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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 5, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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health care reform forcing senators to work the weekend and their pressuring the president to join them. will mr. obama show up? what caused a fire at an ohio racetrack? two people are dead and so are dozens of expensive horses. special delivery 30,000 feet up. an emergency appeal from the pilot, passengers and crew jump in. it a boy or girl? more importantly, did mom and baby make it? and santa claus is coming to town this time by boat instead of sleigh. an update on santa sightings.
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i'm don lemon. it is a sure sign that something big is brewing in washington. senators are hard at work on a saturday, and there's word that the president himself is headed to capitol hill to make a personal appearance to rally his fellow democrats on his signature issue on health care reform. our senior congressional correspondent dana bash is handling this for us. we'll get to dana in just a little bit. we want to move on and talk about the health care debate. in seven minutes we will be talking with debbie stab stenow. democratic senator max baucus took offense at mccain's remarks. >> they're not too interested in -- >> the senator will yield the
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time being equally allocated to both sides. mr. president, will the senator -- >> i don't know what the deal was. >> i can tell the senator. >> we'll find out -- >> i can tell the senator the deal. >> senator from arizona has the floor. >> i don't know what the deal was, but we'll find out what the deal was just like the deals were cut with all these other organizations. which is full of lobbyists. i can't walk through the hallway here without bumping into one of their lobbyists. >> does the snar want to hear the deal? >> he keeps interrupting he's vialing the rules of the senate. i thought he would have learned them by now. >> one deal often criticized by republicans, a june cost cutting agreement between the oaks and pharmaceutical companies thp that agreement has been incorporated into the overall senate bill. the first wave of additional troops will sip out this month for afghanistan. defense secretary robert gates signed the order yesterday. it means about 1,000 marines will deploy in the coming weeks. they will be the vanguard of 30,000 extra troops that president obama is sending to afghanistan. the army says its first
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contingent of soldiers won't ship out until march at the earliest. emotions ran high today in new york city at a rally to protest the upcoming trial of five 9/11 suspects in the city. those suspects are currently held at the u.s. military prison in guantanamo bay, cuba. the obama administration has said it would bring them to federal court near ground zero to stand trial. susan candiotti was at a rally and spoke to one protester about why she opposes bringing the proper suspects to new york. >> reporter: what is one of your main objections? >> one of my main oxbjections i that they will be granted constitutional rights. they're not american citizens. >> reporter: and what do you think will happen if the trial is held here? do you fear for your safety as an example? some people have raised that question. >> yes, i think that that's certainly something to consider. i think that the nypd and the
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fdny are wonderful. i mean here we were today gathered by the thousands once again, and in a vulnerable position with a controversial cause, and yet we were perfectly safe. why? because we have the fdny and the nypd protecting us. >> among those speaking at today's rally was actor brian dennehy, a former marine who said a trial in new york would give the terrorists a public forum they don't deserve. no time table has been set for the trial. guilty. that is the verdict for which amanda knox and her family prepared themselves while hoping for a different outcome. an italian court found the seattle college student guilty of murdering her roommate meredith kercher. the court sentenced her former boyfriend to 25 years. prosecutors had asked for a sentence of life in prison. italy does not have the death penalty. knox's mother spoke to reporters after leaving the prison where
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her daughter will serve her time. >> amanda, like the rest of us, is extremely disappointed, upset about the decision. we're all in shock. we're all heartened by the support, many italians, people from all over the world have been sending us messages of support all through the night. >> and meredith kercher's brother expressed his family's thoughts on the verdict. >> we're very satisfied with the prosecution of her case, they worked very hard. it has reached a climax, as it were, if it's not the ultimate climax for now because, of course, i'm sure there will be some ongoing appeals and so on which, you know, i'm sure will be discussed later. but ultimately, you know, we are pleased with the decision, pleased that we've got a decision, but it's not a time -- you know, it's not a time of celebration at the end of the day. >> two families, two very different reactions to the
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amanda knox verdict. cnn's paula newton is in italy with that perspective. >> reporter: the real contrast, the amanda knox family saying they will continue to fight on. amanda knox herself is staying strong but has had quite a day and has been inconsolable during certain parts of the day. but the family of meredith kercher, what a contrast. them really have been keeping a dignified distance so far, but today told us that they were satisfied with the verdict. what will happen now though is an appeals phase in which all those controversies we heard about during this trial will be able to get through. and it's this whole concept of reasonable doubt that the appeal will begin to really peel back the layers of a lot of that forensic work, a lot of the controversy surrounding how the police investigators interrogated amanda knox. all those little points they will begin to look into, but this appeals process will take a long time. you won't even have an initial hearing for several months, and the key thing is they have to
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wait for the motivations, the reason why amanda knox was convicted. that expected within the next 60 days. paula newton, cnn,ity lay. a packed russian nightclub erupts into flames. more than 100 people are killed and a criminal investigation is now under way. investigators are picking through the burned out lame horse club, a night spot in the industrial city of perm that was celebrating its eighth anniversary yesterday. as many as 109 people are believed to be dead and 130 more are injured. police say the blaze started when a performance artist juggling cold flame pyrotechnics caught the ceiling on fire. the club owner, manager, and several others have been detained by police. small businesses on the front lines of the economic crisis. still ahead, a look at what it will take to get them back in black. and tragedy at an ohio racetrack. a fire rips right through a stable killing two people and 43
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as we told you at the top of the broadcast, senators are hard at work on a saturday and there's word that the president himself is headed to capitol hill to make a personal appearance to rally his fellow democrats on his signature issue on health care reform. our senior congress correspondent dana bash has the latest on today's debate and
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what lies ahead. dana? >> reporter: don, the democratic leader open had had this saturday session by saying that people out in the country can't take the weekend off from their health care troubles and that's why the senate will work all weekend debating health care reform legislation. now, what they're debating on the senate floor are issues really revolving medicare and the fact that the democratic bill has nearly $500 billion in what republicans call cuts, what democrats call savings. and what this particular debate was about was about home health care and the idea that this bill would cut $42 billion over ten years in agencies that help people who are on medicare with home health care. there was a vote that republicans lost to try to put that money back in. that put democrats in a pretty tough position by basically voting against restoring money for this very, very important issue and program for so many people who are on medicare
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around the country. but while that was going on on the senate floor, the real reason why the senators were in session were to keep them in here and in meetings in private, behind closed doors, and the big issue that they are debating is democrat on democrat, and the whole question of whether or not there will be a public option, a government-run health insurance option in this bill. there currently is, it exists in the current bill, but there are a number of moderate or pretty conservative democrats who say they won't vote for this, and it would put this bill in jeopardy if the public option remains in. so behind the scenes there were meetings all day long of the most liberal democrats and the most conservative democrats trying to see if they could come up with a compromise on this very contentious issue that threatens the president's top priority. several senators say they made some progress towards a potential compromise, but they are not there, and that is why on sunday the president himself will come and speak to senate democrats and try to rally them, try to find some kind of bridge
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for the divide on this very big difference, a philosophical difference on whether there should be a government-run health insurance option in this democratic bill. don? >> all right, dana, thank you very much. let's talk more now about the health care debate. i'm joined by democrat senator debbie stab anow of michigan. does it help that the president is probably going to show up tomorrow to rally the democrats? >> well, don, i think it's always terrific when the president comes and talks to the caucus and i think it's important that we all stay focused right now on what we're trying to do and not have the misinforming going on by those who profit out of keeping the system the way it is right now. the president can help us keep focused. this is not about cutting any benefits. aarp and all the major senior groups in the country wouldn't
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be supporting this if we were cutting the benefits. >> let's stick to this issue of the president coming to capitol hill tomorrow because it has been said by some democratic leaders that the president needs to get more involved in the intrawranglings or negotiations with health care, especially when it comes to the public option because the way it is now, it is dying. talk to me more about that. what are democrats saying about that? what's the inside thought on that? >> well, don, the white house has been very involved all along. i know there's always speculation about the role of the president, but the white house has been working with us on a daily basis, and right now, as dana was reporting, we are in negotiations with members of our caucus. the key question is how do we bring competition to bring costs down, prices down for families with private insurance companies? and i believe a public option is an important way to do that, but there are other ways to do that.
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our goal overall is to make sure that we hold insurance companies accountable, and we do that in a number of ways in the bill, but we're looking for other ways in which to do that. >> how far along for those of us -- the people who are not politicos, how far along are we to getting a bill to the president, if at all? are you guys close? is it something that the president -- are you that far apart that the president needs to show up there tomorrow to talk to folks? >> i think we're close. i think we are very close, and, frankly, when you think about it, our country has been debating this and talking about it for 100 years. this is the closest we have ever gotten a bill actually passing the house of representatives and a president who will sign it, and now we're in the very final stages in the senate. so this is pretty historic, and, frankly, we're mainly talking about helping small businesses and individuals that don't have
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insurance through their employer to be able to group together, to be able to get a better price, get tax cuts to help them pay for health insurance as well as shoring up medicare for the future. >> senator -- >> when you get through all the debate, i think people are going to look at this and go, you know, this really makes sense. >> you're there, you have been working on this. what does the president need to do tomorrow and really beyond tomorrow? what do you expect to hear from him tomorrow and then beyond that what does he need to do to help this go through, this legislation? >> well, they need to continue doing what they're doing, which is talking with us, meeting with us every day, and i think the president needs to really focus on what i just said in terms of the fact that this is a historic time. we have too many people losing their jobs, then losing their insurance. too many families that can't get insurance because of a pre-existing condition, small businesses can't find insurance they can afford. the president really needs to
5:17 pm
focus on what is really going on and what's at stake. doing nothing, don, is not an option. the next ten years business costs are going to double and we will lose another 3.5 million jobs. i know in my state that is absolutely unacceptable. >> this is going to be my last question to you because i have been away for a little bit. i came back after thanksgiving but i didn't get a chance to talk to any of the senators or lawmakers. when you were at home during the thanksgiving holiday, did you hear from constituents and neighbors and friends and if you did, what were they saying to you about this and especially the public option? >> well, there's really differing opinions. lots of questions, frankly, because there has been so much misinformation, but overall i hear from people that want us to stop business as usual from insurance companies and a lot of people feel that a public option is an important way to bring competition, to bring prices down, but i also hear an awful lot from people who paid all
5:18 pm
their life into the insurance and then somebody gets sick, they get dropped on a technicality because the for-profit insurance company doesn't want to pay or a pre-existing conditions or just recently working with a 12-year-old boy who couldn't get the prosthetic arm that he needed in michigan because of a cap on the number of times he could get help even though his arm is growing, his body is growing, he's growing up and he needs to be able to continue to get that. >> so they don't -- people at home -- >> i hear this all the time. >> they want to see change and they want to see it pretty soon i would imagine. senator debbie stabenow, thank you so much. appreciate it. come back and let us know if you do talk to the president. we'd appreciate some insight on what he has to say, okay? >> sure. >> thank you. president obama has set his sights on growing jobs and health care. he said today in his weekly
5:19 pm
radio address that the country is emerging from a economic storm, and that's a quote, and he's working to put people back on the payroll. take a listen. >> in the coming days i will be unveiling additional ideas aimed at accelerating job growth and hiring as we emerge from this economic storm. and so we don't face another crisis like this again, i am termed to -- determined to meet our responsibility. i will not let up on my efforts to reform our health care system, to give our children the best education in the world, to promote the jobs of tomorrow and energy independence by investing in a clean energy economy and to deal with the mounting federal debt. the latest job figures are more positive. november had the biggest monthly decline in unemployment in three years, but the rate is still at 10%. small businesses are shedding employees like water. some even shuttering their doors due to the recession. our kate bolduan talked with
5:20 pm
some small business owners who say what they really need from the president and congress is cash. >> is it just you here today. >> reporter: denise opened capital hill bikes in 2000. >> our first expansion was really to open up that back room where we had a lot of our accessories, pumps, helmets. >> reporter: just outgrew the space. when economic times were good, denise needed to expand to make room for the booming business. a small business owner's dream. >> then came the perfect storm of the recession, the lack of cash. we couldn't support this real estate anymore. >> reporter: she cut payroll from 20 to 8 employees. she even tapped into her retirement fund to keep the business afloat, but frozen credit and limited access to cash is forcing capital hill bikes to close its doors. small businesses across the country are facing the very same painful decisions. adp, a payroll processor, estimates companies with fewer than 50 employees cut another
5:21 pm
68,000 workers last month. it's something president obama is trying to show he's tackling head-on hosting a jobs forum thursday and promising new ideas to kick start hiring once again. >> we are constantly looking for more ways that we can push the banks and the credit markets to get money into the hands of small and medium-sized businesses. >> reporter: $730 million of stimulus money went to the small business administration to unlock lending markets. but small business owners on the front lines say they need more help. >> the lack of capital is just completely stunted our growth and has prevented us from even hiring even more people than what we, you know, currently have. >> reporter: until that happens, ryan folkler says for his pet daycare and grooming company, the credit crunch is like working with had his hands tied behind his back. back at capital hill bikes, denise is proof that doesn't
5:22 pm
work for long and she hopes washington is listening. what would you say to them about your situation and what you need? >> we need ready access, easy access to cash to support some cash flow through the hard times. >> there you see our kate bolduan. she joins us from washington. small businesses making it clear this they need help. so congress, the white house, what are the plans to do something about that? >> hi there, don. democrats on capitol hill are already considering a jobs package of sorts to include more direct lending to small businesses like the ones we spoke to and that would be among other members -- other measures to spur job creation and president obama is expected to lay out his specific ideas for creating more jobs in a speech scheduled for tuesday. >> kate, thank you very much for that. stilgl ahead on cnn, a special delivery at 30,000 feet.
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a horrible fire early this morning at a fair grounds near cincinnati. a barn filled with harness racing horses was destroyed. at least 43 horses were killed along with 2 men. it's not clear who the men were or why they were in the barn. the wooden building held 80 stalls and was the size of a football field. dry hay and woods can make barns instant fire traps. by the time fires arrived at 4:30 it was already too late. >> our first engine arrived to find barn number 16 fully involved in fire. the roof had already collapsed into the building. >> we have no idea who this
5:27 pm
individual could be. of course, we have some circumstantial things, people that may have been there last night, but, of course, that changes daily. >> the other thing that will complicate looking for victims and animals as well is because the similar structure, bone structures of the animals to the humans. so we want to make sure we're very thorough, ma thodic and take our time. it's not something we will rush through. >> today's racing schedule was cancel canceled because of the tragedy. we turn now to the weather. severe weather. look at that. snow, snow early in december. not a big deal in some places, but check this out. in houston? it's a little strange, that area got several inches yesterday. the earliest snowfall on record there in the past 15 years it's only snowed there four times. that storm is now moving east, parts of alabama, georgia, tennessee, virginia, also getting in an early taste of winter. we've got this emergency phone call last night, karen mcginnis,
5:28 pm
from my mom in louisiana saying it's snowing, it's snowing. i said take a picture. she said it doesn't show up. i said that's not real snow then, mom. >> i have a steep hill where i live and i was thinking, oh, no, i could snow and my little car won't make it up that hill. in atlanta it's a different story because we don't have equipment really to take care of the ice and the snow and all that. >> so we're not going to get any here? i was hoping we would get some. >> it passed pretty quickly and now it's affecting the northeast and the airports there. kind of slowed things down more in that northeastern corridor. i want to show you what's going on. this is what we're anticipating over the next 48 hours or so. as you look at the dark shaded purple from boston to down east in maine, that looks to be kind of the corridor where they could see the heaviest snowfall. where you see some of the darker shaded purple area, 4 to 6 inches. that will be the most significant amount. they're saying this is going to be the most significant plowable snowfall they see in boston for the season so far. let's go ahead and show you
5:29 pm
what's happening as far as the radar is concerned. i want to show you just where that snowfall is located right now. if i can zoom in right around washington, d.c., or new york city, let's take a look at new york city. on the order of maybe an inch of kind of wet snow. they have visibility problems being reported there right now. and in washington 3 to 5 inches of snowfall. i think that may be a little on the generous side. i wouldn't count on seeing a whole lot more than you're seeing now. maybe a little bit as we go to the evening, but by tomorrow morning you're looking at a mostly sunny sky. in the west we are looking at a significant snowstorm coming in off the pacific. it looks like the sierra nevada going to really be walloped. on top of that on some of the crests of the mountains there, you are looking at the potential for some very high winds over the next 24 to 72 hours. southern california, let me just kind of spell this out as we take a look at the forecast map. this is sunday going through
5:30 pm
monday. some of the winter storm warnings out along the eastern edge of the sierra into western nevada, winter storm watches, i think some of those will be turning into warnings. we'll have high wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. those higher peaks up to 70 miles an hour. southern california, yes, los angeles included, by monday evening going into tuesday, we're looking at significant rainfall. it is going to be a very unsettled weather pattern here for the next several days in southern california into the interior west, but not just there. we're also looking at across much of the rocky mountain region, from salt lake to denver into the san juan and sangre dechrisde cristo mountains in the four corners. i want to show you the forecast map. for us in the deep south it looks like primarily a rain event. we're not going to be talking about snow. imagine that. >> i don't mind snow here. when it doesn't stick and it's
5:31 pm
fun, but after a couple days you're sick of it. >> you like it when it's novelty snowfall, not the real thing. >> unless you're skiing on it. you talked a lot about out west. have you started your -- are you tweaking the radar for santa yet? >> haven't done that yet. >> santa is arriving by ferryboat instead of sleigh. can you believe that? this is a tradition. it's in -- i think it's in k coranado, california. he arrives by ferry. the city brings in the snow for the children to play with. it's never snowed there. a little water cooler talk, it's a cute lidge village that celebrates christmas. the wizard of oz books were written there. the kids were singing there for a minute "santa claus is coming
5:32 pm
to town" so i thought we should put that on. what do we have, three weeks now? >> i think so, but just like seven more shopping days to my birthday. >> good, i will remember that. thank you, karen. see new a bit here on cnn. president obama's approval rating continues to fall. a look at what may be the culprit. and later a baby born on board a southwest flight at 30,000 feet. the amazing story straight ahead. how is mom doing and baby? we'll let you know. you know, priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service makes shipping simpler than no-bake peanut cluster. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. so sending macadamia moos to miami costs the same as sending sugar trees to sante fe? same price for snicker doodles to spokane or pumpkin pinwheels to poughkipsee. okee-dokee. okee-dokee. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. well-informed people are considering chevy malibu. you a cop? no. you didn't hear from me, but this malibu is a best buy.
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want to check your top stories. senators are debating health care reform. president obama is heading to capitol hill tomorrow in an attempt to rally some wavering democrats. the bill is projected to cost almost $1 trillion over the next ten years. harry reid has said he hopes to get it passed by christmas. and italian court has found seattle college student amanda knox guilty of murdering her british roommate, mare death kercher. knox was sentenced to 26 years and her former italian boyfriend, raffaele sollecito, to 25 years. prosecutors had asked for life in prison. italy does not have the death penalty. about 1,000 marines will ship out this month for
5:36 pm
afghanistan. they will be the first wave of about 30,000 additional u.s. forces president obama has called up to fight the taliban and try to win over the afghan people. nato has pledged another 7,000 troops as well. at full strength, there will be about 100,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan and about 50,000 nato forces. president obama's approval rating has taken a hit in recent weeks falling below 50% for the first time in our new cnn/opinion research poll. it's apparently not the wars in iraq and afghanistan that are bringing down the numbers, but the fact that many folks are looking for a job. our candy crowley has the numbers for you. >> reporter: trouble on the home front is eating into his political capital, but the president's hard sell on afghanistan did the job. >> i am convinced that our security is at stake in afghanistan and pakistan. this is the epicenter of violent extremism practiced by al qaeda. >> reporter: the latest cnn poll found that a majority of americans still oppose the war
5:37 pm
in afghanistan, but 62% favor the president's plan to send 30,000 more troops there. 36% are opposed. in the good news/bad news category for the president -- >> these additional american and international troops will allow us to accelerate handing over responsibility to afghan forces and allow us to begin the transfer of our forces out of afghanistan in july of 2011. >> reporter: two-thirds of americans favor the president's exit plan but 59% think it was a bad idea to announce it. despite his success in gathering public reinforcement for more troops in afghanistan, the president's overall approval rating has fallen below 50% for the first time in a cnn poll. the latest cnn/opinion research corporation poll numbers show 48% of americans approve of the way he's handling his job. that is a seven-point drob in less than three weeks. partially fueling this decent is this, just 36% of whites who never attended college approve of the way the president is
5:38 pm
handling his job, an 18-point drop from americans most likely to work in mining, construction, around manufacturing, the three hardest hit areas of the recession. with his numbers so far in the positives in afghanistan policy, it's clear what's dragging down the president, jobs, jobs, jobs. it is not a wonder he was in allentown, pennsylvania, friday. >> americans who have been desperately looking for work for months, some of them maybe for a year or longer, they can't wait, and we won't wait. we need to do everything we can right now to get our businesses hiring again. >> reporter: the president is promising to send new jobs initiatives to congress next week. beyond the obvious urgency of getting jobs to desperate people, there's political urgency, too. the president can afford to take a hit over high unemployment right now, but congressional democrats can't. a third of u.s. senate seats and all of the house seats are up for re-election in 2010, and a
5:39 pm
10% unemployment rate in the new year is no place to start. candy crowley, cnn, washington. all right, candy, thank you very much for that. an unexpected diversion for a southwest airlines flight and it's all because of a baby. the flight from chicago to salt lake city and boise had to be diverted to denver when a passenger went into labor. a crew was ready on the ground for the plane's arrival but too late. with the help of a doctor and two nurses and the flight crew, the woman gave birth before the plane landed. >> pulled the shoestrings out of my shoes, so that baby is walking around with one of my shoestrings on its umbilical cord. >> mom and baby are doing just fine. we'll try to find out the name and sex of the baby. we'll figure it out for you. a recount request is expected, but officials have just certified kasim reed, there he is, a winner of this week's
5:40 pm
election for mayor of atlanta. officially right now at least according to the elections board he's the mayor of atlanta, but someone else wants a recount. we'll talk live to him coming up in the 7:00 p.m. eastern hour of the cnn "newsroom." and out of the army and into the job market. we'll talk about the challenges veterans face when they come home to look for jobs.
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5:43 pm
okay. so this has been a very interesting election to watch. pay attention because want to you learn something from this. atlanta was the first major southern city to elect a black mayor back in 1973 and since then blacks have continuously held the mayor's office but with the white population in atlanta growing, this was seen as a year when that might change, could have changed. tuesday's mayoral runoff between former state senator kasim reed and city councilwoman mary norwood was extremely close. only 700 votes separating the two out of more than 84,000 votes that were cast. norwood has requested a recount, but it appears that reed will continue the tradition established in the '70s and become the new mayor here. he joins us right now in the cnn "newsroom." good to see you mr. mayor-elect. >> thank you so much. >> i spent some time with you and mary norwood before the
5:44 pm
election. the headlines were, "atlanta to elect its first white mayor in generations" and mary norwood was way ahead. what happened? >> i think we had a message he focused on creating jobs and keeping atlanta safe. i went to more than 4,000 doors. i was seeing somewhere between 500, 600 people every single day. and i think that the more that voters got to know me, the better we did. and i always had confidence in the citizens of atlanta and i still have that confidence today. >> i want to get my facts straight here, may jor-elect reed. it says norwood finished ten points ahead in the first vote. you knocked on over 4,000 doors. when you talked about it, it was a lackluster showing for the general election in november, right? >> yes. >> you had to do an
5:45 pm
old-fashioned get out the vote campaign. >> wherever people were, we went. we went to shopping malls, to the train station, we went to bus stations, and bus stops. we went to senior high rises. we merged that with new technology such as myspace and all of the rest. >> so you're trying to deal with the presidential contenders -- >> we did. we did facebook, myspace, merged with an old-fashioned campaign. >> so what do you say? how much did the current mayor help in an interview just days before the election, she said -- election day, actually. >> she said i'm going to vote for kasim reed. i said have you said this? she said no. how much did she help and andrew young, how much did he help? and also other big wigs here in atlanta. >> i think they all helped. i think may jor franklin was helpful. i would not be sitting here were it not for ambassador young.
5:46 pm
helped also lisa borders -- >> the former council president who ran and that's why many say you got her vote when you got her endorsement, you got her votes. >> they was incredible. >> so, listen, it did break down along racial lines. you got 56% of the vote from predominantly black districts. norwood gots 62% of her vote from white districts. when everyone interviewed you during the time this is not about race, it's about economics, about jobs, about safety, but it did break down along racial lines. >> i think we have a lot of work to do. but what i know is atlanta will get through this in a good fashion. this was a tough election. you had a well-qualified opponent on the other side. atlanta will get through this just fine, but it was tough, and i think that both of us handled it reasonably well. >> a lot people were talking about that november 2nd election saying this was a referendum on
5:47 pm
the president. what happened in the new jersey with the governor. >> yes. >> and also what happened in atlanta because it was believed mary norwood would be elected. atlanta's black population dropped to 57% in 2007 while the white population increased 38%. even more whites are moving back into the city and so i want to know what's the effect on the future because many people considered atlanta a black city. no longer is it a black city. >> first of all, i want everyone to know we welcome all people who are moving into atlanta, first and foremost, but i do believe that this election had significant repercussions for the president, and it was important because i am hopeful that president obama will be competitive in georgia during the next cycle, and if we were not able -- progressives, i don't mean we meaning a race, i mean people who are progressive, democrats, forward-thinking people are not able to do well in atlanta, i don't believe that that would have boded well for
5:48 pm
president obama. so i do believe this election was important. >> you know him, you have worked with him. >> i do. i campaigned for him, support ised him, and am working forward to working with him ap mayor of atlanta. >> mary norwood said she would come work for you if you won. are you going to ask her? >> i sure am. >> what do you think of the recount? >> i think it's fine. after a tough campaign you have to be respectful of your opponent and their own process in dealing with their issues in their own way, but what i do want the citizens of atlanta to know is i am focused on leading and on governing. we're making our appointments right now. we appointed a wonderful coo over the weekend. we will appoint an acting chief shortly. we have to move on and we have to leave. >> you're talking to the zens f citizens of atlanta but this race got national headlines. that's what you have to do. thank you for coming in. congratulations to you. we asked mary norwood to come
5:49 pm
in. she did not want to come in to be interviewed but she has sat down with me before. we wish her luck as well. thanks again. >> thank you. still ahead on cnn, details on a recall of a popular diet shake. why slim-fast is being taken off shore shelves. and later, need to take a few pounds off from that thanking giving feast? we have a few tips from an nfl star. aerectile dysfunctions with can be ready with another dosing option from cialis. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. so relax and take your time. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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5:53 pm
president's national security adviser general jim jones. he has a lot to say on the new strategy in afghanistan. what's going on? we'll get a very different perspective from senator russ feingold of wisconsin. he disagrees with the president's new strategy. we'll also hear from david goldman, father of that little boy who was abducted, taken to brazil. david goldman, trying to get his son back. all that and a lot more coming up at the top of the hour in "the situation room." >> we'll be watching. >> >> a hot toy that could be a hazard to your child's health. that story ahead. first, professional athletes know a thing or two about staying fit. for them, of course it is essential. in today's "fit nation" report an nfl player shares his advice on diet and exercise with our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. >> reporter: there's no question, for nfl player kerry rhodes fitness is a job. on the field. >> i'm big on the fruit -- >> reporter: off the field. even on twitter.
5:54 pm
>> a lot of people have been asking me on twitter to give them workout tips. what do i do, what do i eat? looking to lose approximately 25 pounds over the next three months. that right there, that's setting you up for failure because you're trying to do too much. >> reporter: tip number one, map out a fitness plan. >> i usually do three sets of ten. >> reporter: start slow. >> work your way up. take your time to get to that point where you can do more. >> reporter: he says it's about setting reasonable goals and keeping your routine interesting. >> do creative things to not get tired, not get used to doing the same thing over and over. >> reporter: during the offseason a typical meal for rhodes, an early morning snack. banana or granola bar. oatmeal or toast for breakfast. high-protein lynch like a lean hamburger patty. for dinner, chicken salad. water, fruit, green tea, energy drinks to help stay full throughout date. >> i want to get at least four meals in your system. whether that be a snack for one
5:55 pm
meal or energy drink for one meal. >> reporter: his advice for fans who tweet him, and to kids who are obese, make fitness a priority. >> put on paper what you want to do. just overall where you want to be at the end of the day. just be active. that's the biggest thing. how longis sheingtongre ) gine of these... hey... nnouncer) ...makes for perfect nn maybe we'll keep her (cheerios spilling (announc)@ hosomeing so little... ...heldo big
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all right, one of the hottest toys this holiday season could be a hazard to your child's health. the consumer product testing company good guide says the zhu zhu hit named mr. squiggles contains high levels of potentially toxic chemical, a potentially toxic chemical. the robotic hamsters have been one of the top-selling toys this year. flying off the store shelves across the country. coming up in our 7:00 p.m. hour, a closer look at the american soldier. our car yowarriors who go off t and what they face when they come home. we want to know how tough it is for them to find a job. what about health care, even job
5:59 pm
satisfaction. we're going to take a close look at those questions and more coming up in the 7:00 p.m. hour of the "cnn newsroom." we'll look at the american soldier. i want to get your reserve your tweets in. got a minute? we've got a long time. let's see, some people have been tweeting about some of the stories, wonderful weather in alberta, don lemon. i was impressed with the store owner, a little compassion change. florida or alabama, don, i'm not answering that one. what's going on in the news still, tiger and knox. jobs, don't you know the national championship games are on right now? no, they're not, only the news is on right now. what did you do for your days off? i slept and didn't do anything. i sent out a tweet saying that i'm sorry i hadn't been tweeting because i was off and turned off the computer and cell phone and everything and everyone thought i was -- something happened. but i just needed to get away. maybe the news, need to turn that off. welcome back, i ate too much


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