made to the effective peasant system. the suggestion is the legal entity and the individuals also have an opportunity to hire -- [inaudible] the price will be determined by
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the entity of the fred ration depending on the situation at the regional labor market and the average income level of the population in the territory. the system should be differentiated and incentivized -- [inaudible] above all professional-educate effects pert who know the russian language. [inaudible] once again they should be valid in those part of the federation where they are acquired. i believe it will be an economic tool to regulate migration force. you understand what i'm saying and the economic tool. i'm referring to the [inaudible]
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just that the government what that goal is and for violaters -- [applause] they will be banned from entering russia depending on the violation from three to ten years. it would create additional barriers for foreign citizens who -- [inaudible] engage in activity or perhaps criminal activity or operate or work illegally often in inhumane conditions and become victims of crime. dear colleagues, two years ago jointly with the business community we started a systemic effort to improve the business climate in russia. i have the same result achieved are very good results. perhaps few expected these results to take place. but we have the results. we have to keep making progress by 2015 there should be a legal
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framework in place that makes doing business in russia a favorable proposition. so as soon as next year, we will start ranking nationally the investment climate in different part of russia. essentially become a mechanism for evaluating the implementation of the national initiative in -- entity of the russian federation. at the same time we have to create center for those regions who are building up the economic basis. for those who support the business initiative and creation of new production capacity and jobs. i will now say -- [inaudible] very good news for russian federation. i believe if a region is investing the own funds in creating -- [inaudible] then additional federal taxes that are over the course of three years will be paid by companies located there must be
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returned to the particular city entity of the operation. [applause] [inaudible] in the form of interbudget transfers. [applause] please pay attention to the extent of the region's expense on creating infrastructure for such sights. it's the result 6 a very long and difficult debate with the finance ministry. i'm asking the minister of finance to not erode these. i'm asking for them to pay attention and implement once again this remains an important subject for entrepreneurs. that is excessive potential -- [inaudible]
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need to be continued. so the work needs to be continued. and to increase the spirit in this area a unified federal website should be set up so each inspection be individually numbered so we can see immediately who initiated it. we need to increase the credibility of arbitration for us. i'm asking the government chamber of trade of commerce to quickly draft and submit to the state legislation on critical changes in the arbitration proceedings. last year in my address i spoke about the authorization of the economy. this is yet another subject to which i would like to pay attention today. and which i believe must be --
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[inaudible] results are fairly possible. once again i'm reminding you a large-scale transtranslation took place this year. it was worth over $50 billion. the sale of interest in the -- [inaudible] took place outside the russian jurisdiction. although the sellers are well known. they are russian citizens. it's one of large russian companies. [inaudible] half of the investment. in other countries was accounted for these numbers hiding behind the numbers is the flight of capital. capital that should work in russia.
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i have suggestions. the revenues of companies that are these things are being done in the advances economists. and the scheme works just fine. the companies registered in foreign jurisdictions will not be allowed to take advantage of government support issues including loans from -- [inaudible] and also such companies must not
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be given access to [inaudible] in other words if you want to take advantage of benefits government support inaccurate information about the -- [inaudible] insurance companies, pension funds, and other financial entities is something that has to be clearly prosecuted. and [inaudible] and a principle needs to be carried on to get our financial system rid of all kinds of -- [inaudible]
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and in doing so the interest of good faith customers need to be protected. [inaudible] the tax basis, fighting all kind of offshore scheme is -- [inaudible] these are being discussed by g8 and g20. and russia will conduct such policy and internationally and domestically. and -- [inaudible] not only private business but executive of government-controlled companies and development of institutions. i'm asking the government change their operating principle. it should be no area of man gear -- [inaudible] will not achieve a major effect of the economy. simply, we will not be able to properly qferred personnel. but control over the work must be set up properly. such entities should address long-term strategy and clearly set goals and ratio of personal
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responsibility of the management. and labor contract signed by the management need to provide for responsibility of failure to the goal including financial responsibility. [inaudible] should be approve bit government of the russian federation. of the 21st century. the challenge to be met are unprecedented in scale. therefore, our steps should be -- [inaudible]
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in the far east. i believe it makes sense to expand this regime to entire east siberia. [inaudible] [applause] in addition in the far east and in eastern siberia i suggested a networking is set up of special territories with fast economic development with special conditions for organizing not commodity based production capabilities oriented among other goals to export -- new companies located in such areas and such zones need to have, by the way, this is being proposed. five-yearlong exemptions for profit text.
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[inaudible] easy rates for insurance contributions. what is also important conditions will be created to conduct business that will be competitive with a key business center in the asian pacific region including the permit for construction being conducted to the power grid and -- [inaudible] to solve the matter of infrastructure in such territories we will take advantage of the capabilities of the far eastern development foundation before july 1st, 2014. a decision needs to be made [inaudible] all the necessary bylaws require for the work need to be issued. given the scope of the goal, i'm asking the chairman of the government to personally supervisor this effort.
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subsequently, make a decision on their future development based on the practices and experience of such territory and the effect obtained. will carry-on the project currently being implemented and the university has been built on the island of -- [inaudible] it is to set up profound scientific review of development programs for the far east and provide personnel to the region in such a way the technology robotic design, engineering, technology, and the use of area -- [inaudible] were to the pacific ocean and dynamically develop all the territories will both open new opportunities in the economy, new horizons but provide new additional instrument for conducting an active foreign policy -- global development is becoming more and more controversial and i dynamic. in these conditions, russia's historical responsibility increasing not only as a key guarantee of --
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[inaudible] but as a state that consistently uphold its value approach including in the national relations. the [inaudible] political economic exe decision increasing. and other influence centers are keeping a low eye on the strengthening of russia. we have been proud of this country; however, we do not lay claims to being a super power claims that would be -- [inaudible] claims to being a global or regional -- having global or regional. ..
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many countries are reviewing the morals and are erasing national differences between nations and cultures and society is now required not only to recognize the -- everybody's right to religious freedom, political views and privacy, but also to recognize the evil and good, and these are notions that are contradictory essentially. traditional values from above not only cause negative consequences for societies but is antidemocratic because it is
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being conducted based on abstracter vague ideas, disspeed the will of the majority of the people, and we know there is a greater number increasingly more people in the world who support our position to protect traditional barriers, that for thousands of years have been the bulk of the spiritual foundation of civilization, of every people. the barriers of the traditional family of genuine human life, including religious life, life not only material but spiritualism. and diversity of the world. of course -- [applause] >> of course, this is a conservative position, but to quote, the meaning of conservatism is not to prevent movement upward and forward but prevent movement back and downward, to a chaotic darkness.
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to the return to the state. we have seen attempts being made to impose on other countries so-called more progressive model, but in reality the result was setbacks, barbaricie and bloodshed. this happened in the far east of africa and dramatic situation in syria. for syria, the international community had to make a choice to either keep going back erosion of the world hour, increased chaos, or collectively make responsible decisions. i believe that it is our shared success that a choice has been made specifically on the basis of fundmental prims principles f international law and logic of peace. we have been able to, at least so far, cooperation of the
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conflict far outside the region. russia had made a significant contribution to this process. we acted firmly in a well-throughout-through way and a balanced way. we have never threatened our own interests, security, or global stability, as we did that. this is how a mature and responsible country should operate. as a result, with partners we have been able to turn around the developments from war to the establishment of a syrian political process and achievement of civil concord. the hem chemical arsenal is under control and this is important -- the syrian nation has confirmed the unite is nations involvement in politics
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and iran, any national problem can and must be solved specifically politically without resorting to power. first, the iranian nuclear program, the breakthrough has been achieved, but it's just the first step, and the situation must be continued towards a broader solution that guarantee's iran's right to develop peaceful nuclear energy, industry, and security, at the same time must be guaranteed -- by the way, it was the iranian nuclear program that provided the basic argument for deploying the abm. now, what has happened. the iranian nuclear problem is going away but the abm system is still there. the antimissile defense is still there. not just there but in fact this situation developed further. more on that later. once again, russia is prepared to jointly work with any and all
12:07 am
partners in the interest of securing shared, equal, and individual security, and fighting, drug trafficking, enhancing the mpt, fighting nationallerler terrorism. we will do the saming. >> will be guide bid the same principles in the course of preparing the summits that russia will hold in 2015. we're now entering the final stage of preparation on the a agreement of european union and we believe by may, 2014, the lange of -- the language of the agreement will be approved and submitted to the provinces. dear colleagues, i'm asking you to consider and support this document on a priority basis. already working groups are in place. they're preparing world maps, as
12:08 am
far as the joining to the union, and i'm sure that the real achievements of integration will only increase interest in it in behalf of our neighbors, including ukraine. even before what is happening in kiev started, and i'm hoping they political forces of the country will be able, in the interests of the ukrainian people to solve the problem, but before the problems started, may 2013, ukraine expressed a wish, and has participated in the discussions and has repeatedly stated earlier its interest in joining some of the agreements within the customs union. we do not impose anything on anything, but if our friends have a wish to work jointly, we are prepared to continue this work. our integration project is based on equal rights and real
12:09 am
economic processes. we will consistently advance the eurasian process without putting it in confrontation with other integration projects, including, of course, such a mature integration project as the european project, and we will base ourselves on our mutual complimentary nature, and will of course continue to work with our european friends as far as preparing the basic agreement. dear colleagues. a few words on our steps to continue to strengthen the armed forces. i have just mentioned the issue of the missile defense system, and here is what i would like to say in this regard. we perfectly understand the system of missile defense system is only a defense system because it is called that way. however, in real terms, this is a significant part of a strategic offensive potential. of concern is the development of a new weapons system, such as
12:10 am
low-yield nuclear devices, strategic missiles, hyper sonic, nonnuclear simms, capable of delivering strikes in a short period of time, and at great distances. we have been following the development and the evolution of the first strike disarming attacks concept, and it is actively being developed in several countries and may cause some very, very negative implications for regional and global stability. and increasing the capabilities of the antimissile defense systems, may completely neutralize all the previously achieved agreements in the area of limiting and reusing potentially nuclear weapons and may disrupt the so-called strategic balance of forces.
12:11 am
we understand this perfectly well, and in this regard, we know what needs to be done. [applause] >> nobody should have any illusions as far as the capable -- cape ability to gain the upper hand. russia will meet all the challenge, we have the required potential for that. our military doctrine and promising weapon samples which are and will continue to be made available to the troops. certainly will enable us to ensure security of the russian state. [applause] >> a great deal more needs to be done as far as development of modern high accuracy weapon system, but even now, as far as the number of quality perimeters of modern strategic nuclear deterrence forces, we
12:12 am
successfully, and based on a plan, are coming to knew -- new frontiers and our partners have some catching up to. and development is underway for new missile systems of strategic designation based on land, sea, and in the air. we'll continue to build up this strategic missile forces to continue to build the nuclear submarines. we're beginning to work on the promising long-range aviation. next in line is to create a global reckon reckonnance systeh will work in a single information space and real-time, in the interests of the russian federation, also has to do with the strengthening of our space program. we will build up for general purposes, aviations, navy, and
12:13 am
land forces. this year, based on our plan, the number of contract personnel has increased to 120,000 individuals. here is a proposal. without removing the fervent, the system of nuclear proliferation and -- needs to be changed so all students can, as they undergo their studies, they have their subsequent military boot camp, obtain military training and specialty. this mechanism would enable us to prepare the needed number of reservists in the most in demand, mostly technical military, occupations, without drafting them into the armed forces. i'm asking the government and security council to submit proposals how to organize such a system.
12:14 am
furthermore, allocating to the forces and the navy, to modernize the military industrial complex, as you know, are unprecedented. they stand as 23 trillion rubles. over in the next decade the national defense and military complex will have enough orders that will be able to reduce their -- renew their productive capability, create new jobs. so far we have two million people working in the military industrial complex, which is about seven million people, including their families. experts operating in this important industry will have stable, highly paid jobs and, therefore, their families will have comfortable living. of course, what will happen after 2020 is also important. we cannot allow these companies
12:15 am
to be oversized and not having any demand. our position is that the international market needed to be increased and i'm asking the military commission to submit proposal so our companies can timely switch to making civil products that are in demand domestically and internationally. there's something else i would like to take special note of. we have said that all these servicemen of the defense ministry who joined the list of who -- the first 2012 will, before the end of this year, be provided with permanent housing for the next -- in the near future this goal must be fully solved. this is what will happen. i'm calling the attention of the defense minister to this, and i'm asking him to take care of these specific cases, helping people find the system that, dear colleagues for the first time in this country's history will close the issue of permanent housing for servicemember of land forces and
12:16 am
navy of russia, and we on focus attention on creating a modern pool of service, housing, and comfortable military communities. dear colleagues, sentence of responsibility for this country is the -- the sense of responsibility for this country is the access of the constitution of russia. it's a call on every one of us. the strategic development agenda of this country is well known. the address speak faces the key avenues of achieving these goals and everything that has been declared must be executed without any excuses or departmental interpretations. this is the most important, the weightiest of the authorities. our duty is to increase people's confidence, and more citizen engagement. where a decision has been made, it must be implemented. i believe that this approach is
12:17 am
the concentrated expression of responsibility and i suggest it be made the model this year, the model for everybody and everything, for the authorities and society and citizens, i have absolute conviction if we rely on the best of our people we take advantage of the most ordinary ideas and development, and solve all the objectives in front of us and will definitely achieve success. thank you for listenle [applause] ♪ [applause] ♪
12:18 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> in a few moments arizona senator john mccain talks about his recent trip to ukraine as the country faces a potential default on its debt.
12:19 am
after that, senate homeland security hearing on september's navy yard shooting and the security measures that could be put in place to prevent an similar event elsewhere, and a look back at the accomplishments of congress last year. david vitter is our guest, the top republican on the environment and public works committee and gives his take on some of the own administrations more recent climated change initiatives and other environmental policies. sunday on c-span. >> i was a donor to martha's table, like so many of your viewers. i would do -- michael and i would do the annual consideration of the things we care about because they were important to us as we grew up, the issues we cared about because they match our broader police officers and the players in -- broader beliefs and
12:20 am
martha's table delivered hot meals to the little park outside the bill and melinda gates foundation offices, mcpherson square, and i would see that van every night and see the lines of people there every night, and i knew that it was volunteer-driven, 10,000 volunteers, 80 hard-working staff, and that they had enormous influence in the community that they were serving. it was a great bran, and i thought why wouldn't i join that organization? see if i can put my skills to work. but also see if i can understand better why do we have this issue persistent child poverty? why do we have so many children that aren't graduating high school? going on to college? and being able to attach to careers the way that i was able to. >> the president and ceo of martha's table, on leading the washington, dc -- based nonprofit sunday night at
12:21 am
8:00 on c-span's q & a. >> last weekend, republican senator john mccain and democratic senator chris murphy traveled to ukraine in the midst of protests over a financial bailout deal with russia. senator mccain talked about the trip at an event yesterday hosted by the atlantic council. it's a little less than an hour. >> good morning to you all. i'm president and ceo of the atlantic council. the cold war seemed to have ended with the fall of the berlin wall. in 1989 and the subsequent collapse of the soviet union, soviet empire. following that, both the european union and the north atlantic treaty organization enlarged. next year, at the atlantic council, and way beyond the atlantic council, we will be celebrating celebrating the 25th
12:22 am
25th anniversary of the berlin wall's fall and the 15th and tenth anniversaries of nato and eu enlargements and will have a tribute to those enlargements at our annual awards dinner on april 30th, where we'll be honoring secretary of defense, chuck hagel, eu commission president, barosso, among others. recent events in ukraine have underscoredded how far we remain from george h.w. bush's dream of a europe whole and free. one that ultimately could embrace russia and its closest neighbors, former elements of the receive it union in one form or another, and one of the best forms was the eastern partnership agreement of the european union. the latest news from the region underscores further that the future is unlikely to be determined by tanks and troops in this new era of global
12:23 am
competition that we have entered. russian president vladimir putin on tuesday said he agreed to loan ukraine $15 billion and cut the price of critical natural gas supplies. ukraine's prime minister called the deal historic. in brussels, the draft eu document reported by "the wall street journal" indicated ukraine could have gained more from the west though with different conditions and perhaps not as plainly put. had it signed the eu pact it might have had $26 billion of loans and grants from the eu over the next seven years, and if it also agreed to the imf package. while the ukraine pivots eastward, hundreds of thousands of your cranans pivot westward, standing together in protests for their continued desire to be part of a europe whole and free.
12:24 am
and it's in that context we welcome back a great friend of the atlantic council, senator john mccain, who visited the protesters over the weekend, with senator chris murphy, and continues to play a consistent and leading and principled role in supporting democratic change both in eastern europe and around the world, and thinking through what role the united states should be playing in these challenging times. for those reasons and many more, the atlantic council presented senator mccain with its freedom award in 2011 at our global forum in o'land. he said then, and i quote, like the workers of -- or the youth of east berlin in many other places, too, now senator mccain you can add the word ukraine -- are peace the demonstrating to change the character of the country not by violence but by
12:25 am
the longing for human rights and democracy. unquote. senator mccain, we look forward to your opening comments and then a discussion moderated by damion wilson, who has impressively led our team effort in trying to make sense of events in ukraine. for those in the odd of audience who have heard senator mccain before, this is on the record. feel free to tweet. hash tag ac ukraine. senator mccain, an our to have -- an honor to have you with us. [applause] >> well, thank you, fred. thank you for the kind introduction. thank you for your wise advice and counsel that you always provide me on transatlantic issues. i want to think damon, i want to thank all of you of the atlantic council, which is now, i believe, one of the premiere
12:26 am
intellectual leaders in foreign policy and national security, not just on transatlantic but on global issues. i'm very happy to have those kind words. thank you for not mentioning that i ran for president. i appreciate that. as i've often said, after i lost, i slept like a baby, sleep two hours, wake up and cry, sleep two hours, wake up and cry. i also thank you again for your warm words, given the approval rating of congress, in case you missed this now, 9%. i have a line i use all the time that we're now down to paid staff and blood relatives. and that's pretty clever line, but i received a phone call the other day from my mother, who is 101 years old, and we're now down to paid staff. so, -- [laughter] >> anyway, thank you for -- pleased to have the opportunity to be here.
12:27 am
as fred mentioned last weekend i between the ukraine with my friend and fellow member of the foreign relations committedee, democratic senator chris murphy. we met with senior government officials, president, and the major opposition leader,on company victim and major opposition leaders, members of society, many of the so-called oligarchs, ukrainian youth and students and hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators. in all of my many years in travels abroad i have never seen anything like what we witnessed last weekend in ukraine. on saturday night, we stood in the trade union building overlooking the area while a quarter million uianans cheered and jumped up and down in a sea of sparkling cell phones. on sunday when we addressed the
12:28 am
crowd it was estimated to be as many as a million people. there were you ukrainians from all juans of life and all parts of the done tri, veterans of the soviet war in afghanistan, helping to protect the demonstrators and securing our passage through the crowd. as we spoke, thousands interrupted us with cheers of, thank you u.s.a. it was one of most moving experiences i have had. senator murphy and i did not go to ukraine to interfere with its internal affairs or to favor one leader or group or party over another...
12:29 am
>> mounting debt burden, but unstable currency and a
12:30 am
large energy subsidy that the imf has insisted somehow i doubt it. we're likely the president will kick the can down the road when the russian money runs out in one year the you craig will again be facing all of the same problems it is now. we need to recognize the reality of how president threatens temporary ban of the ukraine prison tuesday temporary addition of the year abroad. president putin has pulled out the stops to course, intimidate and threaten the craig away from europe it has bought a lot of trade especially chocolate and stir in to cut off the gas supplies in the dead of winter which it has done before and according to officials president putin
12:31 am
friends retaliation if he is signed the agreement with the e.u. in stressed and tuesday that russia's financial assistance to the ukraine is free of conditions if you believe that i have some beachfront property in arizona to sell you. [laughter] russia's bullying extends beyond the ukraine beyond that you partnership countries. russia coerced armenia to join in and prevented moldova was to sign its own agreement with the e.u. by blocking imports of wind threatening to cut off the supply of gas and suggesting it would stoke separatism. russia has deployed its missiles to leningrad. working to establish
12:32 am
themselves chechnya that encroached deeper into georgian territory and to day we your russia will soon deploy rail based icbm. of this pattern of behavior amounts to a clause i imperial dominance over the neighbors prepared new-found assertiveness that has only grown from the administration's absence of leadership of other parts of the world, especially syria. teeseven -- teefourteen has been emboldened by obama this and he lies in a loss of credibility we have the situation we work with russia to dismantle chemical weapons and syria while russia provides conventional weapons that continues to slaughter and maintain his hold on power.
12:33 am
teefourteen has taken a clear lesson of united states is unwilling to stand up to him in the middle east he can do as he wishes closer to home and he has. , the key to teefourteen political ambition is ukraine it is more populous than all the others combined and shares the same cultural religious and historical heritage as russia and president putin still does not accept the ukraine is the independent country. he has said is much publicly. first of all, the customs union cannot be viable without the ukraine and indeed the idea of a modern democratic ukraine part of europe is president putin is worst nightmare because and eventually they would look at the ukraine to ask why not us? that is why teefourteen will
12:34 am
stop at nothing to become part of europe. probate need to recognize the good news regardless of short-term pain that he can inflict on russia's neighbors history is not on his side the eastern partnership countries want the benefits of european immigration but in reality that was demonstrated clearly last month when georgia and moldova signed their own association agreements. also reasons for helping ukraine a matter how much money teefourteen commits he cannot change the fact that the majority of the ukrainians in the west and south and east of long the young people see if future in europe poll after poll confirms that with young ukrainians who have no
12:35 am
memory of the soviet union who want everything that europe has to offer. for this reason no ukrainian president not this any other could ever take ukraine off the path to europe. doing so would equal suicide for russia to insist wittily in gender the animosity of the ukrainians. the fact is russia is not 10 feet tall. it is growing sluggishly -- sluggish depended on hydrocarbons and under these circumstances i imagine many russians are not too happy to see $50 million of their natural resources heading into a foreign country with the selfish and ideological in addition. so the question now is where do we go from here? first, we must continue to
12:36 am
support for the ukrainians for democracy, rule of law, and corrupt governments and people opportunity and integration with europe. we must insist that the ukrainian government uphold human rights especially the freedom of speech and association. and we are ukrainian citizens are detained for peacefully exercising these rights we should work for their immediate release. we must continue to demand fettle sides the refrain from violence something that the demonstrators have done to remark -- remarkable degree both the administration and congress has put authorities on notice that any further use of violence or any other human rights violations against peaceful citizens will be that with targeted sanctions for those responsible is not an idle threat help we never have to
12:37 am
make good but we will bid to lead the monitor whether the demonstrations continue we will be prepared to respond as necessary. we must support ukrainian demands for those who are carried out past acts of violence teeeleven has initiated the process we should support that to see it through to expand the scope for evidence warrants. we must support ukrainian demands for transparency that was signed in moscow this week. many feared teeeleven has made a decision that puts his own selfish interests above the interest of the country and if he did it would not be the first five. we think the citizens have the right to know the
12:38 am
details what russia gets out of the deal. if the crisis persists we must support creative ukrainian efforts to resolve it senator murphy and i heard a few ideas last week from holding early elections to the institution of the technocratic government with a mandate to make the difficult reform required from the long-term economic health and sustainable development. this is for ukrainians to make, no one else if they request our assistance we should provide it where possible. we must encourage the european union to keep the doors open to the ukraine. ultimately the support of both institutions are indispensable and eventually the mccready in president this or future would be
12:39 am
prepared to except fundamental traces facing the country for all there are short-term cost required for imf assistance and well president putin will likely add to sees cost long-term benefits for the ukraine are almost limitless this cannot be borgias by one person but it must be shared both their risky of their reward by all ukrainians especially the opposition and business elite. also that you and the imf and the united states. all of us in the west should be prepared to help financially and otherwise to overcome the short-term pain in short showing the leaders
12:40 am
and the people they will show a pursuit of a better future this is the challenge we face with georgann to moldova these countries must know we will help them whether any laws of economic activity and of energy supplies by helping georgia and moldova to meet their short-term needs to bring this transition we can convince ukraine and others they can count on us also. if we expand the promise of the community we can stand at more forcefully to russia this is not the way it should be and certainly not the way we wanted to be. eastern european countries should not choose between good relations for e you or with russia. that is not a choice we asked them to make. it is a false choice based
12:41 am
on a zero sum view of the world it is exactly the choice unfortunately there president putin wants to impose on these countries. as long as that is the case there is tension with russia. but for the past two decades the administration has sought to cooperate with russia when possible and compete renner necessary. despite the best sentence and efforts there is more competition in day and cooperation. we must face this reality squarely and to support our partners when we face russian pressure to make their own sovereign decisions. many americans will ask why should we care? why should we care what happens to a country like
12:42 am
ukraine? here is why. for the entirety of the last century for our friends and allies of europe whole and free to sacrifice our resources and time and time again. not simply because the vision is just and right but also the lasting stability is what benefits are people economically and ultimately it makes our nation safer. despite growing challenges in the middle east and asia and other parts of the world we cannot forget this is not finished. it continues today in the ukraine and moldova, georgia , the baltics, and others in eastern europe. we now must pursue our national interest of the
12:43 am
europe to be free and at peace to support the right of all countries to join in the benefits including russia. this vision has always drawn europeans and ukrainiaukrainia ns together and we see evidence of that all-around. 1 mile west of here is a statue of a great ukrainian poet dedicated nearly 50 years ago by president eisenhower to express his hope that the step -- statue would rekindle a new world moved in the hearts words mind in action of may and a never-ending movement dedicated to me into independence and freedom of all captive nations of the entire world. after eisenhower spoke ukrainian chorus led the assembled crowd to seeing one of the most famous poem that includes that bury me
12:44 am
and rise up to break your heavy chain with the water of the tyrants blood their freedom you have gained in with a great new family of the free softly spoken kindly words. remember also be. america will always remember ukraine. we will always support the peaceful aspirations of her people as to do on behalf of all people in europe and beyond. thank you very much. [applause] specs senator think you for the remarkable and important speech not only the ukraine but our strategy behind it to provide the executive vice president here at the atlantic cams we have a few minutes to talk about the remarks that you just delivered.
12:45 am
people are free to tweet ukraine. you just delivered the speech with the six principles to guide our way forward but you offer a broader remarks about a strategy in u.s. and european strategy in the partnership in general with ambassadors and representatives here today. you spend some time with teeeleven. teeeleven what did you take away from your conversation? innocents that was preparing his own country over two years for this process only to surprise them with this turnaround with this summit how did your conversation lead you where is the go or
12:46 am
what is he trying to achieve? >> we spent two 1/2 hours 930 about 95% was the technicalities associated with with any negotiations he may have with russia or the you. when it is worth of condemnation of the protesters of the square. i got the distinct impression teeten is either insensitive or not concerned or does not understand the impact depending on what members you use of those demonstrating in a way that is peaceful but certainly
12:47 am
one that has to be viewed as incredibly impressive i have not seen anything like it in my life. i think he did realize that two out of he and reject membership of the e.u. would have been the catalyst that would have caused real disruption to also realize that an agreement with the customs union would have had the same effect. he tries to block the middle ground hoping people would be satisfied with that. i don't think they will. membership of the e.u. as part of a technical manner but what that message was
12:48 am
the line minutes with europe was an outcry against the corruption against the entire country president yanukovych and lives in a holmes estimated to be $100 billion in estimated his son was a dentist know a billionaire. i knowed dentistry is lucrative. [laughter] and of course, the corruption that permeates the country is something and they looked at their lives and standard of living europe purses russia. these conversations were demonstrations were not to join the e.u. but the direction the path is on of
12:49 am
the country that is the only way to get people in some of the freezing weather to demonstrate the way that they have. i don't know exactly what will happen next in the short term i think president yanukovych will now go back to tell his citizens they have immediate relief from the breakdown of their economy because of the economic crisis may be that would satisfy some of their citizens but i don't think it settles the ambitions of the young people particularly but with young people there is a degree of furfur and passion that is quite remarkable that one
12:50 am
thing i am confident of of any economist will tell you $15 billion is a band-aid it does not stop the bleeding. behalf to enact the fundamental changes have their country does business with the imf demands for fundamental changes of the economy. the corruption has got to be addressed. but they don't see that but in fact, it is the opposite with russia. >> i will pick up combat. you also spent time with opposition and leaders he talk about not seeing anything although we have
12:51 am
seen of version in 2004 how do folks watching the ukraine or how the ukrainians themselves not fear the days of experience where a host of leaders came to power that has the prospect of the democratic ukraine but because of infighting failed to deliver how do you take away in your conversation, it does this have to the potential to be different? >> act george revolution was primarily aimed to at their own leadership at the regina
12:52 am
and all of the things that were not democratic. this revolution is more against russia and a desire to join europe. i think here is a difference. i also think the other two that you mentioned, but they are in favor to free as i am but they want that to happen after is a replaced with a government agent it is a deadly and to have. to germany for medical treatment. her health is poor but that is not the central issue as far as what the agenda is
12:53 am
concerned. also they have legitimate concern of the betrayal of the revolution that took place 2004a and 2005a and they don't want that to happen again. i have great sympathy for them a and this path to democracy is difficult we see other countries going back and forth so they have learned to a lesson. >> also if you were sitting in moscow you have to be scared of what could be happening in ukraine because ultimately this is the future of russia. bring us back you had strong words of the issue of u.s. leadership.
12:54 am
if this is a broader dynamic , what do we do with russia led by the confidence of president yanukovych that is about the post of the of world community the senate has acted in spoken but in addition to calling not a and completing what is the strategy long term to take this in a different direction for more there just confrontation over you grade? >> guy appreciate people appreciated the statement secretary kerry bade that was very welcome to.
12:55 am
and to do a outstanding job with the whole crisis and our ambassador has done a fine job. put the first thing we need to do is understand who and what we are dealing with. tell vladimir i will be more flexible. that will go down history along with tel assad the strike will be unbelievably small. and if you like your health insurance you can keep it. those are the three of my favorite. [laughter] a and it is not just the this administration even the last administration i looked into his eyes and saw his old he is a kgb to have is
12:56 am
risen to the top of the greasy pole. we must understand who we are dealing with. all these years ned did have was the guy did a pretty dull he was the puppet people didn't know who the dictator was crack ? it does not mean confrontation or reconditioned of the cold war but speaking up and supporting people had in georgia every few months the russians moved defense further and further into georgia territory? what do we say? nesting. we know moldova is pressured and we have to understand
12:57 am
that ukraine where russia began is the crown jewel. so what happens a new crane is incredibly vital. we need to speak up as john kerry did and we are there to assist with this transition. it is not a confrontation before us to believe that vladimir putin will give up the ukraine to the west without a fight is foolishness. we have to understand what we are dealing with. it is an individual who wants to restore the representative for broad. ask any country on the
12:58 am
periphery and they will tell you they are under nearly constant pressure at what dash pressure from vladimir putin. the economy is pearl russian and you can see some problems and in the east obviously he will not send in tanks but key can cause difficulties but solid assistance with the imf loan and the receipt of their application and open door to the application to you joining the e.u. >> thank you. now i will turn to the audience we have our ambassadoambassado rs our focused here at the addict
12:59 am
kelso's been back and share the ambassador would say by the evil sova and wife. [laughter] >> i will start with the first that i saw. please identify yourself in to keep it brief. >> project on transition for democracies, the senator in addition to the opposition you met with the business leaders called both sides is in kiev may be met with more than any other senior leader. is there a future in europe for russia? what was your impression? >> i probably should have mentioned that. the berries to the degree that they have been affected.
1:00 am
one who had an empire based on chocolate and that has sent cutoff by putin a and the russians i got the impression that they are very smart ned and they are watching carefully the flow of events and there are guarded remarks and not calling for a change of government are even specifically a change in government policy. so they will weather favor of course, of events and on the one hand they would view economic reform as a threat to the virtual monopoly that


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