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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 29, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim acosta. we're following breaking news. sources telling cnn authorities have identified a man who killed two people in a terror attack before being killed by police and previously jailed for terror offenses. we learned three young people have been stabbed in a busy shopping area of the hague. another historic week in the
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impeachment inquiry of president trump. the house set a next deadline for next friday for the president's attorneys to decide if he will take place in the hearing. telling cnn, don't expect the president to take part in that one. more on that in a moment. first to cnn's international security editor, nick walsh. new information coming out tonight about this terror attack. what can you tell us? >> absolutely, jim. what sources within the british government are telling me, this man responsible for the horrifying scenes in central london was in fact jailed on terror offenses and recently licensed in the united kingdom, parole with tough conditions. that will be sparking a large amount of soul sourcing in british and only came to be
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released by the british and recently reporting the fact possibly they need to be tougher on crime and johnson in the midst of a reelection campaign and the man who wrecked havoc in central london, stabbing three people and taking the lives of two. here's how the day unfolded. terror returns to london bridge, from multiple angles, a group of people appear and a man on the ground. members of the public pulled back. police dragged one man away, and then two shots are heard. >> i am deeply saddened and angered that our city of london has again been sergeant by terrorism. it is with the heaviest of hearts i have to inform you that as well as the suspect shot dead
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by police, two of those injured in this attack in the london bridge area have tragically lost their lives. >> reporter: the knife is seen pulled from the scuffle, yet many ordinary londoners threw themselves on the assailant. >> i want to extend extraordinary bravery to the members of the public who physically intervened to protect the lives of the public. to me, they represent the very best of our country and i thank them. >> i was in the boston attacks in 2013. it was the same thing, a flood of people running and nobody knowing what was happening and fear, like a huge amount of fear on their faces. you could feel it as well in the energy of everyone stressing out. >> reporter: he identity and motive of the suspect remains unclear.
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a similar horror beful london bridge june of 2013 when attackers drove onto the london bridge and holding an explosive vest. police killed the ac tears within minutes and still eight died. after that, the roadside barriers showed some visible today. it would have been bustling at that time with the workers in the city and the extraordinary police response and reaction and a response of how horrid such attacks are in london. you can see across the river behind me there, the lights and status, the front of fishmonger's hole just before it began in the afternoon and the tent that seems to be the focus where they are continuing their investigations. to recap, two dead and three
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injured in a stabbing here shot by a policeman believing the vest he was wearing was a genuine explosive device and couldn't take chances with theirselves and those around them. this was a man previously jailed on terror offenses and released on license, a form of tough parole here. many questions will be asked how tougher actions were not taken to prevent today's awful events from even occurring. >> a lot of discussion about that in days to come. thank you. more on the breaking news and impeachment inquiry, senior correspondent, alex with us. the white house has a week to decide if it will participate in these proceedings but we're not getting an answer on that. >> the president in essence has two deadlines to respond to and the clock is very much ticking. he has been asked by jerry nadler, whether he and white
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house lawyers would like to participate in the first impeachment hearing, next wednesday, and whether they would like to participate in this proceedings in general. if they decline they will lose a number of privileges. if they do participate it could be seen as legitimizing what they call a sham process. >> house chairman jerry nadler telling president trump in a letter he has now until next friday to determine whether or not he will participate in the next round of impeachment proceedings, in addition to a sunday deadline whether they will participate in the first impeachment hearing set for wednesday the 6th. saying nadler's offer is being reviewed and the president has done nothing wrong and democrats know it. >> when you complain and complain and have an opportunity to put your story to the american public and don't want to do it or be subject to cross-examination yourself it shows you don't have a very good
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story or defense. >> reporter: this week, the house intelligence committee is expected to submit to the judiciary committee its report of findings of eight week long investigation which included historic witness testimony with current and former officials with roles related to the ukraine scandal. >> i think there's a mountain of evidence come to light through the private testimony and public and depositions i had a chance to listen to. >> reporter: helping to write the articles of impeachment, the allegation that president trump offered to trade white house and military aid in exchange for dirt on the bidens. democrats are also considering additional articles including obstruction of justice based on the mueller probe, all as republicans continue to bash the process and stand by the president. >> this will be the first partisan impeachment in the history of our country. i think chairman schiff and
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speaker pelosi knew from the very beginning how they would vote and what they would try to prove. >> in the midst of this, how to improve tattered relations with the white house. announcing ukraine could announce new investigations, what kind is unclear. ukraine got the security money in the end but still reliant on the u.s. for political and military support fighting the russians. >> sounds like they're still feeling the pressure. thank you very much. >> more with today's developments. congressman, let me ask you first about london, sources said the suspect in the deadly stabbing was released from jail for previous terror offenses. what does that say about the authority's ability to contain this threat and possibility somebody was released and did
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something like this and caused this kind of panic in london today. >> i can't comment on the british parole system. i'm not an expert in that area. we should say we're here to stand by our british cousins while they deal with this horrible attack. at the same time, we have to understand the nature of terrorism now. we will see more and more of these lone wolf attacks and london has seen more than their share of others and we have to ramp up these and stop these actions before they get going. >> we're getting new information welated to the impeachment inquiry. the ukrainians are considering an open investigation that would benefit president trump. what is your reaction to that?
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>> there has been bipartisan support against russia and in support of ukraine. i actually pushed on the obama administration to release lethal aid with anti-tank weapons called javelins against the wishes of that administration. i think it would be a big mistake on their part not to continue seeking bipartisan support and by then getting involved in this sham investigation i think would probably hurt their position at least in the standing of many americans. >> what will that say to you if the administration decides not to send anybody up there, no lawyers and the president doesn't appear and so on? >> i think the president is in a bad situation. he basically admitted to the crimes and was overheard about the actual attempt at bribery. i wouldn't be surprised if at
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the end of the day the president doesn't show up. the only option is to obstruct us because they know a crime occurred and will self-incriminate himself. it's hard to deny a crime when you actually committed a crime. >> based on what you've seen right now, you would vote to impeach the president? >> everything i have seen so far, specifically when the president said in his transcript he was asking a favor from the ukrainians to open up an investigation, at that point, that's all i needed. i'm glad we went through this process and showed a grander conspiracy than we all thought or knew. this president tried to extort using taxpayer funds. that's illegal. you can't indict the president
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of the united states, however we have impeachment and that's what we're taking. >> what will it say though if democrats move forward on impeachment without having persuaded any of your republican colleagues? >> look at it this way, what does it say about republicans if given all the evidence they will not impeach a president who sold out his country for personal favor. it's a sad statement of what happened to the republican party after we show evidence upon evidence that this president is corrupt and willing to bribe another country and still not willing to do their constitutional duty protecting the united states and integrity of the office of the presidency. >> do you think the speaker will want to move forward. >> they will regret it. >> do you think the speaker will want to move forward if they know no republicans will be on board? >> absolutely. the constitution of the united states does not say anything about impeachment if you only do
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it in a bipartisan matter. our founding father realized there would be a cowardly party that would not protect the constitution of the united states. the republicans, if they want to look back later and see what their responsibility was, my responsibility is to protect the united states. >> you're a war veteran. do you give the president some credit for visiting the troops in afghanistan for thanksgiving? >> absolutely. i'm glad. i wish he had done it earlier. it's great for our elected official to visit them in the field and learn what's happening. i wish the president would do it more often and actually talk to members of the armed services committee -- i'm sorry, talk to more members of the armed services or armed services committee also largely because i want him to learn more, that we're not just a photo opportunity and learn how not to interfere in inappropriate matters. the fact he just pardoned three
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soldiers who just went through the military core of justice, he interfered for political reasons and i think it was against good order of standing in the military. >> thank you for coming in on this day after thanksgiving. happy holidays. appreciate you coming by. >> thanks. next, new details of the london terror attack, the suspect previously jailed on terror charges. wolf blirts tzer
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we're following multiple breaking stories, including a terror attack in london and two people killed by a knife wielding suspect. we're told this suspect was previously jailed for terror offenses. this will start a huge conversation in the uk about this. what can you tell us at this point? >> a lot of unanswered questions. someone previously known to law enforcement in the uk. they have a file on him. the question is, is this someone
3:20 pm
who fell through the cracks and how closely were they monitoring this person to make sure he wasn't a threat to the public. as wee speak, officials in britain are searching the residence believed to be associated to this person and get as much information as they can. we focus on the immediate incident and behind the scenes and told others are sharing information trying to determine whether this was someone either inspired or directed by a terrorist group, a conspiracy or this person acted alone. we're told u.s. law enforcement paying close attention to developments. i spoke to a number of police officials who tell us they're monitoring the situation and allocating resources to guard against any potential copycat attacks. >> our terrorism analyst, what does this say about the threat
3:21 pm
that london is facing, cities like london are facing, when somebody could be released after a similar incident or these related charges in the past and carry out this sort of attack? >> more and more people will be released as they complete their sentences for terrorism related offenses. that's a very big worry for security agencies in the months ahead. there's a possibility there's a jihadi motivation here. we've seen people use the hoax suicide vests in a number of isis inspired attacks in recent years and saw that in london bridge a few years ago, in kata lonena a few years ago, they want to be shot to be martyrs in order to go to paradise. was this a play here?
3:22 pm
we don't quite know what the motivation was. the big picture is the threat has gone down because of the territorial destruction of isis and caliphate. the threat has gone down in the united states and because many are on the run. there still is significant residual threat. >> certainly. >> the people who never traveled or traveled to these conflict zones and security services have to watch out in months ahead. >> our law enforcement analyst, josh was saying they were looking at this adecrease that may be connected to this suspect, what are they looking for inside this apartment or residence? hard drive or social media activity involved with? what can you tell us? >> sure. what happens now is a global
3:23 pm
joint terrorist force is activated, around the globe and here in the united states. there are search warrants being executed. we know of one right now. law enforcement, now that they know the identity of this person, they are looking at friends, family, known associates and any possible connection to others who maybe share this similar ideology. here in the united states and intelligence law enforcement officials are in the office working on this 24/7, trying to find possible links and executing a search warrant is where you find hard evidence to connect them to other individuals or give law enforcement intelligence officials a better understanding what these motives are. >> susan, with the capture of
3:24 pm
baghdadi, the isis leader, this was the concern of that killing, potentially, this would inspire places like europe where you have fighting in the middle east and so on. what do you make of that? >> that was one thing global law enforcement and security officials were immediately concerned about following the deaths of baghdadi, retaliation, it may be difficult to connect it. we have to see what ultimate evidence developed. that said, we have seen this pattern play out again and again the strategy of leadership decapitation, you are able to disrupt maybe specific spots but this ideology, which is quite nebulous does persist, and it can be very very difficult to pin down specific threats. >> particularly in the holiday season, something we have to be watching out for. thank you very much, all of you. more breaking news coming up. a new deadline for the white house to decide if it will take
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following breaking news, new details of the london terror attack in which a knife wielding man killed two people before he was stopped and shot by police. british authorities have identified that man and he was
3:30 pm
arrested for a terror attack. video shows the man being wrestled to the ground by the public on the northern end of the bridge before the police arrived and shot him. and there is a friday deadline for president trump's lawyers to decide if he will participate in the impeachment process. being told a little while ago you don't expect him to be participating in the process, and they are making hey out of the fact he will be overseas, conducting foreign policy while this is going on in washington. >> they have an interesting offer on the table where if he accepts the offer of cooperation, house democrats would get certain things out of that, a carrot and stick in house rules over this. as your source suggests, i think it is unlikely the white house will cooperate in any way
3:31 pm
because i think they have politically decided it's better for them to stonewall, not cooperate, and they can use this talking point the investigation is somehow ill legitimate. at the same time, trump should be enticed by the idea he could have people defending him and actual witnesses to say some things in his favor. maybe he will change his mind. maybe there will be a bit of cooperation. certainly if and when this goes to the senate and there is an actual trial -- >> the most reality tv moment of his presidency. >> absolutely. he will want to cast the lawyers who will defend him, a different situation. >> where the president is, down in florida, we believe he's in florida, correct? >> as far as we know. >> tell us about this new reporting about ukrainians might be feeling additional pressure once again to find some dirt beneficial to the president.
3:32 pm
>> reporter: that's right, jim. tonight, two sources are telling cnn ukrainian officials are still exploring ways to improve their country's relationship with the united states and particularly to be more favorable in trump's eyes. one of the ways they're looking at that potential for opening new investigations to satisfy president trump's political motives as it relates to ukraine. the heart of this impeachment inquiry is the president's and aids' pressure on ukraine to carry out politically motivated investigations and 2016 inquiry into the bidens and that is something perhaps on the table for ukrainians looking to boost their relationship. it shows even though the $400 million in security aid has been released to ukraine, they feel a lot of pressure to satisfy and places the president on this front. remember when the president released that july 23rd call and
3:33 pm
asked what he wanted ukranians to do he made clear he wanted them to carry out the investigation into the bidens. this points to the fact when the president says, look, vzelensky says no pressure, you have to wonder how much it motivates he wants a good relationship with president trump. >> there was pressure to say there was no pressure. sarah murray, is there any chance they would come out and say these are legit. you talk about pressure, such a power imbalance. ukranians need the president. we work with our allies with investigation into intelligence
3:34 pm
sharing in a legitimate way all the time. but it is not the president saying, call up my personal attorney, rudy guilliani and investigate my political opponent. that is not how legitimate information countries share information on would actually work. >> what do we make what will happen over the next few weeks when the injury committee gets going? we thought we saw everything on the intelligence committee and they're doing their work in the house, are we seeing the same thing all over again? >> i think it will start with them laying out constitutionally with experts what is impeachment and, susan, what we were talking about in the green room, what do you think? >> clearly, the judiciary will take up the baton from here. a lot of people want to point to specific rules, this is what will happen next. the house can do pretty much whatever it wants next. we will see adam schiff handing over the report to the house
3:35 pm
judiciary committee and they will lay down some predicate, what is this impeachable offense, what are we talking about? and they will focus only on ukraine and trump-zelensky relationship and mueller report and on strukced of justice. >> do you think the judiciary committee needs to present new information? >> i don't know they need to present new information. >> i'm not asking a pizazz, question, don't get me wrong but do they need new information? >> i think the information is well beyond the burden that is damaging for the president whether politically it is an impeachable offense. what house democrats need to do now is make that case to the public, not with new flashy bombshells there is a new smoking gun, instead, laying
3:36 pm
out, here is what we found and what the white house itself admitted to and why it is so deeply corrosive to the united states of america and why we have no choice but to move ahead with impeachment. >> and convincing people think it was bad but not impeachable, to make that leap. >> a lot of people think it was wrong but not impeachable. right? that's the gap. >> we will be watching all of that. thank you very much. just ahead what impeachment hearings revealed so far about the ukranian timeline. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya®. uncover clearer skin that can last. janssen can help you explore cost support options.
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we're following breaking news, the house judiciary committee setting a deadline of next friday whether his attorneys will take part in the impeachment hearings following democratic revelations in the hearings about the ukraine timeline. tom foreman shares what we learned. tom. >> reporter: more than anything else, the testimony filled in holes in the timeline of the past few months, what's going on and why that might be cause for impeachment. spring 2019, as zelensky is
3:42 pm
winning the presidency of ukraine, a widely respected ambassador to that country is losing her job, marie yovanovitch, according to testimony was called home following a months long smear campaign suggesting she was disloyal to president trump. behind it, trump's personal attorney, rudy guilliani. >> i do not understand mr. guiliani's motive for attacking me. >> reporter: now, testimony tells us yovanovitch was simply in the way because she wouldn't buy into a disproven conspiracy theory, guiliani was pushing. >> sooner or later this has to be investigated. >> reporter: guiliani debunked allegations of ukraine tied to the democratic party and the u.s. election. joe biden, a potential rival to trump and the presidency and biden's son. guiliani insisted it had nothing to do with trump's reelection
3:43 pm
plans and there's nothing illegal about it. soon, trump was saying if a foreign country offered dirt on a political foe. >> i think i'd want to hear it. >> you want that kind of interference. >> not interference. they have information. i think i'd take it. if i thought there was something wrong i'd go maybe to the fbi. >> reporter: a murky unofficial channel appears to be opening between the white house and ukraine. as the european ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland grows more involved in it those on the official side grow alarmed including trump's national security director for europe and russia, fiona hill. >> because he was being involved in a domestic political errand and we were involved in national security policy and those two things just diverged. >> reporter: ukraine saying there's nothing to the allegations of meddling in the u.s. election and claims against
3:44 pm
biden. they initially appeared reluctant to dive into american politics. then, the white house unexpectedly suspends nearly $400 million in military aid to ukraine. a visit to the white house the new president wants is on hold, too. trump gets on the phone with zelensky and drives the message home. i would like you to do us a favor. he personally asks for an investigation and mentions biden by name. the next day, the ukranians commit and sondland responds. >> saying the ukraineians love your ass, do you remember saying that? >> yes. sounds like something i would say. >> sondland said it was really about pushing for a public announcement biden was under suspicion. >> who would benefit from an investigation in the bidens?
3:45 pm
i assume president trump. >> there we have it, see! >> an anonymous whistleblower made a complaint about the decorated officer, from aide to vice president pence it. >> appears to be a political matter. >> news of the political aide erupts, congress starts buzzing, did president trump encourage a foreign country to investigate a political rival and then president trump releases the call and goes on defense. >> you look at that call, it was perfect. >> even as his acting chief of staff says this. >> i have news for everybody, we do this -- >> he insists there was never any kind of deal. >> there was no quid pro quo. >> there was no quid pro quo at all.
3:46 pm
>> i want no quid pro quo. >> but his own ambassador, sondland, under oath, says otherwise. >> was there a quid pro quo? >> as i testified previously, with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is, yes. >> the president, and many republicans say, this is all a hoax, too, a maid-up story to push a duly elected president out of office. one after another those in a position to know said otherwise. it wasn't all based on the whistleblower and wasn't all hearsay and they insist there very much was an improper use of presidential pow tore promote donald trump's political ambitions. jim. >> thank you. a disturbing video of a violent arrest now under investigation. we will show you what happened. . it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck.
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some controversial video out of chicago where a police officer was caught on camera slamming a man to the ground during an arrest. ryan young has the latest. this is very disturbing video. what can you tell us. absolutely. cell phones have changed the game when it comes to citizens watching the police department. in this video that lasts less than a minute you can see an he can change between an officer and a man. in fact we are going to let you
3:52 pm
see this for yourself. when you watch it it is going to be disturbing to see. >> what the [ bleep ]? oh. look what the [ bleep ] did this to this boy. oh. oh. what [ bleep ] this boy, bro, grabbed his head on the [ bleep ] floor. >> he picking his phone up. put the man's phone down. >> for real. >> slammed [ bleep ] this boy on the [ bleep ] floor. he hit his head on the concrete, bro. >> jim, just to let you know, that man is okay. now we are told he has been released from the hospital. from what we have been told, apparently police were doing routine checkups, saw a man drinking in public. they approached the man and according to the officer, the man as he was being arrested not
3:53 pm
only spit in his face but tried to lick his face. that's when he performed that emergency takedown. you can see he looks lifeless after the takedown. the officer was also taken to the hospital. we are told he has been released as well. now, there are a lot of questions about this, something you should know, every officer in the chicago police department usually does wear a body camera. there may be a video of this incident before we get to the point where these people start recording. you might hear the exchange because there are mics on the body cameras and you can see what happened before. the mayor for her part said they will investigate this as quickly as possible. >> the bode camera video is going to be very important in all of that. thanks very much. keep us posted on all of that. just ahead, rain, snow, even blizzard conditions in store for millions of americans this weekend. we have a new forecast next.
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wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa a major storm is moving across the u.s. this weekend and could impact travel for millions of people. cnn meteorologist ivan cabrera has the latest. rain, wind, snow, even blizzard conditions. >> everything is on the plate. this is live in arizona where it wasn't as snowy just a few days ago. 258 right now, windchill is at
3:59 pm
9. the ski lift is closed. they are done for the day. they will continue tomorrow. it has snowing in arizona, colorado, new mexico. nobody complaining there. the problem is the storm is going to lift to the north and east. good night tonight, tomorrow they transition to the north and further east. look at the wind warnings. 50, 60-mile-an-hour winds. you combine that with snow, now we are looking at blizzard warnings for the dakotas and into portions of minnesota as well. then the storm shifts to the east. this is for monday. sunday into monday. i think it is going to be a mess. let's track it for you. watch the clock here as the rain and even severe storms, saturday, tomorrow, the snow building across the north. watch what happens. this is going to change i must say with the models the last few days. now insisting we are going to get a bigtime snow event across the northeast. north and west the -- 12 to 18 inches potential. that could include boston proper
4:00 pm
as well. and further northwest. getting word as well, if you are flying, american airlines is issuing for sunday into monday. >> thank you so much for watching. erin burnett's "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news f white house facing a new impeachment deadline tonight. will trump take democrats up on their own offer to participate in his own hearing? also breaking tonight, police say the suspect in the deadly london brj attack had been jailed for terror offenses. why was he released? is senator kamala harris's presidential bid falling apart? a devastating "new york times" story reveals the chaos inside of her campaign. let's go "outfront." good evening i'm poppy harlow


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