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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  October 31, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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can you believe it? it's 73 hours until election day and the clock is ticking. more than 86 million ballots have already been cast in early voting. a record-breaking number. with president trump and joe biden leaving nothing to chance on this final weekend of campaigning. trump planning to hold four rallies tomorrow in pennsylvania. one of the most important, battleground states. he won it in 2016. the polls show biden is leading there. and biden is campaigning in michigan tomorrow with former president barack obama. they are holding two events in that key state. let's discuss now. cnn white house correspondent, john harwood. and also, dr. jonathan reiner, he is director of the cardiac catheterization program. gentlemen, good to see you. 73 hours before election day. right? so, both, president trump and the former vice president joe biden, all over the midwest today. a big turnout on tuesday is
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critical to his path to 270. i'm talking about president trump. >> well, look. the upper midwest is likely where we decide whether joe biden wins the presidency. donald trump's got a lot of turf to defend. there are a lot of battleground states where he is facing a tough challenge from joe biden. arizona, iowa, north carolina, florida, georgia. all, states that trump won in 2016. but the -- the -- if biden can take away the three big ones in the midwest, pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan, he will be president. because there are no states where the president is seriously challenging, four states that hillary clinton one. minnesota is one that he has an outside shot but he's got a significant deficit. so michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. and pennsylvania, of those three, likely the decisive one
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because that is the closest of them. >> doctor, sadly, this was the worst week for coronavirus cases in the u.s. since the pandemic began. more than 91,000 cases were reported, just today. the president is still holding 17 rallies, in four days, with few masks. no social distancing. i mean, quite -- honestly, this is terrifying. >> it is terrifying, and we haven't seen the worst of it. in a day or two, we'll top triple -- you know, six digits for cases in one day. we'll see over 100,000 cases, in one day. now, that, by itself, sounds bad. but two weeks after that, you know, we'll start seeing 2,000 people a day dying in this country. and -- and hospitals are -- are increasing the patients -- the number of patients hospitalized are increasing rapidly. so, today, there are about 47,000 patients hospitalized
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with covid, almost every day now we are seeing an increase of about a thousand patients. and hospitals in the midwest are starting to fill. you will start to see elective cases cease and doctors need to go to hopefully not triaging patients. >> unless something changes, doctor, in this country, unless it changes fast, how bad could this pandemic get? >> losing 2,000 to 2,500 patients, a day. >> wow. >> do that math, you know, in a month. losing 75,000 patients a month. we have the power to put this down. we need to mask up and, in some places, we need to think about smart closures. we are already seeing that in texas. you know, the governor of new jersey is not threatening it but, you know, he's put it up back on the table to -- to think about doing, again, strategic closures. we see it in europe. europe is closing, all over. it's -- it's the smart thing to do when the virus gets out of
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control. that's how we got control with the first wave. so here's the choice for the country. if you don't want to close, then mask up. but we can't have it both ways. we can't be no mask and no -- and no closing. so, if closing is offensive, let's mask up. >> yeah. john, president barack obama sat down with lebron james and maverick carter today for an interview on hbo's "the shop interrupted." this is a clip where he compares late stages of the campaign to the nba finals. >> you know, the good news is i think a lot of young people, right now, have been activated in ways they haven't before. you guys have contributed to that and i'm proud of you for it. and we just got to keep that going. lebron knows something about this in the finals. right? you don't have to be nervous if you've got a big lead going into the last minute. and so, the key here is for us
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to maintain a lead. >> yeah. uh-huh. >> but, if we are slack, if we let, you know, our guards down, if we kind of relax, you know, somebody might call timeout when you didn't have one. >> besides being one of the nicest barbershops i have ever seen, that the former president was sitting. i don't know if it's a backdrop or what but it's nice. is that a good comparison, you think, john? >> sure. though, a little dicey to refer to that timeout. he is talking about chris weber university of michigan final against north carolina, where chris weber had a little brain freeze, called timeout and got a technical foul. that's why president obama and joe biden are going to michigan this weekend. flint and detroit, because one of the key factors in hillary clinton's defeat in 2016 was you
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had inadequate turnout among african-americans, especially in michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. so, around philadelphia, around milwaukee, around detroit. the president's going to -- president obama's going to detroit. stevie wonder is going to be appearing there. he's going to flint. another heavily african-american city. trying to get that turnout and prevent any dropoff from turnout is critical to joe biden's ability to hold that lead that president obama was talking about. >> john, doctor, thank you so much. appreciate it. see you soon. so i want to get to the candidates' paths to 270. 270 electoral votes. john king is at the magic wall for us. john, explain how the coronavirus is impacting this virus. >> don, four days out. and just another sad collision between the coronavirus and campaign 2020. another record-setting day for new infections in the united states, four days to election day. it is a reminder president trump is running, yes, against joe biden, but also, against himself. against his record on handling
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this pandemic. and when you look across the country, again, we talk about this all the time. we think of red and blue. this is a map that shows the pain of covid across america. we will fill it in red and blue starting next tuesday night. but this is cases per 100,000 residents and just think of this in the context of where we saw the candidates today. in wisconsin, even more pain. a spike right now that is just blowing previous records away. minnesota, as well. right? there was campaigning by the president, former vice president. the vice president in arizona. every state in america has felt the pain. but some of these states have felt in in an incredibly severe way which complicates the president's challenge, without a doubt, as we head into the final days. he wants to say the pandemic is gone, things are better, we have turned the final corner. the map tells you the truth, don, and it is not what the president says. when you just think of the toll.
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the top ten states, right now, top ten states. new cases, per capita. so ythis is the top ten states n the country right now reporting covid cases. guess what? in 2016, all ten of them voted for trump. it doesn't mean these states are going to flip on the president. but as he is asking his voters to turn out, he's also saying, coronavirus, we're good. we have turned the corner. these people know that. they know it's wrong. they live it every day of their live. battleground wisconsin, battleground iowa, on that list as well. here is another way to look at this as well as we switch the map here. newly confirmed cases yesterday. today sets a record. this is yesterday. these were the top ten states, yesterday, with the most cases, right? and again, if you want to bring politics into this, seven of those ten voted for the president and several were big battlegrounds in the final days. texas, ohio, michigan, and
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wisconsin. these are states going through pain. pain, right now, as the president tries to make the case give him four more years. his leadership on the pandemic is the defining issue. the positivity rate. more positive tests today, means more cases tomorrow. and again, if you go back and look through the perspective of 2016, all but one, nevada, voted for the president four years ago. so look across here. again, most of these states, they're reliably red. watch on election night, though. see if the president's margins are smaller because even in solid-republican states, his numbers on coronavirus are simply not good. and it is impacting the tone and tenor of this campaign. one other way to look at it and let's just use the 2016 map as we do. yes, the president can come back. yes, he needs overwhelming turnout. he needs to get states like florida, north carolina, he has to win all those. but he is targeting these midwest battlegrounds but just look. he can talk about the economy
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all he wants. he can talk about law and order all he wants. 42% approve, 55 disapprove in michigan when it comes to the president's handling of coronavirus. voters don't like what they have. that makes them inclined to look for change. move over, again. battleground wisconsin. this poll graphic even more telling because it shows the direction. a month ago, 44% of wisconsin approved of the president's handling of the coronavirus. now, it's up to 59%. in a battleground state disapproving of the president's handling of the virus. yes, don, it's possible for a comeback in the last four days. possible, if he has an enormous turnout on election day but the coronavirus is a severe headwind. and in the places the president needs, that wind getting even stronger right now sadly. >> mr. john king, thank you very much, sir. despite all the polling and predictions, some big questions still hang over, both, joe biden and donald trump, at this late
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stage in the race. let's break it down, now. cnn's resident forecaster, harry enten. how is it going, brother? >> i'm with you. can't be too bad. >> i like to hear that. >> so, a lot of people talking about this tonight. maybe, it's overblown, maybe it's not. is biden underperforming with minority voters? and if so, is that a warning sign? >> he absolutely is, specifically among hispanic voters, right? we have seen this throughout the entire campaign. we have seen it in florida, specifically with cuban voters. and sure, in a vacuum it's a concerning sign. >> but don't cubans usually vote conservative, anyway? >> not as much -- last time, hillary clinton did specifically well with cuban-americans. and we sort of saw them to come back into the gop fold. we are continuing to see that in 2020. but here is the thing i point out. joe biden is overperforming among white voters and they make up the vast majority of voters. and that's why you are seeing the spike. joe biden performing worse with
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hispanics. it more than covers the spread. >> okay. african-american voters. is there any evidence of that? or is that just people -- >> tiny. tiny. nothing compared with hispanics. >> got it. now, trump. is there a shy-trump voter effect? meaning, voters who didn't want to or don't want to tell posters they are voting for trump. but are going to come out and surprise, again? >> i don't think there particularly -- particularly is, you know, one of the things that's so important to point out about 2016 is that there were a lot of undecided voters, right? and in the last month of the campaign, they decided to go with donald trump. there are much fewer undecided voters, at this particular point. and the other thing that i will note is, white voters without a college degree. that was a key group for trump in 2016. and if you look at, say, the state of wisconsin right now and you look at how they are going. take a look here. the results in 2016 was he won white voters without a college degree by 16 points. now, his margin's down to just
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four. and we are seeing that throughout the country. in the national polls as well. where trump, simply put, is not doing well with his base. and you can compare that to the preelection polls as well. and, you know, one last thing i will point out to you, don, which is so important. if the polling averages were as wrong as they were in 2016, joe biden would still win. that doesn't mean that the poll averages are going to be as good as they were in 2016. they could be worse. but donald trump needs a worse polling mistake this year, in order to accomplish what he did four years ago. >> the harry enten has spoken, everyone. >> i've spoken. you've listened. we've still got some voting to do. >> thank you you, harry. i will see you soon. we got a long way, even though it's just 70-some hours. but still a long time until election day. >> a lot of sleep to be missed by me. >> thank you, sir. see you soon. senator lindsey graham versus democratic challenger, jamie harrison. they squared off in their final debate, tonight. guess who is here, you are never
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going to believe it. senator linds -- no, senator harris is here. that as senator harris and joe biden ramp up their rallies in the final days before election day. >> hello, minnesota! want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements- neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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one of the highest-profile races next week is south carolina's senate seat. republican lindsey graham facing a tough kmal ledge from jamie harris, the democratic nominee. the two candidates squared off where graham repeatedly tried to tie harrison to the progressive members of the democratic party. >> he's gonna be with them, folks, when it comes to the big stuff. and i'm going to stop what i think is one of the most radical agendas coming out of nancy pelosi's house, if i am in the senate. and if the republicans keep the senate, i am the budget chairman. if the democrats take the senate back, bernie sanders is the budget chairman. this stuff really matters. don't be fooled. >> 15 seconds. >> if you had nancy pelosi on the drinking game, tonight, get a designated driver because he has hit that a lot. you are the man who said hold the tape, use my words against
12:23 am
me. senator, you have constantly lied to the people here in south carolina. you lied about term limits. you have lied about the supreme court. >> so, jamie harrison joins me now. democratic candidate for the u.s. senate. it looked pretty contentious. looked like a great debate. you're -- you're -- good evening to you, by the way. >> thank you, don. >> you are in the final few days, final few hours, really, of a hard-fought election. how are you feeling about your chances? >> i feel really good, don. yet another debate where we felt that we won this debate. you know, senator graham is talking about everything else other than his record being in washington, d.c. for the past 25 years. he -- he said nancy pelosi's name so much, you know, i thought, maybe, are we running for the house? i thought we were running for the u.s. senate. but he's just desperate and it's sad to see a man who is the chair on the senate judiciary committee. one of the most powerful members in the u.s. senate and he's just desperate. >> i want to play another moment from the debate, tonight.
12:24 am
you and senator graham were asked whether systemic racism exists in america, today. here's how he started his answer. >> i grew up in central south carolina. the first in my family to ever go to college. my dad was a world war ii veteran. he started a restaurant/bar, pool room downstairs i ran when i was a kid. we had a liquor store on the other side. and when i was a kid, african-americans would come in and buy the beer to go. and i remember asking my parents why was that? and they said that's just the way it is. and they were good people. but that's not the way it is, anymore, and i'm glad. >> what were you thinking when he said that? >> you know, i have said this, on a number of occasions. lindsey graham is a relic of the old south. i'm trying to build a bridge to the new south. one that is bold, that's inclusive, that's diverse. you know, this is the same guy who said african-americans and
12:25 am
immigrants can do anything, in the state, as long as they're conservatives, not liberal. i mean, again, this -- this is an old language that -- that there's just no place for right now. we need someone who -- who -- who actually has a foot in the future. not in our past. and you know, that's why senator graham needs to go home. >> wow. that was -- anyway, this is your fight. just fascinating to hear him use that analogy. but, you know, so far, more than 1.2 million people have already voted in south carolina. that's double the number of absentee ballots that were filed, excuse me, in 2016. what's your read on the early vote, so far? >> well, it's great so far, don. i am very, very pleased with the early vote. so much excitement for this particular race. but the one thing i am concerned about, and it's some confusing and conflicting information that's out there.
12:26 am
so, everybody in south carolina can vote absentee, early, this year without an excuse and i think that has helped facilitate such a robust turnout. but the one thing for folks who have a ballot at -- at home. you need to make sure that you sign your ballot and get a witness signature, if you are going to vote absentee. now, one of the things i'm saying, given the late hour, folks need to take their ballot directly to the -- their voter registration office. i -- do not send those ballots in. but make sure -- make sure, if you are submitting it, to sign that ballot and you also get a witness signature. i'm told there are almost 2,000 ballots that they're going to throw out, and they're not going to give people an opportunity to cure. cure the mistake that they have made. and that's just a travesty. we need to do better and that's why, when i get into u.s. senate, i am going to change a lot of these things in terms of how we vote because we shouldn't try to put barriers up in front
12:27 am
of folks as they try to exercise their right to vote. >> jamie, appreciate you coming on the show. thank you so much. listen. 70-some hours but still, a long way to go. >> thank you, don. appreciate it. >> all righty. trump's holding 17 rallies. biden's hitting the trail with obama. whose final push will take them all the way to the white house? plus, senator amy klobuchar responds to trump's complaints about his rally size in her state. re all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks.
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because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. the 2020 race entering the final weekend before election day as joe biden and president trump prepare to make their last pitch to voters. both candidates spending a lot of time in the rust belt. a region seeing some of the biggest coronavirus spikes in the country. president trump holding potential superspreader rallies and spreading lies as well about doctors. joe biden blaming the president for the worsening pandemic.
12:32 am
>> our doctors get more money if somebody dies from covid. you know that, right? i mean, our doctors are very smart people. so, what they do is they say, i'm sorry, but, you know, everybody dies of covid. >> he said we're rounding the corner. it's going away. and only he can say we're learning to live with it. well, may remember what i told him. we're not learning to live with it. we're having to learn to die with it, because of you! >> so anthony scaramucci is here. former white house communications director. cnn political commentator, alice stewart, is here as well. good evening to both of you. anthony, listen. just when you think the president can't go any lower, he is attacking doctors, accusing them of padding covid numbers to make money. how does anyone buy this? and in -- in what universe does this make sense to anybody? >> it's -- it's not that. it is just corralling the people around him.
12:33 am
remember, he is the last white man standing in the great culture war, don. and so, he can say and do anything. they will galvanize around him. and that's the narrative going on, on the other network. donald trump. he's the last guy standing. and so, the result of which, he can say and do anything. and he likes it. he thinks he gets a good reaction from the crowd from that sort of stuff. you know, republicans that are sensible and sound-minded, they know this stuff is crazy. they can't even defend it, anymore. and, every day, just a few more chip off and say, you no what, i can't vote for this, anymore. i can't vote for the superspreading. i can't vote for the lying. i can't vote for the denegration of the doctors like this. and he is going to get annihilated on tuesday. and i told you that, 15 months ago, when we were alone together, i said you watch how this unfolds. he's an unstable guy, not well, can't manage a situation. if we get into a crisis, he is going to dematerialize before
12:34 am
our eyes and that's what he is doing. he's stuck it's sort of like military-grade propaganda that he is at 40%, given the destruction that he's brought on this society. >> a lot of people vote and they still have to count them, anthony. it ain't over till it's over. >> i didn't say it was over. i just said he's going to get destroyed. okay. over the next 72 hours, we're going to be working superhard to get that vote out. >> you are relentless. >> of course, man. this is a life-or-death situation for the american people. they got to wake up here. if this guy gets re-elected, there will hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths as a result of this pandemic so we're going to be out there speaking about it and we are telling people the truth. nice to see you, alice. >> alice, he is trying to take over and he doesn't want you to speak. but listen. president trump is holding more than a dozen potential superspreader rallies over the next few days. he is downplaying the virus as it continuously hits record
12:35 am
highs. do -- i mean, do you think he -- i don't know if the folks around him or do republicans think that that is a smart closing argument? >> i think that, let me just, first, start off by saying obviously we can count anthony scaramucci down as undecided, at this stage of the game. and we'll go with that. >> you can't call me a never-trumper because i was, once, a trumper. >> well, that's true. look. the president has spoken for hours and hours, today and the last several weeks and will speak for several hours between now and election day, about his closing argument. and part of that does include coronavirus and his commitment to making sure that we find a safe and effective vaccine. and reminding the american people what he has done to provide ppes. and also, encouraging what public-health officials are saying with regard to safely and effectively opening up schools and businesses. but, there's more to the closing
12:36 am
argument than that is what he has done for the economy. the gdp numbers are tremendous. and what he will do with regard to safely opening up schools and businesses. and -- and touting his successes with regard to supreme court and, certainly, with israel. and a lot of the things he has done in the past and reminding voters what he's done. there -- there is a reason why, at these rallies, there are more than just republicans. there are a lot of undecided. there are a lot of democrats. there are a lot of people who did not vote in 2016. so it's really unfair to assume that everyone there is a -- just a deplorable, trump-base supporter. he is bringing new voices to the table and i think it's really premature to spike the football for anyone because it's not decided yet. >> that's why i said to anthony, listen, people still have to go to the polls and votes have to be counted, right? but again, back to what -- the premise of my question. when you said that he needs to remind people. does he really want to remind people of the job that he's done
12:37 am
with covid? because, perhaps -- not perhaps -- businesses would be open now. people would be back in school. our lives would be back to some degree of normalcy if there was more buy-in from the trump administration and from trump supporters. had he said early on, when the scientists and doctors said, okay, now we have evidence that masks do work. if, instead of saying, i'm not going to do it, telling people not to do it, telling people to open up. we would be in a much different place. my question was is it wise for him to remind people of the terrible job that he's done? there's no question about it. he's done a terrible job. i don't know what spin that he wants to put on it or his supporters. but he's done an awful job when it comes to the coronavirus. we have thousands of people who are dying, every single week. and -- and will be daily, now. he hasn't done a great job. and he wants to have rallies in places where he doesn't want to social distance?
12:38 am
and he doesn't encourage people to wear masks? why would he -- why would that be his closing argument? it is an -- it's an alternate universe, alice. i mean, come on. >> don, one death is too many. and the number of deaths that we've had with regard to covid is -- is astronomical and it's -- it's heartbreaking. and it -- and, obviously, we all wish none of this would happen. but we can't second guess what could have been done or should have been done. and also, don, you can't blame every single death on this president. >> we're not guessing. the scientists and the doctors are telling us. when you look at the evidence, the sheer evidence, the reality of the -- the -- the -- of what's out there. the evidence that's on the table about places where people wear masks, where people socially distance, the numbers go down. the infection rates go down. where people don't, they go up. in the beginning, alice, i mean, this is just sheer evidence. this isn't like -- this isn't --
12:39 am
i'm not making this up. no one is making this up. in the beginning, it was blue states, like new york and washington, where people came in from overseas. and places like new york city where people are close together, where there are many more people than in rural places, than places that are traditionally red places. but now, the red states, the red areas, are seeing higher infection rates because they are not following the science that's being put out there. this isn't me saying this is a democrat or whatever. this is just -- this is facts. this is what's so frustrating about people, now, who -- who believe the president when he says that this -- we're rounding the corner. alice, it's happening. the science is there. this is not a hypothetical. >> well, i'm not in agreement that we are rounding the corner on this, don. i -- i -- i think we still need to use caution. we need to heed the advice of health officials. we need to wear masks. we need to social distance. i'm not a fan of these big rallies.
12:40 am
i think people should -- should be, certainly, much more careful when it comes to this. but, we have to remember, this is not a red-state problem or a blue-state problem. covid is a nonpartisan issue and a lot of these decisions have been made at the state level. >> his closing argument is that it's happening in blue states with -- this is his words, it should be democratic -- but he says where there are democrat mayors and democrat governors. in blue states. he is making this about blue and red states, instead of the united states. that's not his closing arguments. i know you want -- you probably wish that was his closing arguments but it's not. he is not relying on science, at all. he is not in reality, at all, when it comes to this virus. he is out there spreading bs to his supporters, and he is bringing them into rallies, not social distancing. putting them -- their health at risk. so i -- i -- i don't understand. i don't get it. i don't get how you're -- why you're arguing in favor of
12:41 am
something that is just not based in reality. alice, are you there? she can't hear me. okay. i got to go. i'm sorry. we'll try to get alice back. i got to run. we'll be right back. sorry. insulin injections can make diabetes complicated. meet omnipod - it delivers insulin through a tubeless pod. just one small pod replaces up to 14 injections! and today - you can get started with a 30-day omnipod dash trial at no more daily injections. it's game-changing! get started with a free 30-day omnipod dash trial today. go to for risk information, instructions for use and free trial terms and conditions. consult your healthcare provider before starting on omnipod. simplify diabetes. simplify life. omnipod.
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less than 73 hours until election day and both campaigns are focusing on the midwest.
12:46 am
the president and joe biden were in minnesota, today. a state hillary clinton won in 2016. joining me now is democratic senator, amy klobuchar, of minnesota. senator, thank you, good to see you. >> good to see you, don. thanks for having me on. >> absolutely. we just learned, tonight, that minnesota is not going to appeal yesterday's appeals court ruling that mail-in ballots in minnesota must be received no later than election day. what does this mean for the vote in your state? >> well, first of all, they could do something with that ruling after the election. i think the decision was made because we need consistency and clarity in these next few days. and we need a very clear direction to our voters and, that is, that you can't put those ballots in the mail anymore even though they say they can be postmarked on election day. what you need to do is to deliver the mail-in ballots to a drop-off box near your place. or you can vote in person in minnesota. and you can find out where all those places are on
12:47 am >> i got to ask you about -- about the president. as i was watching, earlier this evening, president trump was unhappy that his rally size in minnesota was limited by covid restrictions. he's holding 17 battleground state rallies in four days. he's banking on an election-day surge, like last time. will he be able to pull that off again, you think? >> i don't think so. and i don't think so, don, because people are voting in droves. over 85 million americans have cast their ballots. there are so many independents and moderate republicans. people who voted for trump or stayed home. and they're just saying wait a minute. this is people voted four years ago. and especially, as i look at the suburbs of the twin cities. they are saying, okay, do i want to have a guy -- it's very practical. we're practical in the midwest. do i want to have a president, for four more years, who couldn't even get the protective equipment out to the nurses and doctors?
12:48 am
or the testing out. and i'm going to trust him with getting a vaccine out? i don't think so. so that's why i think you see a competence argument big time winning out, as well as the heart and compassion of joe biden, compared to someone who tries to be mean to people and go after people, every day. people have had it with that. >> so senator biden is hitting two states. are you concerned joe biden is being out-hustled in the ho homestretch? >> not one bit. mostly, what i like is the discipline of what he is talking about. that last closing argument in warm springs, georgia. i got to talk to him last -- today in minnesota. and i talked to him about how important that was. where he went to that place where franklin roosevelt went to heal and heal our country and heal himself. and that, that was his closing message, that's what joe biden stands for. and franklin roosevelt was able to save this country, through
12:49 am
his policies but, also, through his heart. and that, joe biden is going to make the same move the minute he gets into the white house. so, i just -- i think that you see his message resonating. and you see his surrogates out. i love the fact that john kasich and cindy mccain. i just did a zoom call with her in minnesota. and all of the republicans. colin powell. republicans that have come out for joe biden really help to make his case as well. >> well, senator, you sound confident. we appreciate you joining us. i'm sure i'll be seeing you. >> only if people vote, don. i know, we could relive our town hall meetings, don. that would be great. >> thank you. >> there were so many. >> i know. but who is counting? thank you, senator. i appreciate it. >> okay. see you soon. >> see you. we'll be right back. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements- neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration.
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blocking heartburn at the source. with just one pill a day, you get 24-hour heartburn protection. take the prilosec otc two-week challenge. and see the difference for yourself. prilosec otc, 1 pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. so, on the final weekend before election day, the covid pandemic raging out of control. president trump falsely claims we are rounding the turn. that it's, you know, going away. and he ignores the devastating impact on america's seniors. but senior women are sending a strong message to the president. we matter and we vote. here is cnn's kate bolduan.
12:55 am
>> so, at 78 years old, what is it that drives you to stand on a street corner, in the rain, in the cold, to get your face out there? >> we really want to win. if people don't see us, they're not going to know to vote for us. >> reporter: jane is a new hampshire democrat. she has spent her entire life serving others as a nurse, episcopal priest, and now, in 2020, she is running for elected office for the first time. >> i had no idea what to expect, to begin with. and, of course, now with covid, we can't knock on doors. so, we're relying on phone calls and yard signs. being an old lady, i'm not all that steady on my feet. so i'm -- i'm okay with not knocking on doors. >> has president trump factored into your decision to run? >> yeah, probably. probably, because it just gets worse and worse, every day. and i think senior citizens, for
12:56 am
example, all marginalized people, are at risk. >> reporter: a vast majority of the coronavirus deaths in the country have been seniors. here, in new hampshire, 96% of those killed by covid have been 60 and older. that weighs heavily on the women we're talking to. on their lives, on their vote, and also on how much they think the president sees their value to the country. >> i'm very concerned about the pandemic. i am 77 years of age. i live with a woman who is 75 years of age. we do not want to become ail and die, yet. we're not ready. >> what do you think of the president's handling of the response? to the pandemic. >> there has been no constructive action, that he has taken, whatsoever. >> donald trump says,
12:57 am
essentially, don't worry about the virus because only older people get it. how does it make you feel to hear that? >> excluded. expendable. that we don't matter and if we get it and we become very ill, it doesn't matter that we might need ventilators and be dead in two days. >> he sent out a picture and it was joe biden's face, kind of, photo shopped onto a man sitting in a wheelchair. clearly, targeting age. >> anybody of my age has to say he's talking about me. he's not just talking about joe biden. >> covid, as far as i'm concerned. that -- that was the main decider. i'm a diabetic. i am 72. i'm compromised. i do not have any desire to get
12:58 am
it. >> reporter: karen is a mom, grandmother, and small-business owner in western new hampshire. she is, also, a diehard republican. >> have you ever voted for a democrat before, for president even? >> no, absolutely not. this is the first time. i've already voted. i voted absentee, and i have voted for biden. >> how would you describe the last four years, for you, under president trump? >> exhausting. i find it absolutely exhausting. the insults. if trump wins, the very next day, i am going down to lebanon city hall and i am registering as an independent. after 55 years. >> people are anxious, and they're anxious for the election to be over. >> reporter: 66-year-old new hampshire state senator, cindy rosenwa rosenwald, is up for re-election.
12:59 am
she says, even beyond covid-19, this election is different from any other. >> how important are older, women voters in this election? >> you can always count on us to show up and vote. and you can count on older women to, also, do the grassroots campaign work, too. >> do you think it's fair to consider age, in a decision of who to vote for as president? >> in this election, i don't see where it makes much difference cause, you know, they're both older people. >> what would you say to a voter who says, jane, you're too old to run? >> i say, watch me. >> this is not predictive, of course, of how all, older women will vote this cycle. in fact, we talked to one woman in new hampshire who is a huge trump supporter. unfortunately, she did not want to speak on camera. four years ago, seniors split between donald trump and hillary clinton in new hampshire. in national polls this cycle, joe biden is leading, and he is
1:00 am
seen as performing better among seniors than any democrat has, in a generation. don. >> kate bolduan, thank you so much. and thank you for watching. our coverage continues.


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