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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 4, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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egoing in as a solo performer having first risen to stardom with the commodores. others include carly simon, harry bell fonte and judas peeft. you can follow me on tiktok. if you ever miss an episode, you can listen to "the lead" wherever you get your podcasts. wolf blitzer is right next door in a place i like to call "the in a place i like to call "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- happening now. breaking news. a ukrainian commander says enemy troops have broken into the steel plant where the city's last defender and hundreds of civilians had holed up. we're getting new details on the fighting and whether it could be a final showdown in the besieged city. also breaking, cnn's exclusive new poll shows most americans are casting blame on president biden as their view of
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the economy is worse than it's been in a decade. we're tracking consumer fears about high inflation and the potential recession just hours after an historic interest rate hike by the federal reserve. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> let's get right to the breaking news. on the bloody battle for the southern ukrainian city of mariupol. russian forces now inside the steel plant at war with the city's last defenders. cnn international security editor all. is this potentially the last stand for mariupol? >> reporter: it does look dire.
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frankly, it has looked dire for the ukrainian troops inside that steel plant. such extraordinary, well fortified structure they've managed to hold on to for weeks if not months now. the commander of the azov commander saying that indeed, russian troops have been inside the compound for two days now and there was intense fighting, saying that he is simply with his men continuing to defend. we know the air strikes have hit that compound over the past day, after frankly, a miraculous rescue of over 100 of the civilians inside there. enabled by a brief cease fire. images emerging and coming to zaporizhzhia. ukrainian-held territory gripping so many. it does seem the onslaught against that particular facility has begun today. communications lost with troops
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inside there. some patchy, may have been restored but there are still over 100 civilians, if not more, trapped inside that facility, along with wounded ukrainian troops. and the ukrainian defenders still valiantly holding back the russians. it is quite extraordinary that this fight continues, despite the volume of resources russia has thrown at i. russia's defense minister saying that he believed that the whole plant had been readily blocked. so i think that it is fair to say we are entering a russian escalation here. whether that changes the dynamic entirely, finally, unclear. but there is an important day coming up. may 9th, the victory parade that russia wants to have something to talk about that is positive for its offensive here. and maybe this push toward mariupol's last pocket of ukrainian resistance is part of that. >> despite the ramped up russian assault, can ukraine point to some wins in the east? >> reporter: yeah, look,
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remember, while we talk about mariupol, this is a place that moscow had said it had essentially beaten over a week ago now. still the east is where they would regroup and push harder and faster. that has not happened. and instead, we are seeing ukrainian counter offensive in some areas significantly, the ukrainian flag hoisted over one village. moldova, 13 miles away from the ukraine-russian border. why is this important? it is part of a ukrainian move to go around russian troops that are pushing down toward the bulk of ukraine's forces in the donetsk and luhansk area. they have a lot of their equipment and best forces there. there seem to be these russian forces almost cut off. it is aiming at their supply lines. without resupply, those russian troops, like we've seen in kyiv and other places, are gravely at risk. while it is clear there has been some slow russian progress, what is more remarkable is the ukrainian pushback in some of
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those areas which may stall this second bid by russia to see some progress here. it does appear to be in trouble, wolf. >> in ukraine for us, thanks. stay safe. we'll be in touch. in russia, the kremlin is dismissing claims that vladimir putin plans to formally declare war in ukraine on monday. a russian holiday known as victory day. before we go live to moscow, you should know that strict new laws on the reporting of russia's ukraine operation are in effect in russia, including a prohibition on broadcasting information the russian government considers to be false. let's bring in our senior corn matthew chance. he's in the russian capital for us right now. the kremlin spokesman is rejegging a u.s. assessment about putin's plans for may 9th, next monday. tell us more about what he said. >> reporter: yes, this, wolf, is the u.s. assessment. and the assessment of other
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western powers as well that may 9th, a significant public holiday in russia commemorating the victory of the soviet union over nationals germany in the 1940s, may be used not just as an opportunity as every year to display russia's military might and to show its missiles in the capital and elsewhere as well. but also an opportunity for vladimir putin, the russian president, to make some kind of significant pronouncement when it comes to the conflict in ukraine. what russia calls its special military operation. now, it's been speculated that can involve a formal declaration of war on ukraine. that would enable russia and the kremlin to mobilize its forces more effectively. call in the reserves, for instance, and then put them across the border to add additional forces into the mix, inside ukraine. they've also, well, what the kremlin has done is rule that
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out saying, it is nonsense that that will happen. and they're sort of clawing back on the day that may 9th will be the kind of celebration that it is every year and nothing special, they say, is going to be announced. >> on the scene for us in moscow. thank you. let's get more on all of this. joining us, the former ambassador to ukraine. ambassador taylor, thank you for joining us. just how big a blow will it be to ukraine if mariupol and the southern part of the country finally falls to the russians? >> wolf, mariupol for ukraine is already a hero city. the military forces, both azov battalion that you've been describing, as well as the marines who are there, are heroes in the eyes of the ukrainians. any change in that status of mariupol will only serve to
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invigorate, to redetermine, reinvigorate the ukrainians in their fight against the russians. they will take this as a reason to fight harder. this will be something that as you've reported, the russians have been trying to do this for maybe a month and a half, two months. they've been losing soldiers over and over. in some real sense, if they can take over. they're not yet able to. no indication that they've got that. they're in the xount. if they do, it will be a victory. the ukrainians will use this as a rallying cry. mariupol will be a hero city and the heroes that have defended for this long will be recognized as such. >> with the capture of mariupol by the russians be the kind of victory putin would like to tout when russia marks what they call victory day on monday,
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commemorating the end of world war ii? >> so what putin has been after for a long time, since 2014, is control of ukraine. he's been very clear that is what he's after. that is his goal. he tried to do with it the minsk agreements. he's tried to do it in kyiv in the beginning of the war. that failed. he's been now relevant vatd. he's reduced his war aims to being able to take mariupol or a land bridge between donetsk, luhansk, and crimea through kherson. that's not what he was after. he can claim victory. he can claim victory. it will be hollow. that's not what he's after and not what he's achieved. >> a russian communication was intercepted that says special elite russian units are, quote,
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making scenes about not wanting to keep fighting. cnn hand been able to verify that intercepted communication. how long can this war go on if that's true? >> there is a scenario where the russian troops that we remember now have been in the field since last november, december. they arrayed themselves around ukraine during the winter and didn't start the fight. didn't go across the border until the 24th of february and have been fighting ever since. they lost a lot of troops and a lot of units were mauled. now these same units are being moved around to the east. so the russian military, in particular, on the ground, has not done well. it has not done well. so that will be something they will have to deal with. >> they certainly will. the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, thank you. so for joining us.
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just ahead, the federal reserve just gave interest rates their biggest hike in more than two decades. will it help tamp down soaring inflation? what will it mean for american consumers? stand by. we'll be right back.
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more breaking news we're following. the biggest interest rate hike by the federal reserve in more than two decades coming as americans are facing high inflation and growing concern about a possible recession. let's go to our chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins. she has details for us. a huge move by the fed today. what's the latest? >> reporter: absolutely. this is the largest interest
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rate crease in 22 years. it is all part of the effort to tamp down the fastest inflation in 40 years. that's why you saw this move from the federal resv today. what they have before them is a balancing act because they want to slow down the economy without sending it into a recession. and they know those concerns are very high. you're hearing them from top executives at banks across the country. that is something the federal reserve chair jake powell has top of mind. right now they believe the inflation rates are just too high. it is lasting a lot longer than a lot of experts believed it would. he did acknowledge that there are additional interest rate increases that are on the table. it remains to be seen how high they go. while he was acknowledging that yes, it will be unpleasant. people are paying more to borrow more money. but he said in the end, he believes everyone will be better off. so of course, this is a huge balancing act for them and it remains to be seen how they try to chart the economy out of these waters. >> we're just now getting in
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some new cnn poll numbers on this very topic and they're not necessarily very good news for the president. these new numbers, are they? >> they're not. what they're revealing is that a lot of american have a pretty sharply critical view of how president biden has been handling the economy. a lot of that has to do with the inflation numbers that we were just talking about. if you look at the latest numbers out of cnn poll, which the white house is paying attention to, it says when you ask people how the president is handling the economy, 66% disapprove, wolf. 34% approve. that's not just for president biden. it is an overall look at the economy. it is pretty negative when you ask americans. about 77% say they believe the current economic conditions are poor. only 23% say it is good. pez despite the wage increases. inflation is eroding all of those. and all of this is the third number, the president's approval rating. a 59% disapproval rating.
3:18 pm
41% approve of the job president biden is doing as president. and this is something that the white house is acutely aware of. you saw president biden today talking about paying down the national debt for the first time in six years. addressing the deficit. he believes that will help ease these inflationary pressures the people are dealing with, and it is also attributed to the war in ukraine. we know it was actually a problem before the war. but these thing the white house is focused on. trying to push back on the constant, basically, republican criticism of president biden. because republicans look at these number. and they believe it is a weak point for them to hit of course all leading up to the mid-term elections in november. >> wall street was clearly pleased with the interest rate hike today. the dow jones industrial average up more than 9 points. let's get a closer look at this. this will affect certainly, home owners, potential home buyers,
3:19 pm
rentalers, a lot of folks out there, higher interest rates. >> it is likely to affect all those groups. plus people in the market for a car. people trying to pay off their credit cards or student loans. this interest rate hike is men to bring inflation under control. until happen, people in those situations could be in for a tough time. allison, a first time home buyer in new jersey, learned the hard way with low inventory, those trying to purchase a home don't have much leverage. >> i didn't expect it to be this difficult to get a home. >> a pricey housing market could be about to get worse. homeowners and prospective home buyers will likely find some tough sledding ahead. interest rate hikes mean it will be more expensive to borrow money if you're trying to buy a home xrgs earth that say, the asking price may not be much higher than it is now. >> but the cost to buy that house will be higher. so because mortgage rates are going up. >> that means many new home
3:20 pm
owners will not only be paying higher interest on their mortgages but could get less house for their money. what about renters? >> they could be indirectly affected by interest rate hikes. let's say a landlord has to pay a hare rate if he has an ad adjustable rate more gag or thought he or she could refinance, that could get passed along to renters. >> reporter: what about paying off your credit card? car loan or student debt? >> if you have credit card debt, it will cost you more. if you're buying aer today, it will cost you more. because the rates to borrow that money to get that car will go up. >> reporter: experts say there could be some good news for people who have significant money stashld in savings accounts. with the new interest rate hike, they say, those accounts will start to earn interest again. but analysts warn it may not be enough interest to make much of a difference. >> you might see the interest being paid on a savings account go up a touch as a result of the
3:21 pm
announcement today. remember, it still may be below the pace of inflation. >> reporter: so what can many of us do to brace for these higher interest rates that are coming? the analyst sas if you can hold off only major purchase of a house or a car that you've been thinking about, hold off as long as you can. for some, it is time to think outside the box regarding your living situation. living with relatives or sharing a residence with anyone else. they say that can help you ride out these rate hikes. people will have to start thinking about that in the months ahead. there will be more interest rate hikes coming. >> thank you very very much. just ahead, with the u.s. supreme court apparently poised to strike down roe v. wade, president biden sounds the alarm warning other rights could be at risk as well. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and k kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been dedemolished by the peterson bo♪
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we're keeping a close eye on the new demonstrations outside the supreme court as roe v. wade appears to be on the brink of being overturned. advocates and politicians on both sides of the abortion debate are now planning their next moves after the court's draft opinion to strike down roe was leaked. cnn justice correspondent jessica snyder is joining us live now from the supreme court. president biden weighed in on the leaked draft report. tell our viewers what he said. >> reporter: he did, wolf. the president really went after what he calls an extreme brand of republican politics. and president biden warned that if the supreme court overturns roe as it seems like it is poised to do, the president
3:27 pm
asked what would stop other republican-led states for eneven more extreme laws in other areas. take a listen. >> what happens if you have a state change the law saying that children who are lgbtq cannot be in classrooms with other children? is that legit under the way the decision is written? what are the next things that will be attacked? because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history. in recent american history. >> reporter: so strong words from the president. and vice president kamala harris also spoke out today about the possibility of roe being overturned. she spoke at an event for emily's list. a political action committee that supports women being elected who are for abortion rights. and vice president harris said republicans are weaponizing the law against women. but wolf, you know, the administration not coming up, or
3:28 pm
not presenting any plans so far about what they would do if abortion is deemed not a constitutional right as might happen by the supreme court. >> in terms of the court's actual schedule, when is the next time that justices are supposed to meet? >> yeah. they are now scheduled for their next private conference face to face next thursday, may 12th. that would be in a private conference room, just those nine justices. presumably it would be the first time they've been face to face since the serious breach of court secrecy. after that, it would likely be monday, may 16th, that we would see the opinions being released. we have a long way to go in the court's term. it usually ends in the final week of june. we have close to 40 opinions remaining. they include, still, the abortion decision that has not come out yet, as well as the second amendment issue related to a new york gun law and a case on religious liberties. >> it will be a busy time
3:29 pm
indeed. thank you very much. jessica schneider outside the supreme court. i want to bring in our chief legal analyst, jeffrey toobin. you just heard president biden warn this potential decision on roe v. wade could mean the supreme court would chip away at other rights as well. is he right to be worried? >> i think he is right to be worried under the connective tissue, if abortion is under the category of a fundamental right, then any other area under that same umbrella including maybe interstate travel, the right to marry whom you choose, contra ceptive use. but justice alito in the draft pinch of course is not final, seems to try to wall off that particular prospect. that might be a bit of a pipe dream to say, no, i only mean to it relate to this one particular aspect. if you give a mouse a cookie, it will ask for a variety of things
3:30 pm
as well. think of the idea to have one fundamental right go away based on the same fundamental premise that it won't zone privacy that the government won't interfere. with it is likely that others might be at least challenged. then the precedent set in this case might be instructed as opposed to one that says, no, it is inapplicable. >> jeffrey, the president also called the quote, maga crowd, the most extreme political organization in american history. does all of this suggest the u.s. supreme court is really more politicized right now than it has ever been? >> well, certainly more conservative than it has been in several generations. it certainly recalls the 1930s when the supreme court struck down much of the new deal before franklin roosevelt had a bunch of appointments to change the composition of the court. the conservative agenda at the supreme court has been in plain view since 1981 when rob bourque
3:31 pm
and antonin scalia founded the society. there is no mystery about what conservatives want. it is just only with president trump's three appointments that they've had the votes. they want to end affirmative action. they want to end any sorts of gun control laws under the second aeld. and as we see from the draft opinion yesterday, they want to overturn roe v. wade. but that leads to issues like contraception. remember, the supreme court has already in the hobby lobby case said, some forms of contraception are like abortion and they can be banned as well. so this is the way the law works. once you do one big step like roe v. wade, like overturning roe v. wade, lots of other things come in behind it. and we know where they're coming because conservatives haven't been hiding their agenda for decades. >> you know, there is apparently no realistic path for congress
3:32 pm
right now to codify roe v. wade into law. so now they're scrambling to find executive action the president can sign to protect abortion rights for children s. there anything he can really do at this point? >> well, there is certainly executive action but that would be able to be rolled back in the event there's a different president. it is curious why so many grassroots advocacy organizations, even those who own abortion clinics and run these clinics, people advocating on behalf of abortion rights. they don't seem to be broadsided on the side of roe v. wade being overturned. perhaps they thought there would be some constraints. maybe some massaging in terms of the notion of which week might be the ultimate red line. but to have the white house now scrambling to figure out a possible solution, in light of what is quite obvious. that there may not be the votes hear. it really speaks to a larger issue about the role of the supreme court and the idea that
3:33 pm
the precedent is supposed to be one that is set in stone. if that's the case, we may be looking at this issue for a very long time. >> i know, jeffrey, you and i have covered the u.s. supreme court for a long time. and you know it a lot better than i do. have we ever seen a leaked draft opinion like this before? will we ever really find out who leaked this draft? >> never, never, never anything like this. there have been a very few occasions when votes have been suggested in advance. where journalists have claimed they know votes. but this is unprecedented in the supreme court's history. it won't change the result but it may well change the relationship among the justices who are angry and suspicious of each other even before this. and it is likely to poison relationships within the court even further. >> thank you both very, very much. after weeks of bombardment, are
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more now on the breaking news out of ukraine. what is being described as a bloody battle inside a giant steel plan in the city of mariupol. where hundreds of ukrainian civilians have been sheltering and truly horrific conditions for weeks. cnn's senior national correspondent is on the ground for us in ukraine. what is the latest you can tell us on this battle that's now going on inside this factory complex? >> reporter: well, according to ukrainian authorities, wolf, the perimeter of the factory has been breached. in other words, the russians have managed to break through some kind of outer perimeter held by a ukrainian government forceful these are made of the azov battalion and the marines. now, they are also, most of the
3:39 pm
people sheltering there are underground, wolf. many hundreds of civilians, many hundreds of military, and 30 children who are effectively in cat combs under this steel manufacturing plan. it is not yet clear whether or not there's fighting going on hand to hand underground. currently this has come after a very heavy bombardment from the land, from surface to surface missiles and artillery, from the air, aerial bombardment, and even from naval ships using the large naval guns which have been pounding this area, being described as actually even shaking and bouncing chambers underneath the gun as this massive assault is going in. so clearly, from the russian perspective, they're trying to get this over and done with before they have been offering safe passage to civilians out,
3:40 pm
that supposedly from moscow, for them to escape or be allowed to escape in any direction they choose. either into russian-held territory's hands or ukrainian hands, starting tomorrow, for the next three days. clearly this massive assault may make all of that entirely theoretical if it is from a russian perspective. there is a very deep focus of combat in the southeast of the country. elsewhere in the east though, the pattern has been much more mixed. the russians have been driven back from areas they control, and also, a significant air strike, killing a number of people at a bus station. wolf? >> sam kiley, thank you. let's discuss what's going on with ukrainian parliament member, thank you. so for joining us. this resistance that we're seeing by --
3:41 pm
>> thank you. >> it has become almost legendary right now. what it will mean to ukraine if this last hold out in mariupol were to fall? >> referring to your previous topic, we are fighting in ukraine for the fundamental right to live. and that's what our defenders of mariupol are doing right now. and i'm pretty sure that by this time putin would be, you know, saw that he would plan his victory parade in kyiv. but still, you know, russians did not seize the whole city yet. the situation is very difficult. we are a couple hundreds of defenders there. 500 wounded defenders and they cannot get medical help and they're not free to leave, to be evacuated as well, to be treated
3:42 pm
in hospitals. but it is not difficult situation only in mariupol. by the way, it is very important to understand what is going on outside of this plot. russians are trying to cover the traces and the choices of their war crimes, we have information, our intelligence service has information that there have been three more crematorium working since april 15th to burn the bodies. so the traces of the crimes committed. and also, the situation on the east on the other parts of eastern ukraine is serious as well. so we are actually really waiting for more weapons to come and to be delivered to these places to liberate them. >> as you know, russia is publicly denying western intelligence reports that it plans to formally declare war on may 9th, next monday.
3:43 pm
it has been calling this invasion a, quote, special military operation. what do you expect from putin when he marks this key date, this victory over the nazis in world war ii? this date, this holiday in russia on monday? >> of course they will put all the pressure right now to secure some sort of victory. of course they cannot move on the ground too much. but they've been sending missiles and rockets to different regions of ukraine for two days. like 18, 20 rockets per evening. but also, about this mobilization, you know, declaring war. it would mean that actual special operation has not worked. and the army that was called the second largest army in the world did not work. so personally, i doubt that they will hold them, the
3:44 pm
mobilization. they are trying to find people, you know, to pay them to go to the army and to use them as meat. >> ukrainian parliament member kravchuk. i want to continue this conversation with you down the road. appreciate it very much. coming up, new audio reveals house gop leader kevin mccarthy slamming donald trump soon after the january 6th insurrection. stand by. we've got details. when my genetic reports told me about my heart health, i was able to take action. and i got a kit for my mom, too, so she can get her own meaninul health info. is mother's day, start a new health journey together with mom with $50 off every kit.
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we have newly revealed audio
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of house minority leader kevin mccarthy sharply criticizing former president trump shortly after the comment siege. listen. >> what the president did is atrocious and totally wrong. from the standpoint, you're 12 days away. i mean, the one point i'd make that biden, if you have an impeachment and you're stuck sitting in the senate and he needs cabinet members, and from the perspective you put everything else away. this country is very, very divided. >> let's get more from cnn's senior commentator, former ohio governor john kasich joining us. and maggie haberman, the washington correspondent from the new york time. this is more evidence that kevin mccarthy was actually slamming trump in the days after the january 6th insurrection. what do you make of this newly
3:50 pm
leaked >> i think it just reaffirms that kevin mccarthy was saying that keep concern what then president trump had done, about what his behavior would do to the country and certainly with the republican conference. they were looking much more broadly about leadership and what he would be able to do and what it would mean over the remaining two weeks of his presidency. you contrast that with what we saw him doing almost immediately after president trump left office, which was start trying to make amends. so you have to wonder in hindsight how much of that amends making was his knowledge that he had been saying all of these things to his colleagues. i doubt he knew they were on tape. >> what does it say to you, governor kasich, that someone who called trump's actions, atrocious and totally wrong, could change his mind so quickly? >> it seems to be a matter of character, wolf. you know, i was in congress at a time when you looked around
3:51 pm
around you saw people who were more concerned about the country than their own careers. everybody cares about their careers, but it was always country first. what we're seeing here, it's a character issue. how could you say how terrible this is and turn around a few days later and say, well, january 6th was no big deal. it's extremely disappointing. and back in the old days, not that long ago, things like this, tapes like this could be damaging to somebody. but it doesn't seem as though these days it matters very much. >> it's interesting, maggie, this isn't the first audio leak of kevin mccarthy disparaging trump. why is he still in the form e president's good graces apparently? >> a couple of reasons. the main one that's gotten overlooked is trump is aware that anything that he does, you know, responds or says something, adds to stories and news reports about the republicans being at each other's throats, which is not
3:52 pm
what republicans want as they head into the midterms, especially frankly now with the backdrop of roe v. wade potential ending. so the former president is holding his fire, which we've seen him do before until he doesn't. i don't know that this means that kevin mccarthy is permanently safe. they met for three hours earlier this week. trump kept referring to kevin mccarthy as speaker mccarthy as he talked to people by phone. that's fine for now. i just don't know what happens when we get to december. >> yeah. wolf, let me jump in very quickly. maggie, you would agree with me that where donald trump is today and where he will be tomorrow, it doesn't matter to him. he could appear to be supporting kevin mccarthy today and tomorrow he'll give him the heave-ho and throw him outside the capitol. so you can't count on loyalty when it comes to donald trump. not possible to do. >> john kasich and maggie
3:53 pm
haberman, thank you very much for joining us today. just ahead, the comedian dave chappelle tackled on stage during a performance. we have new details. that's next. verizon 5g business internet on us... we'll even help cover the cost toto switch. come in or book an appointment online today during verizon small business days. welcome to the next level. this is the lexus nx with intuitive tech... (beeps) car: watch for traffic ...and our most advanced safety system ever. ♪ ♪ the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers.
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more details tonight about the shocking attack on comedian dave chappelle as he performed at the iconic hollywood bowl last night. cnn national correspondent nick watt has the latest. >> make some noise. >> reporter: dave chappelle was introducing the next act. suddenly, the comic tackled by a man who rushed the stage,
3:58 pm
wielding a knife shaped like a replica gun. >> he rammed right into him. >> reporter: cnn's rachel crane was in the second row. >> one second you're laughing, the next second, i was fearing for my life, because i thought perhaps this man had a bomb in his backpack. >> reporter: he did not, and dave chappelle was not injured, according to the lapd. quickly cracking jokes. the 23-year-old male suspect was hurt in the melee, taken to the hospital and arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. a any motive remains unclear. dave chappelle, in his netflix special, notes that he does anger a lot of people with his comedy. >> women get at me, gay people get mad at me, but i'm going to tell you right now, this is true, these transgenders, these [ bleep ]s want me dead. >> reporter: this assault took
3:59 pm
place about a mile away from another recent on-stage attack on a comedian, the infamous oscar slap. last night, chris rock was also performing. soon by dave chappelle's side, making reference, cutting the tension. >> was that will smith? >> reporter: so still unclear why this happened and maybe more importantly, how this happened. >> it felt like an eternity before the security got there and, you know, intervened. in actuality, i'm sure it was just a few seconds. but it was a very charged moment, and everybody, there were gasps, screams. >> reporter: it's also still unclear how this suspect could gotten a knife into the hollywood bowl through the metal detectors, particularly with so many high profile performers and
4:00 pm
guests in attendance. it's ironic earlier in his set, dave chappelle was joking about having to increase security at his house after somebody was hanging around and shouting at him from the street. a spokesperson for chappelle tells cnn he refuses to let this overshadow the magic of his shows here at the hollywood bowl. wolf in >> nick watt, thank you very much. and to our viewers, thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, ukraine gaining momentum tonight, reclaiming crucial ground. while in mariupol, the clock is ticking to save the hundreds holed up in a steel plant. and new audio of kevin mccarthy talking about using the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office, just after january 6th. and the man hunt for a corrections officer and a murder suspect expanding. authorities are tracking leads in several states, as we learn


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