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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  January 6, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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you are in the "cnn newsroom", i am ana cabrera. 100% proper. the president hosting republican leaders at camp david right now. it is a weekend dedicated to map out the new year's legislative agenda. he tried to prevent attorney general jeff sessions from recusing himself from the russia probe. >> everything that i have done is 100% proper. that's what i do, i do everything proper. collusion is dead because everyone found after a year of
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stu studying, there is no collusions between us and the russians. there is been collusions between hillary clinton and the dnc and the russians and people don't cover that very much. the only collusion is between hillary and the russians and the dnc and the russians and one of those things. >> that was the public president trump earlier in private and on twitter he lashed out again at that new book that paints the oval office in a not flattering light. a report suggested himself that he's not a mental person. the president referring to himself as a quote, "very stable genius." >> that's right, the president making news on multiple fronts and not only backing his attorney, attorney general jeff sessions. but, also appraising of direct
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talks of north and south korea and sending message to democrats saying there is not a legal solution for dreamers and for daca without funding for a border wall and talking about the russia investigation. clearly, she's taking some of the statements in the book "fire and fury" by michael wolff and also some of the statements wolff have made and saying that the president have quote, "lost it." and in turn the president responded by painting michael wolff as a fraud saying it is not true that he had access to the president of the three hours wolff spent interviewing president trump. he took the opportunity to take a shot at his former chief
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strategist, steve bannon, calling him sloppy. taking the comments from michael wolff and others personally. the question of the president's s sani sanity is not something exactly new. you had steve bannon reportedly saying those around the president would not vote in the 25th amendment and forcing him out of the white house because of his mental state. you also had last month as yale psychiatri psychiatrist briefing lawmakers of the president's mental state. we have never seen this kind of force full reboot of the president defending his own sanity. >> boris made it clear as well that he stands boo by the attorney general jeff sessions. what is the white house response to that? >> this is something that's long
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been planned and the focus of the weekend is more on the legislative agenda and other lawmakers that were there drawing on a plan for 2018 and that before any of this past week's hoopla about jeff sessions coming up, that's the plan. they're saying essentially, the justice department is part of the executive branch of the focus this weekend is on the executive agenda and despite all of that, it is certainly telling that the president is standing by his attorney general and though he would not say whether stories about white house putting pressure on the attorney general to not recuse himself from the russian investigation. or true, he did say everything that the president have done so far that he heard have been proper. >> if he still have confidence in the attorney general, boris san shimon per sanchez thank you.
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he was orrdered by the white house's council don mcgahn that she w he was ordered by the president to talk about this. >> now, what does this mean shimon for a special counsel of robert mueller's probe? >> i don't think it comes to as a surprise. the people who were perhaps feeling pressure from the president or who went and did speak to the attorney general about not recusing himself we know have all met with the investigators on bob mueller's team, sean spicer and don mcgahn and reince priebus. some of this would have come up in those meetings. as to whether this helps in a potential obstruction case or whether it is just one big,
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another political issue for the president, that remains to be seen. it is just not clear how this would play into the obstruction case and keep in mind, ana, i have said it a couple of times today, when jeff sessions was the attorney general, this was a very different investigation. this investigation was being headed by james comey and the russia investigation itself was different. it was looking at different things. now, once the president fired the fbi director, the investigation completely changed that's where the obstruction started coming in and other issues that were not initially investigated by the fbi had begun. >> now, there is this growing list of republicans calling for sessions to step down, what is the mood like inside the justice department regarding his future. >> the career prosecutors who have been with the department of justice through administrations,
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they are going to keep doing their job, you know, just keeping it safe and moving for ward on prosecutions and dealing with prosecutions and subpoenas and investigations. the real issue i think in it for folks that i certainly talk to is what the impact that this relationship sort of this conflict between the president and the attorney general is having with the people of the fbi. this i think definitely continues to have a negative effect on moral or within the fbi or of some of the people that worked with the department of justice. look, career prosecutors are going to keep doing what they need to do and still despite what the president said that today he's saying he's behind the attorney general, and tomorrow we can hear something else. there is just not enough consistency from what comes out of the president's mouth, he changes day-to-day basically.
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shimon prokupecz. thank you. >> susan henry is with us. before we talk, i want you to hear what the president says? >> are you committed to doing that, sitting with mueller? >> just so you understand, there is no collusion. there is no crime. and in theory, everybody tells me i am not under investigation, maybe hillary is but i am not. there is been no collusion. there is been no crime. we have been very opened and we could have done it two ways, we could have done it very close and taken years. when you have done nothing wrong, lets be opened and get it over with. honestly, it is very bad for our country, it is making our country looks foolish. >> susan, lets be open and do
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nothing. >> so just because he's indicated a willingness to meet with robert mueller, we'll see whether or not that'll play out. it will be significant whether he's willing to sit down with mueller's team. it is a crime to lie for a federal investigator. that's not really the end of the story though, it is not just whether the president is willing to sit down with mueller but also he's willing to answer all of mueller's question. trump gets in there and invoke executives and national security reasons to not give a full account that would certainly make that kind of interview a little less significant. >> the president have also said today that he's done as far as recording this week about sessions' recusal.
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he said he's done everything 100% proper. >> so that's a decision that the attorney general is supposed to be making and not for political reasons at all but because there are doj regulations telling him what he is required to recuse. so even in a regular investigation, that would be highly in proper. for the administration to have done that in the investigation for which the president himself and his family members and his senior officials are potentially targets or people of interests in that investigation, it takes it from out of the realm of just improper in something really shocking in terms of the level of pro piority. >> could this bill be the case of obstruction of justice? >> on its own saying that the fact that don mcgahn calling sean spicer or prreince priebus. it is clear when we are talking about southbouobstruction here,
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thinking of the course of conduct of the president and his senior officials in response to sort of this russian investigation. it is sort of another piece of evidence that maybe part of that and part of how we may understand the president's mental state as he has these highly unusual and highly improper interaction with the sb justice department. >> is that appropriate? >> it really speaks to an astounding hypocrisy. remember general sessions and president trump, the reason they gave for firing fbi james comey is that he lost the confidence of the fbi and lost public confidence. that's what he said a few years ago. now, we found out they were working to under mind that public conference and sessions were asking of comey each day of
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the press. it demonstrates a level that and also the reasons they provided to the american people is just not honest. >> susan hennessy, as always, thank you for your expertise. what a beautiful picture behind you. go enjoy the sunset there in dc. >> republicans are calling for attorney general jefr sessif se to resign. these calls are louder. it is time for jeff sessions to go. now the next day, a utah republican joins this call. here is what congressman chris stewart had to say. >> we have been weaken in our investigation of important concerns at the department of justice and at the fbi because jeff sessions is not able to take the reign into the direct investigation. i for probably a different reason, i believe we are and if
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we have not approached it, we are approaching the time when mr. sessions for the good of this investigation looking at the fbi, looking with the department of justice, we need a director there that could take the reigns and could be assertive than that. he cannot do that when he's recused. i believe it is time for him to step aside. >> lets talk it over with the former presidential adviser to nixon, reagan and clinton. sessions did the right thing with his recusal of the russia problem. what do you think is behind the outrage of republicans? >> i think the republicans are anxious and the process that we see on capitol hill and various investigations out of the three. investigations are under way at least two are becoming highly partisans. we are waiting for the intelligence committee on the
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senate to see if they can pull through. they're impatient because they want to get on with things. they see this continuing the investigation is a cloud over 2018 with our elections. i think this is all about politics and the fear that their pressure and knowing how displease the president have been with his recusal. we have seen it cracking down for marijuana, reversing what trump had said the administration would do and if the state heading to a referendum to allowing marijuana that the federal government would interfere. what about these investigation of hillary that we have now learn the clinton foundation is yet again under investigation,
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has been under way for a while. but, it seems to be stiffening, sessions responding to the pressure that's coming, we don't know. it is not a healthy situation. >> the president on the other hand today when he was asked if he stands by session, you know the history between the two. he still said, yes, i still standby sessions. what do you make of that? >> i think he stands by him in public and sessions should ought to keep his eyes back in private. >> now, we have senator grassly and lyndsey graham to investigate. >> it makes sense, republicans wanting to confuse and cloud the picture so that we lose site of what the original point of the
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investigation is all about and that's whether the russians medal meddled in the election. overall, i think what you can see is from various points on the spectrum that's coming from the hard right, tough right, is lets get this shut down and move on and i got another victory or two. keep the economy coming and we can hold the house in 2018. this is hard work. we are hitting in a hardball period. >> so could that have a reverse effect though if there is this new investigation into the investigation that's currently under way and this piece of evidence that maybe part of the investigation that the fbi and the special council is
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conducting, could it draw out the investigation further? >> well, lets get separate investigation and a separate special counsel going out to democrats, and was the clinton foundation trading, and the energy field orukrainian. i think republicans are more interested in taking the focus off and discrediting mueller before he does anything and coming out of the box. also, putting a lot and everybody does affect. the president today in the press conference, he says flthere is collusion. all the democrats, they colluded and hillary colluded and the dnc is colluded. that's a clear attempt to smear
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the hillary clinton and the justice department. >> when you talk about the justice department, potentially, taking action because of the call of the president and just kind of moving back to what we started and calling for jeff sessions to resign, do you see a legitimate case for jeff sessions to step aside? >> well, i think that, he may find himself in an impossible situation and dislike and by the president in private and republicans pushing on it. he may feel comfortable just stepping aside or if he wants or his party is calling him out to step aside, he may do it. this is entirely unpredictable. what i do think is it goes way beyond of boundaries of traditional independence of the justice department and the traditionally we had is you
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don't criminalize political differences and you don't go after your opponents and try to put them away in jail. these crimes, that we heard long time ago, that's what we are now seeing, the new ripples of that. that goes way beyond what's acceptable in the past. criminalizes, the people that do law enforcement is what authoritarian do and not the united states. >> i want to point out some of wolff's reporting is corrobor e corroborated and some errors have been identified. >> i want the ask you if president trump is hurting himself. >> which is it? did it make him look smart or
2:20 pm
foolish? >> well, i understand the president's desires to clear his name. typically, presidents when they have somebody who's so beneath him and the power structure, this fellow wolff, if you dismiss him and walk away, taits a bunch of nothing. that's usually how presidents put in some distance. by coming after wolff, hard out and talking about he's a stable genius, he gave legs to the story. the story is going to go on for the next several days about his mental health. there is questions about his mental health before but they are now front and center. when europeans woke up and open up the most respective conservative newspaper in germany, the big headline is, is
2:21 pm
trump still sane? >> they are running big mental health story. i think when he's using word "genius," he does have a six sense of running things and he's been very smart of running his campaign. when he calls himself a genius, that makes him look like a fool. i can tell you the writers at "saturday night live" must have been smiling and you can imagine they're scrambling and redoing the scripts. >> thank you very much david gergen. >> when we come back, the author author -- who exactly is michal wolff and the president is saying he won't sign any amnesty
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deals for so called dreamers unless he gets $18 billion to fund his wall, the same one that mexico is going to pay for? are lawmakers closer to a deal for immigration? we'll discuss, next. hey, you every talk to anybody about your money? yeah, i got some financial guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people.
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welcome back, the explosive new book of michael wolff, the president calling him a fraud. >> so many people i talk about in term of fake news came to the defense of this dpraetgreater administration and myself. i know the author and i know he's a fraud. >> if that's the case, how did wolff gets access to trump's inner circle. here is what he told nbc "today" show yesterday.
2:26 pm
>> i spoke with the president whether he realize it was an interview or not. it was certainly not off the record. >> did you flatter your way in? >> i said whateverness to get the story. >> who is this guy, this michael wolff? >> cnn randy kay has more. >> this is the most extraordinary story of our time. >> reporter: once a coffee boy. at 64, wolff is emersed in the world of media and money and power and politics. he's been up front about the fact. he uses media reporting and political reporting as a way to hang out with the elites that he really fascinated by. my cal cotte interviewed wolff
2:27 pm
years ago. his writing is so distinctive, it is more like art. >> he will set the scene so he does not say someone is sick and a quote, he will say this is what they would have said or should have said in the circumstances. so it is a little bit of art that he's sticking in there that makes it not quite a hard quote. >> wolff has been accused of in accuracies of his reporting over the years and his style is anything but conventional. >> cottle says wolff does not work the phone like most reporters and does not go on the record or off the record either. instead, choosing simply to observe and take in the atmosphere. >> wolff has had a long and polarizing career. in the 1990s he started an internet company, since then, he written for "vanity fair," new york magazine and "the garden."
2:28 pm
>> there is a michael wolff here to see you. >> read michael wolff and thank your lucky stars he's not writing about you, usa today. >> this is off the record. >> reporter: wolff once wrote a scaving book about murdoch. >> he will go where other reporters generally won't and that earned him quite a reputation. >> reporter: it is the bukatty y that makes reporters riled up. >> he once sent his child as a spy to steve ratner's house when he was writing about ratner and people were appalled but he
2:29 pm
knows that readers love that stuff and controversies is his friend. >> reporter: that means, he's in friendly confines now. randy kay, cnn, new york. >> lets discuss author michael wolff and the fallout of his book, "fire and fury." brian stelter and our correspondent and brian reed now know who wolff is. we need to point out what a lot of his book have been corroborated and there is been some errors. >> i would say there is a lot more facts than fiction in terms of my read from the book and what comes through. >> in general, it is an accurate portrait of the now president. with that said, there is mirrors and there is some sloppiness.
2:30 pm
an example in there that's noticed today. with that said. the white house is trying to tarnish his book saying it is full of fiction and it is a fantasy. the white house is known for faults on a daily basis. president trump made a number of errors just today when he's speaking. i don't think their complaints of credibility is a hole in the water. >> you got your hands on this book first, when you read it, did you expect to trigger as much as we have seen? >> i knew there is a big stir and the book has been much anticipated and quite on the scale as we should have guessed knowing michael wolff's reputation is going to be a bit hum dinger. the access he got was extraordinary by any standards and just the notion that someone likes steve bannon would spill
2:31 pm
the beans the way that he did and vividly describing donald trump jr. treasonist and unpatriotic and it became evidence that this is political dynamite and the other portrait is not surprising for journalists to covering the white house for a year but certainly putting flesh on the bone that we suspect of the factual of fighting. and now there is really has been a tangible impact of this public feud between bannon and president trump. we are leearning that bannon wa going to put out some kind of statements before and he changed his mind. what more can you tell us about it? >> this was drafted by bannon and intended to smooth the water a little bit and try to walk back some of the inflammatory
2:32 pm
statements and not denying all tl quotes but trying to smooth things over with trump. once trump comes out and disowning bannon. the comments from bannon, the reason why the focus is on bannon is the bannon's quotes are nothing we have never seen before between the former chief strategist to say that trump is like a 9-year-old and the presidency is over and is taken down by robert mueller. that's extraordinary. it is one thing for trump's critics to be saying it and having steve bannon on the record to say it changed a lot for washington. these bannon's quotes disproves that. >> david, did you get a sense that bannon had some kind of
2:33 pm
ulterior motive? >> just to try to guess what was steve bannon's motives and why was he so panned on some of the theories is pure ego or some kind of revenge because according to the book, he was marginalized by the white house and out by august. i think it was also towards the end of the book, steve bannon does think donald trump has lost it and not only necessarily in the sense of his mental capacity for the job but also his idea of white nationalism and he's ready to move onto other vehicles. >> yeah, literally. >> he wants to find another vehicle for his nationalism. this book portrays bannon like
2:34 pm
he thinks he's really the president. over hearing conversations and watching people come and from, for him to conclude that 100% of trump's senior officials and aids all think that trump ice incapable of being president, that's really, really disturbing. that's really troubling. to the extent that other reporters have confirmed some of that, that's the take away of the book and even more of the sensational bannon's quotes. >> i thank you both and be sure to catch brian on his show tomorrow morning, "reliable source" begins at 11:00 a.m. >> take a look at these incredible pictures. a deep freeze, the bomb cyclone have left cars ta were in flood waters complete frozen. this is in massachusetts. it is also triggering a travel
2:35 pm
nightmare for those arriving and leaving new york jfk airport, we'll have a live report for you, next. helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you.
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temperatures are staying in the single digits and bitter winds. this was a scene in massachusetts where record ties froze cars and places became icy rivers and across the country, officials say at least 21 people have died. our senior correspondent palo sandoval is joining us. what are you experiencing out there right now? >> reporter: it is bone chilling cold. now the sun is out. we'll see temperatures beginning
2:39 pm
to drop. here, we are looking at 11 degrees farenheit. the forecast is calling for a low of about zero degrees. it is going to feel much colder. right now we are feeling negative 11. almost everything here is frozen or covered with ice and snow. the fishing boats here are covered with snow. the dark figure down there, that's a bunch of ducks huddled together. it is going to be a cold night here. take a look at what this harbor area looks bilike. you can see some of these fishing boats look like ice fishing boats that you may see in the arctic though. this is a scene in massachusetts. folks have been delivered a pretty wicked dose of winter weather here when some of these record highs pushing these icy mess on the streets.
2:40 pm
the only threat that remains again, those temperatures you mentioned and several of those weather related fatalities that we have seen across the country. officials are recommending people, if you don't need to be out and about, stay home and stay in doors with your family. it is extremely cold particularly here in the northeast and the next couple of days where we get some of that relief according to meteorologists where we see those temperatures begin to rise. >> palo sandoval, go get warm. thank you for your report. >> kennedy airport and a lot of people and angry passengers taking to social media today showing long lines at jfk who's trying to depart. that's another issue as well stuck for hours on flyings. dan, this is all because of this
2:41 pm
blizzard that's stopped at the airport two days ago, right? >> reporter: there is thousands of delays and cancellations and there is still hundred s of the happening around the country. the most delays right here followed by chicago and a big issue here at terminal 4 is international flights. a lot of delayed flights coming into the country. passengers are very upset because they are being held out of the tarmac and not allowed to get off the plane because of these delays. a lot of families inside waiting for loved ones. the board of authority did release a statement a couple hours ago saying they're trying to wrk wiork with the airlines opening up gates to ease some of that pressure, we did speak to one passenger who definitely did not dress warm enough for these
2:42 pm
temperatures, listen to what he had to say. >> reporte >> yeah, i was going to the bahamas and i am supposed to be here for an hour and 50 minutes and we stuck in the runway for three hours and getting our bags for two hours and now i don't think the flight will be until pr probably tomorrow. >> reporter: what's the airline telling you here and how has the airline responding? >> they're doing everything they can. it is the airport's chaos. >> reporter: there you have it. people are really unprepared for these temperatures and a lot of family members are still waiting for their loved ones to arrive. people taken to social media talking about waiting on the tarmac for five hours after spending ten hours in the area flying around the world. ana, it is upsetting for a lot of people tonight. >> that poor guy, going to the
2:43 pm
b bahamas, what bad luck to be stuck here. >> reporter: it is really cold out here and inside is really cold and people are bundled up. it is harsh conditions. >> hang in there, dan liebermann, thank you for the reporting. i want to talk about the gunman in las vegas. mgm resource now saying the staff interacting with the gunman ten times. that day, room service delivery was made to his suit. a member of congress from nevada we spoke with after the shooting said it appears that no one noticed anything suspicious, seven though 23 guns were found in paddock's room. >> president trump says he will not sign any deals on
2:44 pm
immigration unless he gets $18 billion for his wall. the one that mexico was supposed to pay for. where are bipartisan negotiations on immigration? we'll discuss next. make something for dinner.
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after negotiations are republicans and democrats any closer on immigration, known as daca. the big sticky question right now is immigration, the president standing by his demand for funding a border wall and punishment for so called sanctuary cities. he says democrats should be willing to compromise. >> we want to get rid of the lottery system.
2:48 pm
we need additional border security, these are great people, we need i.c.e but we want to make sure that in terms of what we want, we want daca to happen. we all. i think i can speak for everybody. we want john cornyn from texas, we all want daca to happen but we also want great security for our country. >> bipartisan talks are expected on tuesday. >> the democrats say that the president's demand can doom any deal. how likely is it that the president gets what he wachnts? >> well, the only way a deal gets done is if nobody gets everything they want. that sort of the only way this works out is everyone has to be a little bit unhappy and democrats and republicans both acknowledging that. you know when you talk to lawmakers on the hill which i do daily on these issues. they acknowledge there is some
2:49 pm
of a sweet spot that this deal is small enough that it can pass and big enough that you can give everyone something. one of the significant things that we heard the president say is him saying that he wants to make it happen. that's something that lawmakers negotiating is going to take it as a positive sign. they're going to keep on working on details to deliver something for the various side of negotiations. >> i spoke with congresswoman of new york of some protection protecting those dreamers, here is what she said. >> we have got to pass daca. there is over 800,000 hardworking people. i met with them, i have gone to their university and lawyers and doctors and businesses dependant on jobs. everything should be on the table so we can talk about it. >> no hard no at this point. >> and how confident are you
2:50 pm
that this is going to happen before the end of this month? >> i don't think the republicans want that they're in charge. with the white house, the house and the senate. if the government shuts down, it's the republicans who are doing it. >> what are the chances for a shutdown? >> they still exist, that we could have a shutdown on january 18th. keep in mind the house wasn't even in session last week. so in the senate was in session for like a day and a half. so lawmakers have a very short time to work out some very thorny issues, dhaka is just one of them. at the same time, negotiations on this particular issue do seem to be picking up steam in the senate and to an extent in the house. the hope is they could have a deal ready to go. there's still a major wild card of what trump will sign. it's possible we get another short-term extension. there's still a lot to work out. so a shut down is on the table
2:51 pm
it doesn't feel like right now it's what we're barrelling towards for sure. >> thank you. keep us posted. coming up, from cars frozen in floodwaters in massachusetts. to one of the stranger things we've seen deep the deep arctic blast. frozen iguanas, falling from trees in florida. that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. where life meets legal. a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home, with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection, which could lead to hospitalizations.
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hollywood's award season gets under way this weekend and political statements are likely to take center stage again this year. talk show host seth myers will host the 75th golden globes on sunday and he won't be the only one taking a political stand. expect 0 to see lots of celebrities wearing black to raise awareness of gender and racial equality. the movement founded by many of hollywood's most prominent actresses and executives is aimed at combatting sexual harassment and assault. the show of solidarity for sexle misconduct victims follows a wave of scandals involving sexual assault allegations by some of hollywood's biggest stars, producers and executives. the golden globes airs sunday night. the winter blast sweeping the nation has impacted a lot of people.
2:56 pm
including wildlife as far south as florida. iguanas are getting hit hard. people in florida have been posting pictures on social media of the reptiles sprawled on the ground after dropping out of trees. they may appear to be dead but in many cases they are still alive. yet quite literally frozen. a reptile keeper at palm beach county zoo said iguanas get cold-stunned when temperatures drop below 45 degrees. they can still breathe, but their bodily functions slow to a crawl. i'm ana cabrera in new york. i'll be back in an hour live in the cnn newsroom. "smerkonish" is next.
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♪ i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. the president was up early tweeting defenses of his mental health, calling himself "like really smart and a very stable genius." part of the ongoing white house response to the book that he helped propel to number one by having his lawyers try to prevent its publication. among the many fires and furies stoked by author michael wolff


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