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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 6, 2009 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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welcome to the accra halftime report. let's get you caught up on acc
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action from saturday, number 6, duke, nolan smith lobs it up. hall singler tips it in. and driving right around the fence. duke a winner, 80-71. we welcome you inside our studios, good to be with you, barry lebrock with you at halftime. the crosstown rival had a tougher assignment. traveling to kentucky. john wall wanted to go to unc but settled. splitting two defenders, finishing with a beautiful reverse, part of a 28-2 wildcat run. second half, cats up five, bled so gets the easy layup and kentucky is a winner by two. blake forest taking on a winner. wake forest up by seven. wake takes the nine point lead. gonzaga down three.
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and steven ray, fouled, will go to the line for three. made the first one. here's the second one. oh, no good. gone zag gas, goes down, wake forest the winner, 77-75. nc taking on marquette, leading by six, haywood taking on the baseline. throwing one up. the alley-oop jam, mark ket's 29 game non-conference winning streak at home. stay tuned for a full 30 minutes of action and nfl highlights join me for "final score," we roll tonight right here after the villanova-maryland game. until then enjoy the second half of miami and boston college. do you trust your coworkers,
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our accra halftime report continue, boston college up by six at halftime over miami, 31-25, they went on a 12-2 run to end the 30 minutes courtesy of plays like this. how about a little jackson for two?
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we had four ties and three lead changes in the first 20 minutes. mike, it's no secret about the first 20 minutes rebounding the basketball? >> mike: no question. i thought miami got off to a good start trying to establish things in the post and mcgowan stepping in. and doing a nice job coming out
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and establishing himself offensively getting into a nice rhyt rhythm, six points for him. bc missed 27 shots in this game but got them back. and right there, the drive inside and miami unable to coral things inside and southern finishing up a shot and reggie jackson a strong finish for bc and that really gave them the lead. five rebounds for him and very aggressive inside. >> ron: miami is reestablishing themselves as mike was talking about. can they get threes to fall? straight up ahead.
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wade collins has to get on the glass, one rebound in the
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first half a lob pass inside. again, they're tipping it, not grabbing it. going inside. a big time foul on cyrus mcgowan. it will be his second personal foul. jenn hildreth, have you had a chance to talk to frank haith in the firin -- about the first 20 minutes. >> jenn: one word, rebound. he is so disappointed. i heard him talking to his guy, come on, this is our game, what we do. you can see the hurricanes coming out and you could tell he was very upset about the first half on the boards. >> ron: we were talking about when you play in the first acc game in december, if you're the visiting team, you can possibly steal one? . >> mike: it's been a late arriving crowd here and real
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opportunity for miami to come in to an environment that is maybe less than hostile. >> ron: right. >> mike: get out to a quick start. you shoot that poor lin the first half, if you can limit them to one shot, you can separate and give yourself a cushion. >> ron: southern will clear the board. it stayed right in the front of the rim and raji has a very good snack for the ball. >> one of the things frank haith said last year, they started to believe their press clippings and said this year's team has to
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play with a chip on their shoulder. we're not seeing that this year. >> mike: one of the things we talked about in bc, key to guard the perimeter. miami has only one made three and only taken six. >> ron: a team that shoots 37%, takes that out of the air. 10 point lead and the biggest margin for either team in this ballgame. we see the double. mcgowan and collins trapped. dribbles right out of it. and in time to corey raji, coming alive in the second half, he has 11. >> mike: what a great look, raji hiding behind that zone. normally, you can't make that delivery from the top of the lane. that was a great pass. >> ron: less than two minutes in the second half with frank haith
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going to his bench. and big reggie johnson. collins now with four points in the ballgame. here is biko paris in the first half 1 for 3, shooting three poin points, 1 for 6. in miami, you have to have a stop. jackson being guarded by mcgowan. shot clock at 10. wide open, reggie jackson. cyrus mcgowan had no chance of blocking that. >> mike: almost the exact same play raji scored on earlier, same type of pass. >> ron: wide open in that baseline. k collins is trying to do some work on the block. pull-up jumper, tough shot. good to see him, if you're a
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miami fan, get on track, he has four in the game. the lead is still 10. >> mike: they really kept the ball out of his hand, only the third field goal attempt. >> ron: rebound control. >> mike: it's tough to shoot yourself into a mode especially from the three. >> ron: trying to establish something on the inside, taken away by southern, collins loses the handle. >> mike: how about the confidence in southern al skinner has. letting him play one-on-one, no double help coming. >> ron: play this time, corey raji, 13 points for raji in that baseline being assaulted by boston college. >> mike: frank trying to let his team play out of it, getting to the 16 minute mark. >> ron: biggest lead in the game at 12. acc opener for both teams.
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jones trying to look for collins on the inside, have to swing around. >> mike: at the pace this game is being played at, that's a bigger lead than it sounds. snail's pace, for three. >> ron: jackson, looking for trapani. oh, my, christmas has come early. he has nine and the lead is 14. >> mike: that shot was actually the third in his mind. he had two options to pass first, kind of threw it up on the rim. >> ron: that's the second time he's done it. hesitates, throws it up, it goes and bc leads by 14.
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15 minutes and 40 seconds left in the acc opener for boston college. we look at our lexus playbook at raji. >> he's lingering. and defense should never be able to come out from here and straight down in. that's what happened on this play, everybody falling asleep on the back line for miami and easy lay. and flares out, nice jump shot, he's off and running, we talked about two and and seven in the
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first half. he's found his own. >> ron: you love as a coach to have a guy like that on your squad. just inside the three-point line. >> mike: he's been miami's best player, played well defensively and gotten them into a rhythm offensively. >> ron: boston college have gone 10 of 18. most from the inside like that one with raji again. >> mike: bc gets the lead and all of a sudden, miami has to go man-to-man. now, bc can really run their patented offense, that was a great cut. >> ron: 24 wi, has 15 today. averages just under seven points a ballgame.
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the lead is still a dozen. >> mike: they're hoping thomas will come in and frank haith is looking for points. jackson stripped off the leg of miami. we'll take a time-out. corey raji is hot. 6 of 11 shooting. 16 points and seven rebounds. (announcer) pizza hut knows you've been good.
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boston college shooting 66% in the second half.
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corey raji, 4 of 4, why they lead it by a dozen. we welcome you back to massachusetts for the conference opener for boston college and miami in acc play. swats the hand and tries to shoot and a long three, and he rattles it home! . >> mike: really killer possessions for boston college. miami, if you're frustrated, you force a long shot like that with the shot clock on your back and makes a terrific play. >> ron: the last two games miami averages 7 of 6 and pushed to 15. tries to force something inside. reggie jackson counting the basket and will go to the line. reggie jackson, the sophomore out of colorado springs, colorado, a couple double-doubles this year, his third already this season,
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killing them. >> mike: it's almost a place you don't expect him to rise up and shoot from. >> ron: get our first look at reggie johnson, the red shirt freshman. he has lost about 40 pounds since last year and a huge wingspan of 7.2. has five in the ballgame and lead cut back down to a dozen. laroche checked into the lineup from boston college. and drive by jackson and we have a foul. >> ron: one of the things last time out looking at the numbers, miami is only 2 of 3 from the free-throw line. which means you're not using the athletic ability you have on the inside. >> mike: they're not shooting threes either. really a perfect world for boston college. they're not scoring inside and
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they're not -- they're in that mid-range game, i think with them you can live with. i think with miami, they established themselves in the paint, on the offensive glass, making drives to the basket, raji inside, more the game that they played. >> ron: jackson nice free-throw strokes. 60% on the year. the lead moves back to 14. >> ron: grant has been quiet. scoop shot off the mark, tipped around and here comes harris, jackson on the left. to the right side and we have a whistle and foul. i don't think they can believe that. jones thought he had a basketball. >> ron: there's the look up the floor and talked about paris, has such a great feel. chances are, he will try to get the ball to raji to make


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