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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  August 4, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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- ♪ they call it scranton ♪ - ♪ what ♪ - ♪ the electric city ♪ ♪ scranton ♪ - ♪ what ♪ - ♪ the electric city ♪ ♪ scranton ♪ - ♪ what ♪ - ♪ the electric city ♪ ♪ scranton ♪ - ♪ what ♪ - ♪ the electric city ♪ scranton ♪ - ♪ what ♪ - dah! >> announcer: coming to you from new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show." tonight: night of the living pig. aaron rogers' trip. and amandla stenberg. this is "the daily show," with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: hey, what's going on everybody? welcome to "the daily show." i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in, and thank you for coming out in person. thank you for being here. thank you for being here. thank you so much.
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thank you, everybody. attack a seat. let's do this thing. we've got a great show for you tonight. the choco taco is coming back from the dead, scientists are bringing pigs back from the dead, and aaron rogers is more alive than ever. and here to talk about her brand-new horror movie, amandla stenberg is joining us. let's go straight into today's headlines. ( applause ) all right, people, i'm going to be honest-- with all the news that happened today, i don't think we have enough space in today's show. i-- i've looked at it from every angle. i even tried those vacuum-sealed bag to compress everything, and still, we just don't have enough time to cover all the news. fortunately, not enough time is just enough time for a segment we call "ain't nobody got time for that." ( cheers and applause ) all right, let's get straight into it. as you know, the russian
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invasion of ukraine has shown no signs of letting up. why? because vladimir putin clearly believes all of those dumb instagrams quotes about never giving up on your dreams. goddamn it, vlad. we need more memes about you sucking. they are preparing their countries for a winter without russian gas which means they're going to have make drastic changes to life. >> in world news,let government says certain bars and shops in spain can't set temperatures below 27 address celsius. >> trevor: public buildings in spain have to keep their air conditioning above 27 degrees celluous. i know all the americans watching are like, "that's so hot. or so cold! i don't know, but i'm with you, trevor! i don't know!" well, it's hot. it's 80.6 agrees fahrenheit. yeah. now you're with me. yeah. and if you have to set your a.c.
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to that temperature, then what is even the point of having an a.c. you might as well just hire some guy to breathe on you-- haaa, haaa. thank you, jared, that was so refreshing. were you eating chipotle? i feel really bad for the spanish people. they need air conditioning, more than anybody else especially because how hot spanish people are. just being spanish raises any temperature in the room by, like, 10 degrees. even a boring meeting is, "excuse me, jonas, do you have the rep reports from accounting? we need it for the fiscal quarter. oh, my god! now, if we had more time we could talk about why russia is showing the world why it's necessary to move away from fossil fuels, especially because of the countries fossil fuels are connected to and climate change but we don't have the time, because of another shitty thing russia is doing. >> reporter: brittney griner found guilty and sentenced
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inside a russia courtroom. nine years behind bars for smuggling cannabis oil. the biden administration calling the trial a sham and saying the sentence is unacceptable. >> trevor: this is some bullshit. this is bullshit. we all know russia doesn't care about what brittney griner did. this is the same country breaking every human rights law on the planet, but they're like, "that woman has vape cartridge. she's a real criminal." get the ( bleep ) out of here, man. it's all bullshit. we all know it. and the one piece it's one piece of good news, it looks like is that this seems like it's just a negotiation tactic. russia is like, "we have prisoner for nine years. you give us a prisoner in america for nine years." i think they should just do it. whoever america has in prison, send them to russia. it seems like they win, but don't forget, that person now has to live in russia. yeah, yeah. they'll be there and be like, "this whole country is prison. i miss food in alcatraz." if we had more time we could
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talk about how this could have been avoided if the w.n.b.a. paid their players enough so they didn't have to go to russia. we don't have time to talk about that, because there's another story of an athlete who broke out of a prison of the mind. >> aaron rogers revealing on a podcast he used psychedelic drugs to improve his outlook on playing football. the 38-year-old said, i really like that experience paved the way for me to have the best season of my career." >> he opened up about his experience on ayahuasca and repret in peru. ayahuasca is used to treat physical, mental, and spiritual issues in south american countries. >> trevor: wow, okay. i do understand how big this is, people? aaron rogers just said, yo, i took drugs, and that's part of reason i crushed the game. yeah, that shows you how much times have changed. because you remember back in the 90s they'd bring someone like shaq on tv to be like, "remember, kids, i'd rather kill myself than get high on
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marijuana. don't do drugs. of the but now this is accepted. please, please, don't get it twisted. he wasn't playing while he was on ayahuasca. although, i kind of wish he was. ( laughter ) i'd love to see what kind of plays a quarterback would think of while they're on the journey, you know. all right, everybody, huddle up. it's 4th and 1 so, johnson, you're gonna look deep inside your soul and rediscover your inner child. dubowski, i'm going to need you to hug that rainbow man. hug it real hard. coleman, stop floating. come on, everybody, let's do this!" ( applause ) now, if we had more time we could talk about how great it is to see people like aaron rogers normalizing conversations about whether we can use psychedelics to improve people's mental health and cure them from addiction. but, unfortunately, we don't have the time, because speaking of addiction, the choco taco is back. >> okay, call this a comeback.
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klondike hinting-- uh-huh-- that it might bring back the choco taco after huge reaction to the news that it was going to be discontinued. the company says it's reflecting on the outpouring of support and demand and figuring out what the next steps should be. >> trevor: this is amazing! ( cheers and applause ) what? this is amazing! klondike ended the choco taco and the fans brought it back. this is the kind of passion you normally only see in, like, the beyhive or b.t.s. army. they should get their own name, the choco taco flocko. like the klondike klux klan. maybe not that one. but you get my point. i'm just ripping here, i'm just ripping. like, if we more time, we could have fun with the conspiracy theor they this whole things a marketing stunt or what other tech mex foods to be ice cream-i-ified. we don't have the time to talk about any of that. i'm thinking of burrrito.
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you want to talk about something coming back from the dead, this could be the biggest story of our lives or deaths. >> a stunning medical breakthrough has raised questions about the line between life and death. researchers at yale university pumped a custom-made solution into the bodies of pigs that had been dead for over an hour. incredibly, the chemical revived cells in the pigs' liver, kidney, and brain, and their hearts even began to beat again. scientists say this could lead to saving more human organs for transplant. ( laughter ) >> trevor: sweet jesus in heaven. scientists have found a way to bring dead cells back to life. whole organs, people-- hearts beating again. you understand how mind blowing this is? you understand how mind blowing this discovery could be? i feel like you guys are
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( bleep ) right now. pigs are coming back to life, people. ( laughter ) you realize it's not a long way off. this could mean we're going to be in a world seen where we could revive people who died. we could make a jurassic park, but with people. yeah. how dope would that be bringing your grandma back to life and visiting her in the park. "oh, no, the grandmothers are escaping! everybody cover your cheeks! they got me, i'm too cute!" i feel like this should be the only story in the news right now. do you understand how big-- the pigs they made the cells come back to life. they were dead, they made it come-- you guys don't even understand right now. i don't think you people understand right now. you understand how huge-- yeah, there are people like, "who would you like to have dinner with alive or dead?" now that shit could happen. and the dumb people like, "i would love to meet hitler." "hello." " no. we shouldn't be doing tv
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anymore. everybody is is talking about other things. they might have found a way to bring dead people back to life. and you want to know about joe biden? i'm going to ( bleep ) joe biden right now. they used the thing-- they tried this with bypass machines, it doesn't work. the organs die. they pump these picion with a thing called organ "x," and the pig-- you people don't even understand what i'm talking about. they have to make the pig sleep. they gave them a nerve blocker and gave them a dye injection and the pig twitched. yeah, yeah, now you understand. this ethically-- we're not ready for this. this could redefine death. what is death? who is death? how is death? ( laughter ) could be like an option. you could die and come back. like, i want to die, do my funeral and come back and watch and be like, "that's what you said about me when i was gone? okay, okay." ( applause ) this is wild. i know it's scary. the one piece of good news is, though, it could lead us to ia
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better world, because someone has to bring you back. yeah. so you'll be like, you guys are bringing me back, right." and people are like, "yeah, we'll bring you back." i'll teach you to be an asshole. that's all the time we have for the headlines. before we go let's check in on the traffic with our very own roy wood jr., everybody. crazy-- crazy-- crazy world. my man-- >> something dead is supposed to stay dead. >> trevor: it's supposed to stay dead. >> exactly. that's what i'm talking about. the choco taco needs to stay dead. >> trevor: i don't want to talk about the choco taco. i want to talk about traffic. >> why do you want to talk about traffic. i want to talk about choco taco. >> trevor: no, no choco taco. why? >> trevor: trevor, because, bitch-- no, choco taco. ( applause ) choco taco. this is the thing. this is the thing we need to just be real about with the choco taco, all right. klondike, they lied to us, man. they lied. that was an election. we had an election. we voted with our wallets and we
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voted the choco taco out of the freezer and now klondike is trying to change the results of the election! and i will not stand for that! ( applause ) you cannot change the results of an election after the election has been verified and solidified. i can't talk to you right now. i have to talk to the people out there. listen, listen, we cannot let them steal the choco taco election. join me at the choco taco factory and we will march there, january 6. it's too hot right now. ( applause ) and we will stop the steal! >> trevor: don't think you want that ---- >> we will stop the steal. the choco taco should be dead. you can't bring it back to life. >> trevor: people are happy. it's coming back? >> it's not-- they said it might come back in a little while. you don't know. you don't want that. you don't want food hopscotching in and out of your life, like the mcrib or lot offerfest. if you're going to be in my life, either be in my life or don't. we can't be having you coming
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and going. ( applause ) these people don't know what's going to happen. they're happy because the choco taco-- let me tell you what's going to happen. i'll tell you what's going to happen. choco taco will come back in your life and will be good for a little while, and you'll be happy, "choco taco is here to stay again. and you'll be here forever choco taco." and choco taco will be like, i have to go outside and get my phone charger. i'll be right back." and it will tiptoe away without saying good-bye just like your daddy did in '97 and you haven't seen your daddy sense. he's gone and where the hell is he! ( laughter ) >> trevor: roy... this is-- this is why i didn't want to talk about the choco taco. ( laughter ) are you okay, roy? >> i'm-- i'm going to do some ayahuasca and talk to my daddy. ( applause ) i get what you meant. >> trevor: thank you so much. roy wood jr., everybody. all right, we'll be right back. so don't go away.
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( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ you might think you don't belong. because of what you look like. or where you come from. but don't wait to see someone else do it first. want doesn't look like anything. and it can't come from anywhere. but within. [crowd cheers] ♪ ♪
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." you know, here at the show, we pay a lot of attention to what's going on in the news. but how much are other people outside our studio following along? well, we sent michael kosta to find out for another edition of "fill me in." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "fill me in," the game where you put blank in my... >> i put words in your... >> keep going. >> in your...
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eye? >> eye? let's get started. marco rubio. who's that? >> i honestly don't know. >> is it a singer? >> probably. >> it's probably a singer. >> marco rubio is a... >> asshole. >> to be nice about it he's a senator in florida and he's an idiot. >> marco rubio was recently quoted as saying, "i know plenty of blank in florida that are pissed about gas prices." >> it's florida so probably plenty of assholeses. >> hicks. >> old people. >> rednecks. >> rednecks, why would you say that? hint, it's what mike pence doesn't want to be in a locker room with. hold on, wait. who's mike pence? >> i've heard the name but i don't know who it is. >> you heard the name but you don't know who it is. hint: it's what mike pence doesn't want to be in the locker room with. >> people? >> be more specific. >> gay people?
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>> gay people! gay people! let's find out what people know about vladimir putin. c.i.a. director bill burns was quotedda as saying, "there are a lot of rumors about president putin's belange." and as far as we can tell meas blank. >> his virility. >> sanity. >> sanity. why do you say that? >> he seems crazy to me. >> describe this body to me. >> it looks built. >> built? >> yeah, i feel like he hits the gym. >> describe vladimir putin's body. there are a lot of rumors about president putin's blank? >> i want to say penis, but that wouldn't work. >> i guess his health. >> his health. why did you say that? >> because i heard people think he may have some type of disease and he's not being shown anymore. >> wow, where did you dig up this? correct answer! there's been a lot of rumors about president putin's health. but as far as we can tell, he's
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entirely too healthy. that's what the c.i.a. is saying. does this guy look entirely too healthy to you? >> no. >> why not. let's move on to our celebrity round. ryan gosling is playing ken in the new barbie movie. when asked about the part he said, "it's the role i was born to play, i have this blank if you, and the blank is alive in me now." >> yearning. to play kent. >> spark. >> spark? >> i have this doll and it's alive in me now. >> i like, that i like that. why would you say that? >> because he has the ken doll, and he is ken. >> it's the opposite of d.d.e., it's something you get when you have no genitals like ken. >> he has the hard plastic genital area. >> ryan gosling or ken? >> i don't know about ryan gosling, i haven't seen it. >> i have a lot of wooo! what? >> energy. >> combine your answer with his
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answer. >> kenergy. >> everyone what that is. >> like bde. >> what is that? >> big dick energy. >> it's kind of the opposite because. >> he has no "d." >> who is ready for something sweet? according to a recent lawsuit, candies sold under the brand name skittles are blank. >> bad! >> illegal! >> colorful. >> you could use the same description for dog treats, which, unfortunately, i learned. >> poisonous. >> poisonous! >> poisonous. >> unfit for human consumption! wooo! you know what you get? skittle. ( applause ) >> yeah! skittles are poisonous. taste the rainbow! ( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: michael kosta, everybody. at a student because when we come back, amandla stenberg will be joining us on the show so don't go away.
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is actor amandla stenberg. she's here to talk about her new horror-comedy film, "bodies bodies bodies." >> he's like, like, your mom would be like, "he's hot." not your mom, i mean moms in general, moms that have been married 10, 15 years, and they
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see him going out of a starbucks. >> alice got to bring someone without telling anyone. >> so you do read the chat. >> why is everyone so obsessed with the chat. >> i'm here, you're here, why are we worrying about the chat? >> because you went to rehab and not on drugs so everything is like, "why don't we just all be cool, man?" >> you have a problem with greg? >> trevor: please welcome amandla stenberg! how are you? welcome back. amandla, welcome back to the show. >> thank you, thanks for having me. >> trevor: it's great to see you in person again, in real life. the last time we saw each other was during the pandemic. >> it was like a facetime that other people got to witness. >> trevor: and now we're here in person. we can touch each other, we can feel each other ( applause ). >> yay!
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>> trevor: congratulations on the new film. it is certified-- i think 90-something-percent on rotten tomatoes. i've seen horror movies. i've seen comedies, movies that are commentaries on society as a whole. i don't think i have seen a horror movie commenting on society as a whole and being funny and dealing with people's sexuality. how did you do it? it's phenomenal. >> thanks! yeah, it's definitely a mixed bag of a film. and we were nervous about the tone at moments. but we just want people to have fun. i feel like the easiest way to deal with the ugliest parts of ourselveses is to have fun while dealing with those things. >> trevor: i like that. >> we tried to approach it like we were just making a purely dramatic film. >> trevor: i love that. >> like, nothing was funny about the situation. the thing is that we were playing terrible people who don't know that they're terrible, and that is hilarious. >> trevor: it really is.
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>> and so, that was what we were going for. we had to authentically be the worst people ever, and the result was hopefully some comedy. >> trevor: you know what makes it funny-- most horror movies you watch, you're like, "don't kill that person." and here you're like, "don't... okay." >> i think we say to each other in the film, "you deserve it." >> trevor: yes, you do. let's talk about that. like, you have a movie that critiques, you know, social media, the way we see ourselves-- even our friend groups. what i like is it's not judgey. you know, it's something we all do as human beings, and it's fun. it's like a cool commentary on what we all do. >> yeah, yeah. well, i love horror films so much because i feel like it's one of those mediums that for some reason it's the easiest to make social commentary through horror films. maybe because people-- human beings are so driven by, you know, like fear and love. >> trevor: right, right. >> horror...
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makes sense. and so i feel like in this movie we were trying to make commentary about themes that have existed for a very long time. but this is a hypercontemporary film because it's about how all of that is just exacerbated by social media. and so now we have this, like, literal cutout of ourselves that's online that we, like, prune, we pick at, and we update, and we show to the world. and so, we're kind of trying to make fun of how ridiculous that is. >> trevor: and you're one of the few people i've known who, for as long as social media has been around, you always commented on this. you're barely on social media. you post now and again. one of my favorite posts you ever created was it's you wearing like a really revealing outfit and you're playing a really sexy song-- this is when they were taking women's posts
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down-- "you can't have that post. you can't have that post." your post was if you type #ad in the caption they won't pull it down and they still haven't pulled it down. >> yeah, i've actually had a couple of videos of mine banned on social media. i primarily use tiktok now because i was just, you know, posing in an outfit. and it said that the content was sexually explicit. >> trevor: right. >> even though there was no part of my body that was actually showing, like, in the video. but i think the reason that that happened and why i used #ad in order to keep the video up is because of the algorithmic bias. i don't know. i actually got to do an audio book about this. it's called "sex, space, and robots," and it's about algorithmic bias and something we have to be aware about.
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>> trevor: you've been aware before a lot of people and i think that's why you're successful, not just what you make and what you do, but who you are. thank you for joining me on the show again. >> thanks. >> trevor: congratulations on an amazing film. "bodies bodies bodies" will be in select theaters this friday august 5 and nationwide august 12. okay, we're gonna take a quick break, but we'll be right back after this. thank you again. ( applause )
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. but before we go, don't miss "hell of a week with charlamagne tha god." it's been a week, and he's about to take it down, and it starts right now so don't move! in the next time stay safe out there and remember-- don't do drugs, unless you want to be the m.v.p. now, here it is, your moment of zen.
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>> joe, he's very clever. he can talk a dog off a meat wagon. i hope my colleagues have learned a lesson. i love dogs, but never let a dog guard your meal, okay. they're going to eat it. >> it's, wnba star britney griner was found guilty in russia and prosecutors are recommending a brutal nine and a half years over a damn vape pen. meanwhile in this country the feds finally arrested the cops responsible for breonna taylor's death. i propose a trade, the cop who killed breana for britney because yearly russia loves to prosecute shooters, i go by the name of charlamagne tha god, it has been a hell of a week. queen nyla, leggo.


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