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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  November 18, 2016 1:44am-2:11am PST

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i wonder if she -- anyway, must be so hard for obama to know he's being followed into office by donald trump and even leaving america doesn't help him forget about it. before germany, he spent a day in greece walking through ruins of what was once the world's greatest democracy. yep. that's what we have to look forward, to people. on the bright side -- ( applause ) -- on the bright side, in 2500 years, america might be known for having great yogurt. you never know. always a silver lining. but let's move on. in donald trump's america, everybody is speculating as to who should be the most afraid, black people, latinos, the english language -- but there is one group we know has consistently been the focus of donald trump's long gaze. >> donald j. donald trump is calling for a totalling and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. i think islam hates us. i want surveillance of certain
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mosques. and we have to check other places. they were cheering as the world trade center came down. it wasn't people from sweden who blew up the world trade center, jake. i watched the next door neighbor saying, oh, we didn't report them because we didn't want to racially profile or we didn't want to profile. give me a break. >> trevor: okay, i learned two things from that. one, donald trump is not a fan of muslims and, two, he would be a snitch-ass neighbor. ( laughter ) that dude would be looking through his peephole the entire time spying on your apartment. but now that trump is going to be president, he doesn't need a peephole, he has the full force to have the american government and unfortunately plans to use it. >> trump's policies advisors are discussing drafting a proposal to reinstate a registry for immigrants from muslim countries. >> trevor: a registry for immigrants from muslim countries. let's not freak out just yet. maybe it's a gift registry. ( laughter ) you know?
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yeah, you just moved to the country, you need stuff to get started, monogrammed towels, a new toaster, a pressure cooker. actually, don't get a pressure cooker. that will raise some questions. maybe just a crock pot. but you know what i mean. now, look, america has had a similar database before. right after september 11, the bush administration set up a database to track visitors from 24 muslim countries. actually, this is interesting, it was 24 muslim countries and north korea, yeah. i love how they threw north korea in there to try and cover up what they were doing. yeah, 24 muslim countries and north korea. which reminds me of me when i was younger and i wanted to buy condoms at the store, i would order a bunch of stuff on top just so it didn't look like i was just there for the donned ms. soda, detergent and -- condoms -- and the guy blind the counter would be what kind of condoms? magnum? ultra thin? what kind of condom do you want
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for your penis? no, it's fine, man, i'm just going to hit it raw. this is too awkward. ( laughter ) but this wasda a database that was considered highly discriminatory and trump is going to bring it back. giving trump a muslim registry seems like a dangerous idea. you wouldn't give jared a list of all the playgrounds, you know what i mean? ( audience reacts ) for more reaction, we turn to senior religious registry correspondent jordan klepper, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) jordan klepper, i gotta say, religious registry correspondent, that's a weird title. >> yeah, i made it up. i used it to pad my resume because i thought it would never be a real thing in america. plus it gave me an excuse to sleep in church pews when i couldn't go home at night. >> trevor: why couldn't you go
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home at night? >> i toned hurt the ones i love. but, trevor, there are bigger fish to fry. ( laughter ) it's only been nine days cinches trump was elected and before he's changed the white house password to mike pass a tiny pence, we're already talking about a registry of muslims coming into america. >> trevor: how can they justify this legally? >> you're not going to believe. >> we did it during world war ii with japanese, which call what you will -- >> come on, you're not proposing we go back to the days of internment camps, i hope. >> no, no, not at all, megyn. i'm saying there is precedent for it and not saying i agree with it but in this case -- >> you can't be citing japanese internment camps as precedent for anything the president-elect will do. >> the president kneads to protect america first. >first. >> i'm not sure internment camps are helping your case. that's like me getting into the rap game saying, hey, if vanilla ice can do it, you know --
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( laughter ) >> trevor: jordan, i'm sure you and the audience will agree, this is something that's really frightening. we should do something about this. >> you're absolutely right. >> trevor: we need to stand in solidarity with muslim people being targeted by donald trump. >> in solidarity. >> trevor: yeah, we need to. actually -- ( applause ) >> trevor: -- we should stand as one. if they start regging muslims in america, we all register as muslims. ( applause ) >> yeah. that is one idea. let's keep spit ballin'. >> trevor: no, i think that's it. if you think about it, if all the citizens said, with the immigrants, they said, i am a muslim, it would take the power away any registry would have. >> i was thinking a button. like a really nice button. ( laughter ) looks good on a pea coat. can put it on, take it off if you're in mixed company and don't want to push your agenda.
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>> trevor: no, it's not enough. this is an opportunity for meaningful action. declare it loud and proud, i am a muslim! >> i am -- thinking about posting it on facebook. >> trevor: facebook is not enough. >> i agree, i'm on instagram, too! i have been hashtagging everything not my president! look, delicious eggs benedict, #notmypresident, #bottomless demimosa! >> trevor: need you to commit to action! >> i did. i hit the streets earlier today to rally the people to action. chuck, roll my special tape. trevor! if you're watching this, i'm already gone. you were probably pressuring me into doing something noble, but i am a coward to i created this to cover my escape. now back to you looking confused. ( laughter ) ( applause )
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>> trevor: well played, jordan. we'll be right back. # # trevor: welcome back to
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"the daily show." my first guest tonight is a writer at the "new yorker" whose piece, "the unconnected," appeared in the october issue. george packer, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) thank you so much for being here. let's get straight into it. you predicted the future. >> i don't think that's true, actually. >> trevor: i think you're being modest because you did in your book and in your articles, you were one of the few voices who kept sounding the alarm and you spoke about a white working class in america who was frustrated at the idea they were being ignored by politicians. >> so a few years ago i did a lot of reporting in parts of the country that are now trump central, like western north carolina and the area around youngstown, ohio,
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tampa bay, and what i found was a sense of not just frustration but utter disconnection from what was going on in washington, in new york, in silicon valley, all the power centers, people felt they weren't heard, they were despised by the elites, which is a word i heard often, that their children were not going to have the future that -- as good a future as they had had and that there was no more middle class, it was disappearing in these places, and none of that prepared me quite for donald trump, but it did tell me that below the surface there were these tectonic movements that were dangerous and going to rise to the surface and be felt at some point. >> trevor: you had an interview with hillary clinton recently and spoke to her and she said she didn't feel that -- i think the quote was -- they provided as clear a message about how we see the economy as
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we need to, and she was referring to a lack of the message going to those voters. >> her husband is remembered as kind of a son of the white working class, bubba. but really it was during his presidency that the democrats moved away from their traditional base in the working class, moved away from the unions toward the embrace of globalization as the answer. bill clinton gave a speech in 2000 saying the internet will be the greatest engine for ending poverty we've ever seen. >> trevor: it's interesting you bring up those two pints because it was also bill clinton during the campaign, i distinctly remember him warning hillary' campaign saying, guys, you're not reaching out to these working class white voters, these are the people who put me into office and seems like he was dismissed. >> he did. he said you need to be in wisconsin, in this precinct. he knows politics down to the precinct level, but i think he was ignoring the fact that partly it was through his presidency that democrats became
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the party of the professional class more and more and left behind the uneducated, the less educated, theworking class who were shifting more and more to republicans and today those two completely shifted parties. we've had a huge transformation of our politics. >> trevor: you talk about globalization, and i think it was just today that president obama made a speech where he said that globalization needs to be course corrected because it feels like the gains are all going to the top as opposed to everybody where it was intended that they go. you hear a lot of talk about globalization, and what was interesting in one of your articles i read was a quote from someone from the campaign who said they had never been to flint, never been to the areas where people were struggling. >> this was a candid discussion from bill clinton's treasure
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sector lawrence summers who said in the '90s we didn't think about the working class losing jobs in places like youngstown and flint. we thought about the inner cities and africa and those were the two focuses of concern for who's being left behind. in fact, the revenge of the white working class has not just been in this country. it's been across europe. i see trump as bringing america closer to european-style politics because he's a right-wing pop list like berlusconi, like marine le pen, like the brexit voters, who are playing on ugly feelings to get power and appeal to the traditional voters who feel they have been left out. >> trevor: how does that happen, though? how do voters see donald trump as appealing, a man who is a billionaire, a man who has repeatedly not paid people for work, a man who mas found loopholes, a man who has, for lack of a better term, conned many people, how do they think that's the man that's going to
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help? >> by ignoring everything you just said, by essentially tuning out all that information which is easy to do because facebook and twitter don't force you to read the things you should, they give you the news you want to and all things equal even fake news from a right-wing web site. it's easy to say those are fake liberal facts. it's a bleak time to be a journalist not just because there is a lot of financial pressure, but facts don't have the validity, the power they used to. but there will be a lot of work for journalists during president trump's administration. >> trevor: a loft work and i'm glad to have you as part of that pool. >> thank you for your time. >> trevor: "the unwinding" available now. george packer, everybody. we'll be right back.
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♪ who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers. why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut. ♪ ♪ 3,2,1... lumière, action! ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back!
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my guest is a grammy-award winning hip-hop artist who co-founded a tribe called quest. their new album is called "we got it from here... thank you 4 your service." ♪ take the edge off reality ♪ ♪ ♪ >> trevor: please welcome q-tip! ( cheers and applause ) ♪
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>> trevor: welcome to the show, sir. >> how's everything? >> trevor: oh, man, everything is amazing. >> yeah? >> trevor: everything is amazing now that you're here. >> oh, thank you. glad i was able to save the day. >> trevor: it's so random and crazy. in south africa, our currency is called the rand, so we have denominations, one, two, three, four, five. we have one rand, two rand, three rand, four rand, five rand, and most people in south africa thought you were singing that it's a five-rand thing. >> right. >> trevor: yeah, we were just like, how does he know?! it's a five rand thing -- and we're buying things, it's a five-rand thing. >> it's the tribe. >> trevor: it's the tribe. welcome to the show. welcome to the show. >> yeah ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: let's get straight into it. >> yes. >> trevor: on your track "we
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the people" the chorus is all you black folks must go, all you mexicans must go, muslims and gays, boy we hate your ways. how do we sing that on the dunes floor? how did that go? ( laughter ) >> it goes, beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes! ( laughter ) >> trevor: but it's a really political message you have in this album. >> yes. >> trevor: question is why? >> because, i mean, it's for a very kind of convoluted reason but to try to simplify it and give the summary of it, it's just like you just spoke with george before, you know, you felt it brewing in this country, you felt it in the underbelly that, you know, there was disposable people, if you would. people who may not add to the true economic gains, right?
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>> trevor: yeah. >> and one of the things that, you know, we have to remember is that, in this society, you know, capitalism, that the bottom line is truly money, right? and then you have all of us as citizens, here we are co-existing. in order for someone to truly capitalize on the situation, there has to be something that's weak or the tenets of capitalization is there has to be something or someone you take advantage of or that you kind of expose and, you know -- >> trevor: and exploit. >> -- and exploit. it's a concept really that we have been dealing with for a a while of cheap labor, you know. then the epitaphs of yo, you kn, drew, deep, in-the-gut racism, i hate you because of your race or i hate you because of your
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sexual preference or orientation, or i hate you because of your religion. so we felt like, in the group, that we really wanted to try to pose the scenario, rather than be heavy-handed and straightforward of it, but within music and song and within art, you know, we're able to kind of present this tap industry, if you -- tapestry, if you would, that shows we are all joined together truly. there really isn't these divisions that's, you know, floated out there. >> trevor: i've never had anybody who has one question that is the entire interview. ( applause ) >> i won! i did it! ( cheers and applause ) what do i get? >> trevor: you won. you get everything. you get us downloading the album. you get us listening to the message. i feel like we could do this forever because you are an intense man and the songs really
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do carry that. but, yeah, we'll do more of tha, and you've got to come back. we should just do an entire episode together. >> we should. >> trevor: we should. we should do an entire episode together. "we got it from here... thank you 4 your service" available now. the full video of we the people will premiere tonight at 11:00 p.m. on viveo. q-tip, everybody. we'll be right back.
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: thank you so much for tuning in, everybody. you know, real quick, i know that i popped up in a lot of people's lives out of nowhere when it came to "the daily show." a lot of people ask me questions like, where the hell are you from? why do you speak the way you do? why do you look the way you do? if you're from africa, why does your skin look the way it does? a lot of people don't know who i am and that's why i wrote a book "born of crime." i would love you to read it. it's available in amazon and everywhere you find books, everywhere except donald trump's house. enjoy the book. now here it is... your moment of zen. >> with dr. martin luther king, jr. to make us more just. greek or american, we're all cheering for yanis, who
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>> chris: it's 29 minutes until midnight when the day resets and we announce a winner. say, hang on, everyone. did you ever ask yourself, "where does donald trump sleep? yes, the gold-plated tanning booth etched with passages from "the book of revelations," but what's around the tanning booth? well, soon we'll find out. that's because tomorrow night, fox news is teaming up with t.m.z. to air a one-hour special in which trump will give a tour of his ostentatious home. the special is called "objectified," named after what trump does to women. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) it'll follow the president-elect as he "showcases objects in his home and tells stories about them." so, expect a lot of gold and yelling! like if mtv "cribs" did an episode with smaug the dragon. "i kill where i wish and none
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dare resist, and over here's where i play basketball with master p." ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) i would watch that. comedians, what's something we might hear during donald trump's tour of his home? william. >> this is the room where my wife learned english. ( laughter ) ( applause ). >> chris: points. point. justin. >> this is our gold room. we're picking an accent color right now of white. we're deciding between two shades-- supremacy and privilege. >> chris: points. bridget. >> this is a bunk bed. i'm on top, putin's on bottom and tickle fight all night long. >> chris: points. perfect. it's time to play sucksgiving. if you poke around on youtube, you'll notice scores of ill-conceived thanksgiving
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parody songs from theater school dropouts trying to go viral. now, you know who makes good songs, quality songs about food. weird al, and that is it. he is the definitive voice in that realm. 3 i'm going to show you a thanksgiving song, and for 250 points, you're going to have to answer a question about it. first up, here's a parody for frustrated moms. ♪ i sit, sit, chardon-nae-nae. i've been cooking since 4:30 ♪ ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> chris: the mom whose babies get wasted after nursing. ( laughter ) comedians, what's her thanksgiving prayer? william. >> dear, off


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