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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 28, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a robust mechanism which creates legally binding obligations through rigorous verification measures. the objective is clear. it could not lead to mistakes. cerium must cooperate with the united nations with a view to dismantling its chemical arms program as quickly as possible. if the syrian authorities fully respect their obligations the resolution will make it possible to eliminate one of the most significant chemical weapons programs in the world. through non-military means. we have all bore witness to the terrible massacre in the suburbs of damascus using chemical weapons. what occurred on the 20 first of august each of us was able to see with their own eyes on dozens of videos, unbearable images of agony of victims, dozens of children's corpses lined up. it is important that these
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events never be reproduced. this resolution is in the right direction in terms of this level. the security council has determined the use of chemical weapons wherever it occurs is a threat to peace and international security, authorizes the council to be seized automatically of the issue in the future. this is significant progress. the resolution is innovative in another critical area for the first time. the security council was able to agree to endorse the geneva communique of 30 june, 2012:the formation of a transitional government body with full executive powers in syria. the adoption of this resolution is important as it is will not an end to the war nor to the enormous suffering of the syrian people. they humanitarian challenge, the security challenge cannot be resolved in any other way but
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through a negotiated political solution to the crisis. syria must engage in a political transition process that leads to respecting the aspiration of all citizens. consequently we encourage all concerned parties to take advantage of the positive dynamic that has been created in this case, chemical weapons, progress towards a cessation of hostilities towards the holding of geneva 2 and the necessary political transition in syria. any delay will only lead to more death and more suffering. mr. president, our attention is focused on the most recent chapters in recent days concerning chemical weapons we cannot forget the humanitarian catastrophe which continues to unfold in syria and its neighboring companies including lebanon and georgia and iraq and turkey. i would like to quote paula high commissioner for refugees, syria, he said, has become the greatest tragedy of this
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century. amanda kerri and calamity which is full of suffering and displacement of people without precedent in recent history. the syrians need assistance and they need it now. they have right to assistance based on criteria of humanity, the most elementary codify humanitarian international law. it is surgeon that syria respond to the demands of humanitarian actors and facilitate immediate, unimpeded and free access to the affected populations. it is important to this bureaucratic obstacles and ensure supplies of medical equipment, establish humanitarian pauses and open humanitarian grounds to make possible access across borders and across lines to the populations that are affected. with australia, luxembourg, humanitarian actors who are parties to the conflict in syria and injuring the common message of the celts will.
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we hope these efforts will soon lead to the adoption of a strong humanitarian text, the security comes must assume responsibility on this point as well and i listened with interest and carefully to the words of the at minister of foreign affairs in this regard. if i may in conclusion i would like to reiterate our conviction that the offenders of the crime on the 20 first of august are behind other atrocities committed in syria since the beginning and must be held the culpable for their acts. the time has come to refer the situation in syria to the international criminal courts. >> thank you for the statement. i give the floor to his excellently, the minister for foreign affairs, the republican. >> just to make it so.
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the minister of foreign affairs of france followed by -- >> translator: mr. president. >> secretary-general. ladies and gentlemen, ministers, representatives of the security council. tonight assyrian tragedy, the security council has finally lived up to its name. august 21st regime of bashar al-assad committed an act which was simply unacceptable. it killed close to 1,400 civilians including hundreds of children. the use of chemical weapons, so horrible that they have been
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banned for over a hundred years is clear. all the evidence points to the regime and no one, no one of good faith could be not at this. as a result of the threat of strikes which were not a stratagem we finally moved things forward, exerted pressure on the regime. i want to remind you that even vote until now they denied the existence of chemical weapons, in just a few days they had to turn that position around completely, recognize the existence and ex that they will be destroyed. france and others especially the united states of america give responsibility and we consider standing firm has paid off. the resolution which we just
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adopted meets the three requirements which the president of the french republic and myself had set out at the beginning of this week which will perhaps godown in history, to syria or iran as the international week, the beginning of the end of chemical weapons. this resolution qualifies use of chemical weapons as a threat to international peace and security. the security council may be seized of this issue any time in the future and -- resolution could find the perpetrators of fresh crimes will have to answer perfect ans and finally the resolution also provides as our american and russian colleagues accepted, they have worked great
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deal to achieve this. this resolution provides in the events of noncompliance by the regime in damascus, measures will be taken under chapter vii. ladies and gentlemen, this resolution is not an end point. it is but a first stage. unfortunately one cannot simply believe the regime which was recently denied that it even possess such weapons the united states must first barring any further delay, the timeline set out, any decision adopted today in the hague must be about the. series cooperation will have to be total. the security council will be regularly informed, will decide and three measures to assure that this is achieved. in short, this resolution must not only be passed it must also
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be implemented. france will see to it. ladies and gentlemen, regardless of a positive nature of this resolution. the humanitarian catastrophe, the repression tragically continues. our responsibility is to act but an end did this. france wishes to take advantage of this in the framework of the council to progress with you in the political process. political process which alone will enable us to put an end to the fighting and to see peace prevailed again. we have to prepare a meeting of virginia the 2 within the framework of the team of one agreement which provides as we said from the transfer of executive power to transition body. will the secretary general of the united nations, and would like to congratulate them and thank them for their work. the members of the security
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council, bearing special responsibility, has just been done under chemical weapons, yesterday i shared with representatives of many states a meeting with the president of the syrian national coalition concerned that he stands ready to send a negotiation, a delegation to the negotiation as part of geneva 2. supporters of the regime in damascus have to assure us that they will make a similar commitment and the special envoy to take every possible initiative to make progress in this direction as well as as we indicated in the meeting of the p 5 which was just held in view of positive results something for geneva and 2. france will back all these
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efforts. ladies and gentlemen, colleagues, we know despite its clear use:resolution alone will not save syria. this is why the security council must assume its responsibility and see them through to the end. we will have during the next few weeks think about one thing, namely the syrian people and their martyrdom which muscats as rapidly as possible come to an end. france will remain firm and coherent in lending full support to the search for peace. >> i thank his excellency for his statement and i give the floor to his excellency, minister for foreign affairs for the republic. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, the adoption of
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resolution 2118 expresses hope the unanimous and strong position by the security council will contribute the finding of the political solution to the conflict in syria to put an end to the suffering inflicted on the syrian people complies by the concern for their obligations and commitments under international law. we are grateful to the head of members of the united nations mission to investigate allegations of the use of chemical weapons in the syrian arab republic for the work they have done extremely difficult and challenging security and political conditions. it is essential the mission complete his investigation to wall litigation's of the use of chemical weapons in syria and submits its final report. the continued support of this process by all concerned is critical to that end strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons in syria particularly in the killing of civilians which
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resulted from it. the resolution adopted a firm that the use of chemical weapons constitutes a serious violation of international law and qualifies the threat to international peace and security. it is important the security council expressed its conviction that those individuals responsible for the use of chemical weapons in syria should be held accountable. and the united states regarding the same destruction of syria's chemical weapons stockpile as well as the decision adopted by the organization for the prosecution of chemical weapons. the objective is to ensure compliance with all aspects of the decision and full and fateful implementation of the security comes laurentian. it is critical that to create legal binding obligations the resolution provided for review of the regular basis of efforts
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in syria and in the event of noncompliance imposing measures of chapter 7 of the u.n. charter. by endorsing the geneva communique in june of 2012. international conference, the security codes will paved the way for reconciliation. is imperative that all parties engage constructively in the political process and commit to implementation of the communique. it is important that the resolution just reaffirmed a strong commitment of the security dell will for the authority of syria. and support the resolution of 2118. >> i think his excellency for the statement and give the floor to his excellency, foreign minister of the republic of
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korea. >> the republic of korea. 2118. this resolution marks historic moment in the security council. the crisis in syria. and this consensus propels us, fulfilling a long overdue resources. and intensive efforts, united states, russia and other stakeholders and the secretary-general for the last several weeks. the republic of korea condemns the use of chemical weapons in the strongest possible terms. and chemical weapons, not just in syria but other states are eliminated.
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the use of chemical weapons is a grave war crimes and serious violation of international law. and chemical weapons anywhere, applies to international peace. and adopting this resolution is an important step for implementation, determine the true value of our collective enterprise, robust language and binding nature of this resolution reflect strong commitment to eliminate chemical weapons in syria. and this resolution reserves measures under chapter 17 case of noncompliance, we believe it is the task of the entire international community to encourage and prompt implementation of this
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resolution. resolution 2118 is focused on the elimination of chemical weapons in syria, the international community can afford to allow impunity and stipulated in the resolution, the security council must -- those responsible for the use of chemical weapons are held accountable. the security council remains focused on the broader role of reserving the crisis, continuing over 2 years. and important provisions of today's resolution for convening in syria to implement the geneva communique. the republic of korea sincerely hope this conference will be convened as soon as possible with a view to put an end to the tragic suffering of the syrian people and stability by the
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syrian situation. >> i give the floor to his excellency, the minister for foreign affairs of the people's republic of china. >> translator: mr presidents, the issue of syria is not the top concern of the international community. 4 two years and more over seven million syrians became homeless and tremendous loss of life and property. in this august hall, the security council has major issues involving war and peace. neither syria nor the middle east region can afford another war. in dealing with this syrian issue, syrian issue must obey the principles of the un charter and a sense of responsibility
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for history. and stand the test of history. and overshadowed the syrian issues and many countries were deeply worried. and international relations, military meetings cannot solve the syrian issue, rather greater turmoil. we are heartened to see the security council, and resolution 2118, back to the track of peace, and for ceding political sentiment of the syrian issue. is the first time the security council to major action. and that was in keeping with the
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general direction of the political settlement of the syrian issue, and the security council and the solidarity the security council. and welcomes the adoption of the resolution. and the decrease on the use of chemical weapons by japanese invaders during the second world war. we are firmly opposed to the use of chemical weapons by any country, any group or any individual, chemical weapons should be condemned by all. the syrian government joins the chemical weapons convention not long ago, resolution 2118 set out the objective of the destruction of chemical weapons in syria. the chinese side, and in this regard we hope the parties will stay in close cooperation for
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increased by the decision and security council. and proper settlement by chemical weapons in syria. the humanitarian situation is getting grimmer. the chinese government provided 11 million usd, and the outside of syria. china is not providing emergency humanitarian aid. and humanitarian aid to the program and the workhouse organization which will will be used to help displaced people in syria and syrian refugees in lebanon and provide humanitarian help to syria and its neighbors to the best of our capabilities. political sentiment is the only way out for syria. the process goes with the
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process of destruction of chemical weapons in syria, resolution 211840 implementation of the geneva communique and geneva 2 conference. parties in syria keeping in mind interests of syria and its people realized sensational violence when possible putting an end to the crisis and build homes for syrians china hopes the international community will build consensus and promoted convening of the geneva 2 conference and secretary-general ban ki-moon join special representative, mr. president. the syrian issue is highly complex. the destruction of chemical weapons nor the process of political sentiments, going forward there will probably be this problem or that and a
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peaceful settlement and direction of a political sentiment. as a member of the security council china stands ready to work with other parties and make efforts for comprehensive, proper sentiment of the syrian issue. >> i think is excellently for the statement and give the floor to his excellency, fernando barack, minister of the republican affairs for the republic of guatemala. >> translator: mr. president. we're lamenting for the fact the security council is incapable of stepping up to one of the bloodiest and painful internal conflicts of our time. i am referring to the situation in syria and also in passing to the impact of its neighbors and painful humanitarian costs. despite the fact that on two occasions we came together produce -- produce resolution
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2042-2043, the fact that there were internal positions we are all aware of prevented further progress. because of this, the fact that there was a point of convergence between the russian federation and the united states over one issue. and use of chemical weapons, we congratulate, and initiatives for the initiative that gave rise to the agreement of 14 september. and appreciate the efforts codify in that agreement so that both the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and the security council act today? we believe that the step is highly significant for its intrinsic value and breeds new life, efforts to resolve the underlying issue to put an end to the violence, resolve the
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humanitarian crisis, and meet the demand of the syrian people. we have consistently supported the final communique of the action group hysteria of 30 june, 2012 and the need for an international conference with a view to its implementation. and my delegation co-sponsored resolution 2118 of 2013 which was just adopted. it sets forth a mechanism for verification and destruction of chemical weapons in syria. it provides the principle of accountability, provides the urgency of a political transition process and the question of compliance by syria with the conditions set forth in this agreement. the adoption of this resolution is of vital importance considering the fact that the last resolution the council adopted on the situation in
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syria was in april of 2012 last year, what we would like to emphasize at this time is the decision was taken unanimously by this council and that is why this resolution is not the victory of any single country in particular. is a great victory for the united nations and through the united nations a victory for all of mankind. having said that we would like to stress the following points. first. we understand the sensitivity of around this particular situation as well as its urgency. despite our understanding of this, we would have preferred to have a greater opportunity to participate in the development of this resolution and we might be able to contribute positively to it. second, it is necessary to look forward and commit to ensuring strict implementation of this recently approved a resolution.
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we recognize the importance of cooperation between the organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons and the united nations especially in terms of personal access, safety, operational support, privileges and immunity than sufficient financial resources to properly carry out their duties. third and as a result of the aforementioned, we trust in the short-term compliance will take place so that the international conference known as jenny the 2 will take place shortly and a transitional government with full executive powers can be established with mutual consent of all parties and all of these parties will engage constructively in the search for stability and reconciliation. we believe that it is essential that it be an inclusive government that take advantage
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of the positive aspects of institutions developed over decades by the syrian state. finally, having said all of the above we can reaffirm our commitment to the objectives contained in the charter of the united nations and the final communique of the action group for syria of 30 june, 2012 and express our hope that a cease-fire will be reached in the short term. thank you very much. >> i think his excellency for his statement and i give the floor to his excellency, adviser to the prime minister on national security and foreign affairs of the islamic republic of pakistan. >> thank you, mr. president. resolution 2118 adopted this evening is a landmark in the syrian conflict. by uniting behind a common cause of international peace and security the security council this demonstrated once again that it is affected and
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responsive. john kerry and ford minister for taking personal interest in persisting in efforts aimed at forging consensus on the difficult issue. more sponsorship of the resolution by all 15 member states is a manifestation of ownership over the implementation taken by the executive council of the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague today. and to consensus in the international community that condemned the primary responsibility, of these dangerous weapons, and it is meant to augment and implement the decision on implementation could lead to syria's
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consequences. and ignore the council to implement the first step and also navigate the waters. and the people of syria, suffering most end. any action we take in this forum will keep the people of syria at the center. the elimination of chemical weapons is important but not the remedy of all the other problems plaguing this unfortunate country. killings have to stop. 100,000 people already lost their life, political solution is the only viable option, time to move back to geneva. adopted in june 2012, the geneva communication eliminates the audition acceptable to the syrian people. it calls for establishment of transitional authority with full executive power. the resolution adopted also
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outlines a similar process. all the ingredients for the resolution of the conflict are contained in the geneva communique and it is imperative that it is implemented. the announcement regarding november is a manifestation to initiate the political process aimed at ending but conflict and fulfillment of aspirations of the syrian people. this is not going to be easy. normally the situation in syria will only aggravate suffering. mr. president, we have to move beyond differences with the geneva communique and pursue the political process with unity of purpose and we urge all sides of the syrian conflict to utilize this opportunity and the dialogue and diplomacy although it is already too late for over
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100,000 syrians, time for 1 million, business affairs force in our minds, thank you. >> i think his excellency for his statement and i give the floor to his excellency, minister for foreign affairs in cooperation of the kingdom of morocco. >> translator: thank you very much. at last, at last the security council was able to agreed on a resolution. it was able to agree on a very important resolution on the syrian situation that reflects determination and genuine will to begin to put an end to the
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syrian conflict. and paving the road to a political settlement to the crisis. we highly appreciate the efforts made by permanent members of the security council towards a solution that would find the syrian chemical weapons, destroy them and ensure they are never used again and we appreciate the intense efforts made by john kerry and foreign minister leading to the agreement signed in geneva on 14 september of this year on the syrian chemical weapons. we also paid tribute to the united nations with the secretary general at its head for responding so promptly to the use of chemical weapons in
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syria through the setting up of of verification commission, undertook with his team of major effort in a very short period of time despite security problems that confront it. in this context let me add the league of arab states undertook leadership role and was in the lead of initiatives concerning the situation in syria and the use of chemical weapons, roundly in the decision of september 1st. there was a resolution before us, truly historic by any
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measure. in addition to providing steps for dealing with the syrian chemical weapons according to the framework agreement between the united states and the russian federation entrenches the geneva agreement towards the holding of geneva in 2 and the resolution of the need for that to be held. the resolution is also a legal precedent because for the first time any general term, it recognizes chemical weapons are a threat to international peace and security and this will be by the security council of such weapons in the future. the resolution will also prevent a repetition of awful massacres we witnessed in the recent past.
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the resolution will be eliminate one of the largest arsenals of chemical weapons in the middle east by peaceful means. the resolution may also be considered a preamble to the creation of weapons of mass destruction, free zone in the middle east. proceeding from the above the kingdom of morocco fully supports this resolution. we co-sponsored it and we hope this dynamic continues with the setting of the date for the holding of geneva 2 as soon as possible towards a political settlement satisfying the aspirations of the syrian people for a democratic state preserving the sovereignty and integrity of syria. and in conclusion let me recall as other colleagues in the council have already, let me
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recall the need to follow up on the humanitarian situation on the ground. it is a catastrophe. catastrophe being meted on the syrian people, refugees killed, injured, hundreds of thousands, every effort must be made to support united nations agencies to help in that regard. they deserve our appreciation for what they have and continue to do to bring support to those civilians in need. and pay attention to neighboring countries. they are suffering just as the syrian refugees are suffering. they also buffeted by the humanitarian, political and security repercussions of the syrian crisis including particularly the surge of syrian
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refugees to their land. we value the resolution and truly hope it is the first step to the syrian crisis. >> thank his excellency for his statements and i give afford to his minister of foreign affairs. >> good afternoon. mr president, the unfolding were show which moves the world on the 20 first of august was neither an isolated more unpredictable event. week after week and especially after we joined the security council in january, accounted for more deaths, refugees, violence, parties, skepticism around the appropriateness or need for a peaceful solution or
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a political solution in the growing and dangerous bat for military action as the most effective strategy and that is why we cannot give rise to the understanding that the drama existed because of the attack on the 20 first of august but we can affirm that the war were opened the door to a resolution, a peaceful resolution of the conflict. much depends on the syrians themselves as well as on those who are seated around a table by mandate of the general assembly. perhaps what happened on the 20 first of august, more than thousands of victims of the day the world heard the voices, saw with perfect clarity. and in the region. and deepening of the conflict resolving it.
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in warning of the impetus of the council to put an end to the daily massacres that were accumulating, the ethical outrage and clear threat to international peace and security. the country firmly committed to non-proliferation and the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction and state party to the cpc w, argentina supported in a decisive manner its resolution with detailed and specific with regard to the oversight program and destruction of chemical weapons in syria approved by the executive council of the old pc w. there is no leeway for double standards for euphemisms, the use of chemical weapons is a war crimes and crimes against humanity and those who use them cannot go unpunished. with this resolution the council is assuming its responsibility to the situation to contribute lasting peace, reaffirming multilateralism as a cornerstone
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of the collective security system established by the united nations charter as the only guarantee against the might is right prevailing. likewise we agree with those who believe this resolution can lay the foundation of for working towards a negotiated political solution to the crisis in syria reflecting legitimate aspirations and demands of its people and establishing the basis for a lasting peace as well as territorial integrity and sovereignty of syria. this is why we applaud the fact the security council made its own geneva communique in june of 2012 calling for a geneva 2 in order to implement. this resolution establishes a specific mechanism for elimination of nuclear weapons in syria based on the framework agreement of geneva established by the united nations and the russian federation on the fourteenth of september.
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yet it is also fair to point to the fact that it reflects concern that proposals by various members of the council over the last few months of consultation. this aspect was decisive for my country to co-sponsor the resolution in keeping with the article 25 of the united nations charter the decisions of the security council are to be complied with by all members. while we trust that the various factors that intervene in the conflict will act in good faith and cooperate for effective implementation of this resolution is also clear that should there be in noncompliance is the power of the council to convene in order to assess and take measures that seems fit under chapter 7 of the charter. mr. president, to conclude my country wishes to reiterate the lure of the use of chemical weapons the use of which is a crime, war crimes and crimes
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against humanity should not overshadow the fact that 99% of the victims were felled by conventional weapons. is absolutely necessary the security council prohibit the supply of conventional weapons to the parties of the conflict. the suggestion by argentina is an agreement with what was expressed by the secretary-general of the united nations by special envoy bernini and the desire of millions of cleveland women who want and work for peace nor can we ignore serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law throughout syria. the humanitarian disaster impacting millions of syrians deeply affects institutional stability, the living conditions of the people in neighboring countries and exacerbate sectarian tensions in the entire region. the stuff that was taken today was necessary and inevitable, but taken by the council as
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well. argentina will advocate for effective accountability, referring the system in syria to the criminal court. and humanitarian aid, we will continue to advocate for measures to stem the transfer of weapons to all parties in the conflict, rejection of the use of force for the dialogue and peaceful political solution for a legitimate and realistic path to peace and to stop further violence, thank you. >> i think his excellency for his statements and give the floor to his excellency, permanent representative of rwanda to the united nations and a member of the president's cabinet. >> i thank you, mr. president. the world is preparing to commemorate the anniversary of the genocide perpetrated against rwanda which was also a reminder of the security council to serve
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the world, the cause of the international community as well as again continued by the ongoing conflict in syria which is in its 30th month. mr. president, never again, we said after what happened but since 1994 the community has influenced scholars, the horrendous massacre and deathly cleansing in many corners of the world. in 1990 for the security council was prevented to intervene because of the politics, prevailing in this party. and permanent members, the council was once again unable to save more than 100,000 people in
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syria because of present divisions among world remembers. mr. president, the horror of the syrian crisis culminated with the 20 first chemical attack where 1,500 innocent lives were taken by poisonous weapons burned a century ago. i believe the whole world was likely shot by the painful images of children struggling for their last breath and as i say in france, there is always the means for that. images of the suffering of those children seem to have opened our
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eyes and therefore grateful to the united states of america, and the russian federation for the framework they have agreed on related to the destruction of the chemical weapons in syria, to the security council resolution 2118 which we have just adopted. mr. president, we encourage the resolution contains provisions for the destruction of syrian chemical weapons and the decision of the executive council adopted tonight where we count the decision of the security council to impose under chapter 7, show the syrian parties not comply with this resolution. furthermore rwanda was pleased the security council agreed on
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the need for accountability and in geneva, indeed, 1,500 syrians, we cannot lose sight of the fact that more than 100,000 men, women and children were massacred for the last 30 months with conventional weapons and we know for a fact that the military solution prevailed in syria and cannot be a viable solution for the country and the region. this is why rwanda -- the political transition in syria. i take this opportunity to urge the security council, particularly those permanent members who have moved on syrian parties to ensure the international conference in syria, implement the geneva communicate as soon as possible,
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negotiate in good faith and with a sense of responsibility with a view to finding a solution to end the syrian people. and encourage by the information provided tonight, may have been reached for the geneva 2 conference. nonetheless, mr. president, given the round of crimes committed in syria. the strong belief that any political solution shall ensure that all those who committed crimes in syria are held accountable. we welcome the provision of accountability contained in the resolution and to ensure that
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they are implemented. let me conclude by the message conveyed by his excellency, the president of rwanda. i rated my conviction that the primary responsibilities of these global -- the responsibility to protect. the agreed objective of maintaining international peace and security would be point atwest of strategic interests prevail over the lives of innocent men, women and children. i therefore commend the security council for slowly evolve in on this issue and rwanda formed by our experience in 1994 and in the security council to continue working with other member states
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to ensure that protection of human lives and integrity of women and children are always at the center of the decision. i thank you, mr. president. >> i think his excellency for his statement and give the floor to his excellency, permanent representative of togo to the united nations. >> translator: togo welcome the adoption of this resolution 2118. with its many normative provisions we welcome the spirit of compromise which prevails between the negotiators, the permanent members and especially the united states and the russian federation. there is no doubt that the russian american framework agreement taken september 14th has paved the way for this compromise and i would like to
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hear, again reiterate, our gratitude to the secretary of state as well as the russian minister of foreign affairs who labored to achieve this agreement. by cosponsoring and voting in favor of this, togo wishes to underscore the need not only for the destruction of syrian chemical weapons, but especially to read our world of this type of weapon as well as other weapons of mass destruction. today our counsel was able to speak with a single voice on syria. this is a strong message. a strong message sent to all the parties to the syrian conflict. the adoption of this resolution 2118 marks the decisive step taken along the path towards a settlement of the crisis in syria. the security council must step up its work for the advent of a
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brilliant future for syria by doing everything it can to rapidly organized the geneva conference and we welcome the announcement by the secretary general that this conference could be held as early as that. the sacred union between permanent members of this council, which led to the adoption of this resolution, should be maintained, should be maintained to bring all the parties, the government and the opposition in syria to commit to a constructive dialogue to launch a political transition process in this country. the transition government's roadmap, the roadmap we could adopt should sellout the urgent have to be carried out including providing security to the population, launching a syrian reconstruction process on a new basis. our council will also have to
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bear in mind and pay attention to the terrorists violations committed in syria which threatened the country at a time when the terrorists are vying with each other in creativity to seize new errors to attack the population, build secular multi faith syria to contribute to rebuilding the social fabric, tested by the current conflict and i would like to seize the opportunity to express my country's concerns regarding the humanitarian crisis and ongoing human rights violation in syria. togo associate itself with initiatives aimed to adopt a resolution to mobilize donors to help future use and i d ps in the country. i thank you. >> i think his excellency for his statement and i will make a statement in my capacity as
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representative of australia. adoption of this resolution this evening is a historic moment for the celts land we hope will mark a turning point in the council's approach to the syrian conflict. shows the council can take decisive and united action and can use its authority to help a stable and secure future for all its syrians. we thank the foreign minister and secretary of state john kerry and 13 for their perseverance and thank the secretary general and their teams for the effective work under difficult circumstances to present an unequivocal conclusion to the council that chemical weapons were used on 21 august in damascus. the resolution does a number of important things. for the first time it makes clear that the use of chemical weapons anywhere constitutes a threat to international peace and security. the statement from the council strengthens the fundamental norm of international relations we
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had for 90 years that the use of chemical weapons by anyone in whatever circumstances is at warrant and constitutes a very serious breach of international law. the statement should act as a strong deterrent to anyone who might contemplate using chemical weapons in the future. the resolution imposes legally binding obligations on syria to secure and destroy its chemical weapons and the syrian authorities must cooperate unconditionally with the un and put all of syria's chemical weapons and related materials and equipment under international supervision and control to ensure their complete, final, verifiable and enforceable destruction. the council decided that there will be consequences under chapter 7 if syria does not comply and it is our collective responsibility to remain vigilant in assessing syriac's compliance with this resolution. importantly the resolution also
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reaffirms that those who have perpetrated this mass atrocities against their own citizens must be held accountable for their actions. australia's assessment is the evidence available shows that it was the syrian authorities who were responsible for this crime and this incident has confirmed what australia has said for a long time, the council should refer the situation in syria to the international criminal court. the historic significance of tonight's resolution goes beyond chemical weapons. it has been 15 months since the geneva communique on syria's transition was agree. now for the first time it has been endorsed by the security council. we must build on this as a matter of urgency. we need to bring the syrian parties together to agree on a ceasefire and credible political transition. whatever the importance of tonight's decision, the terrible fact is syrians themselves and their neighbors and the global
7:58 am
community face an ever accelerating humanitarian catastrophe. what the secretary general tonight called his catalog of horrors, million syrian refugees, five million internally displaced, eight million in need of assistance over syria's housing destroyed. the council must address this humanitarian crisis more decisively and now. as foreign minister has mentioned it is the intention of australia and looks and board to circumvent best circulating text which will give strong support to the work of humanitarian urgency and set out clearly the concrete steps which all parties in syria must take to address the humanitarian needs of the syrian people. i ask all the council colleagues to consider the draft favorably once it is circulated with a view to the council taking a decision early next week. each day we delay creates another 6,000 syrian refugees. i now resume my function as
7:59 am
president of the council. this has been that momentous decisions this evening as we all know and i hope we continue the legacy in the days ahead. there are no more speakers so the security council has concluded the present stage of consideration of the item on its agenda. the meeting is adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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