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up next on book tv the a did in the presidential election of barack obama. there were critical of the republican party and its nominee mitt while negligent to do the same with president obama. this is about 45 minutes.
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>> thank you, john and i. thanks to the heritage foundation for inviting me. i apologize ahead of schedule. so why a book about the media by yes? there is a shattering topic. when steve forbes came to me in 2010, he asked me how bad were the media in 2008 and i said 100% for barack obama. i said how is it going to be in 2012? i said worse and he laughed and said how can that be? the didn't care about john mccain. in 2012 they will not only be 100 percent in the tank for barack obama but to the feet of any republican challenging barack obama. so move forward to the end of the 2012 campaign. and i get a call from an editor
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at harper collins recommended that i do a book about the 2012 elections and suggesting the title "collusion" the media stole the 2012 elections. i have to confess i was cruel to the idea at first. one because i didn't think this was an earth shattering topic we didn't know about already and i don't get into hyperbole, collusion, stealing elections. it's not my cup of tea. my colleague thought otherwise. he thought maybe there is more to the story than we see based on our day to day analysis. so he went off for about two months with all of the research compiled from 2012 and some additional research he gathered from other sources. he came back and we looked at it. i called the editor and we called it just when you wanted to call it because i can defend it. what we sell was beyond what i
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thought we were going to see. a was beyond it in the sense that it was shameless. there was no attempt whatsoever by the national news media to report news and 2012. from the beginning of the campaign past the end of the campaign with the media did a search for barack obama they had invested so much of their time and effort in 2008 and we are committed to his success. we saw the politics of commission of concern as every republican came forward as a viable challenger he was shocked at the knee is not on policy, not on politics but personal
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issues. just go back and think about it. before she even came out of the box without sarah palin? we took a house next to her vacation house to spy on her. who cannot a book suggesting she does can came and that she has sex with the basketball players or something. no evidence, just gossip. she came out with her book. folks, those of you that know anything about the book publishing business no it's a great honor if you have somebody that your book. it's not so much of an honor if two people are betting your book or three people. they were reportedly vetting sarah palin spoke looking for anything they could find. but her critics book nobody had anything to say.
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michele bachman is a declared candidate. use of the attack on her she was painted as a christian. remember the "time" magazine cover on her? if the devil were a female that would be michele bachman triet all the stories about her husband's ministry back in minnesota as if something was wrong because somebody might believe that a homosexual might become a not homosexual, that there was an earth shattering development the required national attention. that was done in very short order. herman cain could have been covered as a sensation, as the tea party sensation as on special bachmann. what we heard about herman cain?
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we heard about the marital infidelity. in journalism there is a rule nellis sacrosanct. if you didn't hear to sources you didn't have a story. i believe it was 78 national network stories on the alleged infidelities without a single source. i believe it was in two weeks which is beyond enough lynch of coverage. he has the single most track record of any governor in america today.
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two plus two with a challenge from this man we all know about that rock and would be making it 82. when his parents were on vacation the one that the painted over because they found it offensive. a little bit of racism going on there. they don't like him and she's given an interview to a network to say it's. there is a stop the press story for you. rick santorum. ladies and gentlemen did we know
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who karen santorum was beating before she ever met rick -- dating before she ever met racket and more importantly did the children need to hear these stories? did have any bearing on the presidential race other than to smear rick and karen santorum? mitt goes a long do this is a delicious apples to apples comparison. mitt has a 5,400 word essay for devoted to him in the washington post. in that essay we learn stop the press seeing 15 he cut some boys here and we learned at the same data barack obama switched his
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position on the rights and the boy allegedly was a homosexual. the story isn't switching his position. the point is that we have to cover that was a homophobe half never -- never mind he is now deceased. his family disputed that story. that's what we needed to know about mitt's youth. san newspaper, 5,500 words on barack obama as you if. we learned he loved basketball. that's the take away.
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this is a newspaper that would love to to do muckraking but they can't because all of you know that he left basketball. barack obama left something else. he wrote about it in his own book. he loved to do pot. he wrote all about it. how in the world writing a 5,500 word essay on barack obama's high school years could you of it that? if that isn't biased by omission, i don't know what is. if this isn't cataclysmic is this something that caused the election in 2004? it was the plant in 2012. it went all the way of the two -- all the way up to and through the d date.
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but candie crowley did was an abomination. i never in a million years thought we would get the performance we got from jim lehrer and especially bob schieffer. they did a terrific jobs. they should both be applauded and those of us that were convinced that they would do a terrible job need to say so. but candy crowley i would have put money on was going to be the dispassionate journalist as moderator and she was the one who saved barack obama in what have been a cataclysmic second debate. when barack obama announced were declared on the night of the benghazi attacks he denounced it from being an attack. remember looking at him in
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disbelief as if to say you just made me the next president of the united states? and in came candy crowley that said that's not true. the president is right to which barack obama looked at her with the same look and said say it again. i want every ready to your that i still keep counting them. for him to come out and say that defunding obamacare is not a strategic move. not on strategy. the campaign ended. mitt didn't know what hit him. a tremendous disservice was done to mitt off and the republicans
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but the continued and this is the remarkable thing just as the campaign didn't stop, so too has this not stopped since the election day. going into the elections, think about the number of scandals involving barack obama that could have been and should have been covered. and as you think about these just ask yourself do we know what happened? solyndra and all the other companies that got millions of dollars going to obama supporters. do we know what happened to that money? total billions of dollars. fast and furious dewey know who
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authorized it? do we know what happened? do we know where those guns are now? do we know that it's and it? little things. eric holder announcing he's not going to prosecute. why? how could he make that kind of a judgment? big things. benghazi. on election night, think about this -- unsury, on the night benghazi broke, how much time was devoted to the day after the benghazi attacks helm much time was devoted to mitt romney? nine minutes 26 seconds. how much time was devoted to
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barack obama and their handling of benghazi? 28 seconds. how is this and a semblance of objective journalism? there were so many of these scandals on raveling. obamacare. never mind what you think of obamacare it is scandalous to see the results of obamacare given what the american people were promised. we were promised the reit wouldn't go up. we were promising it wasn't when the cost more than $907 million. what is it now? 3 billion raising. we were told to keep your own health insurance. guess what? you are losing it. on and on things that were promised isn't so. that is the signature policy
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issue of the obama administration. you show me where the covered that issue. you can't. obama wins and the next day the campaign continues. the media campaign for barack obama hasn't stopped. think about it. look at the scandals today. then once you and ask yourself the importance of the scandals i'm going to use richard nixon as a comparative. i'm going to use watergate has a comparative. let's take first benghazi. if it is true that this administration for political reasons didn't offer the military support that might have
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saved the lives of four men, one of them being the ambassador to libya, is that more important than a break-in of watergate? fast and furious. if it is true that this administration through its attorney general had the sale of arms in mexico that led to the death of an american agent and reportedly 200 mexicans is that more important than watergate? the irs scandal. if it is true that this administration in an effort to
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use the most feared a arm of government against its own citizenry. is that more important than watergate? that could be a judgment call how anybody could dispute i will never know. but should it be worthy of some coverage by somebody in the press? hell in the world can you say that's news? i have some numbers for you. in my pocket i have a list just to give you some semblance of the world around you. the irs -- this has been covered by nbc since june 27th not at
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all. in fact there was one reference not even in this story and nbc. abc hasn't touched the story in six weeks. even as we see one development after another such as the story that was the rogue agents in cincinnati is about as honest as benghazi. people are taking the fifth in this kind of nixonian, i don't know. now if it isn't at the front step is that the back door of the obama administration. barack obama political ally arrest was getting reports. how is that not a story? in the month of july they did a story totaling 92 seconds. that, ladies and gentlemen, is
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the totality of the coverage of the scandal. they had deliberately chosen not to cover an enormous scandal that if it were a republican would bring down the administration. benghazi. what have they covered? the last time there was a news story on benghazi, may 16th. what do we know about benghazi? the fact we don't know anything about benghazi. where are the interviews with the people who were there? can you name a single interview with anybody the was there? they can't be found.
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last night the first coverage, what did we hear? a libyan has been charged. it took eight months to look at the tape that showed who was doing it? and in the stories that were done last night, not one reference to the fact this administration had landed on a video, not one reference that this video no one took responsibility for making that statement. not one reference to the bundling of this investigation. not one reference to the statement made by numerous officials connected with the military and safety of our embassies saying their men's lives could have been saved. not one reference to it. so what about another issue
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people really wanted to know. how about wiretapping of themselves. do you think then you would be upset if you were wiretapped, if your colleagues were wiretapped wouldn't that be a story? james rosen an unindicted co-conspirator named so by the justice department for committing the crime of journalism for simply trying to investigate these stories. an accusation backed up by the attorney general of the united states. if that isn't an outrage to the journalism community, what could be.
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without the reporters, that is a whole company went after and we don't know if it is just a ap there would be outrage. i want to know what this administration is doing to me. how dare they wiretap my phones and get my e-mails? i am a journalist. how dare they do that. i want answers. the last time the did a report on that was may 29th. this leads us to the point of barack obama can do the politically impossible. he can dismiss the is as phony scandals. people are stunned. how can you dismiss the american
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border agent as the scandal. how can you dismiss the death and murder including of ambassador stevens the man and you purported to care so much about as a phony scandal? how can you dismiss the greatest possible abuse of government power for as a phony scandal? because barack obama can because you don't understand why because you were not the average american who might rely on abc, nbc, cnn, "the new york times" with "washington post" to the if you do you haven't heard any of these stories. and barack obama now can come in
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and say that it's nothing but nice. i'm trying to do my job with the president of the united states must do and these republicans are just letting everything up with fees' cony scandals. so ladies and gentlemen, if you don't think the media bias is a problem, i can't help you. if the republican party doesn't understand that it is it's number one priority to do something about it will never come out of the weeds and that is why i wrote the book. thank you i will take questions. [applause] >> he will recognize the questioners if you would be so kind to state your name and affiliation would be appreciated as a courtesy
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>> focusing on the fact of the 2012 election and the findings in your book about the media bias how would you connect that specifically and how has the media damaged their standing? >> we should give one organization as an example. the family research council. my good friend is here and he and i had breakfast and sometimes i wonder why. a man walked into that office building last summer with a gun and opened fire and was only because of the heroic effort of a security guard who was shot that lives were saved.
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this man came in with a bag of chick-fil-et with the intention of putting one next to each cadaver. is that the news story? how is it not news? meanwhile, we've got the radical left-wing group the southern poverty center proclaiming that the family research council, a christian organization is a hateful and that isn't covered. but they are. the of instant credibility in what they do and what are they saying? they are not covered. the antagonism towards the christian community transcends antagonism. and the press are enablers of
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that. you are not allowed to have a thought never mind to speak it that you believe traditional marriage between a man and a woman to believe that the right to life is a sacred right because you never mind the majority of americans believe this in this town and in that industry. so they are profound and the news media pity and i don't see that at all. >> my name is michael and i may ph.d. student at maysan but i'm here mostly for my interest in the issue and what can be done about the media coverage of eight. my question is whether - eight. my question is whether -- i wondered myself whether a candidate can be successful by pushing the knott job identity on to the media early on and
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proactive in other words saying i can't believe people are listening to these people in using examples like the one in you gave. >> if i were a campaign manager that is exactly what i would say. what was the single golding shining moment for new gingrich? in georgia he took on the media. he's catapulted to first place with the moment he opened up on the media. and if that wasn't spontaneous. nothing he does is spontaneous. he was a master strategist, and it was the right thing to do and catapulted him into first place. look, they already talked about how unpopular the congress is. the media have been more unpopular than congress. the approval eating rating was about 8%. it's not a very wise thing to go out to middleware, and say i'm a reporter for "the washington
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post". it should be the position of a candidate running to give them one chance to say at the outset i am going to give you one chance to be fair and unbalanced if you're not going to come in after a few. then he does treat them. where does the social media fit in with this? is that a week because it kind of looks like a lot of what is getting done from the conservative standpoint the message seems to be working over
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facebook and plater and those avenues where does that fit into all of this? >> social media as a whole present a tremendous opportunity for conservatives to communicate with one another. feels sometimes like the early christian church when i'm talking to a fellow conservative you can do that now and nobody can get in your way. cbs can't distort what you say and you can communicate directly. it is an awesome weapon that we have. they're monopolies is broken. there is no question about they still command audiences of millions but the numbers are going down every day. you saw what happened. "the new york times" sold the "boston globe" that the 97% loss
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france does better business deals than that. "the washington post", two injured $50 million. that is change compared to what was ten years ago so the writing is on the wall with the equally good news is that we now have the ability to communicate. why so many people don't understand that those who do are going very well but i will caution you we have the largest social media movement the of 3.5 million in america but i will caution you something about the internet and about social media. we are critical in the old media who don't follow the rules. as a result some pretty nasty things can happen more so by
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liberals. the damage they do is enormous. conservatives be careful because i have seen that. where they go with one source of that being mike veazey quds el-haj -- my crazy cousin because you are averaging. so it is the vehicle and the teacher by the way. the old media days is a number we've to be as responsible as we can be because the media is abused. yes, sir.
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>> i believe that i would like to have a maserati in my driveway. i would also like to believe the media would do a good job in 2016. neither is going to happen. so, so long as i can continue being blinded by that reality, so too and i going to suffer. i was so pleased to see him stand up to nbc and cnn during the miniseries on hillary clinton for god sakes. even barack obama claims that game. he goes on line no.
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it would never come from matt lauer but somebody else might ask a question republicans don't need to either. one, make it live don't do anything taped. i don't trust sob's putative reporter does something it's all out on live national television. what he said is incorrect. here's the fact please look at the camera and correct that to your millions of listeners and viewers these are the facts make them sweat. make them tell the truth. put them on the hot seat. it can be a smash mouth
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interview come it can be brass knuckles. i don't have a problem with that so long as it is honest and honorable and you do it to the other side as well. but if they are not going to play by those rules we don't you participate? sustained up to them and be very choosy about who you talk to. yes, sir. >> counsel for america. delude to how candy crowley's wi-fi met barack obama in the presidential race. i wonder in 2016 with your suggestion would be how they would be structured in both the primaries and the general election corner in mitt romney on the contraception issue -- >> sure. lots of gotcha moments. george stephanopoulos was shameful.
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contraception was never a part of this campaign but it's what barack obama wanted. barack obama can bring it up. it's beyond the pale. so i have a lot more problem with george doing this than with barack obama doing this. so, moving forward i don't know that i want to get involved in the debate about the number of the debates. but i think republicans have to be much, much choosier about these debates. after they complained after the agreed to everything in the dates there's so much blame on the other side before you take responsible that yourself why
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were there know the dates held by fox? they said they wouldn't participate. how do you like them apples? we are going to go on brake light. we are going to do a debate. you can reach just as many people that we, too. when we pick a network, to a reporter that has a history of being fair and balanced. judy woodruff don't.
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>> the former cbs news in turn. off the wall question. looking at the meetings were in the international media i watch a lot of international news and whoever got taken down by the sword of smear tactics over the personal comments in canada in 2000 when they set something on the study in the campaign they were singing meet the flintstones when they drove off if you are reading all sorts of things in the australian media and how they are importing the obama campaign strategist in an attempt to turn the conservative leader down there into a misogynist over the fact he banged the wall next to somebody in 1970's.
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has anyone looked at how this is really just proliferating all over? >> i think that it's different overseas because in so many of these countries because of the nature of the government's, the people know the nature of the media and in nicaragua during the 1980's you had to newspapers it was the mouthpiece of the sandinistas and the people there knew it. they knew that they were getting a communist position here in the conservative position there so that wasn't too problematic in so many places. i think it's more problematic than the other in the country
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with a dwindling free press has in russia. the problem is when the media comes on our shores because we are so gullible and there is a reason why the russian times has a television station in the united states. it isn't because they want to be a news operation for the united states it is because they have a mission in the united states. there is a reason why al jazeera is in the united states. it's not because they want to come alongside fox. it's because they have a mission in the united states. to many of our citizenry are oblivious to this agenda of b.c.. so why worry about the impact it has on them and not so much the impact they have on their own people.
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>> do you see the current race impacting the 2016 national elections and would you suggest or have any ideas or media strategies for those political opponents of anthony wiener, his wife and those in their political orbits? >> must i? [laughter] this points to that triteness of journalism today, how embarrassing. how embarrassing they have to report it the way they are reporting. the people of new york deserve when they allow someone like anthony wiener or anthony to --
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eliot spitzer back and. but for the news media to cover that with nonstop shock ideal ignoring everything i just talked about, that would be 193 stories. i think it is 93 stories. less than that on the birth of the beebee in england -- baby in england. god love the baby but after one story i was done. and they say wiretapping? what is it, too difficult? so when the to the anthony wiener cream that stuff, i don't know. where the republicans are conserved it is such a double standard. we have covered this. it is amazing. i don't have the numbers here
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but we have them back in the office and we will come out with reports on this. when there is a scandal involving a democrat, it is stunning to see the degree that they would go to say that it's not a democrat. the abc on journalism if you are going to an elected official and the next thing as important as his first and last name is his party affiliation in story after story. we have seen it with one scandal after another whether you are the mayor of detroit going to jail or you are the governor of illinois it goes on and on. the just obliterate the label. but if you are a republican, it leads with republican. the republican larry craig today. and you see that coverage. it is


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