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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 9, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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north korean leader kim jong-un. it is a huge development. and the white house taking credit this morning. even as there are questions about how it went down who conceded more, and whether it is a good idea to begin with. kaitlan collins at the white house with the latest. kaitlan? >> we actually just got a brand-new statement from the vice president mike pence. i'll read that for you. he said north korea's desire to meet to discuss denuclearization while suspending all ballistic missile and nuclear testing is evidence that president trump's strategy to isolate the kim regime is working. now, john, let me give you a little bit of the behind the scenes how this all went down at white house yesterday. the president was initially not scheduled to even meet with the south korean delegation, who was here briefing the national security adviser on their talks with north korea and then he met with them, they extended the invitation from kim jong-un, the president seemed to accept essentially on the spot, and thought the news was just too good to not share. they had the south korean
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official come out here on the drive over to the white house last night, in the dark, to tell -- to make this announcement that he had accepted this invitation. now, as far as the details of where we go from here, they're still hammering those out, the when, the where. but south korea is saying this meeting will take place by may. very short timetable that the white house is working with here. that's a timetable that the white house has agreed to. but we do not know when and where this meeting will happen. but to give you a sense of how quickly all of this unfolded, we heard from vice president mike pence just on tuesday and he said that the posture toward the north korean regime will not change until, quote, we see concrete steps toward denuclearization. then we heard from the secretary of state rex tillerson just yesterday, hours before this invitation was accepted, and he said that, quote, we're a long way from negotiations. and then the president accepts this invitation, that was extended by north korea and we're going from here. but, john, a lot of risk, a lot
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of reward at the table here, essentially between the two leaders. both very dramatic, both very bold, but the president has made clear he doesn't want to make the mistakes that his predecessors have with north korea. so we'll be waiting to see where the president goes from here as the white house continues to hammer out the details of this very striking news, john. >> the stakes could not be higher. kaitlan collins at the white house this morning. this morning, no country could be happier about all of this than south korea. cnn's paula hancocks in seoul with the latest. >> reporter: well, john, you're right. we have heard from the south korean vice president moon jae-in who even before he came to power said that he wanted this to happen. he wanted more engagement with north korea. he has everything he wanted and more. he has said this is almost a miraculous event. that really sums up what has happened over recent days. the fact that this diplomat ic
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whirlwind is a massive understatement. we're hearing interesting color and information from the meeting between the north korean leader kim jong-un and the south korean officials, if we rewind a few days before the south korean officials went to washington with that historic invitation to meet with trump. we did hear that the red carpet was laid out by the north korean leader, that he applied the south koreans with bottles of wine, with korean soji, the local liquor here and it was very jovial, saying he was also very jovial when he was talking about his image outside of north korea, saying he was very aware of how he was portrayed in international media and how people thought of him. he was even joking about himself. so we really saw some quite interesting insights into kim jong-un himself. but there are many people here welcoming this, many insisting a bit of realism needs to be injected into it as well. we know xi jinping, the chinese
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leader, has been speaking to the u.s. president, donald trump, certainly china will be delighted. this is what they have wanted for some time. they have wanted washington and pyongyang to sit down and discuss the denuclearization. but we are hearing some people question whether or not the u.s. president is walking into a massive trap, to actually sit down with the north korean leader, legitimizes him in a way that some say it really shouldn't. >> paula hancocks in seoul. thank you very much. joining me now, john park, director of the korea working group at harvard kennedy school of government and tony blinken, former deputy secretary of state. there is a glass half full aspect to this and glass half empty. let's start with glass half full. i know this did not go down the way that major diplomatic breakthroughs normally do. nevertheless, this is diplomacy. this is a meeting where people will be talking, not shooting, at each other. >> you're right. look, a few weeks ago before the olympics, it looked like we were in a slow motion nightmare
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heading to conflict and war. now the president is giving diplomacy a chance. that's a good thing. we should support it and applaud it. second, i think it is evidence that pressure can work. the administration built on the pressure that president obama put in place and that's one of the reasons i think kim is coming to the table. but where the realism comes in is this, we're at best at the start line, not the finish line of a process and there are world class hurdles ahead. we know that president kim jong-un could actually just simply take the meeting, pocket it and get increased stature he's looking for. and the north koreans are masters at three things. stringing, ringing and walking. stringing out talks, ringing out concessions and walking away. that's a danger too. finally this needs extraordinary preparation. and if the president goes into this, without the preparation, if he wings it, and goes in alone, that's a recipe for ending up in a very bad place. >> john park, to you, kim jong-un is getting something he
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wants here. is he giving anything up? >> he's committed to denuclearization. may meeting is right around the corner. for the time being, it is this commitment to denuclearize and freeze on the ballistic missile and nuclear test. >> not even a piece of paper. a statement we think he said out loud as translates through the south koreans now. we don't know how firm that is. mike pence, we heard his statement. he said this is evidence that president trump's strategy to isolate the kim regime is working. the north koreans are coming to the table despite the united states making zero concessions. true? >> the current formulation, that's what it looks like. we're still trying to piece together what took place. i think more information will come out. but the thing is, there are two dominant theories why kim jong-un is going this direction, sanctions are working, clear indication this game plan is coming to fruition in key areas. the other, he's biding time, the idea that for the next stage of nuclear weapons development, ever more technically intensive, he was going to be quiet and
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working in the labs and soldering, why not frame it as a freeze of a diplomatic off ramp. >> why has every north korean leader wanted this high profile meeting with the u.s. president? >> it is an important element of validation of the north korean structure itself and north korea views the united states as the source of what they call the hostile policy. >> so, tony, some of what north korea might want out of this, cnn particularly listing from our reporting, sovereignty, dramatic reduction of u.s. troops in south korea, scale down the u.s./south korean military exercises, how much of this, if any of it, when all is said and done, would be the u.s. be willing to give? >> we have been here before. i think north korea's aims in any negotiation have been pretty consistent. and you just listed them. at the end of the day, what they're looking for, is to get u.s. troops off the peninsula, to end the u.s./south korea alliance and ultimately from their perspective reunify but on
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their terms. all of those things are nonstarters. but where there may be an opportunity is to see if we can give them at the end of a process if they take the steps to denuclearize credible guarantees for their own security and survival. that's where the rub is. we have to keep this in mind. when we engage in these kind of negotiations before, for example, with iran, on its nuclear program or cuba on diplomatic normalization, it has taken years, tremendous preparation, taken a very detailed and lengthy process, taken the right people and experts. none of those are in place. so i think we got a long road ahead of us to even get to that point. finally this is the time when the hypocrisy leader in washington hits the red. interesting to see people criticize president obama, what is their reaction to this. what standard are they going to hold president trump to if he gets into a negotiation with north korea. >> i am interested, i know the
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situation was different with the obama administration than it is nowle with the trump administration, but if you were part of the national security council, sitting inside the west wing on a thursday, they say the north wants to meet, would you say, yes, let's do it in may? >> i don't think we would have been as impulsive as the president was yesterday. i think we have taken this under advisement, thought about the right reaction, probably would have started by proposing that someone under the president meet, but, look, at the end of the day, john, you know, diplomacy is not a gift, it is a tool. and if it can be used to advance peace to advance our security and get to a deal, then we should support it. so let's see where this goes. i would support the president in moving forward on this. but with the right people, with the right preparation, with the right process to give us a chance to get to yes. >> john, it is interesting, no small irony this happened hours
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after the united states announced big sanctions against south korea here. the steel sanctions could cost south korea a lot of money. there are major exporter of steel to the united states. do you think at this point the united states backs off that and says, hey, wait a minute, we'll take this off the table, all this north korea stuff is going on, it is unseemly and unwieldy? >> as i mentioned, different piece of information coming out, one from yesterday that the south korean national security adviser put in a request in terms of the exemption under the steel tariffs for south korea. that's being considered at this point. >> do you think it would be wise for the trump administration to say yes given the sensitivity of the negotiations now? >> it depends. there is a south korean effort to link the two issues, even from a south korean perspective, the priority is to get the inter-korean talk and the u.s. and north korean talks going. >> great to have you with us. thanks so much, guys. a lot going on. still to come, the stormy daniels saga, yet another adult film star is now tied to this scandal. we have new details ahead.
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they want me over. they want me over at the grand jury. screw that. why do i have to go? why? for what? i'm not going to get sent to prison. donald trump caused it, because he's an idiot, because he decided to give an interview to lester holt the day after he
7:16 am
fired james comey and then he decided to have the russians in the oval office. >> that was sam nunberg, the former adviser to then candidate donald trump who swore he was not going to testify before the grand jury in the russia probe. guess where he is right now? there he is, walking into the district court in washington, d.c., we believe him to be testifying before the grand jury as we speak. jessica schneider outside right now. jessica, give us the latest. >> reporter: well, john, as you saw there, in a week that started off with a show of defiance from sam nunberg, he has in fact come here to the district courthouse and he will -- he is appearing before a grand jury this morning. he walked into the courthouse, just shortly after 9:00 a.m. he walked in with his attorney, patrick brakly. but everything that happens before the grand jury will be done without his attorney present and will be done in secret. so the question is, what exactly will sam nunberg tell this grand
7:17 am
jury? he did appear for an interview with the special council last month. he spent five and a half hours with investigators, telling them what he knew. but, of course, sam nunberg was very outspoken, earlier this week. he said a number of things that he didn't actually provide any evidence for, but he did say that he believes that president trump knew about that june 2016 meeting at trump tower between donald trump jr. and jared kushner and paul manafort and that russian lawyer. he also said based on his interview questions from the special council, he said he believes that the special counsel robert mueller does in fact have something on president trump. of course, again not offering any evidence. so interesting what sam nunberg will tell the grand jury today and how long he might be before the grand jury. now, it is important to gain some perspective here. sam nunberg was really a short-lived campaign adviser to the trump team, very early on in the campaign. in fact, he was hired by the campaign. and then fired, rehired again,
7:18 am
and then finally fired in august 2015. of course, that was just two months after donald trump even declared his candidacy. so, what exactly sam nunberg knows from those few months, it is uncertain. but what we do know is earlier this week, the special counsel's team served a subpoena on sam nunberg asking for documentation and correspondence between nunberg and ten people including the president. roger stone, steve bannon, paul manafort, rick gates among others. all communications from november 2015. that was after sam nunberg left the campaign until the present. so, john, it will be curious to see if sam nunberg talks to the cameras after he comes out of the grand jury proceedings. again, up clear how long that will last. he did not talk to the cameras going into the courthouse. and he did tell our gloria borger last night, he said, i won't be commenting any more. i don't want to turn into anthony scaramucci, a dig on the president's short-lived
7:19 am
communications director, anthony scaramucci. so despite sam nunberg talking extensively, john, at the beginning of the week, he's not saying anything today at least. john? >> not to us. he is saying things to the grand jury, which ultimately is more important. jessica schneider, thank you very much. that is one headache for the white house. there is a new one that has emerged very much this week. it is the stormy daniels saga. stephanie clifford and her lawsuit. she is a former adult film actress, her lawsuit against the president. our sara sidner joins us now with more. sara? >> reporter: there are some new details cnn uncovered. one of the people listed in that nondisclosure agreement, and in that agreement there are several people listed who may have knowledge of this alleged relationship between stormy daniels and president trump. now, one of the people listed is listed under the name angel ryan. that is actually the legal name of a woman named jessica drake,
7:20 am
also a film star, a porn star. and she knows stormy daniels. that is her there, she also spoke out just a month before the presidential election saying that donald trump was sexually inappropriate with her, she was sitting beside her attorney, gloria allred. now, why this is interesting is because about a few days after she came out with her statement on donald trump, accusing him of sexual misconduct, a spokesperson for donald trump during the campaign said, and i want to quote it here, basically that trump does not know this person, does not remember this person, and would have no interest in ever knowing her. why is that important? because less than a week after that statement was made, a woman named angel ryan, remember, that's the legal name of jessica drake, who accused donald trump of sexual misconduct at that same tahoe resort where he and stormy daniels allegedly met and
7:21 am
had a sexual romp, she was listed on the nondisclosure agreement as someone who would know something about stormy daniels and donald trump. someone is not telling the truth. and that is the crux of the argument here being made by the attorney for stormy daniels. it is very complicated as you might imagine, and when you have these nondisclosure agreements, they're trying to keep everything secret, right? so all of these different names, and all of these aliases, donald trump had an alias of david denson. stormy daniels had an alias, stormy daniels' real anytiname stephanie clifford. somebody isn't telling the truth and those details may come out in court. >> somebody not telling the truth part is easy to understand. sara sidner, thank you very much. joining me is jennifer soki, former white house communications director under president obama, worked in the state department, and rob
7:22 am
astorino, republican, supporter of president trump. it feels so incongruous to be talking about this breakthrough with north korea, also phenomenal jobs numbers today, 313,000 jobs added to the economy last month and this news about stormy daniels. and then sam nunberg in court. it is, like, the tale of two cities, the best of times, the worst of times for this white house. it is always thus, it seems, rob. >> you know, it looks like to me on the outside that stormy daniels is trying to maybe extort president denson -- i mean trump, whatever his name is. you can see this say contract she abided by, she received money from. and it was broken somehow and now her and her lawyer are really trying to push the president, who would have so much to lose, because he doesn't want to have to be deposed, he doesn't want testimony or discovery or any of that stuff. so they're trying to get
7:23 am
something new, maybe more money or something. >> that seems unlikely at this point, given the legal tact they're taking here. jen, the other side of that, again, you know, for all the issues the stormy daniel thing raises, the north korea development is huge. it is very, very big deal. do you think that this administration deserves the credit it is asking for this morning? >> well, diplomacy should always be the first resort and certainly there have been decades, years if not decades of time where presidents have not been willing to meet with the leader of north korea. they made that offer for years. it is not a new offer. he deserves credit for breaking the fever, i suppose. i think the issue at hand here is to what end? and what is going to result from this? i think there is natural, understandable skepticism, no one should be rooting against diplomacy or success here, democrats, anyone on partisan lines. but there is a lot of work to be done and i think a long road to go before we can celebrate
7:24 am
success. >> i want to walk down memory lane for a second, while i have you here. a veteran of the obama campaign. i'm old enough to remember in 2007 when then candidate obama was asked, if he would sit down and meet with leaders from iran, i think venezuela at that point, and north korea, without preconditions, and this was his answer. >> i wouldn't. and the reason is this, the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them, which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration, is ridiculous. >> barack obama in junior high, commenting on meeting -- >> he looks a bit younger with less gray hair. >> that was a fundamental approach that he took to his foreign policy over the course of eight years. there is a lot of success as a result. the iran deal, climate change agreements, he was willing to do that. at the time, i think this is what you give me the opportunity
7:25 am
to talk about, republicans called him naive. his opponents called him naive, thought that was a ridiculous approach to foreign policy. even when we got the iran deal that happened through negotiations with a leader that people were, you know, had strong reservations about, there was still criticism, still is criticism by many republicans of that. so there is some hypocrisy here at play as well. >> it works both ways. max baucus was telling me he's concerned about the president going in, president trump may be naive going in with kim jong-un there. >> what do you have to lose, right? we have seen subsequentially what has happened. that has been nothing except north korea getting the nuclear weapons, right? clinton failed. obama failed. bush failed. the biggest thing in a poker game is if you play with a wild card, it is the joker, right? right? right now president trump is scaring the heck out of north korea. they're doing something that they probably never would have
7:26 am
done. the president is willing to give it. what will we get as the big question? it is something that has to be tried. >> i said before, he should get credit for pursuing diplomacy over military action. this offer of a meeting has been on the table for decades. and every president in the past has not wanted to do it because they didn't want to elevate and give president -- kim jong-un -- but it is important for people to understand the context because there is quite a bit to lose. >> this is part of a north korean design from the beginning, for decades, and intricate design from the new year when kim jong-un made his speech, he's getting what he wants, whether it is what the u.s. wants and whose term it is, we'll debate that until may when it happens. more to the chaos again, i'm struck by the fact that sam nunberg is testifying now, stormy daniels, et cetera, is all of this success that i think you see with this administration, whether the jobs, north korea, is it happening because of the chaos, because of the way that the president runs things or is it
7:27 am
in spite of it all? would he be better served, more what you consider to be success if he got the act together inside the west wing? >> most people don't care what happens with the drama inside as long as things are getting better. they certainly are getting better. i remember 1978 with the new york yankees, the chaos in the locker room, all of them went nuts, george steinbrenner, it spurned one of the greatest sports books ever, the bronx zoo, and they won the world series that year. >> again, jen, there is fair criticism for the chaos we have seen in the west wing over the last few weeks. yet some things seem to be working. >> sure, look, i think success of a presidency is more than photo-opes. it is more than retweets and cable chirons. for trump, if you look at the last couple of weeks there was no process around the tariffs. you've seen what a disaster that's been. obviously him being willing to pursue diplomacy is a positive.
7:28 am
the secretary of state, the secretary of defense had no idea, the vice president contradicted his policy earlier in the day, tells you there is not really a strategy here. so there is a lot of problem with chaos and lack of progress and process, i should say, and that is a determinant of whether to be successful. >> as a former state department spokesperson, did you break out in hives when you saw the secretary of state was so incredibly out of the loop on this? >> i did. frankly, because that's a pivotal person and there has been -- the fact that the state department has been gutted, that there is no ambassador so south korea, no person who had run point as a negotiator is a problem. and that's, you know, that's going to be reflected and how challenging in the months ahead. >> great to have you here with us. thank you. i appreciate it. president jump and kim jong-un face to face. what does capitol hill think about all of this? stay around.
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president trump has accepted the offer to meet with kim jong-un by the end of may. and this morning, vice president pence says it is all because of the president's strategy to isolate the north korean regime. joining me now, democratic senator mazie rono from the state of hawaii. there is no state in the country that has a more direct interest in security on the korean peninsula than hawaii as evidenced by the false of alarm of a missile attack in hawaii that happened earlier this year. your reaction to the news of this meeting? >> any path that leads to a diplomatic resolution to ease tensions in the korean peninsula and leads to a denuclearized north korea is a good thing. at the same time, i want to set the record straight this did not just happen overnight because the first direct sanctions to --
7:34 am
on north korea, those were passed in 2015, we had a coalition of countries through our own efforts and through the united nations efforts to impose more sanctions on north korea, and so it has been a process of imposing these kinds of sanctions. that has had a negative economic impact on north korea. and i think we should also acknowledge the role that south korea has played recently to make sure that we have an environment. now, these are serious negotiations, i hope that we do not have what i would characterize as the tuesday trump, who goes in and has the one on one talks with kim jong-un, promises all kinds of things and then on thursday he walks back. we need to have a full government preparation to these talks because it is that serious. there is a lot at stake. >> this administration has put new sanctions on north korea as part of the maximum pressure strategy. do you believe that maximum pressure strategy contributed to
7:35 am
this diplomatic breakthrough? >> well, as i said, these kinds of sanctions have been imposed since 2015 or thereabouts. so it has been a process that bringing us to this pass. so here we are, and what i'm concerned about is are we going to be prepared to deal with north korea, kim jong-un, and the way that is going to lead to denuclearized north korea. this requires preparation. right now, one would think that it is the state department that should lead these efforts and we have kind of a hollowed out state department and that so many people have left the special envoy from the state department on north korean issues left. we do not have an ambassador to south korea. and so we have a state department that i don't think is prepared as it should be. these kinds of discussions will also include the department of defense. it includes the department of energy because somebody has to know what denuclearized north
7:36 am
korea means and that requires technical expertise. so there are a lot of entities that need to be brought in, not to mention we have our allies too. >> i hear your concerns. i hear your concerns. i also hear you trying to spread some of the credit for this to the past administration and to other countries as well. you seem unwilling -- >> that's fair and realistic. >> are are you unwilling to give this administration any credit for this? >> oh, well, you know what, u.n., our ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, has played a role. and the president's saber rattling, who knows what that has done. but it all brought, i think -- to say it all has been the president i think is unfair .. so i'm just saying that let's just give credit where credit is due. >> it doesn't all have to be him. the question is some of it him? >> well, one would hope so. but going forward, i'm concerned that he's not going to be prepared enough to do one on one discussions with kim jong-un.
7:37 am
i personally have experienced his direct discussions with people, having the tuesday trump we are promised whoe ed the who of us, things that would happen with regard to the dreamers. and then it is all gone. >> let's shift gears to the issue with stephanie clifford, aka stormy daniels, the adult film actress who is suing the president. on the past, you called on the president to resign calling him an admitted sexual predator. this was by all accounts a consensual act allegedly. nancy pelosi, said she doesn't see a role for congress in this matter. do you see a role for congress in this matter? >> i think it is part and parcel of the mueller investigation as to what was going on with the trump team. and there may be allegations that have to do with campaign spending violations. various things like that. >> i don't -- this is the first time i've heard any accusation that stormy daniels has anything to do with russia.
7:38 am
isn't the robert mueller investigation about possible russia collusion? >> it is a conspiracy, a collusion, i don't think it is illegal. but his investigation has to continue and it can be -- it can include a whole number of things. our role in congress is to try to counter the russians, make sure we're countering the russian interference with our elections and i can tell you that -- >> senator, i wasn't -- just to be clear, i'm not asking about russia, i'm asking about stormy daniels, the porn actress who is suing the president over this alleged hush money that was paid to her by the president's personal lawyer ten days before the campaign. do you see a congressional role in dealing with the questions surrounding that? >> not particularly. but as i say, there may have been some campaign spending violations, but our role should be very much focused on russian interference with our elections and whatever the trump team did
7:39 am
and collusion or conspiracy with that, which is also part of mueller's investigation. the investigation that absolutely has to go forward with regard to the russian interference because -- and all the testimony that has come before the committee that i sit on, the armed services committee, there has been acknowledgement that that interference it continuing in the 2018 elections and that there is no one agency that is prepared to take the lead to counter the russian interference with what is -- what they refer to as informational warfare. you have that. our elections are right around the corner. i would like our committees, especially the judiciary committee to pay attention to those aspects of what's going on. >> senator mazie hirono, thank you. ryan zinke's office needs some new doors. and the changeout could rival your mortgage.
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this morning, a standoff between the white house and congress as the administration brushes off a bipartisan request from the house oversight committee for more details about now ousted white house staff secretary rob porter. now in an cnn exclusive, a top democrat is urging the chairman to push back. sunlen serfaty joins us live with the latest on that. >> reporter: congressman cummings is calling for the house oversight committee to issue a subpoena for information relating to the rob porter scandal. you'll recall that rob porter was the former white house staff secretary who resigned last month over allegations of spousal abuse, which opened up a whole can of worms about the white house security clearance process. this request for information goes back to last month, when you had cummings and the republican chairman of that committee trey gowdy requesting specific information from the white house. they wanted details about the
7:46 am
timeline of the porter background check, when white house officials became aware of the problems in his past. and what specifically they did about it once they found out that information. now, last night the committee heard back from the legislative director at the white house, essentially talking about changes they made to the security clearance problems, but ignoring questions, specific questions they asked about porter. mark kelly writes consistent with your letter's request, we would be pleased to update you and others on the progress of the working group at the appropriate time. that's a big not at this time response from the white house. congressman cummings, the ranking member of the house oversight committee, responded to a letter this morning saying, quote, this is the third time the committee has sought information from the white house under your tenure as chairman. and it is the third time the white house has defied the committee as request. the question is whether this will be the third time the committee fails to take any
7:47 am
action in response. and cummings is writing that to trey gowdy, the chairman of the committee, essentially requesting that he subpoena information from the white house, cummings says the information is completely inadequate, the response from the white house is completely inadequate, no word, john, as of this morning on what the chairman trey gowdy will do. john? >> sunlen serfaty on capitol hill. thank you very much. the interior department spending nearly $139,000 to replace old doors in secretary ryan zinke's office. the department blamed the high cost on historic preservation and government rules. a spokeswoman says zinke was unaware of the expense for the three sets of double doors. he recently came under fire for his travel expenses. records show that his office was on pace to be $200,000 over its yearly travel budget in october. so this might be one of the biggest comeback store gliz spoin sports. serena williams returns.
7:48 am
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narrator: public education has been valued for centuries. man: the direction in which education starts a person will determine their future in life. woman: the highest result of education is tolerance. woman: it's the road to equality and citizenship. man: education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. narrator: brought to you by the california teachers association. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. woman: because we know quality public schools we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love.
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who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition. riina wieaso serena william court. andy scholes has more. >> this is brought to you by the new 2018 ford f-150. serena details how she almost died after giving birth to her daughter olympia after having an
7:53 am
emergency c-section, had to have multiple other surgeries, six weeks in bed. after a long recovery, she was looking more like her old self yesterday. serena had a big cheering section as well. her new husband on hand watching and then she beat serena diaz. she said after the match it wasn't easy, but felt incredible to be back out there playing. alabama's hopes of making the ncaa tournament on the line against texas a&m in the tournament, four seconds left, down by one, collin sexton coast to coast and gets the ball in at the buzzer. his teammates mob him and the tide roll on to the next round with the 71-70 win. selection sunday just two days away. and this year can be seen in our sister network, tbs, and sunday at 6:00 eastern. scary moment, celtics, timberwolves game last night, jaylen brown goes for the slam.
7:54 am
slips off the rim, lands on the back of his head. down for a while. he was able to get up and walk off the court. brown went to the hospital to have a ct scan and other tests. later he tweeted appreciate everybody, i'm okay, got a headache, though. good team win. finally, tiger woods continuing to look good as the masters approaches. check out this second shot on 16 yesterday. tiger hitting a tree as he gets the ball back out on to the fairway. amazingly he was able to save par on the hole. take another look, incredible, his club bending around that tree. and tiger starting off hot today, only one shot off the lead at the valspar championship. i spoke to broadcaster jim nantz earlier this week, he couldn't have been more excited about this year's masters tournament, which he always called with tiger playing well. phil mickelson winning and all the young guys on the horizon. >> i'm sure cbs is thrilled that tiger woods is playing at all heading into the masters. but tiger woods playing well,
7:55 am
phil mickelson playing great, feels like ten years ago all of a sudden. >> andy scholes, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. still ahead, former president obama could have a new gig, one that could land him right in the middle of your living room. much more on that next. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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so you may be able to soon sit on your couch and binge watch a netflix series starring president obama. talks currently under way between the former president and the streaming giant with the actual format up in the air still according to sources. the former president could appear on camera as a moderator. he could be on the show, or
8:00 am
perhaps stay off camera as a producer. the former first lady michelle obama also expected to be part of this series if both sides agree on a deal. that is all for us today. i'm john berman. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. "at this hour" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield in for kate bolduan. they traded schoolyard taunts and threats of nuclear annihilation, today president trump and kim jong-un are backing away from those nuclear buttons they each boasted of just a couple of months ago. the white house delivering what may be its biggest shocker yet, president trump has accepted north korea's invitation and will take part in direct talks with the volatile dictator. the stunning developments even catching trump advisers off guard, and carrying huge risks in what could be the most consequential nuclear talks in decades. cnn's barbara starr is at the


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