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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 29, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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work for both of us. are you saving for college? wondering if you qualify for the latest government housing rescue? weigh in, please, on facebook or twitter at cnnbottomline and find me, @christineromans. have a great weekend. this welcome to cnn center. it's october 29th. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm alina cho. breaking news out of afghanistan, a suicide bomber attacks a nato come voi in kabul. 13 u.s. soldiers are killed. we'll get a live report in just a moment. and crazy, snowy weather is headed to the northeast. we'll tell you how bad it will get and where. but we begin with that breaking news out of afghanistan. a suicide bomb attack in kabul today has killed at least 13 american troops.
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a suicide bomber targeted the nato convoy in the center of afghanistan kaeps capital city. nick, whis nato saying about th? >> 13 u.s. service members killed on this attack on a nato convoy. it appears that a suicide bomber driving a vehicle ladened with explosives ran into this nato convoy, pretty close to the center of kabul. this should be one of the safest areas of afghanistan. but this casualty toll, making this one of the worst attacks since the august crash of a chinook carrying forces to hit a nato campaign so far this year. alina. >> and this is the deadliest attack on troops since a helicopter crash in august,
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including one that killed 22 navy s.e.a.l.s. >> these other attacks happened around the country in what appeared to but a flurry directs towards nato and afghan security forces in the country today. in kunar in the northeast, a woman wearing a burka, 25 of ages we hear, detonated a device injuring some people. in the south of country, near kandahar, two service members were killed in a man in an afghan army uniform who we understand was being trained by them turned his weapon on these two nato soldiers, injuring seven others from an afghan army commander in the area.
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>> nick payton, thank you very much. moving to politics, a gathering of republican voters is getting under way this hour in iowa. iowa is a critic for early voting states. the first in the nation's caucus. why is today's event lacking in star power? shannon travis is in des moines for us. shannon, great to see you. we want to get to that conference in just a moment. but you have an even bigger story you want to get to first. what is that about? >> yeah. it's a story that's bubbling up concerning michele bachmann. we may be seeing our first allegations of political dirty tricks in this campaign, alina. michele bachmann is alleging that the perry campaign is behind a stealth political attack against her campaign. take a listen on at what michele bachmann had to say to wolf blitzer just yesterday and i'll explain on the other side. >> if governor perry has
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something to say to me, he can come out to the debates and he can say it. this is clearly egg on the face unfortunately for the perry campaign. >> egg on the face of the perry campaign. let's explain what michele bachmann is talking about. there's a tea party group, american majority, that came out a few days ago and urged michele bachmann to drop out of the race. they say she's not representing the tea party too well, she's talking too much about social issues. michele bachmann is not only taking aim at the tea party group, but she's taking aim at the the perry group saying this group are supporters of the perry campaign and that the perry campaign put them behind this. the perry campaign denies this, they say they have nothing to do with it. the group denies this, as well. but michele bachmann, she's intent saying this is a political and dirty trick orchestrated by the perry campaign.
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alina. >> very interesting. you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that rick perry is ahead in the polls and in some ways, that's probably not a surprise. now, having said that, you're there in da moip. what do we need to know about today's event in iowa inspect. >> this is a big gathering of the republicans and conservatives, the national federation of conservatives. it's a gathering, a biannual gathering every few years. rick santorum, ron paul, they've been storming across iowa hoping to make -- you also have rick perry's wife, anita perry. >> always great to see you on the campaign trail, shannon travis, live for us from des moines. thanks. rick perry is not only skipping today's event in iowa, he may take a pass on the next debate, as well, and the one past that. we're going to talk to political insiders coming up in about 30
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minutes. right now, let's get you caught up on the snowstorm in new york city. there's a live look at manhattan. that's columbus circle. and that nasty rain there you see on the left of your screen is expected to turn into snow a bit later. that's central park on the right. here is the latest look at the radar picture, a relatively rare nor'easter for october. all the white there, that's snow. it's bitter weather for trick or treaters. not much weather for the crews charged with keeping roads and highways clear. they will have their work cut out for them in worcester, massachusetts. worcester could get up to 8 inches or more tonight. meteorologist the alexander steel is tracking the storm for us. this october nor'easter, rare. it's been a long time, hasn't it? >> in new york city, how about
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59 years? so, really, all the big cities on average, it's about a month and a half early for this measurable snow. did you not believe me? i told you, 5:00 this morning, there you go. it's a cool and interesting delineation that's right along the 95 corridor. that's the snow. here is the rain and the pink where we're seeing the changeover. and it's all about the cold. here is pennsylvania. already reports of the 5 to 6 inches of snow and also we have reports east of 95 also from snow and in virginia, even some power outages. that really might be the calling card of this. additional snow, i think what will be the calling card of the power outages we see. the snow is heavy and wet. i just want to show you new york state. here is kingston. the perk shires, the cat skills, the higher elevations, that's
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where we're going to see it. why are we seeing it? well, here is the area of low pressure. this is what we're seeing. it's the nor'easter. it's been moving to the north and east and this has a history of snow. so it's got some history and it's got some punch. here is what's happening. we're watching this area. the more is moving in, temperatures are dropping and with that, we're going to see some snowfall totals. incredibly substantial. not unprecedented, but very, very rare. pennsylvania already seeing 4, 5 or 6 inches being reported. the moisture has been there longer. we're going to watch that move north and east. poughkeepsie, 13 inches possibly. springfield, hartford, that's where the heaviest snow will be. but we will see it on the big city. here is new york city and what you're going to see. wind and rain today, that's what you've got right now waking up looking outside. like christmas, is it snow out there?
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not yet. this afternoon, the 2 to 4 inches for you. it's been a long time, 359 year. boston, we're going to see it last longer. and in philadelphia, farther south, rain and wind happening right now. mixing with snow tonight and potentially 1 to 3 inches. so a few things to note about this. it's heavy, it's wet. the winds have strong power outages will be a story. 60 million people impacted in one way or another with rain, wind or snow. certainly this is quite a storm we'll be talking about for tomorrow. >> i know it's going to move out pretty fast, but what a mess in the meantime. and i think i smell airport delays. >> absolutely. already have some delays. already, actually, some of the airline carriers are offering those winter weather advisories. you can move and change your flights so look into that if you're traveling.
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>> i will be tomorrow. thank you, alexandra. in bangkok, residents were urged to leave but many stayed put. many areas around the city are already under water. nearly 400 people have died, millions more forced from their homes. >> reporter: this lady has told us that she has run out of money. she is afraid for the safety of her animals. these are her dogs. she has a few rabbit these. she's just trying to get them to higher ground. she's starting to become very, very worried. that's what's happening in a lot of this area. we are seeing some of the elderly people getting into trucks that the army has brought and jumping in there because their homes are unindated with water. >> this has been the worst flooding in thailand in more than six decades. the occupy oakland protesters gain a familiar face. we'll tell you what documentary film producer michael moore has to say about them and the movement. that's next on cnn saturday morning.
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welcome back. jp morgan chase bank has deciding against charging a monthly fee for your debit card. they are the latest big bank to back off the monthly fee idea. chase had been testing the fee for the last eight months or so. last month, bank of america announced its own $5 a month fee. that led to a lot of criticism from customers. b of a now says it's considering a change in that policy. apple may have sold 4 million of its apple 4s iphones. according to a research firm,
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samsung ships nearly 28 million smartphones between july and september compared to apple's 17 million. when you look at the big picture, though, it is unclear if samsung passed apple in actual sales since the company doesn't disclose those figures. now those occupy protests across the u.s., protesters are back in oakland, california, and for now, the city of oakland is keeping a low profile as for one demonstration that keeps one demonstrator's skull cracked. scott olson should make a full recovery. celebrity filmmaker michael moore made an appear yaps and spoke to protesters. >> this happened organically. it is a true grassroots in my lifetime. i have never seen a movement like this. good for you, this town, and good for you people all across the country. >> in new york where this all started, mayor michael bloomberg
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says there are no plans to move the protesters out. mary snow tells us police are cracking down now in a different way. >> an unexpected wake-up call for occupy wall street protesters. >> the city of new york does not allow for the use of generators and fuel in a matter that threatens public safety. >> new york city firefighters, accompanying by police, showed up to respect and remove generators and fuel containers the city says are a fire hazard for the protesters camped out. but the city and the protester is say there was no resistance. among people like nicholas isabella, it's raised suspicion. >> i think that the city, while they publicly say that we are allowed to be here, internally, they're trying to find ways of wasn'ting us out slowly. >> michael mrook bloomburg
10:16 am
during an interview says the generators and container res fire hazards and are against the law. protesters say they've taken precautions and had fire extinguishers. they're asking why the city is acting now. >> it comes after a terrible violent attack after occupy oakland. of course we're concerned, legitimately concerned because sometimes the ex planations that are given in this city is not really what's going on. >> reporter: the move follows violence against demonstrators this week in oakland, california. the mayor there has since apologized. in new york, the mayor says there's no plans to move protesters. >> the property is not city property and, so far, brookfield hasn't complained to us and asked us to remove people, so that's not a consideration. >> then there's the weather
10:17 am
factor. protesters are bracing for cold weather and snow, vowing to take through it the. >> you're not seeing a concern with the weather? >> i'm not saying people won't leave, but it's not going to have an aefk us us. we're not leaving. >> and in new york, one person pointed to recent violence at occupy protests movements across the country. they say they will sue protesters if officers here get hurt. >> it's time to vote. not in the world of politics. this vote is all about celebrating inspirational people. aren't they, josh levs? >> absolutely, yes. the cnn heroes. and the ideas that this many they come up with to help people in need are often amazing. >> so many inspiring stories. josh, thank you. first, what do you think is the average student loan debt
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being carried by the average class of 2011? 2,4 let you know, 4,000 or 24 shous?
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so we asked you before the break, what do you think is the average student loan debt being carried by the graduating class of 2009? we're talking about four year non-profit colleges. is it $2,400, $4,000 or 24,00$2? the answer is $24,000. that's according to the institute for college access and success. wow. let us takes kids lots of years to pay off their student debt. they go to great lengths to
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make personal sacrifices to help people in need. now they're being honored in a big way. they're cnn heroes and you get to choose a hero of the big year. josh levs is here to show us how they do it. how do they do it, josh? >> it's amazing. the way they come up with great ideas is a lot of things people wouldn't even think of. this year, we have ten honorees, some people struggling with injuries, family, hunger, here is one of the heroes. >> my mission is to help my fellow americans who have fallen on hard times. in a week, i'll receive 20 to 30 letters. >> me and my family are in desperate need of help. >> i want to verify it's g genuine. >> just one of the examples there of the ten heroes.
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i want to tell you how you can learn about all of them. it's real easy. go to when you get to this main page, you learn about them. we link you to your organizations. if you want to help or learn more about it. and each person has a fan page. here is an example. amy stokes, here is an interesting story. she is someone who works with kids i believe in south africa, helping kids suffering from hiv up with mentors. here is how it's going to work. every person who is one of the ten gets $50,000. and the one that you choose to be cnn hero of the year will get $250,000. here is how the voting works. when you get there, go to this page. click on vote. once you click on whoever it is you want to be a hero, their photo will show up right here in the area where you vote pup hook it up to your e-mail address or your facebook. what that will allow is allow all your friends to find out how you're voting. you can get them involved and
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get others involved and push them to vote, as well. and something new this year, alina, we have this entire system set up on mobile, as well. if you go to cnn on your mobile device, you will be able to place a vote there, as well. >> josh, i asked you this before. it's not quite like "american idol," but you can vote more than once, right? >> well, you know, it's better than "american idol" in that you don't have to fight to get through the phone lines. what we've got going here is a system in which you can vote up to ten times a day per e-mail address or facebook account. so if you have multiple accounts like that, you can vote more. the deadline will be december 7th, midnight pacific time. and the announcement will be live, sunday, december 11th at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific here on cnn. everything you just saw, i've linked up for you on my dotcom.
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>> thank you very much, josh levs. i appreciate it. the trial of michael jackson's doctor this week, jurors heard from expert witnesses this week, including one that said jackson gave himself that fatal dose. first, before the break, a company that correct local data about internet use, one of the things they looked at in the report is the world's fastest and slowest internet connections. latvia, number five. the netherlands at fourth. third of the list is japan. hong kong says the number two spot. and the country with the fastest internet on the world? south korea. by the way, the united states was number 12 on the list. after the praek, we'll check out the fastest fewest states.
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sglooe the state of the internet quart urly report was recently released by the company that collects global data about internet use. one of the things they look out in the report, the world's fastest and slow eest. the u.s. came in 12th. vermont at number five, next on the list is utah. third, washington, d.c. delaware takes the number two spot. and guess what? the state with the fastest internet in the country, rhode island. the trial of michael jackson's doctor could wrap up next week.
10:26 am
jurors will hear from an expert witness who says jackson gave himself the fatal dose. >> what we saw, first of all, after a few witnesses that did some timing, issues, cleared some things up, then we saw the character witnesses. there were five of them. he each came up on the stand in an attempt to try to humanize dr. murray who had been beaten up controlly by the prosecution's case. one by one, they got up on the stand and said dr. murray was the best doctor they had ever had. >> he was the best doctor i've ever been to because of the treatment, because of the clarity of what he's doing and the follow-ups. and i just don't thinks did what he's been accused of.
10:27 am
>> but the most important witness by far for the defense came on friday, dr. paul wright. he is the expert anesthesiologist that was combatting the prosecution's expert. and what he was able to do in his direct testimony was establish an alternative theory as to how michael jackson died. the prosecution believes jackson died via an i.v. drip of propofol and established to the jury saying michael jackson injected the fatal dose himself. >> his scenario, doesn't reconcile with dr. murray's statement. >> no. >> does it reconcile with the physical evidence found at the scene. >> no. >> does it reconcile with the
10:28 am
urine concentrate found at autopsy? >> no. >> the scenario that we have up here, does it reconcile with dr. murray's statement to the police? >> it does with respect to the dose that dr. murray administered. i don't recall if he commented on the possibility that mr. jackson had self-administered. so i have to carefully check that report. in other respects, it does, yes. >> does it reconcile with the evidence found at the scene? >> yes, it does. >> does it reconcile with the urine evidence provided by your reconciliation? >> yes. >> now, dr. white isn't finished with his system. he still hasn't endured krorgz. whether he'll be able to with stand cross-examination and
10:29 am
still have those points intact that he was able to establish, we'll have to wait and see. he'll be on the stand monday for the cross. we expect that claurths now, because of all the delays that we've seen in the last couple of weeks won't occur until, likely, wednesday or thursday. coming up, we're talking election year politics with maria wardonia and lenny mcallister. you look great, too, lenny. among the topics, smoking online campaign ad. also ahead, the deadly day for troops in afghanistan after a suicide bomber hit a nato military convoy. we're going live to kabul after the break. 4g-- the next evolution in wireless technology.
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it is 32 minutes past the hour. welcome back to cnn saturday morning. we'll we're glad you're with us. i'm alina cho. t.j. holmes is off. and we begin this half hour with breaking news out of afghanistan. a suicide attack in kabul today has killed at least 13 american troops. our nick peyton walsh is live for us in kabul. nick, what a nato saying about the attack? >> they are confirming the deaths of .of their personnel in this attack. cnn's barbara starr also saying
10:33 am
a u.s. official telling her the 13 men are americans. this is a huge loss in what is t the deadliest attack since august. this appears to have been today a suicide bomber driving with explosives into this nato convoy in what should have been one of the more secure areas of kabul. again, concerns about the safety of basic nato transfer. in the past 24 hours, a man is turning his weapon upon two personnel also killed in that instant, as well. that's not confirming nationalities like that but concerns today we might be seeing the beginning of an increase in violence in the
10:34 am
important months ahead of the withdrawal from afghanistan. trying to frame the political process, frame how american troops will stay here in the future and how afghans will stay charge of their own territory ahead and the u.s. troops and nato troops again a partial withdraw. alina. >> nick paton walsh live for us in afghanistan, thank you very much. turning live now to the gop presidential trail, rick perry may be looking to cut back on his debate appearance. here is what his spokesman said. >> we certainly respect the process. but when you've got eight or nine candidates and 30 seconds to a minute, it takes valuable time away from campaigning in iowa as those elections approach. >> did i say -- are you saying he's going to look over the calendar and scratch some of them out? >> john, they're having 18 more in the planning phase.
10:35 am
there's no way that the candidates can do all those debates. >> all right. this is do you think it's a good idea to start skipping debates? let's talk about rick perry. he hasn't decided yet whether he's going to bow out of some of these debates. i believe there are 18 in all left so far. but having said that, would he be saying this if this debate performances were deemed good and his poll numbers stayed up? or is it only because the media has said he didn't do such a good job? >> well, of course he wouldn't be saying that if he did better in debates. what he's looking at is he's looking at the fact that he's won every election he's been in. and some of these elections down in texas, he refused to debate his opponent. now he has to get on the national stage and he doesn't done well debate, these folks.
10:36 am
he is making himself look worse and worse. he is basically sinking in quick sand. he's trying to figure out a way to breach himself from the stumbling bumbling candidate. if he's running for governor of iowa, it's okay to campaign with the people in iowa and not touch the rest of the country. however, he's running for the presidency of the united states. he needs to speak to the american people as much as possible. the fund raising is going to be a national phenomenon. if he shuts himself out of being in these debates, he's going to limit himself once again. it looks like he's retreating. let's be real, texans and american presidents never retreat when it's game and the crisis is on the line and we need leadership. this is not a good thing for him to do. >> maria, let's talk about michele bachmann. she's sort of blaming rick perry supporters and saying they're behind the move. what do you make of all this?
10:37 am
>> if i was michele bachmann, i would completely ignore that, alina. she should stay focused on her message. frankly, i think and a lot of conservatives think she has been the best messenger for the tea party's issues and ideology, much better than rick perry. so i wouldn't be surprised if rick perry is behind this, but i do think it's risky for her to go out and make an accusation if she has no proof. i don't think that's going to help her. when i heard about this yesterday, i sort of got my back up for michele bachmann. i will tell her she should stay in this race and not let anything anybody tell her what to do. >> it makes things interesting. as our can ddy crowley said, it doesn't hurt her any more than she has been hurt in the polls. let's talk about herman
10:38 am
cain. he has an ad out with his chairman puffing on a cigarette pep thinks the ad is what laborious. what do you think is the impact of his campaign? >> he's been doing thing unconventionally this whole time. this isn't a surprise. this is one of the types of things that endear the tea party folks to herman cain. but at some point in time, he's going to have to look more mainstream. this is great for the primary voter. but if he's going to be the mainstream guy that's going to win the presidency, he has to get out of this, he has to start speaking to a wider base of people. this is part of the reason why michele bachmann has fallen off, part of the reason why rick perry has fallen off and i think this is going to be a reason why herman cain has fallen off. you have to speak to a diverse american. >> very quickly, maria, i want
10:39 am
to ask about president obama and his push for two programs that could help people who want to refinance their mortgages and people who are under water in items of paying off their student loans. does either program help him overcome those low numbers on the economy and those low numbers on the poll? he says he wants to act alone now, but is it going to work? >> i think it's part of his message that he is being decisive on the economy in the face of republicans not wanting to do anything to help the middle class and the working class. and i think that it will help him. if he continues to underscore what he is trying to do for middle class and working dmras class americans in terms of student loan webs in terms of homeowners who are under water on their mortgage, he announced a program that would give tax credits to businesses who hire veterans. he announced the program for small business toes streamline regulatory laws. so i think all of those do help him in terms of underscoring the message that he is doing everything that he can to help
10:40 am
this economy while republicans are trying to block him every step of the way because what is their number one goal? not to create jobs. according to mitch mcconnell, their number one goal is to keep this president at one term. that is not the kind of leadership we need in washington. >> there's not absolutely everything they can do. if they focused on obama care and all of these other things, that's not doing everything they can to get america back to work. >> the republicans aren't doing anything to create jobs, lenny. >> but you know what inspect they've got to get the president out of the way. >> kids, kids, kids. oh, my goodness. all right. we're going to have to end it here. sad thing. >> thanks, alina. >> great to to see you, lenny and maria. why don't you guys hug later. still ahead, severe weather winter alerts in effect for parts of the northeast. we are live with the latest on the storm track.
10:41 am
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woirntd weather is winter weather is headed to
10:44 am
the northeast today. the problem is, it's not winter. it's putting a premium on snow blowers, salt bags and much more. gas generators aren't a bad idea, either, with possible power outages expected. >> the trees, still plenty of leaves on them. you have forecasters saying heavy, wet snow, high winds. those are all of the perfect ingredients for potentially a large problem with the electric grid. >> 34 minutes, half past the hour. still with the late oeft that big snowstorm, an october nor'easter. it's been 59 years since one has hit new york. right? >> that's right. so rare but unprecedented. he makes vary about point. allege gainny energy, still covering maryland and west virginia. covering 20,000 without power. i think that would be the calling card with this. heavy snow coming down, the winds will kick up. that is the recipe for trees down and, thus, the pour
10:45 am
outages. look at this. that is already the back sooiz of this storm. let me pull that back farther so you can see opinion this is it, this is the quick hitter. it's today only. places like boston will have resil siddals for tomorrow morning. washington, d.c., between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon, it will be over. that's the radar. here on the surface map, there's the area of low pressure. that's the same area of low pressure that brought snow to denver, snow to texas. again, it will be a quick mover. power outages, one of the biggest movers. especially tonight and tomorrow. along the coast is where the winds will be the strongest. here is what you want to know, right? how much snow are you going to get snp? in boston, we've seen snow only four times. meaning it's measurable. in new york city, it's only been three times. allentown, pennsylvania, pennsylvania, especially eastern
10:46 am
and central pennsylvania, will see substantial snow. look at parts of connecticut, 13 inches, springfield. this area certainly will be substantial snow. new york city, we'll see and wind rain today mixing with snow this evening. boston, going to see that snow tomorrow morning. not poult poultry, but certainly quite rare. there's philadelphia. philadelphia right now, there are reports north and west of the city that the rain has changed over to snow. philadelphia, it's still 39 degrees. we've got colder air to get into yet before we see snow. >> all right. thank you, alexandra. it was quite a journey getting there, but the cardinals are this year's world champions. we'll tell you how they beat the odds. plus, we'll check on the celebrations in st. louis. but first, for some, it's all about getting the candy. but for others, dressing up w is the best part of halloween.
10:47 am
the top five costumes for adults, as number five, batman. four, zombie. three, vampire. two, pirate and the number one costume for adults? witch. back with the break. we'll have the top costumes for pets. it's just how i want to do it ♪ ♪ changing of my mind ♪ it's just how we're gonna do it ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] turn your world upside down with gillette fusion proglide because you can shave against the grain with comfort. fusion proglide's microcomb guides hair for its thinner blades to cut close effortlessly. get against the grain closeness comfortably with gillette fusion proglide.
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before the break, we showed you the five most popular costumes for adults. now we have the top costumes for pets. number five, cat. number four, bee. number three, hot dog. number two, devil and number one, pumpkin. by the way, the national retail federation says americans are spending a little more than $300 million on pet costumes this halloween. are you kidding me? joe carter from hln sports here. it was a look at all of the highlights. but first, your dog is a pumpkin. >> you know, i didn't even know that was the case. i feel like i'm on board. i feel a little embarrassed. >> no, no, the dog should be embarrassed. >> all right. okay.
10:51 am
we were talking about the world series earlier. this is huge. i thought that the texas rangers would pull through and get their first world series. >> i think you had the sentim t sentimental favorite. the cardinals, you have to give it to them. late august, it didn't look like they were going to make the playoffs. the braves started stinking up the room and they started to get hot. like i said, they got hot in the month of october. they got in on the last day of the regular season. when they got in on the playoffs, they were the underdogs, they beat the phillies, they beat the brewers, and last night, they beat the texas rangers. it's incredible what the cardinals have done as the un r underdog. they just had another 500 to 1 odds for the casuals to win the world series. only the yankees have won more world series titles. there are a lot of great back stories to this team, as well.
10:52 am
david freese, went to high school 20 miles away from busch stadium. the hero in game six, one of the greatest heros of all time that i've ever seen in the world series. >> big parade tomorrow, right? >> big parade. grab your items and rolaids. >> it's almost too much between the beer and the candy. >> the beer and the candy and the aspirin. >> so what's going on with the nba? they just can't figure it out. >> yeah. it's a fight over money. and i think the biggest loser in all of this is the fans are the loser, and then the merchants, the guy that works the second job selling the tickets, running the beer up and down the concourse. this has dragged on 121 days. the commissioner now has said we're going to have no games through the month of november. the players and orthopedics have met 11 times this month for nearly 87 hours and they still
10:53 am
can't seem to get a deal. 82 season the commissioner said is not going to happen at this point. >> this is unprecedented. a few years back, they had a 50-game season because of a lockout. coming up, fewer risks, the tsa unveils a new security plan that allows some to walk through fewer security before allowings to get on their flight. so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have
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as you wish. go national. go like a pro. now through january earn a free day with every two rentals. find out more at welcome back. as any seasoned traveler will tell you, long lines at archt security can bring any trip to a grinding halt. but in this snaultment of on the go, reynolds wolf shows us how some pga passengers breeze through airport security. >> reporter: imagine getting through security in minutes. >> it was great. i didn't have to pick up my laptop, my ipod, my cell phone. i didn't have to take off my
10:57 am
shoes. it was awesome. it's so easy. >> the tsa is making this easy with its new precheck program. they get information in advance about frequent travelers who in return get to literally fly through the line. currently, precheck is only available for selected flyers with delta in atlanta and detroit. and american airline customers in miami and dallas/ft. worth. >> they can go through our website to give information and become part of the program. >> but even approved passengers aren't guaranteed every time and can still be subjected to extra security later. but when it's a body scanner versus security breeze, passengers seem to soar over precheck. >> it's a lot smoother. that's incredible. >> and we're following a developing story out of afghanistan. 13 u.s. troops are killed after a suicide bomber hit the nato
10:58 am
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