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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hundreds of occupy protesters are back on the streets in oakland, one night after a violent face-off with police that left an iraq war veteran seriously injured. and could this be a breakthrough for mitt romney? he's ahead of his rivals in four early voting states. we have the results of the
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latest cnn/time/orc poll. plus, this is sure to wake you up. bp has gotten the green tlit drill in the gulf of mexico. good morning to you. it's thursday, october 27th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." wall street investors are waking up to some encouraging news to the delight of the united states and markets around the globe. unileaders have worked out a deal to resolve the debt crisis. the agreement came after ten hours of tough negotiations in brussels. as part of the plan, banks agreed to take a 50% loss on greek bonds. the region's banks also must raise about $150 billion in new capital to protect themselves from potential debt defaults. and the plan calls for expanding the region's emergency bailout fund. now this debt deal is full of complicated details which must be finalized in the coming days and weeks. joining us now from hong kong with his take on the agreement is cnn's andrew stevens. andrew, good morning.
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in layman's terms, give us the nuts and bolts of this deal and what it means for the eurozone, greece and the united states. >> well, the vision that the european leaders want to see by signing this deal, carol, is that a big, thick black line has been drawn under the euro crisis. the confidence will be restored in what european leaders are doing to deal with the crisis. and they can then turn around to getting on with the job of lifting economic growth. getting people back to work and generally increasing prosperity. the devil, though is in the details. we got some pretty impressive headline looking numbers there. the banks have been basically -- they've been forced to take this haircut. so they're going to lose 50% of the value of their holdings of all their greek bonds. that means that greece doesn't have such a big debt problem to deal with so it's more -- it's less likely to actually stop paying its debts as in the default. this is all good. but one of the key ones here is this rescue fund. what the europeans have done is
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said we're going to increase it from around about 250 billion euros to 1 billion euros. that's about 1.4 -- sorry 1 trillion. $1.4 trillion u.s. dollars. and that will be there in the form of a sort of insurance to make sure that if there's any other troubles the eurozone rescue part, there's enough firepower in there to deal with it. and what that means most importantly is what they want to get across, the message they want to get across here is we're prepared to deal with any future problems, which means that you've got confidence as an investor to invest in us again. so europe is getting back to work. if you like, the debt crisis is behind us. it's a big one on their point of view. that's what they want us to believe. a lot of people aren't believing it yet. >> i was going to ask you how the markets are faring in light of this agreement. >> well, look at the knee-jerk reaction. as you said, it's waking up -- u.s. investors waking up to pretty good news. some of the big markets, germany, france, up by more than
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3%. hong kong up by more than 3%. the futures on wall street up 1.5%. they like what they see knee-jerk reaction because there's been so much uncertainty. there's been so many plans that started and fell. but this one is much bigger. the brits and americans were calling for a big bazooka approach. this is probably a medium size bazooka approach but it is something concrete that investors are holding on to. whether this lasts, whether this feel-good lasts, that's still a matter of opinion. certainly the people i've been speaking to -- i've been speaking to a lot here in asia and europe today. they are expressing reservations, whether this actually is going to be one that can stick and turn things around. >> yeah, we're kind of used to the roller coaster ride. so we'll continue to watch. andrew stevens live for us this morning. thanks so much. a different protest in show of solidarity for occupy protesters in california. they had a vigil last night for an iraq war veteran who was seriously injured during a clash with oakland police on tuesday. protesters say scott olsen
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suffered a skull fracture when he was hit by a projectile fired by police. a police spokeswoman says the incident is being investigated. olson is a member of iraq veterans against the war. a member of the group says olson is hospitalized. he's in serious but stable condition. in new york, hundreds of occupy protesters marched in support of olson. at least ten people were arrested in clashes with police. you may remember the story about the $6 billion missing or stolen in iraq? it turns out it wasn't stolen or missing at all. a new pentagon audit says most of the money ended up where it was supposed to be in the central bank of iraq. the bush administration delivered the money to iraq during the early stages of the war. an audist last year was unable to account for the money which triggered suspicion that it had been stolen or misplaced. the money was not american taxpayer dollars. it came from money withheld from iraq during economic sanctions under saddam hussein.
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it's not looking good for the congressional supercommittee charged with forging a deficit reduction deal by a mid-november deadline. congressional sources from both parties say the republicans on the 12-member committee rejected the latest democratic proposal, a $3 trillion plan, designed to slash the deficit. a republican aide dismissed the plan as, quote, outrageously absurd. democratic sources say the plan would include cuts to medicare and medicaid and other entitlement programs over ten years. in return, republicans were asked to agree to more than a trillion dollars in higher tax revenue. if the committee fails to reach an agreement by november 23rd, across the board trigger cuts would go into effect in 2013. republican presidential candidate mitt romney has something to smile about this morning. a new cnn/time" orc poll shows romney ahead of his rivals in the first four early voting states. romney is the overwhelming front-runner in new hampshire. he holds a lead over rivals in
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florida and is basically tied for the top spot with herman cain in iowa and south carolina. but only about one-third of all respondents say they have their minds made up. now let's head to atlanta and check in with reynolds wolf. any flight delays to worry about this morning? >> flight delays? yeah, absolutely. we've got a lot of flight delays. take a look at them. beginning in new york and philadelphia, it's going to be rain and wind that may keep you on the tarmac for over an hour. also some other backups farther to the north in boston. showers and wind. delays just under an hour. farther west into chicago and detroit, low clouds and a few rain showers may keep you grounded there. d.c. metro, a few delays. just under an hour with thunderstorms. in dallas, the combination of those thunderstorms, mainly intensifying into the afternoon and, of course, that wind might give you a few delays there as well. take a look at the national perspective. the long frontal boundary that extends nearly 2,000 miles from the northeast to the southern plains. the combination of rain, sleet,
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snow. quite cold air coming in from the northern plains. the fire threat remains for the sierra nevada out towards the west. in terms of the rest of your forecast, one of the big things you'll deal with, slow and go in terms of just the cold conditions for parts of the northern plains. morning lows, 20s and 30s. wind gusts topping 30 miles per hour. you want to talk about big wind? take a look near the yucatan peninsula. hurricane rina barely holding on as a category 1. we do not expect this really to cause too much of a threat for the united states. expected to actually die out as it surges more to the north. speaking of the tropics, something we found in the tropical waters. take a look at this video. black beard the pirate. they found his cannon. diving crews off of buford inlet on the carolina coast recovered the cannon from his ship that sank back off the inlet in june of 1718, over 280,000 artifacts have been recovered, including an anchor weighing some 2,500
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pounds. amazing stuff. the farther down you go, a little more of the past you find. that's one of the prized possessions there from queen anne's revenge. >> that is fascinating. any treasures? i mean, there should be buried treasure on board that ship? >> i would think so. they've been tight lipped about it. they'll let you know about the anchor and the cannon but there are other items we don't know about. i have a feeling there's going to be some traveling show that's going to spill the beans and share with the public what exactly they found. but amazing stuff. >> amazing. i hope they share soon. thanks, reynolds. did you hear? peta plans on suing seaworld. the group says the killer whales are being used as slaves. well, leave it to comedian steven colbert to have a little fun with this one. >> i am incensed every time peta speaks for the animals. they can speak for themselves. and evidently all they care about is cereal and insurance. and now, folks, peta is speaking
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for the whales. >> saying that animal performers like these orkas are essentially slaves. >> really? >> how many slaves got to hang out all day at a water park? it's what legal scholars refer to as the air bud defense. because evidently there is nothing in the rule book that says that whales can't be a slave. ooh "slave bud." disney, call me. >> defense attorneys are hoping key witnesses will help prove dr. conrad murray is not a killer. >> if this man had been greedy, he never would have come to an area or commune iity, 75% of th poor. >> just ahead, what made the doctor actually break down in the courtroom. but first, our quote of the day. the quote, i don't know whose
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat. it's 12 minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." back to our quote of the day. "i don't know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves
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because it was so horrendous what was happening." came from ruth madoff, bernie madoff's wife. she made those comments in an interview with cbs saying she and her husband attempted to overdose on drugs because of the outrage over his crime. of course, you remember bernie madoff was convicted of masterminding a $50 billion ponzi scheme, the largest in u.s. history. today is a crucial day for the defense in the michael jackson death trial. dr. conrad murray's lawyers plan to call an anesthesiologist to counter disparaging testimony given by one of the prosecution witnesses. ted rowlands has more for you from los angeles. >> reporter: when court resumes, we expect to hear from the defense star witness, dr. paul white. he is the propofol expert that they'll use to combat the state's case that dr. conrad murray overdosed michael jackson with propofol. yesterday in court it was a very emotional day, specifically for dr. conrad murray who broke down
5:14 am
a few times listening to character witnesses. these were all patients brought in to basically tell the jury that dr. murray was an excellent doctor. >> i know his love, compassion, feelings for his patients. he's the best doctor i've ever been to because of the treatment, because of the clarity of what he's doing. and the follow-ups. and i just don't think he did what he's been accused of. >> the defense is using these character witnesses for two basic reasons. first to build murray up as a competent physician. the other reason is to dissuade the jurors' notion he was in this for the money. specifically they had a few of these character witnesses talk about murray's practice in an underserved area in houston, texas. >> if this man had been greedy, he never would have come to an
5:15 am
area or community of acreage home, 75% of them poor, on welfare and social security. >> reporter: but the key to the defense case will be coming up with the testimony of dr. paul white. we do expect him at some point too take the stand later today. ted rowlands, cnn, los angeles. >> you can see that testimony ted just mentioned by watching live coverage of the trial. it airs throughout the day on our sister network hln, your place for expert coverage of the dr. conrad murray trial. rick perry, he started out strong, but his poll numbers have plunged after his debate performances. now he's debating whether to participate in future debates. we'll talk about that next. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere. save time and get back to what you love. the latest innovation. only for ink customers. learn more at 17 minutes past the hour. time for your political ticker with tim farrelly host of "morning briefing." good morning, tim. >> good morning, carol. >> let's start with mitt romney, shall we? according to new polls by cnn/time/orc, mitt romney is now leading in four key states. you know. analysts are saying he's got it in the bag, but i don't know. >> you know, you look at these numbers. if we take them in order, mitt romney has a lead of three points in iowa, which is statistically tied. 27 points in new hampshire. south carolina, again, two
5:18 am
points. statistically, pretty much a tie. and ten a 12-point lead in florida which wise 50 delegates to give out, more than all the other three contests combined. what's fascinating is he's leading in places where he shouldn't be leading, like iowa. herman cain is in second place in all of these polls. in some cases a distant second. so i think that's good news for mitt romney, no question about it. the one caveat is about 50% in some cases even more, of the voters say they could change their mind and vote for somebody else. the question is whether it's that 50% that is committed to somebody other than mitt romney or if it's people committed to mitt romney, too. so this is not over. it's certainly good news for mitt romney but doesn't close the deal for him at all, carol. >> the other thing that i always think about is if republican voters aren't really excited about mitt romney, even though some of them are supporting them, might they stay home or is their desire to get barack obama out of office so strong that they will turn out and vote even if they aren't so enthusiastic
5:19 am
about the candidate? >> that's the big question. and the only answer will be what are we doing a year from now? are we still at 9% unemployment? is the economy still having its struggles? is the united states in some sort of an international embroil? all of those things could figure into it. the question guesting the vote out, though, is one. the question of voter enthusiasm will be key for not just the republicans but even the democrats in the next election. >> you've got that right. let's talk about rick perry a bit. he's debating whether to keep debating. we know he's had his struggles. if you need a reminder, here's one. >> i think americans just don't know sometimes which mitt romney they are dealing with. is it the mitt romney that was on the side of against the second amendment before he was for the second amendment? was it before he was before the social programs from the standpoint of he was for standing up for roe v. wade
5:20 am
before he was against roe v. wade. he was for race to the top. he's for obama care and now he is against it. i mean, we'll wait until tomorrow and see which mitt romney we're really talking to. >> okay. so that was just one example of -- that was a really ugly performance. >> out of time, mr. perry. oh, thankfully. mitt romney's gears were turning in his head watching him slowly fall apart. >> what must have been going through his head. but the question is, though -- go ahead, tim. >> no, i was going to say, we never had a presidential debate in this country until 1960 and we didn't have another one again until jimmy carter debated ronald reagan. that said, debates are a part of the landscape now and you have to sell yourself on tv. one can only imagine if rick perry is not able to hold his own among those seven or eight
5:21 am
candidates on the stage or against mitt romney, what is it going to be like if he were the candidate against barack obama? i think that's the question people will ask. i understand what he's saying. but, you know, debates are not always the best way to sell yourself. frankly that's the culture we live in and you have to be able to at least hold your ground. i don't think that not p participating is going to help him out at all. that's going to be a problem for him. i don't think it sends a good signal at all. >> thank you as always, tim farrelly, host of "morning briefing" on sirius potus radio. as lawmakers in italy try to get a handle on their massive debt, two decided to get a handle on each other, as in going at each other's throats. we'll have more on this big brawl just ahead. [ mom ] scooter? your father loves
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24 minutes past the hour. thousands of women in yemen have set their veils on fire in protest. they are outraged at the crackdown on anti-government demonstrators. let's head around the world with zain verjee live in london. this is a pretty conservative muslim nation so the sight of berning veils is really striking. what was their inspiration? >> it really is, you know. it's a very rare thing to happen in a conservative islamic society like this. and this has never happened before. they just threw off their veils that in this country that is used to cover their heads and
5:25 am
faces. their inspiration for this, carol, was actually one of the women who won the nobel peace prize, an activist from yemen. she was one of three. as you can see from this video, they were out on the streets. they were protesting, showing off their veils and then lighting them up on fire. they are really angry with president saleh and the harsh, brutal government crackdown on protests there. carol? >> on another topic, we have to talk about european leaders because they appear to have this deal to try and stem the debt crisis and save, you know -- and save the euro. part of the deal means italy has to rangel its own debt but during all of it in italy, fists started to fly. >> it really says it all. two lawmakers literally at each other's throats. imagine this kind of scene, carol, on the house floor or the senate floor. but that's basically what
5:26 am
happened here. one of the things they were discussing and that italy needs to do is to deal with pension reform. and the proposition is that they need to raise it by two years. so that gets the age up to 67. this is something so controversial. and look what happened. two lawmakers went at each other like that. and they had to get people to pull them off one another. there was a recess for a few minutes. parliament was actually suspended for a short while. the italian economy is in pretty bad shape. not as bad as greece but definitely something to be concerned about, and it needs help. >> so did the fight help anything? maybe they just needed to get their aggression out. maybe they are ready to compromise. >> the fight grabbed the headlines but the issue is still controversial. i mean if people could settle political scores like that, it would be a lot more fun to watch, but i don't know how productive something like that actually is. there were lawmakers from different side of the political
5:27 am
divide. on one side were people from berlusconi's coalition government and the other was the opposition. so they couldn't see eye to eye but they'll have to because italy needs to get it together. >> so does the united states. i actually can envision something like that happening on the house or senate floor here, but i hope it doesn't, of course. zain verjee live in london, thanks. it's just the news investors have been waiting to hear. finally a debt deal in europe. now the markets are reacting. we'll have that reaction just ahead. and feeling like they were both pushed to the edge, the shocking confession from the wife of bernie madoff. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have 6 grams of sugars. with 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight.
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good morning to you. it's thursday, october 27th.
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this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello. it is 30 minutes past the hour. u.s. stock futures are in positive territory this morning after european leaders finally struck a deal on the region's debt crisis. many were worried that without a solution it could mean another global recession. here's what negotiators in brussels have worked out. european banks have agreed to take a 50% loss on the face value of their greek debt. the banks have also been ordered to raise their capital reserves. and an emergency bailout fund will be fattened up. it could be more than doubled to around $1.4 trillion. let's go to christine romans live here in new york with me for a quick breakdown on what this deal means for the united states and investors here. >> healthy europe, carol is incredibly important to a healthy united states. and that is the bottom line to all of this. very complicated banking and debt negotiations that have now concluded in europe. we want stability in america's number one trading partner.
5:32 am
the united states sends $400 billion worth of goods every year to the eu. we know that right now european growth is only 0.2%. that means its economy is barely growing. if you have a protracted debt crisis it could tip this economy, europe's economy into a deep recession and a deep recession would certainly mean a recession again in the u.s. also the global banking system. the nature of banking is global. you want healthy european banks because u.s. banks, u.s. private equity firms, u.s. investors, u.s. taxpayers and u.s. investors all have exposure to what's happening there. so you cannot really separate the health of europe from the health and the recovery of the u.s. right now. that's why progress was so carefully followed over the past few weeks and months here in the u.s. because they wanted to see something concrete done. the three points there addressing the greek debt issue for banks, addressing the recapitalization of european banks and beefing up the firepower of that european
5:33 am
stability fund. all three of those elements are something that had to be hammered out. and so far, investors are pleased with what they see. they think that a crisis has been averted here. of course, the commitment and the execution of all of that is what's incredibly important. but at least for now, they like what they see. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. christine romans, see you in a little bit. a surprising confession about bernie madoff from his wife. more on that when we come back. e the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every purchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding. coming through! [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? it's good. honey, i love you...
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oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 34 minutes past the hour. good morning to you. a different kind of protest in show of solidarity for occupy protesters in california. they held a vigil last night for an iraq war veteran who was seriously injured during a clash with oakland police on tuesday. protesters say scott olsen is hospitalized but -- he's in serious but stable condition after a police projectile fractured his skull.
5:35 am
>> i know that many of you are standing for the same things that scott stands for so please hold him in light, hold some really positive thinking around believing that he is going to fully recover and continue the struggle alongside us. >> the incident is being investigated by oakland police. in the meantime in new york, hundreds of protesters from the occupy movement marched in support of olson. bernie madoff and his wife ruth, they tried to kill themselves. that's what ruth madoff tells cbs in an interview to air sunday on "60 minutes." ruth madoff says it happened on christmas eve in 2008 amid all the anger that bernie madoff had bilked billions from investors in the largest ponzi scheme in u.s. history. >> i don't know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls,
5:36 am
hate mail, just beyond anything. and i said i can't -- i just can't go on anymore. >> bernie madoff is now serving a 150-year sentence in a federal prison in north carolina. bp is set to resume drilling in the gulf of mexico. the company announced it has earned its first permit to drill for oil in the gulf since the deepwater horizon explosion last year. the government says that bp has met all of the enhanced safety requirements. the explosion on the deepwater horizon rig killed 11 workers leading to one of the worst oil spills in u.s. history. some campaign watchers are calling this the silly season. how that applies to rick perry and herman cain right after this. in but first, time for your get smart question of the day. halloween is right around the corner. americans are expected to spend a record amount on the holiday. so what is the estimated money
5:37 am
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buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪ it's 39 minutes past the hour. welcome back. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." now back to your get smart question of the day. the national retail federation says americans are expected to spend a record amount on halloween this year. so how much will they spend? how much will each person spend? keep in mind the total includes decorations, costumes and candy. is it $23.75? b, $72.31 or c, $112.19? the answer is "b," $72.31. the total money expected to be
5:40 am
spent by each american actually collectively all americans, get this, almost $6.9 billion on halloween alone. time for a political ticker. cnn contributor john avalon calling on the phone. actually he's calling this the silly season of the campaign trail. here's why. republican presidential candidate rick perry raising the so-called birther claims about president obama. the latest and very odd campaign ad from herman cain featuring his campaign chief of staff taking a long drag on a cigarette. and michele bachmann's entire new hampshire campaign staff resigning accusing her national staff of being, quote, rude, unprofessional, dishonest and at times cruel. john joins us now on the phone. good morning, john. >> good morning, carol. >> so what's going on with these three candidates? have they lost it? >> it's sort of a systemic problem at the moment. not only is silly season coming, but the side show is in danger of taking over the big tent
5:41 am
here. you get the sense that some of these folks are forgetting they are actually running for president of the united states. instead, the campaign has taken on sort of a reality tv show feel. at the end of the day it not only degrades their campaigns but runs the risk of degrading the country in the process because we're better than this. >> in fairness, it's sort of working for herman cain, isn't it? >> the herman cain ad, i think, was brilliant in the way that it was able to generate enormous amount of attention for very little money. i don't think herman cain ad divided the country in any kind of cynical way. but just watch when the super pac ads start airing on our tv. the genre is going to get a whole lot worse. the cain ad, i think, was relatively inspired. it's more rick perry stepping on his flat tax message. trying to reboot his campaign, relaunch his campaign which is really struggling in the polls. and he distracts himself and the whole campaign by doubling down on this thoroughly discredited
5:42 am
birther nonsense. >> not only that, but -- >> he's now -- he's backed off his birther claims. he says the president was born in the united states. he's sure about that. but he's urging the president to release, you know, his transcripts from harvard to see if the president got good grades. i mean, this is -- >> oh, for god's sakes. he's taking talking points from donald trump now. >> well, maybe -- maybe so. the other interesting thing about rick perry, though, we know he doesn't do well in debates because we've witnessed it, right? his campaign manager said maybe rick perry won't participate in the debates. maybe he'll just gather with groups of voters where he's more comfortable and share his ideas. do you think that will be more effective for rick perry? >> no, i don't. i don't think you get to say that debates are too hard but i am ready to be president of the united states in a challenging world. you got to step up and submit your candidacy side by side with the other folks running for
5:43 am
office. you don't get a pass because you don't think you are particularly good at something. you know, people run the gauntlet of running for president. and it is demanding. but it's part of the job application for the most important job in the world. and it's a completely legitimate part of the process to submit to debates standing by your fellow competitors and being judged by the american people. >> in the meantime, mitt romney just keeps on chugging right along. i mean in recent polls, he's ahead in virtually every state that's important. i mean by pretty much way ahead, you can throw herman cain in there. we're still not sure whether herman cain has real sticking power. >> the new cnn polls released yesterday of the battleground states do show romney ahead, but they also show that around 50% of voters consistently are still undecided in the republican primary. they're not wedded to any particular candidate at this point. herman cain seems to be in a
5:44 am
relatively solid second place. ron paul is not doing badly. rick perry on the other hand has really plummeted from his highs. but, you know, we are still a long way away from the votes actually being cast. and a lot of voters have not yet made up their mind. >> john avlon, thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it as always. there's one export to china from the united states. american-style television. and now fed up, the chinese government has finally said enough of that. that's coming up. but first on this day in history, in 1891, philip downing received a patent for the street mail box. the metal box with four legs protected mail from both intruders and the weather. it remains virtually unchanged to this day. it's 44 minutes past the hour. . we installed a ge fleet monitoring system. it tracks every vehicle in their fleet. it cuts fuel use.
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good morning to you. it's thursday, october 27th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello joining you live from new york. it's 47 minutes past the hour. with western culture and western-style television creeping into china, the chinese government finally says enough of that stuff. let's go around the world with zain verjee. she's live in london. so reality tv plays in china. american reality television. and the chinese government doesn't approve? >> yeah, dance with the stars,
5:48 am
"american idol"-type shows, d e dating shows, talent shows. the chinese government is not happy about this. there's been a crackdown on shows like this. let me just illustrate one of the programs. it's called "if you are the one." it's a dating show in china. and the chinese government is saying this isn't good anymore. they want shows on the air, they say, that promote morality. now the problem with putting on shows that promote morality is that you lose viewers. that's one of the thing analysts are saying. also, too, don't forget that these kind of shows have a voting system. just like in the u.s. and china is not really a democratic country. but all of a sudden you have these tv shows that pror moare promoting a democratic system so the chinese aren't too happy about that. the "super girl singing contest" was axed and replaced with a program focused on housework and public safety.
5:49 am
carol? >> you're kidding. housework and public safety? i'm sure that will be a big hit for the government-inspired television series. let's talk about something really good. this is a story out of india. a man making just $150, he becomes a millionaire. >> a millionaire. who wants to be a millionaire, he does an amazing job. and it's a rags to riches story. he answered all the questions incredibly well. he comes from this indian state called behar which is actually the poorest state in india. and now he is a millionaire. he is so excited. he's saying that he's going to build houses. he wants to buy books. he wants to learn how to read things properly. and it really has changed his life. and the guy on the right-hand side is a famous indian actor. and so he was saying that even if he didn't earn all this money, he was just happy that he could hug him and touch his feet
5:50 am
and things like that. so this is kind of like, you know, for indians to meet this actor is like something equivalent to, i don't know, meeting rob lowe for me. >> rob lowe? >> yeah. yeah, i'm addicted to "brothers & sisters" he's looking pretty good there these days. >> you got that right. thank you, zain. enjoyable, as always. wall street investors are waking up to some encouraging news this morning. to the delight of the u.s. and markets around the globe, european leaders have worked out a deal to resolve the region's debt crisis. the agreement came after ten hours of tough negotiations in brussels. as part of the plan, banks agree to take a 50% loss on greek debt. the region's banks must also raise about $150 billion in new capital to protect themselves from potential debt defaults. and the plan calls for expanding the region's emergency bailout fund. international markets are up right now in response to the news. here in the united states, dow
5:51 am
futures up as well. it's not looking good for the congressional supercommittee charged with forging a deficit reduction deal by a mid-november deadline. congressional sources from both parties say the republicans on the 12-member committee rejected the latest democratic proposal, a $3 trillion plan designed to slash the deficit. a republican aide dismissed the plan as, quote, outrageously absurd. democratic sources say the plan would include cuts to medicare and medicaid and other entitlement programs over ten years. in return, republicans were asked to agree to more than a trillion dollars in higher tax revenue. tax hikes, don't can you know it. if the committee fails to reach an agreement by november 23rd, across the board trigger cuts would go into effect in 2013. nature threw a curveball to game six of the world series. the battle between the st. louis cardinals and texas rangers was set for last night but it was postponed because of a rainy forecast in st. louis. it's been rescheduled for tonight. the rangers hold a 3-2 lead and
5:52 am
can win their first ever world series with a victory tonight. they don't, game seven will be held friday night in st. louis. so let's head to atlanta to check in with reynolds wolf. so, are they going to play the game tonight, right? >> it's going to be one of those iffy kind of things. i think they'll be able to get it going. could there be a delay? it certainly is possible. fall classic, things always get a little weird and the game itself. certainly weatherwise it does, too. if your game is just trying to get to the airport and take off on time, you shouldn't have any problems getting there. taking off is another situation. new york and philadelphia. boston, showers and wind could give you delay. d.c. metros. thunder boomers. dallas, some thunderstorms in the afternoon, coupled with the wind might keep you grounded. and also chicago and detroit, showers and low clouds could be the big problem for you. we're watching this frontal boundary surge its way eastward right on the top half of the system. might see a little bit of flurry action towards buffalo.
5:53 am
certainly nothing too heavy. that's going to come in the next couple of weeks and months. chilly conditions in the central and northern plains. very breezy for you in parts of north and central texas. plenty of sunshine out to the west and still the fire threat for the san gabriels and into the sierra nevada. morning lows in the 20s and 30s. the freeze threat warning. watches and advisories in eff t effect. the wind near oklahoma city. it's going to be very breezy. friday morning that situation will push its way to the northeast toward washington, d.c. into pennsylvania and back along the eastern seaboard. expect the morning lows in the 20s and 30s. winter definitely making itself felt. we were talking about windy conditions in texas. take a look at the windy conditions near the yucatan peninsula. sustained winds of 75 miles an hour with hurricane rina. we expect it to veer more to the north and then east toward cuba. if you look at the latest computer models, wow, they go a little bit of everywhere. all right, guys. let's switch gears.
5:54 am
we're going to talk about this day. take a look at this video. what a great shot that is. that is the condit dam. 700 pounds of dynamite are going to put that thing under water and it's going to allow the white river to make its way right through. the toppling of this dam. it's going to be great for rafters, kayakers and some of the endangered wild salmon. that is one of several dams they are going to drop on that river to kind of unleash those waters. should be a great thing. already the pacific northwest well known for many great rivers, great whitewater activities. this is only going to enhance that. dramatic shots to say the least. >> thanks, reynolds. we appreciate it. big change is coming to the morning finance giant freddie mac. details in a live report from the nasdaq market site just ahead. first, a look at the word ahead. it's mechanosensing.
5:55 am
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three minutes until the top of the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." the word of the day is mechanosensing. what does it mean? it means a response to mechanical systemechanic al stimuli, especially at the cellular level. they hope to learn about the development of tissues and the development of cardiovascular diseases. now you have something to talk to your doctor about. let's head to the nasdaq and check in with carter evans. numbers are looking good this morning. at least so far. >> yeah, so far, so good. i think that's great
5:59 am
conversation for a first date, too. you can use that word of the day there. >> exactly. >> so we've got a lot coming up today. we get the weekly unemployment numbers as we do every thursday. also today a reading on the third quarter gross domestic product. hopes are pretty high. last quarter, 1.3% growth. this time some analysts are saying it's possible -- possible we could see a 3% growth rate. that would be great. we're also going to get a reading on pending home sales. we'll hear from a bunch of companies exxonmobil, hershey, usairways. take a look at the futures. on word of this eurozone debt deal. this is a deal basically to essentially solve the debt crisis over in europe. dow futures up 167. nasdaq up 42.5. s&p 500 up about 21 points. looks like it's going to be a good day. >> we hope the numbers keep heading north. what's making headlines on cnn money this morning? >> freddie mac's ceo. he is stepping down.


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