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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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political asylum. but in order to do that she has to get in touch with u.s. authorities and make her way to u.s. embassy in thailand or third country, wolf. >> we'll follow the late breaking developments in bangkok. moscow for us. thanks very much. that's it for me. erin burnett outfront starts right now. h. outfront next breaking news, president trump's top economic adviser gary cohn quit. stocks going down when he says there is no chaos. own chief of staff john kelly on television. and bob says he'll cooperate with bob mueller. let's go outfront. >> good evening i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, breaking news,
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gary cohn quits. major resignation. chief economist gary cohn leaving the west wing. crucial voice when pushing back against the president. one source telling cnn trade war has left gary cohn furious. strongly opposed, almost using way too light of a word, passionately opposed to the president's steel and aluminum tariffs. in fact cohen was planning a meeting with the goal of talking trump off what they see is the legend tariffs. source close to the president telling me cohn was only good guy left. this will cause the most trauma. that's how significant the cohn departure is to some around this white house. and of course this is talking about the white house itself. there is trauma tonight even beyond the walls of trump's troubled white house. wall street not reacting well.
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plummeting 300 points on the news. getting into the realm here of what we saw with the actual tariffs themselves. keep in mind, this is not the first time gary cohn has co contemplated. when the president said both sides were to blame for the deadly white supremacist in charlottsville. >> i think there is blame on both sides. you look at both sides, i this i there is blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it, and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> cohn took that on directly. you'll see that. you see him here. his exit comes just less than a week after hope hicks, one of the president's top and trusted advisers also stepping down. and cohn's resignation is coming at the same time trump is trying to change the narrative that his white house has descended into chaos. today he told reporters from around the world that everyone
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wants to work for him. despite the fact that cohn's chair sat empty at the moment he said that during the press conference. see his name there and of course he wasn't in the seat. the president tried to say he's inundated with applications. said in fact he has ten for every single job in his white house. >> you know, i read oh gee maybe don't want to work for trump. and believe me, everybody wants to work in the white house. so many people want to come in. i have a choice of anybody. i could take any position in the white house, and i'll have a choice of the ten top people having to do with that position. everybody wants to be this there. the white house has tremendous energy. it has tremendous spirit. it is a great place to be working. it's just a great place to work. the white house has a tremendous energy and we have tremendous talent. >> tremendous was the word of the day. but of course when you are looking at this white house, one thing we can say is that the white house does appear to be spending a tremendous amount of
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energy on back swiping and dealing with depart tours. more than 1 in 3 trump administration staffers left the white house in first year. twice the rate of george bush first year, 2ri7 el the obama first year in office. here's a look at the swearing in. january 2, 2017, staff, you see them all. a year later, well, you can see for yourself, a lot of them are gone. fired. pushed out. quit. our senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny begins our coverage. gary cohn last one standing to some supporters of the president. have you been talking to sources. what happened here? >> reporter: certainly is significant. don't move markets. chief economic advisers can indeed set policy and move markets. talking to a lot of people here, it has become clear they had a good relationship of course for
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a long time, perhaps surprisingly so to steve bannon and other populous and nationalists inside the white house. but it was the fight over the last week or so over steel, aluminum, these tariffs that caused a divide between the president and top economic adviser. and it was not a pleasant situation i'm told. over the past 24 to 48 hours it became untenable. and it's one of the things fight described to me as the last straw. final straw. and of course he lost the fight. it's not the only reason of course things had been building. but as recently as a few weeks ago, gary cohn was still being mentioned as possible can diet for chief of staff. so the president did have good rapport, but policy wise speaking things came to an end here. but it was a very abrupt end. the president saying everyone wants to work here. erin, that is going to be tested like never before. because republicans here in washington d.c. and beyond are saying we are do not want to go
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into the white house. so who fills this position will be so important? and the markets of course we'll be watching. >> thank you very. . crucial when you talk about ten people wanting the job, you have to find someone who supports the president on tariffs and economists world of ceos it's hard to find ten of those. jeff, stay with me. i want to bring into the conversation april ryan and gloria borger. look, another one bites the dust. this is not just anyone. >> no, someone who garnered a great deal of respect around the economic industry around the world and who really helped the president push through the tax cuts, worked very, very hard on that. and i this think he had hopes at some point that he would function as kind after trade czar in a way. and of course that didn't happen. what he was trying to do before he abruptly quit or the
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president abruptly told him to quit, we are not sure, what he was trying to do was kind of moderate the president's stand on these tariffs. he was trying to have him meet with people from the auto industry and the bottling industry, for example, so they could talk to the president about the ramifications of these tariffs. the president apparently heard about it. and got very upset about it. and that may have been the precipitating factor. i'm not quite sure yet. but i don't think the president likes to feel that people were trying to manipulate him out of this position that he had taken. >> no. and of course you see the market plunging 300 points now. april, we'll see what happens. markets go up. markets go down. but the issue here, april, is that gary cohn was perceived as to some the last moderate standing. he was widely respected. you heard the kind of take of one source saying this is a new
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trauma. perhaps the biggest yet for this president. >> yes, in definitely is a new trauma. you know, many people are saying this is a white house, this is a president in a white house that really is not -- the republican white house is mostly of democrats supporting a deck turned republican president. but when it comes to gary cohn, this president loves to tout the economics of it all and how he has created this great economic atmosphere. but when you have a man with this kind of economic pro es come into the white house from wall street and have a glad yator fight with him over tariffs and sources tell moog me gary cohn feels the u.s. will lose when it comes to a trade war. and the states that will be hurt will be places like west virginia and pennsylvania. and if the president is not listening and he understands what happens with free trade, and this president isn't
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listening, he felt it was time to go. and this is something this president stand on. and this is a president that some have said in the past he's the emperor with the new clothes. gary cohn was the one who was telling him, look, you are naked. so who is the one to tell him he's naked. >> that's the question. gary cohn last goodman standing by moderates. hope hicks is gone. rob porter is gone, who at the least seemed to be some sort of influence in terms of organization and what was happening when at the white house. now you've got cohn gone. jared kushner stripped of his top security clearance. ivanka trump is one of investigation. who is left to tell the president stop this? or don't do this? is there anybody in there with the courage to do it? >> well, that's a great question. of course, the chief of staff john kelly remains in his position. sometimes it's a day by day
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proposition. so many ups and downs for him. the reality here though, more than moderates, there were republicans in this town, conservatives in this town who thought gary cohn was an adult in the room, for tax reform. i would argue that the tax reform bill, biggest tax reform in three decades would not have happened if not for gary cohn. so he had a lot of republican fans here in washington d.c. in this building on capitol hill as well. so i think it was more the fact that he came from, you know, business experience. he had real world experience. he was top flight talent of any administration. that is the issue here, who will come in and fill the seat. who will want to come in to the white house here. so the question is for the president, he's going to have to find someone, and, you know, you talk to people someone who wants to come in of this caliber, it's difficult i think to find someone. so his words will be a test that ten people want to come in.
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he doesn't need ten. he needs one and one qualified one might be hard to find. >> gloria, that is crucial point here. source close to the president and cohn understanding they are not on the same page for many things. but cohn only good guy left. this is the president today knowing gary cohn wasn't sitting in the chair, said i have ten people for every single job in this white house. >> that's not true. >> i'm going to come out and say here, that i think i'm confident in saying there are not ten excellent a level gary cohn candidates for the gary cohn job period. >> that is the point. i know for a fact that as the president makes his multiple phone calls and sounded people out, for example, on becoming cheefr chief of staff, there were people who said no who won't go into that. so we'll see who the president will get to replace gary cohn.
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will he take peter navarro who is already inside the white house and is derided by the so-called globalists on wall street? what will the president do? >> trade. i used to work on cnbc, with peter navarro, he's passionate about his view. there was peter navarro. he wasn't available. so the other day when we said let's do discussion on trade, peter navarro, he works on the white house, no one else to put in there. >> gary cohn was arguing. so now it's peter navarro. and we'll see who else. and hot president can get or does he promote him. so what you have is is a president effectively home alone here with maybe jared and ivanka for a while and don mcgahn white house counsel for a while. but it won't take that long for the president to really see a complete change over there. >> which is prettying stunning.
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april, the president again when he's talking about having ten people for every job, ten best people. also said the white house has tremendous energy. it has tremendous spirit. it is a great place to be working. you are there day in and day out. you talk to the people who work there. april, is that fair? is that what you see from the staff, tremendous energy, and spirit, great place to be working, is that how they feel? >> well, the white house, you know, no matter what administration is the white house, and it does have its own energy. but each administration brings another piece of that energy. and there is a lot of concern within the white house. people are trying to help this president. and i think about other administrations and gloria and jeff can sure agree on this, that when you have people who are working on a cause or an issue or a policy, you have different factions. but normally is not a gladiator fight for the entertainment of
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the president of the united states. it's about working for the good of the people. and so that's one piece right there. then you have people who are concerned about their credibility when they leave the administration. and also if they counter with the president, will he tweet about them. so the energy, there is an energy, but may not necessarily be the energy that this president is talking about. >> right. it may be tremendous, but positive may not be the other adjective. >> policy perspective, the reality is the infrastructure that was a discussion, one of the reasons that gary cohn was sticking around, that is not going to happen. probably wasn't going to anyway. but the reality is no new policy this year, the tax reform bill that he passed last year, that's very much up in the air now in terms of its effect because of the tariffs. this has big policy effects tonight. well beyond all the drama here. >> right. >> and that's obviously what's so crucial. >> thanks very much to all of you. and april talks about a gladiator fight.
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this is a president who loves that. next breaking hours, the president himself em boldening anthony scaramucci on president and trash president's right hand man, john kelly. is that how you run anything? and trump giving no loyal to his mentee, and none burg rants about the russian probe. and he does say america has a back up plan if it happens in the midterm elections. wait until you hear what it is. touch is how we communicate with those we love, but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, up to 90% had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even
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breaking news, president trump em boll dend anthony scaramucci to go out and trash his own chief of staff john kelly. this is according to kaitlan collins reporting this tonight. scaramucci of course you may remember criticized kelly in interviews as trump insisted he had faith in his chief of staff. so trump said one thing and then scaramucci was out saying complete opposite. here's what he said. so it's very dishonest to me. >> that's about as nasty as you can get. and in interview with bloomberg scaramucci said does the president want to lose everybody because of general jackass. you know, i love this newer yeah you are stuck in position chief of staff these. >> general jackass. >> that is not the most loving things that you can show your concern. look, this is terrible. this is terrible. even if it's not true, the idea that someone like scaramucci who is clearly trying to carry water for trump thinks this is okay. if trump thought it was terrible, trump would call him and tell him to stop, trust me. so you are in ha situation where there is worse than romper room stuff. there are middle schools where every one of these kids sent
4:22 pm
home yet they are running our government. >> that's the thing. i suppose i said it somewhat lovingl laughingly. in the white house, forget what kind of horrible example this is for children, issue the president talks about regularly, rob, you know this because you have known him for a long time. l loyalty. that's all he cares about. >> i'm a loyal person. i'm a loyal person. you got to be loyal to people if they do nothing wrong. >> as the scout laws say, a scout is trustworthy. loyal. we could use some more loyalty, i'll tell you that. >> i want somebody that's loyal from the beginning, no the somebody that's loyal because they are afraid or because they are this or that. >> if that's how he really feels, that's not who he is getting now. >> well, you know now, the
4:23 pm
loyalty needs go in one direction. when you go to the the white house, you have to be loyal to the president. so gary cohn resigning today, and i don't know if it was in the works or because he didn't get his hone way, on a policy issue. remember gosh buseorge bush, i' decider in chief, only one chief. but to case gary cohn and leave the white house, that is wrong. >> i disagree with that. here's the thing, if you go through the normal process in the white house, set up for a reason, vetted well. so many different ramifications throughout the government, throughout society, throughout the world. if you go through the process and lose, then you should stick it out whchlt the process gets thrown in the garbage can and you are eating your white he's minding your own business and look up on television and the president is announcing a global trade war, it might be time to leave. when would you leave if you don't leave them? >> you stick through it. >> with no process?
4:24 pm
no professional or fairness? >> but not gary cohn decision to make. >> it's not my style when i was there. >> i wish i were your employee because i would treat you bad. >> ultimately they work for the president. not the other way around. so if they don't get their way on policy, will they leave? >> i guess so. >> i understand your point, and your point is maybe this reporting isn't true. okay. >> that i this i is true. >> but the reporting is there. we are standing by it. if this is what happened, what do you say? >> well, obviously if the president is calling somebody and saying make fun of my chief of staff, that is ridiculous. >> go ahead, take him down. you no he what you are doing. >> i have a whole new name for him. general jackass. >> try that. >> and he didn't say it with all due respect. >> it's not good. >> no. >> let me say something else. somebody worked in that building however briefly, not just
4:25 pm
working for the president. you are working for the american people. >> that institution stands for something. i'll agree with you if you can't be loyal to the president you shouldn't be in the building. >> right. >> but you have other things to worry about. and what you don't want to do is lend your credibility to process that is completely erratic. you lose more fights in the white house just because doesn't use it in the world, but you have strong people pushing for what they want. but the process has got to be fair and rational and this is not. >> how many people in the white house, obviously i know the president would put garb in this category, how many people are there trying to help the american people and protect them from the president? because i know that's a fear he's had. he thinks there are some people that's what they are trying to do and he doesn't want those people in there. >> look, the people working for the president are there working because they want to make a difference. they were asked by the president of the united states. somebody asked me the other day since i didn't agree with president obama would i have worked for the president if he had asked me, president obama, i said, yeah, depending what the
4:26 pm
situation was. if i could help him and i believed in it, yes i would have. and i think the people working there are for the most part good people with a job to do. they are not going to agree on everything that the president stands for or how he says it or does it. but ultimately they want to move the ball. and as i think as messy as it was with the taxes they all agreed it should get done and it got done. >> your point was whether there was an explicit conversation or whether anthony scaramucci thought he should say this about number one guy. >> i can't tell you how important this is for chief of staff, you can't get things done, 1,000 things of done, chief of staff has to be supportive to make your successful. >> thank you both very much. next, sam nunberg you heard him trying to make the case yesterday. protect him from what? well, roger stone is coming out
4:27 pm
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4:31 pm
subpoena, in part he said to protect stone. tonight stone has decided to come out and talk and give a totally different story. here's roger stone. >> he does not work for me and i do not in any way control his thought process or what he says. he is a very much his own man. and he marches to his own drummer. i would certainly not have advised him to ignore a subpoena. and i was delighted to read this morning that he's changed his mind about that. >> so what exactly is the relationship between nunberg and stone? tom foreman is outfront. >> what i'm not going to have is to help mueller's team target roger stone. even as sam nunberg ricochetted between interviews, he discussed all claims roger stone worked with wikileaks to secretly hurt the democrats. stone himself says he has no advance knowledge of wikileaks
4:32 pm
hacked emails. >> they think they colluded. i can tell you roger did not collude with julian assange. >> loyalty hard to explain. sure goes back almost two decades. >> he loves the game. and he's very good at it. >> reporter: and stone has been seen as nunberg chief connection to the trump campaign. but trump twice fired nunberg. over a negative news article. and sued trump but later settled. while he portrayed proto gay of stone. >> roger is like a surrogate father to me. >> stone has not halls returned the complement. once telling yahoo news he comes on a bit strong. within a week of my meeting him he was going around telling people i was his mentor. >> i rebel in your hatred, because if i weren't nekt tive
4:33 pm
you wouldn't hate me. >> reporter: some political insiders mindful of stone's long history of dirty tricks are suggesting the two yet have a secret deal. that stone set up nunberg's rants to keep the russian investigation from turning his way. if you didn't smell roger stone all over that prank, i can't help you, wrote one. stone says, nope. >> well, sam nunberg is a very talented writer and researcher but marches to his own drummer and not speaking at my behest or direction. >> reporter: but in a notable echo, he told msnbc. >> the idea that trump needed had help from the russians to beat hillary clinton is an excuse. it's a can ard. a fairy tel a fairy tale. i don't believe it ever happened. >> reporter: so we are back at the start. why did he go on this elaborate terrorist canning his own legal security to defend roger stone. maybe he truly believes stone is innocent. maybe it's another line of
4:34 pm
defense for team trump steady grind of russian probe. and maybe like so much else, erin, we don't know what the investigation is done. >> tlauhank you very much. now carry cordero and ethics lawyer richard painter. carry, sam nunberg was adequate he wasn't going to comply with the subpoena. obviously he has changed his mind on that. but the reason he gave on this show last night was that roger stone was he felt going to be somehow implicated or that was the goal of the whole thing was about roger stone and he didn't want to share his communications with roger stone because he was like a father to him. here's what sam nunberg told me what i'm not going to have is to help mueller's team target roger stone. roger is my mentor. roger is like a surrogate father
4:35 pm
to me and i'm not going to do it. >> carry, what is sam saying? roger stone saying i have nothing to hide. nothing to see on wikipedia. sam nunberg obviously thinks somehow otherwise. >> we don't know what nunberg motivation was for his sir kiss of media appearances yesterday. what i can tell you is we really shouldn't under estimate the stress that can be caused by somebody coming under the glare of a really intense federal investigation. and so one possible theory is that he really was upset, unsettled, scared, you know, you name the word, by receiving this subpoena, by his experience being interviewed by the special counsel's office recently, and it just sort of set him into a spin. and if that's what happened, then it would make sense that perhaps over the next few days
4:36 pm
he will obtain some legal counsel and reconsider his approach in working with the special counsel. it's also possible that his initial reaction was that he was trying to shield somebody who he has professional relationship with, a friendship, warm feelings for, in a professional context. and so he was scared for that person's legal jeopardy. but, you know, we don't know exactly his motivation, but it could any of those things. >> although it's interesting, richard painter, roger stone did not defend sam nunberg at all today, as you just heard. far from it. so sam nunberg loyal to roger stone we didn't hear the same thing from roger stone. >> well, these types of people usually are not loyal to each other. but i think robert mueller ought oug to be having some long conversations with both sam nunberg and roger stone, they both seem to be very much
4:37 pm
associated with dirty tricks. roger stone going back to the nixon administration. i don't know whether rumor is true he's got a nixon tattoo on his back but he was associated with dirty tricks back then. he had heads up about the allegations against al franken out here in minnesota. tweeted before anyone knew about t we want to know what's going on. never got in the investigation of this. now he's in russian connections big time. so robert mueller is going to be having a chat with those two guys and have to get to the bottom what's going on. we have had enough of these dirty tricks and people associating with the white house and with political campaigns. >> and i want to ask more about the status of stone because it is confusing. carry, first i want to play something sam nunberg said. which is he made it very clear that he thinks that mueller has something on trump. and what he told me is that that something is related to trump's business dealings, he thinks not collusion per se, but business
4:38 pm
dealings, whether with russia or elsewhere. that's what he thinks it is. he also thinks that trump knew about the trump tower meeting. he was very, very clear about that, even though nunberg did not work with trump at the time. here's how he explained it to me last night. >> i don't know why he couldn't just have admit that he that you about this meeting if indeed i believe he did. if he did. i don't think -- now, remember talking to somebody who doesn't believe there is anything wrong with that meeting. so sitting here talking. >> so you are saying he knew, you don't personally think that's collusion, but you believe he knew about that meeting. >> look, i think he probably knew in advance. >> in advance? >> yeah. i think, if i had to guess, don informed him about it. >> do you think that is part of what mueller wants to talk to sam nunberg about? obviously he didn't work for trump at the time but did work for him from 2011 to 2015, a time nunberg told me trump was running for president the whole
4:39 pm
time. >> well, the special counsel's office is, they are looking at many individuals who were in the campaign who had knowledge of what was going on in the campaign. the subpoena that now has been published wanted mr. nunberg's communications with variety of individuals all on the campaign. >> so his statement right there, he actually says he guesses that perhaps trump neknew. so it's unclear based on that and other interviews that he actually has personal knowledge of. >> right. >> his communications on the other hands, the documents that the special counsel's office was trying to get would show direct communications with others who may have been more in a position of access. >> and what do you make, richard, because you said the special counsel should be talking to both nunberg and mueller, so already talked to nunberg, right, fbi vet ors have. and now nunberg will appear before the grand jury on friday. he says i have not received a
4:40 pm
subpoena nor request for interview. does that appear mace you, mueller doesn't asked investigators to moo et with him? >> bob mueller knows what least getting. he'll get to roger stone. both of these guys are a bunch of sleez balls they'll probably try to lie. they'll be under oath and bob mueller will talk to them on due course on his own schedule. but these guys have a reputation for dirty tricks. and i have to say they make the other guys look like choir boys. these people are not honest. but bob mueller will be dealing with them. >> thank you both very much. i appreciate it. next we have breaking news this hour, this, a middle east expert specialist with ties to donald trump team, a man of trystry, cooperating with the mueller probe. what does he know? and what is he telling mueller? and former double agent from russia believed to be poisoned found on a bench along with his daughter. who wanted this em dead? [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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which you can use to change the world. narrator: brought to you by the california teachers association. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. investigation. we are learning that a powerful businessman with ties to both trump's inner circle and middle east is now cooperating with special counsel robert mueller. named george nader. you see him there. during the presidential transition actually in the room when trump's team met with urks
4:45 pm
uae trump tower. outfront, thanks very much to both of you. shimon, what more can you tell us about mueller's interest in the meeting and meetings there were between trump associates and this man that we are learning about, george nader. >> certainly, he is this mystery man. we had learned stopped by fbi agents after returning from overseas trip in january, fbi agents started talking to him and pulled him into a room at dulles airport and started asking him questions. wanted to question him. finally returned to this country. and started asking questions about meetings that they had believed he attended with some of the associates of the president and also a meeting that he had attended in the say shells with eric trump an associate. in particular, one meeting in new york where michael flynn was
4:46 pm
present, jared kushner, steve bannon and as you said the crown prince of abu dhabi and the ambassador for uae who traveled to new york for this meeting, meeting that took place in 2016. next month there was a meeting in the say chels and a lot of questions about that meeting. as you know, eric prince was at that meeting. george nader first time we learned. and russian fbi and robert mueller particularly interested in what he was doing there and some of the meetings going on, including the fact that eric prince had met with this russian at a bar. >> and talked about the length of time of one beer. and that's a long way to go to have a beer. cara, look, i understand the em
4:47 pm
r r emrati was responsible. what does this tell us about mueller investigation and how it's expanding beyond just russia specifically? >> well, when you think about that meeting in the area, a lot of this is who was the russian prince he was meeting with, and now we have the robert mueller is having investigation, worked with them, was involved in the meeting th meeting that simon was discussing, looking at the role of em rrati looking at the rolef four different countries trying to influence the trump administration. including the emrati. so when we see these two meetings and the george nader, looking into this role he was
4:48 pm
playing. >> and this comes as "washington post," cara points out reported mexico, israel and china were trying to manipulate jared kushner, again back to jared kushner perhaps for political in experience and financial duress of his company. what more can you tell us about this george nader and his role? >> right. so george nader has been off the radar for quite some time. he has been associated with the emrates and perhaps doing some work in the u.s. and washington d.c. he does have an apartment here in washington d.c. very little is known about him. but he's one of these guys who works behind the scenes that we know exists in washington d.c. where they try to influence policy. what's interesting about george nader is he was present at this new york meeting. we know have another person cooperating with bob mueller present for a meeting. we know he's been providing information to a grand jury about these meetings. and, again, this is another
4:49 pm
person, like george papadopoulos and michael flynn who has information haand giving it to e grand jury. >> thank you for your reporting. let's go to connect. outfront. senator, you hear the breaking news, george nader cooperating with special counsel bob molecular and showing widening in the probe where they are looking. how significant is this? >> it is a very significant story by "the new york times" because as important as the emrati at that meeting and george nader cooperating is the fact that the russians were represented at these meetings. the investment banker, demeet ra is directly tied to vladimir putin. >> right. >> so it is about the russians and it's about follow the money.
4:50 pm
that's exactly what bob mueller is doing. >> and we understand that nader was, as you were reporting, right, meeting in december at trump tower, which mohammed attended and ambassador and this "washington post" report that officials from four countries which include the uae talked about ways to manipulate jared kushner, use business arrangements ks lack of exer ens, financial duress to manipulate him. do you think there is a connection here? >> there is very . >> there is a connection. i asked today about the connections between the reports about manipulating jared kushner, but the connections to his investments, about his potential vulnerables to pressure and what we have here is in fact, jared kushner
4:51 pm
continuing in a role very significant one of negotiating because he is denied confidential information. and you are absolutely right. the clear questions are the russians continuing their influence and maybe that is the reason that the president of the united states seems very uninterested in countering the continuing russian meddling in our democracy. >> my reporting of this meeting was that the emirates delivered the russian who is significant and important connected to putin, eric prince was going to provide the other side of it, the back door entrance into the trump campaign. the feeling was that he failed to do that. do you think any more happened
4:52 pm
or the uae felt this was their way to get in and they kind of failed. >> your reporting reflects serious light on the motive here and that is as important as the outcome. the motive in a criminal prosecution is important particularly if it is corrupt motive or a position of trust and so the grand jury ought to be interested in what george nader has to do about the substance of that meeting and others involving him in other parts of the world. and the special counsel certainly knows a lot more than weening and that meeting was significant. >> on the ishsue of jared kushner. whether it is a threat for him
4:53 pm
to have national security clearance. here is how he answered. >> i don't think it is a threat to our national security. he now has under general kelly's direction had a temporary access to some types of information, but not to highly classified information. >> were you satisfied with that answer? do you think that was the full story? >> i was underwhelmed by that answer. and unimpressed and unsatisfied because jared kushner continues to occupy a position of profoundly significant trust. in any other administration he would be out of that job and he should be out of that job in this administration. he is potentially a continuing threat to our national security because he has possible access to very sensitive and secret information even if it is not
4:54 pm
the most highly classified. >> thank you snr blumenthal i appreciate your time. and next, you come to a fork in the way. do you take the donald trump highway or the stormy rampway. lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults in the first few months. serious side effects are mood changes like depression and mania, seizures, increased blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, glaucoma, allergic reactions, and hypoglycemia. not for patients with uncontrolled blood pressure, seizure history, anorexia, bulimia, drug or alcohol withdrawal, on bupropion, opioids, maois, allergy to the ingredients, or pregnant.
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tonight utah at a cross roads. dueling proposals to name a highway. this is the real america we live in. here is jeanne moos. >> this is one way to say hail to the chief and here is another, renaming a 600-mile stretch of utah highway. >> it's like a little touch of heaven right here on earth and to name it after donald trump. >> reporter: what if donald j. highway intersected with -- >> stormy daniels rampway. >> reporter: grand staircase potentially opening wide areas it mining and development
4:59 pm
republican state mike noel thought it was nice to rename the highway. planning a counterattack to rename a service road stormy daniels rampway. >> indictment intersection, russian collusion clover leaf. >> reporter: the democratic gad fly would settle for. >> stormy daniels emergency name. >> reporter: doesn't seem right to post trump's name on what he says the most scenic byway in america. estimated the new donald j. trump signage would cost. the democrats are outnumbered in
5:00 pm
the state senate so don't expect stormy to go from a hash tag to a road sign. >> i will call whatever you want me to call you. >> reporter: how about stormy's ears? jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you for joining us, anderson starts now. so just so you know, there are ten people waiting to do my job. john berman here in for anderson. ten super talented people for every white house job and no chaos. keeping them honest just about anyway you look at it is a picture of turbulence, turmoil and chaos. new and breaking evidence of it to want. and okay, i need to take a deep breath here, gary kohn is


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