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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 24, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> it is the top of the hour. we begin with breaking news. again this hour i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. that breaking news, a massive search and rescue underway in south florida. goodness look at those pictures there. after a 12tory condo building near miami beach collapsed. one person is dead and many more injured and the question is how many more people were in the building when it went down. we're told that more than half or close to half of the 130 plus units in the complex were destroyed. there were fears that more are still trapped there. amid the ongoing risk that the rest of the building could collapse at any moment. >> i have never seen so many police in my life all at once. it looked like something from 9/11 literally. >> this is by far the most
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horrific thing that i've seen in my life. >> the wheel thing came down. it looks like a bomb went off but we're sure a bomb didn't go off. >> a brief moment of hope that you're looking at from earlier this morning before the sun came up, that is rescuers pulling a young boy from the rubble alive. he's one of two people that authorities say they have been able to rescue from the debris so far. take a look at this. this is what the high-rise ocean front looked like before the collapse this morning and here it is after the collapse in the aftermath, what is left of the building. our layla santiago is on the scene in surfside, florida, with the latest. so you've been there since right after this happened. what are people telling you? >> reporter: we learned new numbers. we learned that 35 people were rescued. two were pulled from the rubble. but when i asked the key question of how many are still
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missing, officials couldn't give me that answer. they are asking families and friends who have not been able to reach someone who may have been in that building to call in to their hotline. now, another big question that still hasn't been answered and i suspect will be a long time before we get the answer is how did this happen? what led to the partial collapse of this building that has 130 units, 55 of which collapsed. and that is something that now will be central in an investigation. i have been here all morning, when i got here the massive response and more than 80 units here responding to this c catastrophe as the mayor called it, many of whom are still on scene, a scene that now has a new challenge, poppy, we talked about the challenge of being concerned about the structural integrity of the building. now it is raining. so now they're also having to search under a different type of
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weather conditions. so you know, what we have learned from those who were inside and those that were outside is how loud of a noise this made. one man described it to me like a thunder or thought it was a bomb. one woman said she thought it was at engine of a plane. one man, barry cohen, who i spoke to was inside when part of the building collapsed. >> i looked down the hallway and it is a very long hallway, probably 100 yards, 75 yards, and there was nothing there. it was just a pile of dust and rubble and paint falling from the ceilings. i felt the whole building was going to just collapse, so once we were in the cherry picker, a feeling of relief just came over
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me that was incredible, that i survived this -- this tragedy. >> reporter: you could only imagine the relief. barry told me that the last thing he could think to do was just to pray and that is when he saw the firefighters. i should mention that the building, what is left of it, has been cleared. but the search is still very much active. i have seen k-9s out here so that continues. the other concern is there is a small hotel right next to where this collapse took so they have evacuated that and are putting those families up in another hotel, concerned about the integrity of what is left here in surfside. >> layla, in the last hour, the last we heard from the rescue teams still working there and we should note this is a painstaking process, it takes time, but they have not yet heard or senses any hits, any
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signs life to this point. you have heard any up sdate in e last hour. >> the last update in the last 30 minutes is the number two for the people who have been pulled from the rubble. as we have shown you on cnn, there was obviously the boy and there was video of that in a very compelling story of the hero behind it. he know that somebody else has been pulled. but how many may still be under or how many hits they may think they have, we still don't know that. i could tell you they stood in front of the media very confident they have the resources they need to be able to move forward with this investigation and this search and rescue that will continue throughout the day. something they made very clear will not be a matter of minutes or hours but could be a matter of days. >> smometimes you could be surprised by good news. we know they're working hard there. thank you so much. so let's bring in an
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eyewitness who lives in the building just next door. she also said she was awakened by the loud noise, obviously of the collapse and has a friend who lives inside of the partially collapsed building. can you hear us this morning? >> yes, i can hear you. >> is your friend okay and what was it like? >> my friend is okay. he's shaken. he was trapped in his condo. he opened the front door of his condo and the hallway was blocked by concrete, steel and when you looked across the hallway you could see that the wall half is missing and the other one is also leaning. it looks really -- it paints a picture that is dramatic because you don't have any way out. you do not have any stairway.
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so from the balcony, the rescue finally came. >> jim sciutto here with poppy. did you, prior, hear anything prior to the building coming down or did it just come down from your vantage point? >> i was -- suddenly a loud bang almost like a tremble went on. it woke me up. i thought there was thundering so i was awakened for the lightning to strike or the thunder to follow. but this rumbling was very different, very strange. and something was not right in this sound. it was too strong, too violent. it almost felt like a shock wave coming from the next building. so when i went from the balcony,
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i saw dust in the air and that is when i realized that something is not right and right away i went downstairs. and of course we were without electricity, so i used the stairs with my flashlight and i saw this building, the trumbling tower south standing with this slice -- just the part of the building that is facing was standing up. it was a dramatic view as lights of the building and the other one was flapping down. >> i want to show our viewer this is picture that we just got in of -- we just saw it a moment ago. it is a picture of bunkbeds in one of the collapsed apartments. the reason i ask you this, as a
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parent, you just think about your kids. >> right. >> and one would assume those were children's bunkbeds. how many families? was this a building with a lot of families and kids. >> yes. we are residents and most of us live and work in miami. i walk the beach every single morning for exercise. i know the family. i see them on the balcony outside sipping a coffee, doing yoga, doing some exercise. i see elderly people who walk even on the balcony walking around, doing some stretching. so i know these people and i saw exactly what you were saying, the children bed on the 11th floor, they're still there. so yes, this is dramatic. this shouldn't happen. it doesn't make sense that a
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building where people live peacefully, family and children in the middle of the night crumble. it doesn't make sense. and actually, i counted the unit using the map of the building and i may be wrong, but there are 72 units that went down that collapsed. so if you do the math, of the building of 136 units, if 72 units went down, collapsed, it means more than half of this building failed. was it the structure? um, two weeks ago the building removed a crane that was a part of the side of the building. it was a part that -- was a huge crane and it was a product of
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the northeast corner of the building, okay. this crane was there for two weeks. why? because the crane was lifting heavy material up to the roof and placing these heavy material including machine right exactly on the north east corner. >> interesting. >> so i'm just -- i'm just -- i'm just -- my common sense went there right away. perhaps the weight on the roof was not properly. >> terrella, that is a question for authorities. we'll ask them, a witness there that lives nearby and we're happy that you're safe, because, goodness, this is so close to many of the other buildings around them. thank you. just moments ago, ron desantis spoke about this collapse. here is what he said. >> i just want to thank everybody who responded to the
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condo collapse down in surfside. we have emergency response personnel dispatched there. first responders were able to saver a lot of people. they are going to be going through more and it is a really tragic situation. so we'll hope for the best in terms of additional recovery, but we are bracing for some bad news just given the destruction that we're seeing. so i'm going to be making it do you know there very shortly and the state is going to be able to -- helping out in any way that we can. >> with us on phone is sally hineman, a miami-dade county commissioner. commissioner, can you hear us? >> yes. good morning. it is sally heyman, miami-dade county commissioner. >> thank you very much for all of you have to do right now. what is the latest update that you could give us. have there been any more
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rescued? >> it has been a incredible response from first responders, not just miami-dade fire rescue which has its own international research and rescue team that goes out to other places, this is our first home town situation. and they have been joined by all of the cities of the county and their rescue departments and broward county also. so thanks to all of our first responders. currently we are in a pause mode because we have a thunderstorm that is managed to come ashore in the town of surfside. but fire rescue and first responders are on scene. what i could tell you is the search capacity face of their operation has concluded. they have gone entirely through the structure, i believe by 8:00 in the morning, checking for occupancy and anybody trapped in
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the structure that hadn't been compromised and the one partially compromised, to the re rest of the search and rescue efforts has been done by man power on the outside and search on the barrier quarters, also with drones and with dogs. it has shifted now or started to shift to recovery. approximately 40 persons had been extracted by our records. some of them were helped by other people. the total structure unit is not considered safe so there is great pause in what is being done by the first responders. the building itself, i could tell you it is solely a residential but it is mixed residential. so it is hard to get a count on it. from full time residents and families, senior citizens to snowbirds, short-term people and
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renters. we can tell you from what we have have heard from the assist and regroup and reach out component of it, approximately 50 people were unaccounted for from people who have been calling in, people who are known to have been there or should be there and have not called out. >> okay. >> i could give the number for reaching out to a loved one and determining the status of a person if you want that. but we have -- >> we've been sharing that. >> huh? >> we've been sharing that on the air. just to be clear, you're saying 50 people unaccounted for so far. are you aware, commissioner, heyman, of any work being done on this building prior, anything taking place at this complex prior to this collapse that gives you concern? >> yes. not concern, but just the status.
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and you know, i appreciate so many people opining the cause. that is what you have professionals for. once they can do a forensic assessment, the professionals will do that. but yes, there has work on the building being done to meet the 40-year standard. that is something that has been put in place not just for the county, but for all eunice paltz and we have a strict building code since hurricane andrew for updates and improvements. the cause, though, is questionable and so anybody can have an opinion. but the professionals aren't stating one. >> commissioner -- >> some work and they started on the roof but it's not to say what the cause is. >> commissioner, just to be very clear here, 50 people -- you have received calls this morning that 50 people that were
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supposed to show up somewhere that lived in this building did not show up, is that correct? >> not quite. actually, it is 51 people who are supposedly residing there at the time have not either called out, or had people call in to reach them. we have the number that you have been broadcasting and others, plus the miami-dade police department, the 311 number for countywide and the fire department and the city have numbers and so we have 51 people that were assumed to have been there but you don't know between vacations or anything else. so we're still waiting and unfortunately the hope is still there, but it is weaning. >> hope is waning. >> i could tell you, if i could tell you, the recovery efforts, the men and women who are there
7:18 am
that we send them other places, they are on the ground there. it is a comprehensive effort to do what we can to get live people. >> commissioner and we are so deeply gratsful. we'll let you get back to that important work. thank you for the important update that you just gave. that was miami-dade county commissioner on the phone with us. as we continue to follow this breaking news, near miami beach, half of the residential condo building in surfside florida, has collapsed, there there are fears many more people have been trapped, crews are racing to save them. other, keeping the family together? was that your grandfather, paving the way for change. did they brave mother nature... and walk away stronger? did they face the unknown, with resolve...and triumph. ♪
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we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of surfside, florida, this morning, it is just north of miami beach. a huge search and rescue effort currently underway after about half of this 12-story residential condo building collapsed this morning. authorities have found at least one person dead, dozens more injured and there are still a number of people that they believe unaccounted for. >> we just heard from miami-dade county commissioner who said 51 people who lived in the building have not reached out or loved ones have not been able to contact them. we should understand that is not a hard number because they're still trying to get in touch
7:24 am
with people. but an early estimate at least at this point of people they have not been able to contact to confirm their safety, we'll continue to monitor that. about half of the units in the overall complex, rather, were destroyed. officials are worried that the other part of the building still standing there in the live picture is in danger of falling. we'll continue to bring you details as we find out more. other story that we're following this morning. just over an hour from now, senators will go to the white house to meet with president biden and run by him the bipartisan agreement they say they reached last night on infrastructure. at least a framework agreement. poppy, we've been covering this for sometime. a step forward, we'll see how far it goes. >> and i believe i said yesterday, i think that they were going to make a deal. so maybe they will. manu raju is on capitol hill. you just spoke with west virginia senator joe manchin who is kind of important in all of this. what did he say about where this
7:25 am
stands? >> reporter: well he is involved in the bipartisan talks. he cut this deal with the number -- nine other senators from both parties. he's pitching his bipartisan plan. but that is one piece of the larger strategy among democrats to move forward with $4 trillion of joe biden's larger agenda. and in order to move the plan, democrats want to move on this bipartisan deal. we still have the details, it has not been written. but the overall agreement has been reached among the senators. but they want to have a straight party line budget process to avoid a filibuster in the senate. so they could get it through with all 50 democrats side with them with the vice president breaking the tie. so that would mean they need joe manchin who has been resistance from going down the party line approach, so back the party line approach. so i asked him whether or not he's in favor of going along party lines, but he also made very clear that he's not ready to say yes to that yet and urged
7:26 am
some caution to the large price tag that liberals in his party are pushing. >> they say that one is being held hostage to the other doesn't seem to be fair to me but they will make those decisions. but we have to see what is in the plan before i could say, oh, yes, you vote for this and i'll vote for that. nos not what i signed up for. >> you said the $6 trillion price tag is too high. >> extremely, extremely high for us to take on that much debt. i don't know if there is that much pay-fors. if they're working outside of the envelope they have to prove the need is there, don't worry about throw caution to the wind and throw debt on. i have a hard time swallowing that. >> reporter: sos than important line to add, having a hard time to swallow that. because bernie sanders is drafting a plan that could make it as high as $6 trillion to move a whole swath of democratic priorities and that is important for liberals who are not getting what they want out of the smaller plan, $1.2 trillion over
7:27 am
eight years. so democratic leaders are saying if you didn't get what you want in the large plan, they need to get moderates like joe manchin on board. but what you heard there, he's not ready to sign on to the democratic goal in the approach and just shows you the hurdles ahead as democrats try to race this through as soon as next month, at least to start the process. but they have to convince the party to get behind it first. >> okay, big meeting at the white house very soon. thank you for all of that reporting and the updates. well now, this morning, we're seeing never before shown clips from the january 6 insurrection. these new videos, they're released again by the jifs department. they show the officer's point of view as capitol rioters attacked and harassed them. >> paula reid has been covering. i don't know how much more video proof or people have to seen with their own eyes to get at the nature and the violence of this attack on the capitol. what more have these videos
7:28 am
shown up? >> what is so extraordinary about this particular set of clips is that they are mostly from the perspective of the police officers as they were overrun. these clips come from surveillance and body cameras and show how this group of pro-trump supporters overran the capitol while police were trying to defend themselves and the bidding. now these particular clips have been used in a case against a man named grady owens. he is charged with allegedly attacking officers with his skateboard after he and his family allegedly traveled to d.c. to support the former president's efforts to over turn the 2020 election. you could see he is holding his sk skateboard and engaging with officers. he's been charged with assaulting officers but he's pleading not guilty. but we only see these clips because over a dozen news outlets led by cnn have fought to make them public. clips like these are being used as evidence in court.
7:29 am
but they're not being released publicly. so even a judge said yesterday, how significant it is these are being released to the public to combat claims by some republican lawmakers, one who suggested that this was just like an average tourist visit. >> yeah. we'll see if folks look at them. just look at them to see what happened. paula reid, thank you very much. the breaking news we continue to follow this morning. a 12-story condo minimum building collapsed near miami beach. at this point we know of one person killed and two people have been rescued from the rubble so far. others still missing. we'll going to be live with the massive search and rescue effort underway. who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value
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more on the breaking news we're following out of surfside florida, next to miami beach. look at what is incredibly disturbing new video and it appears to show the moment that this condo building in surfside, florida, collapsed early this morning. a warning here about how hard it is to see. >> it comes down in two parts. there is the second part coming down. listen, your heart goes out to whoever might have been inside of that building as it happened. we do know that two people thankfully have been rescued so far.
7:35 am
but sadly we also know they are still searching for perhaps do dozens of others at this point have not confirmed they are safe. that is a view of what it looked like on left prior to the collapse and here is where it is now. a entire section of the building sheered off, about half of the units and what remains is structurally oun sound. and people from that portion of the structure have been evacuated. i want to speak now to retired army lieutenant russell honore from task force katrina in the wake of that hurricane where you saw collapses as well. the scale of this, general, you've dealt with a lot of disasters here, tell us as you look at this what strikes you and what happens next? >> what happens next is the continuation of the search and rescue. miami-dade county is home to
7:36 am
some great assets. one of them is task force one. it is a world renowned around the world and across the country to help other communities in other states deal with building collapse, earthquakes, natural disasters, they are some of the best and they're right there in miami-dade. so that search and rescue that is being led using the national international command system which was developed after homeland security was evolved after 9/11, those things we invested in after 9/11 is being used today to command and control and provide those task forces to do that search and rescue. this is not like what happened of the cause of 9/11 nor does it look like what happened in october 19 when we had a
7:37 am
building collapse in new orleans which was under construction. but the similarities are the investments that we made in our first responders' ability to respond by creating a task force of experts and all they do is constantly train. that being said, simultaneously, there will be investmeigations coming in from osha to determine failu but that will not happen until we go from search and rescue to recovery. so i see right now a very disciplined system between the dade county folks as well as the surfside officials which i think is important to get good information out to people, jim. >> yes. >> lieutenant, poppy harlow here with along with jim. and with the building
7:38 am
collapsing, what the mayor said this morning. >> that is why we have joints task force one. they have technology, they have the dogs, technology that includes sounds, sight, robots, they have moved us to a different level from what we used to watch on television ten, 15 years ago. much of that investment and lessons learned from building from the 9/11 to what we have now from this type of a structural build, the one that happened in new orleans in october of 2019, lessons we are learned that are brought forward today. and that is why we have these joint task force one which is sponsored by the federal government, they're located in miami. and they will be a big assistance to the first responders. what they have to look at, you know they were doing something on the roof. that is one of the root causes of what happened to the building
7:39 am
in new orleans that was under construction. don't know, too early to tell or was it something in the original construction that failed or was it something to do with climate change with undersea activities eroding the beach front and maybe it is coming from underneath and the usgs will have to do a seismic report. but our hearts and prayers go out to those who survived and the ones we don't know where they are. which is hard to do. but they appear to have a good handle on communicating with the public. my hats off to them so far. >> and our deepest gratitude to all of the teams on ground, as you said, they are the best of the best. lieutenant general russell honore, thank you so much. and we'll be right back.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of surfside, florida, and here is the latest. rescuers are still searching for any signs of survivors in a massive pile of debris created when a 12-story condo building collapsed this morning. look at those pictures there. one person is dead and two people have been rescued from the wreckage. dozens more are injured. >> let's bring in nicholas balboa, an eyewitness who is also a hero this morning. i know you don't want to be called one, nick, but you found a little boy and you pulled him from the rubble. and he was -- he was underneath his bed. what can you tell us about him, how old wau he, did he look injured, could he speak to you? >> so, yeah, he could speak to me. he's ten years old, is what he
7:45 am
said. from the moment when you say under his bed, there was a bed frame and a mattress that were laying above of him so i could only assume that might have been his bed judging by the size of the mattress. so he was probably just sleeping and then all of a sudden the building gave way. he said that his mother was in the apartment with him as well. so, i couldn't see her or hear her. so i have no idea what her status was but i do hope that she is all right. as for him, he's a guardian angel, that is aum i could say. he came out unscathed. >> you've described this as an image like 9/11 and i wonder if you could tell us what the moments were like leading up to, as we're watching and seeing pictures of this ten-year-old taken out of the wreckage, tell us what you heard and what you did when you heard it? >> sure. i was outside, i happen to be
7:46 am
walking my animal. i was on hardy, which is south of collins. it is just about half a block. i felt the ground shake and then i heard what sounded like thunder. and so it didn't quite register to me, what might have been going on, just it happened so suddenly. thought it might have been a storm. but then it happened again at about 30 seconds to a minute later and then it was like something is wrong. so i brought my dog back up stairs and then went back downstairs and went to collins because i could see that people were already coming outside to get a view of the what had happened. so i walked down to the building, the front side is still standing so i couldn't actually see clearly what collapsed. but at that point, fire crews were arriving on site so emergency vehicles were pushing
7:47 am
us back. i decided to walk around one of the apartment buildings to the north of it and then walk along the beach to get a vantage point of the back side of the building so it was there that i could see exactly what had happened. there weren't any police or fire presence on the back side of the building. there were just a few onlookers. couldn't have been more than a handful. so it was extremely quiet. like eerie. it was unusual. one of those moments that i can't describe. i could hear somebody yelling and screaming. so myself and another individual, we decided to get closer and it was at that point that i could begin to hear him clearly and hear by his voice that he was a little boy, couldn't have been more than in his preteens. so then i saw an arm sticking out of the wreckage and he was
7:48 am
screaming, can you see me and what not. so we started to kind of climb up to him, to try and see if we could get him free. but there was -- it was too heavy, too much rebar and stuff like that. it was going to take quite a bit of an effort to get him out. but he was screaming don't leave me, don't leave me. and so we wanted to stay with him and make sure that we got fire and police over there so i was able to signal a police officer using the flashlight of my phone. and so the police officer came over, he got up to him, and i was wearing flip-flops so it made the climb a little difficult. but they got up to him, he got a perspective and then he got fire over there to start digging him out. >> yeah. a 10-year-old boy. >> nicholas, you saved -- you and those first responders saved a child this morning which is really everything. thank you for being with us. >> thank you.
7:49 am
well, coming up, as we continue to follow this breaking news out of southern florida, president biden unveiling a new plan to address the rise of this. we'll speak with the minneapolis community leader samuel sanders next. ce♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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welcome back. right now bipartisan group of lawmakers are working to hammer out a deal on police reform by the end of the day. this months long negotiation over policing is happening as president biden addresses the nationwide spike in crime. 'announced a plan yesterday that will allow cities to use left
7:54 am
over covid relief funds to combat violence in their streets. >> folks, this shouldn't be a red or blue issue. it is an american issue. we're not changing the constitution. we're enforcing it. being reasonable. >> well last year the city of minneapolis diverted about $8 million away from the city police department to other services but with homicides this year in minneapolis on pace to reach the highest level in years, the city council approved $5 million in new police department funding. there is a lot to talk about here. sander samuels is with me, from the north side achievement zone a nonprofit that works with thousands ever families in the most underserved communities across minneapolis. sandra, good morning and thank you for being here. let's start on the dire statistics in your home town, in my home town, homicides nearing record highs there. gunshot victims up 123% from this time of a year ago and
7:55 am
violent crime arrests down one third. that is the data. you talk about working alongside police officers, while holding them accountable. what is minneapolis need from the biden administration? >> absolutely. and poppy, thank you. great to be on the show. there is one stat that you left out of this like insane increase in violent crime and homicides which is happening here, is that disproportionately the people who are being harmed are black and brown folks. and so in my community, i know there was a number thrown out that of all of the gunshot victims like 60% are black, it is more like 90. because it is gunshots based on kind of community violence, right. and we only make up 20% of the city of minneapolis. and so the disproportionality in terms of the harm that has happened at the hands of
7:56 am
dysfunctional police force which has to be transformed, that is our demand, that is where the whole slogan around black lives matters comes from and while we do that, and while we invest in social supports, in ending the race imand education and health and income and wealth and all of that stuff, we have to also have sufficient levels and sufficient levels of staffing of police officers that will keep our babies, our elderly and our citizens safe. so it is both, poppy. that is my banner. it is like we have to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. >> right. >> and i just want to say for folks who are -- have the rhetoric of we are going to get rid of cops and abolish them and defunding and which happened here in the city, defunding and significant. they're not the enemy of folks like me who say we need sufficient staffing levels. we're all struggling as americans of how we fix a system that is broken, poppy.
7:57 am
and what i would say is that some of the decisions have just been premature and they've harmed very people they were intended to help and that is the black community. >> you said our babies. so let's talk about the kids of minneapolis for a moment. at least 22 children have been shot in minneapolis so far this year. let's look at 6-year-old anaya allen, she died in may. she was shot eating mcdonald's in the back of her family car and her grandfather called her one of the future leaders of this city. 9-year-old trinity smith killed last plo while playing with a friend on a trampoline. and 10-year-old la davie an garrett jr. shot to death riding with his parents. as a black mother, what reform, you say don't defund but reform our police, what saves our kids? >> what saves our kids and i
7:58 am
think the president said this great in a wonderful way, poppy, it is going to take all of us to really think through what our solutions are. and you know, the police killing of george floyd, which happened here in our city, was just the tip of the racist iceberg. under that waterline, there is the racism in education, racism in housing, racism in health, the racism in the disparities around income. i mean, it is all of that, poppy. so we have to get it all of it. but in the meantime, this both and for what we need are police which are part of our village to be properly staffed, poppy. because how do you, at a time when violence is at an element all-time high, do you actually get rid of police officers. you know, i mean, we here in minneapolis, we have 200 police officers who have left the force since the beginning of 2020 and
7:59 am
that is who left but retirement, ptsd, things of that nature. but 89 more are on leave. and we are at woefully low staffing levels. you mentioned, poppy, that our city is refunding and a lot of cities, baltimore, oakland, l.a., mayor de blasio is giving back to the police force because they know what we're doing is not sustainable. the money that the city council put back to the police for. it was for overtime. and they had to put it for overtime because we don't have enough cops. you call 911, and you're on -- you're put on hold half of the time. so our approach is just not sustainable. it has to be police and community, office of violence prevention. all of the things that the president talked about and minneapolis is one of 15 cities that the president is going to specifically be focuses on which i'm excite by.
8:00 am
>> looks, sond raw, you have said this is at the heart of the fight for the heart of america. so we will continue to have your voice on this show and watch what happens across minneapolis and the country this morning. we thank you. >> and thank you for joining us today on this breaking news which we'll continue to cover here on cnn. we'll see you tomorrow morning, i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hi there, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. we're beginning with breaking news out of south florida. it is a race against time at this hour. a massive search and rescue operation is ongoing after half of a 12-story condo building just north of miami beach collapsed overnight. momentsing with we received new video showing the moment of collapse. it is surveillance video. you are not going to hear


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