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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 1, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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after refusing to explicitly condemn white supremacy and right wing extremist president trump declined to denounce them once again. >> i don't know who the proud boys are. stand down. let law enforcement do their work. >> my message to the proud boys is cease and desist. wisconsin just reported its highest daily number of coronavirus-related hospitalizations. >> first time in 16 years we've had to put patients in hallway beds. >> we have got to put the brakes on this pandemic. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. this is "new day." it's thursday, october, what?
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>> first. >> it's october. >> how did that happen? >> yeah. it's october 1st. it's 6:00 in new york. this morning white supremacy is bad. white supremacists are dangerous. i condemn white supremacy. how hard is that to say? the president can't make his mouth form those words, white supremacists. the president refused to speak out at the debate against white supremacy, now the president said he always denounced that conveniently forgetting he didn't tuesday and refusing to say exactly what that is. more over, overnight, the president used language that would delight white supremacists. warning that minnesota could turn into a refugee camp and hurling a racist attack from a congressman. they are planning changes to bring order or try to to the final two debate. this could include cutting a
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candidate's microphone or perhaps time penalties. coronavirus continues to surge across the country. 27 states seeing an increase in cases this morning. and nearly 1,000 more americans died just yesterday. one of the worst states is wisconsin. it's seeing a sharp rise in new cases as you can see on your screen. the state posted a single day records plural for hospitalizations and deaths yesterday. despite these numbers, president trump is planning to hold two campaign rallies in wisconsin this weekend. local leaders are pleading for masks to be required. so let's begin our coverage with cnn jessica dean live in washington on the president's comments overnight. jessica? >> reporter: good morning to you, allison. last night president trump once again not condemning white supremacy. this is the second time in two weeks that republicans up on the hill have been forced to distance themselves from comments that he's made.
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last week it was his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. and now this. less than 24 hours after president trump helped push the first debate into a chaotic disaster and refuse to condemn white supremacists -- >> what do you want to call them? give me a name. >> white supremacists -- >> proud boys. >> proud boys. >> proud boys stand back and stand by, but i'll tell you what, i'll tell you what, somebody has to do something about antifa and the left. >> reporter: he insisted he did not know who the proud boys were. when asked why he declined to reject the far right wing hate group. >> you have to give me a definition. i don't know who they can. they have to stand down. let law enforcement do their work. >> reporter: while the president struggled to give a clear statement, joe biden sent this message from his train tour of the rust belt. >> my message to the proud boys and every other white supremacist group is cease and desist.
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>> reporter: on capitol hill, republican lawmakers asked trump to help clean up the fallout from the remarks. >> i think he misspoke. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he agrees with senator tim scott's comments. >> he said it was unacceptable not to condemn white supremacists. so i do so in the strongest possible way. >> reporter: while white house press secretary kaylee mcenny says the president believes he did well in the debate. biden called trump's performance a, quote, national performance. >> he thinks if he just yells louder and louder, throws out lie after lie after lie, he'll get his way. he thinks we'll forget. well, he picked the wrong guy. >> reporter: after tuesday's event unravelled into an ugly spectacle, the committee on presidential debates says it will be making changes. writing in a statement it, quote, made clear that additional structure should be
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added to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues. trump's campaign complaining about the move. >> the bipartisan commission is wri riding to the rescue of their guy. changing ruling mid stream is a bad idea. >> reporter: the president also falsely claimed democratic nominee will cancel the remaining debates. biden's campaign says the democratic nominee will show up to the remaining two and on the rule change, he's open to, quote, whatever set of rules the commission develops to try to contain donald trump's behavior. >> i just hope there's a way in which the debate commission can control the ability of us to answer the question without interruption. >> reporter: so to that end, two people with knowledge of the discussions amongst the committee on presidential debates tell "the new york times" there's a number of options that they are discussing. that includes further limits on candidate's speaking time, perhaps giving the moderators the ability to cut off candidate's microphones if they
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need to and also perhaps installing penalties that would make the candidate yield back time if they continue to interrupt the other candidate. it's unclear at this point exactly which of these specific changes could be put in place, but we'll find out in a couple weeks. >> jessica, thank you very much. meanwhile, new cases of coronavirus are serging in 27 states in the last week, including wisconsin. that's where president trump is planning to hold two rallies this weekend. even though the white house task force itself is warning of, quote, intense, viral serge in that state. cnn's brynn gingras joins us now with more. hi, brynn. >> reporter: good morning. mitigation efforts are essential at this point, wearing masks, social distancing because the number of cases in that state is serging. i want to tick through the statistics we're seeing out of wisconsin. wisconsin is one of the states.
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the state has the highest daily death toll yesterday. it's the highest for positive rate in the country at 21%. health officials really look at the hospitalization rate to help them determine their criteria and numbers and where they need to focus. and it's not good in wisconsin. nearly the number of people going into the hospitals over the last couple weeks has nearly doubled. we're seeing a third, about a third of those people going in, going into icu units. and of course 18% we're hearing -- 18% of the hospital beds are not available. people are getting treated in the hallways. we have seen that before. you say just as you mention the president is going to hold two rallies there this weekend. one in lacrosse and one in green bay where his own white house task force hot zones at this point. switching gears this morning talking about the fda commissioner and the vaccine, he has said in trying to tell the public that it's going to be
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data and it's going to be science that's going to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine when it is rolled out. of course this is the opposite of what we're hearing from the president. but steven saying they have strict guidelines they're going to stick to and he believes in science. >> brynn, thank you very much for that update. so president trump has a very hard time condemning white supremacy. senate republicans tried and did but many of them will not rebuke the president's words. so we discuss this key moment in the 2020 race next. ♪ if you're gonna be an entrepreneur, it'll be the hardest thing you've ever done in your life. we are six locations, about to be seven locations and 250 team members. covid changed a lot of things. god willing, we're gonna come out on the other side stronger as a company. but, it is not for the faint of heart. it's been a hell of a year. ♪
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♪ so, watch president trump's difficulty saying the words. his reluctance to say the words, i can condemn white supremacists. watch. >> white supremacy, clearly love you and support you. you welcome that. >> i want law and order to be a very important part.
3:12 am
it's a very important part of my campaign. and when i say that, what i'm talking about is law enforcement has to, police have to take care and they should stop defunding the police like they've done in new york. >> do you denounce them? >> i've always denounced any form, any form, any form of any of that. you have to denounce. but i also -- joe biden has to say something about antifa. it's not a philosophy. these are people that hit people over the head with baseball bats. he's got to come out, and he's got to be strong. and he's got to condemn antifa. it's very important he does that. >> any form of any of that. not i condemn white supremacy. it's like the fonz in "happy days" couldn't say i'm sorry. president trump couldn't get the w in white supremacy. that's what that sounds like.
3:13 am
errol lewis joining us now. he said he's always condemned that but he didn't condemn that tuesday night when given the opportunity in front of 70 million people and here we are again this morning. so what does it mean? >> yeah. well, what it means is that the president is saying the quiet part outloud. sending a clear signal to violent extremists, militia-type organizations which are publicly rejoicing that clearly get the message. he's letting them know that he's not going to step away from them. that he does want them, in fact, to go out and help disrupt the elections apparently is what he's aiming at. and we've gone through this charade with the president of the united states over and over and over again. we went through it at charlottesville and going through it again. it's tragic that a president of the united states can't simply open his mouth and insist on upholding the constitution, the law, the values that it overwhelming number of americans
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support just in order to disrupt the elections. not to win the elections. but to make a mess of it because he's losing. >> anna, the president claimed yesterday he doesn't know who the proud boys are, which is possible. we know he doesn't read and intellectual curiosity is not his middle name. but that would mean, if that were true, his national security team is not briefing him on that, not telling him that, choosing not to which sometimes, as you know, they do spare him information that they think will upset him. do we know why he wouldn't know that? >> i think it's unclear why he might not know it. it's also -- this is clearly a 24-plus hours. he could certainly google it. he uses twitter. oftentimes when he steps in hot water and doesn't denounce groups like this or whether it's q anonand others he often says he doesn't know or the present hasn't been briefed on it. i think it's a little hard to say that. i do think it's really putting
3:15 am
republicans on capitol hill up for re-election in a bad spot. they have, you know, condemned lightly but they don't really want to attack the president because they don't want to face the ire of him or his supporters, but i do think this is going to be an issue for republicans. he just needs to say it's a very simple sentence. i denounce white supremacy and refused to do that so far and it's hard to see him do that in the next 30 some days before the election. >> let's play that. since you're talking about the discomfort from republicans on capitol hill and republicans running for office now, we saw some of it on display. let's watch. >> i think he misspoke. i think he should correct it. if he doesn't correct it, he didn't misspeak. >> senator tim scott said it's unacceptable not to condemn white supremacists. i do so in the strongest possible way. >> actually the president condemn white supremacy? >> absolutely. >> was it a mistake for him to leave that hanging out there? >> yes. >> he should unequivocally
3:16 am
condemn white supremacy. >> right. there you have it. that's how you do say it outloud. it's hardly a profile and courage to say i condemn white supremacy but you can see the situation republicans are in around the country. errol, one more point on this, while the president says oh, i always condemned that without saying what it is while he refuses to say the words white supremacists, he's using language that will delight white supremacists. he went to minnesota and held a rally there and attacked the first woman muslim ever elected to congress and refugee camps in minnesota. >> what is going on with omar? i have been reading these reports about how corrupt and crooked she is. let's get rid -- how the hell she tells us how to run our country. how the hell to minnesota elect her? what the hell is wrong with you people? >> so the part there that is
3:17 am
honestly part of the lexicon of white supremacist group and the way the proud boys talk, our country. our country. as if this u.s. member of congress, who happens to have a skin color different than most of the proud boys isn't part of our country, errol. >> yep. it is exactly as you described. the president is reaching into the bottom of his bag of tricks, brings out the profanity, brings out the racism, trots it out there to the delight of the worst of his followers, appealing to the worst instincts in american politics. again, all to just kind of stir the pot. this is what has worked for him in the past. it's not only disgusting and discouraging but something we should keep in mind tlaz are credible reports, according to "the new york times," that overseas foreign powers are taking this up. in other words, the russians are sort of keying into this and
3:18 am
some of the same phrases, the same disruption, the same divisiveness that's coming out of the mouth of the president of the united states is now finding its way and being fed into our political bloodstream through bots, through messaging, through the kind of information warfare that was waged against this country four years ago. and so, it's a big problem. it's not just one loudish president, one crude politician shouting invective and shouting racism from the podium. we've had that for a long time in this country. but it gets worse and worse and worse. and everyone in this country should be not only alarmed but start working on resiliency measures. be prepared for more of this as we get closer to election day and do everything you can to tell everyone in your circle there are some things that are simply beyond the pale that are outside the reach of normal politics. a lot of it has to be coming out of the president's mouth. >> i mean, you don't have to go overseas to see it in the bhood
3:19 am
stream, anna. it's in the bloodstream obviously here. you know, elizabeth newman left the white house, but she was the team of the assistant secretary of counterterrorism, she said she has a twitter thread yesterday in which she talked about how they saw that these extremists, some of whom became mass shooters in our countries, for instance, texas, used the same language that president trump uses. you can match it. i mean, their language mirrors what the president is saying. and she saw a direct, you know, one to one relationship there. >> yeah. i think it's really disturbing and to errol's point, the fact that the president continues to double down on this language, it's clearly a base play but it also opens up activity and endorsement by some of these groups. we have seen that in terms of what they have been trying to do online, using this as a rallying cry, that we've heard you, mr. president. that could be very dangerous as
3:20 am
we get to an election that is potentially very tight. the president is also casting aspersions around whether or not voting is going to be safe. made a very big plea about how he doesn't think it is during the first debate, which could be, you know, potentially the sanctity of american ballot and elections are on the ballot right now. i think that's going to be the real thing to watch in the coming weeks is does the president continue to double down? there's no reason to believe that he's going to stop using these kinds of statements and the sentiment as the election gets closer. >> so errol, i like to point out that you are one of the great debate moderators in america and i like to point it out because it happens to be true. >> thank you. >> you run local debates in new york city which are chaos and madness. you know how to keep these things in order. the debate commission is now proprosing changes to fix obviously a system that the president trotted upon tuesday night. maybe institute time limits,
3:21 am
maybe institute penalties on your time for if you go over and maybe cutting off the microphone. will this work as an expert? >> it could work. i mean, the cutting off the microphone and threatening to basically halt the debate in mid stream, that is probably the most effective tool that a moderator would have. it's important that any moderator have that. that's really what chris wallace needed the other day. the other change they might consider implementing, though, john, is the idea when i do local debates we call it cross-examination. we specifically give the candidates a chance to ask their opponent a question. so that there's not a lot of this cross talk. you know they want to do it. you know they want to zing at each other and frankly you know the answers might not be that illuminating. it's a good release valve because you can tell a lot about the candidate by the question he or she chooses to ask and you learn just as much by the answer they get. so you kind of do that, let that
3:22 am
get over with. but you really do have to enforce the rules. and you have to do it early on. you can't wait an hour into the debate and then start pleading with the candidates to obey the rules which is what chris wallace ended up doing. you have to really jump on that very first interruption and say, listen, the debate will stop right here and right now if you can't follow the rules that you agree to play by. >> then we'll give you a time-out and no dessert. >> in your playpen. >> errol, anna, thank you both for being with us this morning. >> thank you. this could be the biggest story of the day here. president trump is planning to go to wisconsin to hold rallies, campaign rallies this weekend. wisconsin might be in the worst situation in the country right now in terms of coronavirus. the president's own coronavirus task force is pleading with the people going to these rallies to be careful. we'll explain next.
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♪ the white house coronavirus task force sounding the alarm for people in wisconsin this morning. warnings about an exponential growth in infections and urging maximal social distancing. the state saw record daily deaths and hospitalizations yesterday. it's experiencing a big surge in new cases. but despite all that president trump is planning to hold two campaign rallies there this weekend. joining us now dr. ali khan. dr. khan, it's like he's choosing the place in the country that is having its worst experience with coronavirus to hold a rally -- two rallies. >> good morning, alisyn. you're spot on on this one. so wisconsin f you look at the
3:28 am
data is having the most number of cases it's ever had, the most number of people in the hospital, the most people in the icu and the most number of deaths. it's also up around 400 cases per million per day so essentially very close to the peak we saw in new york early in the spring. so, without a doubt, you know, this is the hottest area, one of the hottest areas in the country. >> it's is begging with wisconsin to be careful. maybe even begging the president not to do this. the language out of a report from the task force on wisconsin says during the intense period of viral surge, large numbers of acutely infected individuals caused exponential growth in infections although young adults are the most infected groups currently spread to other age groups is inevitable. increase social distancing mitigation measures until cases decline. i don't think campaign rallies falls into that last sentence
3:29 am
there, dr. khan. >> so, i would agree with you on the exponential rise. it's very clear when you look at wisconsin to see that exponential rise. also wisconsin is now proved the point about, you know, if you open colleges in a community where you do not have -- have not decreased community transmission, you see infections amongst these college students but it doesn't stay on the campuses. and so, 6 of the 8 hottest counties in wisconsin had university of wisconsin campuses. and then if you look at the data by age, you see it going up in these 18 to 25-year-olds. it starts to come down and then all of a sudden the rest of the population in the community is going up. so, without a doubt, these college campuses are now spilling disease out into the rest of the community, including to vulnerable populations which is why your deaths are going up now. >> we obviously have to watch what happens there and if there's a mask mandate and if it's outdoors. >> yes. >> they're outdoors.
3:30 am
okay. but meanwhile, i want to ask you, doctor, about this new study, the biggest -- the largest of its kind in the world about contact tracing. it was done in india. here is what some of the top line findings are. the study based on a giant contact tracing effort involving more than 3 million people in india shows most covid-19 patients never infected anyone else. the researchers found that 70% of infected people did not infect any of their contacts. while 8% of patients accounted for 60% of observed new infections. that's fascinating. in other words, a very small fraction of people are spreading a lot of the virus. so, we used to think of superspreaders as events, big parties, where people are close together. are some humans just superspreaders themselves? is that what we're learning? >> absolutely, alisyn. so this is a second way to look
3:31 am
at this outbreak, which we've known for a very long time with these coronaviruses. so people like to talk about something called the r-not. it's a techy term that tells you how many new cases you get from each infection. but there's another term which you just described called the k which is a dispersion factor. we've known for a long time that these individuals cause more than 10 -- usually the cutoff is about 10 cases themselves. so there's a small number of individuals that drive this whole outbreak? and we've seen multiple episode in the u.s. in massachusetts, what happened at the conference in massachusetts. so you can probably track the whole outbreak over the world by these large superspreading events of people. >> just because i'm curious, do they have more viral load, do they know, these people, are they more active? are they singing more? why are these people superspreaders? >> it's probably a combination of all of those.
3:32 am
we've never been able to pin it down to one specific thing. but when you look at these individual cases, it's a combination of those things. now, remember often for these superspreaders you also need some sort of mass gathering, right? an event that puts enough people together to infect them during the time they're infectious. that's why you want to limit mass gatherings. >> kids do spread the virus pretty substantially particularly among other children right there. that was one of the key findings as well. dr. khan, always a pleasure to have you with us. mask on, my friend. mask on. >> mask on, as usual. >> fantastic. >> nice one. >> fantastic. thank you, doctor. president trump's debate comment about the proud boys is not the first time he's caught the attention of far right groups. we have a reality check next. we're all finding ways to keep moving. but how do we make sure the direction we're headed is forward?
3:33 am
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♪ so we were talking about the words white supremacy and how the president can't seem to say
3:37 am
them outloud, like the fonz in "happy days" who couldn't say i'm sorry. john avlon has a reality check. >> reporter: it should be the easiest question for a president to get. >> are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists. >> reporter: but of course president trump couldn't quite bring himself to do it. >> proud boys, stand back and stand by. but i'll tell you, what, i'll tell you what, somebody has to do something about antifa and the left. >> reporter: the proud boys a far right group with a pension for political violence immediately saw trump's comments as an endorsement and started celebrating online. the next day, trump said he didn't know who they were. the men said this -- >> white supremacy, they clearly love you and support you. you welcome that? >> i want law and order. >> you should be shocked but you should not be surprised because there's a long pattern of donald trump refuses to denounce his white wing extremists or white supremacist supporters.
3:38 am
david duke praised duke. here is what happened when jake tapper asked him to denounce him. >> i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacy. >> sound familiar? >> very fine people. on both sides. >> now, to this day some trumpers will argue he didn't say what you just heard him say. but white nationalists heard him loud and clear and they praised trump's remarks. we have seen the same dynamic can q anon. they like me very much, which i appreciate. >> or trump's continued support of steven miller found to have emailed anti-immigration articles from white supremacist websites back in 2016. defense trump fan kiel rittenhouse shooting protesters in kenosha. two died. team trump acts like none of this ever happened. >> he's condemned white supremacy by name on multiple occasions. >> it's kind of like trump's very occasional condemnation of
3:39 am
russian election interference, done reluctantly, under duress to compensate for refusing to confront vladimir putin. trump gave a good speech which he condemned racist groups. afterwards, the president said that was the biggest [ bleep ] mistake i've made and the worst speech i've ever given. look, from the trump family's apparent refusal to rent to black families in the '70s and michael cohen hearing mandela [ bleep ] the whole country up defense of confederate flags and monuments, it's easy to see an ugly pattern. some are concerned that political rhetoric used by the president has been viewed by some violent white supremacists as a call to violent action. now that you know the pattern, listen to this -- >> go first. >> urging my supporters to into the polls and watch very carefully. >> a blatant attempt at voter intimidation says massachusetts attorney general maura healey. and we're already seeing reports of various armed militias and
3:40 am
vigilante groups pledging to watch election day polls on trump's behalf. this is not a reason to be afraid. it's a reason to be determined because there's still time to show that our democracy is stronger than demagoguery and that's your reality check. >> thanks to john for that. so this morning, new calls to flat out cancel the presidential debates. we'll have that debate next.
3:41 am
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♪ the bipartisan commission on presidential debates says it will change the rules of the remaining two presidential debates to ensure a more orderly discussion. but does that go far enough? our next guest thinks joe biden should refuse to debate president trump again. joining us now is cnn contributor frank bruny just published a new column about this "the new york times" and we have david from a former speech writer for president george w. bush he disagrees with frank's idea. frank, make your case. >> well, i mean, what we saw on
3:45 am
tuesday night was not illuminating. it was a degradation of the presidency, it was a degradation of the process and degradation of all of us. and we saw donald trump use that built-in enormous audience to continue saying that this election is fraudulent, that it's rigged, to kind of send the signal to people that they should not trust anything. i don't know why we would continue collaborating in that. i feel like we're committing a form of civic suicide. after three and a half years of watching this president smash traditions, trash norms and kind of gasping and sighing and say look at that we don't need to continue collaborating in that. i think it's time to stop. >> david, why is he wrong? >> i don't think you can put a curtain over the truth that donald trump is president of the united states and all these behaviors are going to continue whether or not the president is on twitter, whether or not the president is on tv, whether or not he's in public he commands
3:46 am
the government of the united states he has the nuclear codes. you can have confidence in your friends and neighbors to be as thoughtful as you are. we all saw what happened there and that debate was damage to president trump. his own people know that. that's why they're on your air trying to tidy things up and say the president didn't say what millions of people saw him say. there is no way to expunge the shame of this presidency. it's going to be on the history books forever. and i understand the impulse to say that wasn't us. we didn't do that. that didn't happen to us. but it did. it's part of american history. if you're going to do anything about it, you have to see it. >> how about that, frank? eyes wide open that in some ways watching that mess reveals obviously, as david would say, who president trump is? >> i don't think the verb reveals makes any sense anymore with president trump. i mean, after more than three and a half years of this presidency, preceded by a campaign that was covered
3:47 am
there's not been a president who has saturated the mediaened a saturated people's consciousness like donald trump. he's not omnipresent, he's ambient. we did not need that 90 minutes on tuesday night. we don't need two more 90 minute events to have trump revealed to us. i think voters have fully taken his measure. all we're doing is vetting this message of his that the process is not to be trusted. that american democracy is broken. he is trying basically to drag us all down and particularly joe biden into the mud with him because he feels everybody is soiled. you can't make distinctions between him and everybody else. and i just don't think we're serving anything illuminating to continue having these debates. i don't think it's about putting a curtain over the president and the presidency and pretending he's not there. we know he's there. everybody knows who he is and what he's about. and i don't think not doing further debates is a sort of masking or vailing of that.
3:48 am
>> david? >> the damage to american democracy is not a message, it's a truth. it's a fact. that's the plan. the only way, the only way you get a smooth transition away from donald trump is donald trump loses the popular vote by some number so enormous that it deters any of his collaborators from enabling him. and that number we know what it is, is not 3 million. that was the number last time and wasn't enough, 5, 8, maybe 10 million. that's possible according to the polls but only possible if you get voter turnout. what happened in that debate was not that anyone's mind was changed. we're all pretty dug in. but what happened in that debate is that people in the anti-trump majority, more than 50% of the country, were told by the president i'm not participating. and you will go if you speak out in large enough numbers. that to me was the central moment of the debate. the president saying i won't go even if i lose. biden saying if he loses by
3:49 am
enough. and now american people it's over to you. and we all needed to see that because it's easy for commentators to say it's damaging democracy. maybe he won't go. when the president says it, it's like when the president said on tape, i deliberately underplayed the coronavirus. we all saw it happen. i wrote that article dozens of times and two major stories and many minor stories for the atlanta but it didn't become true to people until they heard it in the president's own voice, yes, i down played the coronavirus on purpose knowing how deadly it was and in the same way they heard him say in the debate, i'm not going unless you make me. that's useful. make him. >> how about that, frank. the value of hearing something with your own ears in a debate setting? >> i agree that's valuable, but i want to respond to something else david said. by the way, david is far smarter than i am and he's probably right and i'm probably wrong. he said that joe biden needs a landslide just to win essentially. that was the headline on a
3:50 am
column i wrote not long ago and he mentioned crucially that voter turnout is important. i think what trump used the debate tuesday night to do and what he'll use additional debates to do is suppress turnout. he's trying to make you feel so bad about the process. he's trying to make this whole thing so ugly that americans turn away from it so that the turnout joe biden needs doesn't happen. i mean, he's what really struck me, alisyn. after the debate was over, the first kind of five minutes of commentary, i didn't hear commentators right out of the gate say trump was awful. they said that was awful. that, the whole spectacle. trump dragged biden down with him and that's an effort to suppress turnout. i agree with david. we need big turnout because joe biden needs crazily because of our system may need a margin of 7 million, 8 million in the popular vote to be assured a victory in the electoral college. >> one more question for you, frank. i read your column and i was wondering this, what about the
3:51 am
tradition of preserving the debate. you let president trump break it, you cancel them, you might never get it back? >> are we not breaking the tradition to let it be degraded like this? i think we'll get it back. once trump is gone, we have two normal candidates in 2024, bring back a robust cycle of debates. make it five debates. but to have him treat the debate format this way, to have him savage the debate format this way i don't think is any way to preserve it. >> david, ten seconds left. your final thoughts? >> frank is right about the first ten minutes of commentary. but that's a comment on the commentators. they were unwilling to say what they had just seen because they wanted to preserve some illusion of two handedness. in the trump candidacy, there's one true hand. >> thank you both very much for the debate. >> thank you. a sad announcement overnight from chrissy teigen and john
3:52 am
legend. we'll tell you about their loss next.
3:53 am
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41 people have died in the raging wild fires on the west coast of the united states. a pair of wild fires in northern california have scorched more than 100,000 acres and more than 140 homes have burned in wine country. another 26,000 structures are threatened this morning. thousands of sonoma and napa county residents have been forced to evacuate. there's a red flag warning that is issued today because of high winds there. >> kentucky judge has given prosecutors until tomorrow to release grand jury recordings in the case involving the killing of breonna taylor. the judge had originally ordered the recordings released yesterday but the state's attorney general daniel cameron said the extension was necessary to redact identifying information for anyone named in the recordings. the grand jury did not indictment any of the police
3:57 am
officers directly involved in taylor's death. the member of the grand jury has suggested cameron is misrepresenting to the public whether jurors were given the option of charging officers with taylor's death. sad news overnight, actress chrissy teigen and john legend suffered a miscarriage of their third child. in a twitter post teigen says we are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about. the kind of pain never felt before. the couple says they had already begun calling their future son jack. their first two children were conceived with invitro vertlization but this pregnancy occurred naturally. something teigen says she thought never would happen. really sad. john, this is a couple that lives part of their life on social media. >> right. >> so they're grieving on social media, which is, you know, some people do it obviously privately and silently. i think they are doing a service to people because so many people do suffer in silence and seeing
3:58 am
a couple like that do it outloud and in public i know will help other families that grove in the same way. >> i think it's super important to do that. i applaud them. and i send them our love, honestly. it's part of the healing process for them as well to do this publicly since they do live their lives like this. "new day" continues right now. after turning the first debate of the 2020 campaign into a dumpster fire, president trump is trying to put out the flames. >> by every measure we won the debate easily last night. >> the president of the united states conducted himself the way he did, i think was just a national embarrassment. new york city and other parts of the state see up ticks that are concerning. >> unlike europe, unlike asian countries, we are starting off this fall/winter with a very high level of infection. >> we've got to now double down and make sure that we're very conscientious without shutting
3:59 am
down. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> i'm going to stop typing right now. good morning. this is "new day." president trump has the hardest time condemning white supremacists. it's almost like he can't say the words. the president told reporters he did not know who the proud boys are despite having told the far right group to, quote, stand back and stand by during the debate this week. other republican leaders were forced yesterday to try to translate those comments and telegraph to the president what they would like him to say. even more importantly, president trump still will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. david sanger writes "the new york times" this morning, quote, the most direct threat to the electoral process now comes from the president himself. mr. trump's unwillingness to say he would abide by the result and his disinformation campaign about the integrity of the american electoral system went
4:00 am
beyond anything russian president vladimir putin could have imagined. this morning, 207,000 americans have died from coronavirus. yesterday alone another 946 new deaths reported. 27 states have had an increase in cases over the last week, all the states there in orange and red. there is a surge in the midwest. wisconsin in particular. yesterday the state recorded its highly -- excuse me. set its highest daily death toll. you're good. it's highest hospitalizations. it was number three in the country for new cases. its positive rate is 21%. that's in wisconsin. guess where the president is going this weekend, wisconsin. he's going to hold rallies which is a group of people, a large gathering of people close together, often not wearing masks. he's going to green bay and lacrosse, areas the coronavirus task force considers red zones for having the highest level of community spread. i want to start,


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