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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 6, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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hello, everybody, and welcome to the cnn center in atlanta, georgia. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm brooke baldwin. it is 8:00 a.m. on the west coast. >> wherever you may be, thank you for joining us this morning. we have a storm for the record books that we're keeping an eye on, a storm that is now a deadly storm. we know of at least two people killed in virginia when they got out, trying to help someone else who was having car trouble and they got hit. but also not just that, it's also a storm that has a lot of people in the dark. we do know hundreds of thousands of people are without power right now. the mid-atlantic right now just paralyzed. this is the second big snowstorm we've seen in two months. travel pretty much at a halt, talking about on the roads, yes, but also in the air, flights canceled up and down the coast, mainly in philadelphia, baltimore, as well as washington, d.c. also churches starting to call off their weekend services. again, like i mentioned, hundreds of thousands of people right now are without power in
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some parts. don't know when they might get their power back, but not expecting it anytime soon. also in washington, yeah, they're not just measuring the snow in feet, they are measuring it in feet, not inches. karen maginnis has been tracking the storm for us in the cnn severe weather winter. we have reynolds braving the elements in the nation's capital,having a little bit of fun, hanging out with some skiers. but it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. no. and i think we are really in the brunt of it right now until we go into this evening, then we'll start to see it slack off. but it has really gotten so much worse since this morning until now. we're just seeing essentially whiteout conditions. there you can barely see the capitol. right now we're seeing visibility at just about a quarter of a mile, wind gusts up around 30 miles an hour, near-blizzard conditions at times, and i checked dulles, also reagan airports. they're saying all flights are
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canceled for the rest of the day. the airport is open. don't go to the airport unless you're changing flights. but they're saying don't eve don that. just call and rearrange your flights if it's delta, american, usair, whatever other flights you have. here are some of the rainfall totals. these are gone up dramatically since this morning. we saw some of these snowfall totals, germantown this morning, 7 inches of snow, and then dramatically now we're at 25 inches of snow. we're looking at perhaps edging towards 3 feet before it's all said and done. very dramatic totals coming out of there. want to show you where this storm is. when will it end? it's going to taper off later on this evening. we'll still see the effects of it for tomorrow. it'll really dramatically decrease by tomorrow, but we're still looking at major power
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outages, road conditions that have really deteriorated. i don't know if we -- we still don't, but if you could look at what's happened at baltimore. the road conditions there are so bad, brooke and t.j., it is deteriorating so bad that you rarely see a car on the road. that's just one city that we're talking about. this is a terrible situation that has developed now. >> i know you said it was record breaking back in 1922, 28 inches. >> yeah. >> we're looking foebl break that record. >> we'll come very close. this system already at dulles in excess of 20 inches of snowfall there, philadelphia's already seen almost 18 inches of snowfall, philly, baltimore, both d.c. airports, atlantic city, it's as bad there, as well. we're looking at major cities across the mid-atlantic that have been affected by this powerhouse. >> all right. we're talking about city shutdown essentially right now in a lot of ways. >> yes. >> karen, thank you. our reynolds wolf is out on the national mall right now.
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we just heard her mention -- looked like an official truck went behind you just then, but she was mentioning how some places it looks like nobody's on the roads. i know you've seen a few cars out there, but for the most part are people not getting out in this stuff? >> reporter: i'm on the back roads of third street in washington, you see some cars but the major freeways are at a standstill or nonexistent in terms of traffic. in terms of foot traffic, quite a few people out and about. where i'm standing, if we get a shot here, jeremy, looks like i'm not standing on much, but below my feet there is packed snow of at least 8 inches or so. over towards the capitol building, if you look in this direction, you can see the grand statue on horseback there. in that area, we talked over towards the pool there, easily 20 inches or eve an bit more than that. but again you notice some people out here, a few people here with some cross-country skis are walking by and what not. eve an couple over here. can we chat with you for a second? we're going to walk across, got
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some traffic as we mentioned, coming across. i'm going to hop over here. how you doing? what's your name? >> beth. >> reporter: where are you from? >> chattanooga, tennessee. >> beth, did you pick a good time to come from here? >> i live here so every time is a good time to be here. >> reporter: chattanooga not big in the snowbelt. >> definitely not. we never get to see this. >> reporter: how are things at home? who do you live in the city? >> i do. capitol hill. >> reporter: how are things here? >> pretty snow we wii. an adventure trekking down here but it's fun. >> reporter: that's beth, america, from chattanooga, tennessee, enjoying the beautiful snow.
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>> reporter: city buses not working today. the metro trains underground, they're picture-perfect because they're shielded from the elements, but of course the trains that are above ground, no go for those at third rail, the electrified rail, cars won't be moving for possibly the next day or so. that's a wrap here at the nation's capital. blizzard in effect until late tonight. back to you in the studio. >> we've been talking to him since 6:00 a.m. eastern. the snow has not stopped at all. still coming down. >> reporter: absolutely. no question. it's beautiful to see, but what a big mess it's causing for millions of people. >> renny, we appreciate you, buddy. thanks so much. hang tight out there. >> reporter: you bet. well, staying in washington, democrats holding their winter meeting, emphasis on winter, in washington today, buried under the the blizzard. possible gop avalanche come november, the midterms. just minutes ago -- we brought this to you live -- the
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president tried to pull party delegates out of their funk. cnn white house correspondent suzanne malveaux was listening in on that speech. she joins us -- i guess that's the presidential snowblower but hopefully she's somewhere in the picture. >> reporter: yes, it is. the presidential snowblower. >> the president is not shoveling his front lawn at the white house. >> he does not have to. >> reporter: we're here at the white house and that was one of the presidential snowblower, the walkway going right up to the west wing here. you can see they've been doing a lot of shoveling, a lot of blowing here. it's a gorgeous scene here on the north lawn of the white house. you see right in the front there you've got more guys at work, national park service guys hard at work. they have not gone home. they spent the night close by to the white house, and they've been working ever since here. but the drive to get the president out of here for his motorcade just a five-minute drive. he managed to get over to the dnc, that winter meeting, and one of the main messages obviously is to try to buck up the party and say, look, some
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areas we've failed in our agenda, but the main items we haven't. we're trying to create a bipartisan jobs bill to get it passed and to push it through congress. that's the most important thing. so we heard the president, this was really just 20 minutes ago, talking about the importance of the party, getting behind the president, getting behind their agenda and not giving up. i want you to take a listen. >> when unemployment is .7% and we're still digging out of an extraordinary recession, people are going to be frustrated and they're going to be looking at the party in power to try to fix it. when you've got another party that says we don't want to do anything about it, of course people are going to be frustrated. >> reporter: so that was the main message there. a couple of hard-hitting things that are happening in the weeks to come, but the bipartisan jobs bill is something that he wants the senate to introduce as early
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as potentially monday if people can get back from their home districts and start to get that introduced, get that pushed through. another idea he introduced today was $30 billion of unused money that was supposed to go to bailing out those bank, to use that to encourage small banks to loan to small businesses. it's a controversial proposal because republicans say that should go to lowering the deficit. so still a lot of wrangling, a lot of things that are taking place in washington, but clearly the president spending this day on the weekend to help his party out and say this is worth the fight. as you can see, they're still trying to dig us out here, obviously hard at work, trying to make sure that everybody in d.c., including the first family, gets out. >> fighting the good fight, fighting through the blizzard, fighting for the democratic party. suzanne malveaux, we thank you. >> thank you. >> suzanne is having a blast. >> she is. i love seeing her out there. >> this morning at the white house. always the professional but still. >> having fun today.
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>> she's having a good time out there. there's a shot of her. i don't know if she can still see us. i hope she doesn't do anything silly. suzanne, thanks as always. we're going to floouf that political story in d.c. to another political story happening in nashville, tennessee. the tea party convention gearing up for sarah palin. intuit quice p9 organizes your business in one place, and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. get a 30-day free trial at
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sarah palin takes the stage in nashville tonight with the first tea party national convention, hoping to raise millions to target 20 key races in november monopoly in the background, the evidence that tea partiers don't speak with one voice. cnn's jim acosta. >> reporter: take recession-raging conservatives and independents. >> president obama is anti-american. >> reporter: do you think having the president dressed up as the grim reaper is over the top? >> no, i don't do not. there's nothing disrespectful about this. >> reporter: and you get the tea party. there's more than scott brown's tea party-infused upset in the massachusetts senate race. >> this is a major victory and what i would call the second american revolution. >> reporter: the founders of the tea party patriots want this movement in blow the lid off capitol hill in this year's
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elections. they plan to back candidates who stand for tea party prince. s and it doesn't matter if it's republicans or democrats standing in the way. >> i think if it would have been john mccain, the same thing would have happened. >> reporter: really. >> i really do. >> reporter: in one year, the tea party has gone viral. but they don't tell them what ta do. that's not the tea party way. >> it's all bottom up. the real deal is there are millions of leaders out there leading this movement. >> reporter: there are leaders in the tea party movement but nobody's in charge. in fact, rival groups from washington, d.c., to sacramento, california, are battling over who will carry the tea party banner, and that fight has some tea partiers feeling hung over. what do you think is happening to the tea party. i don't think the tea party knows what's happening to the tea party. >> reporter: this activist fears the movement is about to be hijacked by one of the established party ps. >> i don't think there's any question that the gop has their
11:16 am
tentacles into the tea party. >> reporter: he points to the tea party express, run inside a republican political consulting firm. to the right, sal russo runs the firm, to the left, joe runs the tea party express. their offices are side by side. do you think a lot of those tea party activists know that the tea party express is based in an office that's run by republican political consultants? >> i think what you'll find is at the tea party rallies, many of the people who are mad at republicans are republicans themselves. >> reporter: you're republicans. >> yes. >> reporter: after spending $350,000 to air scott brown campaign ads, these republicans consultants say the tea party's home is the gop.
11:17 am
>> the people who formed this movement need a political party. >> reporter: the movement's future is on the agenda at the tea party's first convention set for this week. but even with tea party favorite sarah palin headlining the convention, it's being boycotted by some tea party activists, scoffing at the $550 admission fee. >> not the grassroots organization we are so, we declined to participate. >> reporter: despite all the infighting, it's clear that tea party is on a roll. where it rolls is anybody's guess. >> we talked about the first ever tea party convention, cnn's deputy political director and friend of our show, paul steinhauser, is crashing the party in nashville this morning. >> paul joins us once again live, little bit of hustle and bustle behind you. i guess they've eaten breakfast by now. i want so start with who these people are. their website satates the goals.
11:18 am
what are the goals? >> reporter: brooke, the goals are -- and these are universal among the tea party movement -- smaller government, less federal taxes, bring down that large federal budget deficit. they want less of washington in their lives. that's kind of the common theme here. what this three-day event is, not a protest rally like we saw last year in washington and elsewhere across the country. this is more like seminars and workshops where people across the country are learning how to form their own tea party groups back home. it's much more learning and networking than protesting. >> can we look at this, as well -- people think about a democratic or republican party and there are offices all around the country, but one democratic party, one republican party. can we say there's one tea party? we just saw in the piece before we came to you it seems to be different -- >> factions. >> -- factions all over the place. is this the one that you're at?
11:19 am
>> reporter: that's a great point and jim made a great point in his piece there. this is a movement growing but it's anything but unified. there are so many different national organizations and of course local organizations across the country. amy kramer, tea party activist with tea party express. they're the people you saw in jim's piece, put on those cross-country caravans. again, a different group that's not here not putting this convention on. amy, why are you here? this is tea party nation. you're tea party express. why are you here? >> this is about unity, about supporting the movement. we all need to come together and support each other's efforts. it doesn't matter ho who's taking the credit. we need to support each other. the organizations and the people within the movement, supporting these great patriots that have spent their money and taken time from their families to be here. >> reporter: the movement has a lot of energy. >> right. >> reporter: is it a problem that the movement is disorganized or not united right
11:20 am
now? so many different chapters nationally and locally. >> you know what, we're still having an impact. we need to stay focused on the mission and unify on common ground. we're not all going to agree on everything, but that's what's great about this country. find your own group and when we need to come together, we come together. >> reporter: the group here said they're forming a political action committee, getting more involved in campaign politics, endorse candidates, conservative principles. >> right. >> reporter: is that what you see organizations like yours and others getting into as well? >> we are a pac. i'm sure you know we got involved in the scott brown race, spent approximately $350,000 into a campaign ad for him. we are a pac and we'll be involved in election activity in the next ten months. we look forward to participating in that, having a voice. >> reporter: thank you very much, amy. >> thank you. >> reporter: t.j., brooke, back to you in atlanta. >> speaking about sarah palin tonight giving this keynote
11:21 am
address, she says whatever money she may be making she's giving back to the cause. my question is she's a republican. you've established this is sort of a movement, not a party per se, this tea party. what might she stand to gain by speaking tonight other than getting some prime time news coverage from us and other networks? is it about money or is there something else? >> i think it's probably something else because to be associated with this movement is probably beneficial to sarah palin if perchance she has political aspirations in 2012. and she says she agrees with the conservative principles of the tea party movement. so being here, and she'll also be with the tea party movement for next cross-country kacarava. i think you'll see her more and more associating herself with this movement. >> interesting. deputy political director paul steinhauser for us in nashville. paul, thank you. >> like we mentioned, you can see sarah palin thrive evening on cnn.
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11:24 am
ninth-grader. this happened in huntsville yesterday. that ninth-grader has now been arrested and charged with murder. police have not identified him or released a potential motive. school officials describe this as a singular incident. some of you have dubbed it snowmageddon, a blizzard that may prove out to be a record setter. but for now definitely a major traffic snarler from southwest virginia on up through the new jersey coastline. look at this. virtually whiteout. tough going for anyone. extreme winter weather even affecting mail delivery in the washington, d.c., area. and the u.s. department of defense identifying a private contractor missing in baghdad since last month. the military says he's a 60-year-old from california. he hasn't been seen since january 23rd. somewhere it's not snowing -- miami. we are live in super bowl city. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the
11:25 am
morning because my back hurt so bad.
11:26 am
tomorrow all eyes, super bowl xliv, peyton manning and his indianapolis colts. >> yes, by now, everybody knows the saints versus the colts. >> you got it. >> the colts were there not too long ago. they stay in the playoffs since they've gotten peyton manning on their team rge but for the sanlts it's a first time for them go to to the super bowl. as our cnn sports' joe carter report, it's been a long time coming. >> we kind of got excited november 1st of '66 when we were awarded a franchise because we weren't really sure we would get an nfl team here. that was exciting in itself. never dreaming the bond with
11:27 am
that team would grow over the years as it has grown. >> reporter: that began when a new orleans restaurant owner decided to celebrate the saints and formed charlie saint es marching club. his daughter was the first in line. >> we paraded when they won their first game, pots and pans, took to the streets. >> three rules for the club. number one, we were going to support the handicapped children, disadvantaged children. that's number one. two, support the saints. three, to have fun. let it rip. and that's -- when it came to number three, there were no rules. >> reporter: the club managed to have a good time, even when the once called ain'ts made losing as common as beer on bourbon street. but now final le li seeing the super bowl has something else flowing in the french quarter as well. >> tears started coming down my face because i remember all those bad years, what we as fans had suffered through. >> i just turned 20 and we got
11:28 am
the franchise. well, i really thought, well, it might be ten years till we get our first super bowl, you know? so ten years passed, we didn't get the championship. another ten years passed. here i am, 63 years old. it's like a dream come true. >> reporter: after hurricane katrina ripped through the city, the saints were forced to play the entire 2005 season away from home. but much like many residents of new orleans, the team returned and rebuilt. >> i think to a lot of people it symbolized hope, that there's hope that, you know, we still have a football team to cheer on. there was people at games on sundays that didn't even have a house to live in. >> it's not about the economic value to the people that fill those seats every week and sit in front of their tvs. it's about a dream that's about to come true. >> for those three hour, 3 1/2 hours you forgot about all the
11:29 am
badness and you just focused on having this and good times, and that's what the saints did for the city. >> our joe carver is in miami for us today. it's always so much focus put on this game and what's going to happen on the field. but has the story line really, from what you can tell, been about these saints who have now really taken up the mantel of being the new america's team in a lot of ways? >> reporter: yeah, you said it. america's team. talking to fans down here, even when tay don't have a direct tie to new orleans, they say they'd like to see the saints win. i think you can see it in the piece right there, the emotional bond between the city and the saints, all they've been through after hurricane katrina. so anyone outside the city, you see that and want to root for the saints because it would be a nice ending to a story to see them bring home a championship. for the last 43 years this has been a losing football franchise and they're in the big game four years after hurricane katrina. definitely the sentimental favorite here.
11:30 am
>> but who is the actual favorite? >> well, that would be the indianapolis colts. when you've got peyton manning on your team, you're automatically the oddsmakers' favorite. they were in the super bowl in miami three years ago when they beat the bears in the pouring rain. no rain this time, so maybe it won't play to the colts' favor. maybe we'll see the saints win. >> we shall see. we see the sun is coming out behind you there. >> nice gig. >> brooke has been talking about the snow all morning. >> the one guy in the sunshine. we like that. >> good to see you, buddy. enjoy miami. we'll talk to you again soon. speaking of that snow. >> there you go. >> blinding snow. >> look at it. >> blowing sideways in some places. this is in philadelphia, where it's still coming down there. a few people walking, no cars on the street. ♪
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we're all in the same panic. i used all my ice in the last big snow. >> a december storm. snorm? >> snorm? >> something we were trying, a mix between a storm and a something. >> it's a snorm. >> measured by the yardstick right about now. dulles could see 2 1/2 feet of snow by this time tomorrow morning in d.c. >> so here's the deal. technically the airports are open, but think about it, those planes aren't coming, they're not going, neither are trains or buses. i-reporter rob bealfish saw this one stuck many the snow.
11:35 am
good thing everybody got off that thing. but a lot of places the snowplows out and about. >> we were talking to a lady in maryland this morning, a spokesperson for the transit authority, who said everything is shut down. there is no public transit to speak of, there, at least. roads are treacherous all over the place. also, hundreds of thousands of people do not have power right now and we do not know when they might get it again. >> as we continue to look at these pictures and the snow coming down, we have two meteorologists all over this, one being karen maginnis, nice and warm in the weather center, the other being reynolds wolf stuck in the snow. karen, the fortunate soul who gets to be warm like us, the question is, you know, still been coming down. when might it stop? >> we are going to watch it taper off by later tonight. but we've been watching this from our affiliate wpvi in philadelphia. snow, blowing snow, windy, wind gusts around 38 miles an hour. we have watched this literally in the last five minutes really come down very, very heavily,
11:36 am
and the roads are very treacherous there. we go over here. this is bethesda. you see just how bad this is. we've got one police car that's been sitting there for quite some time. i haven't seen any traffic. there's one little car sitting over here, but i don't have a report from them. we're going to go watch what's happening at washington, d.c. snow, fog, mist. this is really deteriorated very badly in the past several hours but visibility is less than a quarter of a mile. the wind picks up, it dies down a little bit, picks up again, area of low pressure trying to move off the mid-atlantic coast. they have been under a blizzard warning and will be until 10:00 tonight. there are no flights, as brooke mentioned, going into or out of the washington, d.c., airport. the airports are open. it is a distinction without a difference. no flights going in, no flights
11:37 am
going out. this is where the snowfall is. it has really eroded as we go back across the ohio river valley, but quite a bit of activity has descended across northern virginia and maryland. the worst of the worst of the weather. from arlington to washington, d.c., to bethesda, over towards hagerstown and into southern new jersey, we are seeing hundreds of thousands of people without power. it is only going to get worse because we're not seeing the end of the storm just yet. we've got hours to go. this is a slow-moving weather system. new yorker, you're mostly fine. this is not going to end very soon, but just to give you an idea, this area of low pressure is going to move off the coast. you have dodged a bullet in new york city. that is the good news. you're not going to totally escape it. you'll see windy conditions, maybe you'll see some lingering effects of this, maybe some
11:38 am
minor delays at the airport. washington dulles, reagan, bwi, atlantic city, atlantic city is very bad. we' been hearing about that all day long. and i've seen richmond, but all of those airports have been impacted substantially for the rest of the day. but this is a that wind coming off of the backside of that area of low pressure, and that's why we're seeing the near-blizzard conditions. now, this morning we saw germantown, maryland, 7 inches of snow. but very, very quickly piled up on top of that. now we've got 25 inches of snow. the knickerbocker storm that killed many people in 1922, this storm could rival that. we've said that a couple times but this one is going to come close, brooke and t.j., to rivaling that 1922 storm that
11:39 am
had 28 inches. we're looking at just over 20 inches of snow right now and the storm system is not over. it has dealt really a devastating blow already, just shut down the traffic, and we'll continue to monitor it. >> stay home. i was just texting my friend, throw a snowball for me. that's really all the day's going to amount to for a lot of people. >> that's it. >> karen, thank you. >> thank you so much. want to turn back to haiti where we're getting updates about the ten americans charged with kidnapping. they say, of course, they were just trying to help. the government saying if you're trying to help, you have to do it the right way, get some paperwork, get some documentation. the ten have been separated, the five women sent to one prison, the men to another. the group was detained eight days ago trying to take 33 children out of haiti. former president bill clinton talked with our joe johns about this case. >> the haitians are determined that haiti won't become a ground
11:40 am
where children can be trafficked or sold or anything like that. that's a noble goal. it may be that the idaho missionaries are 100% innocent. but what's important is for government of haiti and the government of the united states to work through this and get together. >> the secretary of state hillary clinton saying it's up to the haitian courts to decide. there's a court hearing on monday. they're trying to petition for bond. helping haiti is what a lot of big-name entertainers have been setting out to do, first with that all-star telethon which raised more than $65 million, and last night the two-hour telethon called "sos: saving ourselves." listen in. ♪
11:41 am
>> gorgeous. hosted by sean p. diddy combs. everybody is wondering exactly who are they and what do they want. we talked about the tea partiers. we're going to go inside the party. who need
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there's a party in nashville right now, a tea party, and the members are gearing up for sarah palin. this weekend's convention exposes some growing pains for the movement. there's not really one tea party, not a single group, no real national leader. it's a collection of groups really and not all agree on where the movement should be going at this point. want to bring in john avalon. he's in nashville. he's also a columnist for the daily beast dotcom. john so, good to have you. we talk about this movement and so many different factions to it but at this particular convention, are they kind of in agreement at least there? who is there and are they at least representing for the time being there in nashville a singular group? >> reporter: well, i think there are two things going on in the group here and i think it's indicative of the large movement
11:45 am
going on beneath the tea parties in general. on the one hand, you've got the movement where it began. a fiscal conservative movement, people concerned about debt deficit, spending, and wand to return to fiscal responsibility in america. that's the one hand, the good side, in my opinion. on the other hand, you have some obama derangement syndrome baked into this cake. you have a lot of folks angry at obama not just on the level of spending but obsession in some people. that's the ugly side and you see it in some of the speakers. last night tom credo spoke the first nishgts judge ray moore, world net daily spoke talking about the birther stuff. you need to understand both those. to move forward, they have to focus on a positive fiscally conservative message. >> john, are they going to be able to reconcile those two sides you're talking about, those folks who have some legitimate gripes maybe with government and the obama
11:46 am
administration to -- i guess just anti-obama, forgive me, but looms as you alluded to do there, any sign they'll be able to reconcile those two things? >> reporter: not yet. there's a real challenge. they haven't fully made the pivot to a positive policy agenda. that's what they need to do. in some ways that's the way this convention was sold, a chance for the leaders to get together, the first national meeting to determine a road forward. today it's felt a lot like a conference. there have been seminars, speakers and a lot of speakers who have gotten the crowd riled up have remitted the more angry side of the tea party movement. a lot of obama bashing. but i think they'll have to pivot to a positive policy agenda. and indeed they are saying they want to support conservative republican candidates. but building the common ground of fiscal conservative and excising a lot of the unhinged anger. that hasn't happened yet.
11:47 am
>> well, from this -- we'll talk about sarah palin here to wrap up, but how can she help them move their message forward? she, of course, is the keynote this evening. but you talk about how some of the bad side, if you will, using your words here, kind of the sad bad side of the party maybe brings it down and hurts its legitimacy. does she, on the other hand, help to bring them up and give them more a sense of legitimacy? >> well, i think that's the hope. there's another thing that unifies the folks here. they're excited to see sarah palin. she is queen of the conservative populace and this is a conservative populist movement. it will be what message does she come with. will she try to guide and direct the movement or preaching to the choir, a lot of applause lines but no real direction. that's one of the interesting questions we'll be able to answer after her speech tonight. >> we are all itching to see it. john avlon in nashville, we need to find a way to make you a
11:48 am
regular saturday and sunday morning. good to see you, buddy. talk to you soon. >> good to see you. >> sarah palin is the keynote. you can see it here on cnn in prime time coverage. t guides. it shows. it slides. it tows. it sees. it calls. and it fits. we gave it more ideas per square inch... because more is what we do. introducing the terrain, the all-new smaller suv from gmc.
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hi. >> hi! >> hello. >> how's everybody doing? >> good saturday. >> a little off there. good morning. i know you're coming up in a few minutes. all your live reporters, members out of d.c. >> right. all on the phone, or vee dia skyvia skype. so beautiful. the most gorgeous city in the snow. i'm homesick. >> oh. >> it's so beautiful. >> there it is. >> pictures for you. >> oh, beautiful pup know, and that's the most beautiful
11:52 am
building in washington. drive by, on your way to the airport, drive through the city, going through the mall. i saw all the skiers. >> cross country skiers. how about that? >> cross country skier. >> i admire people when they do it. a lot of work. you like the downhill. >> the lift. going up. i digress. the noon eastern hour, the big storm sweeping the mid-atlantic states and our legal guys because michael jackson's former doctor, conrad murray tried to strike a deal, negotiate with prosecutors at the l.a. district attorney's office friday. something didn't happen. so monday, we expect there will be charges, but has will the charges jb our legal guys will delve into that. the other big legal case that avery richard will talk about, talking about sex stapes involving former presidential candidate and the former aide to the presidential candidate john edwards. andy young. he has these videotapes.
11:53 am
claims they sex tapes involving john edwards, now found in contempt of court. why? our legal guys will talk about that as well. >> amazing. could have been president of the united states and we're talking about sex tapes. >> nasty. sordid and embarrassing and, yikes. of course, you know, people are going to be glued to their television sets, unless they're in miami and going to the super bowl. >> right. >> rooting for either the saints or colts. >> yes. >> people also will be rooting for the best commercial or not? >> i love it. love it. >> talking about the commercials and excitement over such. do you watch the game for the game or watch it for the commercials and half time? >> for the game. >> we all know what i'm watching it for. >> i like the commercials. i do. >> a lot of fun. i'll be watching a little bit too. you got to. you got to watch the super bowl game. >> it's pretty much a holiday. >> i'll watch a little on television. not going to watch the whole game. >> all right. >> all i got to say. got to be honest.
11:54 am
>> we know your whole weekend now. >> i'm an open book. tell you everything. >> thank you so much. see you in a few. >> thanks, fred. all right. well, we're also talking about a birthday celebration for you and, hmm, 400 million of your closest friends. have you joined the facebook party?
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
400 million users worldwide. that is the latest status for facebook. celebrating a birthday this weekend. >> a site launched six years ago. now just about everyone is a friend or at least a friend of a friend. our josh levs is on lookout and he says millions of users cannot last a single day without logging on to facebook. >> reporter: it is amazing how fast the world of technology moves and how quickly it changes people's lives in this era, and this is a good example of it. facebook now turned 60 years old. i'll show you numbers from it that i find astounding. the first one might not totally shock you. might have heard it before. the total facebook population, the number of actedive users around the world, now more than 350 million. might be more. in the population of the united
11:58 am
states. facebook is also available in more than 70 languages. it's available in more than 180 countries. but what amazing me the most isn't this overall population of how many are using it. it's how frequently they're using it nap the indication of technology, how big a roll it's taken. why i want you to see this. check out these statistics here. 50% of attive users of facebook logon any given day. you're look at this massive population. 50% of active user getting on in a given day. think about that. then, you have 35 million that update their status each day. by the way, wondering how much time people spend on facebook? average, 55 minutes a day. that information direct from facebook. statistic statistics all day, but because
11:59 am
it's facebook, make senses to hear from you. we asked how has facebook affected your life, changed you? your thoughtssome of the responses. craig nelson wrote, five found old friends i thought i had lost. made many new ones near and far. and helen found a great support group from an illness. thanks to facebook. not all rosy. a lot of people question facebook. how much information it's getting about you. how muchshares about you and the more mammoth something in technology, more team have concerns about that information and how it's being shared. we certainly invite to you weigh in on this and everything. here's how you can reach me. my facebook page, of course, right there. joshlevs@cnn. prefer twitter or our blog, or my blog, let us know your thoughts on the sixth biay


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