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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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do, they'll never leave their activism behind and they'll never stop pushing for gun violence. they can't. >> it was so powerful, kate. thank you so much for that report. this programming note to our viewers, be sure to tune in for anderson cooper's "360" report with former president barack obama talks about fatherhood. erin burnett with "outfront" starts now. rudy giuliani's blatant attempt of meddling in on the election. and a california judge comparing the ar15 to a swiss
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army knife. the attorney general is not backing down from this fight. let's go "out front." good evening, i am erin burnett. rudy giuliani is caught on tape. this is audio of a phone call between rudy giuliani and ukraine official ahead of the 2020 election. if ukraine launch an investigation into joe biden, he'll talk to trump and putting the misunderstanding aside. here is rudy giuliani. >> re >> if he could face something like that it would go a long way, it would go a long way with the president to solve the problems. >> to solve the problems. do what we ask and we can solve
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the problems. rudy giuliani's dealings with ukraine is part of an ongoing investigation at the department of justice, an invasestigation involved a raid. we have more evidence rudy giuliani helping trump spread the big election lie. the man, of course, tells the top election official in arizona to get, quote, "this thing fixed up." >> bill, it is rudy giuliani, president trump's lawyer, if you get a chance, can you give me a call so we can get this thing fixed up. brazen attempt by rudy giuliani interfering the election abroad and the united states. fixed up referring to trump not agreeing with the vote count in arizona. a lot to get to tonight. i want to begin with kyung lah
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and matthew chance with london with the reporting of ukraine. kyung when you obtain the audio pressuring arizona election official, it is funny to hear it. i know it is not all because you got a hold of e-mails that shows just how far rudy giuliani went to spread trump's big lie. >> reporter: these e-mails come from an advocacy group obtaining anything about the arizona audit. these e-mails revealed that there was a personal call, there were personal meetings all with a goal. to enhance and kickoff this arizona audit. late november 2020, just weeks after the election, donald trump supporters rallied outside phoenix hotel. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: inside -- >> change the nation's election.
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>> reporter: rudy giuliani spreading the lie to republican state leaders that there was an election fraud in arizona but rudy giuliani did not stop here. >> good morning senator. >> reporter: he had already reached out to senate president karen phan. the leader of maricopa. two weeks ago, phan told me why she's pushing for the ballot review. >> this is not about president trump or over turning the electorate or anything else. >> reporter: her own e-mail tells another story. >> reporter: austin ever from watchdog group says that after obtaining more than 500 e-mails, fans write to the constituents. i have spoken with mayor rudy giuliani at least six times over the past two weeks and of a
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private two meetings with trump's legal team. the key here is rapid fraud and asked the trump's legal team to file a lawsuit to help vote certifications in the state. another e-mail, i asked rudy giuliani numerous times providing documents of irregularities or voter fraud. i have a full support of him and a personal call from president trump thanking us for prushing o prove any fraud. >> the e-mail correspondent from president fan shows us she has a clear idea of where her audit was going to go. it is disinformation. this is not a real audit. >> reporter: fan was not the only arizona republican hearing from rudy giuliani. >> i received a voice mail from rudy giuliani. it was christmas eve, republican bill gates and other members were fighting fan's efforts to
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conduct this so-called audit. >> maybe we can get this thing fixed up. i think there is a nice way to resolve this for everybody. >> reporter: do you believe this entire thing was always about donald trump? >> yes, i do. that's what this is about. this is an effort to continue to raise doubts about the election system. >> rep . >> kyung, it is incredible, so you get that voice mail. did gates ever called rudy giuliani back? >> reporter: he did not. look, i am a mayor of maricopa, he felt it was inappropriate to return that phone call. >> wow, incredible. he did the right thing. thank you very much kyung lah.
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that's the voice mail that was obtained. i want to go to matthew chance, matthew exclusive recording of rudy giuliani, tell me what's on that tape. >> reporter: it is stunning, you are right. pressuring ukraine to dig up dirt on then president trump's political rival, joe biden, in this case. it is something we already know that rudy giuliani is trump's personal lawyer did in 2019 on calls with ukrainian officials. we have the audio recording so you can hear the actual words that rudy giuliani uses to pressure and manipulate.
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>> okay, we should have on the line here america's mayor, mayor rudy giuliani and we have andriy yemak. >> reporter: rudy giuliani pressured the investigation. this is the first time we heard his actual voice. >> i want very much to see that our two countries are able to work together. >> reporter: first promoting de debunk conspiracy theory. >> re >> i got private information that there was certain amount of
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activities in ukraine during the 2016 election that was that involves ukrainian officials and ukrainians -- being asked by our embassy, possibly by other america's officials basi basically -- basically the statement was produce dirt on then candidate trump and paul manafort. by the time of the call in july of 2019, joe biden already emerged as the democratic front runner to challenge president trump. >> reporter: digging up dirt on balance. corrupt dealings with ukraine when he was vice president, became a priority for trump and his long time adviser. throughout the roughly 40-minute call, rudy giuliani repeatedly
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pressed the ukrainian leadership. something that would undoubtedly benefited trump's campaign and damage candidate biden. rudy giuliani sets out what's required. >> all we need is to say and put a charge and investigate, dig up the evidence that currently exists and is there any other evidence about the involvement of the 2016 election. and then biden thing. i don't know if it is true or not but i see him bragging on television. to me as a lawyer, it sounds like a bribe. somebody in ukraine got to take it seriously. >> reporter: the ukrainian presidential office took it very
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seriously and then the country is fighting a desperate war in the east and heavily dependant on u.s. weapons and military aide to hold its ground. mindful of a need for a strong relationship with washington, ukrainian president's adviser on the call trying to assure rudy giuliani investigations he wanted would be looked at. >> these days communicated, we'll investigate everything, which you listed. >> reporter: rudy giuliani repeatedly suggested compliance would open the door to closer
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u.s. ties even a presidential meeting. >> i won nothing. i want no quid pro quo. >> if he could make some statement at the right time. that he supports a fair, honest law enforcement system and that these investigations go where ever they have to go.
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>> reporter: one ukrainian official who was listening in on the call understood all too well. he spoke to cnn last month as he heard rudy giuliani trying to force a deal, threatening ukraine's national security. >> our country was fighting an active war with russia for many years. anything to do with swapping favors within our bilateral relationships in exchange to get into u.s. politics is just wrong on many levels. >> reporter: ukrainian side seems to understand exactly what president zelensky is expected to do. >> i am sure zelensky would say
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that. >> believe me, andry, that would be good for all of us. >> reporter: rudy giuliani denied any wrongdoing in ukraine and says he was trying to help his personal client, trump. it is hard to know if actually hearing rudy giuliani relentlessly pressing ukraine like this. >> if he could face something like that -- it would go a long way, it would go a long way with the president to solve the problems. >> reporter: would have any way influence the outcome of the impeachment.
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erin, the ukraines never did. even in the trump white house did unfreeze the money, president zelensky never got the funds. that was the latest news. the president of ukraine says he has now been invited by president biden in july for a visit. >> thank you very much for all of that reporting and obtaining that exclusive audio. i want to go to elie honig along with our gloria borger. >> how important is the recording? >> erin, this incident, the
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pressuring of ukraine have sort of receded in history in a way that it should not have. this was a subject of impeachment. this recording should remind us that there is still potential crimes here. doj under donald trump and bill barr covered this up. they refused to open an investigation into potential crimes. there is a new doj, there could be bribery we here and we hear about quid pro quo and solicitation of foreign election aid. the new attorney general and the new doj, they are the responsibility to not let this sit and do a real criminal investigation here. >> so it is pretty incredible as you point out. it proves, look, we got to see this. hearing that rudy giuliani did this is different hearing him actually do it and hearing his words coming out of his mouth. we are hearing him do trump's
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dirty work on the election, not a once-off, corrupt issue after another. "i would like for you to do us a favor in the context of getting mil military aide," he and trump were in complete lock step. >> yes, they were in corrupt tag team on this and what we heard was the bartering of american foreign policy by somebody who was actually not in the united states government and that's rudy giuliani. the most important thing about his call that seems to me from reasoning to it is that rudy giuliani was not asking to get to the bottom of anything just as trump was not. he was saying do me a favor and do us a favor though. what rudy giuliani was asking for was an announcement by zelensky that he was going to look into the biden -- whatever he would call it, scandal or if that's what he wants to call it
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because it would hurt joe biden in the election. he's trying to dig up dirt on joe biden and rudy giuliani is actually trying to do that for him him. when it does not work, the president of the united states does it himself on a phone call. now, he was not impeached for that. b but, when you listen to rudy giuliani, if you work at the state department, what would he doing talking about how we can work things out? you know he's talking about the weapon sales. >> right. it is very clear. that was the context, that was what mattered and that was what defined ukraine at the time. we all know what the code words are for and when it comes to arizona, we are now learning just how involved in pushing the sham audit rudy giuliani was. six phone calls and private two-hour meetings with the
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arizona officials behind the sham audit. rudy giuliani is attorney for the southern district new york, just to be clear just like you. wow, just how surprised are you and how deep his vofinvolvement here? >> rudy giuliani entered the phase that absolutely what he does does not surprise me. i want to confess, when i st started as a prosecutor, i admired rudy giuliani in the early 2000s. he was one is that led the office two decades before and now he had this demise of his own doing. he's becoming a helpless trump sycophant and a blustering con man and this is one more example of that. there are awful ways to contest in an election. we have laws about recount and you can bring lawsuits. rudy brought a lot of lawsuits
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and he lost them all. local republican officials to come up with ways to swing the election to overturn an election shows that rudy giuliani lost all touch and all sense of respect for a democratic process. >> gloria, trump made his first public speech in months, still pushing the election conspiracy t nonsense. here he is. >> that election will go down as the crime of the country and our country is being destroyed by people who have no rights to destroy it. i am not the one trying to undermine america democracy. i am the one that's trying to save it. please remember that. we all know what happened with the election. we can never ever let that happen again. >> i mean, gloria, we all know what happened with the election. it was the most free and fair election of the history of this country.
4:21 pm
>> yeah. >> there he is twisting even that fundamental concept. >> and he lost by 7 million votes. he can't admit to himself or anybody else that he lost the election. this is where rudy giuliani feeds his mind on this. rudy giuliani does not want to admit it either. so they share conspiracy theories. they talk about ukraine and maybe talk about arizona or whatever it is. rudy was out there, what did they lose? 60 cases and along with the supreme court. the president will never ever admit that he lost the last election. that's it. i doubt rudy giuliani will either. when he talks about i am not the one endangering democracy. i think we all have to scratch our heads and say, really? you are not the one. you lost all the recount and
4:22 pm
judges across the country disagree with you? what are you trying to do here? are you trying to retake your old job which is the rumor that he's thinking about that. does that endanger democracy? unfortunately, it is not really laughable. >> no, it is not. thank you very much gloria and elie, i appreciate both of you. don't miss an interview with former president barack obama talking to anderson cooper about a wide range of topics including this most crucial one of our democracy. that's coming up at the state of the hour. next, kamala harris -- and her first trip overseas as vice president has a message to migrants considering making the dangerous tracks to the u.s.
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border. >> do not come, do not come. congresswoman ocasio-cortez speaks out against the vice president's strong message. one judge in california overturning on assault weapons like the ar15 comparing it with an army knife. how did all this happen? and wy runs off to. a life well lived should continue at home. with home instead care, older adults can stay home, safe, and happy. home instead. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel to us, it's personal. so good for arthritis pain? home instead. salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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. new tonight, do not come. vice president kamala harris delivering that message to guatemala. in that country saying don't come. there is a huge surge of border crossing under president biden. >> i want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous track to the united states of mexico border. do not come. do not come. the united states will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. i believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back. >> you will be turned back.
4:28 pm
democratic congresswoman ocasio-cortez taking on harris, quote, "this is difficult to se this is really strong from vice president harris, she's in guatemala. if you come, we'll turn you away. do not come. what more did harris say? >> reporter: many is calling this the root cause of migration which is a fancy way of saying it they're trying to get less migrants arriving at the u.s.'s southern border. their short term strategy is the tough talk that you heard from the vice president there. the only way to solve this problem is addressing things like chronic poverty and
4:29 pm
corruption. the kind of things that are sending people north. the situation of central america right now is very bad. we just got back from honduras, i spoke to several dozen people who live in this neighborhood. every single person told me they considered traveling to the united states and huge sections of these neighborhoods were empty because so many people had left. what we heard from these people is they don't want to migrant, they look at this as a matter of survival. if they don't migrate, they can't feed their families. when you are talking about stakes at that kind of a level, i am not sure how much of the words of vice president harris is going to deter anyone from going to the united states. they did not deter people back in 2019. the last time we saw a big spike
4:30 pm
was at 2019. when it comes to the number of people arriving to the border matters a lot more of what the conditions are like on the ground and in the country people are migrating from than the messaging ing that's coming out the white house. >> it is a significant point. thank you so much matt rivers from mexico city tonight. i want to go to jim clyburn from south carolina and the white house majority whip. i want to start with this, congressman. vice president kamala harris in guatemala saying if you come, i believe you will be turned away. do not come, do not come. what's kryour reaction to vice president kamala harris' clear message to illegal immigration? >> thank you for having me. i do not spend a lot of time
4:31 pm
studying and i try not to speak on things that i have not researched with. i do not know what's going on in the strip. i do know this, the american people are very concerned about our humanitarian issues but also concerned about securing the border and i think what she's doing is trying to carry out both of those issues in a way that the american people will find satisfactory. >> i have no idea of what goes into that. >> i think it is refreshing to hear someone pspeaking on the part they know about. do you think is right for ocasio-cortez to come out right out to criticize harris trying to say that people come to the border is 100% legal and criticizing her for what she said in guatemala.
4:32 pm
>> as i said, i don't know. i have no idea about theis and am not going to pass judgment. i have great faith in kamala harris and great admiration for kamala harris. i am very pleased to follow her leadership. >> so, let me ask you and i think you are very clear there of your respect for the vice president. i want to ask you what's happening right now in the house with the voting rights bill. the naacp and other civil rights groups are planning to meet with joe manchin and the congressman vowed to oppose the bill. manchin says "i believe part of legislation will destroy the weakening binds of our democracy and for that reason i will vote
4:33 pm
against for the people act. i will not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster." do you have any hope that these meetings would make senator manchin change his mind? >> well, i don't know what senator manchin has referenced. let me ask him, show me one democrat that voted for these bills that are passed and introduced in 47 states. i don't know where a single democrat has voted for anyone one of them. if that's not partisanship then tell me what is? i want to know why you think it is so necessary for him to use his power to cheat and people like ossoff and warnock from
4:34 pm
casting their vote, they think will preserve their integrity of the elections. that's what he's doing here. what he's doing here is using a traditional way of suppressing voters and denying civil rights. for filibustering in 1957 civil rights act which was nothing more than expressing a policy. this is what he's trying to protect? i think senator manchin needs to take a hard look of what he's saying here. he's not talking about for the people. he's talking about denying the democrats an opportunity to cast a vote on a critical issue.
4:35 pm
>> let me understand exactly. i know that and your criticism here is very harsh and i know you are giving your honest view. congressman jones responding to manchin that. here is congressman jamal bowman. >> joe manchin has become the new mitch mcconnell. he's doing the work of the republican party by being an obstructionist just like they did at the beginning of the biden presidency. >> it is important to point out that senator manchin does support the john lewis' rights. you said passing it would be the best way to honor the life of your friend, john lewis. how far would you go in terms of what manchin is doing?
4:36 pm
is he supporting that to preserve jim crow and not supporting the democratic voting be bill. >> i would say you tolld us wha you are against, let us see your bill on voting rights and preserving the integrity of our democracy. i would not be thinking the way i was thinking and not feeling the way i feel. the fact the matter is the greatest in the world -- and a lot of avoidance of issues. what we have is a modern day
4:37 pm
fiddling in the senate and this democracy is on fire. we saw that on january 6th and we see that in every legislature, in several legislatures across this country. this democracy is at the cross roads. we got to stop playing with this because if you are all for preserving the integrity of this great country, you will be preserving the right of the people to vote. that's what manchin is playing with and he better take a hard look of what the history of this world is all about. >> congressman clyburn, i appreciate as always your thoughts and perspective putting that context on it. thank you.
4:38 pm
>> thank you. next, an inside look at a surge in gun violence in united states. one federal judge in california suggesting the covid vaccine is a greater threat than gun violence. and a horrifying massacre in africa. 132 people at least killed after militants raided their village. what the white house is saying about it tonight. manager." next, carvana's 100% online shopping experience. oh, man. carvana lets people buy a car-- get this-- from their couch. oh, how disruptive. no salesman there to help me pick out the car i need. how does anyone find a car on this site without someone like us checking in? she's a beauty, huh? oh, golly! (laughter) i can help you find the color you want. that sounds nice. let me talk to my manager. (vo) buy your next car 100% online. with carvana. introducing aleve x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design.
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the report from a government back research facility for the anthro possible of a lab leak at the time when the theory was considered taboo. natasha beltran is "o"outfront."
4:43 pm
>> this document gave renewed significance on capitol hill. this document was released by researcher in may of 2020. what it says is it is plausible that this pandemic emerged from a laboratory goives credence to this lab theory. it also said at the time it was possible that it came from animals. it is an early indicator that researchers had evidence that maybe it comes from a lab. lawmakers using this document as a way to get further briefing from the department of energy, they're requesting more documents from the national institutes of health and the state department and trying to get to the bottom of what these res researchers saw so early on that allowed them to come to this solution that this was a plausible theory. this document does not say conclusively one way or another, how the virus origin naated but
4:44 pm
keep piece of evidence that certain lawmakers on the hill to say why didn't we see it sooner or more evidence that scientists have or lab moving forward is going to be key of president biden's review of the origin of covid. >> natasha and if that happens, there is the crucial threat posed around the world by islamic militants and massacre, militants killing at least 230 people. natasha, of course those numbers are going to go higher. i report near the molly border along burkina faso where those groups have been active. the rise of those groups including al-qaida. this is not a new problem but
4:45 pm
attacks are risen sharply this year and people are dying. i know you have new reporting on this tonight, natasha, what are you learning? >> the white house condemns these attacks in the strongest possible term. what they describe is a senseless killing including children. we call for those responsible to be held for these atrocities. >> natasha bertran, thank you very much for your reporting. appreciate it. >> thank you. a look at violence across america, one judge in california overturning the state's ban on assault weapons. a ar15, comparing it to a swiss army knife.
4:46 pm
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit tonight's inside look, at least ten mass shootings taken place in ten different states this weekend. the massachu shooting comes aft judge in california overturned a ban on assault weapons. district attorney judge of san
4:50 pm
di diego, judge roger benitez, "like a swiss army knife, the popular ar-15 rifle is a perfect combination." they are designed for mass killing of human beings. las vegas, deadliest mass shooting in american history and stone man douglas high school in parkland, florida and i could go on and on and on. " "outfront" now is the attorney general. thank you for coming on. this is your first interview since the judge's ruling. when you first heard the judge's ruling and the judge said like the swiss army knife, the popular ar-15 rifle is a perfect combination, what did you think?
4:51 pm
>> erin, that hurt. you know, obviously, it came out on gun violence awareness day, not long after we have been continuing to suffer and be in pa pain and anguish about mass shooting in san jose and clearly an assault weapon is different from a swiss army knife as tweezers and a nail file and bottle opener and ruler. so the first sentence and the first paragraph is very concerned about the ruling. it was a 94-page ruling and very out of step with the rest of the federal law we pledged and will appeal it and seek a remedy at the next level. >> i mean, it's just incredible. a swiss army knife is used for solving problems and ar-15 is useful for mass slaughter of human beings.
4:52 pm
the "the washington post" pointt the judge suggests the covid vaccine is a greater threat than gun violence. the evidence provided so farm shows the harm of an assault rifle is a rare event. more people have died from the covid-19 vaccine than mass shootings in california. now, attorney general, to be clear, as of may 24th, the cdc says there is no link between covid vaccines and death. as of last month, there were reportedly three deaths being investigated in connection to the johnson & johnson vaccine. three. that's nine people killed in san jose shooting in your state a few weeks ago. so again, that's a stunning factual misstatement by the judge. >> you know, the decision in many ways was of great concern from a legal prospective, a factual prospective and a common
4:53 pm
sense prospective and, you know, that's why we have multiple levels of trial court system so we can appeal and seek the remedy at the appropriate level and we will do that and we are doing that and, you know, it's important to continue to protect and defend the common sense gun laws of the state of california. they are there for a reason. we have a legislature looking out for the lives and health of californians passing common sense gun laws. because of the gun law regime in california, one of the strongest in the nation, we have one of the lowest levels of shooting fatalities in the nation. other places like wyoming and alaska have three times higher than the average for the nation. so they make a difference and we will protect and defend these laws. >> let me ask you. the dean of the law school of the university of california commented, had a warning for the situation. he says quote to the "new york times", this is an extreme gun
4:54 pm
rights reading of the second amen amendment. he's referring to the judge's ruling agreeing with you but continues to say but it might be where our supreme court wants to go. the composition of the supreme court has changed. how worried are you that the supreme court could go against you, attorney general? >> we're focused on the next step, which at the appellate level and see where things go from there. to get to the supreme court, it may. i don't presume to predict what the supreme court will do. more recent supreme court decided the hehellr case that me clear there are limits to the types of guns that can be manufactured and sold and possessed including things like machine guns and bazookas. we'll take it one step at a time starting with the appeal in the
4:55 pm
ninth circuit. >> appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. next, how was the fbi able to recover millions paid to the hackers who shut down a key u.s. pipeline? you booked a spacious vrbo summer home, with a pool big enough for the most epic cannon balls. a patio that fits all the laughter, and a grill that awaits family from near and afar. but the thing they'll remember forever? the first of many vacations with their nephew. the time for getting back together is now. find it on vrbo. if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. sunosi worked for up to nine hours at 12 weeks in a clinical study.
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tonight, the fbi recovering millions of the dollars in crypto currency paid to ransom hackers. incredible story. the department of justice announced it seized more than 2 million after the company paid $4.4 million. they got at least half of it back. everi evan perez is with the "outfront". once the ransom was paid they were able to pull back half of it, i don't know how much more of the story is to be told. stunning this came from the fbi. tell me how this happened. >> yeah, this is a rare bit of good news in a dark per iod of ra r ransomware. they got $2 million back of the $4 million the hackers demanded
4:59 pm
that the company colongnial pipeline paid and what appears to be the difference in this story is the timing. the company got on the phone with the fbi after they discovered the hack and worked can the fbi. they were able to follow the instructions the investigators gave them and the fbi was able to track the crypto currency payment. they used bitcoin to make the payment to the hackers. they were able to track it to a crypto currency wallet that was controlled by this group called dark side. this group is believed to be behind a lot of hacks connected to hackers that simply borrow or use hacking tools for a portion of the profit. that's the key to what was ultimately a very good resolution for colognial
5:00 pm
pipeline. there are companies suffering the attacks and most don't get their money back. the difference here, obviously, now the fbi says they are trying to figure out who these people are behind the hack so the story will continue. >> yeah, incredible development. evan, thank you very much and thanks to all of you. "ac 360" special "barack obama" starts now. welcome to this "ac 360" special "barack obama" on fatherhood, leadership and legacy. after leaving the white house, president obama mostly stayed out of politics but last year did campaign for president biden. the former president and first lady started podcast and mr. obama continued his work with a program he launched while in the white house called my brother's keeper part of the obama foundation. his mission is to provide support for what it calls pathways of opportunity to young men of color. it's a deeply personal mission for president obama who grew up hardly knong