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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 14, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> reporter: to see the actual impact that i am having on the young kids' lives is literally priceless. >> ah. >> oh, so good, nick watt, and thank you. thank you for being here. i'm brooke baldwin and "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. is the top cop playing good cop/bad cop?" the lead" starts now. and breaking today, the attorney general said he is not going to be bullied into doing the president's bidding or anybody's bidding and now there is a suggestion of the opposite, and is this all done with a wink and aed to the plea nod to plea president? and now, popping up all over television is mike bloomberg and the new criticism from other candidates. and it is deadly and up to communist china to be honest,
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and now, a scientist is missing as the u.s. is seeing the number of coronavirus cases jump. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper and we begin with the new independence at the justice department and attorney general bill barr. despite barr's public show of frustration last night telling abc news that president trump's tweets about the justice department matters make his job hart harder which is rooted not in the barr's look for independence, but the illusion of independence as some of the supporters on the president's favorite channel seems to suggest. >> and the media sees trump versus barr, but it is i got this. >> that is because when you see attorney general barr doing what president trump would do this, and the officials told him this afternoon that he is ordering a
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re-examination of the high profile cases and bringing in a u.s. attorney to take a second look at them and this is the case of the retired general mike flynn, the former trump national security adviser, and flynn pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the fbi. and new scrutiny would certainly please president trump who three days ago asked about the sentencing of a different felonious friend roger stone said this. >> they ought to be ashamed of themselves, and what they have done the general flynn, and what they have done the others. >> president trump openly congratulating barr this week for taking charge of the case involving stone by undercutting the justice department's sentencing and looking at a shorter sentence. it is interesting how often in the president's world view, the prosecutors are the bad guys and the criminals are the good guys. case in point, today, the justice department dropped the criminal investigation of former
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fbi deputy director andrew mccabe and a trump nemesis, and theoretically one would see this as a sign of bill barr's independence, but the trump transition team official says he sees it differently, because he says that mccabe should have been cleared of this long ago. so, why the delay? >> there is no question this timing is suspicious that it is coming right after the finalization of the impeachment, and the fact that it was a helping useful talking point to trump, that, no, it is a witch hunt and fed into his theory of the witch hunt. >> and we should note that mccabe is a cnn contributor. and adam schiff said that barr fools no one, and he is a witting accomplice to trump on the violation of the law. and he has no right to intervene
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with justice departments. >> reporter: fresh off of the denial, attorney general william barr is facing new scrutiny today after the sources say that he secretly ordered a re-examination of flynn's case, and seeking no jail time for his former national security adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to the united states with his ties to russia. >> the president hasn never askd me to do anything in a criminal case. and i cannot do anything here with the constant background commentary that undercuts me. >> reporter: and the president throwing barr's words back at him saying that he does have the right to intervene in the doj investigations and tweeting this does not mean that i do not have as president the legal right to do so and i do, but i have chosen not to. and while the sources say that barr has voiced frustration to trump multiple times, the president says that he did not
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know that the president, would go public. and now trump's political allies says that he should listen. >> i have confidence in bill barr and he has told the president that it is not helpful and making it difficult for him to do the job, and so he should listen to him. >> and in the meantime, trump is eagerly awaiting more investigations launched by bill barr into the u.s. intelligence agency's handling of the meddling of the u.s. in the russian election. >> i have president putin who said that it is not russia. i will say this, i don't see why it would be. >> despite the consensus among the entire intelligence community that vladimir putin launched a covert effort to undermine the 2016 election, and the new york times is saying that special investigator john durham is looking at deep state conspiracy theories touted by trump and allies that u.s. agencies framed russia.
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and they say that durham is investigating former cia head john brennan who says the whole thing is -- >> well, i think it is silly. i am certainly willing to talk to mr. durham or anybody else about what we did in this period of time in 2016. >> and jake, the president is leaving the white house as we speak. we will let you know if he takes the questions from reporters, and he is going to spend the weekend in florida, and privately, he is furious about the andrew mccabe news, but the former fbi director is not going to be facing charges and of course, mccabe is a frequent target of president trump's, jake. >> thank you, boris sanchez. let's talk about this. we hear that president trump is upset that the justice department is not going to charge andrew mccabe, not going to bring criminal charges against him, but we heard earlier in day a former trump transition team saying that the fact that the case has been dragged out now so that president trump could use it as a defense in the impeachment
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trial is proof that people are doing trump's bidding and it is very difficult to tell. >> and the flynn case was reopened as well. so there is, you know, some reasons for the president to be happy. listen, what barr said yesterday now clearly seems to be a p.r. move because the actions are in line with what the line desires. does mccabe situation notwithstanding. >> what do you think? do you think that barr is doing what trump wants? >> this is his m.o., and he is hired to be the cover-up guy, and he has a form of covering up crimes and former when he was president bush at the a.g., he was urged to pardon people in the iran contra issue. and he put out misleading statements about the content of the mueller report and prevented
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the ukraine whistle-blower's complaint from getting to the impeachment. so this is what r why is what h do and why trump treasures himment and he said, where is my roy cohen? and so, according to laura ingram this is staged. >> and only 18% of the country likes trump's tweeting and he wanted to say it out loud on tv where his boss might see it, so it might be helpful in the battle that he is battling. >> it does make his job more difficult. >> and i enjoyed the barr interlude and in that moment he was my spirit animal and it is reminiscent and if you will allow me this gendered valentine's day metaphor, and don't worry about it, honey, i just want a dinner at home and low key and then the boyfriend gave her what she wanted and she was not happy. and so here is the trump
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official saying everything that needs to be loudly, and now it is some other reason. >> and so the media is the -- >> you are the girlfriend. >> we are the clueless. >> i am used to being the clueless guy. >> and clearly the president did not stop tweeting. he tweeted earlier today that he had every right to intervene in the justice department matters, so i would not expect the president to stop tweeting. i think it is as jackie said a p.r. move from barr and barr is going to continue to protect the president and do his bidding and be the roy cohen that the president has called for. and president trump was on the radio in an interview saying that if he had barr from the beginning of the term, he would not have faced impeachment in all of the other scandals. >> and somewhere in alabama, jeff sessions flourishes. >> and so, if it is a deliberate move, it failed. and so look at what he is tweeting, john kelly, the former
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chief of staff who is no longer working there and not the attorney general who criticized him, and trump, if he feels that somebody is attacking him, he is not quiet. and the press secretary said that he is not bothered about it, and if you think that there not a gap between the two, i have a trump university certificate to sell you. >> and now, on the radio show he said that he did send rrp to ud giuliani to ukraine. >> was it strange to send rudy giuliani to ukraine and are you sorry for that? >> well, rudy is a great crime fighter and you know that more than anybody. >> yes, i do. >> and rudy is on the game. >> and was it strange to send rudy giuliani to ukraine and are you sorry, and he said, no, and this is november before impeachment to bill o'reilly.
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>> giuliani's your personal lawyer. >> yes. >> you did not direct him to go to ukraine or tell him to do anything? >> no, i did not direct him. >> what do we make of that? >> well, it sounds like the president. >> and once he knows that he can get away with something, and tweet it out and say it on the radio and the president does not tell the truth until he does. >> and justin amash tweeted that this is a standard trump progression, i did not do it, i didn't do it, but i could do it, and i did it do, and so what and i did do it and it is right to do it. >> and that is the exact progression that you are taking out of my mouth, jake, which i don't appreciate. >> out of justin amash's mouth. >> yes, and there is going to be more and in tweet form. >> because there are no guardrails. >> congress is not going to stop him. >> and he is a pathological liar. >> and stick around and can the president really intervene in the legal case when he wants or
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we are back with more on the politics lead and attorney general bill barr is ordering the review of high profile cases including the one against president trump's national security adviser retired general michael flynn. this is after barr intervened with the sentencing of crony of trump roger stone. and also that the president saying that he can step in on any case that they are investigating. with me is cnn correspondent
1:17 pm
sara murray and also chen, and tell us what you know about how unusual this is? >> it is very unusual to go in to review and he is effectively taking the case away. >> and what do you make of the barr's declaration to tell the president to stop tweeting, and trump is reportedly angry about andrew mccabe not being sentenced? >> well, with 20/20 hindsight, it is camouflage for what he doing. i have had doubts a of the sincerity at the time, but what he is saying of trump is that i don't want to be independent of you, but he is saying, don't worry, i am asserting control over your cases, and that is all he is saying.
1:18 pm
>> and andrew mccabe not being charged. and so he saying that that he was not involved in the case, but overlooking the sentencing within his purview of the attorney general. >> it is not unusual to have the disputes, but it is after the prosecutors have submitted the memo with the judge and then out publicly to say we don't belief in this and the initial statements from top doj officials on the background were critical of what the prosecutors had done. and the way it all played out is unusual, especially given the person at the center of this which is a friend of the president's, and someone that the president is so upset if the judge does decide that she wants to throw the book at him, the president has an avenue to pardon roger stone, and so it makes you wonder why barr wanted to be involved in that way. >> the president says that he can intervene in any case that he wants to, and barr has told cbs news that as a general note
1:19 pm
that is time, and we should be looking into this terrorism case or money laundering case, but not political opponents. so what is the reality of this, and like so much of our country really just actually built on the honor system? >> i think it is, jake. i mean, theoretically, he could have the power to control things, and the head of the executive branch and might does not make right. traditionally the white house is very careful of looking like they are interfering, and that is the foundation upon which the public confidence in the criminal justice system works. if they thought that every political leader who came in got to run the criminal justice system the way they would, nobody would have trust in it, and so it is a question of the honor system. >> and so much, here is the power, but we know that you will use it right. >> and that is why the check on this is clear, as you said the voters, and they will be the check on it, and the republican senate has made it clear they don't intend to act as presidential power and the president believes there is no
1:20 pm
check on his powers, and if you are at home and not comfortable with that, that is what you do on the 2020, but that is the last check left. >> and sara, also looking at the conduct of the prosecutors despite what president had to say. >> the stone case was prosecuted while i was a attorney general, and i supported it. it was established and he was convicted of obstructing congress and witness tampering and that is a righteous prosecution. and i was happy that he was convicted. >> again, that seems to be something that sounds like president trump would not like it. >> it does, but he also went on the say that he is not a fan of roger stone, and the things that he may believe and have to say, because we have seen the uneasiness at the justice department, and this is cold comfort for any of the prosecutors who worked hard to get the convictions over the finish line of roger stone and
1:21 pm
have subsequently removed themselves from the case. and now, today, disgraced lawyer michael avenatti found guilty of three charges of extorting millions from nike. he rose to fame by representing stormy daniels in the case against president trump and at one point toyed with running for president himself, and he has more legal troubles ahead, and one for ripping off daniels' book advance and he is facing more than 40 years in prison. michael bloomberg is facing new attacks for controversial contacts. that is ahead. ever since we moved here, i've been noticing it.
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i'm david culver in beijing, china, and this is cnn. the 2020 lead sanders' campaign nina turner are throwing a haymaker at mike bloomberg in durham, north carolina this afternoon. >> we are not going to be doing yes, we can and then have all of the democrats with obama images on the commercials. hello, somebody. and meanwhile back at the ranch they support stop and frisk. hello, somebody. >> that somebody is michael bloomberg. and so this is issues that is
1:27 pm
important to many minorities as kyung lah reports. >> reporter: as mike bloomberg rises in the national polls, his cast is drawing fresh scrutiny. the former new york city mayor apologized again thursday for the controversial stop and frisk policy used by the nypd in his time as major. >> i can learn from my mistakes. >> reporter: this allowed the police to stop and search anyone for weapons and targeting people of color, and a policy that bloomberg supported in recent comments from 2015. >> if that is true, well, that is where all of the crime is, and the way to get the guns out of the kids' hands is to throw them up against the wall and defrd frisk them. >> i defended it too long, because i did not understand the pain it caused the black and brown families and kids.
1:28 pm
>> reporter: but some candidates say it is not enough. >> when people learn of the stop and frisk record of new york city, it is going to change some minds. >> reporter: the older bloomberg comments roaring back. in 2008, he appeared to defend red lining which is a housing practice to discriminate for home loans. >> it started when there was pressure to make loans on anybody. >> reporter: and he suggested that ending the red lines led to the financial crisis. >> then congress got involve and local officials as well, and said that is not fair, and these people should get credit and once you started to push in that direction the banks started to make more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house was not as good as you would like. >> reporter: his campaign put out a statement after the comments came to light saying that mike saying that something bad, a financial crisis followed
1:29 pm
something good which is the fight against the red lining with i he was part of as mayor. his democratic rivals pounced. >> that crisis would not have been averted if the banks had been able to be bigger racists. and anyone who thinks that should not be the leader of our party party. >> reporter: now, amy klobuchar is among the candidates who says that she wants to debate mike bloomberg. she says that she can't beat him in the national ad wars, but the debate stage is an even playing field, but mike bloomberg does need to meet the threshold for one more poll before qualifying for the next debate here in nevada. jake? >> all right. kyung lah in nevada, the site of the next caucus a week from saturday. let's discuss this. so we will start with you, bloomberg was the new york mayor from 2000-2013 the height of
1:30 pm
stop and frisk, and now people are talking about jamal bowman who is running for congress and he said one day driving to school i was pulled over, and taken out of the car and thrown up to the car and frisked with no explanation. bloomberg does not understand the pain that he caused the community. and now, bloomberg is saying that that he did not understand the pain he was causing. the big challenge here is making anybody understand how could he not understand the pain he was causing, because it was headlines in new york city the whole time. >> and his challenge is to not let this overcome the entire campaign, and he is trying to introduce himself on the national level with hundreds of million s of dollars of ads and now that these issues are coming up, it is why he pursued this policy and why he defended it for so long. he was defending it as late as 2008 when the courts threw it
1:31 pm
out as unconstitutional, and only when he ran for president that he apologized and this is coming up short for people who are directly impacted be i this policy. so he is going to have to do more than apologize and make sure it does not overcome the entire campaign. >> the big winner of him in the debate is elizabeth warren, and a more perfect foil for what she has built her candidacy on? i mean, not only what he said about the banks blaming anyone but the banks for the 2008 financial crisis. daily beast reported that he said that during an interview with the im, if thfimf, that ta rich was the problem with income inequality and that is not where the base of the democratic party is certainly. >> not where the american people are. >> not where the american people are, and so how if he ends up on the debate stage or the campaign trail, he has to start asking the questions and can't awash in
1:32 pm
ads and walk to the white house. >> and this is what is called mike for black america and complete on the section with buttons and apparel. what do you think? i have heard people compare it to blacks for trump. >> he is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the presidential campaign and why not spend some money compensating the people who were illegally unconstitutionality ally stopped on his watch. he defended it. 2015 we heard the racist remarks in 2015 and to be fair, he is 73 then, and 78 now, and maybe some growth or evolution. but he was defending it a year ago in 2019 when he went to the naval academy and said in a speech na it helped to reduce crimes and he only started to apologize when he ran for president, surprise, surprise. and he has so much to apologize, not only the comments about women, and saying that the women walked past the construction sites because they want to be whistled at, and if they want to
1:33 pm
be respected for the brains, they would go to the library and not the bloomingdales. so there is already a white missoj nis bimi misogynist billionaire in the white house, and why vote for another one. >> he was an independent and then incumbent democratic mayor, and so he has not had to face their votes before. >> yes, the democratic party is going to have to go on a date with the instagram they have only seen, and the angles are great and all edited, but then he has to sit down with them, and the answer to the stop and frisk does not instill confidence, because it is five years ago is not a good answer there. is not a ton of charisma, and so he also does not have obviously challenges with the black voters, but he has a relationship that goes back to gun control with the suburban moms, and that is going to matter, and it is an article
1:34 pm
that he can make. >> and they won't like it with the comments. >> and then he has been able to make contributions to mayors and politicians. >> who then endorse him. hypocrisy. >> i hear that you are saying entirely on tv and instagram, but it has been fairly effective so far, and he has risen in the polls. >> yes, and he is having the strategy to bypass the first four states and focusing on super tuesday to build a diverse electorate, and if the polls continue, it is showing that spending money on tv is not going to be in places where others spend money, and he has the game to himself, that could put him in the mix as he is trying to win the nomination. >> everyone stay where you are. and while others are attacking him, joe biden is talking about the next races, and his new promises next.
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can attack anywhere. get fast relief here with primatene mist. available over the counter for mild ashtma. primatene mist. breathe easy again. talk about great expectations. former vice president joe biden telling the supporters that not only confident he is going to win the south carolina primary, but finish first or second in the nevada caucus and after those races he said, quote, i will win pennsylvania i promise, and i will promise you that i will win the midwest states as well. as right now, they have me winning in georgia, texas and florida and north carolina, and let's discuss, because that is a very confident statement from the guy who finished fourth in iowa and fifth in new hampshire. >> the former vice president of the united states and frontrunner for most of the year, and michael bloomberg is leading in florida, and bernie is webeating him in texas and
1:40 pm
nevada according to polls out today. biden is in the freefall right now. and several of us warned of this, and we said, there is only way for him which is down when he is nominated. he has run for president three times and yet to win a primary. >> although, we should point out, jackie, that he is still leading in south carolina in polls, and still enjoying the plurality of voters constituting 60% of the voters in south carolina. >> and it is dwindling, and people like tom steyer, and bernie sanders who has been doing a lot of work in south carolina with the african-american community siphon away the voters. it is the firewall, and that is what he is saying with the school of thought in the campaign, but you can only say that you will win so many times, and to your point, you lose. when people start to, and you can project the confidence all
1:41 pm
you want, but the results matter in the case. when the voters want to pick the winner and they want the beat donald trump which is what all of the democratic voters tell you right now, he is going to continue the lose some support if he doesn't start winning. >> what do you think? >> well, nevada is stuck in between the primaries and if he could look at south carolina and say, look at me and get people excited about him and a possibility he could do that, but there is another contest there in the middle. so you don't have to win, but you have to show. and so that support of south carolina would have the fall off if it hasn't to some extent. >> and bernie sanders is talking about how unrealistic his plans are. and a new article in axios highlights the struggles of bernie sanders. the health care for all and education for all is likely to hit a snag in the senate, but
1:42 pm
could probably get them through the house. and alexandria ocasio cortez is a big sanders' supporter and says that he may have to sacrifice medicare for all. >> i don't know if that is the best strategy for biden. many people said that president would build a wall and have mexico to pay for it, and most people knew he would not deliver that. and so to say that you won't get through the pill bufilibuster, votes for x-y-z, and biden is not currently doing it though he has support in african-american community, and bernie is doing wit a segment of the population and the rest of the vote is split among the moderates who are trying to find how to connect with the voters in a revolutionary connection like bernie has and he has been able to raise money and get big crowds. and i am not sure that biden will say that he can't get the
1:43 pm
policies through because of the filibusters. >> klobuchar and tom steyer and pete buttigieg campaigning today, and they were asked if they could name the president of mexico. >> do you know the name? >> i forgot. >> do you know the name? >> no. >> do you know the name? >> president lopez obrador. >> so buttigieg got it correct, and what do you think? does it matter? >> i don't think that it matters honestly. perhaps in nevada, but i think that a lot of the democratic voters are making the determination on things like health care rather than who can name the president of mexico. >> it should matter, but it does not, and the president thinks of nepal and bhutan and -- >> oh. if you are excited make sure that you tune in for the cnn
1:44 pm
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter.
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bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. in our health lead now, the novo coronavirus is speaking in china and new deaths and new cases. this is coming as a concern of a missing citizen journalist doing the critical reporting of the epicenter of the outbreak continues the grow. friends and family believe that he is being silenced for criticizing the chinese response to the outbreak and the fact that medical centers were overwhelmed with patients and with us is rebecca katz, and thank you for joining us. the cdc offered to help the
1:49 pm
chinese with the coronavirus, and now that was six weeks ago, and they say that the chinese has yet to accept the offer, and so does the world know everything that the chinese government knows about the outbreak? >> probably not. it is hard to know what we don't know. but we, it, a lot of the information was slow to come out. there is new information being released everyday. i think that the world health organization is scheduled to arrive in china this weekend with a team that will be working alongside a team from beijing. and at that point, hopefully, we will be able to ground truth some of the information coming out of the regime, and to get hopefully more answers. >> what do you want to know that we don't know? the number of cases? how quickly the virus travels? >> well, we have a decent sense of the number of laboratory
1:50 pm
confirmed cases. and there is still so much that we don't know about this virus. we don't have good information about the asymptomatic transmission, and so people who are not showing the signs, and the good information about the mortality rate, and we don't know, because we don't know what the common denominator is and how many people have become ill. >> is this normal for the chinese, the government the share this information and there was an epidemic there, with the sars outbreak and you are saying they are handling it more than how they handled that? >> a lot has changed since sars outbreak where the chinese were criticized for not sharing information about the outbreak and in that time, they have revamped the infrastructure and the way of thinking, but it is
1:51 pm
still against the law for an official to share disease information outside of the official channels. >> this is a basic question that you get everywhere you go outside of work, and how worried should americans get? the coronavirus now in the united states and no fatalities in the u.s., but confirmed cases. how scared should we be? >> i would not be scared, but i would be concerned. remember in six weeks we have seen the rise go from handful to over 60,000. so it is quite possible that we are going to see many more cases in the united states, and it is also quite possible that it is going to become embedded in the communities, and we really have no idea yet. so it is something that americans should be aware of and keep a watchful eye out for, but it is not something to panic about. >> wash your hands a lot though?
1:52 pm
>> wash your hands a lot. >> thank you, rebecca katz. and forget mexico, it appears we will be paying for the wall. i will show you next. (whistling) (whistling) it's timcan it helpltimate sleep nukeep me asleep?he sleep number 360 smart bed. absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday. about medicare and 65, ysupplemental insurance.
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build that wall. build that wall. >> we are building that wall. >> we will build the wall. >> we are going to build a great border wall. we will build the wall. mexico is going to pay for the
1:57 pm
wall. >> we will build the wall, and you know who is going to pay for the wall? mexico. >> it is true, trump is starting to get his wall, but mexico is decidedly not paying for it, you are. the trump administration diverting close to $4 billion from the pentagon funds and taxpayer money that congress specifically appropriated for fighter jets and shifts and national guard equipment, but instead, the president is taking et and he is going to use it to fund the wall. and as barbara starr is reporting the move is not setting well with lawmakers and including some republicans say the diversion of funds is controversial. sgrr the president is showing off the progress of the border wall. >> right now, 122 miles of wall that has been built. >> reporter: the latest plan to play for it is to divert $4
1:58 pm
billion of pentagon funding. the new funding proposal is facing a buzz saw of the congressional opposition. the ranking republican on the armed service committees say that the funding shift is unconstitutional. >> the constitution says that it is congress' role to raise and maintain and provide for the armies and navies and other military force, but what happened here is that they did not get the congress' approval, but moved the money around. >> reporter: and even lawmakers say that the border security is important. >> so are providing what the troops need to fight and win america's wars. >> reporter: the money is coming out of critical programs such as the advanced f-35 fighter jet, and the armed reaper drone program, and both considered vital to war fighting. >> this is national security, and national security is the mission, and the action that we took is legal under the law.
1:59 pm
>> reporter: some of the defense dollars are put into the dod's drug interdiction fund to help justify building the wall for drug security, but one official says not so fast. >> the wall is a stationary object to easy to defeat, and the traffickers will use boats, aircraft and anything, and so a wall is ineffective to stopping illegal drugs coming into the united states. >> reporter: now much of the president's wall that he talking about, of course, is upgrades and improvements on the existing barriers, but with the total effort having a price tag of about $11 billion, the worry now is that he sees the pentagon as the cash register to pay for it. jake? >> thank you, barbara starr. you can tune in sunday morning for "state of the union" and we will have presidential democratic candidates pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar, and
2:00 pm
also james clyburn. it is at 9:00 a.m. sunday and also at noon. so our coverage will continue right here on cnn. happy valentine's day. -- captions by vitac -- wolf blitzer is on assignment. i'm brianna keeler in the "situation room," and tonight, there are new questions about the political motives inside of the justice department with the revelation that attorney general william barr ordered a rare review of the case against michael flynn. he is the former national security adviser who pleaded guilty of lying to the fbi, and the second trump loyalist to see the trump intervention in a case that is closely watched by the president. also, tonight, the justice officials say they dropped the criminal investigation of the fbi director


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