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tv   The History of Comedy  CNN  December 15, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i never thought of one of those things again. anybody can say something that can get a laugh. but say something clean and get a laugh, that requires a comedian. >> i have enough kids, even mormons are like, you should settle down. >> they don't like the title clean comedian. it comes down to whether someone is funny or not. >> you've ever been running to an elevator, they see you running, they just stand there. >> it's not that clean comedians are more clever or thoughtful, it's a different approach. >> what are you in for? >> manslaughter. >> i used to get the rolling of the eyes, the clean comic. >> one of the highest forms of
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comedy when you can be clean and just as funny as the dirty comics. >> my job is to make you laugh, not to offend you. >> here's your sign. >> just be funny. that's all. ♪ the first thing that comes to my mind when i hear the term clean comedy is oh, god, no. then i remember, oh, no, there's clean comedy i really like. left-handed people do not like that the word left is so often associated with negative things. left-handed compliment, what are
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we having for dinner, leftovers? you go to a party, there's nobody there, where did everybody go? they left. >> most clear comedy, i hear boring. tell me -- let me decide when i watch him. >> there is the vegetarian hot pocket for those of us who don't want to eat meat, but still would like diarrhea. >> no swearing, and nothing that is what i consider offensive. >> there is a standard that says you can trust me with your audience, we're not going to just throw it all out there and be offensive with every topic there is out there. we're going to make you all comfortable when you leave so you don't have to take a shower when this is over. >> if you're working television sits on top of your non-working television, you might be a red neck. >> it's not a bad thing for a family to be able to see a comedy. it makes them accessible, and available to a broader market.
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>> i read recently, kim jong-un is considering outlawing sarcasm in north korea. wow. i wonder if he proposed that to his team and one of his generals said, oh, yeah, that will work. >> probably the best comedian who happens to be clean is brian regan. when he would get done with his show no one in the audience is like, i can't believe he didn't curse. he is clean not because he did it for corporate money, or to be more appealing for television. he did it because his sense of humor rings clean. so we want brian regan to be clean. although it would be funny to see him go off the rails. just get him drunk. >> some law firms deal with dui, then aggravated dui.
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you know why i pulled you over? >> yeah, yeah, i know why you pulled me over. >> here's the thing about regan, despite someone not cussing, it doesn't mean that you can't sense that there's an edge. he is quintessential, every comedian, he is their favorite. your mom might never have heard of him, but he would be her favorite too. >> ding ding ding, yeah. >> that's normally the sign of a clean comedian, one that the audience wants to embrace. >> i had a massage today, my first one. he tried to relax me. he played music, a little aggravating, the trombone kept hitting me in the head. i think it was a trombone. pretty sure. >> never met a person who doesn't like ellen. it's a gift from god to be likable by everybody. she's almost like a lollipop. i've never met nobody, nobody says i hate lollipops. >> you're walking down the street, good day for you, too, good self-esteem day, happy with your outfit, it takes the one
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tiny trip to suck the coolness out of you. >> she's got that joke when you're walking and you trip and you look around to make sure nobody saw you and you do this whole performance for someone who might have seen you 50 yards away where you look to see what you could have tripped on. it's so specific, yet so universal. you're never thinking that was a clean show, you're just thinking i laughed so hard, my stomach hurts, my cheekbones hurt. >> comedians only want one adjective, funny. emo comedian, gay comedian, ethnic comedian, oh, the funniest, wheelchair bound comedian, no one wants that, they just want funny. >> the last couple years i've referred to bill cosby as the artist formerly known as bill cosby. it gives me a way to go, yeah, i know, i know.
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>> pulls out a needle. this is to deaden the pain. >> he takes a breath between bits. he's got the patience to wait, and know it's going to be fine when you get to the end. >> your face, what's a matter with you? >> my face is hanging down. do you see this? >> of the top ten comedians of all time, one was bill cosby. his act on stage, clean, his act offstage, filthy. one of the reasons why the dirty/clean thing is so compelling what's behind that issue is authenticity. i want the comedian to be what they're supposed to be. at a certain point the audience tells you we don't like that and then you have a hint of yourself. we like that. we're heading to yoga, my wife says, wait for me, i'm not ready.
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it's silly because you don't have to be ready for know ga. all it is is trying not to fart while you're stretching. >> comics, what's your point of view, what are you trying to say? it should be able to be explained. they should know it. >> my dad would always compare me to famous people. it was horrible. presidents, that was favorite thing. you know, louie, when lincoln was your age, he walked 20 miles to school every day, chopped wood. then he'd do his homework by candle light. yeah, dad, but when he was your age he was president. >> a lot of comedians i like, it's the closer they get to who they are. on stage, is what makes it interesting. >> everywhere i go, as soon as i check into my hotel room, i immediately hang the do not disturb sign on the door, or for the spanish speaking, no moleste. there's no decision where i thought, oh, i'm going to be a clean comedian.
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that was kind of a creepy feeling. hanging that on my door before bed. >> i just wrote jokes, and i didn't get pleasure out of using vulgarity or cursing. >> i'm pissed, i'm angry, and i'm crazier than anybody in the room. >> go [ bleep ] yourself. i stumbled into that conceit stage in part because of protection but in part that's where it came from, discovering my voice, that i'm funniest when i'm angry. >> the little bitches, that drove me in that direction. >> next week i'm going to have an mri to find out whether or not i have claustrophobia. >> it has to do with a messenger delivering the joke, not necessarily the joke. whoever the messenger of the comedy is, as long as it's authentic and real to them, it will be authentic and real to us. >> i wrote one new joke since my twins were born. is this funny? what do you think of this?
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and doubles your chances of quitting. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how. red, this can't go on. >> why? >> i love my wife. i've never loved anybody else. we were sweethearts since we were kids. >> she doesn't need to know about us. >> back as early as the 1920s, people were saying hollywood was the responsibility for the decaying morality of the country. >> and then basically hollywood said, you know what, stay away, here's what we'll do. we'll govern ourselves.
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>> the history of comedy, until recent times, was about comedians trying to get as close to that profane world as they could without gets arrested. >> wc fields, an ornery guy, found a great way to swear without swearing, he would say drat. when he said drat, you knew what he was saying, he'd say god free daniel, that was like goddamnit. >> so the rules were archaic by the time television came in. those rules remained, largely, you couldn't refer to sex, you couldn't swear. >> we'll write down everything that you do during the day, and we'll allow so much time for each thing. ten minutes for this, 15 minutes for that. >> oh, i'm going to need more than 15 minutes for that. >> sexual innuendo is saying it without saying it.
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there were just these ridiculous ways to try to titillate the audience with something that almost was sexual. >> oh, jack, i want to fly with you. >> where? >> oh, you mean want to -- oh, fly. that's -- oh. >> what do you say? is it time for takeoff? >> there's different strategies writers use to try to sneak taboo material in. >> there's an episode where a term kebabs were used as a genitalia reference. >> she's a girl. she doesn't have kabobs. she has a kajina. >> and nice katits. >> you can't say one, but you can say katits.
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that's not a word. that, to me is a wonderful example of going around the thing you can't say, not only was it funnier, it was ten times funnier. >> figuring out how to get around the rules is sometimes even better comedy. like seinfeld to me was the ultimate getting around the sensors and pointed jokes, terms for things that were sexual, you know, shrinkage. >> i think that you think that a certain something is not all that it could be. when, in fact, it is all that it should be and more. >> seinfeld, they were the master of euphemisms. >> shrinkage is really what it is though, that's technically correct. >> it shrinks? >> one of the great things about larry david and jerry seinfeld was their love of language. they had a mastery that enabled them to come up with clever solutions to censorships. you can appreciate that in an episode like "the contest". >> i want to be in on this too. >> oh, no, no, no. >> why? what, why? >> because you're a woman. >> so what? >> it's easier for a woman not to do it than a man.
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we have to do it, it's part of our lifestyle. >> jerry was the one who first said we cannot mention the word masturbation or anything like that. everything has to be alluded to. >> yes, i am master of my domain. >> i was really prepared to -- with the show, nbc didn't do it. >> you're not doing the show, well, [ bleep ] you, i'm done. we all got to the office, and said hey, this is great, what, yeah, well. >> what are you looking at? >> there's a naked woman across the street. >> this is going to be the easiest money i've ever made in my life. >> i'm out. >> they brilliantly figured how to get that past the sensors in a way that everybody knew what was being talked about. >> we tortured the sensors, "in living color," half the time they didn't even know what we were talking about. >> allow me to -- myself.
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>> we used to put what we called decoys into our scripts, things so outrageous, they'd say you can't do that, at least give us this, the thing we really wanted. >> let me be venereal in my requisition for the body of this congregation as the greek floz -- philosopher masingil once said. i lickis my probiscus. >> it's bargaining, two balls for one vagina. >> what do you think? >> i think you made a vagina. >> you start negotiate being them for what you can and can't have. >> you think my vagina has curtains? >> i don't know how long it's been. >> two broke girls was trying to make a tv show that moves the needle and changes minds and you can't do that by playing safe, pure and simple, but it's their job to keep their job and it's my job to push the envelope.
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>> excuse me, where's my waitress? >> she's coming. and it's this. s. >> modern family got to write the episode where the lady is saying [ bleep ], but she was saying fudge. it's getting bleeped. but it was about the words. we were able to make the case in the central part of the episode. [ bleep ]. >> i have two children. >> so there's a weird thing on broadcast television where you try to forget that it's not art, and that it's a business, but every once in a while you're reminded that there's still people who put money into this that keep us on the air and they have a say and that's why we can't say [ bleep ] more than four times. >> this is bull [ bleep ].
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prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. you were family friendly, right, you do not use weird language, a clean act. >> if i'm talking about taking naps or mini muffins, do you really need to throw an "f" bomb in there. >> kale is a super food, it's special power is tasting bad.
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you can find out it cures cancer, and i'd be like i'm going to do the chemo, all right? >> as comedians, there was this saying that takes you ten years to find your voice. i went through periods where i was smoking on stage. i was energetic. i was political. but it wasn't necessarily authentic to who i was. >> jim gaffigan paints an amazing picture. and if you insert a swear in there, it just dilutes the whole beauty of the painting. >> there's pressure to enjoy summer, right, i'm from the midwest, it's almost a panic. go out there, have fun, winter is coming to kill us. go get skin cancer now. >> he's always going to give you a different take. like, finding a gold coin on the beach where millions of people have walked by it and all the sudden he just sees it. it was just right there. he has that ability.
9:24 pm
god damn you, gaffigan. >> we're never ready for the seasons of change, in october we're caught off guard, oh, it's getting cold, what is this, every year now? >> he really works hard to get all the funny out of the joke. like he really is like wringing the funny out. >> how many jokes about seasons does this guy have? >> i came home the other day i was helping my wife fold clothes, a little pair of skimpy underwear, i looked at my wife and i said, when are you going to wear these for me, she said i can't, they're your daughter's. no, no, no. >> i can drop an "f" bomb, and i'll get a laugh, but i think people appreciate when you've taken the time to really think a bit through and how can i do this and walk that line? as we all know, if you've ever dropped a bank safe on your foot there are times when profanity is the right tool at the right time. but it's often a crutch.
9:25 pm
>> hey -- >> there's no doubt that i don't need to be throwing the "f" bombs as much as i do. >> you stupid [ bleep ]. i hate to side with my mother and grandmother and my wife, but sometimes it's just because i'm lazy. >> as an artist, you can tell when people are being lazy and using it as a crutch. but there's an art to it. >> i had a guy come to me one day and tell me about -- what's your favorite position? i said, well, it depends on the size [ bleep ], my position is with another mother [ bleep ]. >> comedy's hard. i need all the crutches i can use. this isn't major league baseball. i'm here to cheat. >> if you say i love your mother [ bleep ] ass, how's that bad? i said dad, tell me.
9:26 pm
cussing saves the soul. that he should start cussing in churches, it would save a lot of souls. >> put your hands together for sinbad. >> i was dirty when i started. a lot of people don't know. i was dirty when i started. i sounded like everybody else. i said i wonder if i could clean it up, and then pick up, and i did. >> people act like they ain't never been in mcdonald's, got the same menu, you guys are going, oh, give me, uh, let me see if you have, uh, you know what they got. >> i don't care how you do it, if that joke doesn't work without the cuss words, it's not a joke. it should be able to swing both ways. if you could swing it through both ways, you got yourself a joke, a routine. >> those comedians who don't rely in blue comedy, they rely on their words and the punch lines and the deliveries. >> please welcome jerry steinfeld. >> jerry seinfeld.
9:27 pm
>> what's the thing with the post office with the wanted posters on the walls? my main question with the wanted posters on the wall, why didn't they hang onto this guy when they took his picture? >> seinfeld was the master of the minutia of life, the more specific he can be, the better. a miniature craftsman. like the guy who can butt a boat inside a bottle. who has the time? >> light, cereal, that was a balsy name, i always thought. life. squaries, it's much bigger than that. this is life, i tell you. >> jerry seinfeld is technically and workwise, the greatest comedian, someone who really cares about the structure of a joke. >> i saw a study that said speaking in front of a crowd has become the number one fear of the average person. i found that amazing. number two was death.
9:28 pm
to the average person, if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy. >> seinfeld, gaffigan, regan, they inspire others to try it as a challenge. funny without talking about anything that would offend their mother. >> freedom, freedom is great, but i don't pop up alone in bed in the middle of the night going i can do whatever i want. i'm not rolling around in bed, look at the freedom. i have so much freedom. freedom. >> comics don't get credit for high degrees of difficulty. when we see clean comics that are super funny, we realize it's a higher degree of difficulty. >> i had to cheat on a teacher that i was dating and i wanted an "a." he wanted an "f." you know what? i -- we both settled for a "b." so glad you got that joke.
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♪ ♪ i'm gonna let it shine.e, ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ unplug chargers - go, ♪ devices go off-line. turn thermostats down low, ♪ led's shine mighty fine. ♪ small actions quickly grow, ♪ to let our great state shine. energy upgrade california, will let us shine. ♪ well they got the deep down dirt, we turn to the new power suck mode. >> when i started working with tim allen on home improvement, i
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had never seen his act. i didn't know what it was. i only new one thing. i was sort of amazed that the guys i was working with built a show around it, but they did and it was great. >> his comedy was very, very specific, and it catered to the man. he had a set that was tailor made for a point of view that was for television. but he did have to tone it down. >> it was actually a very uncomfortable transition from tim allen the comedian to tim allen the abc sitcom star. i don't work wonderfully clean. >> the first thing to shrink on
9:34 pm
a man in his real scared. you would if you had the balls, right? look at them. do you want to set of these ugly [ bleep ], i don't think so. yeah, i had some elbow skin left over. yeah. a major design problem here. >> tim allen. >> when i first got "home improvement" i was selling out large venues prior to that, but after that the venues had to get bigger. i had to alert the crowd, you shouldn't bring children to this. i'd walk out and the whole front row is like a girl scout group. i think the day is just around the corner, you can blow a buddy if he's not feeling good about himself. hey, bud, i'm sorry about losing your job, that will make you feel better. i remember this wonderful woman says, we loved the show, little difficult explaining fallatio to a 9-year-old. i sent her money back. i felt terrible. >> hi, honey. you may not remember today, but it was one of the best days of my life. >> a lot of times with sitcoms, you become this household name and somebody sees you dirty and you go like this. >> i got married, married my girlfriend of seven years, that's her age, i'm going to jail.
9:35 pm
>> let's say you know him from "full house," that's the father from "full house," we should take the kids and go to the show. the kids won't get in, but you'll shoot yourself at the front table. you'll be like what have i done? >> thank you. >> when people saw bob a lot. they were like -- >> i see people's faces and a lot of nice ladies in the audience are like -- you just keep your mouth like that, i'll be right there. >> he loved it. he loved that they were thrown off. he was free. [ bleep ] you all and suck my hundred million dollar [ bleep ]. >> that's the perfect room. you get to have a tv show, make some money, but you also get to do standup comedy and be who you are. >> great success. doesn't come for everybody. the landscape is strewn with the bodies of standups who got television deals and it just didn't work. >> my butt is really sore. >> from when they were playing pin the tail on the honky. >> they tried sitcoms with dave chappell.
9:36 pm
nobody could quite capture that comedy. it's not just finding the funniest person with the funniest voice. it's not that easy. >> is there something i can help you with? >> wow, you look cold. >> it is tricky when, as a comedian, you find your voice, and you figure out what you want to talk about and they give you a tv show and they're, like, oh, you can't talk about anything that's gotten you to this point. >> i'm always trying to look good for guys, it's always backfiring on me. you're always on a diet. i'm on a diet because i'm trying to get the body of the women you jerk off to after i fall asleep. >> the whole reason you got into comedy is because you can say whatever you want and then you get on television and you can only say 2% of what you want. >> you stay in that bed, a storm of sexy is going to come your way. so just get your umbrella. >> as a standup comic you have to figure out, can i still be a large enough percentage of myself in this network format that i can still be effective doing what i do?
9:37 pm
>> it's nothing to be overly concerned about. just watch your words. >> i did the bernie mack show on television, the biggest thing i was competing against was the bernie mac the comedian. he's funny when he says things like i don't give a [ bleep ] about these mother [ bleep ]. >> i'll kick a kid ass, when a kid get 1 years old -- i believe you can get him in the throat or the stomach. >> bernie mack the comedian could be as dirty as he wanted to be. i couldn't do that stuff on a network television show. >> i won't let go. >> you promise? >> i promise. this is your uncle bernie, okay? >> i had to get the essence of what was funny, but find a different way to tell this story that we could appreciate how funny he really is, and not compete against that standup. >> yeah, yeah. no.
9:38 pm
baby girl. >> bernie mack is not somebody you want to plug into any sitcom. make sure he feels comfortable, not allowed to swear or allowed to be as big a personality as he would be on stage, that he still gets to do enough of what he does for the viewer at home to be like i like this guy. i feel like i'm getting an authentic experience here. >> i told you television was not going to change me, and it hasn't. i still share what i want. you hear me? dad, we need to talk about something important.
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i came from an interesting background, i'm an only child and being latino, you guys are thinking that's ethnically impossible. >> in the 70s and 80s, a comedian worked clean hoping to get a spot on the tonight show. if the booker from the tonight show saw you and you were dirty, you were out. >> i don't care how dirty a comic, you were, you had to have your five minutes for johnny carson, merv griffin. television was going to be your only showcase. >> i have a background, irish and german, thin, angry, hungry people. that's all we are. the great chefs of ireland. >> terrifying is what five u.
9:43 pm
minutes is. it's a big deal for the population that loves standup comics, that's where you saw us. >> welcome whitney cummings. >> you have to figure out five minutes, you'd be changing things, or finding synonyms to work on your set. i'm having a ptsd flash back of getting through my leno pieces. >> next woman to get married, catch the bouquet, see if one guy talks to you for the rest of the night. >> comics have always been a hallmark of our show, and one of the big challenges is trying to figure out, okay, this is working really well in the clubs. but when you put a television lens just a couple of feet away from the performer, it can feel too abrasive. it's too much. jim gaffigan. you can't curse, you can't talk about drugs. there were times when i would have jokes and there would be like, you can't do that joke
9:44 pm
because you say crack head. and i'm like, i did this joke in front of the pope a week ago. >> some people don't like religion jokes, especially the ones going to hell. by the way, to most comedians, saying you can't do something, might as well be saying you should do this. there are plenty of comedians where they're like just don't curse, and they'll go up there and curse immediately. >> leo was a filipino man. he's say give me a parking ticket. i have to write for you the farking ticket. he said, he's not -- he's he's not mine. he's -- upstairs is the party. >> a clean comic is a dream for
9:45 pm
me because i don't have to beg for a joke to get passed by a network or cross my fingers and toes and worry about people getting pissed off. there's no rule book on a show like the colbert show. every day i'm figuring out what we can and can't do and the boundaries and how far can we go? >> why did gay guys get to choose who the hot women are. i thought straight guys got to decide the best broadway show. you're like, all right, and the tony goes to -- rocky again. it's a completely separate type of comedy late night comedy. some comics are good at it. but some comics, it feels like it becomes too much work to construct your thing for that medium. >> hello? hope i'm funny. >> richard pryor was never as funny on the tonight show as he was doing standup. he was good, but they were never as funny. >> it's very rare you see someone's five minutes on tv and it's as good as their hour in a
9:46 pm
comedy club. >> guys, if you could blow yourselves, ladies, you'd be in this room alone right now. watching an empty stage. like, i never saw bill hicks live, but i have firsthand accounts from friends saying, there's no one better. >> he was booked on the late show with david letterman in 1993, and he did his set, which had been approved by the bookers in advance. >> people annoy me. what's annoying me is these pro-life people, you ever look at their faces? i'm pro-life. they don't look it, they just exude it. you see them trying to go to an orphanage to adopt a kid. we're pro life. we're here to adopt. kids are like don't pick me. >> did fine in front of that audience, and then after the set, robert morton, got on the phone, some conference upstairs and they decided to cut it from the episode.
9:47 pm
they said it was too offensive. >> the bill hicks incident on letterman became the thing of legend. so when we talk about clean comedy and dirty comedy, it was completely within the parameters of what is acceptable on network television. >> if that's who you're bringing onto your show, that's what you're going to get. if you're not wanting that, you're going to get, probably, a terrible version of that person. >> bill hicks felt violated. he never did the letterman show again, and it haunted dave. >> i want you folks to enjoy this, honestly. >> years later, after hicks had died, letterman had hicks' mom on the show and they played the set in its entirety. >> i think it's interesting to note how people act on religious beliefs, you know what i mean? like a lot of christians wear crosses around their necks. nice sentiment. do you think when jesus comes back he's really going to want to look at a cross? it was trail blazing, and bill
9:48 pm
hicks is amazing, but somebody has to be first and you usually get chopped down and the next guy comes through. that's what happened. >> i've not seen that videotape, or any part of it since that night, and seeing it now, it raises the question, what was the matter with me? what was i thinking? that was just tremendous. >> late night tv is not what it used to be. it's great to do conan or fallon. all great, but that's not going to make your career anymore. if you wind up on comedy central now, you could wind up doing a half hour for netflix, network tv no longer controls who is famous. >> it's more about podcasts and things that get a bigger sense of you than just like, how you doing, folks? with the podcasts, it gives the comedian, the freedom, there are no restrictions. they're just topics we talk about that are normally taboo. what are we talking about, daddy? >> you said it. >> are you good to your mate? >> and do they reciprocate?
9:49 pm
>> and the response we're getting is people are saying, thank you for being so open, and honest. >> there's the premium for them to be completely who they are, and now audiences are more finely tuned to sniff out the bs. i'm listening to mark marin and i know his relationship with his father when he goes on stage, there's a shorthand so he can go deeper faster. >> i don't think i'm afraid to die. i'd prefer it happens quickly. like the transition i just wanted it to be like, boom, boom, i'd like my last words to be something like, wait, what? (atlas) do humans know they are paying too much with verizon? (paul) no, they just don't know that sprint's unlimited plan gives you 5 lines for just $24 dollars per month, per line. (mom) wow, that would save us... (atlas)...nearly $1,000 dollars? (mom) what about the network? (paul) now sprint has lte advanced.
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9:53 pm
a few years ago, i was asked to perform in a charity golf tournament in new jersey. and i said yes. i'm not going to [ bleep ] block charity. what am sni a mons center. >> the only thing with with being a clean comic -- >> as a professional comedian, you learn if you are going to be a corporate the gig, you have to be clean. >> get up and entertain these people but don't say anything
9:54 pm
that is entertaining and you go, all right, you go up, you do your best. you usually fail and then you leave. >> the women in charge walks to me and says, okay, there's two speakers and you. and the first speaker is an 11-year-old boy who survived leukemia. i know, he's not funny at all. >> stand-up is a struggle. if you are a fun nir, you will make money. it's a long game. but a corporate gig can be a paycheck. >> if you want to make a lot of money doing live stand-up, it's corporate and the colleges. so you have to be clean. >> you have to make the calculation, am i a sell out or a businessman. >> i don't do corp raorates bece
9:55 pm
i can't. >> i every lick a [ bleep ] -- it's like licking a battery. >> i would be gaffegin in a second. >> they a list of words you couldn't say and one of which is toukas. i'm like, what? >> they are trying to help saying don't be too dirty. you're going say some questionable joke about sexuality and steve from finance is going to laugh so hard it will be awkward to work with steve the rest of the year. when i read that i was like, how much pressure is that? and you are like, why can't you
9:56 pm
be. like gee suz, james. >> comedians are christian and perm in christian venn yups. >> a lot of people are like, i want to go see him but i don't want to be offended. you have someone come in your church and now you have another another fan of comedy. >> i have been labeled the queen or clean. >> i tell them, you think you are funny. you come down to first baptist and e we will see how funny you are. >> it's not i made a moshl conscious to not cuss. it didn't exist in any
9:57 pm
vocabulary. so when i see a comic get up and have a lot of words, maybe just the way they were raised. you need to slap their mama, not them. >> my father came in my bedroom. i was 23, the night before i got married. she came in and said, well, tomorrow's your big day. i guess it's time we will had that little talk. and she could spell it s-e-kpx. if you are here, someone in your past had sex. and so if you throw that mirror up how ridiculous their offense is, it gives you per noigs go to the next is step and the next step. >> we have decons frowning on us and they have viagra in their pocket.
9:58 pm
>> clean comedy, there is a belief we didn't have to look around, are we supposed to be offended? laughing? and there is a nice freedom to that. >> i don't know why anyone would ever want to be the president. united states. i wouldn't want that job in a million years. can you imagine being awakened every morning like this? problems. >> brian reegan makes a big chunk of his money because he is is a family act frnlgts a family can come see a show and laugh together, the more relatableky make my show, more it's going to hit home with my fans and people who see my show. >> i took my family on an rv trip this summer. i thought it was recreational vehicle. no, it's ruins vacations. >> comedy can break us all apart and make people at each other's throats and a degree y it unites
9:59 pm
people. >> you did hit traffic coming in tonight in some of you? i hit like two cars. when we laugh together, there's a something that's exponentially heeling. there is something comparable. >> if you're going to make a case for clean comedy, kit appeal to kids who are 10 and your grandfather who is 90 and that i can be in the same room and laugh at the same time. that seems like a good thing. >> okay, i can't say the world pinis? >> we will then just about caulk. i mean fresh around the bathtub. >> i mean, it's a challenge. i don't like to have to tiptoe
10:00 pm
around adult words mnchts some of them are [ bleep ] and [ bleep ]. we need these. let the better people not use them. my first announcement is one i think you've all been waiting for. >> politicians have been lying and [ bleep ] and flip-flopping since the beginning of time. >> i'm the best. only i need to understand. >> i'm mostly pissed off that not enough people are pissed off. >> politicians are very visible and they tend to be liars, which is great, so, you can really go after them. i [ bleep ] hate those [ bleep ]. >> it's making me angry and i feel like screaming. but i'm unsure about how far my neck veins can safely bulge out of my neck. >> political humor now that it's become such a farce, it's hard to outdo it. >> yes, this is real life, this is really happening. >> i cannot believe the men and


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