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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  December 8, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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man power to solve the case. so she heestimates >> we're basing on facial dimensions called face space. >> she's giving law enforce ament powerful crime feino typing. mueller dropping a major bomb on trump. >> we now know a lot more about where mueller is heading and who must be next. >> from's own appointees saying you, mr. president are directly implicated in federal felonies. >> as we know the department of justice has opined that you cannot indict a sitting president.
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>> and i would have to say to him i understand what you want to do but you can't do it that way. it violates the law. ♪ good saturday morning to you. >> in for cristie paul this morning. federal prosecutors are swreer eoing on what could be a worst-case scenario. >> for the first time a team of investigators say that then-candidate trump explicitly directed his personal lawyer to break federal election law. here's the key phrase from that file and it's important we let them res naze. cohen's commission of two finance crimes on the eeb of the 2016 election for the president of the united states struck a
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blow to transparnszy. while many americans desire a particular outcome knocked on doors, or found any number of legal ways to make chair this as heard, ehooorchestrated a secret and illegal payment to silence two women that otherwise would have made public their extramarital affairs and in the process cohen hid alleged facts he believed wew would have had a substantial effect on the election. >> special prosecutor robert mueller's team says paul manafort lied about five major issues after agreeing to cooperate. he was in contact as recently as this year. mann forts was indicted in 2017. we begin with the latest deals
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on the case against michael cohen. >> what these could mean for cohen when he's sentenced next week. >> a dramatic day for cohen. his sentencing next week. one from special counsel mueller and another filing from the southern district of new york laying out some of the details of the wrong doing. laying out how michael cohen has extens extensively cooperated, including in seven interviews and provided deiltads about his own contacts with ruzs. "the defendant has taken. significant steps to mitigate his criminal conduct. he admitted his conduct in open court and has gone to lengths to assist the special counsel's
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investigation and the coneration should be taken into considseration when the kbrients smentsing happens next week. that wacktually was very bad flus meekal foam..en. and only a mot leniency when it comes to his prison sentences. this lades out how michael cohen evaded taxes and altso how he illegally tried to effect the outcome of the kwent 16 campaign and that's referring to the haugs payments made who said that they had affairs donald trump. that says after cheating the irs for years, lying to banks and
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congress and cohen's decision to plead gelty does not make hem a hero. so this is a blow for michael cohen and his lawyers that are arguing michael cohen should get no jail time because of the extent of his cooperation with investigators and because he's committed to helping the government get to the truth. they clearly do not agree with that assessment. >> and for his parkts president trump appears to be brushing off the implications of the mueller team's mem eo. >> and let's bringing boris san ches. zblshs the president has tweeted several times about the latest implications for his administration. >> the president tweeted a few moments ago. quote after two years and millions of pages of documents and a kais of over $30 million
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no collusion. we should clarify what was filed yesterday was a sentencing dox kbrmt stens manafort and cohen. thoseige no way are the frinl reort we're expecting him to put out. that is thought the final verdict whether if anyone cucluded with with russians. i did want to pountd out that sharau daegz sanders in manafort, she seng ezs that's because of toys cohen engthes. the continuing danformation. and she goes on to suggest that
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michael cone is 93 here eo. freefbiously the president get toed hits the totally clears him and leads to furkter questions. and to feend oind out exactly w knew and when he knew it. we'll see if the president continues tweeting later today. >> thanks so noem join engme is senior pletical coun spondent. welcome back to both of you. i want to start with the banner, the headline, that these filings say that the president directed his pursesinal attorney taprotect his campaign. >> that's right. that's what the headline is.
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frr we have to be careful about two things. this is the stams of cohen and accepted by the prosecutor's office. in connection with cohen's galty plea. it's quite a different matter to prove that in law frrps and they were paid to influence the oum pip of of the election had. by saying that if he did this, he teed it to protect hes family and his wife. so you've got this dual mote frfb doing so. as a case against the president, it's not so simple. but that court has accepted it as true, that's significant.
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>> and thaey'd have to have something more than his word as he's lied so many times now. head of the international media. the head of the organization that's bought these stories from the krshs cfo of the trump organization. it's this question of what was the president's intention, which would be complicated to a prosecutor. we need to say only that the president is said to have violated the law by his own justice department in new york. >> just fact checking the response from sarah sanders. when see says they tell us nothing off value that wasn't already known.
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>> i mean i think that's not right, obviously. it kind of leads us closer to finding oout the truth and i think it's very clear that in any other case if any other person was involved in instructing someone to pay off women on the eve of the election, this would pee a bad thing for anyone in elected office. it shows that the walls are closing in on not only there is this cohen matter and there's everything else. this is just a sampling of what mueller knows. more is going to come out in the coming days and weeks. >> david -- in addition to be thing chief of staff and he was
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the chair of the democratic caucus in the house. he has advice for house democrats taking control in january. >> don't focus immediately on trump. you have something with with a secretary of labor, epa, interior department, commerce department, at hud. he has brought the swamp to washington and flooded the plains and i think mueller will deal with trump >> and he's begun to turn over his cards. >> you have an entire government not on its game protecting the american people. >> and that was previous to the filing off the documents. how does that correspond with
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the direction house democrats are intending to go? >> i think thats rr on par. you're not hearing many call for impeachment in recent months. i think rom is right. they want to let mueller do his thing to focus on the other elements around ptd and i think that's the approach they're going to take but republicans are going to be increasingly under pressure to say do you agree with this? it will be interesting to see which republicans are can say this is a step too far and we need to take action. >> we've said for some time it's not leaggal to lie to reporters. but you see in this filing that mueller believes that it is evidence of obstruction of justice to lie to the public.
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>> it is clear that's between the line oz of what mueller's saying. with respect to cohen and manafort, that their lie thing to public. they're lie thing to public so distracted the investigators from their core mission and that interfered with their investigation and that could give rise to obstruction. ken starr said the same thing during bill clinton. so it's not clear to me that mueller will not take the same view, that all of these lies trying to divert the attention of the american people and make the job more difficult for investigators isn't part of the mosaic of what he will look at as obstruction. in the cohen documents, it says
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cohen was intouch with the white house in 2017 and discussed with others his false testimony. if cohen was talking to the white house about submitting false testimony, that's a very serious felony. special counsel robert mueller says manafort lied to his investigators and the white house says this has nothing to do with the physical. next we're going to take a closer look at that claim. >> and the dow drops more than wan,000 points. >> and this was the zeen moments agoin paris. pulling down make-shift barricade and setting it on fire. police forced to use tear gas and water canons.
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mon paris. the feminine fragrance. yves saint laurent and a new court filing, mueller says paul manafort lied again and again about several key points. >> and this was after he iagreed to cooperate with prosecutors. cnn politics reporter joins uz live from washington. >> that's right. the court filing we got yesterday accusing paul manafort of lying details the wealth off evidence that we've seen in c context with the ruzs. he accuses him of lying about five different issues. the document provides clues
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about some of manafort's inneraction with the ruzs as well as we don't know the answer to yet. lied to trump officials. mueller says he has tebst messages documenting some of this communication. we know know who he was talking to and why and why he lied about it special counsel. he lied about his contact with a rugsz nationals they say has tied to russian military intelligence. the have been kbequestions abou cilution. and military intelligence and meddling during the campaign. manafort has denied that he actively lied to the special counsel. but what this means is that he
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could face additional charges before he's sentenced for crimes he was convicted of earlier this year. >> thank you so much. >> and there's a lot to descuson the legal front with all of this. we have seen this white house and the president 2r50really tr separate himself. and now we have wourd hat manafort was encontact with the white house as recently as this year follow oing his indictment. >> i mean it's not good. you'll recall a can couple months ago or a year ago when the financial dealings came back, they said this is nothing to do with russia. this is all him and his personal dealings. this brings us a step closer to
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the white house. mueller has text messages and other communications that show he was in touch with a senior administration official. they're still in touch and they're still communicating about what is happening and that does not bode well for the white house, clearly. >> we saw that list off all the lies that manafort is accused of. he's lied about contact with the white house, lies about his contact with ruzs. why is he lying and what's the end game sneer >> well, the end game is that he's going to go to priszen. that's theent game for man fat? why he's lying, seems he has a disposition to lie hoots rr drenetening. from a defend yourself and get a bed deal stand pointed none of
5:23 am
it makes sense. both paul manafort and michael cohen were in touch with a twes. what the nature of that contact was and what they were trying to do with the white house. was the white house trying to shape their testimony with respect to cohen as he testifieds before the hill and manafort as he cooperated in quotes with mueller and if there is evidence, a big word if, the he was present said his. his part. and that's the most legally problematic thing you will face, far more so than collusion allegations. this wds be witness fachlering.
5:24 am
>> and we also learned manafort has ben unfrontf oa flep? >> we know from the filings in this case, cohen and manafort and flynn that this is an ongoing criminal investigations. we don't know where in the justice department is hd take eng. >> the fact he's testifying in front of charged jury. it's leakly to result in annen entitlement. this is a very live, criminal investigation and a lot of people would -- >> and quickly before we go, what about congressional republicans. where is the red line for them, do you think?
5:25 am
do you expect to hear from anybody that we have ntd haurd from in a while that tez continue forward in the way they've been miechk. is how republicans will handle this news. but they bring us closer to where everything democrats say there was if and there wasn't. it we've now have evidence that there way one of my cars a improunded there and it will be interesting to see if anyone comes out to admit as much. now the fourth round of vile pt protests across fransz. more than thousand prourn rr foocontrol the gas.
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i'm victor blackwell. 41,000 people are protesting
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across the country and about 1500 are swear squaring off with police. look at the picture as few moments ago. they took down boards put up to protect shops from setting on fire. it's the fourth weekend off violent protests across france and say 475 people have been taken into custody. >> david, good morning to you. the dms challenge is what's happening on the street. what do these protesters want? macron has scrapped his fuel tax increase that has not satisfied the protesters? >> reporter: well, clearly wasn't enough. not sure what is going to be enough.
5:32 am
this is a make or break weekend for macron. he's put more police, more forces of law and ord more than ever. paris is completely locked down at this point. every bridge across central paris has been closed off by the national guard. and there's no mucking around. he's serious. on the ecumnaic end, he will not reimpose a tact on the healthy. a tax from 30 years ago macron removed because he's hoping to lure welty people from brexit. higher taxes on gas, those have gone away. frrt but there's so mep ey
5:33 am
things he's digging in his heels on. who as the the thongest striyaufbl? n ashes cron. >> are those -- where do they fall on the spectrum? is this sthipgds to go holmes my god, this is incredibly sear ysz inwhere are we on that spectrum? >> it seems to be less serious this time aroind. last week some of my clothes i wash with eyou. there are a lots of protests. i find it hard to say if there with over 1en the,000 last week
5:34 am
so it's really. i suspect the government is etrying to thoem a casket, more worried about skourt than anything else. >> that's a real problem. but it is getting serious and what they say is they're geteeng be back next saturday. right now and what the french people are seeing on television. is he coming out and speaking? >> reporter: no, he's not. that's very interesting. they say he may say something later toochblt. he's not said anything since he came back at the g 20. he's met his prime minister get out in front. eater they throw the prime
5:35 am
minister over the ship and new cabinet and maybe nackers are can survive. >> style come, walled week after mixed sigmales. they're heroes today and every day. >> it's all about solving problems. >> my vision was to have a home where women could find safety and find themselves. >> our first goal was to create this hospital-based
5:36 am
intervention. >> i want each and every one of them feel spells.
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perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. it was a brutal week on wall street. and hope that trade tens were easing. >> but by the end oof the week the dow dropped 1,000 points after the president indicated
5:41 am
more tariffs could be coming. >>. >> reporter: it was a volatile week of trading. the major plunged 4%. s&p on task for its worst 3rd quarter since 2007. now the wild week comes as anxiety continues about the underdog trade situation between china and the u.s. anxiety that was amplified when they fired the chief ien angsal officer of wawei. this after a 90-day seesz fire. but conflicting messages is causing even more uncertain hey.
5:42 am
sounding annen u.s.a.mistic tone. the conclusion t -- friday's jobs report, employ ees added 155,000 jobs last month. unemployment rate held steady at 3.7% and that's the lowest in years. the manufacturing sector out of 27,000 jobs. but the weaker job number give the federal reserve room. next year, even though it's wieksly ebs pect said to reid thap. andthy could be worried the fed
5:43 am
could move too fast on interest rate. >> with me now is michelle singletary. the can color of mony which appears in the washington post. >> good morning. >> so your latest piece that the president tweeting and lezer are been tweeting a lot about this pack with china. >> already we don't have enough and quaried them. we're haurige about their money and and he's tweeting and headaching the market go crazy. it's causing people not to want to invest and we know they need to >> again we're talking ordinary people, hedge fund managers
5:44 am
utwho are deciding what do with their money at the end of the pay period. it's based on the sweets? is there anything saying kbauz of the president's way of responding, that's going to make them -- >> i have a column for the post flats prr nipped made thes. and they are sfoem and they don't like the fact that the president is tweeting and make thing prarkets go crazy. much rr talking baut boepal bhoo had inexpeergences investors but right now in this moment they know the market is down. and i'm foeing to lose money and they zroept the perspelktiveb of some of the more ear jsz investards and because this is a sire tichluation.
5:45 am
and what he does matters. and when you're crosswalking wout regular people, hen tease rr freem kpiegsz skptd if to acan cou -- in the morning. >> where are they putting their money if they're afraid? >> savings accounts. cds. bonds. which over time is not egoing to get a key place with inflation. and as often as you can and you got to be a little bit of agregsz. people are living 20 and 30 years in your refiermt mp frrts it's not go stung grow at the pace that you neat to. what people are stair scared. and i can't get that thissage
5:46 am
aruined hp >> so you tell the people to that there there go to sleep. >> stop tweeting. especially. >> ourtenly has he that do sthens to help our epane paem. and year dpooing stam nl to do ineast pg. pageantry, preskrigz and bragging rights. >> and yes, good morning. coming up we're go tyke be able to talk about this game with a ledgeant. and former heisman winning quarterback itting with us after
5:47 am
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before he led the dallas cowboys to their super bowl win with, he served our country. >> he gave up years of his career to a cuyear the navy. >> yes, good morning to you. this year is the 55th anniversary of the zbams navy game which was pushed back as the nation mourned the last of return to a sense of narmies and the greatest -- heisman wining quarterback. you were at that game. 102,000 people. he called you the greatest quarterback he had ever seen.
5:52 am
what do you make of that spelts game. we won 35-14. he's a navy guy and you'd 1 hide and words at smidge bad had happened. we were going to closz and they told us he had passed away. so the practess that day was calledau. we thought the game was going to be cancels. but the family fauntsz the gam to goorj? and it was an etoints if the flaems irk faep fralys. it was to haunler the president and we can peat maemt ap21' kwen.
5:53 am
and heel awe can kmauls cos. >> and looking back see us wen that game. er >> thds game will go on. because that would have won this. for those that may have seen an old game. >>s there's the military today is so respected. and when you say 71 faups for your serves. really feept a lots. frrls and they see a team to team prr leaders of our future that are going to protejt urkids, our grands toetsz. i thin it's what's going on in
5:54 am
the world today they tie sthad into hooso anybody associated with the mill tear will want to be by it. and i think others are part of it. we have a much better pealing about our armed kous said then the year with nay a. and being able to have an oopoint ntd and fee help to embrace hm and though sthep that respaupt us about what you're hoyleal on the your fem fder if. it >> this will be the coin toss today. harmy army and on the back is kw between cuinates and
5:55 am
midshipment. >> we will cherish it and we cherish time being here withuous. >>. >> knows. enjoy. it real toy is a great parting spoetple. >> he really just gave that to you. >> i know, wow. >> he just gave the coin. it's a big deal. >> we want another copy. >> i'll bring it back to you guys initudeio. there's one yus like it. >> and it's a beautiful day there. it's ben snowing and sheadple
5:56 am
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♪ i'm michael smerconish in london. we welcome our viewers in the united kingdom and around the world. antimacron riot said ahead. are the world 36s oldz dp mockeracies in jeopardy. i never lie.


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