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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 31, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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liberal, and we seem very open, but yet deep down we are still quite traditional, and so i think that most guys want a more traditional woman to marry. don't miss tonight's all new episode at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific right here on cnn. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm ryan noble s s in for fredra whitfield and right now outrage is growing in sacramento after a newly released independent autopsy contradicts the police department's account of how stephon clark died. the results reveal that the unarmed black man was shot eight ti times by officers and primarily in his back in less than an hour. protester protesters will gather demanding justice for clark's death and answers from law enforcement. ryan young joining us live from sacramento, and ryan, what is
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the atmosphere like in the city right now? >> ryan, like you said an hour from now that protest is going to start again, and if you look behind me former nba player matt barnes is in the distance talking about the rally. he is one of the voices that is going to be here talking about what happened and the conversation that has been happen iing over to last few da in this community. and we believe it might be one of the largest rallies they have had over the past few days, and stephon clark is a 22-year-old father of two, and loft people in the community have been saying his name over and over and they are upset with how the police responded to the incident a few days ago, and the family hired the attorneys, and they had a pathologist to go through what happened that night. and in is what they believe. they believe they are refuting what the sacramento police department said, and that is what he was shot here on the side and the body turned and then he returned six gunshots to the back and leg. while we were there at the press conference, you could hear people screaming murder, murder,
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murder. and a lot of folks upset, and this is one of the rallieses that we have had and we have seen them block the nba arena here to stop the people from going in to see the sacramento king, and tonight, a game against the golden state warriors and we don't believe there is anything plan around the arena, but the police are going to be there to make sure. and people have been marching in the streets. it is loud, but peaceful, and that is what the people are hoping again today that the people will be loud, but once again, remain peaceful. the tensions are high, obvio obviously, because they want to know what happened that night to lead to this young man being shot so many times. ryan. >> thank you. ryan young live for us in sa sacramento, and thank you for that. ed and we are following stunning new shooting results from the shooting of alton sterling. the 37-year-old's final moments of a black man gunned down by a white officer in 2016. we are joined by kaylee hartung
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in baton rouge, and what did you learn from the body camera footage? >> ryan, this new footage is a complete depiction of what happened in july of 2016. and shortly thereafter, the video from bystanderers cell phone gave us more look, but now as well as the surveillance from the convenience store, there is more context to the night that alton sterling was shot by a baton rouge police aofficer. >> reporter: graphic and disturbing new video. >> what i did? and so what i did? >> move on -- [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. put your hands on the car. >> reporter: showing the controversial shooting of alton sterling in baton rouge. the police officer blaine saalamoni is going to be fired
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over his actions. >> the officer blaine salamoni has been terminated from the baton rouge police department as of today. >> reporter: and he refused to answer questions, but the chief said that howie lake, the other officer involved answered them all. lake who made mistakes, but controlled the his temper was given a three-day unpaid suspension. >> two perspectives and one officer did not follow the tactics, and training and fellowship of standards. >> reporter: they are make it clear that the investigation was separate from the are criminal charges that both of the officers with cleared of. the police department released four videos from the night of the shooting including this surveillance footage from the triple s store. that is sterling at the front of the store where he is selling cds and he is seen committing a tra transaction with another unidentified man and he appears to remove a gun from the front
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pocket followed by money from the same pock, and then sterling is seen jokingly making a shooting motion no the man. and then police responded to the super s store who saw a man with a gun. watch how things escalate quickly. from salamoni's perspective, you see that he has his gun trained on his head. >> don't you shoot me. don't you shoott me. hold up. you are hurting h my arm. >> reporter: then sterling was pinned to the ground and tased twice. >> get on the ground. get on the ground. >> are pop him again, howie. >> before being fatally shot. previously released cell phone videos recorded by theby standers show that sal ashgtamo believed he was armed.
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and state and local authorities said that they could not prove that he was reaching for a gun. >> reporter: and they the tell me that attorneys for salamoni was acting as he was trained the do. and filing the appeal is a matter of prince pple if nothing else, but while the new video circulating alton sterling's family is trying the keep the five children from seeing it. the family attorney's says that is what is most troubling about this new video is the way that you hear the officers speaking to alton sterling as they stand over his body and cussed at him and call him names. >> thank you, kaylee hartung. and just into cnn, the defense department has identified the soldier killed by an ied. master sergeant jonathan dunbar
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from austin, texas, died as a result of a ied device detonated near his patrol. he was assigned to the u.s. army special operations command at fort bragg, and the pentagon says that the incident is still under investigation. still ahead, could congress devin nunez support in a president trump investigation cost him at the poll, and why his challenger is giving some democrats new hope. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home.
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democrats pushing for a blue wave in november are looking at the california 22nd congressional district which is the seat held by republican house intelligence communications chairman devin no nunes who has unwavering support for president trump and hoping to seize on the criticism, the current challenger is the deputy district attorney for fresno, california, andrew jans, and he joins me via skype. now sh now, devin nunes won this in a very red area, and why do you think that you can win? >> thank you, ryan, for having me on this week, and again. and any time a first-time
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candidate for congress who raises $1 million in a month mean means you have a chance. >> what do you at tribute the surge to? because of the role that devin nunes has been playing or the representation in your district? >> well, it is a combination of both. now more than ever, i believe that the people in the district want good people in government and while the vast ma r jor toif the americans are beginning to question this administration's integrity and competency and now more than ever we need good people to go to congress to perform congress' constitutional check on the executive branch. while my opponent is in washington fooling around on the committee, the message at home is being forgotten and it is starting to resonate not only in district, but across the country. >> and we mentioned that the 22nd district has been republican district for a long
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time, and the republican won that district by ten point, and isn't there a chance that many of your constituents agree with the work that congressman nunes has done on the house intelligence committee? >> i don't think so. i have been crisscrossing this district for the past year. people are concerned and conu fused about my opponent's conduct on the house intelligence committee. it is a committee that has never been a part san committee and for the first time, we will see a sitting member of congress actually attacking our federal law enforcement agencies, and people are concerned about that and in this district, the republicans included. >> now, you said that, and you have told me earlier arier in the week that you will not s support nancy pelosi as the house democratic leader as speakerer of the house if the democrats take the house, and what are the reasons for not supporting ms. pelosi in that role, and she has a lot of support of the democrats in the house right now? >> ryan, the last thought on my mind right now is nancy pe llos
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and what i am going to do between the next eight months is to focus on the issues that matter to the people who live here in the district w. that said, i have been somebody who has been talking about generational change in washington, and that is includes democratic leadership and republican leadership. by been calling out my opponent for being in washington for 15 years, and he is a washington insider, and he represents everything that is wrong in washington. somebody who takes money from the special interest groups and the most wealthiest corporations on the planet, and i have taken a pledge not the take corporate money or from the pacs or anything like that, and that is a message that i believe people want to have their members of congress explored, and so i really think that the issue here that we should be talking about is what the congressman has done for the district here. >> well, to that end, he is very close with the president, ands a result that is going to give him the opportunity to advocate for issues in the central valley,
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and if you get to congress, donald trump is the president for two years and perhaps longer, a listened you be able to work with him and his administration? >> i think that what we are seeing across the country is a new wave of leaders going to washington, and i believe strongly that the democrats are going to be in control of congress, and especially the house of representatives next year, and one of the things that i have been talk about in the district is infrastructure, and we are out of a six-year drought and we don't have the water security that we need here to send out to the communities and irrigate the fields. i have talked to growers about the inability to get water, and tradition a ally the democrats have been the party who has talked about the big project, and you go back to fdr and he got us out of the great depression by investing in communities and building bridges and tunnels and dams and we need the do the same thing here in the central valley, and i am willing to work with the president on that issue. >> thank you. andrew janz who is the seeking
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resigning last month. she was one of the president's closest confidants and now speculation that the social media director dan scavino could take over. and amy, let's start with you, what do we know about scavino and how he fits in? >> he is one of the last people remaining in the president's inner circle and knows his voice well. so a lot of the people in the white house feel that he could fill the void and go right in there and be the president's mouthpiece, and plan the str strategy in the way that you would need to do in the that role, because that role is not so much the mouthpiece, but planning and look ging ahead, a planning big picture strategy for the white house. >> yes, but julie ann, it is thought that hope hicks was a calming voice where dan scavino
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could be more of a brain, and could he be filled with more folks in the inner circle who could challenge him more than s cross-examination av ishino. >> and he would be better served with any counter voice in the office. and as we have seen, nobody has been able to tame president trump, and the best strategy from the perspective of the white house is someone who understands the voice, and can channel it in certain direction, but new the end, president trump is going to be the boss of this oval office. >> and he has been from the beginning for sure, and amy, the epa director pruitt has been coming under fire for excessive use of tax payers dollars and certainly not the first. you have tom price and recently ousted david shulkin and others
11:23 am
under scrutiny and so at this point, amy, is scott pruitt's job in danger? is the white house worried a about him? >> yes, they are feeling that they cannot defend him, and it is on the heels of the other people, and so it all about the optics as john kelly recently put it behind the scenes in the meeting, and so he does not want the perception out there that the cabinet is that they are doing all of these things, and so that is problematic for him going forward. and i think that donald trump realizes that this is a distraction, and it keeps going from one cabinet official to another. >> yeah, and julian, it seems that the staffing problems have dogged this administration from the beginning around and the washington post" is saying that the office that is charged with vetting employees is understaffed and prone the playing the drinking games in the office, and what are the implications for the
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administration with such heavy turnover, and lot of positions to fill that you have this departmentt who is responsible for getting the department into jobs is having all of these problems? >> it is creating great instability, and when you have a president who does not have the strongest history of understanding policy, that leaves him without any kind of expertise. it also suggests that this is a president who has not paid much attention to kconflict of sbherss, and to really understanding everyone has surround surrounded him, and so this is the natural outgrowth of those original decisions, and i don't think that it is is going to change unless in the end the president really changes the way that he looks at personnel and look looks at the relation between the private and the public sides of the officials working for him. >> and julian, one of the president's big promises in the campaign is that he was going the drain the swamp, and i have seen some conservatives argue nag this round of the cabinet and upheaval is proof that he is
11:25 am
draining the swamp, and can he make the argument that he is draining his own swamp? >> well, certainly republicans are wondering or some of the base the that voted for trump and the passionate are starting to become a little cynical that the swam subpoena going to go away. obviously, he is draining the swamp a little bit, but he created it, and he fill lted it, and this is a problem that was created by the president. the buck stops with him. >> right. and amy, we will obviously have john bolton inserted soon as the national security, chief of national security adviser, and i mean, how important are these people that are ending up surrounding the president? ultimately, is he the decision maker, and does it matter who fills the roles? >> well, it matters and it typically matters in most administrations, but as julian said earlier, he is going to make the decision ultimately and he has proven as much. when the administration kind of veers off course or when he
11:26 am
does, you know, that is -- he is ultimately going to decide where it goes. i think that i it is what you are seeing, and what he is going to continue to do. >> all right. great insight from both of you, amie parnes and julian zeltzer. and i'm ryan noble, and newshour continues at the top of the hour. have a great day and a happy easter. breakfast bar. morning, egg white omelet. sup lady bacon! fruit, there it is! the hour. have a great day and a happy easter. can guarantee that yo'l get the best price when you book with us. holiday inn express. be the readiest.
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