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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  May 16, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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maids, 4 page boys. i think it's going to be a lot of fun. there is not an adult bridesmaid that will be there corraling the children. perhaps if anyone is going to upstage the bride it could be this group of ten. >> i will look forward to seeing you in a couple of days. friday i will be live to preview the royal wedding here on new day. saturday, live for prince hair skpreu meghan markle's special day. royal wedding coverage starts saturday morning 4:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. so everybody, set your alarm clocks for that. thanks to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. and good morning, everyone.
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welcome to your "new day". here's our top story. north korea threatening abandon the talks with trump next month. they will not be put in a corner on nuclear abandonment. cnn the white house was caught off guard by the about-face. earlier said officials are coordinating closely with allies as the summit hangs in the balance. or does it? let's begin your coverage with ivan watson live in seoul with the latest. what do we know, my friend? >> reporter: good morning, chris. north korean state media just put out another statement criticizing the u.s. for these joint air force exercises with south korea accusing the u.s. of air grant, provocative acts, bringing in what they described
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as nuclear assets, f-52s and f-22 jets here to the region. we all have whiplash here because for months north korea has been sending conciliatory messages, syncing up time zones, establishing hotlines and talking directly to the u.s. so it is leaving analysts to wonder is this a bargaining tactic or is north korea really prepared to follow through on its threat to pull out of what could be potentially a historic summit between kim jong-un and president trump next month in singapore? north korea threatening to cancel next month's high-profile summit between president trump and kim jong-un.
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a statement, quote, if they try to push us into the corner and force only unilateral nuclear abandonment, we will no longer be interested in that kind of talks and we will have to reconsider whether we will accept the upcoming north korea/u.s. summit. the rhetoric echoing earlier threats from president trump. >> if i think it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. >> reporter: north korea's vice foreign minister asserting they will never follow the path of libya and iraq. criticizing president trump's national security adviser john bolton by name. seemingly referencing these remarks. >> is it a requirement that kim jong-un agree to give away those weapons before you give any kind of concession? >> i think that's right. we're looking at the libya model of 2003, 2004. >> reporter: it comes after they first cast doubt on the summit when they suspended separate high-level talks with south korea scheduled for today. the north koreans citing their anger over joint u.s. south korean military drills.
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state department spokeswoman defending the joint military exercises as the news broke. >> they are exercises that are legal, that are planned well, well in advance. >> reporter: the advancement caught the white house off guard. press secretary sarah sanders releasing a brief statement noting we are aware of the south korean media reports. we will look at what north korea has said independently, and continue to coordinate closely with our allies. president trump ignoring the statement after visiting the first lady in the hospital. the sudden step backward come canning after north korea released three detained americans last week. and after months of what appeared to be warming relations on the korean peninsula and with the united states.
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>> kim jong-un was -- he really has been very open. and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. >> reporter: this is what's so confusing about this. last month, they had bigger joint military exercises and north korea didn't complain. just yesterday they were fightifigh inviting south korean journalists to come up for a ceremony scheduled for next week. and 38 north was publishing satellite photos dating back to may 7th claiming the first steps of dismantling that facility. south korea, the government here, has played down this reversal in tone from north korea, calling them growing pains in a very complicated process of trying to establish peace on the korean peninsula. >> ivan, thank you very much for all of that reporting. let's bring in our panel to discuss it.
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we have cnn political analyst john avlon and author of gordan chang. is this a dance north korea is doing or is there something bigger here? >> well, i think there are patterns to north korean behavior. but this comes out of a playbook. there are other things that are disturbing. we have seen a marked deterioration in enforcement. you saw kim jong-un, the the north korean ruler going to see his chinese counterpart twice in a row. that's the chinese summoning him. they said, look, we're going to support you. we have seen evidence of that. friendships, gas prices in the northern part of north korea dropped dramatically this month, an indication that chinese sanctions lessening. the other thing, though, is zte. on sunday, president trump had that awful tweet about zte,
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embattled chinese telecom equipment manager. he wilted under chinese pressure, giving in to chinese demands as we have haerdz on your show. and i think kim jong-un said, look, the chinese just humili e humiliated the president. why don't i humiliate him as well. when you have bad policy on the part of a president in one area, it just sort of transmits over to another. >> that's an interesting take. all right. let's deal with this, brother avalon. is the media getting a little hot and bothered about something that is more the latest than it is new? yes. this is what was expected by north korea. they will engage in brinkman ship the same way trump did early on saying i'll walk away if it's not my deal. okay. so we are getting a little too hot and bothered. maybe that is an explanation for trump, zte and china. maybe it is part of a larger strategy. he needs their help enough on the north korean peninsula that the u.s. administration is
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worried about their relative leverage that they say trying to butter them up and give things to try to get this other deal done. >> that has always been a factor in what is a total contradiction of his position. he needs china to help get north korea negotiations to go smoothly. i think if there's one thing that donald trump loves clearly it will be described as wilting under pressure, as gordon just described. >> there's no pressure. >> no wilting. >> you're the wilter. >> you're the wilter. this is not surprising. dictator is going to dictate. this is what north korea does. this is why secretary of state pompeo said coming back from the last round of negotiations we have our eyes wide open. north korea's promises are not worth the paper the propaganda is written on. theul throw a brushback pitch. it is not necessarily about the north korea -- south korean drills with the united states. but i think bolton's comments were significant on the sunday
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shows. he said complete denuclearization before any benefits are being seen. that is all stick no carrot. not surprising they will push back. they even called him back saying we view him with total reputting nance, which is old school north korea propaganda line. >> how much of this is the bolton effect since there seems to be no love lost. we shed light on the quality of bolton already in the past. and we do not hide our feelings of reputting nance. is that what you think has most aroused their ir stphe. >> ire? >> yeah. the language about the libyan model took me back when i heard it. it really wasn't necessary at this particular time. we have to remember that the substance of what bolton said is the same as what trump has said and also the new secretary of state mike pompeo. and it is probably pretty good
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policy. but nonetheless there are ways that you can communicate these things, and i think that we hear in the administration really is they were just needling the north koreans. they were going to accepted this brush pack pitch, as john said. but the administration didn't have to do it in a way to aggravate the situation. >> let's talk one more step about the libya model. it was very provacative. they were told you're going to give us everything right off the bat. then the obama administration bombed there like crazy. didn't go to congress. a whole other discussion i would love to have. and then gadhafi went bye-bye. yeah, that's a tough model.
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>> the whole rationale is they need the deterrent to instill the stability of their he regime. that's the calculus. when you float libya you are saying you will give up your nukes and things will not end well for you and your family. that is not the carrot to get them to move on nukes. >> what happens if kim jong-un decides he doesn't want to do this meeting? >> i think that's okay. what the united states should do is first of all, tighten sanctions on north korea. but more importantly, tighten sanctions on china. i always thought that if the meeting with kim goes well, we can just ignore china's abhorrent behavior. the question is what if we don't have the summit? yeah, we have to start imposing costs on the chinese, going after their money laundering banks. we can't let it go unnoticed. because if we do that, we are in a world of hurt with china. not just on north korea, not just on trade, but everything.
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>> all right. on that note, gordon chang, john of listavalo avalon, thank you very much. storms in the northeast has killed two people, including an 11-year-old girl in new york when a tree crushed a car. the national weather service says there were dozens of reports of hail storms. dozens of water rescues from cars that were stalled out. 85 people were rescued from a stranded double decker commuter train. aye, aye, aye. a deadly explosion in a southern california medical facility is being investigated as a criminal act. law enforcement source telling cnn the incident appears to be intentional. a woman lost her life, three others injured in the blast.
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alissa viejo is where it happened. two people in critical condition. no indication of any threats made before the blast. president trump said wife melania is doing really well after a medical procedure and he expects her to be home from the hospital in two or three days. he visited the first lady again where she is recovering after being treated for a benign kidney condition. palestinians protesting in gaza. what could israel have done differently? should things have been done differently. this is getting more focused and we'll take you deeper next. with the power of 335 turbo-charged horses the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350 and a quiet interior from which to admire them. the lincoln spring sales event is here. for a limited time get 0% apr
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democratic congresswoman from california and director, president, and ceo of the wilson center. always good to see you. >> we're going to miss ow this program, chris. >> you can see me at night. i'll be looking like this. >> early in his administration he announced he was going to move the embassy. it is the law. i voted for it in 1995. it includes waivers. and he did too. >> hold on. >> but when he announced it -- >> i've been wanting to scratch at this a little. bob dole is running for office. he is seen as not being pro israel enough. this is promulgated as legislation. it helps him out in some ways. you put the carveouts which have been exercised by every president. you didn't really want to move the embassy from where it was in tel aviv to jerusalem. fair point?
4:19 am
>> it was a good aspiration. everyone recognize said the facts on the ground. so if you start there, and i would start there, when trump announced early in his administration that he wanted to move the embassy, i think he was surprised. he later came to embrace it. i hoped it was part of a bigger plan. this deal they had been working on to help the palestinians get to use with israel. it might be more territory for israel. it might be different borders. that was i think possible. >> instead, jared kushner said people are protesting on the program while they are being killed. >> yes. .
4:20 am
>> many were unarmed. it is a problem if they did. we don't know all the facts yet. if this had been handled differently, trump might have had one of these huge deals he's seeking. the other is with north korea. getting out of the iran deal is linked to some of the resentment of europe. europe is not coming to our aid. nato is not coming to our aid. we will see what happens after he unilaterally announced coming out of the sanctions. >> nikki haley said israeli forces showed restraint. do you agree with that assessment? >> i don't know. let's see. 60 deaths is a lot of deaths and thousands of injuries and no hospital capacity to take care of these people. i'm not excusing what they did. and i'm not excusing hamas. hamas is a dreadful governor of
4:21 am
gaza. >> and relevant here because because the here is hamas put these people up to it. they used their people as pawns to be provocative and victims as a result. do they share blame here as well? >> yes, they share blame. should we be surprised? no. should we be surprised that kim jong-un is making demands? no. >> why is jane harman surprised? you knew this is a diplomatic moon shot. you knew that north korea wouldn't go quietly into that good night. why are we surprised? >> well, i don't think we should be surprised. i think we should have anticipated this. if john bolton made provocative comments on tv, he should have thought about that. i'm not saying he would change given his views of foreign policies.
4:22 am
if it's in the newspapers, a couple of ours by david sanger, who is scholar at the wilson center writing a book on cyber. >> we had him on the show twice already. >> he is brilliant. that's why we chose him. he has written two articles, one how we are expanding and modernizing our nuclear arsenal as we are asking both iran and north korea to disarm theirs. that's one. and the second one is to adequately monitor the denuclearization of north korea will take hundreds of people more of the capacity that the iaea has. kim is looking at this, you would think and thinking, oh, my god, i could end up like gadhafi if my own people rise against me. >> that's interesting. that's a little different than what bolton said. it's one thing to say -- we go to the cuba model.
4:23 am
when my people get a taste of what freedom is like, who knows what will happen. big bombs will come your way. then you're going to be gone. that's what the libya model is, is it not? >> well, we caught libya red handed. they hadn't built a bomb. there is a huge difference between libya, north korea, and iran. north korea has 60 bombs and very advanced chemical and biological capacity too and they have been hiding it for years. they have the worst human rights record in the world. thousands in gulags. let's not forget that. they have the bomb. it would be nice to have denuclearization of the world as a an aspiration. maybe somebody knows something i
4:24 am
don't know. but having them give everything up is any way to start a conversation. it won't happen. >> on the issue of the u.s. is building up its, the u.s. doesn't have any pledge of existential threat to other people in the world, right? that's the difference between the united states and israel and iran and north korea. look, i stepped into this whole with netanyahu when he wouldn't admit they have nukes when the world is saying they do. his point was, and it's a fair point, i'm not looking to take anybody out with my nukes. i'm looking to defend myself. the united states would make the same case. do they need the same level of disclosu disclosure? >> it is a democratic ally. the only truly democratic regime in the middle aoeftd. that makes it different from
4:25 am
iran, which is threatening the annihilation of israel or the annihilation of the united states. nonetheless, they have long-range missiles. they don't yet have reentry capacity, which is a good time for us to be negotiating some kind of containment deal. i'm all for talking to them. and i commend president trump for making it his first priority. >> do you think it happens? >> i hope a conversation happens. i would love something to happen. the two huge deals in a neighborhood that has change. the other is a really good north korea deal are receiving because we don't link foreign policy moves that we make. we have maiden mys of europe, avoidable mistake.a very because of the way we moved the emssy, we oppose it.
4:26 am
we should have predicted there would be palestinian violence. >> i asked you to do too much. this is all inter related. we need to have you back and discuss this. the ideas of the hopes, aspirations and realities, it is complex and deserves its own time. thank you for being here. you always make it better. >> i will miss this show with you. >> what about me, jane? >>. >> you've interviewed me as well. you're great. the trump administration exploring potentially holding children wore o caught at the border crossing and military bases apart from their parents. will lawmakers score this plan? no bars. oh no!
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north korea threatening to banned summit. a member of the foreign affairs committee. always good to see you, congressman. >> you too. how are you? >> i'm doing well, thank god. so, are you shake anything your boots? is all lost now that north korea is saying we won't be put in a corner? we walk away first? >> no. they are probably doing a little bluster, trying to show his domestic population he is still in control. this is the old pattern of north korea. on the one hand, they come out smiling with unicorns they give to south korea. the next day it's like we're going to fight back and do all of this kind of stuff. i'm not losing sleep over this issue. it just shows north korea is back to their old pattern of give and take and angry and happy. that's always concerning because of what they've done in the past. >> jane harman was just on.
4:32 am
i don't know if you were listening. >> i wasn't, but i like her. >> she was in congress in california for a long time. she's at the wilson center now. she has concerns that the chance of getting the best deal the u.s. could get in north korea is receding because not what north korea is saying right now but the approach of how many allies, how many different points of pressure. do you share those concerns? >> i would have to hear more of her thesis. unfortunately, i didn't get to see her prior. we are either going to get a good deal for infinity or i think it makes more and more likely which is why a deal is going to happen. there is a lot of.
4:33 am
it is time this is over. let's move on. maybe that's why we are in this new phase. >> help us understand what the eventuality is. as stark as it is, and i know you're not saying you want it. you are one of the representatives who put your life on the line for the freedoms of the rest of us. you know better than anyone. but that reminds me of what bolton was saying, a libya model is what we're looking at here. very provocative. north korea by all indications didn't like it. what is the libya model? given what we are asking for first, what big bombs are coming your way. and you will no longer exist kim jong-un. is that the right mention? >> don't miss treatment your people or eventually they will stab you in the back of a pickup truck unceremoniously.
4:34 am
with gadhafi, would the west have intervened? maybe, maybe not. there will be some carrots given to north korea in the form of economic assistance or in the form of we in essence have a security guarantee like we did with cuba rg something along those lines. we're not interest in invading north korea. maybe china holds that security blanket. but a long term nonnuclearized north korea is essential. my concern is if this doesn't happen, we are at the churchill kind of moment where we are looking forward and saying do we want a world where anyone can get nukes or do we need to stand strong now? >> it's tough. north korea has more knmunition. pakistan has nukes. u.s. is hedging back on aid to
4:35 am
pakistan. it only creates more financial pressure on them to do something with their nukes and maybe ship one to someone else like saudi arabia. this gets very complex. so we need friends. china is a friend with quotes around it. do you believe the need for chinese involvement is the reason why we are seeing this otherwise surprising softening from the president on chinese telecom zte? >> i certainly hope not. we need to have a relationship with china obviously on the long term. the concern is not economic mismanageme mismanagement. it is an espionage issue.
4:36 am
i was pretty concerned and a little blown away when the president made a statement about it. i hope there is more clarification to come. we have got to stand up against this chinese espionage. >> two things to unpack. you can't be a little blown away. he says he did this because too many jobs were lost. what happened to america first? what happened to bringing the jocks back here and punishing china for violating our intellectual property and other activities that you call espionage? what happened to that? >> i think there's no doubt that the president has done a lot for america first and american jobs. look at the economy. i don't understand the economy. a lot he has done on foreign policy. i think there needs to be clarification on exactly why this is happening. i don't think it is a quid pro quo with china and north korea, but i think there is some issue we need to unpack. maybe that's just the president wants to have a great relationship with the president of china, which is good. we need that. but we also need to stand up
4:37 am
against our i.t. theft and espionage. >> you said something else. i'm out of time. people will be surprised to hear that china, in your view, could be the biggest not just economy but military adversary f the tureed states going into the fu unpack that for us. we will make another date. alisyn? in a new piece in "new york" magazine, it describes the last voice the president hears most nights. spoiler alert. it's the man you see on the right side of your screen. what is sean hannity telling president trump? that's coming up. factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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long list of demands from the chinese government that are very ambitious ahead of high-stakes trade talks. the president may have given in on one already before the negotiations even start. christine romans, chief correspondent, is "in the money" center. what did he do? >> this is round two for u.s./china trade negotiations. china has a long list of demands some say are unreasonable. the president may have caved on one of them. zte was an enforcement action that broke u.s. sanctions and lied about it. trump administration claimed tough with china. and then reversing, leaving many to question the u.s. strategy here. in exchange for saving zte, the hope is china doesn't target u.s. agriculture products. that's the tradeoff. senator marco rubio called it terrible deal making. >> it is part of an overall industry china steals intellectual property. so removing sanctions on them in exchange for removing tariffs on farm thaers didn't do anything
4:43 am
wrong doesn't sound like a good deal to me. >> white house economic adviser larry kudlow said there is one thing working in this president's favor. >> i think there is a little bit of "bromance" between president trump and president xi. >> he added "bromance" is always good. >> are they? have we test thad? >> emmanuel macron has a "bromance" and still pulled out of the nuclear agreement. >> there you go. they are fun to watch, i agree with that. christine, thank you very much for all of that. now, to a follow-up on a story we brought you yesterday. in my conversation with the former correspondent at nbc news, she claimed tom brokaw assaulted her in the 1990s. brokaw vigorously denied this accusation. he said i met with lynn va
4:44 am
vester both on the her request 23 years ago because she wanted advice with respect to her career at u.s. the meetings were brief, cordial, and appropriate. and i made no romantic overtures toward her at that time or any other. after the interview, brokaw denyed any assault of new kind the in either meeting with vester. vester told us she was speaking out now because she wants to have the conversation about what happened. nbc universal said they have reached out to ms. vester via her attorney to discuss the allegations and so far she has not accepted our offer. vester's attorney told us i have made it very clear and advise counsel for nbc that my client is more than willing to be interviewed as part of an independent investigation. her offer to take part in an outside investigation remains open. but at this point nbc has not taken up my client on that offer.
4:45 am
she said the matt lauer investigation was handled internally. they said they were thorough, objective and conducted at the corporate level outside the news division. kim harris, the company's general counsel, led with a team of legal and h.r. professionals independent of news. in addition, we consulted two prominent outside law firms, both of whom validated the methodology and recommended next steps. so obviously the story continues. as you can imagine, there's all sorts of things that happened with sexual harassment, cases, and allegations that continue. chris? all right. "new york" magazine diving into the the relationship between president trump and one of his tv favorites, sean hannity. how often they talk, what they talk about. all of it next. (vo) why are subaru outback
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4:50 am
us some more colors. here's what the article says, the call to the white house comes after 10:00 most weeknights when hannity is over. he calls the switch board, the operator dials the president who leaves the oval office around 7:00 p.m. and by this point in the evening is almost always by himself on the third floor of the executive residence. the first lady sleeps in a separate bedroom. there are a lot of questions raised by even just that paragraph, so let's start at the beginning, olivia, what do these two talk about most nights? >> it seems as though they talk about everything. my reporting indicates that they speak in a very friendly way, almost as though the president is not really the president, almost as though he's still just a tv personality. and one source put it to me who knows both of them it was a way for the president to decompress and this was a recurring theme throughout my reporting, that the president kind of lacking a normal social environment in the
4:51 am
white house and not having according to my sources and according to other reporting, his wife around to decompress with that this is a way for the president to feel normal and unwind at the end of the day. >> can we talk about that last part that you just talked about, his wife not being around? in your report you say that you had a source that says president trump doesn't live with his wife of the what does that mean. >> what my source meant or my interpretation what they meant is that they are not spending a great deal of time together as a normal couple might and there's certainly been other reporting, "the washington post" had a story last week about this about the fact that the president begins his day alone. melania trump has a different area of the residency that she hangs out in that she sleeps in, so the president is looking for other outlets, other ways to feel like a normal person. >> and the reason that they don't have that normal relationship and don't -- according to your reporting spend time together at night, anything on that?
4:52 am
>> well, this is an article about sean hannity not melania trump. i didn't explore that question too deeply, though i hope to in the future. the most interesting thing to me is that this is an unprecedented situation. there have been previous presidents in the past who have had relationships with members of the media, who have been friends with members of the media or enjoy cozy relationships with them and talk to them with some frequency. i think having a president who's real best friend seems to be a member of the right wing media and talks to him more than some people talk to members of their family, i think that's pretty remarkable. >> i do too. what is their bond? what did you learn about why they connect on this level? >> a childhood friend of sean hannity's john gomez, he told me that really the president and sean hannity, in his view, are like competitors in some weird way. the president is still obsessed
4:53 am
with television. he's obsessed with tv ratings and my reporting indicated that they talked so much about tv ratings, they talked about who's shows they liked and who's shows were bad, who was doing well and not doing well and they liked to just gossip about the people they both know in the media industry. i think in a lot of ways it's a way for the president to just feel like his version of normal which might not be my version of normal or your version of normal but for him this is somebody for the last stretch of his life before his political career began in 2015 was a tv star in america. >> we should mention that cnn has reached out to fox news for their comment on this piece, but we have received no response. >> right. >> one of the things in terms of his viewing habits, you know, it's often been reporting that he's watches "fox and friends." it was not always the case, he was steered in that direction.
4:54 am
>> right. anyone with a twitter account or watching cnn or reading the news knew that he was watching a lot of morning television especially in the early part of the administration. he was watching a lot of cnn, he was watching other networks as well. watching msnbc and he would often live tweet his viewing in the morning and start these news cycles based off the things that agitated him on the shows whether it was what the shows were covering or the personalities themselves. that changed. we still get early morning tweet storms. it doesn't seem that he's reacting to other networks like he reacts to "fox and friends." my reporting indicates based on two sources, one current white house official, one former white house official that early in the administration when this was identified as a problem that was not going to go away in the white house, it was a problem on the campaign, that sean spicer and reince priebus made an
4:55 am
effort, a planned effort to steer him away from cnn and msnbc and steer him to fox news in the morning with the hopes that it would calm him down and that it would lead to being thrown off course far less than he was throwing things off course in a communications way in the early part of the administration, because sometimes, by his intelligence briefing which is sometimes as late as 11:00 a.m., the entire day is kind of thrown into disarray based on what he was tweeting based on the morning shows. >> i'm not sure it had the intended outcome of calming him down. >> right. >> by steering him in that direction. here's the president himself talking about sean hannity and how, when the president was trying to make the point that he was always against the iraq war, which people were having a hard time finding evidence of, he was basically sean hannity came to his defense. so listen to this moment.
4:56 am
>> i then spoke to sean hannity, which everybody refuses to call sean hannity, i had numerous conversations with sean hannity at fox and sean hannity said and he called me the other day, and i spo to h about it. heaid you were totally against the war because he was for the war. >> so people didn't know if that was actually a reliable narrator given their relationship. there's also a question whether or not the president produces sean hannity's show of the do you have any sense of how involved he is in the programming level? >> based on my reporting i know that they do speak about the show sometimes. the president obviously very publicly tweets about the show sometimes before its on. he tells people when it's going to be on and where they can watch it and to tune in. it does seem as though fox and the white house are in communication quite a bit but one of the white house officials who i spoke to for this story, someone currently there was sort of complaining about the fact
4:57 am
that, they don't always know what's going to be on fox news and they have to react to it as the president reacts to it publicly. if you watch hannity's program, it's pretty much the same most nights these days. it's a lot of complaining about the so-called deep state and robert mueller's investigation. it doesn't sound very different from the way that the president sounds in his own tweets or rare statements not to fox news on the subject. when it comes to the iraq war and hannity being the person who reporters were supposed to call to get a confirmation on what the president was claiming absent any evidence to that claim, it's pretty ridiculous statement. people took it as a ridiculous statement at the time. these are not two men who are known for being reliable sources. >> it's a fascinating read. donald trump and sean hannity like to talk before bedtime. who doesn't? exactly. thank you very much. >> thank you. we got a good one for you,
4:58 am
this morning. it is the ear worm version of the 2015 viral sensation, the dress. do you remember that? what colors do you see? we'll play something for you and you tell us whether you hear laurel or yanny. >> yanny, yanny, yanny, yanny. >> quick go to the jib with chris, what do people hear? >> you can't hear both. >> get off the fence. >> yanny for bruce. >> anybody else? >> laurel. >> what did you hear? >> right now i heard laurel but when i was driving in this morning and dave and christine were doing it i heard yanny so clearly. >> sign of a weak mind. you heard laurel every time out. laurel. >> you heard yanny. >> listen laurel.
4:59 am
laurel. >> now i hear laurel. >> i think it's a joke. it's a trick. >> it's like the dress. >> i felt like this about the dress. >> that one was so obvious. what do you see. >> i see like a periwinkle blue and like a gold. >> i see a white and gold. you don't see it black anywhere. >> i don't see like a gold and i se like a blue and again, this isnother one where i don't get -- i've never fully understood why you hear yanny, i hear laurel, while you see white, that at least made more sense to me. cones in my eyes, maybe i'm color blinded which is why i want to wear this. this one i don't get it with my ear. >> how can we all hear something so different? >> i heard yanny so different. >> my own ears are playing tricks on me. >> i heard laurel every time. it's kind of like when we say fact the president hears fake. is it kind of like that? >> a little bit. >> or is it actually nothing like that at all?
5:00 am
>> this we don't understand the yanny/laurel. >> what are people saying other than we hate you? >> i hear yanny. >> it's split. >> that didn't even just happen. >> it was not some fantasized man that walked past you right now. >> we're following a lot of news. let's get after it. north korea threatening to cancel the upcoming summit with president trump. >> they're effectively saying that denuclearization is not what the north koreans want. >> i'm hoping it's a temporary setback and their way of protesting against the military exercises. >> we weren't even at the 50 yard line yet and the president was practicing his end zone dance. >> make china great again? >> this company is a very serious problem. >> i can't remember whether we discuss that had issue or not. i don't think we d.


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