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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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investigates. in the meantime, the security company is offering a $100,000 reward for information. mary snow, cnn, new york. straight at the top of the hour here on cnn. you're in the cnn newsroom. thank you for joining us. i am don lemon. sad new developments in a story we have been following all weekend. a symbol of hope in the middle of so much destruction, but now little angel has died. she lost her family yet found alive in a field apparently thrown by the violent twister. but her hold on life was too dell indicate. her extended family was forced to take her off life support today. susan kand ycandiotti is standi in indiana where she's been following the developments and spoke exclusively to the man who found her. she's going to join us moments away. in the meantime, this has been a day of taking stock for
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victims of that deadly rash of tornadoes that hit 11 states. many of them lost everything. the extreme weather now has claimed at least 39 lives in kentucky, indiana, ohio, and georgia. this is west liberty, kentucky. it seems that no corner of this small town was spared. homes annihilated. trees plucked out of the ground. there are scenes like this all over the midwest and south today. the death toll from friday's storms, it has risen to 21 in kentucky, but despite extensive damage, we're hearing remarkable stories of survival. jim spellman is in the town of west liberty. jim? >> reporter: on the outskirts of west liberty, kentucky, tornado survivors return home. >> this was your house. >> this was my house. yes. >> where's the house now? >> it's across the street in the
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parking lot. >> this pile of rubble is your house? >> yes. >> reporter: rose may only had moments to make it into the basement and rode out the storm in this corner. >> can you believe you're safe and sound? >> i tell you, it was all rather quick. it was so quick that you don't have a lot of time to think. but you think back on it and you think, wow. but i'm glad that my own little plan that they worked. >> reporter: up the street, doris is picking through what is left of her house. she also sought shelter in her basement. >> you were here when the storm came through? >> yes. as you can see there are blocks that were fallen all around my body. >> reporter: she emerged to a scene of devastation. >> i could hear people crying and people asking for help. there was people with small children already walking down the street trying to get help. >> reporter: both credit their
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faith for giving them strength. >> i feel blessed. the lord let me get out alive. i'm thankful for that. >> i did have strength from god that i could feel as i was walking down those basement steps and making my way to my corner. and it was okay. >> jim spellman reporting. thank you. we want to get back to susan candiotti and one indiana family's heart wrenching story. susan, we found out a short time ago that little angel was taken off life support and now she has died. >> reporter: that's right. and she was surrounded by her extended family, of course, who loved her. as we know by now, her parents were killed. they were only 21 and 20 years old. also her two-year-old brother and a two-month-old baby sister. it's a sad case. and really as we all know about
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this family, everyone had been pulling for this little girl to survive. that maybe it would have given them a glimmer of home and sort of a symbol that something to hang their hats on. something to make this whole community feel good that at least this child would be able to go on. even if she had lost the rest of her family. but now this very sad news. and a lot of people -- the story had grown. she had flown as many as ten miles away, but as it turns out, i'm standing in the debris field where, in fact, she and the rest of the members of her family had been blown out of a trailer. they had sought shelter with a neighbor who lived nearby. we spoke with the young man who rushed to this area after the tornado blew by to see whether he could find any survivors and that's when he found this entire family, including angel. here's what he said. >> the man and woman was laying right here behind the saw mill. all three of the kids was found
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right in this area. >> right in the muddy field. one of the babies was still in a car seat? >> yes. >> were there any signs of life? did you see the baby that is still alive? >> the baby was still alive. the emts got here and took her anded to work on her. it was the last thing i know they put her in a helicopter. >> where was jason found? >> jason was just walking around here. he was kind of out of his mind. he was shook up. they loaded him up had in the ambulance. >> you knew these people. it must break your heart. what can you tell us about the family that was killed? >> they was good people. i mean, nobody deserves it, but i hate it. i don't know what to say.
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it's devastating. >> reporter: now the jason you were hearing about is jason miller. he's the man who had taken in this family as that twister was approach i approaching. and they laid down in his double wide trailer and were holding hands and praying according to his brothers. the twister came and brought them all up into the wind. and jason alone was propelled maybe 50 feet in the air and he landed over by the saw mill, where i am now standing. jason will recover from his injuries. he was informed of what happened to the family just yesterday. and don, his family says that jason feels very badly that he did the best he could to try to protect all of them and now he will learn that angel also didn't make it. don? >> susan candiotti, we appreciate your reporting. f funerals are being held for
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victims of the tornadoes in illinois. six people from harrisburg were killed in the storms. hundreds of people from across southern illinois gathered along streets in harrisburg to pay their respects. the ef-4 tornado demolished a neighborhood where all six victims lived. towing the line. president obama stays loyal to israel. he isn't ready for military action, but he made clear today it was an option. polls are opening in 48 hours for super tuesday. will it clear the road for the nomination? anchor man dan rathers is next.
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president obama told a group that preventing rooirn from obtaining a nuclear weapon is in the national security interest of the united states. benjamin netanyahu welcomed the news. the two will meet tomorrow and dan lothian has a preview of that. >> reporter: president obama addressed sunday's meeting of the american israel public affairs committee. so there. >> so there should not be a shred of doubt now. when the chips are down, i have israel's back. >> reporter: with an election year background for a high stakes meeting between president obama and benjamin netanyahu, iran's nuclear program and how
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to -- when he addressed the public affairs committee. >> whenever an effort is made to delegitimize the state of israel, my administration has opposed them. [ applause ] >> so there should not be a shred of doubt by now. when the chips are down, i have israel's back. >> reporter: with an election year background for a high stakes meeting between president obama and benjamin netanyahu, iran's nuclear program and how to deal with a looming threat are fueling tensions. >> the warnings that i and others have been giving over the years will materialize unless iran is stopped. >> we're heading into dangerous territory because the israeli/u.s. partnership has been under strain the last couple years. >> an expert at the center for international studies says while the u.s. and israel share the
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same objectives, they don't always share the same strategy. >> the obama administration is going to try to convince benjamin netanyahu that he should give sanctions more time to work while the israeli prime minister is going to convince the president that time is running out and iran needs to be confronted with explicit military threats. >> reporter: the white house insisted all options remain on the table. while some critics may doubt the president's resolve, in a recent interview, he kad "as president of the united states, i don't bluff". but there seems to be less clarity about the red line that would prompt the u.s. of military force against iran. >> speculation about what we would do if this were to happen and what would trigger what response is not something i would do here from the podium and it's not productive to the success of our policy. >> reporter: president obama and
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benjamin netanyahu have met eight times over the past three years. the peace process is always a central focus, but the temperature is rising. even though the relationship between the president and the prime minister is often characterized as frosty or dysfunctional, the white house down plays their differences. the president said that the relationship is "very functional." while he admitted they aren't aligned on every issue, he insisted they share the same goals. dan lothian, cnn, the white house. >> all right. thanks. later this hour we're going to speak with an expert about the divide between israel and the u.s. and what it could mean for how the allies confront iran. up next, the state of black america as seen by the national urban league. we're talking about important issues fundamental to every american. we'll see him after the break.
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first, i want to tell you about this. this week's cnn hero has watched the beauty of the sea disappear. he's bringing life back to a world in crisis. meet ken knead mieer. >> i grew up diving in the florida keys. it was just the most magical place. the coral reeves were so pretty. i decided that's what i wanted to do for a living is do i have on coral reeves. in an area there's live coral, there's more fish. reef provide protection. over time, i saw those coral reef start to die. worldwide, they are in decline. if they die completely, coastal communities would be bankrupt. tourism would be virtually gone. a billion people in the world will be impacted. i started thinking, how can we fix this problem?
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>> i grow and protect and restore coral reef. >> we have developed a system that's simple and something we can train others to do. >> we start with a piece of coral this big and hang it on a tree. after a year or two, it becomes this big. then e we cut the branches off and we do it again. >> ken's coral nursery is one of the largest in the caribbean. it's ten times larger than others in existence. >> we planted six corals here but now there's over 3,000 grounding in this area alone. >> before i felt helpless watching it die. now i think there's hope it's not too late. everybody can help. i see all those corals and all those fish. it's like this whole reef is coming back to life and making a difference is exciting.
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national urban league unveils its annual report on the state of black america. it will be released at town hall on wednesday. but urban league president joins me tonight with an early preview. thank you so much for joining us with this early preview. we kind of have a bit of an exclusive here. it's good to see you. this year's report is focused on voting rights. i want to read a quote. this year defense of the right to vote remains critical as legislation that would require a government-issued photo i.d., shorten voting hours, curtail early voting, and impose penalties limiting the registration process is pend in in 27 states." so mark, how serious is this problem? are you worried about people being disenfranchised here? >> we think these laws could disenfranchise five million people. the important thing is we have
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to defend democracy because it's only through voting that we'll have a seat at the table in the important discussions of our jobs and the future of this nation. what you have seen is in 34 states, you've seen proposals to restrict voting. this is an explosion of these laws. seven states enacted such proposals. all americans should be greatly concerned because it's none other than an attack on democracy. >> here's the question though. i've heard it from many people who say who doesn't have a photo i.d. these days? what's wrong with showing a photo i.d. when going to a polling place? how is that voter suppression? >> i wish it was that simple. one in ten americans do not have the type of photo i.d. the laws contemplate. one in four people of color do not have the kind of i.d. that these laws contemplate. >> so the effort being there to
7:21 pm
get them these i.d.s? >> the idea is that what is the reason for requiring an i.d. to exercise this most important right when we have had a history in this nation of not requiring i.d.s. before 2011, only two states required the type of i.d.s these laws contemplate. one can only think there's something driving this. we think it's an effort to depress the vote to suppress the vote. that's not what american democracy is about. we should be expanding the right to vote, making it easier for people to participate. that's what this nation is all about. >> i notice that one of your essays reports jim crow. are these voting reform laws really that extreme you think? >> i think they may be a modern-day version of jim crow that we call james crow. because the large number of new laws, remember these are new
7:22 pm
laws. a whole basket of proposals that have emerged since 2010, which would have the effect of making it more difficult for people of color, students, and many senior citizens from being able to participate in democracy. what is behind it is really a smoke screen. a smoke screen that somehow these laws are needed to protect against voter fraud when there's really no evidence that voters commit voter fraud on a widespread basis. it's important to confront the argument being made by the proponen proponents. >> i want to ask you about this while i have you here. the presidential race in 2012. there's been some comments about you know president obama won't have as much of the black vote as he did last time. turnout is not going to be as high as it was in 2008. that's a problem. do you think he's going to command the turnout he got in 2008?
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>> i think turnout is going to be high. as this race becomes, if you will, one on one, i think the interest by people across the board, particularly people in urban communities who have been really hit hard by this recession, is going to grow. too much is at stake. the future of the supreme court, what happens to our schools, what happens to our jobs will be at stake. i believe there will be a high turnout. we're going to do what we can to encourage people to occupy the vote in 2012. >> we're going to look to the national urban league's unveiling on wednesday. he's the president. we'll see you on wednesday with the final results. thank you, sir. ten primaries and caucuses all in the same day. that's why we call it super tuesday. even if one of the candidates sweeps them all, this race could be far from over. we'll talk about the impact of
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all right, everybody. pay attention. he's always very outspoken. we're going to talk to dan rathers soon. we're less than 48 hours away from super tuesday. ten states all at once. 419 delegates at stake. the single biggest day of voting in the race for president.
7:27 pm
this man is going to be monitoring the results very closely. he's covering super tuesday for decades now. >> right. thank you, don. >> dan rather, i always enjoy my conversations with you. he's covering super tuesday for hdnet where he has his own show called "dan rather reports." so what do you think -- super tuesday is important. do you think it's eeb more important now because there's no one particular candidate for the gop? >> it is very important. just do the math. you said ten states, more than 400 delegate votes at stake. the question remains, as it has been through most of the primary season, can anybody stop mitt romney? it's important to note, this doesn't mean, even if mitt romney should do extremely well on tuesday night, which he could do, it will not mean that the
7:28 pm
nominating process is over. far from it. i still believe this will go deep into may and maybe through the early part of june. it may not be settled until they get to the convention in august. this is the context in which this super tuesday is being held. mitt romney has come from behind in the polls to draw at least even in ohio, which is the crown jewel of these ten states. if he also does well in tennessee, demonstrate you can do well in a southern state, he will not taken the nomination, but will have taken a major step. here's what to look forward. more than 400 delegate votes are at stake. if any candidates take four or five of the ten, that candidate will be called the winner of the day. for mitt romney, if he gets say 175 to 210 of those votes, this will be a giant step forward for him. if he doesn't, it's going to
7:29 pm
raise even more questions about is this really the guy the republicans want to go to the well with against obama? the most important point. it is a key voting time with ten states and 400 delegates at stake. but it will not be decisive. not yet. i think not for awhile. >> i want to ask you, follow up more. we hear a lot in the media about how long and grueling this race is compared to past years. is that true? is it really unusual to see so much uncertainty this late in the primary season? >> well, it's not unprecedented. it is unusual. 1988 when you had a lot of candidates in both parties running, it was up and down. we had the last presidential time around with hillary clinton and barack obama. but to have this many candidates and to have things this unclear at this late date is unusual. i don't subscribe to the idea,
7:30 pm
don, that in the end this will necessarily be hurtful for republicans. mitt romney is a much better candidate today than when he started out in iowa. i'm not saying he's a good or bad candidate, i'm saying he's better than he was. to go through 20 debates, all of these states, the republican candidate will be tough to beat in november. i know others say obama is going to walk in november. anybody who thinks that is dreaming. particularly, mitt romney as the republican nominee, this is going to be a tough, close race. it's a race president obama could lose. >> speaking of may or could very well possibly affect the gop come november, rush limbaugh's comments about contraception and a law student who testified in front of a democratic committee last week. i want to get your thoughts on that. i'm sure you have strong thoughts. we'll do it right after the break. hello, how can i deliver world-class service
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sgrnchts. we're continuing our conversation with dan rather. we have to talk about the firestorm over rush limbaugh and his comments. i want to remind our viewers
7:34 pm
what he said about an activist who testified in favor of president obama's plan to make insurance companies provide birth control for women who work in religiously affiliated institutions. here's a bit of it. >> what does it say about the college coed sue san fluke who goes before a congressional committee and says she must be paid to have sex. what does that make her? it makes her a slut. right? it makes her a prostitute. she wants to be paid to have sex. >> there are ladies in the room. every time we do it, you can't believe it. that was wednesday. he trashed her again thursday and friday. he released a statement apologizing. it says, my choice of words were not the best and in an attempt to be funny, i created a national stir. before that, he said it was a
7:35 pm
joke. he didn't realize he was going to cause such controversy. he said what are we going to be doing next? should people pay for tennis shoes for people who want to be fit? it's never meant to be a personal attack, but it doesn't get more personal than calling somebody a slut, right? >> let's talk straight and talk sense to the american people. this was outrageous. it's exactly the kind of talk we don't need in this country. particularly at this time. this is not a liberal or conservative or republican or democratic issue. this is not the kind of thing we need in our plolitical discours. we talk about needing more civility. there's nothing civil about this. he wasn't joking. don't misunderstand me. we all make mistakes. he acknowledged he made a m
7:36 pm
mistake. i would like it better for him to apologize to her in person. but let's take the wide shot. number one, i think we can all agree that nobody on the radio should be calling what rush limbaugh called this young woman. that's out of bounds. from a political standpoint, this was very hurtful for the republican party. >> should romney have come out strongly against those comments? he hasn't said anything. >> that's true. and i think his timidity is an indication of how much he sees himself as trying to play defense. i'm not excusing it at all, and i do think he's made a mistake. this is the kind of thing that any decent person, any person aspiring to the presidency should be able to deal with straight forwardly saying, no, this is not right. but for mitt romney's standpoint, if he loses the nomination, right now he's the favorite to win the nomination,
7:37 pm
but if he loses the nomination, it may be because he just plays too timid. how long times have you seen a basketball team or football team try to sit on a lead and say, we have a lead, we're going to hold back and play defense awhile. i think that's where mitt romney is. but no excuse for anybody in political life, not saying i disassociate myself with these remarks. this is not the kind of talk we need. if the republicans lose in november, which i have said to you i think they have a chance to win, but if they lose in november, this may be one we look back on landmark times. you can already see that independents who were swinging a little to the republicans very recently have started to swing back. this is not going to help the republican party with independents and particularly women. i have yet to meet a woman who said, listen, i agree with what rush limbaugh said. it's got to hurt them. it will hurt them. >> i want to talk about
7:38 pm
something. that is the state of black america coming up on wednesday. i talked to him about voter suppression. he said that's what they were going to try to work on. i said you would be hard pressed with someone who doesn't have a photo i.d. he disagreed with me. what do you think? >> it's not difficult to find a person without a photo i.d. whatever their racial status, who live in poor neighborhoods and economically disadvantaged, many of them do not have photo i.d.s. there are college students who should have them and don't carry them with them. i recognize that honest people can differ in their opinions about this, but we need to get as many people qualified voters to the polls as possible. we already have too low a percentage of people who go to the polls in november. and these efforts to say, well, you need to have this.
7:39 pm
you need to have that. up to a point, that makes sense. but beyond a certain point, they don't make sense. there are quite a few people who do not have photo i.d.s for one reason or another. >> dan rather, you call it like it is. always enjoy speaking to you. i'm sure i'll see more of you leading up to the election. dan rather, hdnet. a quick remind er to our viewer, soup ir tuesday coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern. that's followed by complete live coverage of the results at 7:00 with wolf blitzer and anderson cooper and more. president obama and israel's prime minister talked as if they were on the same page today, but do the two leaders agree about how to handle iran? we'll ask an expert and see what it could mean for the nuclear standoff. what ? customers didn't like it.
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listening to president obama today you might think israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu should be satisfied. the president said all options are on the table for preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but it's what he didn't say that has people worried.
7:43 pm
for more, we're joined by the president of the iranian/american council. thank you for joining us. always a pleasure to talk to you. >> like wise. >> do the two sides really disagree on how to handle iran? >> there is quite a severe disagreement. you hinted as it in the beginning of your presentation there. because from the american side, a red line has been put that iran should not get a nuclear weapon. the speech that the president gave today made that further clear, i think. the israeli red line, and the one they wish the united states would adopt, the same one the bush administration did adopt, is that iran should not have a nuclear capability. a very vague term that's really quite badly defined. and the obama administration and the president himself today did not even mention nuclear capability in his speech today. >> so let's drill down more
7:44 pm
then. what's the disconnect? why is israel so certain iran is close to a nuclear weapon if the u.s. isn't certain? >> it's not that they are more certain about it. they feel if the line is put at a much earlier stage, it would give them more of a breathing space. but also, it would avoid a scenario that israelis are concerned about, which is that the united states would negotiate with iranians, get a diplomatic compromise, and that compromise would meet the american red line but not the israeli red line. so they would feel abandoned in that situation. that's what's fueling concern right now. >> so is that what prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants from president obama, to acknowledge at least the possibility of a nuclear weapon and is he going to get it? >> well, i think the u.s. position and the u.s. military's position is that the israeli red line is a fast track towards an unnecessary and disastrous war.
7:45 pm
a war that would not only create further problems for the united states in the region as a whole, but also ensure that iran down the road would get a nuclear weapon. that's why there's a pushback right now. >> will israel launch a preemptive strike? even without a green light from the president? >> there's a lot of concern about that in d.c. there's certainly a lot of concern about that in the white house. i personally don't believe that to be likely. however, the reason why it's increasing in likelihood right now is not because of any particular developments in iran as much as it is about the u.s. political schedule. the fact that in an election year, the political cost for israelis to do something that the president would be so against is much less precisely because of the elections. that may create a situation where he would be tempted to do this. >> i wanted to talk about that. in an election year, an attack
7:46 pm
could reek havoc on oil prices. how much of a consideration is that to president obama? if at all? >> i think it's a tremendous consideration. in fact, he mentioned it in his speech today. kind of throwing it back at those who may be pushing for war, reminding them that this would lead to a tremendous disruption on the energy markets. it would probably undo the global recovery and make it more difficult for americans to find jobs because with higher oil prices, you're going to get higher gas prices. with higher gas prices, you're going to see job creation in this country start to decline again. that's the last thing a sitting president would want to see. >> thank you. always a pleasure. >> thank you for having me. apple is ready to drop a big gadget announcement this week. a lot of people are saying it will be the ipad 3 and it will be better, faster, stronger. but our tech reporter says she thinks there may be another big
7:47 pm
announcement. what? i'm going to talk with katie next. but first, choosing the right kindergarten program for your child can be overwhelming. what criteria should parents look for in choosing a school? steve perry has some answers in tonight's perry's principles. >> my son is two and a half years old and my wife and i are starting to look into kindergarten programs. what sort of criteria should we consider besides cost, hours, when we're looking at these schools? >> the most important thing i ask say, you as a shopper, you as someone looking for a school must understand first what you want before you go looking at schools. meaning that if you want a school that teaches traditional setting, if you want some sort of hybrid of that, then you have to decide what works best for you. one of the biggest mistakes that parents make is you decide on a school for reasons other than
7:48 pm
they fit your family's academic needs. if you're looking for a criteria other than cost and hours, look at the academic experience. you should want for your child to know how to read. they should be able to read simple words. have some understanding of meaning of those words. they should be able to do simple math. they should know colors and begin to write to some degree. if you understand that, then you'll have a really good understanding of the type of school you want for your child. in addition to the two hundred plus facilities that the university of phoenix has we have a very progressive online learning environment. we have something called phoenix connect that allows students to have a social network. you can post discussion questions. we have more than twenty thousand faculty members, chances are one of them is online when you need some assistance. i'm ron gdovic, i'm committed to providing my students
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so did you get your big invite to the big apple event? that's okay, neither did i. now the invite you're looking at, right now, there it is. well, it has people in the tech world all riled up. but, what are we looking at here? if it's an ipad, where's the home button? hmm. what is that? katie linendoll is going this big apple event this wednesday. what do you think it is that they're going to unveil? they're really enticing us there, setting us up. >> yes, they are enticing us. and i think first thing first. we're obviously probably going to see that ipad 3. and i kind of consider this equivalent to an iphone 4, to a
7:52 pm
4s. a few bumps up, but nothing too crazy. also, i hate to be a downer right off the stop, i don't think we see that 7-inch form factor. no mini ipad released this time around, but you get to see my guesses. we're going to see a retina display, doubling the resolution from the ipad 2. also a faster processor. apple always makes things faster on their latest versions. better cameras, up to an 8 megapixel camera, 4g capability, going to be faster and faster downloads, and siri integration is another guess. anything moving forward on the apple, an iphone 5 or ipad 3 will probably play nice with siri. >> you know how i would go out and buy every single apple product as soon as it came out, i still have the original ipad, an iphone 4 without siri, so i'm going to wait a little bit. but you're hinting that we might see something else that they're going to unveil, another product on wednesday. what is it? >> yeah. so here's the deal. when they put out those invites, whatever the verbiage is on the
7:53 pm
invite is an indication, a little mystery, of whatwear going to see. and obviously, per that invite, it looks like we're going to see two products, one the ipad 3, but probably also an appletv. here's the deal. in places that are pretty big, like best buy, appletvs are pretty much out of stock, completely sold out. they're also pretty much sold out across the web. so we could see that next generation. but my fingers are very crossed that we actually see a glimmer of that full-on apple television set that is rumors to be out come fall. i think that would be a huge bonus and i don't think we see that, but my fingers are crossed. >> you know i will be buying one, right? now that i'm on board with. so, all right, let's move on now. this is very exciting. you enjoy this every single year. next weekend, south by southwest, they're going to take over austin, texas, and at its core, a music festival, but tech has been blowing up there for the past few years. what's going to be hot there this year, katie linendoll? >> yeah, a lot of people always ask me about south by southwest.
7:54 pm
here's the deal. three festivals in one. a film festival, a music festival, and this ever-growing tech presence at an interact active festival, which kicks off the whole thing. every year, what happens is there's tech panels and tech speakers, a lot of tech parties. but really what you're gunning for if you're a start-up going down there, you want to be that breakout start company. in 2007, it was twitter. 2009, it was facebook. 2011, the most popular thing were group messaging apps like group me. this year, it's all about what's called people discovery apps, don. and the app getting the most attention so far is actually highlight. and this is pretty interesting. i downloaded this over the weekend. highlight is an app, once you install it, it will let you know what any of your friends -- it's activated by where are facebook profile, it will let you know when they're actually nearby. i actually ran into laurie s segall, which is cnn's tech reporter. it said, hey, she's a block away, and how crazy that our phones could actually indicate
7:55 pm
that we were nearby each other. so i struck up a conversation with her, we set up time to grab coffee. highlight, a really interesting app that are connecting people that are nearby with each other. do you think it's creepy, don? i don't know. >> i was just going to say, that's a little bit creepy. a little bit creepy. you're so hyped about south by southwest, i know you're going to be there and enjoying it. >> yes. >> so thank you, katie linend l linendoll. >> thank you. a big-time scare for passengers landing at detroit's airport. a wing of their plane hit a shuttle bus, knocking the bus over. details next.
7:56 pm
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will be giving away passafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to let's he can the headlines right now. the death toll is up to at least 39 in those violent storms in the midwest and in the south. it now includes little angel babcock, the toddler who was found alive in a field after a tornado killed her whole family. he was taken off life-support today at a kentucky hospital. president barack obama meets monday at the white house with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. earlier today, the president told a pro-israel lobbying group that preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is in the national security interests of both israel and the u.s. in the president's words, all elements of american power remain an option to stop iran
7:59 pm
from becoming a nuclear state. that includes, he said, a military effort to be prepared for any contingency. in carlsbad, new mexico, fire officials say the search for a 4-year-old boy has transitioned from rescue to recovery. samuel jones went missing yesterday evening. it was initially thought he'd been abducted. now it's believed he fell into a hole near his home. the narrow hole is 30 feet deep, and officials don't believe he survived the fall. crews are currently working to get to the boy. a mine rescue team is assisting in that operation. at detroit's metropolitan airport, an arriving delta jet hit a parked shuttle bus. this is video from inside the plane. one of the wings clipped the bus on the roadway, knocking it over. luckily, no one was inside and none of the 145 passengers on the plane was hurt. always wear your seat belt, even when you land. there's a message, right there. i'm don lemon at the cnn world ad


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