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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 6, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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democrats point to all of the successes. huge advances there efficiencies and how do you do that? that is the question. >> thank you so much. follow me on facebook and twitter. our coverage on cnn continues right now. happening now breaking news expanding investigation hours after president trump in the state of the union speech. the new chairman of the house intelligence committee announces a broad investigation of the president's finances, russia and more. is it a sign it is eminent? virginia in turmoil, the
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democratic party is imploeding as they join the governor in admitting he once wore black face. the woman accusing the lieutenant governor is speaking up giving disturbing new details. and heating up the cold war. russia test fires a ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple nuclear war heads into the heart of the united states. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. new house intelligence after he announced his panel will conduct a sweeping investigation into the president's finances russia and whether the two may be connected and driving mr. trump's decision making.
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the president responded by calling schiff a political hack trying to make a name for himself. >> details the new president is facing tonight. we are up on capitol hill. is the committee a reprizing for all practical purposes the entire mueller investigation? >> this is a very ambitious investigation. not only looking into russian interference and 2016 campaign and collusion if any existed between trump campaign officials and the conspiracy that may have occurred. looking into financial
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interesting driving the president and looking whether any others are influencing decisions within the white house. schiff looking into a wide range of aspects as part of this investigation going forward. >> the american people have a right to know and need to know their president is acting on that you are behalf and not for other reasons. that pertains to any critical allegations of leverage by the russians or saudis or anyone else. it is to look into the clinton
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campaign as well as whether or not the clinton campaign colluded with the russians but house democrats rejected that. they didn't want to look into that and didn't want to look into whether there was any abuse in the surveillance process that occurred in 2016 to monitor actions of certain individuals republicans made that a big focus but democrats in the first actions here made very clear they were not going to do what republicans did. >> democrats won 40 house seats. elections have consequences. they are clearly in the majority right now. i want to bring in our senior justice correspondent. it clearly will go beyond russia. how problematic is this for the president? >> i think members his family, the democrats have been asking questions when they were in the minority trying to get
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information about whether the children of the president were trying to mix business at the same time they were trying to lead the transition or trying to stand up the new government after the president was elected in 2016. i think now you can see that now that they have the power to subpoena for these people, to get information they will tie these people up for the next two years, probably the rest of the trump presidency with exactly trying to figure out the answers to those questions. >> that's an important issue right there. the committee took its first action today voting to send more than 50 transcripts from the russian interviews to robert mueller. what transcripts will be turned over and what is mueller looking for right now? >> what schiff has been saying for several days and weeks heading over to mueller's team is any potential false
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statements that happened when witnesses came before as part of the russia investigation in the last congress there have been other suggestions some trump associations have been less than truthful with this committee and that mueller's team could decide whether or not to prosecute those individuals. back in december the same committee, the house intelligence committee did send to mueller roger stone's transcript of his closed door interview and of course he is being accused by the mueller team of not telling the truth to investigators. we'll see what mueller ultimately decides and how it impacts his investigation, whether it prolongs the investigation. democrats have said they have been pushing for this for some time. they have found resistance within republican ranks in the last congress. today it was approved by a vote on this committee to send the transcripts over to mueller. we'll see what he decides to do
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in the coming days and weeks. >> okay. michael cohen's long-time former lawyer, he was suppose to behind closed doors. it has been pushed back i'm told until the end of the month. why did that happen? >> you know, one of the big questions has been what can michael cohen say given the fact that the mueller investigation is still ongoing. there were not a lot of investigations. he seems to suggest that the mueller investigation is why this got pushed back. >> we look forward to his testimony on february 28th. he has been cooperative with us. we felt it was in the investigation's interest we postpone to that date.
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>>. >> he wants to address that they have questions for him on. if he can't address those that limits the ability, you know, what he can say. >> he is supposed to give his three year prison sentence. >> right, at the beginning of the month. thanks to you as well. president trump is bris ling at all of this. he is lashing out publicly. our chief white house correspondent is joining us with more on that reaction. sit a far cry from what we heard last night from the president. >> it certainly is. those calls announced he will be launching investigations into the president's ties to russia
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and his businesses as he so often does. he stooped to name calling. he says he doesn't want to see new investigations but he is beginning to learn what life is like with democrats in charge in the house. >> he has gone to combat. >> brand new probes into russian election meddling. >> under what basis would he do that? he is a political hack trying to build a name for himself. it is called presidential harassment. it really does hurt our country. >> investigations will look into whether russians have any compromising information on the president or family members that is being used as lever raj. >> we'll be conducting to make
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sure that the country is protected. >> it comes on the heels of the state of the union address they did not open new russia investigations. >> if there is going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation. it just doesn't work that way. >> it is a speech that was seen as bipartisan. >> simply put walls work and walls sav walls save lives. >> even with another government shutdown the president previewed a strategy for the 2020 campaign labeling democrats as socialists. >> tonight we renew our resolve that america will never be a socialist country. >> but the president is facing an uphill climb as a new cnn
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poll finds more than half of voters are not likely to support the bill for reelection driving much of that opposition women the president tried to woo in a speech to unexpected results. >> no one benefitted more than women who have failed 58% of the newly created jobs last year. >> you weren't suppose dodd that. thank you very much. >> we must reject the politics of revenge resistance and retribution and the boundless potential of cooper ragts, compromise and the common good. [ applause ] >> he received a bit of shame from pelosi. all throughout the speech female
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members of congress could be seen registering their disapproval again and again. >> we are considered far and away the hottest economy any where in the world, not even close. >> president will be going back to doing what he loves most about being president and when he heads to el paso the expression on the faces there should be a lot different. expect the president to accuse democrats of being socialists as one campaign adviser told me he wants to run no matter who his opponent is. >> let's get more on all of this. she is a member of the armed services committees. thanks for joining us. >> certainly. >> you heard the new chairman adam schiff outline five areas. he now wants to pursue that
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democrats have control of the house. what did you make of today's announcement? >> there are two things that president trump cares about. one is protecting himself and money. so the kind of financial ties that president trump and his organization and people around him have, saudi arabia to compromise how he views this and what we are going to do are legitimate inquiries. we want to know that the president is actually working on behalf of the u.s. americans rather than russia or saudi arabia. >> do you believe it has done a thor rejob? >> no. we haven't gone into his relationships with the financial aspects to the degree that schiff is going to do.
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i served with adam schiff. he is very thorough and very smart. he will get to the bottom of what he is investigating. >> the house intelligence committee voted to send transcripts of interviews. that is important because the special counsel could use it to indict witnesses that lied to congress. that's a crime. do you have any reason to believe witnesses spla lied to your committee, the senate judiciary committee as well? >> i wouldn't be surprised but on the other hand i'm glad that adam schiff and some of the others in the house are going to pursue these areas.
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it is much more likely that a house that is majority of d democrats will pursue that. >> the president the calling all of these investigations presidential harassment. during the state of the union he said if there's going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation. what is your response to the president? >> i suppose that's what he considers deal making where he threatens the congress. he says this is not how i work. no. this is not how congress yorks. you do not threaten with some that is doing its job. the president resorts to threats. it doesn't take him long go on the attack today. last night whatever words he had do not wipe away the two years
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we have had with the rips of children from their parents with 800,000 parents that have had no pay periods and the harm that caused all of the families, community and our country. it is not to mention the constant attacks on immigrants and attacks ton the affordable care act. we have had two yearsover h of . it truly ran to me. >> we are phone linine days awa. are you optimistic that congressional negotiators will be able to come to some sort of compromise agreement that will sats if i the president and sats if satisfy the majority? >> if he his words do not
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account for very much. if congress acts the way we are supposed to what i didn't hear was a commitment not to have another shutdown. he contemplates it. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. breaking news continues. we'll have more on the new house intelligence committee that president trump is now facing. plus virginia's top three elected officials are now embroiled by scandal as the attorney general admits he wore black face to a party in college. round and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation]
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>> the list keeps on growing. now the state's attorney general has mayor problems as do the governor and lieutenant governor. all three are democrats. the scandals are rocking one of the most influential states. update us on the very latest. >> to say that virginia was already spinning one an under statement. now things are almost out of control. we learned that mark herring to step down because of a racist photo has admitted when he was in college he too appear until
2:23 pm
black face as part of a costume party. he said quote it sounds ridiculous even know writing it. because of our ignorance and because we did not have an appreciation for perspectives of others we dressed up and put on wigs and brown makeup. i accept full responsibility for my conduct. we have not been able to ask him any questions. he has been hold up in his office all day. she go sboos detail to talk about an incident where she claims she was sexually assaulted. this is what he said in her statement. what began as consensual kissing
2:24 pm
quickly turned into sexual assault. as i cried and gagged mr. fairfax forced many we to perform oral sex on him. i cannot believe that mr. fairfax thought this forced sex jewel act was consensual. to be very clear i did not want to engage in oral sex with him and i never gave any form of consent after the assault. i suffer from humiliation and shame. this comes affairfax attempted to get ahead of this scandal issuing a statement before she ever told her side of the story. he has kbogone to a rant saying is attempting to bring him down in the last few minutes. we did receive a statement from the lieutenant governor in direct response to accusations. it says in part reading tyson's
2:25 pm
account is painful and i have never done anything like what she suggests. the question is can these three men stay in their current positions given these scandals? >> what a horrible series of developments. we'll get back to you. standby. we have our experts, our reporters, analysts, they are here as well. we have a lot to discuss on all of the breaking news. we'll be right back. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ got it.
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house intelligence committee announcing a broad new investigation of president trump's finances and whether russians or others have leverage over the president, his business, his family or his associates. let's get more with experts and gloria. how significant is this announcement today? >> i think it is very significant. if i were in the white house i would think it is extraordinarily significant. you have them saying they will open this broad investigation. by the way, they have to be very careful not to step on the southern district of new york if they are not doing it. it is say ago lot of same things but they have also shared all of their transcripts with the special counsel to see if there are differing stories.
2:31 pm
you are the acting attorney general matt whitaker coming up to the hill on friday. he will be questioned about his d conflicts of interest. it is the new world which the white house is living. i think it's significant for them. >> you know, listen to the president and the exchange with the reporter at the white house today getting reaction to the schiff announcement. >> would you say adam schiff? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> he is just a political hack that is trying to build a name for himself. that's what they do. there would be no reason to do
2:32 pm
that. no other politician has to do that. it is called presidential harassment. it is unfortunate. it really does hurt our country. >> it seems to have hit a nerve. >> it's not called presidential harassment. that's what donald trump is feeling. it is called oversight. let me say one thing to the president's credit here, do i think it is at play here? i think it is part of the equation here. no doubt. to say there's no basis would be to close your eyes and ears to everything you learned in public of trump business ties to russia while the investigation is happening. it is very broad. i understand why the president feels a little under the gun there. to say there's no basis -- >> but at one point everybody thought it was a red line if you
2:33 pm
go after the president's family business or his personal finances you're crossing a red line, something he would not accept. >> yeah. and he has no choice in this matter. you remember in the last congress there wasn't a lot of oversight. one of the things you talked about leading into november of 2018 they did want to check on this presidency. to this point this is the new reality. the president is nervous. folks in his circle should be nervous. it will be something that the president hasn't been exposed to so far. >> also today the house intelligence committee voted to send all of the official transcripts of people they interviewed in connection with the rush thsia probe. how significant is that? >> the insinuation is that some of those witnesses haven't been fully transparent. they are almost digging the mueller investigators a referral
2:34 pm
for perjury. it is also curious they are doing this knowing that mueller has a pretty good idea of what these witnesses have been saying. remember, he asked for roger stone's transcript. he asked for that right before stone was formally indicted. me knew exactly what stone had said even before he went ahead with the charges. it is interesting. stone is really the only one that mueller specifically asked for. it remains to be seen whether anyone is ton line for this. >> cohen's testimony before the house intelligence committee is supposed to be this coming friday. it is not postponed until this coming february 8th. it was in the interest of the investigation. what do you make of that? >> reading between the lines in that it leads me to believe mueller didn't want him to appear, there are things they are still talking about and
2:35 pm
perhaps they are not done with him. he is scheduled to go to jail on march 6th but if you'll recall mueller was very kind to michael cohen and i still think that perhaps he is still being helpful to him. >> and once again, it begins his three year prison sentence in new york state. he still potentially is very useful to mueller and entire russia probe. >> i think without a doubt. i think that's why we are seeing some of the delay here. if he was not of use, if he had nothing else to give, even if he is providing context to things, if he is helpful to them they want to make sure they get everything out of him possible. every bit of understanding he has before they let him go and testify to congress and before he had es eads to jail. >> i'm sure there might be leaks
2:36 pm
or whatever. he was supposed to appear publicly. at least for now that's not happened. >> and back and forth and the reasons why he pulled out. did he feel some sort of threat if the president who had in conversations fauked about his family? it certainly would be must see tv if he ever appears before cameras because remember, this was the president's fixer for years and years and years, a lot of questions about what he was fixing. >> what about the acting attorney general? he is supposed to testify i think this coming friday. >> yeah. there could be real fireworks at that hearing. there has been an assumption that wl-- they want to question him about that. the chairman has said tell me if you'll exert executive privilege. he has a subpoena ready smack
2:37 pm
them down at the hearing. i'm told she undergoing extensive litigations. he met with all of the doj components. they are doing mock hearings with senior doj officials trying to get him ready for this. we'll see what he says about his conversations. >> we'll watch it very very closely. much more on the breaking news right after this. welcome to the place where people go to learn about
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>> look what's going on. we have a scandal. he has a scandal. all of them are democrats. that state is in turmoil. >> it seems like it was just friday where we are talking about the blackface scandal and what happened on saturday and then these allegations putting serious allegations on the statement that came out today. i think things are going to move quickly. if we remember back to friday the governor, we'll have to look at a couple of different things. the senior african congressman there we'll have to look for the black caucus.
2:43 pm
they had previously esz essentially said they need to wait for what happens. given the democratic party of their brand and the concernings they have had in terms of women i think they will have some real hard choices to make going forward. i think we'll have to look throughout this evening and see who comes out strongly. >> and if he is denying it it is very difficult to see how he keeps any support because as you were pointing out during the break a crime may have been committed here. you know, it's a total mess. i don't know what the democrats do to find their way out of
2:44 pm
this. it is that it would be gone. that seems not to be happening and he's looking at all of his colleagues and saying why shouldn't i? >> these are the top three democrats in the common wealth of virginia. >> so two things, he was talking about the brand and she was talking about certain segments of the base of the democratic party that have been critical to the democrats success. there is also turning virginia from red to blue. there are demographic realities. when you a brand damaging moment like this it would be problematic. it also makes it up for grabs. i will say we saw a steady stream of democrats, presidential candidates, national leaders of the party come out against more than one after the other.
2:45 pm
where is that? i don't think they will be able to behave differently in this case. i think you're going to start seeing democrats. >> once one does it will be -- zb what do you think about way these three men have handled these respective cscandals. >> it is striking how it is the trump play book. we have never seen it work for anybody but trump. look at al as david merngsntion during the break. some how here they are digging their heels in now. we can see a dramatic turn around. we might be having a different
2:46 pm
conversati conversation. if they manage to stick this out it suggests the game has been changed here. >> and the fact that there are three of them, the idea that -- >> and pointing the fingers at each other even. >> all of of them. >> they handled it. it was apologetic and appropriate. >> he learned. >> right. >> but if you look at the way they have handled this it is case studies in how not to do damage control for yourself. >> it is a fast moving story. stick around. coming up tests a new missile. it will outspend any competitor for military supreme si in the new arms race already underway.
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tonight there are troubling signs pointing to a new arms race between the u.s. and russia. cnn's brian todd has been working his sources. brian, what are you seeing? >> wolf, we are told by people who keep track of nuclear weapons that they believe we're heading into a full on arms race. president trump and vladimir putin have thrown down the gauntlet and experts are saying
2:52 pm
this reminds them of the worst days of the cold war. it's an enormous piece of firepower at vladimir putin's fingertips. the intercontinental ballistic missile test fired by putin's forces today, launched from a base in northern russia into siberia according to the russian military. one of these can carry multiple nuclear warheads at a time, right into the heart of the continental united states. >> equivalent to five times as powerful as the nuclear weapons that destroyed hiroshima and nagasaki during world war ii. >> while the russian test firing is not a violation of international treaties and the u.s. conducts similar tests, the missile launch raises eyebrows because it came a few hours after president trump in his state of the union address explained why the u.s. is getting out of a medium range nuclear weapons treaty with russia claiming putin's government cheated on the deal, which russia denies. in the speech, trump also seemed to deliver an on mouminous warn
2:53 pm
about america's missile agreement. >> perhaps we can add a different agreement adding china and others. or perhaps we can't. in which case we will outspend and outinnovate all others by far. >> tonight, analysts are warning about what the president and putin could be unleashing. >> the president is proposing steps that inially view increase the risk of renewed nuclear competition and potential arms race. we know what that world looks like. we saw it during the cold war. it's not a world in which the united states is safer or better off. in fact it's a world in which the united states is less safe ex. >> reporter: experts are worried not only about the u.s. and russia getting out of that medium range nuclear weapons treaty, they say another deal, called the new start treaty, limiting the number of long range missiles and bombers runs out in two years and the two powers may not renew it. >> they're investing heavily in
2:54 pm
modern capabilities, including nuclear capabilities, sma subma, intercontinental ballistic missile and the like. >> reporter: he has developed an intercontinental ballistic missile which the russians say can carry 16 nuclear warheads, enough to wipe out texas. a nuclear-powered cruise missile that can fly around the world low to the ground and an unmanned underwater drone launched from a submarine which could carry a nuclear warhead directly to an enemy city. analysts say by building up these weapons and making aggressive moves like invading crimea, putin seems to be antagonizing the antitrust ways where he knows america won't respond directly. >> putin's strategy is competition short of conflict. he doesn't want to elevate these to the point of conflict because he knows he loses. >> but experts warn there are scenarios where mesh forces could actually respond and get drawn into a dangerous military confront station with the
2:55 pm
russians. like if there's a miscalculation in a field commander to a place where russian forces are deployed. they point out that already happened in syria when russian mercenaries tried to take one area held by american-backed forces and a couple hundred russians were killed according to then-cia director mike pompeo. wolf? >> scary stuff indeed. brian todd reporting. there's breaking news next. democrats on the house intelligence committee launch a sweeping new probe of the president, his finances, russia, and more. but some give their s cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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news, probing trump's money. less than 24 hours after the president faced lawmakers, the house intelligence committee chairman is zeroing in on mr. trump's finances. democrats detailing their dramatic expansion of the russia investigation and turning over evidence to the special counsel. presidential harassment. the president is firing back at house democrats tonight calling the intel committee chairman a hack and claiming he's being harassed. is the sharpened focus on his finances and family hitting mr. trump where it hurts most? delayed by mueller. former trump fixer michael cohen postpones testimony before a second house panel for what's being described as the interest of the investigation. is that a clue about robert mueller's next move? and lack of support. more than half of americans say they are not likely to back president trump in 2020 as more democrats are preparing to reveal their white house plans. we'll tell you who's on top in our


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